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. The annual meeting of the Illinois
State Bex association will be held at
Sprlnjrfleld Tuesday and Wednesday,
April 8 and 9.
This will be ao unusually inter-net-ing
meeting. John F. Volgt, the
rwtarr, announces that all lawyers
of the state are Invited to attend,
whether members of the association
or cot. The question of the reform
cf practice, procedure and pleadings,
which Is attracting so much attention
all orer the cotm'ry will be discussed
on the first day of the meeting by
nuinabers of the association represent
ing the different looalitiee of the state.
Hon. Henry D. Clayton of Alabama,
rue of the leading lawyers and states
men of the south, chairman of the
Judiciary committee of the last cjd
gres and of the committee which
successfully conducted the ire peach
n.ent proceedings aeainst Judge Arch
hold, will address the association. He
!.! probably hare something to say
Cbarles Finch Friday afternoon.
the following program:
DevotlotJftls Mrs. Nesbltt.
Leader Mrs. Whitham.
"Our Immigrants' Mrs. Sarah Love.
Japan Mrs. Bigelow.
Reading Mrs. Lewis.
Roll Call Spring
Social Committee Mesdames Fair,
Spence, Gilmore, Robertson, S. Steven
son. Mrs. T. A. Vernon and Mrs. K. M.
Whitham spent Sunday in Galesburg.
Dr. Paul Ramsey of Tulsa. Okla., Is
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Ramsey. j
The Retail Merchants' association of i
this city held a meeting in the city .
hall building Friday evening at uhich j
the following officers were elected for ;
the coming year:
President R. B. Merritt. .
Vice President Hiram Parkman.
Treasurer D. E. Farr.
Secretary C. A. Lynch. !
L. C. Detwiler, D. E. Farr and J. A.
Wells were selected by the president
as a comn.ltfee to investigate a euit-j
able site for the new government build
lug in this city.
T. H. Cobb went to Woodhull Wed-
Where You Get What You Like and Like What You Get
about the manner of conducting im- j nesaay. wnere ne iook one 01 uje ieaa
ooachment Drooeedinm in the Tnited i lc Parts in the opera, "Pinafore,"
States senate. '
EVERY ONE of the eighty departments in the store have special bargains for Friday merchan
dise that they will sell for one day at less than cost. Look for the bargains not advertised
many -of them. Remember! No phone or mail orders on Friday Bargain specials.
SCira m 3Rdk UsHsQimdi Special "Nemo Corsets $1.19
This Big Store's new Furniture Department may well be
compared to a fair or exposition where the best of various
Judge Harry Higbe. president of
the association, will dlHcuss reforms
in 'he law and the work the asso
ciation is doing to make the adminis
tration of JusMce by the courts keep
pac with modern business methods.
Albert M. KaW of Chlcaao will
speak mi the English Judicature act,
and Herbert Harley of Michigan will
talk about the Canadian courts. These i
two addresses will contrast the cer
tain and speedy methods of English
which was given in that city Wednes-, Hundreds of Sprillg Hats
day evening.
Mrs. George M. Davey and little be ready tomorrow, Hats that
dsughter Marjory of Galesburg who ere just out of the workrooms
hive been spending a few days with , fA nf .-.-ii.
Reed, returned home Monday. 8,,rive eep ahead of ,h "and-at
Miss Frances Croson of Joy came t!lnes look8 as thoyh the" puld
Monday to visit her grandparents, Mr. ceNer d0 lt-
and Mrs. F. M. Baker. ! The full, rich, offered-for-6ale dis-
Mrs. F. M. Klddoo and little daugh- p'sy interests women who treasure ex-
I ter Enid of Joy were Aledo visitors ciustveness, for the Hats we offer are
j Saturday. ! the quintessence of quiet elegance. As
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lathrop left ; to styles a dozen or more distinct in-
Monday for their home in Gary, Ind.
I i uc7 wore ucixmipauieu uume u .wns.
Lathrop's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
, McPherren, who will spend a few
and Canadian courts with the Ameri
can rourts and suggest points for the
Improvement of our methods.
Papers will be read and addresses
delivered uprm important suojecTg or i WPeks with them.
interest to the bar by other dlstin- Thf funeral services of Mrs. Samuel
guished lawyers. , Marquis, who died at the home of her i
The evening of the first day the ! daughter, Mrs. Frank Cnilds. at Mar- j
Sangamon County nar association will ( Bton, were held at the home of C. K.
entertain the state associaUon at the MarQuli in this city Tuesday after-'
Pangamon club of Springfield. The 1 noon, conducted by Rev. N. Y. Thorn
inectlng will close with a banquet j ton. Interment was made In the Aledo
which will be addressed by Governor ( cemetery.
Dunne, Chitf Justice Iunn of the i The Chrysanthemum club was very!
supreme court. Speaker McKinley of pleasantly entertained at the home of
the Illinois house of representatives. I Mrs. Carl Reynolds Tuesday afternoon,
ex Lieutenant Governor Northrott and i Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Powers and fam-
novations will greet you tomorrow and
There has been quite a run on our
Hats which we have marked at $2.38
and $3.98. They are wonderful
Other Millinery up to $50.
Rocker sim
ilar to that
things is gathered.
Our large buying
power has enabled
us to secure the
cream of the Furni
ture made in this
country and at
very low prices. In
many instances we
can sell Furnitura
at a profit at prices
lesser concerns pay
the makers for
Many makers
have come voluntar
ily to us and offered
the agency of their
goods in Rock Is
land, believing that
we would sell more
than several lesser
stores combined.
Six Din
ing Chairs
$18 set.
Friday Regular Price $1.50
Sizes 19 to 30 a Nemo Corset for the average figure.
They have the wide front stays and especially good supporters.
For Friday only $1 9 Corset Dept., Second Floor
Women's Silk Stockings For
Remarkable offering. Just
arrived. Pure Silk Hosiery,
for women, with lisle top and
foot Strong black. Only
25c a Pair-
Main Floor
Major Tnlman of Chicago.
Mrs. William Mizner of Viola came
Monday for a short visit with Mr. and 'cousins
ily have moved from Joy to this city
where they will make their home for
the present.
Miss Louise Bartlett went to Pre
emption Saturday for a short visit at
the home of Rev. and Mrs. F. Giddings.
Mrs. Mary E. Warner went to Viola
Monday to spend a few days with her
Mr. and Mrs. Brown Baxter.
Real Bargains for Friday and Saturday
Only Come Early and Get Your Pick.
We positively carry the Largest Stock of Human Hair Goods
in the Tri-Cities, and our Prices cannot be duplicated.
Real Human Hair Switches, 26 inches, $4.50 value, $3.79.
Real Human Hair Switches, 24 inches, $3.25 value, $2.50.
22 inch Switches, value $2.25, now $1.59.
20 inch Switches, value $l.f 0, now 89c.
18 inch Switches, value $1.25, now 69c.
Slender Silhouettes
Mrs Clyde Scott
Vcrle and Joe Barr went to Arpee
Monday to visit their sister and hus
band. Mi and Mrs. G. Retherford.
Mn-H F''iirl Larrance returned to
New Wind.-tir Tuesday after a short
visit at the home of her father, A. V.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wyatt of Joy were
Aledo visitors Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Morris and
daughter. Miss Pearl, of Joy, spent
Voiuliiy in Moline.
The Missionary society of the First
Presbyterian church will hold a mis
sionary tea ut the home of Mrs.
Mi-o-na Will Prevent Further Trouble.
Here, us in other cities and towns,
stomach 'rouble are ensnaring vic
tims In a most insidious way.
Nearly everyone is ill treating the
stomach, perhaps unconsciously, bnt
the time coin' s when we cannot abuse
lt with impunity. Na'tire warns us.
lMstr.ss af'er eating, beh hing of gas,
that lump of lead feeling in the stom
ach, headache'atni luck of energy are
warnit'g signals Now at once is the
time to stop this dm'ress.
Mi-ii na Stomach Tablets is the rem
edy Get a book today. Thetr action
is immediate. Besides shopping the
distress Mi-o-na soothes the irri'ated
wu'is of the stomach and strengthens
the gastric follir.es so thai they pour
out their daily supply of digestive
ina'erials. causing proiup- d;gestion of
the food that is eaten
Mioaa is not an experiment It is
not a cure-ail It is a scientific rem
edy recommended for but one thing
- stomach ills.
Its use stops s'otnach distress and
improves the digestive system so that
what on eat is converted Into nu'ri
t on and the t tit ire sjstem . properly
So cer'arn ure the results of Mi-o-na
that :t is ala sold on the money
ba k if not benefited pian. The Thom
ss rn;R company and druggists every
where, l.'ic a large box. (Adv.)
At the annual meeting of the Cen
tral Illinois Trotting and Pacing associ
ation which was held at Kewanee last
week, the dates of the 60th annual
Mercer County fair were arranged for
Spt. 17. 18. and IS. The meeting was
attended by W. D. Emerson, secretary
of the Mercer County Agricultural so
ciety and president of the Central Il
linois association, and Joseph Boyd of
this city, who is treasurer of the local
association. W. D. Emerson was re
elected president of the association,
,ich position he has held for the last
ten years.
Mrs. J. W. Pheese of Joy spent Wed
I in sday with relatives in this city.
At the morning Easter service at the
I Methodist church five new members
were added to the church, making 60
i w ho have been received into the
Use a
M $1 to $3
are the natural, easy result cf
perfect corsetting. if you wear
the Warner Corset. Flexible as
a fine glove, full of the give and
grace that distinguish present
fashions from the one-time rigid
ity of tho corset. A better fig
ure, a better carriage and better
fitting gowns are yours if you
ask your corset dealer for War
ner's Rust-Proof.
Every pair guaranteed to fit
fashionably, to wear comfort
ably, not to tear, rust or break.
Second Floor
Fine Assortment of Gray Mixed Switches.
Manicuring 25c
Appointments by Phone W276.
A Dandy Hand Bag Friday $1.29
Women's leather Hand Bags, gilt pnd silvered frames, fitted with large
mirrors and small inside purse moire 1 ined, $2.50 value, Friday only
SI. 29.
Greatest Kid Glove News We Ever Presented
New 1 Kid Gloves 69c Pair
Sold From 8 to 12 a. m. Only.
We have been selling Kid Gloves In Rock Island 17 years. We are quite
cure that no offer matching this one has ever been made at such a season
able time in Rock Island.
Seldom, indeed, in the Tri-Cities have new, Spring, 2-clasp $1
church during the present conference. Kid Gloves ever been reduced at all so early in the Spring. A
The following program was given in i saie so seasonable and a bargain so extraordinary should ap-
the eveniuK by the Sabbath school: ' . . J c
peai to every iTi-uuy woman or miss.
Unequalled for street wear w hether you choose the white, black or tan
the three colors they come in. They are our regular $1 value, and are sold
at Jl in great quantities during the season, for they are rerognized as being
superior to the ordinary doliar Gloves Don't think thpy are not extra good
because of the low price. Choice 69c pair. No exchange.
There will be many outstretched h?nds for these Gloves, not only because
of the economy, but when women lean; their genuine value and that the kid-
- Primary de-
Song. "Bells of Easter"
; ptrtment.
' Prayer Rev. J. B. Bartle.
Recitation, "Welcome" Todd Doro-
; t hy.
Recitation. "The Boy Speaks" ,
' Clifford Reynolds.
Exercise. "Easter Chime6" Anna
, llebel's class.
I Recitation and Song Annetta See- '
; feldt.
Reading. "Darkness and Light"
Gladys MrKee.
Exercise. "Waking"- Pauline Hause, j
, Margaret Myers. Miriam Mitchell
I Recitation. "The Little Cloud"
Harold Smith.
' Solo (with violin obligato by Harold
'.Nesbitti. "Calm Slept the Savior"
i Marie Morrison.
J Recitation, "The Coming of Spring"
Kathryn Amlong.
! Exercise, "On the First Easter Day"
, Mrs. Jay's class.
Reading. "The Mexican Girl" Fran
; c s Hebel.
j Recitation. "One Morning Long Ago"
; Ralph Bartle.
Cross Drill "E " Eight girls.
' Reading. "In the Garden" Ethel
I Low ry.
i Mrs. Agnes Miller returned from Ori
; on Monday where she has been visit
!irg her daughter, Mrs. W. Smith, end
Mrs. Carrie Holmes of Joy visited
Alodo relatives Monday. ,
President A. L. Duncan and Secre-
! tary H. L. Thornton of the. Mercer
There is a great world OI i rounty short course and County Super
comfort to the eyes in a per- ' intendent of Schools C. L Gregory
fectly fitted pair of glasses ! ,"nt ' Gal-8bur8 Tuesday to attend
, . , , ' rn conference of the Illinois farmers'
or specs. The lenses should : irstitute of the Fourteenth and Fif-
be accurately adapted tojteenth districts which was held in Ciat
your individual requirement s C1,T T"ed- This meeting was for
. . , , . . . 1th PurPe f arranging for the con-
and Should be set in frames i ducting of farmers' institutes and short
Or mountings that rest com-! ccurses in the several counties in the
I congressional districts,
j Miss Mamie Dool of Joy was a gnest
Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
! J. M. Nesbltt.
j Miss Helen McArthur Is borne for a
i ten days' vacation from Chicago where
, she is attending the Columbia School
, of Expression.
i Miss Grace Hiser of New Roston
fortable can be adjusted by ' was an Aledo Tisitor Saturday.
t.kin is of a fine pliable quality.
Main Floor
Main Floor
Check Gingham Rompers
25c and 39c
Aged 2 to 6 years.
Blue and white and
pink and white check
Gingham Rompers (or
the little fellows. Nev
er a more comfortable
wear for play time.
These are extremely
good values we offer
for Friday. Choice
25c aud 39c tach-
A minute, please. . While on this
subject, we needs must tell you of the
gi t at Paul Jones Rompers we carry
v fctock. They are sold at only 50c
each. Second Floor
Friday Offerings in the Men's
Furnishing Department.
Here be three very special Friday inducements offered by
our Men's Furnishings Department:
$1.25 Umbrellas, Extra good, 89c.
$1 Shirts, Pleated and Plain, 79c.
75c Underwear, Odds and Ends, for Men, 19c.
Main Floor
Eye Comfort
fortably upon tho nose.
Spectacles that are uncom
No Phone Orders.
PAPER, 5c.
Just received!
Another lare
shipment of the
greatest Toilet
Paper value ever
offered in the
Swift's Pride
Soap In a Friday
FOR 25c.
An offering of
Swift's Pride
Soap for Friday
that will interest
every Tri-City
Bring yours in.
Fred Bleuer
1702 Second Avenue.
j Friends in this city have received
arnouncements of the marriage of Miss
Virginia Boyer, formerly of this city,
land P. J. Burgess of Tampa, Fla..
w hich occurred March 15. 1&13. Mr.
and Mr. Burgess will make their home
In Tampa.
It is an offer of
regular 10c siz?.
HHPQ-sheei rolls
of good quality
Toilet Paper for
Fridav onlv at
Oilcloth. 20c
Value, 15c.
6-4 White and
Fancy Oilcloth,
good duality,
well worth 2')c
yard. Special
Friday Selling,
We purchased
this Soap in a
very large quan
tity just for this
Special Friday
Bargain Sale.
Men"s Hlkfs,
10c Values 5c
Men's Handker
chiefs, White,
nicely finished
hems, good size,
regular price lc.
Special Friday
Selling, 5C
Linen Section Domestic Remnants V2 Price
81 inch Bleached Sheeting, ex
tra good quality no stareh or
lilling, regular price '.'.",c. Spe
cial Friday Selling. 271C.
27 inch White Ratine suitable
for Waists and Dresses, well
worth 3.1c, Special Friday Sell
ing. 25c.
3C inch Shirting Cambrics, ex
tra fine quality light and medi
um dark Patterns, worth 18c,
Special Friday's Selling. 10c.
Imperial Chambray Ginghams
32 inches w ide, Plain and Fancy,
well worth 10'ic, Special Fri
day Selling, 1 2 l9 c-
TYI.E and Perfect Grace, with
out frills or laces or ribbons
that is yours in
Stout Figure Price $1.50
' There's an R. & G. Corset for every
kind of figure, there's quality in every
I. & G. Corset. If you want furbelows
and ribbons and ornamental strings
Liiil bows don't buy an R. & G. But
If you want the corset built for your
special kind of figure get an R. & G.
If you want comfort and quality and
grace and style, there's an R. & G. Cor
set built for you.
This Corset is cut on the long lines
that make the stout figure siim. Come
in and try one on.
Second Floor
Great Sale of Laces, Ribbons, Hdk'fs., Veil
ings, Embroideries, Neckwear Friday!
A: inch Swiss Kmbroidery
Flouncings all new patterns,
J1.50 values, 98 Jd.
Swiss and Cambric Kdges 5
to 12 inches wide 2"c values,
10c yd.
Iadies" All Linen Hemstitched
Hdkfs, 5c values, Bargain Fri
day, 3C each.
Men's All Linen IlemHtitched
HiikfK, large size, 12'vC values.
Bargain Friday, 9C each.
6 inches wide, extra heavy
Hair-bow Taffeta-all shades -25c
and 2!tc values. Bargain Fri
day, J9C yd. ,
One Iit of all silk Fancy Rib
bon in. Stripes Dresden and
Plaids up to :i;c values, Bar
gain Friday, 17V2C 'd-
Friday Sale Women's and
Misses' $12 Coats $9.98
Many Fashionable Models Among Them.
Wonderful news for Friday never before were you offered such
a good and seasonable Coat Sale right after Easter. All new Coats.
$12 Spring Coats
Eight Different Spring Models, very latest Novelty Cloths,
plain Blue Serges, also mixtures in grays, browns and tans.
Women's and Children's sizes. Second Floor
Co-Operative Store 1VJL Co., Rock Island
Coin Purse
German Silver Coin Purse, the "pay-ph-yoii-enter"
kind, Special Bargain
Fiiday, 23c.
Sale of Jeweled Combs
and Barrettes
$1, ll.r.O and $2 Values in Barrettes
and Hair CoihIjh prettily sparkling
with brilliant rhinestones, Bargain Fri
day Price for these 69c e.-ich.
Main Floor
$1.25 Stamped Night
Gowns 90c.
It is a remarkably low price for
Stamped Nightgowns. The design
for solid eyelet and embroidery- in
e.ih.v to work and very dainty when fin
ished. The material l soft, fine nain
bok. Regularly 11.33- Friday for 90c.
By exprecH the new fancy goods
h;ive been arriving daily until now our
Mocks are more complete than ever
belore. The new arrivals Includft
par kag goods; center pieces in whit
v.T' colorn; towels; pillow cases; pil
lc w tops. etc.
Needlework, Second Floor
59c Cloths Sale 39c
Two special offerings from our Drr-sb
d'r.is rlep itn.ent for Friday:
ij.t h .".'oritur Huitint.'::, r hoi-e of
h'.n.li. navy or gray. Ail wool, 27-;tr h
dive- check Coatings
Both the above Tire great r-llers at
onr regular pr-r- jf :'-. Thin -a gre at
bi.rgaiu for Friday at 30c a yard.
Main Floor
te:ta!cment course was given at the in his pleasing and powerful manner, the pathway to success and victory. ' selections for this year's course, which sister Mm -Stuart F.iker who Is ill.
opera house Monday even;r.g. Marcn chowed that the trulv successful life The lecture wan full rf wit u nrt hmr w.,,.iBi.h .-i. mu,. n .. i.;. . . aw.t.
must be an overcoming of the otsta- an elevating thoughts and will long were unusually good. Monday to spend a Tew davs at tl.a
cles. laziness, cowardice and pessim-: be remembered. The entertainment Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wendt went to home of her uncle, William Coutiing
which axe the lions that strew ; committee was very fortunate in it ; Alpha Monday to visit Mr. Weadt'a ; ham.
This as a lecture.
Lincoln McConneU,
Iead Lions,"
the lawyer-
The last number of the Aledo en- j ev angelist oi Georgia. Mr. McConcel!,

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