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THE HOCK ISL.AXD ARGUS. M'.;M)AV. Jul o'AlU' iu, ii;5. o
Drawn by XL Myer
COM,v2,siONIl?-SRriNG Mia
nnt.i i Ma i re t 1 1 To
AAY HllSBANP 15 R BIT 3 I If GOOP "NIGHT. 11! I W'k ISP173
Argus Branch Officei
For the accommodation of Itn patroni
In varl-ut. parts o: the city. Th Argus
J' established a system of brunch of
flees, wnre subscriptions and want ad
vertising may h- received and any In
formation left that mar pertain to any
aepanmsnl of trie paper, news or bust- J
w n la ft'no fUnn-d to have at each
of then, branch offices everv evening a
supply of copies of The Argua of the
cay, o that any subscriber who may
Lave falieC under any circumstances to
receive Ma payer will be supplied free
f charge.
The Argua' chain of tra.ich offlcaa
Inr'uoea the following:
J. J. Klpp's notion store. 450 Fifth
H. E. Rowi'i pr.armacy. fill Four
teenth avenue.
Rless' drug store. Twenty-seventh
Ireet. Reventn avniie
nu-. Ki'wrth frVeet Tor lia-ht housekeeping at 111 Sec
Oeort e w. M "house, confectionery. ur'J ve"ue
" reurtn avenue.
Mrs. London' notion stors. Seventh
Street. Korteetih avenue.
lieimbeck's pharmacy, 92Z Third ava
il tie
Sender's grocery. I2S Eleventh
Rodnrt dr- store. Thirtieth s'.reet
nd Klftli avenue.
Cnllegs pnarnacy Feventh avenue
nd Thlrry-nirhtli street.
Olson groci rv. Thirteenth avenue and
Thirtieth street
Htelnwr druit store, corner Fifth ave
nue nn! Twrntv. third street
K RK.NT Modern nine-room house. I
Inquire ttol Third avenue. ;
FOR iipvt i.-ivn n . ...
tage. Inquire C27 Seventeenth ftreet. !
'..,,,, , ,7, V I
Mrcly furnished four-
room cottar. l,,lre 2i.. Third av- j
FOR H ENT H ven-nrum houne, Hti l' tly
modem. Inquire ui i;-.6 Twelfth
FOR RENT Modern seven
t 12:iti Tive,ftii street.
Fifteenth street.
room house
Inquire 732
FOR RENT Flve-riwim eottug.! on Flf
teer.Ui iivenue, near Xlntn street. In
quire lul4 Twelfth street. l'hone
West 7iil.
FOR R ENT - Kour-rontn house, partly
nn.ilern. 1614 Fifteenth street, oppo
site I.onu View park. Inquire lw2
Fifteenth street.
FOR RENT Two houses of elfcht rooms
each; modern In every respect. Flume
went liil. or Inquire at 2b31 Fifth-und-u-huif
FOR RENT -Seven-room house, with
ftll niodein eon venlerice ; cement walk
ai.d cellar, h t l:tn Twelftli street.
Inquire 2200 Ulxtli avenue.
l'"U RENT Four 100:11 cottage, with
gas and city water, ut 2714 Eight h
und H-half avenue. Inlulre at 2'j3m
(seventh avenue, or phone :7-X.
you RENT Seven-room modern house,
4: no children ; luimslied or uufur
lilslied. . li. Jordnn. Mi l-'orty-fourth
street. Phone west li:-L
New. completely modern j
streel; rents
now for J20.
now for $2.'. ;
Inquire 121
w 111 rent I
0 Twelfth
FOR RENT Eight-room house: all
modern; corner Fourteentii-aud-u-haif
street and Sixteenth avenue Ark
L.'srd-ley U built y. 217 Klgnteentb
stiuet or A. B. Shu. 145J Fifteenth
F'R KENT Fivp-c'in dwelling;, also
liii'-f ;;otM-.Hlz- (I unl tirn1"hed rot.-nts.i
oom ra w.i'er. sewer una K-f. eon
vtiil.nl to ivltel ui-s uinl within six
Mm k (,f court ho-ijte. Adtir
once, ' p. II. 47," citre Argus.
FOR RENT Modern steam healed flats:
f-14 T erty-seveulh street luquile
Held)- Bros.
FOR KENT Flats of five rooms: all
modern; Jig per month, at 13.16 i iKh-tir.d-a-half
avenue. Mrs. C. L. Walk
er, l'hone west b58-v.
FOR KENT Modern six-room apart
ment in l'avne Flats, second floor;
janlter service. miulre at Flat No
1, or phone west 7M-K.
FOR RENT Good barn;
phone west
FR RFN-T-llKht.
C- .- .- - : .
od warm brim,
west 12''.'"-Y.
f lccir'c-
IK VOl' WANT to buy. sell, trade 01
rent rnyUiihK- engage help or secure
a siiuaiion, 1 11c Mali and Journal i"
the otilv fin per in Mollne that cm do
are popular, and Ma.ll and Journal
are iitinuisr. and Miul und J"uriial
wants bring results. Orc-ha'.f cent I we WILL BOND Tor Executors', ad
per word it the price to all alike. 1 minislratoi s', guardians', trustees'
cash in r.dv.mce; two-cent stumps will ( t,r ar,y kind of judicial bonds; lodges
It I'.vei. 1 1; c Him .uuiuaj ui.m .
Jourt.nl, -V ":111c. lo.
LoNKEV S Palt-em will rid your ,
stoi k of worms; work off disease and 1
h ake every animal productive' your
n.oncv luck if it doesn't; come in !
ant! Kct u trial pa'L owatonna Hojr j
and Feed company. 2010 Tl.lrdaver.ue. ,
HigL land; dry; no fill
ing; no grading.
Good street car service.
Cash or
C. S. McDanicl,
503 Safety Building.
Ask for plans of S00
Modern Homes.
FOR RENT Furnlnhfd room for light
housekeeping at 307 Third street
FOR RENT Furnished rooma for light
housekeeping at 217 Sixteenth street.
FOR RENT Modern furnished steam
heated room at 1S27H Second avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping at 627 Twentieth street
FOR RENT Modern furnished light
housekeeping rooraa at 2iu6 Fifth av
enue. FOj; KENT Modern furnished room at
1127 Second avenue. Phone No. W.
1220 K.
FOR RENT Furnished front room,
modern conveniences; 82V Fifteenth
street, city.
!FOR RENT Modern furnished room
FOR KENT Furnished front room; heat,
light und Lath. Inquire JT Twenty
nrt street
FOR RENT Modern furnished room,
centrally located, inquire 1240 Sec
ond avenue.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished
rooms lur light housekeeping; 1620 Va
Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished room
at 902 Fourteenth and a tiaif street
Phone west 05K.
FOR It ENT Nicely furnished room in
private family. "l Twenty-fourth
Ulccl. Phone 1443-L.
TOR RENT Furnished front .oom,
modern conveniences, pnvuts family.
it 1122 becond avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished room
, ..!..... ... . t. , i.
FOR RENT (Strictly modern furnished
front morn. Inquire at 1134 Second
avenue. l'hone west 6S-X.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room,
with all modern conveniences; private
family; at 2200 Sixtn avenue.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms for
light housekeeping, cn ground floor.
Inquire at li0S Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished
liht li -usekeeping rooms at 1U2K
Ninth iivenue. Phone west 1 1 4 2.
F( R RENT Modern furnished rooms,
suituble for light housekeeping, at
llul Fourtueiitii-and-u-half street
FOR RENT Three modern unfurnish
ed roims for light housekeeping at
Kol '!' wenty-nrsi street; use of pnone.
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms
for liKht housekeeping; one. two or 1
three room suite, inquire 1405 Fourth
FOR RENT Modern furnished front
room, use of ptioue. Inquire 7z
Thirty-ninth street One-half block
from car line.
FOR RENT Nicely t-urnished front
room, furnace heat, electric light,
use of phone and bath, at 74S Fif
teenth street, l'hone west 11K7-L.
-A large room in modern
hour, beaut. fully furnished in dark I
0.1k. velct r 11K. etc.; south exposure
one or two gentlemen. Phone lsii.
FOR RENT Nice large room, wttn
modern conveniences, suitable for
couple or two gentlemen, with board,
at ii3t Seventeenth street Phone
FOR RENT A nicely furnished front
loom in a modern home, suitable for
one or two gentlemen, bieukfnsi and
upper 17 desired: references reqair-
d: luo3 Second avenue.
toi iic-m-iuw. unice in nock island j
National bur.k building. j
.Money to loan on good real estate j
security. Rooms, 3" and Zol Saiety
buildlusT. Kock island, ill.
general law business; corporation,
probate and real estate law; 211 Peo
ple's bank building. Phone west $49.
torneys und counselors at iaw. Money
to loan on real estate. Rooms 2uo
2o3, People's National bank building.
M EN1RY & M ENIRY Attorneys-at-law.
Loan money on good security;
make collections. References. Mitch
ell A Lynde. bankers. Office. Mitchell
Ac Lynde building.
PLEASANT F. COX Real estate and
lusuiar.ee. Loan a specialty. Best
tire companies represented. Your pa
tronage solicited. Phones west 22,
and new 5172. Office at courthouse.
id society officers: city, state or I".
S government officials; contractors,
positions of trust. In fact, any kind
of bond you want (except bail bonds .1.
Terms reas-ir.ahie. Hayes A: Cleave
lar.d. resident managers. Fidelity &
It. posit company of Maryland.
AlSTlTATTsloTTitle' J
tinned to date covering any real es
tate in the county. Prompt and ac- !
curate service at reasonable rates. I
Kock Island Title & Abstract com- ''
puny; J. J. Ingram, president; W. J.
swei'nt v. secretsry: 200-2OS. second
floor. Peoples National bank build
ing. Ro. K Island.
Fifty years' ex-
perience; jusi arrived, advice given '
in business, ltrve and family affairs; . 1
calf prices during noiidays; satiafac- i
tlon guaranteed; three test questions
answered free; private parlors. 419 !
west Third street Davenport Iowa.
! and calms collected. Witllam li.
i Walker, lawyer. 311 People's Bank 1
i DUllUlOJf.
J1KA CHARLES H;E and fatr.Hy de-
sire 10 txpress trieir sincere rratitude '
to neit::iiors and friends for kind- i
nesses rendered during their recent;
berea vnent. They also wish to thank ',
ail those who sect flowers.
WANTED First class toolmakers.
Rock Island Mfg.. company.
WANTED Young man to drive deliv
ery wagon at H. Tremann's Sons-.
WANTED Gardener; apply to H. An
drews. South Rock Island. Phone
WANTED Big. husky laborers, at
once. Republic Iron"& Steel com
pany. Second street, Mollne.
WANTED A good specialty salesman;
must have some capital; big money
for hustler. Call on Dan Flynn, 2u7
Seventeenth street.
WANTED Competent shade man; a
good position for a first class man;
give experience and salary required.
Address "A.," care Argus.
WANTED A local man with capital to
Invest, wants an active interest In
some trl-city business. Answ er, stat
ing kind of business and capital re
quired. Address "R. K.," care Argus.
WANTED Salesman: $30 weekly for
taking orders for cut rate groceries;
outfit free; sugar 4 cents; everything
cut rates; experience unnecessary.
Standard Mercantile company, East
Ninth street, Cleveland, Ohio.
WAXTED I want you to learn the bar
ber trade; another rush for barbers
this season; best trade in existence
today; good money; light work; stu
dents given half the receipts in fin
ishing department; write. Moler
Barber college, Chicago. 11L
WANTED A cook at 1109 Second ave
nue. WANTED Second girl at
first street
P28 Twenty-
wkNTED A chambermaid at 162S
Second avenue.
WANTED Lady tailoress; Hub Cloth-
lng company, lbol-l!03 Second ave-
nnp 1
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
eral housework: no other need apply;
at lOoj Twenty-second srttet.
WANTED Reliable, experienced girl to
do general fiousewoik. Apply at 13
Twenty-third street
WANTED A srood. comDetent airl to
do general housework. Inquire at 1
-i22 Fifth avenue. Pnone west 4'j5.
WANTED Job, teaming, by experi
enced man, with team; not afrfaid of
work, phone west 1KU&.
eight-room modern
house to sell or irarie for smaller
house. inquire at 'jZi Tuirty-mih
WANTED To buy. marine engine from
two to four-horse power; must be
cheap. Address Box 06. Monlpeiier.
buy. furniture and
stoves; will pay the highest price for
second hand goods. Call Knlff &
Rosen, Mollne. Phone east 751.
WANTED-YoU to earn $S to $12 week- I
lv t.t home during spare time mailing ,
circulars. For particulars, send 1 u ; LOST Lavalliere, prohabl v on Red line
cents, which we return when you be- j , ur or at Rock Island depot, Saturday
Kin work. William A. Droste coin- I morning. Reward. Phone west
iianv, 474 J 16, Trumbuil avenue, he- j
trt-it. Mich. j
' J
WAXTED To borrow $1,000, $1,500.1
J2. :.(, $5,000 and $7,500 on gocd leal i
estate, toeud particulars as to wnicli
amount you have to loan, rate of ill-
terest expected und length of time
you prefer to h.-an out your money, i
Address "Loans 2i4. care Argus.
WANTEI My young man, office posi
tion: can ti - bookkeeping and type
writing: references furnished, Ad-
drets "K. 50," care Argus.
arson. graduated Swedish masseuse,
gives treatment in private homes.
Piione west 839-L. Address 618 Thirty-ninth
Established 1902. Piione 733.
Smart tailored suits and gowns for all
occasions. Exclusive and original de
s.gr.s. Advauted styles and perfect fit
guaranteed. Fancy oressmaking and
tailoring taught. Corsets expertly fitted.
So. Putnam building, Davenport la.
Has Never
The Bread that is always uni
form always best always to
be depended on never unsatis
factory, is
Many of our best and most sat
isfied customers spent months
in trying to make better bread
than we make, but they always
found ours tte
Phone us today while you have
It In mind we will do the rest.
I 1
1716-1718 Second Avenue.
Phone West 156.
FOR SALE A genuine bargain in a
nice home, located In the central por- j
tlon of city. Here Is the chance to ;
pet lust the home you have been
dreaming about Lot 60x150: eight
room house; hot water heat, gas, elec
tric light, cement floor basement:
near all car lines. Address "Snap,"
care Argus.
FOR SALE Seven-room house, all mod
ern, on Seventeenth street Inquire
529 Seventeenth.
FOR SALE New modern s'x-room
house at 1413 Forty-first street;
cheap If taken at once.
FOR SALE Six-room cottage, all mod
ern; lot 60x140; price J2.700. if taken
soon. See Eckhart & Buffum.
FOR SALE: Eight-room modern house
at 902 Twenty-second street; corner
tot 62t xlCO; on easy terms. is-iuire
on premises.
FOR SALE Good built elght-rocrm
house; city water, gas and sewer; cor
ner lot 52x150; 16ol Thirty-fifth
street Rock island, I1L
FOR SALE A modern cottage on Four
teenth street, at a bargain. For fur
ther particulars see Eckhart & lluf
fum, room 14, State bank building.
FOR SALE Good building lot In Lin
coln court; facing Seventeenth street;
120 feet deep, 4a feet front, 62 Vx feet
middle, 78 feet rear. Phone West
FOR SALE: Lots in Scheuermann's fifth
addition. Seventh street and Fifteeotn
avenue; payments 15 per inonsn.
Call 1700 Six la street. Old puous
west 12SS.
FOR SALE Cheap,, seven-room house;
had hot water heat mudcra In every
respect; cement wain; corner lot;
owner non-resident, li. A. Lupiow,
Rochelle, 11L
..,, SA, r Pr,,v m.irn k,o,o-
. . . . .
low, 111 fine locality, with splendid
view cf arsenal and Mississippi; an
unbelievable bargain; investigate. Ad
dress "Bungalow," care Argus.
FOR SALE Seven-room house, wl'.D
IVt acres of ground, with well and
tlstern; locr.led one b'ocii from car
Jlcc; will sacrifice It sold before Sept
10. Address "S. CI. U.." care Argus.
r sale, .ignt-room house, ihor-
ougl.ly modern, electric liitht and aas.
hard ouk iloor in every room; K"od
lot (at a bargain); terms. l'hone
west1219-Y. C. T. Xelaen, 1015 Sec
ond avenue.
FOR SALE Cheap, a five-room house,
witr furnace, . gas light, and sewer;
largo lot lemcnt wains; one block
from Long View park; a paying in
vestment; owner non-resitlent Ad
dress "U M. 50." care Argus.
FOR SALE Lot In South Ileijtita.
south of Aiken street, between
Twelfth an 3 Seventeenth streets; on
easy termu; fib down, balance In five
years. U. W.. Robluson. 1454 Rich
mond street Phore west lltfi-K.
LOST Saturday ai'ternoon, lady's open-
f-,.... -.l,-.... I.-.,.-; 1 ...
,enu. Reward tor return o Arias':
LOST Lady's open-fa.ced gold watch.
and pin; initial "i-J" t-n pin and 'S ' on '
walcu. Liberal reward lur return to
Tue Argus oihoe.
HENRY OA ET 11 J E Proprietor Chip
Ilanii'Xk nursery. Cut flowers and
designs of uii :i:ds. City store, 16u7
Second avenue. Phone lllu.
MENTS given tn your home, private,
by cxpeit adjuster. Address p. o.
Box. iJ;, Rock Island.
Administrator's Notice
Estate of Oscar Seidel, deceased.
The undersigned havinsc heen an-
pointed administratrix of the estate of
Oscar Seidel, late of the county of Rock
isianu, state 01 jiunois, deceased, here
by gives notice that she will appear
before the probate court of Rock Is
land county, at the probate court room,
In the city of Rock Island, at the March
term, on the first Monday In March
next, at which time ail persons having
claims against said estate are notified
and requested to attend lor the purpose
of having the same adjusted. All per
son? Indebted to said estate are re
qutsteu to make immediate payment to
ti:e undersigned.
Dated 27tn day of December. A. D.
Jarr.cs W. Maucker, atturnty.
' Notice af Final Settlement.
Estate of Mayer Kosenfleld, Deceased.
Public notice Is hereby sriven that ih
undersigned. Clara R. SUberman and
(Joseph M. Roseuiield. executors of the
1 last w ill and testau ent of Man r Rosen
heim deceased, have this day" filed their
; tii.ai report and settl merit as such in
the probate court of Rot k Island coun
1 ty, and hearln on said report has been
' set for Jan. I). 1D1S. at 9 o'clock a m at
i which time persons interested may ap-
i pear ana mane oojc-ciioris thereto, and
: if no objections are filed, said report
will be approved at that time, and the
undersigned will ask for an order of
distribution, and will aliu ask to be dis
charged. Uotk Island. 111., Dec. 17. 7,511
1 Executors of the Last Will and Testa
ment or Mayer Itosecfieid, deceased.
Hugh E. Curtis, attorney.
K ecn tor n Notice.
Estate of Eva Reglna Jahn. deceased.
, 1 .:e una -rsier.eu raving been ap
, pointed executors of the last v,-i!l and
testament 01 i-.va I'.cgina Jahn. late r.i
. the county i f RrH k Island, state of iili- !
nois. deceased, hereby give notice thtt '
they will appear before the Hon. Ben- ;
jamin Beli. j-.dge of the probate court;
of Rock Island county, at the probate'
court room in the citv of Ro. k Island at
t!.e March term. or. the first M.-ida v' in
; March r.ext. at which time all persons!
having claims against said tMate are
, r.o;:uea ar.a requested to a
purpose or navmg tu yam
All persons ii.dtt'ted to
are requested to make Immediate pay-
rr.-T.t to tne undersigned. j
Dated tins kth day of Januarw A. p. j
13 '
5 . PAf L A. JAHN.
O Executors
hriver & Schriver, Aitorueys-at
FOR SALE Nine and a half acres land,
one mile southwest of Milan. W. R.
Gingles, 515 Twenty-second street
FOR SALK 200-acre farm, three miles
west of Milan: on of the best farms
in Rock , Island county. Sea Keldy
Bros, fof particulars.
FOR SALE 160 acres North Dakota
grain farm, to exchange for city prop
erty. Address W. A. WlUlts. New
Boston. 11L R. F. D. I.
FOR 8ALE -440 acres improved farm,
at Elbow. Saskatchewan, western
Canada; 500 acres broke; buildings,
weil. pustured: easy terms. Dr. A. C.
Hammett. 4200 Irving Park boule
vard, Chicago.
WILLOW RIVER. B. C. Main line Q.
T. P.. and P. & H. B. Rys; entrance
great Peace River country. Write
Pac. Land & Townsites Co., Ltd., 161
Pac. Bldg., Vancouver, B. C, for maps,
plats, printed matter. Agents wanted.
FOR SALE 240 acres stock and grain
farm, good improvements, located in
Rock Island county; price tS5 per acre;
Jii.ot'O cash, balance at 5 percent Pos
session can be had March 1. 1913.
For further particulars see Eckhart 1
& Buffum.
FOR SALE Houses, lotB. Fine flve
acre suburban property, twelve-room
brick house, $6,000. Five room cot
tage, three-fourths acre land, $1,000
Flve room cottage, three-fourths
acre land, $800. Terms on part if
wanted. Bargains. C. H. Dibbern &
Son. Milan. I1L
FOR SALE Eight-acre farm, with
eight-room house, big barn, shed. Ice
house, two wells, good cellars under
house, 600 grape plants, SO fruit trees;
good place for chicken raising; one
half mile south of Eighteenth avenue
on Twenty-seventh street. Inquire at
1601 Thirty-fifth street Rock Island.
FOR SALE 280 acres In Scott county,
highly improved, never has been
rented; located close to station, and
all under cultivation; price $40,000;
$10,000 cash, balance at 5 per cent,
long time. Possession can be had
March 1, 1913. For further particu
lars see Eckhart & Buffum, room 14,
State bank building.
FOR SALE One Ford auto delivery car
at 1612 Third avenue.
FOR SALE Fifty loads of stove wood.
Inquire 2418 Ninth street
FOR SALE A good horse; Inquire at
Bartlett Bros., corner Sixth avenue and
Seventeenth street
FOR SALE Or rent, restaurant seat
ing capacity 50, doing a fair business,
at 1602 Fourth avenue.
FOR SALE Three delivery horses, one
pony, three sets double harness, wag
ons. Call 4ol Fourth avenue.
FOR SALE Cheap rooming house in
good locality, doing good business.
Inquire 1506 s Second avenue, city.
FOR SALE Extra fine strained honey.
In 5, 10 and 60 pound cans: 609 Forty
second street Phone west 753-X.
FOR SALE A large size (manure)
wficon box In good condition. Inquire
17i6 Sixth street. Phone old west
FOR SALE Two mated pens of thor
oughbred Barred Plymouth Rocks at
Sio.t Thirtieth street.. Phone west
FOR SALE Typewriter, Densmore, In
good shape. $S. G. II. Jordan, 815
Fort v-fourth street Phone west
8S2-L. t
FOR SALE Reliable electric piano,
three oak settees, dress,er and com
mode, at 2109 Tliird avenue. Phone
we.st UK'S.
FOR SALE A Moore alr-tlght heater,
in flue condition: price $10. Phone
west 1671-L. F. W. FoaseU. 732 Thirty-fifth
FOR SALE A range, with hot water
back, gas stove and oilier household
Koods ; reasonable. Call west 1727-X,
or inquire 2416 Eighth avenue.
FOR SALE A grocerv store, doing a
good cash business, in good locality:
party leaving city. Address C. John
general delivery. Rock Island.
t'O R SAT. P. Onn leather nnhnlatar..!
convertible to bed. davenport; one
three-piece mahogany parlor set. J.
L. oakleaf. State bank building, Mo-
FOR SALE Seventy-five tons of fine
v. lid hay. delivered in lots of ton or
more. $1.1 per ton; or at farm, one
mile west oT Milan, at $13; In lots to
suit. Phone west 758-L.
FOR SALE Fixtures; one 16-foot wall
case, worth $425, for $2r,t); one 12
foot wall case, worth $37'., for $225;
two 8-foot floor cases, worth $115.
for, each, $60. Suitable for most any
business: very fine quality and work
manship; solid golden oak. French
plate riirroTS. etc.; perfect condition.
Private sale only. Inquire at In
galis' jewelry store. Safety building.
THE stated meetino OF TRIO
ik lodge No. 57. A. F. & A. M.. is
m heid on the first Thursday of
Jkiiir each month. Special for work
f on the M. M. degree, Thursday.
Ja.n. 16
ren ai
are cordiailv Invited. iiy order I
L. E. Hemenway, w. M; W. B.
Pettit, secretary.
BOWSER underground outfits from $20
and up (80U.OUO In use). F. M. King.
aa-eni, iau jmru avenue, uock is-
ai.,! 111 Pnone. west 2.:31 N H
Bury your gasoline; It's safer.
SUPERFLUOUS hair and molds on face
a::d arms permanently removed with
oi.e to six needles. Address Miss A. M.
Kittredge, Flat 1. Argyle Fiats. Brady
street Davenport. Old pt.one 3146.
id tMate are 1 . ,
iVVaju'irJOlfilB VollS & Co,
said estate
.11... ! t t- r-l-. D a A VT"V
i Manufacturers of Sash. Doors. Blinds
sr.d Stairs. Interior finish of all kinds,
I Hardwood Veneer Flooring and deal -
Notice of Final Settlement.
fistste of Edmund Murphy, deceased.
Public notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, Elizabeth C. Schmitt. ad
ministratrix of the estate of Edmund
Mruphy, deceased, has this day tiled her
final report and settlement as such in
the probate court of Rock Island coun
ty, and hearing on said report has been
set for Feb. 3. 1913. at 9 o'clock a, m.,
at which time persons interested may
appear and make objections thereto,
and If no objections are filed, said re
pbrt will be approved at that time, and
the undersigned will ask for an order
of distribution, and will also ask to be
Rock Island, 111.. Jan. 9. 1933.
Administratrix of the Estate of Ed
mund Murphy, deceased.
Publication Notice.
State of Illinois, Jtock Island Coun
ty ss:
In the Circuit Court of Rock Island
county. 111. May term. 1913. In at
tachment. Demand, 367.50.
Volks-Zeitung publishing company vs.
Leroy J. Wolfe and Charles L. Bailey.
Notice is hereby given to you, the
said Leroy J. Wolfe and Charles L,
Bailey, that a writ of attachment has
been sued out of the office of th"e clerk
of the circuit clerk of said county of
Rock Island, at the suit of the said
Volks-Zeitung Publishing company, and
against the estate of you, ' the said Le
roy J. Wolfe and Charles L. Bailey, sixty-seven
and fifty one-hundredths dol
lars, besides interest, directed to the
sheriff of said county to execute.
Now, unless you, the said Leroy J.
Wolfe and Charles L. Bailey, shall per
sonally be and appear before the cir
cuit court of said county, on the first
day of the next term thereof, to be
holden at Rock Island, in said county,
on the first Monday in ,the month .f
May next, give special bail and plead to
said action, Judgment will be entered
atrainst you In favor of the said plain
tiff, and the property attached sold to
satisfy the same, with nsts.
Rook Island. 111.. Jan. 6, 1913.
Albert Huber. plaintiffs attorney.
Guardian's Sale of Real Estate.
State of Illinois, Rock Island Coun
ty ss:
In the probate court, at the January
term. A. D. 1913.
In the matter of the application of
James R. Hutchinson, guardian of John
W. Hutchinson, a minor, to seil real es
tate of said minor.
By virtue of an order and decree of
the probate court of said Rock Island
county. 111., made on the petition of the
undersigned, James R. Hutchinson.
guardian of John w. Hutchinson, a
minor, for leave to sell the following
described real estate of said minor at
the January term, A. D. 1913, of said
court, and which order and decree was
entered on Jan. 11, A.. D. 1913, the un
dersigned will, on Tuesday. Feb. 18. A
I) m 13 between the hours of 10 o'clock
in' the forenoon and four o'clock in the
ai'ternoon of said day, to-wit, at the
hour of 2 o clock In the arternoon. ex
pose for sale at public vendue at the
east door of the court house In the city
of Rock Island, in said county and
state, to the highest and best bidder or
bidders, the following described real es
tate, being the property of said minor,
The undivided one-eleventh (1-11) of
the northwest quarter (4) of section
thirty-four (34), (except five acres, a
strip of even width off the east end of
the north one-half of said northwest
quarter); also all that part of the north
east quarter of the northeast quarter
of section thirty-three (33). lying ami
being east of the public highway as
now running- through said tract of land
bounded as follows: Beginning at the
northeast corner of said tract, running
thence west along the section line
twentv-slx 126) feet, thence In a south
westerly direction eight hundred and
slxtv-nlne S69) feet to a point two
hundred and eighty-three (2S3) feet
west of the east line of said tract;
thence south five hundred and twenty
(52oi feet; thence east two hundred and
eighty-three (2S3) feet to the section
line; thence north along said section
line to the place of beginning, contain
ing six and 22-100 acres, more or less,
all in township sixteen (16) north,
range one (1) west of the 4th P. M., and
containing In all one hundred and sixty
one and 22-100 acres, more or less, in
Rok Island county, Illinois, and all sub
ject to the right of dower of J. L. Long
"therein and thereto; terms of sale, cash
on approval of sale hy said court.
Dated this 11th day of January, A. D.
Guardian of John W. Hutchinson, a
Walker, Ingram & Sweeney, solicitors
for petitioner.
He Didn't Know Exactly What to Do,
So They Came to His Rescue.
A young author and critic, who has
come to be an authority upon a certain
modern phase of educalon, went a few
days ago to deliver his first lecture at
a girls' school. He had lectured before,
but never at a young ladies' semi
nary, and as two white frocked. curly
haired ushers led tiini out to the plat
form and he sat down beside the tun
trotily principal among the women who
made up the faculty and faced a sea of
girls' faces lie was young enouuh to
eei a Dit or eninarrassuient himself.
i It was rather difficult nt-tirst. but once
i th
the lecture was started things went all
lie finished what he had to say and
The audience and the rna-
tronly nrinr-inal nnd the women w ho
made up the faculty clapped their
hands enthusiastically. Then -the ap
plause died down nnd silence settled
! uPn t lecture nail, i he young uiun
nt 011 waiting for some ntiu to say
. M. , .
I SOWeUllIlg. Uiml.V fOtlSCKlllS
I '8oweUrin. ' tllrnl.v ronsrioiis that a
! swkvn t.4 nr.rx L- rl . QlnttliLr IT'ia s T -
UIUIC Ul s.saj' nuiu vs. niiviin 1 '-
ported of him. I!nt his lecture woh
finished. He had said ail he had to
say. There were no ijiiest'ons from
faculty or students. A few of the girls;
benn to fidget, tint fio one spoke.
The yati.-,g ninn became in.p'easauily
aware that he was expected to do
soir.r-tliinp: niid'to do it fit once, hut he
did not know tviint to do He refected
miserably tl
And then tli
1 . .
miserably that he did not know th?
a girls' s'ikwiI anyur'v.
ere was a signal from llie
' principal and a move lu the audience.
or.il the prettier of the tw girl owner
; 1 I t.;,., n ll.ln . wt. :i
j a little shy. determined to do her duty.
! J'm mi sorry. Mr. B.." she murmur-
ed, "but I'm afraid you'll have to-
yon'll hare to staTt ripht this minute
if you want to make your train:" New
York Times.
He Found Ha Couldn't Dictate to a
Typical John Bull.
That sprouting Scotch peer, the Earl
of Leron, who rebuked a ship news re
porter who approached him by declar
ing that "no gentleman ever speaks to
another without an introduction; it
simply isn't done." is an old friend of
James Francis Dwyer. the Australian
novelist that is, Dwyer doesn't actu
ally know the Earl of Levon, but he
knows his sweetly' British sort.
"I ought to," said Dwyer. "I was
broke in London and I learned to
know the true Briton. Once I an
swered an advertisement for a literary
secretary. To make certain that my
letter would be read I wired the ad
vertiser as lollows:
" 'Do not engage a literfcry secretary
until you have read my letter of ap
plication.' "That letter was a gem. I thought I
would land the place with It sure. I
was certain of It when a large, square
letter directed me to appear at a nam-:
ed address at a given boar. It was a
four penny bus ride-, but I didn't care.
My fortune was opening out before dm.
I squandered the fourpence without a
miserly thought. A pompous butler
ushered me into a black oak library,
where the original stuffed model of
John Bull sat at a table. I sat down
meekly and waited to 'be spoken to.
"Blam! lie hit the desk with bis)
clinched hnnd.
" 'You cannot dictate to an English
man,' said this old image.
" 'No, sir.' I said.
'I tell yoo,' he shouted. you cannot
dictate to an Englishman!
'Certainly not.' I said.
"'But you tried to,' he sa!3. 'Ton
sent me this impertinent telegram. No
Englishman would have dona that. It
was an American trick.'
"I tried to soothe him. for I wanted
that job. But be got hotter and hotter
Finally he told me outright that be had
hired a young maa who once hud work
ed for a lord.
" 'I have sent for you,' Bald he. and
you should be grateful to me In order
to teach you a proper respect for the
traditions of England and for the Brit-,
ish flag.' .
" 'You old fossil.' said 1 If I had a
British flag here I'd tear It in two and
choke you to death with If "Chicago
That Is What Opium Smokers Call
"Hitting the Pipe."
The opium smoker In the act of
smoking is said to be "cooking a pill.'
Smokers of tobacco In seeing opium
pipes have been misled Into the belief
that the large bowl of the pipe Is filled
with opium when really the "pill" la
simply pasted over a tiny opening in
the cover of the bowl. Heating of the
bowl produces dense fumes, which are
drawn through the bowl and the stem'
of the pipe into the smoker's mouth.
Neither does one pipe of opium pro
duce stupor. A "pill" dazes only even
an Inexperienced smoker as a large
drink would effect a person unused to
alcohol. The opium users who have
been pictured stretched on bnnks of
opium dens in utter stupor have been
saturated with the drug.
Reclining on a bed, the smoker places
the layout within easy reach and lights
the lamp. Peanut oil, burning slowly
and without evil odors or fumes, Ls used
exclusively. The smoker Is then ready
to prepare his "pill."
The yen-h'ik, or dipper, a long, nee
dle shaped instrument, ls put Into the
opium receptacle and turned slowly In
the black and sticky substance until a
small quantity of opium adheres to the
point. It is then placed over the flame
of the lamp, and. turning the dipper,
the smoker rolls and cook the "pill"
until It is ready for the pipe-
The tiny speck ls then thrust Into the
opening of the bowl, which, held above
the lamp, slowly begins to produce
opium futies, which are drawn in by
the snnker through the s'em of hLs
pipe. The "pill" lusts only from thirty
to forty set-ends, nnd to enjoy another
smoke the minie preijrati'ms have to
be repeated. New York Tribune.
'Careful With Their Lsrr.ons.
"in Kiiitllsu inns." said a tnnp who
had jir-'f returni l fi 1 n l"t;y ronching
trip iti KiiI:iik1. "they d n t ;ise lem
ons In our haphazard fashion. They
tn:i!;e the use of one more or le.s of a
solemn ri;e. I reuieiiilrf-r asking for n
"hors"'"s ni-cV fn a liti! w In tiie uurtii
citiiitry. Tli' landlord had never heard
of Hie drink, and I explained to h!ni
that It was Kihtrer aie with a lemon
pe?l In it. He went back to the bar
nnd returned presently with i.u empty
tray. "I'm very sorry. Kir.' he said,
but we liT.veu't got a lemon open Just
now.' "New York Tribune.
Shorter and Uglier Word.
Solicitor (cross examining) Now.
didn't jou teil the prisoner that you
doubted bii veracity? Witness No; I
merely tolrt Mm 'e was a bioomlo' liar.
-LocjoB M A P.

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