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Commerce Court Jurist Spends
Four Hours in Replying
to Senators.
! r 1 1-
I -1 - . AH
Washing on, D. C, Jan. 8. The Im
propriety of a federal Judge's wrltiag
to an attorney on one side of a case
that had been argued before him for
information to e'ear up doubtful )
points became the point around which
members of the sena'e yesterday fired
question after question at Judge Rob-
ert W. ArchbaUl of the United States 1
commerce court, under fial by im-!
tross examination of the Jurist, be-!
Run by Representative Sterling, one or ;
th house managers who are conduct- !
Ing the prosecution, was virtually tak-!
en out of his hands when that charge I
was reached Involving Judge Arch-j
bald correspondence with Atorney '
Helm Bruce of the Louisville and
Nashrllle rai;road. j
Members of the senate demanded of
JikIka Archbald time and again wheth
er he did not thtnk It Improper and
unfair to the other parties In a suit to
request of one attorney an explana-
tlnn or correction of evidence with-)
ou giving like privileges to the oth-!
er side. He Insisted he thought there J
wt nothing Improper in his conduct. !
Judge Archbald was on the stand j
nearly four hours. The end of all :
estlmony In the ease came before '
the close of th" day's proceedings. '
There remain n"-v only the closing '
arguments and the vote of the ."tiate j
as to whether or not Jiidce Archbald j
la guilty of any of the charges against j
him. I
The senate determined -o give
three days to the arguments, the time I
to be equally divided. It i.- expect
ed at least five of the h'-r nana-
gevs v. it participate. omor-'
re .-. .
t e I. ::ii; . )!! sivd S-.k'.: . ';! c'.arso
centered about Jud?" rehb.il'! s re
quest of Attorney Hritce for Informa
tion as to a certain point in th-- su
cnlled Montgomery rate cases, which !
had been argued b' fore th commerce
ttourt. Judge Archbald Raid he had 1
differed win the rest of the court and
In writing u dissenting opin'on, he,
aiied Mr. Hrure to clear up a con- J
Archdake Frmcl Frrdlnmsd.
Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, already plays
a large part in Kuidiag the destinies of Austria. Francis Joseph has been
In falling healt.i for Beveral years, and now at the age of 82 he Is unable
to discharge the many duties of his kingly office. The archduke, who is
very ambi ious. has taken up much of the work which the emperor has
been compelled to neglect. During 'he emperor's long sleeping spells,
u'.iich have become more frequent of late, the court flocks about the heir
t i the hrone, who issues orders, speaks as a master and commands the
you In this?" asked Senator Nelson, i years old, the brother, were under the
"No, 1 don't think what I did could anaesthetic for 50 minutes. All of the'
bi ctmrncterleri in that wsv." reri'ied ?kin on the son's left limb and nearlv
troverted question ubout whether or JudKp ArchDalj ' aii on the father's right limb was
'Why did you not give the Bruce 1 grafted upon the body of the girl.
net certain rate changes violated the
old "Cooti y arbitral -on" agreement,
th;t had h'tig. operated oer the south
western rates.
I'e said the curre-;;i(iii(l.-te e became
of no ons iiicn: e hi-eause later t:c
other members of tl'e court, exceptirg
Jud.-e Muck. tf,"k a view similar to his
own, and l'residit:; Judge Knapp tin
a'ly wro e an opinion favorable to
the railroad.
"Was It not due to the arguments
you got by writing Mr. Hruce that th
court reversed its earlier position and
gave a decision favorable to the Louis
ville & Nushville?" asked Kepresen a
tlvc Sterling
"Absolutely lut," said Julne Arch
bald. Senators Reed. Poincrene. Culber-
letters -o your associates on the
bench?" asked Senator Culberson.
"Iterause they practically did not ,
enter into the case at all," said Judge i
Archba'd. !
"Did you secure Mr. Hruce's assist- ;
ance in preparing a disse'ilin? op-.n
ion?" asked Senator Moke Smith,
pnd then bring the o her members:
cf the court over to your vtew with
out disclosing the correspondence?"
i "No. I reached my decision without
' Mr. Bruce's acristano and wanted
his view on the one po:nt," said
i Judge Archbald.
Wc daved Protection Coupons"
"i Wish We Had'
If you don't know what
are, ask your merchants--if
Give Skin to Save Girl's Life.
Aurora, 111.. Jan. 8. A father and
bop yoBterday went on the operating
son. Shively. Nelson. l"kc. Smi'h. and table at St. Charles hospital and al-
Beware of Cousins!
Cousins :ire not as simple as they
seem. The very fact of being n coils
in. or having a cousiu. is i-omplicsiteil.
The laissez faire of couinship N b)th
elu,li:g and deluding Cousins will be
cmislns. even if you did not choose
t hem. They can iKirrow money from
you. visit you without being ashed, tell
people they belong to your family, con
test yoiir will, even fall in love with
you -:i ml a cotidti once removed it
twice as apt to. Never completely
trtwt M cousin Never depend on his
not doing any of these thiumv Never
Take him for granted. The cousinly
kiss" may or may not mean what it
means Ami cousin always do kiss.
It's part of being cousins.
(Not that cousins need necessarily
j re perilous Once in n blue moon
them ask
don't know, ha v
Merchants' Industrial
Heme Office,
515 Hearst Bldg., Chicago
Today's Market Quotations
! I 1 li
; : -j
There is nothing new about the sale
of American Locomotive notes.
(Bv wire from E. W. Wagner & Co.,
Grain, Provisions, Stocks u.d Co-tton.
Local off 'B at Rook Island house. Rock
Isla'.d. 111. Chicago unices. 9b-U&-10o,
bnaiii of Trade. l.ucal lelepnoaes. No.
weal S3').)
ot.litis plied Archibald with questions i U wed l'O square inches fl.in to le
as to his intent and us to the propriety grafted from theTr T.c!:es to save the
of hi net 1 1 1 f. of thir 9-vear-old daacrhter abd
"You se out. did you not. to write j sister. Emma Remncr, burned while they invite you to IMrope or leave you
a opinion in favor of the railroad j p'aying near a bonfire. John ftemner.
Ad you wanted Mr. Bruce to fortify the father, and Henry Kemner, l'.t
Sheep, 20,000; strong to 10c up. .
Nine O'clock Market. I
Hogs 5c higher than close yes erday. '
Light, 7.WIT-4S; bulk, 7.35 7.45; !
j mixed, 7.20!?t 7.47Vj ; pigs, 6.73(S 7.40;
GOARD OF TRADE TRANSACTIONS, i heavy, 7.20(3 7.47; good, 7.30g 7.47V ;
Wagner's Summary
monex . but t'l.-it ulinost always takea
in mint or an uncle.l Atlimtic.
Daily United States Weather Map
free Z' 1
V. S. Department of Agricultur
' 1 'S I. MOOkE. Oiiei.
OtwrraUont Ukoo ti m.. WTcoty -flftli m
noin mitp Air piiwurf re iacv-1 ki e lel
aHuia a. KODtlnunu Pile' lir.Ui.i p.,'n
of equal at pr-wnrr l,Tt;KRM tited ':ne
PMtlitji:b i'lui..f t., in lemiwrniure. tfrmn
onlr tor lerc. fr j,u s,u la -
O cler; Q Prtl cloudy. Q cloudy;
rain: (s) ,n..-: r,-p.,rt ml.lnf.
Arn-wr tty with the wind Kim figures lowest
leu.pertore i 12 tours e.-ond. pre. Iplutiou
01 .01 loch or .nore for pt ;i houn. third rul
luuin wiud (eloc.iy.
2.e n port, Id.
Jan 6, 13 1 J.
7 A Ai
May, M78, 92"8, 9l'i, 91Tb
July, 89', 89, 89:, 89 .
September, 88, 88, S8,i, SS.
May. 49r?, 49V 49i, 49.
July, 50,2, 50,, 50'4, 50.
September, 51'4 51, 51, 51.
May, 33, 33, 33V, 33'4.
July, 33, 33M, 33, 33.
September, 33'4, 33 '4, 33, 33'i.
January, 17.70, 17.85, 17.70, 17.85.
May, 18.12, 18.20, 18.10, 18.17.
. Lard.
January, 9.47, 9.52, 9.47, 9.50.
May, 9.72, 9.80, 9.72, 9.77.
January. 9.C2, 9.1)7. 9.C2, 9.C5.
May, 9.75, 9.75, 9.70, 9.72.
Chicago Cash Grain.
Wheat No. 2 r l.lO&l.lS, No. 3 r
104 1.08, No. 2 h 90g 95. No. 3 h 88 !
92. No. 1 ns 89'4i5 9016, No. 2 ns 87 j
88 No. 2 ns 84 ft 87, No. 2 spg 87 ti
89. No. 3 epg 84?i86, No. 4 spg 78S84. j
Corn No. 3 46,;5i 47V No. 3 w 47V4
I'aris, HI., Jan. S. The police are
r.i.aMo to decide whether the deaths
of V.?liui! Moss, Jr., and his wifo
were due to murder and suicide or a
double murder. The body of the wo-
I man was found in the front nrd f
wheat will be further tested today by j tno Mos8 homp six mju,8 ,lortheast
the presence of snow over 80 per cent j of here. She had been shot four times
of the winter wheat belt. ! 13 ,lle ,,)(1' with a revolver.
Morning newspapers find no especial ' -MoES' ,,0(ly 'as discovered on a pile
weak spots. i r grain sacks in a buggy nhcd. His
Cash corn and wheat at Chicago are ! lrt jaw llad l"'" ,orn awa' l,-v a Ku"
firni -n ,.,.,, iu ,wimitl,.liv 4 rpnia ' slll)t- A nhotguii lay by his side. A
Chicago, Jan. 8. The bull side
rough, 7.2OQ7.30; Yorkers, 7.407-45.
Cattle, steady to strong. Beeves,
5.85(&9.40; stockers, 4.40(5 7.60; Tex
ans, 4.70Ca5.85; cows, 2.851iV.60; west
erns, 5.70(!j7.40; calves, 6.75(7 11.00.
Sheep, strong to 10c higher. Na
tives, 4.50&6.G0; lambs, 6.75(Tf9.10;
U-DctortiQ A RCf7l flit xxrexcinm lomKo
6 OOTID 10 ' " ' ' 'Und spring and hard wheat hold at : C -"'onths-old child of thu. couple was
' Close of the Markei. their recent advances. ; f..t.nd in the house. It was near death
Hogs closed 5c higher Light 7 20 ' Corn bears aiv feeling tor top on; " co1,'1 , aml llu,,r an,! nla'
, . 8!,. "J:. 1 i'fil.Ko -M- ... - J Moss and hia wife were last seen alive
l.tii, IJUIK I ...n 17 1 .1.), IlllXeU ( I .U'yi ! " 'H ""'ft'- 'J i "I li lini ja
' 2, iiiav -oo, ruuHii i.-vtsy "'h t-oio.
7.30 No. 1 northern cash wheat at Min-
Cattle strong, top 9.40. j napolis has gradually improved its
Sheep strong, top 6.00. position to the 83' to 85 cent level. ; Noted Musician Is Dead.
Lambs etrong, top 9.10. ' I Antwerp spot w heat, is about IS cents j Ii03 Jngr.f.Hi (ai jan. 8. Richard
!. a. 1. i fllt'fi 1 Tlfirllin-li iiiiirs 'it f'lii- i
u,v,OCK- I ""' " " 1 " Watson Seager, 82 years old
llvrrc r'ol Cliuon tHZO. '.
i.oticuo r-n.- 11 jioa r Ano r. noo I Provision lienra are iiniKr:illv rnnfi-. f lan H1 "ttlondl
i in ii jun v ii. .... j i.iiii u , ii " i o,wvui . ' , . , ,. , . , , . ,
Estimated Chicago Tomorrow. dent. They pay the pa.Uers have sold ; at l0 W;
c, lPvilv t,.t that th frm. -ill chin 17 lst 1 nirty fifth street, fol
uuga. ..aLiir. niierp. ; " - - ..... . . ..... ..... ..
Chicago 28,000 6,000 13,000 "gs to avoid winter feeding. j
Many figured July wheat would de-!
NEW YORK STOCKS jeline 1 to 2 cents on arrival of snow, j
. but tie not decline yesterday was!
new IUIK, iJdll. . rUIIUAMIg clIC
the quotations on the market touai::
st night. A farmhand and William
Wnllace, a bro'her of Mrs. .tss, dis
I covered the bodies.
a nniHi-
died yester-
lowing mi illness of only a few weeks.
Seager came to California about nine
years ago. He wa;; born in Ityron, N.
Y, and bis father, Micah Seager, was
one of the found- rs of Syracuye uni-vc-sity.
Profi-ssor Seager's greatest
Union Pacific
U. S. Steel common
was "Queen Ksther,"
j(fl48Va No. 3 y 46,474. No. 4 44 ouiuern raciuc ..
46i, No. 4 w 46'2(a47. No. 4 y 14 "4 Aew xorK central
45i4 j Missouri Pacific .
Oats No. 2 w 34f5 341; No 3 w S2.i lreat -ortnern
(S331!, No. 4 31V433, standard 33
Liverpool Cables. . Colorado Fuel & Iron
Wheat opened 1-8 off; closed 18Canadian Pacific
lower. ; Pennsylvania
Corn opened 1-8 to 14 off; closed 1-8 : Erie
Fair tonight and Thursday, rising temperature Thursday
Rill be about 10 degrees.
The lowest temperature tonight
V.'FATHER CONDITIONS. Make region, but a rapid rise in thejBuffalo 23
The southern storm which has mov-' thermometei s in the Reeky mountain j Rock Island 21
d from northern Kentucky to north- states has resulted from the nortii-1 Denver 20
stern New England, has again been western low whi.-h is this morning cen-! Jacksonville 80
attended by toow cr rain from the tral over southern Alberta, and rain or Kansas City 12
Mississippi and lower Missouri valleys snow is failing on tie north Pacific New Orleans 7S
to the Atlantic coast. The western coast. Owing to th astward move- New Ycrk 50
area of high pressure and low temper- mer.t. of the h;gh and the ap; roach of 1 Norfolk 74
j merely . j
Cnlrma tn nnivrir-iritrl n iil.-on!i-ir ftf !
. .ir.OV. .u :., .u.'u "veineiit
r v i i , . . ","L u" j..bich he coilaUointed with William B.
",r, !SK.:la Whfa! Will'' V'ry 1,1,1,1 . il'-radbury in Boston more than a half
. .10G5.
..10V8 MORNING STOCK LETTER. i 0 in a Lumber D,a..
. . 41i ! x- i- t o -, i Couderay, Wis., Jan. 8. A largo
New nrk .Tn S Tliu A rnrr .-in
.1314 ' ' ! force of timber cruisers employed by
.1213!, imalket' lbis ril0rnfnS 'n I."don is ajtne Kdward Mines Lumber company
The effect of the revere weather will
; probably be to cut wheat receipts.
century ago.
Northern Pacific
Smelters 721g .comparativeij small anair. of Chicago have finished estimating
73Va I lie copper producers' figures should I the timber on 30,000 acres owned by
2634 ' com' along this afternoon. ! tho Mlssiii&ippi itiver Legging com-
1238 ! Tne I'ujo committee seems to liave ! pdiiy and the Chippewa River Log &
U2 ;r-ached a point where it may form a ; Boom :oiiip-jny, bo'h ".Veyerhaeuser
to 14
Chesapeake & Ohio
Chicago Receipts. Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Today. Contract, j Baltimore & Ohio
Wliea? 41 12 Atchison
Corn 466 5 Locomotive
Oas 131 27jSt. Paul llo',4
Northwest Cars. j Copper , 79',;
To- Last Last j Lehigh Valley 100 Vi
day. week. year. ,
Minneapolis 154 holi. 114 1 LOCAL MARKET CONDITIONS.
Duluth 197 holi. 12! Jan. 8. Following are the whole
Winnipeg 23 holi. 4 : sale quotations on the local market
Chicago Estimates Tomorrow. (today:
9', 4 ltctk market standpoint to be regard- j concerns. The p:irehafe priori is ruoro
90 if" largely as academic.
. . 105'i j
. .100',
. . 43
than $1,o00,(i0o.
ature overlies th territory from the Alberta low, fa'r weather is indi
ootlfrn California, the southern pla- cnted for this vicinity tonitht and
tc : itions and Texas northeastward .Thursday, with aimer Thursda).
t' :h'; upper lakes. The temperature
r nam below lero over most of the, OBSERVATION;.
eastern Rocky mountain slope acd in , Hh. Ixw. Prep.
the middle and upper Missouri valley 'Atlantic City 54 4 .2
fcjj thK north western portion cf theJBogtou 52
Phoenix 42
St. Louis 32
St. Paul S
San Diego 4
Sac Francisco, i
f-at;!e 44
Washintou. D. C. . .:0
.04 Wiace
.14 i Wheat 135 j
24 ! Corn 348 I
00 ! Oats 153 j
.00 Primary Movement. j
12, Receipts. Shiumentg. !
.18 Wheat, today
20 . Year ago . .
'"; Cera, today .
Year ago 864,000
S41.000 ;
Opening of the Market. j
-.':' i Hcg. 30.000; left over. 7,675; slow.
.22 Light, 7.15Q7.40: mixed. 7.1557.40;
.20 heavy, 7.15 "ji 7.42 'i; rough, 7.157.25.:
.Ouj Catt e, 15,000; steady.
Feed and Fuel.
Creamery butler, 31c.
Da'ry butter, 30c.
'lard. 12 -jc per pound.
Fresh eggs, 24c.
Storage eggs, 21c.
Potatoes, 0c to 60c.
Cabbage, lc per pound.
Onions, 75c per bushel.
ted and Fuel.
Forage Timothy hay. $20. '
Cats. 34c o 35c
Straw, $3.
Corn, new, 40c ro 45c.
Coal Lump, per ten, $2 25; s'.a'fc.
j steady.
Through the Interpretation of Antcine LeCiairc. Firtt Published in 1834.
A New Edition with notes Historical and Critical.
Every family in Rock Inland county wants a copy of this remarkable
work on their reading table. Its tlirill ng stories of Indian life and adven
ture stir the blood of every lover of goml talos as few other truthful books
can do; but It i3 far more than a volutin' of good Indian titortes.
Historians, scholars, profound thinkeis generally, give it a rank attained
by no other book of its class. Nownere eiEC has a v. iid Indian unmodified
directly or indirectly by strong influences of civilization, undertaken to
gut In detail his personal and tribal history, with the views and customs
of bis race on ethics, religion and politics. This vivid revelation of the
m; stericus Indian characters is no less charming than uni'j-e.
Black Hawk was born and lived for more than 60 years ;:i Hock Island
'rciiCty, at a point which In bo great time mutt come wi'hin the corpor
i limits of tte city of Rock Island.
Hp is more widely known and Lis ai;tcbiogTaj)hy has given him a more
. manent fame than any other India i warrior in American history.
Local pride as well as delight in good reading will iudu-e every citizen
of Rock 'eland county to procure a opv of this extraordinary book.
Can you think of a more acceptai'it holiday gift to those who have
evet been here or contemplate corninj, than thia delightful htory?
Handsomeiy fcound in cloth. Beau.i'iiy illustrated. Three maps. Sent
prepaid cn receipt ci price 1.00.
Rock Island, III.

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