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Eddie Foy in "Over the River" TMOTHER THE BEST
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Connelly
Dart Eraves Sect Down in Ig
nominious Defeat at Rock
Island Club Alleys.
Maternal Love Required to
Equip One Fully for Emotion- j
al Work, Declares Star.
Eolls 825 in Four Consecutive
Games, Making Average
of 206 Va Pias
Two brt.Tp hand of wnrriors met
on the field of hat'.'" a' th' Rxk Is
land club bow;r,g a.! '. U.s evonir.c
und three spirit-! .-n'w v
fought. VTkri th- SiiiioK hfl cleared
awav the Johriaori arn.y had repulsd
the Invader. he:ide:l bv O-i.-r .. pi-.rt.
and the prs flippy "he- i'i'!:( ad t!ia'
General JohDsnn'b men hd sent l',-:1-
pins to the rwl croKis hpit!. wh'i
Darts ladd!-g hrourht u; the rear
with a to'al of 2.117.
Of the wirinrt.g si'!" Jl r, awn
ed mMt of "he honor.-, and hv ro"s int
ent work throughout, ro.;- n u,. a sco-v
of 522 for three games. .".! ..rta ;.;'
with the top rung b'.-.t,, d ... H- ;,.;
of applause in the -- n. fi g-ir. " in
I; carniTd !!. j. ri r . sn'n b-i: e M.e
record for a F'ngie Kai:-. Sr.-, s !
were larking, b.i' we hi outd vory.
The following tabiila'ioi.s w-re re
ceived from he war mrrp-pon Jeni:
Johnson l r, r. l'.c 4""
Ra'ston K,:: -: i;,,
Kyster 11M l.'.r, ir,l 444
Murray 14" l.r." 1.'." 4'
Llndftrom Ife'i K,:, 1 1 S 4C3
Tfjf 77: St:. 7'f, L'.M
ri Ki s '! ': m.
Dart 1 ' 1.:.; T-iu 4 1".
IhiRtcion l." ! "' i::, .j-.:
w'i h iris i ,' r.
Tegeler T.'4 1 .'i 141 41.'.
Curt s i.:-j l 7
Totals ;s:t 7 .; ;. : r.117
! t,-J"''!.-"
"ill tit g--'-T liilr
!. ?"oy and bis big rompany ar? to appear at the , Illinois next Sun
dr.y, ri!a'!.:.e and niKbt. in "Over the River," a muei'-al comedy that haa
piovn one of the b g hits of tjie past two seaaons.
mv rare ei:epiion. Pardon me for ' v as a passeneer of S:lar (hristofer
!ii pl potir'tiR out inw!f in a f.-w 'son. who has mad many flights
in i:'i!fs tinner the inft'ienoe of this around San FranriRco -bay.
(.nderf'.i; p"rformaii e.' " This attrac-'
tio- v:tii an unusually strong -at
! 1 b- Keen at the IHinoii- Saturday.
The '!! known proiluHiur firm,!
vcrt H at:ii Ltiesr her, will present ne.t ; The Kock ls'.and and Davenport poul-S-:tidiy
e-niitK at 'he IHinois their ! rymen i.l be represented by commit.
of fle at the meeting of the
Xew York, March 27. Another ac- j
tresa has enrolled for the propaganda,
"Babies are the makers of vtage j
star." j
The recruit Is Miss May Irwin, her j
self one of the most successful stars
I In the United States s'nce well at
least since she had a ht-althy infant '
son u can cer mumer, a cnronoiogicai
assertion which i-fn enable one to ap- i
proximate the age of the son.
Recenty Mate. Gadki of the Metro- :
polltan. in a talk o:i art, declared
mo'herhood moved a singer to a riper
understanding of life and so gave her
a broader grasp of her prof&ssion.
Then Miss Ethel Barrymore, the
mother of two charming youngsters, '
echoed Mme. Oadski, and even was ;
more enthusiastic.
Now come6 Miss Irwin. Here are i
some of her own thoughts on the top- i
ic of "motherhood:'
Fame as an emotional actress will
never come to a woman until she has
been a mother.
Being a moth helps to make a good
actress, and I wou.d like to add that
being an actress helps to make a good
All mothers are good mothers. Some-
frfma vnn wilt find ctrnv p-icus vtipr !
they do things not set down In the
1 Book of Motherhood, but when you do, i
believe me. you will find that father
is responsible for the slip. j
Motherhood not alone develops the
actress for emotional roles. Mother
hood helps the woman for comedy.
And why shouldn't it? A very thin
line indeed divides the portrayal of
comedy and tragedy.
Every successful actress in the his
tory of the stage ha3 been a mother.
It is quite true that we have some un
married actresses in the front rank of
stars. When I ',ook at them 1 think
to myself how much greater they
would be were they married and
J j ft
' N O V,
vt: w; -.i-it
vr. . ... . X-.
$ 4
hi hi i
A new record for four consecutive
' games was hung up at the Rock Is
i land club alleys last night by Art
j Salzmann. who rolled up a total of 823
pins. Art, who has not been playing
up to his beet fofm of late, deter
mined to give himself a tryout, and
if he can maintain the pace set last
night, ought to shatter all previous
high scares.
In the first game he registered elx
strikes and five spares, getting a total
of 214. In the No. 2 round five strikes
and five spares were garnered with
a total of 203 pins. In the third
stanza six strikes and three spares
netted 204, while In the ultimate chap
ter four strikes and seven spams
landed 204 pins. His average per
game was 206' pins, which Is what
might be termed "going some." A
large gallery witnessed the perform
Mr. and Mrs. Connelly are appearing at the Empire the last half of the
week in Y. S. Gilbert's pretty playlet, Sweethearts."
March 23
I ioUf-e "
March SO-Rlver."
It.l.l M!.
-"The rvur!
in the
t:'r Kiiiiirt
. r,...i. . u :
"Over the1 ioiii r.&socia uon even
ing, at wined time the consoida'ion
The Mo-
it would be strange only if it were
otherwise. A breadth of view makes
one more successful aiike in the arts
or trades or business. Motherhood
means breadth of view, because moth-
! erhood means love. !
"The perfect love is the prop upon !
which the world rests, and perfect love
never comes except with motherhood.
Therefore. wirJi a" msight into the
joys and sorrows of the universe, we
Chicago, March 27. Frank Pecher,
Kdd.e Foy Over 'he
ti! liMi ;! cotneu v
''. in !: ir.ttMCiil farce
iIi'.it" Tin' former rrixliictioris bu.lt
,, ,-,.. x.t;.i. ,.f .n . project wit De tn resiled out. l ne mo-, views
K.-K, ,-o:r.. d,au have had remarkable , ,ine ( hicken nciers have evinced an j ' Mothers."
PmiM. for t!:eir greatness of fcetuc I ,D"'rt in proposed tri-city or-. "Fine," said Miss Irwin. "Just to
m7Qiinri onn a rex nvnoM mrt r - min i l nt, ikn i r k i n ir --i ,t hovo a
(1 the Mva-r.ous break neck ! ' -k- j. ; ... mat 4 ' i...w..0
ijiciii 'iii-f ii i iuiiv ; tne nnept insuiuuons in tn oiij x
interview took place in Miss
Irwin's dressing room in the Cohan
theatre. i
...... ,, , . . . . u v 1 1 1 r- ii i. . v i ti v. 1 1 . . . .t . i ' ' . " rr ua . w .
' .' ' , . ; been taught how to strike the chords lers, was killed Mondav afternoon by
got out the tea things. 1 pon what t .. . "
topic did you crave my profound
lipfoin hotter actrisRi.s. for w have ne or me star wenerweignt wrest-
i of human nature.
a 10 round affair, the boys to weigh
in at 15S pounds at 6 o'clock.
St Joseph, Mo., March 27. Pal
Brown of Hibbing, Minn., w-aa given,
a decision over Jerry Mtirphy of In
dianapolis In a 15 round bout Tues
day night.
The Laat Word. 'T "
in lhioiitum is Wild's parquet Inlaid
linoleum. Made In beautiful hardwood
patterns that last for years. Colors
are the same right through to the
back. A quiet and refined flooring
for homee, ofTtoes, etc. Lees expensive
than wood and more desirable. Ask
your dealer. Ixok for the trade mark
"Wild's Linoleum" on the back.
heartilv in the
daily it i:
.u ti.
.'I ;nn! v
in .
eyplatned to thetn. The draft of the 'shall introduce you to mjp.e.'
constitution for the new society is
ready for consideration and when Mo-
nit in
! 'V'
inui ,
p. op
Ini'-irtr ti pit' ' " !'i ?"H
t'lO 1 iollSl " in ( i,l' .i.-li, tul C
l!-cord i Ii" ;i '.il p il'l . V" nn -1 !
und'-r i ii c i .i i i i ' I -V.'Jiil'
." i.i v ii.- ii ' 1 v. : r
!lliiA 1 1.- i- i ..
kMM' I,.. .- in , : .
" i i .' I. in .. i . .
'T hitikf .. ii W':..: ' i- i i !
to tha l p!:i h n 11 i- ;p .-i l;
v hiie "I'I'e Si'rva:.' i! i . I' 'U
in its lit.u. fni 1 1, , i i . ,ii . t
I r-. An ; 1 . - ' 1 1 i" .. :i i: ; . .
of i !.. I'M'. ! ! .i i ;; i: i
iiiitl... w ill i" u is:: ' I
close i v : mil ii . i."'
'.. ti.i' i 's dr.itr.ii n,- m,';
1 :i i 1 1 ;i ii I" kit i ii i :
.1 II ll III I'll I "I H. I '' ':..!: I" :
mid ltd v e ,nio' ' ' I ' I tri
few tiir.es in ti i y i.fe. 1 ro; I i,a.
been grra"y dg.i'- ! v
its reprcMtitil i 'i !!i- t
1 cud t lie Kei Ol d 1 let ' 1 T
I''nv."tlie Ser.it'. i i 'le
tlu'llKil' tliev le-c . x'r.n
I tc.id tl.e b.M-.k and ,; iu:.
siiaUd me to f e the p hi 1 ii
Fupinse tl.d.t a trim f ii'v m:e
i;n rliroimh ni h pov '''.! tun
experience. When ,i .- , , t
! in I'tiion Se:n i i y. N--. 'ii'ik
1 lutd tickv' 'i I l.i..... n.o'i;
concerts. 1 hud ne it li ;u 1 iimi-'h
great music, ami wle n I aea-d I'.irep.i
Rosa sing th.o tn.-.t s 1:1 "Tif
Messiah." I was a'Ti t! f-i l;ns at.d
Ma.- carried con.pl leiy r of nnseif
About the same t.ue 1 l.u,l Henry
Ward Iliwhfr in h t'. i o ;P- prlm'.
preach ,ar.d tad a sfait ir i xpor.t ( e
I do r.ot recall an thing ''k" h- s
exp'.er.ctvfl c.nt'H lie.ird "The' Srvant
in the Horse" The owfrfu! p 'ure
of the drain-man iniint.- nu e;i'. 1 '
the stAge can preset' such ii.iy it
will be wor'liy of t.he "school for mor
als." I fear. Low ever, this p'.ay . a
the :vac
at ":!.', pee i".d 'useful singing of his daiu'y
:! m of r iris: but hif. tpeasca VTerba
i ii-l '.i.iM'lier are s,nd o have chib-
'ir.i'tii t jiMii past suc-.-esses to gie
ihiv tirie fun innker t ne hem suntiorL
1 hu ever had ' Over the River" ' F,and in ":P " a-v of immediate organi
i- u m;isic;il coined v 'lia' made New
Yt k 'orget very o' tier show In town'
iluiitiiL- ll'.e .six months tiua Kddie Koy i
pa kei ;ii G.ohe tlieatre. The souk'
And she did. I
i .eM lo Usui's it mo1 ni n-iru inc- ;
line decides lo enter in, nothing wtl". bst thhig in the world foT an ac-i
j tress is to have a mother such as I j
" " j Miss Irwin's mo'lier looked at her
I -os Angeles An amendment to the j talented daughter with au affection-j
city charter, carried at the election i a'e expression of nride.
i j
Ihere- provides the retirement of the1 "I"m strong for the mothers, and,
present city administration elected to ' especially the mothers in our profes- ;
a four-year term 1 montlis ago: per- ' sion," wnt on Miss Irwin. "I read (
n.i's the city to compete w ith private ! 'hat Miss Barrymore said about .
, ci-rporaiions in any line of business ; motherhood und it scetr.s t a at she has ;
I when antlinri7.ed by the eie torate; I left littie to be added. Only those '
'aixlishes the weekly municipal news-j of us on the s'agu who are mothers j
puper inauqtirated a year ago. and pro-i fan appreciate the beautiful trains
vi'le-s pensions for firemen, policemen sne spowe.
;md their w idows. ! "No actress can ever hope to achieve
1 - success in sei m;is c'nanirter w ho is
Medicines that aid ratiire are al-! not a mother. The unmarried actress,
i says most successful. Chamberlain's ! or the chiUllets ore, wuy he likened
'Cough Romedy acts on this plan. It to a rosebud. When she becomes a
"Success upon the stasre comes only
when the player is ab.e to impart to
her audience the emotion she is simu-
j lating. The beautiful love of moth-
attuning the actress to sym
pathy and a thorough understanding of
joy and sorrow, en .bieS her to work
this witchery of thriilaig the audience,"
! coming in contact with a live
win e at work as a linesman for a
local electric company. I'echer was
; we'.l known to local wrestling follow
; ers.
j I'rbana, 111., March 27.--3eorge
; Kerr.pf, third ba.-'enian of the Illinois
; varsity nine in UUO aud 1911, is dying
iin a Chicago hospital after au opara-
lien fr an abcess of the Jaw. Kempt
wn, a crack iniielder and a popular
student. Coach George Huff led the
i lilinois squad back from its successful
; .southern invasiTii yesterday, well
The Proof Is In Rook Island, Almost st
Your Door.
The public statement of a Rock Is
land citizen Is In itself strong proof
for Rock Island people, but confirma
tion strengthens the evidence.
Here is a Rock Islaud citizen who
'After all it-. ere
this condition.
is no'hing strange
On the contrary
I ui t
o.i id
'.ii'.- w e"- tl.e whistling faveries on
r.road'.iay. while the 'cabaret" scene
'.i : ii "s no'otis lii anil the "Beri'ti
Maiii ps." wit'n their merry pranks,
l. i ai 'he talk of the town. It was
il'iIiTV '1 ' eligdk,einelit that the cotm-
uiiin ln a'i'f known as "Foy for .lriy."
Ties -tiiiue nhiase tir-ely and ac
cural' iv l scril,es Kddie Foy iu "Ovrr
i.e l;.r " The s'ory telis of a
.a.'!'. man about 'own. w h. af'.er
a t of jollity, awakes only to fill'
hiivsv t in r) e predicament of one wi.o
has h i-'eu'enced to T,0 das "over
'': r. t." As can be imagined, with i o-'t tU cough, relieves the lungs. '; mother you v.Iil see the bud unfold
Kiid Foy in 'he role of Madison ' r'"'ns "1P 'ec'-et ions and aids nature j into full blocm. gloriously, ladeuing
),,n. -he wealthy man about town.!'" restcrit g the sys'etn to a healthy the air with frr.gra.'iee.
' in ft -ks about him. as he endeav- rendition. Sold by al; druggists.
its to hid h i predicament from his i ( A d v . j
wife and friends. The company is a! - .
I'r'll.a-i' one and made tip of nigh sal- !
..tied p art of reputation. In addi-!
Veil I i F.dd'e Fo . who now appears,
to he ,i the enith of his comic power, j
t'. re are Kieanor Ken. Nellie Da'y.
t 'eelHa llofiian. Marie Megan. Pavid
Audrada. Williani Sellery, William
I' t '.;!:. mi. J S Kinslow. Charles
' Sw ckjrd. Miiioii lawson. I.eavi'
.'ai the I'anei'ic Pages. Iavis and
M:!;e.'.f, iie famous Kight Beriin
Mhii-i ps and the widely advertised
:ioie thea're beauty chorus. Tlie mus- :
u a! n iiiibers have been bigh'y iiraised
for tt.cir lively effectiveness and ail
'..ave that "catchy" and "wanttobe-re-ie
ihei ed" touch 'hat are so eag"r- '
!y nt.ghf for by producing managers. ,
but so seldom obtaired.
1. Speaking of cards, what man ' pleased with its showing. "The team
ever had the only deck in the world? .locked much better' than I had sup
P Whut incandescent lanin weiirhs I'osed." said Huff. "We ha1 fine
the least.
What two a.uimais are with you j
lu'ii on n.i'1 i Mi au accident?
4. Bell ed to spri.'ijf and leave a j
short fcleep.
.eatlier, playing daily and practicing
every tnonrng. Larson showed best
of all the piti-herb and 1 believe he
is a comet.''
5. Why is a married woman unable
o always keep her liu.-h: ud at home?
1. Noah.
The one that's lit is always
o. Your ca.ves.
4. Snap.
5. The tide (ti
Sun Francisco Capta:n Roald
Aiiiiit.dsen. discoverer of the northwest
I a.-sase and the south pole, experi
mented with a hydro-aeropiane to de
cide whethFT 'he craft would be of
advan'age in Arctic exploration. He
Mordecai Brown, hurler of three
fr.frer soubriquet and Chicapo Cub
fame, is determined to hang the tin
receptacle onto the statement of
. Present Tubby Charles Murphy of
tbe Cubs that he. Brown, is down
srd out in a baseball way. Brown
row is with the Cincinnati Reds and
training earnestly.
"Three-Finsrer" is ouite emohatic
In his feelings about Tubby Chafes.
T-sst season, after be had won five
and lost six rtttioi for a percentajrs
vrhich ranked him thirteenth on the
National league list. Brown found
thai an injury to his knee would
force him to :ake a vacation.
Murphy promptly decided that a
pitcher, even a Mordecai Brown,
with an injired knee of Drnblamst
ira! recovery, was much less worth
while than a comfortable wad of
iurrency. That being his feeling,
St. Louis March 27. Barney Ford
f Philadelphia was bes-ted by Marty
Keweii .f st. Louis in an eight round
e!ah Tuesday ni.;ht before the. Future
''ity Atliidic club, at 14S pounds. The
light was close, but the decision of
phi referee met with general approval,
i in the preliminaries Tummy Beierose'
I drew wi'h K. ). Whitman in six
1) is bound to go! 'winds. Li-w Rvdall drew with Char-
ley Lyall iu eight rounds, and Tim
McCarthy won from Lloyd Carter in
( -i ' 1 1 1 rounds All the fipli'nru tn Hie
preliminaries were local boys.
Wlre ; testified years ago that Doan's Kidney
Pills relieved weak kidneys and now
states the result was permanent. Can
any sufferer from kidney His ask bet
ter proof? You can Investigate. The
case is right at home.
Mrs. Mary Pracher, 214 Thirteenth
street. Rock Island, 111. says: "I am
glad to confirm the testimonial I gave
In 1910 recommending Doan's Kidney
Pills. They are a safe and reliable
remedy for anyone to use. I bad dizzy
and nervous spells and my back and
head ached. At night I was languid
and in the morning I felt miserable.
After stooping I could hardly straight
en. I kept getting worse until I be
gan using Doan's Kidney Pills. They
made me feel better right away and
I continued taking them until I was
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn company, Buf
falo, New Y'ork, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. (Advertisement.)
M l'-aukee,, March 27. Articles
wire signed last nijiht for a fight be
tween Jimmy Clabby and Kddie Mc
'Icorty at Denver, April 10. Frank
.Mulkern was the sponsor for t ho
luiit'h. The. terms for the bout are for
A Humorous Three Act Ccmedy at
Rock Island High School
Thursday and Friday
April 3rd and 4th, 1913
Admission. 25 cents.
8:00 p. m.
Reserved Seats, 50 cents.
A limited njml.er
Si hool and may I se
schuc! hour, or V'e
lu-r of t : kefs te !
o'.tr t irket cur!;.
if reserteii
,-..! bv pi.
1 1 : Let v.
M'.l'cd to till
en .
m a'
pre new or. sale at the High
'hi schooi. West 287. during
?r' ar.d 7:29 p m. The tuni
ng capacity of auditorium. Get
- ' '
he promptly shipped Mordecai to
Leuisvi'le, where be was of no ns
whatever, the Intee remaining ob
stinate. Brown, however, felt the kree
rrowine better, and advanced to the
C1r.cinr.aH Reds the indubitable fart
fbat be bad been a leading p?trher
fr the Cttbs in tbe winnire of fonr
National I.esrc t,J two world
cbamntnr.sViris. and that, in spite of
H. rack of thirtieth in tba Natioral
last year, by same won. yet be
bad ranked sixth in bits made per
(urf eff him: .263 was bis mark
In corsecuerce, Mordecai now is
worldne t ith the Red ard fbow-'r?
fcrm which be and tbe Red bore
will make Chsrles Murohy torn ssf
fron with riiscust at bis thar.kletcs
treatment of a man who had served
Ua so well M bad Brown..
a ? mmm ill
fl pfQf W PlMMM 1 SUN DA Y
Entire Change Today
4 Star Vaudeville Acts 4
Big Doings.
Phone West 708.
Henry Miller's Savoy Theatre New York Success
TL. C 4. in
i nc oui vain
By Charles Rann Kennedy, with
And a Clever Cast of Players
One Year tn New York City Three Months In untcago
One Year in London Now a Senaation in Berlin
NIGHT. 25c? 25c, 50, 75c. Phone 224 West.
mTSi Sf
-..A-iK. 111"
America's Prize Laugh-Maker,
"Over the iSiver'9
VlOfji ecai Thr ee-l infer cd"B r ow a. J
Smashing Musical Success. Original Production.
Prices Matinee: 25c. EOc, 75c, $1.00, $1.50. Night: 50c, 75c, $1.00,
$1.60, $2.C0. Mail orders filled in rotation
-PW PH Hi' !!'! Llf VMJW'Ml.yi"!.
Phone 224 W.

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