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YP.2g&iic conds I Try Rock Island First YSSSllnSS' Try Rock Island First YS9J!M5.co2S
Files Petition With City Clerk
Asking That Name Go on
Primary Ballot.
A petition asking that the name of
Edward Klttilfien be p'.aced on the
ballot at the primary election for the !
office, of police magistrate wmj filed
with City Clerk M. T. Rudgren thla '
rnorning The petition contains three
sheets of signatures., there being 74 I
names In all. Two of the sheets were I
circulated by Walter W. Klttllsen, son
of the candidate for nomination and
th other by John G. Miller. Mr. Kit
i listen c-lts the republican nomination
to the office.
Chars J. Smith, preaent democrat
ic Incumbent of the office, haa his
Ietltlon In circulation and will file
it prior to Feb. 10 at which time
It must be In the clerk's hand in
order to be effective.
The primary election la eet by law
for Feb. 25.
I'nrar, Trortlm" at
N. Y.
Old Time Twisters" Were
struments of Terture.
It la in the Aeneld that we find the
f rMt reference to the handoaff. Vergil
liiforaia as that I'roteus was, by means
of mich a device, fettered and rendered
helpless by ArlstaeiiK.
It la of record that a boot 400 years
before the Christian era an army of
victorious Greeks came upon several
chariot of Carthaginians which,
among other things, contained a large
number of handcuffs.
Our term "handcuff la derived from
the Anglo-Suion "nandcop." In the
Saxon day thene hand cops were need
In the cane of nobles, while "tooteops"
were reserved for kings. The terms em
ployed In the fourteenth century were
shack bolt" and "swivel manacle,"
mid the specimens thereof which have
come down to us show that the Instru
ment were as cumbersome as their
Only two kinds of handcuffs were em
ployed previously to the nineteenth
century. One, the flexible, was very
Mmiliir to that now In use, and the oth
er, which wv.u called "tbe figure
-iht," nag nil.led 1o rextraJn violent
t'rtf.onern 'J'h.H figure eight" was
Smue Lake,
"Turkey trotting," which haa be
come popular In almost every ball
room of the country, Is hence worth
not to be considered as etrictly an In
door sport. It Is seen more and more
on the Ice. The picture shows Miss
Rallle Twombly and John Daly, both
of New York City, "turkey trotting"
' on skate9 at Saranac Lake, New York.
last week. Their Interesting perform
ance was witnessed by thousands of
every time the belrs ring, whether It Is
their call or not
As an evidence of the extreme to
which It can be carried I well remem
ber a case where for some unknown
reason the bells beyond one of the sta
tions seemed In constant trouble. One
time they would operate perfectly, five
minutes later they would ring so faint
ly that It was bard to distinguish the
call. Tbe manager was on the verge of
prostration, as be had gone over the
line a dozen time, trimmed every tree
that could possibly have been In the
way, adjusted belte In fact, done ev
erything be could think of.
Ixt despair be came to me and told me
his troubles. I suggested thut we drive
ont to the lust "good'' station and, to
bin surprise, asked hltn If he dared
cre-it.v dreaded, since severe Daln was I wlk In without rapping, lie said he
occasioned the fettered person did he
attempt to move a limb.
There used to be a form of handcuff,
row happily Abolished, called tbe
"twister" This consisted of a chain
villi lunidli. at each end. This chain
whs placed about the wrists; the ban
died were brought together and twisted
nutll a tlrm grip wan obtained. The
lenst NtrtiKi.-le ou the port of the an
f.rtiinntH enptive resulted In the great
est surf it, n for tbe cbnlns bit deeply
Into Mh flesh. A slinllnr form of hand
cuff wax thHt culled by the French "la
In Home pnrt t.t Fnrope there Is still
used n en-oefliiigly primitive form of
hiiiKlcuff. It consists of a V-4huped
piece f.f metal, wherein the wrists are
Inserted, the open ends being Ofawn to
gether by iiicjiun of a cross book,
which, however, munt be maintained
taut during the whole time the captive
U Lei I
The mot inventus and effective of all
handcuff is thut used In the United
Stiitc Hud. Indeed, adopted by the po
ll, e of ruoNt civilised countries. It is
much lighter and much less clumsy
tlniti the old flexible handcuff and Is
in it n 1 it f it 1 to the wearer Harper' a
could, and the two of us entered very
unexpectedly, tbe telephone being la
the kitchen at the back of the house.
The picture we foind was, to say the
least, amuaing. The good housewife In
Ler craze not to uiin anything hud ac
tually rigged up a clump to bold Vie
receiver on the back of a rocking chair
and spent her leisure time lu comfort
ably listening to every word thHt went
over the line She hud even gone so
far as to devise a method of opening
th primary circuit on her own Instru
ment so that the butteries would not
run down.
This is an extreme rase, but shows
how far some folks can go. The rem
edy: Just platu common decewy and
lionesty, a bylaw authorizing the man
ager to take out any telephone whoe
user Is guilty of such dishonesty and
a manager with backbone enough to do
bis duty.-Farm and Fireside.
Good Housewife Had a Pretty
Keen Note For News.
1'ixipie who would normally think It
a (1itcri)ce to rnvesdrnp or spy on their
ne.tliliurs seem utterly without con
h 'encp when the telephone Is In ques
tion nnd will rush to the Instrument
"Oh Girls! Do Try
GETS-IT for Corns"
.No fndm
! nvt r
iKTS-IT" f'-r
turn (an. No Fuaa,
urc and Wulrk.
untHl an thing like
corn, before! You're
lit lllst
til. J
every sUibborTi corn
o long to get rid
Jr. !
It Cost Her a Rich Husband and Gave
London Guy's Hospital.
That beguest to individuals and to
public benevolencen ure frequently the
result of a mere whlui or of caprice
has no better Illustration perhaps than
the case of Thomas Guy. who built
aud endowed the great Guy's hospital
of Ixudon at a cost of VS',H.-I2 nearly
CuO years ago.
Guy bad a maid servant of strictly
frugal httbHu. who made bis wishes
her careful study. He resolved to
make her bis wife. The aecehaary I
preparations were niHde for the wed- j
ding, and among others many little re- !
pairs were ordered by Mr Guy in and j
about his bouse, li e tntter included
the laying of a new pavement oppo- .
site the street door.
it so happened that Sally, the bride j
elect, observed a piece of pavement be- !
yond her uiHstor's bouse tbat required
mending, and of her own accord she i
gave orders to the workmen to do this, i
Thla was done in tbe absence of Mr. !
Guy, who on seeing uiore work done
than he had '-dered was Informed tbat j
tbe additional work bad been done by 1
the mistress' orders. Thereupon Guy '
told Sally she had forgotten her posi
tion and added: "If you take upon
yourself to order matters contrary to
my instructions before we are married
what will you not do after? I re
nounce my uiutrimouial intentions to
ward yoa."
So Sally lost a rich and grouchy hus
band and London gained a noble Insti
tution for the poor.
Wire Sparks
Ho lil.l tuffrr from Onrve for Tii!
l.KTI s-l I .ot 'I brm All In KowJDaye!"
of is . ' iii.i.n Yoa npply 'K i t-IT '
!m J s-.irids. 'lint's all. "QETS-1T"
Ct the rtt Tlirre no more fuMIti.
n.i mere tmsid.isc to fix. no more iw.lvee
t t.irn th n.'sh red and raw No more
p!:il. r to (! mlnplaced axd press on
I .. . .rn Nil mere "pul'ln ." r.o more
: .-.-. ire ti king- ar.d erouirtng. no
1 r
r i
;t: i I r" f.f j.ain. h.-ive:s '.irtn
urn anthe. "JET8
r.cv.T (.Air. i hirml'M to hlthy
"Vnrt. oiillous'-s and bunions die-
:i:r? IT" is ool.l at drua tore st
,i !...!!. u: nt on receipt of price
II Uwtdu- . Co. r!.lc.
Fer DraaLeaaes. Omiasx.
Kerpkae ai
Tebexca Haait
Norfolk, Va. The ship which the .
British steamer Roumanian picked up
at sea and lost again after towmg it
to within 100 miles of Cape Henry was
th Norwegian bark Remittent. Cap-:
tain Torgorson, from South America
for Liverpool.
New York A lien wa filed here
acalnst the real property of Adoiphus
Pusch. the St. Louis brewer, to pro
tect tbe Interests of six plaictlffs In
suits row pending in Monroe county.
New York, to recover almost three
. Quarters of a million dollar.
Jefferson City. Mo. Sheriff Edward :
1 Wlcstsr.ley of Kausas City, through.
: hf- attorney. 2J LI retur:; is the j
contempt case peudiag aga.nst Wil-1
I Hfm R. Nelsoc editor and ouner of
tie Kaisa City S'ar. with the clerk'
; CT ice .Missouri supreme court, i he
INOTHER day full of grand offerings for the seeker of big values.
Another example of our bargain giving powers. Thousands more
to come and be convinced of the many strong and attractive
money-saving features the deep cuts, the straight reductions from our
own regular prices. Please bear in mind that these items are
Positively on Sale Friday Only
The Greatest Purchase of Wanted Pictures Ever Brought to
the Tri-Cities. An Entire Carload
On Sale
W m 1
1,000 Framed Pictures Made to Sell at $3, $4 and $5 V riaay
Sale Begins Friday Morning
Special Display Space 4th floor
GsLJL each.
.-.i?. ti - l al. -i.
-v. ir
l J A.
V ' s , '
e.- ::. JTi W
7 t-J
tl.t t
. .7 ' t
' 1
7 1
.j '. rjLS,, -
- W)PV... .vi : - ..
Pi ?
Almost Half Price for the Most Favored Drapery
One of thp first thoughts of the
iujrs for Spring and Summer; ami tl
& McCombs to more and mo-.- -
This Friday Bar
gain Sale includes
some values in Cur
tains that will please
A Hint of the bar
gains: Cable and Nottingham
weav) Lace Curtains in
white and ecru. Many
values up to $2. PS. Per
pair, Friday Iiarain Sale
Printed Scrims of an
excellent quality in white
and ecru. Vou can choose
ih-oin "5 patterns. 18c
value. Friday 12' 2c yard.
FH Mattresses, full
p:z?. with good tick. The
biggest Mattress value
we have ever offered.
For Friday only $5.98.
Ficured SiikoHnes In
many patterns and beBt
quail i-. This is, indeed,
a big value for this sea
son 9c yard.
(Third Floor.)
lou-ewiiV is the hang
next thought is Young
'n every vear
" "HE assortment is so varied
you will find it quite easy to
choose a picture for any room in
your home there arc fine etch
ings, carbons, fruits, games, water
colors and pastels in landscape.
See Our Window Display
jS such an opportunity may never
occur again we urge you to attend
this sale right on the dot at the strike of
10 o'clock tomorrow morning. We want
our patrons to get the benefit of this sale
want to avoid having these get into the
hands of dealers
j .mm m ml
Is Growing In Popularity and Sales st a Wonderlul Pace.
Every day of the week this salesroom present a very, very attractive
bargains in its hundred or more section?: and this fact the buying public
is raplly learning. We cannot aavenise a tenth part of these bargains,
but prt-fer to prove to our rai.id'.y Ktowir.t: list of patrons that always
and under all cirmstances we i-eil all oods at prices as low as are named
elsewhere oi'tea lower.
Fu 1 canvas covered finished
Trunks with an-'le iron corners,
four siats on top and two on sides.
These Trunks are made with the
Excelsior lock and have two
si raps. Friday Special $5.50.
Galvanized Pails, 10 quart siz
15c eruh.
Galvanized Wash Tuba, No. 1
f ize, 45c eai h.
Special SaleVineGlasses 3c
This, you wil'. find, is an excep
tional offer for Friday. Optic
finish Wine Glasses that regularly
sell for 75c per dozen, will go Fri
day at only 3c each.
Dinner Sets of 100 pieces in
good, American porcelain, decorat
ed with pretty border patterns and
gold lined. These are regular
112.50 values but will sell for Fri
dav only at $8.75.
Wc anticipate that
you will crowd our
store Friday, for
never before in the
Tri-Cities have you
been offered
Framed Pictures,
actually worth $3,
In the Notions department aa
well as In every department In
the store Friday is a day of spe
cial values. Many articles are
sold at cost and less than coat on
this day of extra values.
Gold Metal Tootplcka 3c box.
Finishing Braid in various pat
terns and colors, values from 12c
to 20c. Special for Friday 9c.
$4 and $5.00 for
$1 00
(Fourth Floor.)
Children's Patent Leather' Belts
in plain red and plain black 19c
Leatherette Bags with safety
catch, email Coin Purse $1.69 val
ue, Special Friday 98c.
(Main Floor.)
Friday Bargain Sale
of Hosiery and
There isn't a day In the rear
that YounK & MeComb'a Un't
the place to buy your Hosiery
and Underwear.
Wa expect to make many
new friends In this sale end
the Hosiery and Underwear
they buy will bring them back
without one word of argument.
Only a few offerings here,
more at tho store.
Hosiery for Women
We are offering Ladles' ex
tra outsize cotton Hose, made
with high spliced Heels and
double soles. These regular
50c Hose go tomorrow at the
pair 35c.
Hosiery for Children
Children's heavy rlboed
Hose. The heels and toes In
these Stockings are extra
spliced with hard twisted
linen. 25c value for Friday
18c, all sizes.
Ladies' Union Suits
Fleece Fnlon Suits for wom
en, in large sizes only. Juat
the Suit for you if you are of
large build. They are $1 and
$1.25 values, but go Friday
only at 73c.
Misses' Vests
and Pants In all sizes. Values
up to 45c, Sale price Friday
25c. (Main Floor)
Are Here
Come and look at their
prettiness. lc to 75c.
To Rock Island Soon
a New Kind of
Furniture Store
It won't be long now, before
Rock Island will have a new
kind of Furniture Store, one
that will be of benefit to all the
We have been fortunate in se
curing Mr. Holcomb of Peoria,
111., to take charge of this new
kind of store. It is pood for
tune for you too, for he will of
fer you Furniture values such
aa you have never seen before.
Walt tlllwe open. It won't be
Our Phone Order De
partment is at your
service. Call W. 278.
A competent mail order
organization takes care
of out-of-town wants.
Cut Prices Drugs
For Friday we ofter many re
ductions in cur new Drug de
iarin;ent a few of which we
Fhc- in this advertisement,
such as:
$1.00 Sylvia Crystallne Sham
poo and Antiseptic Wash, S oz.
bottle. 3(c.
10c Peroxide of Hydrogen,
guaranteed by the United
States Pure Food law. i lb. 5c.
25c Sanitol Toilet Requisites,
25c Almond Hand Lotion,
20th Century make, for chapped
hands, etc., 4 oz. bottle ISc.
i i
Ladies' Combination Sets
$1.75 Values, Friday 85c
Lucky to get a lot of these combination Corset Covers with draw
ers or short skirts, for so little, for this is indeed a
bargain you can't afford to miss Friday. They are
made of plisse crepe or muslin, trimmed with dainty
embroidery edges and Valenciennes or Torchon
lace. Regular $1.75 and $1.50 values for Friday
Bargain only, 85c.
Mannish Tailored Waists,
Friday 95c
They are worth $125, are these plain tailored Shirt
Waists, made of r 1 ax
on, and have the in
itial pocket so wanted.
This regular $1.25 val
ue Friday for 95c.
(Stcond FiOcr)
Three Bargain Racks, in the Ready-to-Wear
Department, Friday wi'.l hold
the best bargains we have yet offered
Ladies' and Junior
Coats Now $3.98
Here are values up to $15, and a
very few even up to $27.60, but we
must have clean decks for Spring, so
out they go. . They are made of all
wool materials, and are surprising
values during this last cut sale at
A Rack of Dresses,
Silk and Woolen, $3.98
For a last final clearance we are
offering a limited number of ladles'
Dresses, made 'up of silk or woolen
materials, that Bold BP to $13. a short
time aso, for Friday only, $3.68.
(Second Floor.)
" Ms"1
t be heard in the April term.
and Express Messenger Fred YV
j of that train.
& Alton "Hummer" passenger train at
I lle3 Junction, south of Springfield, on
Sprir.glcM. Ill Positive identifies-: the Eight of Dec. 23. was made in the !
. 1 - . -1 - t .1. .. V . .
t.-'t. of Kl::'.--r Vicus ar.d John Hart net f. circuit court ty Enzinor-r Frank Mc- waeniEeron t u mi o. i
tcase now goes on the regular docket t charged with holding up the Chicago t Laughlin, Fireman William Sullivan ;er S. P. Blackburn, with two men
The Black-1 nialned on the Blackburn. Revenue
iilfar(i havti ,Lfn finable in find PtilT
dismasted by violent gales j . ,.
week ago and the steamer Tiverton ';
who jumped over-1 All the newt all the time Th
Avres ; e.board, still Is a mystery.
' burn was
rescued nine men who jumped over
board. Two who could not swim re-'Argua.

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