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. :
Author of "The Leavenworth Case,"
"The Filigree Ball," "The House ot
the Whispering Pines."
By Anna Kathcrine Green
Illustrations by C. W. Rosser
Ccpyr'.ght by Street & Smith.
Crrynfcht l&ll ty Dodd, Mead & Co.
CHAPTER XXXVilt. un. he forgot to take aecotrnt of the!
; nights looming in black and cndleaa
Nij-t. ' procession before him. It wu from
Three days had passed, and Orlando the day phantom he shrank, and not
Urothi rson eat in hie room at the ho- from the ghoul which, works In tha
tel bf fore a table, laden with tele darkness and makes a grave of the
gram, letters and marked newspa-' heart while happier mortals sleep,
pers. The news of his achievement And the former terror seemed for
'hnd rs me abroad, ar.d Derby was, for mldable enough to him In this his
'.he mnm' lit. th" center of interest for ', hour of startling realization, eren If
'two continents he had fredd himself for the nonce
His success was an established fact, from Its controlling power. To escape
The second trial which lie had made all further contemplation of It he
with his car. th! time with the whole would work Thess letters deserved
town gathered toge-hcr in the streets attention He would carry them to
us wit ri"-Hen, hud proved not only the Oswald, and In their consideration find
reliability f i's mechanism, but the distraction for the rest of the day, at
great art-. u.nte.r s wl.irli it possessed least. Oswald was a good fellow. If
fur a (1 rect flight to any given point, pleasure were to be gotten from these
Alt-eai:;.- he sow fortune beckoning to tokcr; of good-wffl, he should bar
him lr. the shi.pe of an uncndlt!onal his share of It. A gleam of Oswald's
offer nf tiir ney from a first-class i old spirit in Oswald's once bright eye,
i.ot.rce; and better r. ill for he was a ' would go far towards throttling one of
glance betrayed a EbunuTIig joy for
which another source must be found
than that of gratified pride. A chain
had slipped from his spirit, and
fore Oswald, and asked, with a new
note In his voice:
"Did you love Edith Challoner so
much at that?"
A glance from Oswald's eye, sadder
than any tear.
"So that you cannot be reconciled r
A gesture, Oswald's words were al
ways few.
Orlando's frown deepened.
"Such grief I partly understand,"
6aid he. "But time will cure it. Some
day another lovely face"
"Well not talk of that. Orlando."
"No, we n not talk ot that," acqui
esced the Inventor, walking away ;
again, this time to the window. "For
you there's but one woman and she's .
a memory." j
"Killed!" broke from bis brother's j
lips. "Slain by her own hand under an
Corner of
AppTi ance
Boom a-t
izm.n of nrrlrmg energy and bound
less t -source that opportunity for
.new and enlarged effort wh'rh coms
with tl.t. reoocnltlnn of ones exrep
Tion)) powers
AM this was his and more. A sweet
T hop . n more er.cVsrir it Joy had fol
lowed hard upon gratified ambition.
Iforls had f u.lled on Mir. Iioris! She
,'liad rnught the cont:ieion of th uni
versal enthusiasm ar.d had given him
her firs' uiifp; H-irc token of approval.
It had alt' r-d !;is whole outlook on
,1'fe In an It'H'.i'.', for there was an
uiferi-ef-s In tb;s (' e mot. st rat Ion which
(proclaimed the r in-ved heart She no
longer tr it led either appearances or
lu-r drenm. He had t nTfeii'-d in con
fl'i' rit k her doi.h'K by the very forre
Of hit. personality, H!ld the shadow
"which hal ti:'he-ro darkened their in
it .r(oi'-e laid xnelted q'.it'e away. Fh
wab ready to tjiU !! word now and
dsn uld'c. .'liter v! !. h 'lie rest must
follov. Low .: (. r-v I ;n; fir behind
n rd'nt atitn-r; , .
those demons whose talons he had
Just released rom his throat; and
if Doris responded too. he would d
srr h! fate, If he did not succeed
in gaining that mastery of himself
which would make such hours as
the, episodes In a ilfe big with Inter
est and potent with great emotions.
though the people shrank a little even j - wlldn- an(J terror! Can 1 !
warn uey entered, it was rather from e;pr nQt e3pect u i
we of his bearing and the recogm . Orlando S
tk of the sense of apartness which j Wame mer 0rlando
underlay his smile than from any per ; ,ookin M Rt QmwM
ceptlon of the man a real nature or of ; unreasonableness and
the awesome purpose which at that; . .. .
. , . , , . your overweening pride,
moment exalted 1U But had they momenC
taowB-eould they have seen into this J door hemTl I
tumaltuou. he.rt-what a silence pM M Bniot. up0n Oswald's
would have fettled upon these noisy w hlm tQ eMllllm:
streets; and In what terror and sou j Orlando." But the otta-!
confusion would each man hare slunk I 8hort imperative: I
away from his fellows into the quiet, for candor, hJ
and solitude of his own home. , aeBtlne(i to tand Hke an ,m. !
Brotheraon himself was not without j movaWe 8badow between you and me,
a sense of the Incongruity underlying i vou do rignt to warn me. But thlB to. !
this ovatioa; for. as he slowly worked terview must end all allusion to the1
himself along, the brightness of his Bubject , j, seek and nnd another :
look became dimmed with a tinge of ; man w share my tortunes! a8 ne Baid
sarcasm which In its turn gave way! ,,,, b nnrorhed suddenlv. and took
(;'! ? ... , ., ...... I ;!
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to an expression of extreme melan-'
choly both quite unbefitting the hero
of the hour In the first flush of his
new-born glory. Had he seen Doris :
youthful figure emerge for a moment ,
from the vine-hung porch he was ap-1
Rising with a resolute air, he made ; proaching, bringing with it some doubt
of the reception awaiting him? Pos
sibly, for he made a stand before he
reached the house, and sent his fol
lowers back; after which he advanced
with an unhurrying step, bo that sev
eral minutes elapsed before he finally
drew up before Mr. Scott's door and
entered through the now ernpiy porch
into his brother's sitting-room.
lie had meant to se Doris first, but
his mind had changed. If all jiassed
off well between himself arid Oswald.
;f he found his brother responsive
Fame ' l-'i r'
tliore roni'l it
fflore ro-iM thl'
I nr. p ' iii.d ui'
i n .:-::! f-M
1 tt If. V. . :is (:.-
(!.'. .'. i
Jie;.,j !
on.'-s r
l'o:::e re
lyve! V."hat
ririi; dectre? WhaT
:i:;:n. with his str.-nu-
i.r.ii:i.i?el rapacity for
':re. from ff.te than
l-e:.ds over his letters.
, hut rend.! k none be
"'. o, he bftrays but a
!. r.rd hardly llf's'his
tmrf.f of loud acclulm
up to his window from
;r.;ser by : "Hurrah tor
a bundle of his papers and, with them
in hand, pn.-sed out of his room and
down the hotel stairs. i
A man stood directly In his way. '
as tii' made for the front door. It was j
Mr. Chalioncr.
Courtesy ci. n.anded some show of
recopnit ion bt-iwuen them, and Broth
erson was parsing with his usual cold
bow wJ-.-n :i sudden Impulse lf;d him
to pa :.se ;:nd met the other's eye,
with the sarcastic remark:
"Von hi.ve expressed, or so I have
been old. (on:p surprise at my choice
of mechar.'"iau. A man of varied ac
complishments, Mr. Challoner, but on
for whom I bav no further use. If,
therefore, you wish to call off your
wtfcl'-dog. you are at liberty to do so.
I hardly ihitik he can be serviceable
to ei'her of us much longer."
'i'h-' ( i'l' r ?,-( -r.tleman het jited, seek
ing possibly lor composure, and when
he at.swered it was not only withouL
his papers from the other's hand) orj
" Here he hastily retraced his steps j
to the door which he softly opened. ;
"Or," he repeated but though Oswald
listened for the rest, it did not come. !
While he waited, the other had given i
him one deeply concentrated look and
passed out.
No heartfelt understanding was pos-
tible between these two men. ;
Crossing the hall, Orlando knocked
at the door of Doris' little sitting
room. No answer, yet she was there. He
knew it in every throbbing fiber of his
body. She was there and quite aware
of his presence; of this he felt sure;
yet she did not bid him enter. Should
he knock again? Never! but he would
not quit the threshold, not if she kept
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wun a movement ns ibrupt as that ! rooin. "The information I have to ! stood for. To strike the dealer of such
ar.d wide-awake to the interests and ;!., .!,- f D, with which he had entered. give you is not such as I am willing a hurt 1 felt to be my right. Tliouuli a
she realized this. Perhaps she had
lie hts put our town on
I I.e. f-.i "
W'.v tl.i:. i!e;,ponder,cy ? Have those
two iii tr.ons !.ei;'.ed him axaln? It
-. . t.ul'l liem so nnd wi'h new and over-n:,".-:i
ring fi.ry. After the hour of
trli.tnj h eome. the i'out of rec koiing.
)r!;u.i.i I'm! ::i rpun in his hour of
proud attainment pumrf;! naked before
Ills own ioui's tribii.iil and the plead
ir Is tlutj-h ; i:d the inexorable
There is In' o-.e v.l'iieos to such
Hn:f!i; hi:' on- eye to note the
wiibd i.i.ii (! wl.it km of the devas
tated foul, when the storm is over
past. Orlando Brothersan has succumbed;
the attack wns too lt'-en, his forces too
ehaketi. Hut hp the havy minutes
pass, he slowly regjthi-rs his strength
and rises. In the end. a conqueror.
Naverlhlehs, he knows, even in that
moment of regained command, that
the pence he had thus bought with
stralu and stress is but momentary;
that the buttle is on for ilfe; that the
days which to other eyes would carry
sense of hrilMancy -days teeming ;
with work jnd outward saMsfnctlou
would hold wlth'n their hidden depths
brooding uncertainty which would
rob appinuse of us music and even
overshadow the anei faoe of Love
lie rjmilled at the prospect, material
ist though hf whs. The days the in
terminable days! In his unbroken
strength and the glare of Lh noonday 1
mm Wm
&. iij S VKVti M.J
i;V . . ; JI J
iieceFiriti -B of the hour, he mipht fore
go his interview with her t'll he felt
bitter p-ej ared to meet It. For call it
cowardice or simply a reasonable pre
caution, fiiiy delay seemr-il preferable
to him in his present mood of dis
ouraremeiit, to that final casting of
the die upon which hung so many and
Mich tremendous issues. It was the
firs'' rnjnv nt of real halt in h's whole
tum;;lv.!0'.s !!f-! Never, as daring ex-p'-ri:nen;ulist
or npitLitor, had he
bhrui.k from .- seen or unseen or
from thn-nt tittered or unutfered, us
he shrunk from this you tig girl's no:
ar.d somethtftg of tin dread lie had
f.'-It lect l.e ?ho;:Ul encounter hr un-awti.-e
in ti, hail jfi:l to be led en to
speak when his own judsinent bnd.
him be silent, darkt ned his features
as he entered his brother's presence.
ul Oswald was sunk in a bitter
revery of his own, and took no heed of
these signs of depression. In the re
action following these days of creat
excitement, the past had re-asserted it
, self, and all was gloom in his once
generous soul. This, Orlando had time
to peiceivei. quick as the chaux"
meant to open the door to him from '
the very first, v ho can tell? What,
avails is thia she ultimately open
it, and he, meeting her soft eye.
wished from his vi ry heart that his
impulse had led him another way,
even if that way had been to the edge
of the precipice nnd over.
Whv. then, with the memorv of this i to nave snared, at least for the pres-
exultant hour to fcad off all shadows, j ent."
did the midnight tind him in his soli- i "You may close the door," said Mr.
tary hanrtar in the moonlit woods, a I Challoner coldly. "Hut is it necessary
deeply d sponding figure again. He- J for you to give me the information
side him swune the huge machine I vou mention, tonicht? If it is of such
which represented a life of power and ' a nature that you cannot accord me! rid myself of It, I determined to kill
luxury; but he no longer saw it. It j the privilege of sharing it. as yet, with ' her- and 1 did How? Oh. that va
tailed to him with manv a creak and i others whv not snare me fill vou can? eas-v- though it has proved a great
man of small beginnings and of a
stock which such as you call common,
I have a pride which few of your
blood cau equal. I could not work, or
sleep or eat with such a sting in my
breast as she had planted there. To
iim ;
pat-sioiis ('earful of barrier and yearn-'
ing tumul'uously for freedom. But,
whatever his reolt, the secret revolt
v;hici; mrtiies no show in look or
movement, he kept his ground and
forced a smile of greeting. If her face
v. as quiet, it was also lov. ly too love
ly, he felt, for. a man to h ave it, what
ever miglit come of hi.-i lingering.
Nothing i'.i ; '. his life had ever af
fected hlm like it. For him there was
no other woman in the past, the pres
ent or the futute, aitd. realizing this
taking in to the full what her affection
and her trurt r.tight he to hlm in
those fearsome days to ccme, he so
fireHried a rebuff he. who had been
came when his brother really realized the courted -t women and the admired
who his visitor was. The glad "Or- of men ever since he could remember
lando!" and the forced smile did not that he failed to respond to her wel-
deceive him, and his voice quavered a come and t!i(; simple congratulations
tnf.e as lie h Id out his packet wi'h sue felt forced to repeat. He coulc
For th face he looked upon was se- Quit snap- sounds to start his blood j I have gone through much, Mr. Kroth-
and there was no serenity in antl nrf" n;" ''p a week nay, a day I erson
rather a confusion of unloosed ' a- l!ut he was d, :if to tllis music
"Did You
Love Edith Challoner as
Much as That?"
irony but v. Ith a certain forced re
spect: "Mr. Seet water has Just left for
New York, Mr. Brut hereon. He will
carry with iiiin. no doubt, the full
partk uiars of your great success."
Orlando bowed, this time with dis
tlnguishi d grac. Not a flicker of re
lief had disturbed the calm serenity
the words:
"I have come fo show you what the
world says of my invention. V.'e will
soon be great men." he emphasized, as
Oswald opened the letters. "Money
has been offered me and read '
read!" he urged, with an unconscious
dictatori.iiness aa Oswald paused in
neither speak the commonplace, noi
listen to it. This was his crucia
hour. He mutt find support here, O'
yield hopelessly to th' maelstrom in
wiios whirl he was cauf lit.
Lihe saw his excitement and faltered
back a 6tep a move which she regret-
now ; the call went unheeded; the fu
ture had no further meaning for him.
nor did he know or think whether he
sat in light or in darkness; whether
the woods were silent about him. or
renting with life and sound. His
demon had gripped him again and the
final battle was on. There would nev
er he another. Mighty as he felt him
self to be, there were limits even to
his capacity for endurance. He could
sustain no further conflict. How then
would it end? He never had a doubt
himself! Yet he sat there.
Around him in the forest, the nii?ht i
owls screeched and innumerable small
things without a name, skurried from
lair to lair.
He heard them not.
Above, the moon rod", flecking the
deepest shadows with Ihe silver from
her half-turned urn, but none of the
soft and healing drops fell upon him.
Nature was no longer a goddess, but
an avenger; light a revealer, not a
solace. Darkness the only boon.
Nor had time a meaning. From
early ee to early morn he sat there
and knew not if it were one hour or
twelve. Karth was his no longer. He
"You have," came in steady assent
as the man thus addressed stepped to
the door he had indicated and quietly
closed it. "Hut," he continued, as he
ted the net minute, for he took ad
his task. "See what the fates have antage of it to enter and close behind roused, when the sun made everything
prepared lor us; for you shall share him the door which she would never light about him, but he did not think
all my honors, as you will from this fiuvt rhut of her own accord. Then ; about it. lie rose, but was not con
day share my work and enter into all he spoke, abruptly, passionately, but scious that he rose. He unlocked the
my experiments. Cannot you enthuse in those golden tones which no emo- door and stepped out into the forest:
a little bit over it? Doesn't the pros- tion could render other than alluring: but he could never remember noing
pect contain any allurtment for you? ' "I am an unhuunv man Miss Rcott. 'his. He only knew later that he had
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times ;
of his tmpect, yet when a moment Would you rather stay locked up in I see that my presence here is not been in the woods and now was in his
later, he stepped amon bis shouting this pttty town" welcome, yet am sure that it would be room at the hotel; all the rest was
admirers in the streeC his air and "Yes; or die. lon'f look like that, so if It ' were not for a prejudice , phantasmagoria, agony and def.-at.
. , Orlando. It was a cowardly speech which vour generous nature should , He had crossed the Rubicon of this
and I ask your nardon. I'm hardlv fit he th firat tr. cant j.i,le in face of the world's hopes and fears, but he had
: to talk today. Edith " outspoken confidence of my brother hf-en unconscious of the passage.
j Orlando frowned. Oswald. Doris, little Doris. I love you. i
"Not that name!" he harshly inter-' I have loved you from the moment of j
i rupted. "You must not hamper your ; our first meeting. Not to many men ;
Ilfe with useless memories That Is it given to find his heart so late.
dream of yours may be sacred, but it : and when he does, it is for his whole
belongs to the past, and a great reality' life; no second passion can follow it.
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Tha Avenger.
"Dear Mr. Challoner:
"With every apology for the intru-
Y"hen you have fully ' I know that I am premature in saying : sion. may I request a few minutes of
recovered your health, your own man- , this; that you are not prepared to i private conversation w!h you thir.
hood wlil rebel at a weakness unwor : hear such words from me and that it j evening at seven o'clock? It It be
thy one of our name. Rouse yourself. ; might be wiser for me to withhold j In your ow n room.
Oswald. Take account of our pros-1 them, but I must leave Derby soon.: "Yours truly.
pects. Give me your hand and say: land I cannot go until I know whether; "ORLANDO liHOTHKKSON."
TJfl holds something for me yet I there is the least hope that you will! Mr. Challoner had been called upon
nave a brother who needs me If I do i yet lend a light to my career or to face many difficult and heartreml-
not ned r'm. Together, we can prove! whether that career must burn itself ing duties since the blow which had
ourselves i..r1ncibla and wrench fame i to ashes at vour feet. Oswald nay, desolated his home fell upon hlm.
stumbling block to the detectives, as I
knew it would! I shot her but not.
with an ordinary bullet. My charge
was a small Icicle made deliberately
for the purpose. It had strength
enough to penetrate, hut it. left, no
trace behind It. 'A bullet of Ice for a
hoeit of Ice,' I had said in the tor-
. ment of my rage. But the word was
J without knowledge, Mr. Challoner. I
see It now; 1 have ven It for two
whole weeks. 1 did not misjudge her
condemnation of me, but. I misjudged
its cause. It was not to the compara
tively poor, the comparatively obscure
man she sought to show contempt,
but to the brother of Oswald whose
claims she saw insulted. A woman I
should have respected, not killed A
woman of no pride of station; a worn-
I an who loved a man not only of my
own class, but of my own blood a
woman, to avenge whose unmerited
death I stand here be To re you a self
condemned criminal. That is but jus-
! tice. Mr. Challoner. That is the way
I look at things. Though no senti
mentalist; and dead to all beliefs save
I the eternal truths of science, I have
that In me which will not let me prof-
I It, now that I know myself unworthy,
I by the great success I have earned.
j Hence this confession, Mr. Challoner.
It has not come easily, nor do I shut
my eyes in ttei least to the results
which mijBt follow. Hut I cannot do
differently. Tomorrow, you may tele
graph to New York. Till then I deHlr)
i to he left undisturbed I hae manv
through the night now in anticipation , lhjnK(J U) dlBpoHe of , tn(J ,,,,.
of what 1 have to reveal than to hear, Mr chaUo vcry whlt(, by now
it at once from my lips while I am In ( polnted to lUB door bftforo he 8aIlk
the mood to sper.k?" a(aln ,nto h,g ch;ir Bhon took
The answer was slow in coming. I it for dismissal and stepped slowly
The courage which had upheld this ' Dacj, Then their eyes met again and
rapidly aging man through so many j Mr. Challoner spoke his first word:
trying interviews, seemed inadequate: "There was another a poor woman
for the test put so cruelly upon it. He! she died suddenly and her wound
faltered and sank heavily Into a chair, -wag not unlike that Inflicted upon
while (he stern man watching him, j Edith. Hid you "
gave no siand of responsive sympathy
or even interest, only a patient and
icy-tempered resolve.
"I cannot live In uncertainty;" Buch
were finally Mr. Challoner's words.
"What you have to say concerns
Edith?" The pause he made was in
finitesimal in length, but it was long
enough for a quick disclaimer. IJut
no such disclaimer came. "I will hear
it," came in reluctant flnish.
Mr. Hrotherton took a step forward.
. .. I
71 J (III !
: mmmj 111
"Murderer! Doubly-Dyed Murderer
of Innocent Women!" j
.ssed back to his former position.
"would it be easier for you to go ;
aad fortune l.om the world'" hear me out Oswald lives in his
But the hand he reached for did not j memories; but I must have an active ;
rta at his command, though Oswald hope a tangible expectation if I am j
startsd erect and faced hlm with man-1 to be the man I was meant to be. Will
ly earnestness. ' you, then, coldly dismiss me, or wiil
T should have to think long and , you let my whole future life prove to
deeply," he said, "before I took upon ; you the innocence of my past? I will
myself responsibilities like these. 1 ; not hasten anything; all I ask Is some
am broken tn mind and heart. Or-, indulgence. Time will do the rest."
lando, and must remain so till Qod ; "Impossible," she murmured,
mercifully delivers me. I should be a 1 But that was a word for which he
poor assistant to you a drag, rather fcad no ear. He saw that she was
j than a help. Deeply as I deplore it. '. mnvtJ, unexpectedly so; that while
' hard as it may be for one of your her eyes wandered restlessly at times
. temperament to understand so com- towards the door, they ever came back
j plete an overthrow, I yet must ac- In girlish w6nder. if not fascination, to
, knowledge my condition and pray you his face, emboldening him so that he
"ot l count upon me In any plans you ; ventured at last, to add:
i may form. I know how this looks I 1 "Doris, little Doris, I will teach vou
know tha: as your brother and truest a marvellous lesson, if you will onlv
: admirer. I should respond, and re- mm your dainty ear rav wav. Love
: apond Ftrongly. to such, overtures as such as mine carries infinite "treasure
these, but the motive for achievement with It. Will you have that treasure
is gone. She was my all: and vrhile I heaped, piled before your feet? Your
might work, it would be mechanically. lp3 say no, but your eves the truest.
( The lift, the elevating thought ts eyes I ever saw whisper a different
: gone." language. The day will come when
' Orlando stood a moment studying you will find your joy in the breast of
; his brother's face: then he turned him you are now afraid to trust." And
shortly about and walked the length not waiting for disclaimer or even a
Of the rom. When he came baci. he .giance of reproach from the eye3 he
Hut from none of them had he
shrunk as he did from the interview
thus demanded. He had supposed
himself rid of this man. He had dis
missed him from his life when he had
dismissed Sweetwater. His face, ac
cordinzly, wore anything but a pro
pitiatory look, when promptly at the
hour of seven. Orlando Rrotherton en
tered his apartments.
His manner was as cold as the heart)
which lay like a stone in his bosom. I
"Will you pardon me If I ask you to j
rise?' s;iid he. "I have my weaknesses .
too. (He pave no sign of them.) "I '.
cannot speak down from such a height ;
to the man I am bound to hurt." '
As if a in Aering to the constraint of
a will quite outsiiie his own, Mr. Chal ;
loner rose. Their ho a '5s were now ,
His pleasure or his displeasure was, more nearly oft a level and Mr. liroth-
howevtr, a matter of small conse- ersou's voice remained low, as he pro-
quence to his self-infited visitor. He teeded, with oui-t Intensity;
had come there with a set purpose. "There has been a time and it may
and nothing in heaven or earth could exist yet, fiod knows--when you
deter him from it now. Declining the thought me In some unknown and se-
offer of a seat, with the slightest of cret way th" murderer of your daugh-
acknowledgmtnts in the way of a ter. I do not quarrel with 'he run-
bow, he took a careful survey cf the
room before saying:
"Are s alone, Mr. Challoner, or is
that man Sweetwater lurking some
where within hearing?"
"Mr. Sweetwater is gone, as I had
the honor of teliing you yesterday,"
was the somewhat stiff reply. "There
are i.o witnesses to this conference, if
that is what you wish to know."
picion; it was justified. Mr. ("nailoner
I did kill your daughter, and with ihU
hand! I can r.o longer deny it."
The wretched father swayed, follow
ing the gesture of the hand thus held
out; but he did not fail, nor did a
sound leave his lips.
Broth rson went coldly on:
"I did it because I regarded her
treatment to my suit as insolent. I
"I did." The answer came without
a tremor. "You may say ar.d so may
others that I was less justllled In this
attack than in the other; but. I do not
see it that way. A theory does not al
ways woik In practice. I wished to
test the unusual means I contem
plated, and the woman I saw befoi;
me across the court a as hard-working
and with nothing in life to look
forward to, so"
A cry of bitter execration from Mr.
Challoner cut hlm short. Turning with
a shrug, he was about to lift his hand
to the door, when he gave a violent
start and fell hastily back before a
quickly entering figure of such pas
sion and fury ;i:; nepher of these men
has ever seen before.
It was Oswald! O.-wald, the kindly!
Oswald, lite lover of men and the
adorer of women! Oswald, with the
words of tin; d.i.-tarliy confession he
had partly overheard hearing hot with
in his brain! Oswald, raised In a mo
ment from the P sponding Invalid to
a terrifying mitiistrarit of retributive
Orlando co ild scarcely raise his
hand before- the other s was upon hi3
t liro.v.
"Mv n! r.- r! do;. b!e-dyed murderer of
innocent women!" was hissed In tha
strong i.-: nu's ears. "Not with the law,
but v. i'ii me yo i must reckon, and
may Oud and the spirit of my mother
nerve my arm!"
I'lu L'i
! 13'1.
Thank you. but you will nardon have no mercy for any such display of
my insistence if I request the privilege : intolerance on the part of the rich and
of ci'jhing that doer." He pointed to ln" I'Tiai. ' navea tier
Tl.e.v nr'
h- i-i-iit w
i tw
who d.ire nit be la
i : r t :. T,nwel!.
1 1. took up his stand &saja diiectiar.far'b&4 . wilfuUy xBfcread. ba wttbdxav ' ifefi poa raamttijicttfiim, wU& tfi- fcei-i 53 iiUlB bi ail bhaj Ail the tews all the. Uaii The Argus.

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