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High Cost of Living is a Joke to stars of the Diamond
Clean Up
Shoe Sale
Boy PEAC-ncs""
Directors of Augustana Vote an j
Increase'to Twelve Faculty j
Pennant Winners . Take Two
From Independents Ma
roons Forfeit Games.
A : . V kfi-irr .ur s
v3 . . . . . '
" rJS&r X.,.-r-. ; ' ' Bov fcWX
Victory perched twice last evening
on the champion Cubs in the Com
ivercial Bowling league series. The
t ubs lost the first tilt by a few pins
but "found the range" by the second
frame and whirled through the Inde
pendents for two decisive wins. The
games which were m-ltnessed by a good
crowd of bugs were rolled on the St.
Ju'.ien alleys.
The Maroons forfeited ihe three
games, to the Pretzels which were
scheduled for last evening on the
Harms alleys, owing to the fact that
only several members of the former
warn were present. All of the mem-1
b rs of the Pretzels were in atten
dance eager for the fray and were Pbn
sideriNily disappointed when only a few
" of the bowlers of the Maroons put In
an appearance. Mueller of the Colts
did some crack bowling securing high
honors with 648. The score follows:
C. Mueller 210 204
f) Dahl 163 160
R. Collins T"? 129
J Wich 132 172
A. Salzmann .9 164
449 1
823 2488 1
&?. 829
I. Harms I..0 146
A Harms 17.. T'.O
SMile 178 170
Konntree 173 1W4
Differ 172 124
846 795
56 2396
At High School
'Ilhe great surprise of the boy's
basket ball tournament at the high
V liool came last night when the Fresh
man nearly pushed the seniors to the
vail, the near-grads winning the con-(
tft by the clos score of 21 to 2.
Thf apprentice team was also defeat- I
'!, 1H and 9, by the sophomores. In
the freshman-senior contest, Brounh
Thomas shone as the stars, the
former on the senior team, and ha
latter playing for the first year men. j
This afternoon the sophomores p.ayed
the seniors and the champion Juniors ;
n.pt the apprentices. These games .
...1. .1 I. . . i
The preliminary debating contest
which was postponed last Friday, will
b" held tomorrow. From the present
survey of the prospects, it seems as
though two Kood teams will repre
sent the local high in the big eight
triangular contests March 21.
All the preparations for the fresh
man banquet and party have been
mndt and tht big "doin's" will take
ae Friday night at the high school.
Goodman-Daniels Bout Is Off.
St. Joseph. Mo.. Jan. 22. The club
bffore which Freddie Daniels of St.
Joseph and Danny Goodman of Chlca
were to give a 16 round bout Fri
day night has called it off upon notice
from the police that boxing will not
f permitted. The police order crew
f out of the Injury to oolaier smiiniio gei imo tne worms series. ;
of Fort Ieavenworth. who was knock-
I ..., t.r i.it week and who i ntill
ci'iifined In a local hospital.
1 said to be Improving.
New York. Jan. 22. Manager Mthe .r,00 class as batsmen, et it
firaw of the New York Nationals, who 'didn't win the flag, principally because
returned to New York today, announc
ed h wl'.l take a young brother of
Johnny Evers, manager of the Chicago
Nationals, on the Giants' training trip
to Marlln. Tex. Young Evers is an
i:iflelder, 22 years old. He has played
i-iid professional ball around Troy,
N Y., and has. big league ambitions.
McGraw says he will give the young
tr every chance to qualify.
Twenty times good!
The pleasure contained
in this package of Fatimas
has made it the greatest
selling cigarette in the
country. The pleasure
of absolutely purr
Price on Fatirak iM-9w
Largest dealers
According to all the very latest ad
vices the salaries of ballplayers this
season will be things of beauty and
joys forever. There will be some copi-
ous pay envelops passed among the
I pilltossers. the figures In many cases
443; having four ciphers on the right hand
495 Aide of thp digit. Not long ago Frank
481jchanee was teased into accepting
515 j$20,(M"i0 Tor his annual stipend, which
: js the same as "year's salary," and
now it seems Johnny Evers is to get
even more. We don't know how much
imore. C. Webb Murphy, the well-
Time of Hitter is Past;
Speed Now the Essential
Time was when about the only ques-,
tion concerning a young ballplayer by
magnate, manager or scout, was "Can I
I ne mi: ',
Once if a fellow could stand up to
th , . . one d j
v j ,.i
agaln8t anv Bort of p)tchiiig , and could
catcn a ball lf batted or thrown
d h, . considered promis-
, , fe , A E Batchelor in
a clog on the bases, an indifferent
fielder or the worst sort of a "bone
head," but his shortcomings were over-
i looked if he could land on the leather.
It's different nowadays. Instead of
t be'ng content with an affirmative an
, swer to the query about a maj's hit
j tin? they go further and ask: "Is he
,fast?" And if he Isn't his chances of
; making good in the exclusive baseball
c-lrcleg presided over by Messrs. Ban
H. Johnson and Thomas J. Lynch fade I
as to be almost indiscernible.
In these days managers realize that i
it takes something more than mere J
slugging to wla pennants. A cons'd- i
erable degree of batting strength is
necessary, of course, but a team com
posed entirely of clubbers extraordt-1
nary and macers plenipotentiary. lack-i
lng sped and brains, is very unlikely;
: Fans will remember the wonderful '
! aEcreeation of hitters thai once renre-!
sented the Philadelphia club in the i wouldn't be enough men getting oujter; M. Bloomberg, Peterson a.id Nor
Natlonal league. With any one of i the bases were this done to make all ; man, guards',
several pitchers on duty this outfit ! the celerity in the world count. This
could muster nine men who were in
1 . .ii
the Baltimore Orioles,
ho were fast
and crafty in addition to having some I getting peor'.e exd'ed v. iihuM read
ability with the flail, used to play i grabbing any;hing more valuable than
rings around the simon-pure fence- : place money.
busters. In Detroit the demand for speed
Fred Clarke, of the Pittsburgh club, has resulted in tie sacrifice of
whose team was in many respects one 1 some good batters. Take Jim Dela-
of the strongest in the National league hanty. for instance. He could hit .3i'0 1 ,lle salary of S2.00U he has received
in 1912. realize the pressing fact that j with his eyes bandaged, and was fam-1 for tho last four years will be con
he must have more speed lf he wants ' ed for the frequency with which he ; tinued.
! choae the psychological moment to!
j because he ! Cedar Rapids After Cross.
and always has b
in the tn-citf
&rr fv cam , xa- - . .
" IT OOMff v rtSiuLFS, 1 A WEW
known keeper of the Cubs, won't tell.
But when It was noised around that
Chance was to get the biggest piece
of change ever offered a ball player
old Charlie up and says, the idea! It
ain't so, Johnny Evers is to get the
most. So Charles has sort o" got it on :
us there. We have to believe him, al
though we wtsh he'd speak up and
mention just what Johnny's wages are.
Well, be that as it may, it's a pipe
they're all going to wear silk socks
this season. Sam Crawford of the
Tigers, who is still a member of the
"Hold-Out club," says ball players
to grab the banner this season, and he
lis making plans to eliminate the base- j
blockers in favor of athletes who do
uoi neeu a coupie oi mpies io sena
tnem borne from second base.
The fact that Clarke let Donlin go
Ms proof that the Pirate's chief has no
' ure for ,h slow performers, even
to-jthouSn tnev ma' be abie t0 uit. which
Mike certainly can do. Tntil Donlin
had the misfortune to sustain an in
jury that robbed him of his speed he
would have been considered a prize
by any manager. Now he is able to
bring only the waiver price, with no
great amount of jostling among the
National league clubs for the privilege
of paying that.
The Pirates of 1S12, so say critics
who watched them closely, appeared
to have a great ball club. They could
hit, their fielding was first class and
they had the best sort of piiehing. j
Ypt in BP'le of all these desirable at-
1 " -'"'-
A basketball team representing the
leaSe P'u'e 'ho smoky tl,ird ye3r claM at Augutana coiiPge,
as the l"-obah!P restir.g pla. e otJMon)Jav efternoon defeated the East
the 1913 pennant, but always with the
reservation that the Clarke club hasn't, j
a chance to beat out Now York unless i
1 l
some wise persons acclare inaM
.'m-i iu .-ooai tprru i
tlarke v.xuld have to saenfUe much .
cf his t aring strength, and that there
: latter class oi .n;'cs wo,. Id have us
i. , . . . . . ,
j oei:eve marine ocst i-iusi.i.rgii ran,
: expert is to browse arouni in the first '.
division making a lot of trou.'jie and
i was totallv useless on the bases by
'reason of injuries to his legs, and was
'unable, to cover eround afield.
The list of other capable batsmen
'who have been turned loose bv rea- of lsJ I'or niodin to jom tne pucn
I son of their slothfuluess on the paths 'nK staff of Cedar Rapids in the Cen
is a long one. but Delahanty's caseitral association.
! comes to mind by reason of his unusu
jal ability with the ash. If mere bk-
Ung would hold a big league job, Jim
would be in this circuit for the next
S years. Kossman is another man
who could have stayed here for a cen
tury if batting alone counted.
Down in Cleveland thev say that
, . . . . . ", . ,
Iarry LAjoie is to have a large chunk
j - v. , , .
pruned off his salary because he is
up. Both on
the bases and
in fielding, the big Frenchman is re -
... . , ... .
ported to have become lethaigic,
. , . .. . . '
though he dldn t appear to have gone
. , rr
Navin field. Nobody can deny that
Larry retains most of his boyish bat -
ting vigor and that he still must be
numbered among the five cr six great
batsmen of the time. Yet he cannot
any longer come up to the standard
in speed and therefore stands to have
his emoluments cut.
Perhaps it would be more accurate ;
to say that "applied speed'' is what
major league managers desire now.
There are a number of extremely fast ,
men in both circuits who are poor I
baserunners because they do not know j
how to make the most of their tal-'
ent. Davy Jonts. cf the Tigers, once ,
las speedy a runner as baseball boast-i
; ed and even now able to hasten con-;
fciderably, never has been a path-burn-'
:er because he never has Iwrned the
proper time to go.
i In a footrace, tbre probably would
'no be ose yard's difference in Ifio
i between Jcr.es and Cobb, yet the :
J Peach steal. Eacks by the ccore, while
ought to get, more money. Sam argues
that vaudeville stars and such get
$2,000 a week and don't play to half
the crowds ballplayers do. He points
out that where there are a hundred
people at the theatre there are a thou-
sand at the ball park. We don't want
to -get mixed into the argument, but
we think there's a modicum of truth
in what, you say, Sam.
Ball players will begin having gout
and appendicitis like the rest of the
moneyed class. They'll drive out to
the "lot" in their $12,000 70 h. p. "Mer-cy-me's"
and complain about the deuc
it is something of an event when the
chemist snags one. Another case is
that of Joe Jackson, the shoeless slug
ger of the Naps. There is no doubt
that Joseph can hit; any pitcher who
has faced him will remove any linger-
in8 doubts to the contrary if you ask
nim- Considering only ability to
i,pouna tne can, joe ranhs er ciose io
Cobb, and the Clevelander probably
can run almost as fast as Tyrus. Yet
to compare Jackson and Cobb in gen-,
eral playing ability and value to a
dub is ridiculous.
The Nap lams out a base hit and
when he gets to first he Is through,
immediately descending to the level
of mediocrity. The Peach connects
for a Eingle and is just beginning to
be dangerous. Jackson is likely to
stay on a bag a week unless somebody
happens to move him along with a hit
or sacrifice, while if you don't watch
Tyrus carefully, he will be on
before the pitcher can deliver three
Cobb's is "applied speed:" Jackson's
the only sort of swiftness possible
when a six-cylinder pair of legs' Is han
dicapped by a one-cylinder brain.
Ea8t Ender8 Lose Game
. Eids. a team of youths from the east
ern part of the city. The game was
exciting as the score, 37 to 26, indi- j cepted terms from President Kava
cates. The lineups were: Academy. A. 1 naueh of the Southern :eaeue. and will
lrson mid Strand forwards: Samuel-
ru:i, wir.t, , laieiumu uiki uisrai,
guards: East E ids. Danlelson and
Woomberp. forwards; Danie'eon. cen-
uajoie bigns Nap contract.
t't -1.. 1 fl .ill ....! ! J
v i-niitu, .ian. .-.ei.nig
the rumors that he was to be traded
to ihe New York American league
earn, .Mupoiecn i.ajo.e. ine v i eianu
imtTican eague s.conu u.seman, io- i
day signed a contract with the local j
team. Although he has played 16,
seasons in the big leagues, Lajoie !
batted .?.6S last year, tad it is said
I LaPorte, Ind., Jan. 22. John Cross,
i who was one of ,ne B,ar P'tehers last
season in the Northern Indiana league.
; nas ,ludPr consideration a salary offer
Quick Relic fcr Rheumatism
r- r t-n 1 f I V
I . .
I .. iri . ucuuuu a licuci lui
Rheumatism has given my wife wol
I derful benefit for rheumatiss.. She
j couid not lift hand or foot; had to bt
lifted for i wo months. She began tne
use of the remedy and improved rap-
, , .
Id y Ou Monday she could not move
... . ,
and on Wednesday the got up, dressed
" ,7 a a
i so d by Otto Grotjan. laOl Second ave-
, ,. . , , , . . w, ,
. Lue. Kock Island; Oust Schlegei &
i , ,
i Son, 220 West Second street. Daven-
i-. .-.lr 1 1. . I . i -i ' 1.- rvnt f I hrQ faat " '
pert. (Advertisement.)
! Public Notice,
j i Wjij not be responsible fcr any
j debts contracted by my wife after
;tnis date. Jan. 20, 1613. Arthur Jan-
jtzke. tAdv.)
J '
F M pir ph
Last night
Where Everybody Goes
Beginning Thursday Matinee
Musical Comedy
20 PEOPLE 20
Order seats early for Thursday
Phone West 708.-
ed bore of being a wage earner. And
the little children tripping home from
school with a song on their lips will in
unison sing: "Oh, that we may be
diligent In our studies and learn our
multiplication table so that upon grow
ing up we may be nice Intelligent ball
players." Proud papas will relate with
ill-concealed pride the agilitv of their
progeny, figuring that when little Ed
die is grown he will be pretty fast on
the bases. It looks indeed as if the
diamond Is the coming' field for young
men. J. Pierpont and his ilk should
In the game played at "Northwest
Turner hall in Davenport last night
the actives defeated the Rock Island
W. C. L, 35 to 29. The game was
so roughly staged that frequent
changes were necessitated in the
Rock Island team. The team work
of the W. C. V. was the stellar fea
ture of the game, but they were un
fortunate in caging baskets in the
rough going. The lineup: W. C. V.
Kale, Auld and Voss forwards;
French, center, and Wagner, Miller
and Talor, guards. Actives Shrader
and Spies, forwards; Henschen, cen
ter, and Weimer and Peters, guards.
Field goals Kale, 4; Voss, 3; Auld,
rieiiscueu, v r ree inrows Cipies, i :
Kale, 3.
Referee Harder. Umpire-
Veteran Umpire Has Signed to Offi-1
elate in Southern League. I
A Springfield paper has the follow- j
ing to say: . j
"Pat Wright, veteran of baseball. !
will not be an umpire in the Three-'
Eye league next season. He has ac- j
hold an indicator in the territory
inhere he was once manager and star
j player.
i "Pat Wright was a member of Pres- J
j idem Tearney's staff of arbiters last
j season. He was successful, but Presi
i de:it Kavanatish offered him a place
in the old Southern league, which he '
believes is a better berth. Informer
i davs Wrjgn, managed the Little Rock
; ch;h and made go0!, A difficultv aro88
and Wright retired from the
and afterward began the task of um
piring. He went to the Eastern
league, and finally came back to the ?'T vS- iw -
... , ... .hair. Years ajro the only way to get
Three Eye. H.s services met with the R IIa;r Tonic of thi3 kinJ Jv.a9 0 m0
approval of Tearney, but the veteran j jt in the home, which was troublesome
who brought Joe McGinnity to tho . and not always satisfactory. Nowa
fore has decided to go down south i days, almost any up-to-date druggist
and work for the season. j ca! supply his patrons with a ready-to-
"When haseha, was in its infancy lfiSr W
in Springfield, Pat Wright and his. An ideal preparation of this sort
brother, Mike Wright, conducted a jjs Wyeth's Sae and Sulphur Hair
independent team. McGinnity was the j Kennedy, in which Sage arid Sulphur
star twirler. In those days McGinnity j aro combined with other valuable reme-
was a laborine man. He dtus coal dur-
ing the week and pitched o.-i Sunday
Finally he drifted to the Baltimore fow dav3 you notice' thJe color
tearn and then became a member of p-radually coming back, your scalp will
the Giants, to make McGraw a happy j feel better, the dandruff will soon be
man." i gone, and in le3S than a month's time
i Uiere will be a wonderful dilference in
No Color Line for W. Ritchie. your hair.
La Crosse, Wis., Jan. 22. Willie Don't neglect your hair if it is full
Ritchie, lightweight champion of the? dandruff, losing its color or corn-
world, who is on his wav to Chicaeo.
re lacinir on a Pull-
ce lacing on a lull-
o clock yesterday
gave a negro a Cure
man car at ..:..o o noc jesieruay
morning, l ne negro reruseu to neeajgjst3 8e!l it, under guarantee that
admonitions to remain quiet and pre- j the money will be refunded if the
vented the occupants of the car from i remedy is not exactly as represented,
getting any deep. So Ritchie got out Special agents. Harper House phar
o his berth in his pajamas and ad-1 macy. 15th St.. 2nd Ave. (Advertise
ministered the trouncing, which had
the desired effect. The negro did not
know who had given him the beating
urtil after It had been banded him.
; Brown Bests Russell.
New Orleans. Ia., Jan. 22. "Knock-
out" Brown of New York outfought
i-ranKie Kusseil of New Orleans 111 ai
(ten round battle Monday night. Brown
j was constantly on the aggressive and !
' floored Russell with a left cross in j
j the fifth round, besides closing one eye
I early in the fight and cutting Russell's
. lips badly.
I Have you a weak throat? If so. you
cannot be too careful. You cannot be
! gin treatment too early. Each cold
makes you more liable to another and
the last Is always the harder to cure.
If you will take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy at the outset yon will be sav
ed much trouble.- Sold by all drug
gists - i'Adv.)
l All
J I Areus
the news all the time The
A geueral boost in the salaries ot
professors of Augustana college was ,
oted at the session of the board of di- j
rectors of the institution late yester- i
day afternoon. All regular professors, j
numbering 12 in all, axe affected by the
crder, which will add $200 annually to
t'ie salaries they are now receiving. .
Prcfessor Jules Mauri tzon, who holds j
the chair in Swedish, was given a j
raise of $300, which places him on an j
equal basis with all the other perma- j
nent professors of the college. i
It has been felt for some time that ,
th instructors in the college have
been underpaid, but the financial i
status of the college has not permit-1
t"d any increase. The resignation of j
Picfessor I. M. Anderson, however, ;
brought the matter to a head, and in '
order to retain the present efficient '
faculty the board decided that a more i
liberal policy was necessary. i
All efforts to agree on a successor
to Professor Anderson at yesterday s ;
session proved fruitless. Although j
five candidates were considered, the
board could not unite on a man. Wheni
adjournment was taken a committee j
composed of Rev. J. Terrell, Rev. Al-j
fred Appell and Dr. A. Johnson, was j
appointed to make a selection and pre-1
sent its recommendation at the next j
n.eeting of the board. Dr. Andreen
was asked to continue the work of in-;
6tmction in the Greek classes.
Professor C. O. Granere, assistant j
librarian, was granted a leave of ab
sence from April 1 to Sept. 1, on ac-1
count of poor health. Other matters!
of a routine nature were disposed of
ar.d the budget for the coming year
was passed. I
Augustana synod may meet in the j
twin cities for its 53rd annual meeting j
in June. This possibility became ap
parent yesterday at the meeting of the i
board of directors of Augustana col
lere, when Dr. L. A. Johnston, presi
dent of the synod, announced that no
invitation for the synodical meeting
had so far fceen received from any con
gregation in the synod. The board of
directors thereupon decided to extend
an invitation to the synod to meet here
in case no other lnviattion is received
in the meantime.
It was generally anticipated that
the synod would meet this year In
Jamestown. N. V. The First Lutheran
church ot that city, however. Is now
engaged in building operations which
may alter its plans. Probability Is that
the 1314 session of the synod will be
held there instead.
If the synod meets here this year
it will be the second time in three
years. The 50th annual Bession of the
synod was held at Augustana college
iii 1910 in connection with the jubilee
celebration. Iast year the synodical
conference was held in Chicago and in
19H it met in Duluth, Minn.
j Gives Color, Lustre to Faded
and Gray Hair Dandruff
Quickly Removed,
.. - , , ,
ror genera-ions cage ana auipnur
; have been used for hair and scalp
, trouble". Almost everyone knows the
1 value of such a combination for keeping
the hair a good even color, for curing
i dandruff, itching scalp and falling hair,
I 1 . i t . ii U .. U . P 1. .
F.3 ?r Br:P trouDies anu unn, weaK
heir that i3 losing its color or coming
Aftl lie. nor .thia romativ fr
L'-K u.u.u cent, uoiue oi
Y1" 9 SaSe anJ Sulphur from vour
drUKgjst anf, seo what a few Jayi.
treatmfer.t will do for you. All druir
treatmfer.t will do for you. All drutf
Every variety of Rheumatism is caused by an excess of uric acid In tho
Wood; the diCcrent form3 of the diseasedependinjf on tvhctlicr this uric acid
settles in the ncrvc3, musclc3 or joint3. Ia Sciatica it is the nerves which
are attacked, the muscular form shows the muscles to be the seat of trou
ble, while manifestations of articular Rheumatism are evidence that the
ioints are bcinjr diseased. To cure Rheumatism the uric acid must be xc-
i moved from the blood; the circulation must be made pure. Thi3 cannot
! , .. . . - . . - 1.
tie accotnpiis-ica wuu external applications; tucn irca-.mcnt may jurnisu
temporary relief from the pain, but it docs not reach the producing cause.
S. S. S. cures Rheumatism of every variety and form because it purifies tha
blood. It goes down into the circulation, neutralizes the acids and dis
solves the irritating deposits which are pressing on the sensitive nervea
and tissues, and producing pain. Whether your case of Rheumatism be
acute or chronic v. S. S. is the medicine you need; it will cure you and at
tr.e came time build tr the entire svstem bv its fine vegetable tonic effects.
! foclf. oa R-C-U-2.tisi and any xuedical advice free to all who write.
If yon don't attend it's
your loss.
and Girl's
Prices that save dollars
for you.
The Boston
1726 Second Avenue
Shoes repaired. Hand work
Greatest Spirit Medium in
America. '
It you are worried, perplexed or in
trouble come to this wonderful man.
Tells how to influence any one you
desire, even though a thousand miles
Learn the secret of control the pow
er to Inspire success and confidence and
win succes In business, social or ftnanv
cial life. "ArlJie, throw off thy shack
les:" Exchange sorrow for joy: dark
ness for light. "Be master of your own
Your fondrst hopes can be realized by
an occult and potent power Implanted.
! Tour present life and your entire fu
; turn nnd everything can be told by con
suiting the world-eminent spirit medi
um, who is the greatput master of spir
itualistic science and force the world
has ever known.
Hours 10 to 8 p. m. Sundays, 11 to 5.
1127 Second Avenue 1127
Paternal Germany.
A government, says a writer Jn the
Twentieth Century Magazine, which
tells you how to carry your umbrella,
which forbids ladies who wear long
hutpius to enter railway trains, which
tines you If you throw cigar stubs or
imperii on the street, which does not
1 ertuit your children to make u noise
..i that others are disturbed such a
government does restrict Individual lib
erty, but Just as certainly it enlarges
the common liberties and pleasure of
everjbody. The government thus eu
logized Is Hint of Germany, wlch the
writer uotiil prefer to our "go Ba
you please" system.
On Use For Style.
"The Whifferb.VH put ou n great deal
Of style, considering the fact that they
hardly know where they will get to
morrow's limner."
"Some method In their mildness,
though. The more klyle they put on
the more apt they are to lie Invited out
to dinner." Hirinlngham Age-Herald.

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