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Typical Scene After Passing of Omaha Tornado
Secretary of State Delivers
Three Addresses on the
Subject in Chicago.
"Tell What You Want About Me.
Be Careful of Other Nations."
Hit Warning.
Chicago. 111., March 2'.. Secretary of
State Williarr, .1 Hryan toil! threp Chi
cago and cue ycNtprrtay that his ef
fort a' Washington would he centered
on keeping the I n.tet! States at peace
with all the world. Hp said thar also
would be ih" policy of ti" U'IImim ad
ministration Th rrtary mnt wnai he termed
a "social" ilav in the c't. Hp avoided
political ronfT"!i' s (f all kinds and
made !' plain 'hat was adhering to
hi determination to use ho'h pars and
sav an little a xhMble
He lunched with the Southern -lub
at noon and made a short tall, partic
ipated In the Pxhibtt of the fhirago
Ti herniIois iiiRtlt.itp at 2:V,n; address
ed members of the l'res club of ('hi
I'ago ahorly afterwards, and a; night
attended ft banquet 8' the I nlnn
league club, where hp also spo.e Hp
departed for Washington on a lat--train.
l Til I- I MCIN I t (.l K I.I II
That the world In general and the
I'nltpil Staler an it leader is jus' n'pi
I n K Into an era of re;t! progress, ready
In iivrinrii pnli'iei, arid fictions of n-n-furies.
!h- Kin: of Scn-'ary Hry
an h Hpeech at the I nlnn League lnb
Moral a w akciitng, r phi men ta' a w ak
enltiK. and t-k mug of publb hpii'i
tiipni are tst.iug place in ever conn
l ry in thp world, according to tin- sec
r-'r. v he iixil, examples irnm mis
country to prove his points.
Tha' ti' I iim,"i S'atp is only now
read, in aiK-pt and appreciate reforms
which h1' has Iippii advocating for
yeara or wmuIi havp Iippu advocated
by others a oiip of his dcclara' ions
"Mad I iippii i li-i id on oup of thp
mam iici axioiiM I sougut thp Inch of
flee of president." h" said. "I doubt if
I should have Iippii able to accomplish
thp things that I stood for as will Mr.
Wilson I.p ,ihh' to a'loniphah the re
forma he nl.t nl fin. Thp people
hi' rearh'd an pra of prngrpss
v a- long in inning Hut tt in hprp
now. ii.t only m this ioiin'r. I'M'.
1 1 1 ri u t !i i ii t t iif world "
ci m t i :.
Ad !)( ti cilui a: inn. awak'-intiK of
the inor.il i:r '. !i".d ti change in public
aspect of gov riinr ii'a! iff.urw arp t li
marks of pidrirc pointp'l out b; t,h.'
niM ii tary of nintp
"lliinni' will haw thp r"'otd of !
inn thp lant Miai' tu Hi" a i'na'or'al
ili .iilioi l." h' said "Tin' i oii-t i tut ton
;ii Jt in i nl ni ii t, i pprt:nn of pas.4ai;p.
:i;id H'H-h d.ndli.rks ai nii now h:iv.
will Minn M tlnncs of t!i' pan'.
"Von al.-o Ikim' mi-pii jmir Ian' nra'
national run p;T ion ilpfcirp anoltur
priKHl'tit '. pi'-rtPii. enough mailt- will
i i i J ' I 'hp pp nidPti! ial pi'imai-
4 s-w . ? r- -
r hoicp of thp people and not of a spt lievp I can speak for my colleagues as t
of nipn. I w-ell as myaelf.
mi;s people will Ri'i.E. "I have been with the presidpnt and
"This popular election of senators his cabinet Ions; enough to know that j
will rais- ihe standard of our greatest i their wole l"ire te to help the conn- j
body It ha been a long and a hard ; ,rv and lhal thpy will welconip auggps- j
fiirht of more than 20 years, but its I Uons. Bui of one thing I want to tan- (
final fuccpsb meana that, whe.ne.ver the !,ion ?- Sa' anything you want;
people dpgire a thing they are going j about me and my department, but be.
(0 ru p. (very careful what you say regarding
Th. , ih. u-rM,l,.,mpnf I questions affecting other countries.
of the present day is toward fairness j
Disastrous Floods in Last Century
h.ir l
ii-H to niiike
rhnli ' of a p. i rt y 1 1
for a'l people, and not for thp special
mU-rpRts of a fpw. That is the trend
o' the t.mc. It is a rign of progress
and is ttw- r..M iKn of thp present,
day '
Mr lirvan was introduced hy Wil
liam MeStirely. fh" newly elected pres
iden' of 'hp I'nion l.eagup club, who
look i. the. last n. ght along with tin
iest of the inoining administration.
He praiw the efforts of the Tubercu
losis itiHtitulc to eradicate the white
platii'p. predicted that Uie nation as
will as the states would soon aid in
this crusade and personally pledged
himself to tin everything in his power
to assist in wiping out tuberculosis
and like diseases.
He was hpar'ily applaudpd whpn hp
now (said that, the prPservation of human
that I life is of far more importance than
thp i otisprvatimi of natural resouri es.
the exhaust urn of which, be said, is
now causini; so much alarm. Mayor
Harrison was to have introduced Mr.
Mm an at the tuberculosa exhibit, but
failed Ui put in an appearance.
At the Cress club he was presenfed
by .1. I . Higginhothnm. who was a law
studen' with Mr. Bryan. The sccre-t-iry
itm;pl the newspaper men to
iriMeise his official conduct and said
if lie found their crlcltism well found
ed he world do his utrfiiost to correct
th- mistakes complained of.
l l KIIKOUS I'llHTKI) Olr.
"I v 'V !.e grateful to you for calling
my at ;,m to anv errors I may
make, he said, "no matter what your
inoT'w. foi somet'mes even our eti".
mis help us In this resixct, I be-
As secretary of state, I come in '
contact with the people of other lands,
and I am sure that 1 represent the ma- i
jority of our people, the president, and
his advisers when I assure the people
of ot her countries that we ar. a' peace
with all the world and desire ti deal
justly with 'hem. It is our business ,
to set an example; it is our business to
show how high an ideal we have, just
as ti 1s the business of newspapers V
show how high an ideal a journalist
may have."
Di:i ikii m vrnuM.
Mr. itryan arrived in the morning
from bis home in Lincoln, lie passed
through the Nebraska siorni area and
as a result his train was more than
four hours late in reaching here. He
expressed his sorrow at the extpnt of
r,he storm damage and the loss of life
and also commented feelingly on the
suffering cai sed by the Ohio and Indi
ana floods.
Mr Tiryan said lie watched the ap
proach of the Nebraska tornado from
the porch of his home at Fairview.
"There seemed to be two preat men
acing clouds. ' he said, "sor of double
tv isters. and I was fascinated by
tie m. They were high in the air and
passed over Lincoln without doing any
, damage.
"As I rode on the train through the
country between Lincoln and Omaha I
was surprised to find that practically
: no damage had been done in the cpen
country. If appeared as if the tor-
i nado picked out Omaha, swept dow n
en it. iind then st trted on its way oi
fun her destruction..'"
At the station the secretary was met
by Hlchard (". Hall. A F. Allen, and
' Fercy C. Id khart of the Fnion Ijeagt."3
Date. Place. Live lost. Property loss.
1813 Austria. Hungary, Poland and. Prussian Silesia.
caused by Incessant rains 10.000 $
1824 St. Petersburg and Cronstadt overflow of Neva .10.000
1825 Denmark, North Sea broke through to Limjford.
making northern Jutland an island; one-third
of Friesland submerged
1836 South of France submerged 23.000.000 I
1833 Canton, China, inundation 10.000
1874 Northampton, Mass.; Mill river valley 144
1874 Pittsburgh and Allegheny rivers overflow 200
1888 China; Canton river overflow 3.000 j
1899 J -hnstown. Pa.. Conemaugh dam break 2,142 j
1894 Wisconsin floods, heavy loss of life and property .... i
1897 Mississippi valley floods, heavy loss of life and
1900 Galveston. Texas, inundate-d 6,000 12.000.000
19C1 Quebec and other Canadian cities submerged
1904 San Juan del M nbe, Manila 200
1904 Bloemfontein. reservoir burst 20
1904 Hwang-H j, China, bursting dam 1,100
1905 Bergen. Norway 60
1905 Mississippi valley floods
1910 Paris. River Seine overflows 70
1911 Austin. Pa., broken dam 74
1911 Black River Falls, Wis 24
1911 Southern Wales 50
1912 China, floods following typhoon 40.000
1912 Ljwer Mississippi valley 30
1912 Bolivar county, Mississippi 200
1912 Baton Rouge. La 17
1912 Pennsylvania 69
When the Storm Plays Havoc
and fire licks up the wreck? rj-e then enters into your mind
the thought that the material things j-ou value most highly
are entitled to the protection of a fire, burglar, and tor
nado proof Safe Deposit Vault like ours.
In the face of the happenings all about us there is no
better time than the present and no better place than here
to rent a box.
Our Custodian will be glad to show you our New Vault
whether you rent a box or not.
Second Avenue and Seventeenth Street.
Capital $200,000.00 Surplus $100,000.00
PHIL MITCHELL. President. K. T. ANDERSON, Cashier
WHITE, Vice President C. F. CHANNON. Assistant Cashlsr.
1. S.
! Judge Declares Pending Legisla-
tion Would Inject Common
i Sense Into Procedure.
2oa 000.000
club, and (Juy M. Armstrong and
George Drewiy of the Southern club.
At thp Press clutf he was joined by
Congressman Richmond Pearson Hob
son of Alabama and Congressman Mar
tin is. Madden of Chicago.
Democrat Seated from Joliet District
by Vote of 95 to 23.
Springfield. 111.. March 26. -Michael
1' Hennebry. democrat, who was de
clared elected from the .Joliet district
alter the state canvassing board had
tV.rown out the entire vote cast in Du
page county, was sworn in as a mem-
Mi V
Is to Be The Argus' Next
The First Chapters Will
Printed in Saturday's
i Chicago. March '6. -Judge Marcus
j Kavanagh of the superior court drew
(attention to four bills now before the
I Illinois legislature, all of them intend
ed to correct certain defects in the
criminal and civil laws of the state.
Judge Kavanagh emphatically express
ed the opinion that if these bills pass
they will serve to "inject a little of
thp business common sense of the
community into the administration of
just ice."'
The first bill provides that no judg
ment shall be set aside, either in crim
inal or civil cases, unless the judge
to whom such an application is made
is convinced upon au examination of
the entire case that a miscarriage
of justice has resulted.
The second bill provides that an
indictment or information may be
AIU! I MflDTUCM TUiprr . amended to cure any formal defect on
WM. J. N0RTHEN, TWICE i it8 fa.e or u, prv(.nt or cure a varl.
GEORGIA GOVERNOR. DEAD anc? between the allegations of the
Atlanta. Ga.. Marc hC William J. ; indictment or information and the
N( rthen, former governor of Georgia, i l""oof that is material to the merits
died at bis home yesterday. Death j of tne case. It also provides that
! vas due to complications resulting n case of such correction any ver
: from a carbuncle. He is survived by ! diet or judgment that is obtained un-
his w idow and one daughter. ' der it shall have the same force and
i Mr. Northen was born in Jones coun- effect as if the indictment had been
I ty. Georgia, July 9, 1835. During the : originally in its amended form,
i c'vifc war he. served as a private in the Bill No. 3 allows a judge to charge
j confederate army. ! a jurv orally or in writing, but ppeciflc-
ln 1890 he was chosen governor of ally provides that, any objections to
Georgia and re-elected in is;2. He de-; such instruction must be made before
, voted much attention to betterment of : the jury retires, though not In the
; the condition of negroes of the state, j presence of the jury", and a failure to
. Governor Xonhen had held many im-! make objections is to h. taken as a
portant posit ions in various Baptist or-1 waiver of all objections to the line
Kavanagh Monday. "In our senate thej
are sponsored by Senatois KYank W.
Brady. Samuel Kttelson, Wil ett Corn
wall and Walter Clyde Jones.
"Illinois is one of the most back
ward states in the union in the forms
and methods of legal procedure and
practice. The daily miscarriage ot
justice In this state, because of th
archaic legal procedure, aroused n
several years ago to endeavor to brim
about some measure of relief from a
system bequeathed to us from thp per
iod of feudalism. While eminent law
yers and Judges In this state have sym
pathized in th!g effort. 1 regret ta
say I have been unable io obtain any
legal assistance from the bar as
Gains New Complexion
By Peeling Her Skin
o-r of the house yesterday. His cre
dentials were accepted by a vote of
ayes and '.1 nays. The progressives
filed a protest on bTl.alf of George
BoErdinan, who would have won if the
Dupage county votes had not been
crunted as though the plumping sys
tem were in effect.
i Julia rrr In The yueen i
"Keep still, sad heart, nmi -u r"
pining, behind the ih.u.l is the e,r
Mill shilling" I wn f.rr il.!v n-nitiul. i.
nf these lines wlim. utter tninilli-- e
frettin over my unly emm-h xi'ui
found how- easy it wan to renio e th
cloudy, muddy skin aul In Inn IVrrtli
bright, new Piimplexiim 1 at i.. i
of ordinary m yt .-nhr..l wnv hi m ilri:r
frtst's and uaed this like .1.1 .r;m
every night for two week-. wh1i!ik i!
off mornings. IO. mid In-held' Thru
oJd akin had all peeled eft" The hea'tlj
young skin underneath gave me a em
plexloii as pure, white and sett iik ;int
young Klrl a I -x perlere e.l n.. .lis
comfort, the skin cam oPT a., r-raduall)
and gently. Several friends havliii
ben almllarly benefited. I'm aure any
one whoae akin la eoiled. withered
blotchy, pimply or freckled 'an a---quire
the liveliest complexion lniHKln:th!
by using thla remarkable treatment.
Another treatment that hrouKMt m'iri
aunahlne van one to reniox e v. i-in k
A face bath made by dtssolviiiK 1 "
powdered aaxollte in pint wl'.-h haz
el, aoon ihaed away e ery line. H i
wonderful. (Adv. )
fof instruction.
i In bill No. 4 juries are given power
j to pass upon the facts only and not up
on the law- also, as now Is the case,
j " These provisions are already the
j law iu other states." said Judge
The storv
is novelized by
the great olav
Albert Payson Terhune
of the same name
by James Bernard Fagan
Fourteen years ago I was quite sick,
that is. most of the time fouud it al
most impossible to be up and attend to
my daily duties as a wife and mother.
At times I thought I could not endure
'he suffering much longer, so natur
ally consu.ted our family physician
who told me at once that I had a se
vere case of kidney trouble. I con
sulted another physician at Denver."
Col., who told me that I had kidney
trouble and needed careful treatment
and a long rest. After dorctoring
with the physician for several months
and receiving no benefit, I decided to
try Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, which
bad been recommended by my hus
band's partner. To be honest. I really
did not have any faith in Swamp-Root
but thought I would experiment on at
least one bottle.
After taking one fifty-cent bottle I
felt so much better that I bought a
dollar bottle and continued its use for
a few months, after which 1 felt so
well and free from my former suffer
ing that I pronounced myself cured.
I feel safe in saying that your
Swamp-Root prevented my having
Bright's Disease and therefore, saved
my life.
To prove my gratitude I will allow
you to pub'ish this testimonial any
time you wish. I also tell my friends
what Swamp-Root done for me and
know of several cases where cures
bate been accomplished. I believe al
most every one living in the south
thould us Swamp-Root at least one r.r
two nunths :n the spring as it rids
The system of all impurities.
Respectfully yours,
fcll S. Cedar St.. Mobile. Ala.
Personal y appeared before me. this
.'.'th day of .March. A. D.. i:12. Mrs.
W. I.. Bemis. who subscribed the above
and on oafu ays that samp is true
in siibs'ance and in fact.
J. Ieslle Youn-;.
pMv.j Notary Public
Their Youth
Philleo's Way
Makes It Easy
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Photos for
25 Cents.
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cute positions you see them at
home and often wish for a pic
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Open all day Sunday.
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Nick Herr. F. Struck.

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