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Exclusive Wire
Present Conditions Must
Change, Says Indiana
The Weather
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow for
Rosk island, Davenport. Molina,
and Vicinity.
Unsettled weather tonight and Friu
day, warmer tonight with the lowe6t
temperature about 20 degrees.
Temperature at 7 a. m., 16. Highest
yesterday 19. lowest last night 10.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m. 12 miles
per hour.
Precipitation none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m. 92, at
7 a. m. 98.
Stage of water 2.2 no change in
last 24 hoars.
J. M. SHERIER. Local Forecaster.
William Winkler, Negro
Messenger, is Arrested
in Chicago.
(From noon today to noon tomorrow.) ,
Cm onto v4txa T OJ rvonlno '
SOCIALISM IS GAINER! -tars: Venus. Saturn. Morning stars CALLED AS A WITNESS
Mars, Mercury, jupiter.
Cites Action of Supreme Court
of His State in Preventing
Constitution Vote.
Money Trust Committee
Strikes Snag in a Goth
am Witness.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 9. "Unless
a majority of the citizens. What we '
should clearly understand and consci-
j entiously preserve is the line of de- '
markation between private and public ;
i social service. In a representative de- j
I mocracy, that line of demarkation j
! may be charted in this language: It is !
Claims to Have Been Let
When He Discovers Plot of
Oil Office Boy.
! frit Ti irVi t onrl Hutv est th cta'o tn r rn-
progressive legislation is enacted, the ! ' nf B
people, some day, .will open up the
cul-de-sac even though the opening
may l-ad representative government
over a precipice into pure socialism
or pa'enialiK'ii." said Governor Mar
shall In his message to the Indiana
leg slature today.
"Representative government does
not riif-Hti that present-day conditions
cannot be remedied. I'pon the con
'rary. progressive legislation may be
enacted with no disturbance to the
her unfortunate children who cannot
provide for themselves. Uninten' ion
ally and unconsciously the generous
impulses of mankind are lowering the
self-respect of the individual. Abra
ham Lincoln would not have been a
biblical and Shakespeareian scholar had
he lived in a town with a Carnegie
library. The constitution of this stae
provides for a general and uniform
system of common schools wherein
tuition shall be without charge and
Chicago, Jan. 9. William Wink
field, a negro messenger, who is said
to have taken the famous "Archbold
letters'' from the Standard Oil com-1 suspended, it
pany filed in New York and sold them, j the for Europe to intervene;
London. Jan. 9. Dr. Daneff. Bulgar
ian plenipotentiary, today received a
cipher message from the Bulgarian
capital representing conditions at Ad
rianople as appalling and the fall of
the city as imminent.
The capitulation of the J
fortress will, in the opinion
Balkan plenipotentiaries, take place j
within a lew days, either directly to
the besieging forces or through Euro
pean pressure.
Pending some fresh development,
the Balkan delegates are -keeping in
closest touch with the ambassadors.
because they are aware that some of j
the questions they have most at heart ; QSE IS U P TO SPEAKER
depend almost entirely on the will of
tr.e powers. V '
Meanwhile the ambassadorial con-
. I frrence is doing little, hoping that the
in i Adrianople difficulty will solve itself
in some manner.'and thus make inter
ference by the powers unnecessary
Moreover the action of the ambassa
dors is hampered by tne previous J
agreement that they must be unani- i
nious in any decision requiring intervention.
Should the fall of Adrianople still j fused to give the house money trust
d? aeiayea. now tnai tne conierence is rammura me names ui t.t uuuuun
Ixindon. Jan. 9. Long sentences
were passed today on two of the mili-;
tact suffragets who iu recent months i
engaged in a campaign of destruction j
of mails by means of acids and sticky i
fluids. May Billlnghurst and Louisa :
Gay were condemned to eight months :
each. May Billinghurst. who is a crip-; Seventeenth Ballot
lie mill uuauie iu ' . ttuvui i v
a tricycle, already has been imprison-1
ed on several occasions in connection j
with the suffrage campaign.
In some cases rags were soaked In
lamp oil and inserted in the slit of
mail boxes. Many valuable docu
ments were destroyed in this way.
These Included money orders, con
tracts, checks and bank notes.
Latter May Certify Record to
the District Attorney for
Washing'on, Jan. 9. Because he re-
might be-ome impera- i bank officers who profited in a syndi-
other- cate formed to market the stock of
cnechs ana naiances ol our system or i equally open to all. The observations
government. . I which I have heretofore made do not
"Th last general assembly, recot I .,...,iv m tM vt,-n hfr-aiiH ihP ico
nizing our unrortunatc condition with i ,,, needed that right aad placed that!
ref-r.-nce to the amendment of the'du,y upon the general assembly. !
nate constitution, ordered presented j
for adoption or rejection by the peo-
at the election in 1912 a new con-
h If nt ion . An action was brought to i
enjoin and restrain the governor and 1
the other members of the state board
of e ectio.i commissioners and the
"cretary of state from putting 'he
(Itichtioii of adoption or rejection upon
'"Hut they did not provide that
books should be furnished gratuitous
ly o the pupils in our schools, regard-
tin- Imli'.t. The litigation resulted In
n permanent injunc'ioii by the Indiana
mpreme court upon a divided opinion,
Hirer- members of the court being in
favor of the injunction and two
m::il.ist It.
"Willi utmost respect for 'he ma-j'-rity
of liie supreme courf, I felt
' I) m it had usurped the functions of
tin' legislative and executive branches
of rverument; that thft shl'rT.T'oi the
court would have a rather interesting
tiTie in getting possesson of my body
Mid p.inishinu tne for contempt; and
ihat r.iicii decisions gave gj-ea'er impet
us '.o the recall of Judges and decisions
than all the opinions of mere laymen
touching the usurpations of the courts.
Vet. 1 realized I might be wrong,
in it i k i-i:hoi.
"'I hough believing that It was mak
ing of the supreme court the only
biunch of government which we had,
still I felt that while there was a
possibility of a Judicial review, I
should not set myself up as a Judge
mi. I resist by force of arms what to
tne was au encroachment of the Judi
ciary upon my constitutional rights. I
was wholly unwilling to permit my
personal views to result in anarchy. I
believed that an orderly procedure
vith respect for the court, however
little respect I might hold for its opin
ion, was the one for me to pursue. I
felt assured that the supreme court
of the I'nl ed States would not punish
me for trying to be a law-abiding citi-z-'ti
by refusing to decide the great
questions Involved in this con'roversy
upon the theory that they are not ju
dicial but political In their character.
"The question has not passed be
ntid ihe mere domain of party poli
tics. The majority opinion leaves the
state In doubt as to whether it can
even call a constitutional convention.
buy them. I have seen these school !
books in states where they are fur
nished gratuitously to the pupils and
wish o add that If Dr. Hurty would
permit such books to be used in In-
J (liana, he would cease to be the ene- :
I my of the microbe and wou'd become j
I the godfather of the germ. j
I Governor Marshall sugg"sts among ;
! other things that a Panama-Pacific
j exposition commission i h women i
j representation thereon by appointed. !
He recommends the enactment of an !
inheritance tax law. . .
Legislation to prohibit stock water
ing and to protect unwary against in-'
vesting their money In that which is i
; not property but mere promise In
j those schemes which are ordinarily
i know n to the business world as "blue '
I sky."
Immediate enactment of a working
j man's compulsory compensation act.
Anti-loan shark legislation.
That trust companies be treated the
same as banks and that the people be
protected against panics.
Stringent housing laws.
Establishment of a state penal farm
for male prisoners.
S rengthening of laws against salo
and use of cocaine and opium.
Revocation of liquor licenses upon
third conviction of their holders.
Ratification of proposed amendment
for popular election of senators.
I ' . 0k,
I "'j""""1'11'"" " " '
1! M. III j
i &,,, ,,, zsm-w mmm v
New York, Jan. 9. C. L. Swords,
folding clerk in the house of represen
tatives at Washington, missing since
Dec. 31, was found dead at midnight
in a squalid room of a lodging house.
He was dressed in good clothes and
was sitting upright in a chair when
found by an employe. A physical re
ported death "probably due to heart
failure," but the police will investi
gate. He was 40 and was born at
Vicksburg, Miss. He leaves a widow.
Springfield Shows Tice
Still Leading.
Two Democratic Senators Bolt
Conference and Declare
War on Manny.
St. Louis, Jan. 9. The ashes of
the body of Frederick Naumann, who
died in Edwardsville, 111., Saturday,
will be sent by parcel post today to
Edwardsville to be buried in the grave.
The body was brought here for cremation.
Madison, Wis., Jan. 9. The message
to the legislature today of Governor
McGovern recommended simplifica
tion of the income tax, a more flexi
ble woman's and children's labor law,
taxation of mineral deposits under
ground, mothers' pensions, minimum
wage for women, "blue sky" law, "vot
ing by mail'' for citizens out of home
precincts, and approval of a etate hud
get, the first in Wisconsin's history.
was found in Chicago last night after wise Europe would lose xhe prestige
a search of several months He was entitled to dictate her will in smaller
served with a subpoena and will ap-
New York, Jan. 9. Firemen o.i 50
eastern railroads agreed with the rail
road managers today to ask Judge
Martin Knapp of the United S ates
court of commerce and I'nited States
Commissioner of Labor Neil! to med- j that $24,000 was paid for the letters
n.atiers, such as creating an autouo
i ii. oils Albania and nartitionin? the
pear before the senate committee Jan. j Aegean islands
11 and tell how the flies disappeared, j ,)ne suggestion is that failing a
bio price not pa in. 'better solution, Adrianople might be
Winkfleld today told how he got in j ceded to the powers, who could trans
on the deal. He ridiculed the report ' tfcr it to the allies after permitting
tid as to whe her our fathers did not jlfte under the Erdman act their con
foreclose upon posterity Its right to ; Toversy over wages and working con
u ter and reform Its system of govern- iditioiis. The agreement was suggest-
tnent. It also leaves involved a far ed by the rai.road companies.
greater determination tiat of the .
right of the court to strip the legisla- ' yQM AN OPIUM FIEND IS
ture and executive of their consitu
tional rlgbs and to set itself up, not
as coordinate, but as a supreme branch
of Eovernment.
"In accordance with these views, I meted out today to a woman in this
have sued out a w rit of error to the I city w ho persisted in using the drug
suDreme court of the I'nited Sta'es despite a stringent manifesto by the deal. Winkfleld did not say how much
with confidence that that court will 1 government. The woman was taken
ussume Jurisdiction and decide the ; to a public place and shot In the pres-
oucstions Involved and with conn- euce or a large nuruoer of spectators.
tit-nee that it will not dismiss the case
Shanghai, China, Jan. 9. Death as
punishment for opium smoking was
and brought into the story a new
name, that of Frank Morell, office boy
and file clerk for the big oil company.
Winkfleld said his connection vith
the letters was partly accidental, "p
the Turkish garrison to deport with
the honors of war, and guaranteeing
other conditions, as the reservation of
r Hgious and property rights to the
TtirCs and the creation of certaTh
courts for the trial of civil suits aris-
caught Morell and Charles Stump tak- i j'-g betweea the mussulmen.
ir.g letter copy books from the files l-cndon, Jan. 9. The Russian Black
after office hours. This was in 1903 SPa fleet was mobilized today in prep
or 1504. laratjon for a naval demonstration by
I.kt him i. the powers in the event it is found
Morell and Stump were so certain', necessary to appear to coerce Turkey.
they promised to let him in on the
mid tell me that if I thought 1 was
right. I should have totally disregard
ed the decision of th supreme court.
Ofted Its authority, thrown its sheriff
out of my window, railed out the mi l
tia to defend my position and submit
ted the question to the people regard
less of the court."
Governor Marshall's message con
tained a warning "against the subtle
$240,000 BONDS FOR TWO
San Francisco, Jan. 9.-Ball bonds
In "he sum of $240,000 for the release
of Tvietmoe and Clancy, convicted
dynamite conspirators, was accepted
The bonds will be forwarded to
Iavenworth, where they will be
signed by Tvietmoe and Clancy before
Influences of the lobbyist" and rerom-j are submitted to Judge Aader-
nended that all bills be reported out
'f committees within four days. Con
t nuing Governor Marshall said:
"You are 'oday facing conditions
a. id principles which if yielded to and
t -i epted. may result In a peaceful
ier:u;iou iu the substance of your
goM-rnuient. I do not contend that
miller the ponce power of the sta'e, a
representative democracy has no au
thority with reference to the life,
he. lth and safety of the individual.
1'pun the con'rary, I insist that the
u.-e of this power is of us much value
tc each individual citizen as it Is to
son, who tried the case.
New York, Jan. 9. The govern
ment's petition for a permanent in
junction against the Eas'ern States
He' ail Lumber Deaiers' association, an
he received for the letters, but pro
nounced the report that $34,000 was
paid the three men a Joke. He could
not say whether the letters published
were the ones stolen by Stump and
i :
the California Petroleum company,
George G. Henry of Solomon & Co.,
New York bankers, was certified to
the speaker of the house today for
comempt The full banking and cur
rency committee voted unanimously
for that action.
Washington, Jan. 9 The so-called
Green case, brought in the New York
state court to contest the increased
Insurance rates imposed by the Royal
Arcanum, will be brought to the su
preme court of the I'nited States upon
a writ of error granted by Associate
Justice Hughes.
Springfield, 111., Jan. 9 Balloting on
the- speakership was resumed this
morning. On the 17th ballot today the
entire progressive strength was
thrown to Hubbard, democrat, running
his total to 40. This was the largest
vote of any of the democratic candi-d:-.tes.
The Hubbard vote was un
changed on the 14th ballot. Then the
progressives swung back to Carter.
The Sullivan, Dunne and "dry" dem
ocratic factions had their fighting;
within themselves nearly all night In
hotel conferences that threatened to
break into the open almost any time.
Veteran republican leaders arrerted if
100 ballots were taken the situation
would remain the same until Suljivan
and Dunne arrived at some basis of
compromise In their quarrel over
house officers. A number of democrats
are bitterly opposed to an adjourn-'
ment until next week.
The 17th ballot was without a
choice. Homer Tice, republican, con
tinued in the lead with 50 republican
votes; McLaughlin, democrat, second
with 27; Carter, progressive, third
with 25.
Senators Madigan of Chicago and
Cleary of Galena bolted the demo
cratic conference, and Madigan de
clared he would demand the resigna
tion of Manny as democratic leader.
Manny is charged by Madigan with
violating an agreement to appoint
Cleary a member of the committee on
committees. Manny declared Madigan
was indignant because he himself was
not named on the committee on com
mittees. Nothing was done by the senate to
day and that body adjourned at 10:30
until 9:30 Saturday morning, when
adjournment will be taken until Tues
day. Representatve Ryan's motion to ad
journ the house until Tuesday met
with strenuous objection from the
Sullivan members.
Detroit. Mich., Jan. 9. The plant of
tho Houghton-Jacobson Printing com
pany, in the heart of the mercantile
district, was practically destroyed and
adjoining buildings damaged by fire
early today. The loss is $200,000. The
flames raged several hours. Zero
weather caused many spectacular in
cidents, but there were no serious accidents.
Three Die of Cold.
Denver, Jan. 9. Three deaths in
Colorado are attributed direc'ly or in
directly to the recent cold wave. Mrs.
Mary Dingley, aged 75, was found froz
en in her bed at Georgetown. Mrs.
Clara A. Creed, aged 72, of Fort Col-
Unu rfinii frnrn a fitmkp nf nnnnhTV
Speaker Clark will review the case br ' ht on by eufferin? from the ln-
and determine whether he will certi
fy the record to the dis'rlct attorney
of the District of Columbia for crim
inal prosecution.
The case threatens to involve the
ultimate ques ion of the money trust
committee's authority to inquire into
the affairs of national banks, which
probably will be taken to the su
preme court. Opinions on the sub
ject, among the government's legal ex
perts and the department of justice,
differ. .
George F. Baker of the First Na
tional bank. New York, testified be
fore the money trust committee today.
tense cold. George Rule, a farmer,
south of Pueblo, was frozen after be
ing rendered helpless by having his
legs broken in a fall from a bridge.
i Ask $69,000,000 for Rivers.
! New Orleans, Jan. 9. An annual
; congressional appropriation of $09,
j 000,000 for a period of 10 years, or a
: total of $6:t0,000,000, was argued by
I resolutions adopted here yesterday at
! the "national flood preven'ion and rlv-
' er regulation conference." Resolutions i
j adopted before the close of the final
i session yesterday indorsed the New
; lands-Bartholdt river regulation bill
Chicago, Jan. 9. Dr. William Ktrby,
president of the defunct Klrby Sav
ings bank, and his wife were ordered
to jail today on contempt charges by
Federal Judge Landis until they turn
over $:!0,000 missing funds. "Fraud
and frame-up" was the term Iandls
applied to the participants.
Dixon Out of Race.
Des Moines, Jan. 9. Representative
Dixon today withdrew from the speak
ership contest in the lower house of
the legislature, which convenes Mon
day, and announced he would support
Genit Klay of Sioux county.
Contest Two Seats In Congress.
Washington, Jan. 9. The seats of
Representatives John M. C. Smith and
H. Olin Young or the Third and
Twelfth congressional districts of
Michigan, respectively, were contested
In petitions filed yesterday with tne
clerk of the house. Both are republicans.
Nonogenarian Dies at Morrison.
Sterling. 111., Jan. 9. Mrs. William
Fraser, the oldest resident of White
side county, died yesterday at her
home in Morrison, aged 96.
Chicago, Jan. 9. After shooting
Policeman Griffin in the bead, Harry
RFCTnRllMfi nF l?ArJTFFM!Kvans. 24, himself was shot and
Washington. Jan. 9.Favoring rPS. j mounded in a revolver battle with a
toratlon of the army canteen, Secre-1 tit5zen be a'tempted to ho'.d up on
tary Stimson. Surgeon General Torn-; ,he Ncrth side early today
ev. Brigadier General Wltherspoon and ' suffered a
RenresentaUTe Bartholdt appeared to-1 but was arrested later In the room
day before the house military affairs ia8 house of Peter Jansen, who, with i
committee to urge Bartholdt s bill lor ! " i tne policeman,
that purpose. Stimson said w ithout i aiso W8S arrested. Af er wounding
the canteen conditions were worse j Griffin, Evans Bed, and two blocks
than when the sale of beer and light ; w&y attempted to hold tip John Van-
wines was allowed at amy pests. deroest. A revolver duel followed.
anaercest escaped injury.
Twelve detectives armed with rifles
, an-1, traveling In taxicaba toured the
city today in search of the auto bandits
i w ho committed 100 holduos the Dast
eral of Canada, and, by marriage, ! month . t
now pending in congress.
He presented a calm and dignified ap-!
pearance and a ruddy face and white ;
side whiskers, a type of the old-fashioned
business man. He testified in
lfv74 the caoital of the Firtt National
( wljs $500,000, and was increased in
j l!'0l to $10,000,000 by a dividend of
I $9,500,000. A surpjus of 11.F,00,000
r- ! ar iert arter trst civlrtenn. lie went
nier thP rrlv rfii-H.nH. the omen's Christian Temperance Famous Composer Dead.
nesn wound and escaped, ! ehGwine thpv r,np(1 frrilri .-. union, was largely instrumental in i Angeles, Cal., Jan. 1.-Richard
per cent. The last four year3' fjjvj. , bringing about the Smoot inquiry gtarv j Watson seage-r. a musical composer
, ol note, d.ed bre yesterday. He was
1 82 years of age. Among his com
, positions he cantata "Qd ;'n Esther"
j probably was the most poyu.ar.
Wants Reed Smoot Ejected.
New York, Jan. 9. The executi
board of the National Congress of
Y.otUerB doclded yesterday to ask the
United States senate to reopen the In-1
vestigation of the right of Senator;
, ! Red Smoot of Utah to hi3 seat in that ,
bedy. The congress of mothers, with:
the Women's Christian Temperance j
tii-.ion, was largely instrumental in
Drives Horse to Death.
Springfield, 111., Ja:l. 9. Judge
Crc;gliton fined Dan Mulvey $750 af
ter the latter had been found guilty
of malkious mischief. Mulvey was
Ben- to jai: for 90 days, lie was pun
ished for driving a livery nam; horse
to de; -h.
Duches Comfortable.
Montreal. Jan. 9. The duchess cf
Connaught, wife of the governor-gen-
dends of 226 per cent bad been paid. el in r'06-
alleged combination in restraint
trade, was granted today.
aunt or King ueorge, pas&ea a com-:
fortable night. She was brought here
Victims cf a number of robberies
identified Evans and Jansen. Jansen
In 1908, beside the rr.?i:iar dividend of
32 per cent, an extra dividend
per cent was declared for org
the First Security company to do busi
ness not authorized by the national
bank act. He said the company did
Hi tie business in stocks.
Baker, who was referred to as the
"tlgges'. man in Wall street since
Morgan retired from active business. '
tcld the committee that th? First Se
curities company, which ho da stocks
In various banks in the coun'ry, wan
Keokuk, Iowa, Jan. 9. The Ycuns
Women's Christian association wom
en have agreed to finance the local
club la the Central association, pro
viding the baseball enthusiasts of th
of yes erday from Ottawa, suffering with j recently was released from Joliet pent- organized to do business which the city will agree to dispense with Sun-1 the books were In such bad shape
Chzmpaign Men Are Accused.
f 'harnjiaign, III., Jan. 9. former
offiilals of Champaign owe -the
ci'y $2,1 M. 75, according to a report
made by an audt'u company, which
Hjiys they ook fees illegally. Kllpbbod
methods of bookkeeping, gross negli
gence and a general confusion in rec
ords are charged. The auditors allege
federal bank act forbs.de.
day games.
that they lost money on the Job.

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