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Interest in Preservation of Nav
igation and Integrity of
Channels Has Increased.
ens- - i vnf
WaFhlnston. D. C, April 11. Wh
torrer.'iai flooris pouring from th wat
er Fh'ds : thf grat Inland ifrearr.s
cf th ro-irTj:. bnrns: rain and deso
la.loTi In their akr, interest, in the
prirva"ion cf ravjgation and of the
ir.er!v or -h r.hannflg of the great
frraras ;h' nrselveg ha natt.rallr
K:a'i; inrj-eae.;. it already vi
"r.r frnr" p"i"5t dcus8ion that con-Kr--ii
wM". take up the flood-control
nu'njert, ar.d it wil' rerensarlly he con
flred iti ronnf 'on :th river navi
jf.t.ion lm;irn,-emeT. Itai'r rt He-
pread fcr.d ap-ia'.na as has affiifted
th Ohio v.v,. y oarmt be avend br
any tvork of construction born cf tie
orv. inr. he that can be done in the
"1 nine of prar;a! men, to provide
ovjiiaFt .ar.err :hat ordinar'ly rriir
!n h sh'.nK i.eai-0T:. This, in ex
pert r,p niou. hr.-iid b under'aken
alons with th perfecting of a compre
hfnshe vR'rn of national waterway
in. prove n-.ent
for Th- firs' tti;e in l yf-nrs 'he
democrat ar In rr.nrro! rf both
house of congress, and consequently
hare a majority in their important
tandin committee. So for the flrt
time in IS year they control both the
committees havirt to deal with appro-
rr'a'ior.s for riv-r and harbor, the'
"nat- ronimittet- on commerce and th" )
house committee on river and har- ;
bors Bin no lefriglatlon In conrresg. I
it should he remarked, has been as lit-j
t' ta'nted with partisan cor.d'irt as i , . ? . . -
tea' pertaining to river anr harbor' those emanating from these two el In the establishment of practical having to def.l -with the question of
imr.rovem"nt. For that vry r-aRo-n. ' comniitt-es. Leaders of both the great annual appropriations commensurate wat'r transportation through improve
perhaps, more than any other, no parie6, a wp'.i as "uauB of the differ- ', with exiEting needs and the obvious i mcnt of the navigation of streams and
at prices lower than other concerns ask for inferior makes.
Whv not buv the best and thus be assured of satisfaction?
til y-A. Bll
Lett to right:
Mr. Matthew U. Scott, Mrs. Thomas K. Marsha.lL Mrs.
Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. W. J.
Fine feathers and new gowns wr very much in evidence at the breakfast g'ven in honor of the wives of
President Vi'rsrii; and Vice Prfidnr Marshall at. Washington Saturday. At least a dozen photographers were
on the job at the main entrance of the building where the breakfast was given. Some of the pictures they took
are shown above.
This solid oak and well constructed
buffet has two upper drawers, one is
lined for silverware and also has a
lsrge cupboard space for dishes, with
a large roomy drawer below for table
linens. Designed in full colonial style
with canopy top and fitted with a
heavy beveled plate mirror. This buf
fet Is well worth $18, but for this week
only at the exceptionally C?" 1 '
low price of
SI 175
I 1
Another lot of dininc;
chairs to go at unheard
of prices. These chairs
are well built and have
continuous post and also
braced at each end and
have Folid wood seat to
be sold, while
they last at . .
Only a limited number to
each customer.
Liberal Credit Terms if Desired
Read this table offer carefully as it Is
a value that is seldom placed before
the people of the tri-cities. This table
contains three of the best qualities to
be found in a table, namely strength,
style and durability. The construction
is of solid oak and is fitted with easy
bearii'R slides and also has heavy ped
estal and will extend full six feet. In
order to make room we are going to
close these tables out at the
unheard of price of . . .
schemes of legislation have developed ent administrations, responsive to en- demands of the near future.
hi Jhf i L
...... ... . . . ; . m. - n-iVs ivag Tir tiirl rty-r Tfliiii uniitn
harbors has of late years been com
posed of the foremost men of con-
i eress. The personnel of the commit
tees in the present congress promises
to prove well up to that high mark.
The 6enate committ.ee on commerce
has been appointed, while that of the
hoi:se is yet to be named. The change
of political complexion of the senate j
changed the chairmanship and shifted I
the majority. The new chairman is
James P. Clarke of Arkansas, with j
th rest, of the democrats, Duncan U.
Fic-"!;er of Florida, (leorse E. Cham-,
( ci 'a n of Oregon, Joseph E. Ransdell
cf L";i:sia!ia. Morris Shenpard of Tex
: . .lames K. Vardanian of Mississippi, :
John K. Shields of Tennessee, Thomas
S. Van in of Virginia. John H. Bank
l.rad of Alabama and Furnifold M. .
Simmons oi North Carolina. The re
publicans arr- lsi::;t'"' Nolson of Minne-I
rota, fornici' cluvrtnan : Coorge C. Per-'
,r.s of California, William A!.1n
Full quarter sawed oak and hand nib
bed and polished library table. Has
beveled edge and roomy drawers and
lower shelf for books. For
this week only at
Genuine, full 45 pounds,
12 layer cotton T
felt mattress at)0.iO
A Pullman revolving seal bed daven
port serves a double purpose, a hand
some davenport by day and a comfort
able bed by night, from $150
down to
1816 3d Ave., Rock Island
TILL 10 P. M.
With the Coming of the
First Tooth
It Mem bet yesterday SinC0 A STTt9It
A dimpled, Mat-eyed, tiny, tot;
Yet eoen now I hnote he tries.
Hit very beet to cati me "Ptp."
the baby' hunger grows tremendous and his sAld focda
are goon the household's most important question.
Here's a jwie and reliable suggestion. Gst
mi w
U W hi
Properly prepared with milk or cream,
you cannot beat it for nutritious, body
building food for little folks. It's pure
it's clean it's wholesome and it's made
Ycj owe ihz youngster the best you can
provide thon why not TIP-TOP, for
TIP-TOP BREAD is absolutely the best.
The baby iz worth it the v.rho'e family's
worth it. Get il today.
t ..... - y-T--- - -
. 1 A 'PT iri il
fTi;mr'f.'-r "us it . i
Sn:i'h of .V.ithlKan. Theodore K. Bur
. ton of Oh in, Isaac Sip;ihen.-on of Wis
consin, Cop 1. Crawford of South lia-
ko'a an. I 'IrOi f:e T. Oliver of ronup I
; vania. rCviTy .-art of the country is
i r iuscuted, from t'le Atlantic to th
I'.i' ii". and from th- lakes to the gulf,
.and by men who l'av,- had cv;Kr:enci'
1 in 1 oth houses op. one or 'lie other of
lin' comm't'eer .!-ai;n? wiih navica-
'inn impi'vivcme;-.'. except in the cases
of Jlffsre. Clarke, .-'h. pj-ard, Varda-
iimii and Sihi-ld.. 'hairnian (.'larke
;eii-,-'s- from a f- i:.- "t tile Mississippi
' v;!l-- vita";- i o i. "r:id in navigation
and v vf (Ki.-i: il-; -i n. rit, (jo Messrs.
I KaUi-.ieli and ;u (!.-u.a n. Mr. RanEdell
is the most nota ;,.. arquisi;:on to the
.senate commute. cu acount both of
' ' r.c distineuished service i:" rendered
::i :-n offi ir1! cajaeity as a member of
' tl'e hutiRc o:r;.:i:te in recmt con
, j. - .-s?-s, ar.d as presid 'at, since i's
r rcgen' rs.'ania!i":i, of the nation;. 1
:'iv rs and l:a; o-tr onj:res?. The
Hiractp; of tii- coiiiinittp."' from t..p
t.j cot tom ;: p. n earnest of h'jeh capa
:'y r!i c: .T-saia'H'e of wise l;islat;ou.
j The vl:jiiir.r.:ie!i3 from the last on-
pre-? are M ?sr.. Bo-.iriie of Oregon.
: Hurnham r-f .'ev Hampshire, Crane of
1 MCfSneliu.soHs, rej.uidicar.s, and Pen y
f MiPs'ssippi and H- ( .1 of Missouri,
'If. ir. era is.
I The i.o'" ron"iiiii"ee will, with the
:ci p"-ijn of va ancies to he filed,
prjli;;i'y remain tii' sani". with Steph
i'n r . Sonrkman cf Florida chairman,
a-:d Mcsrr.. H .i- t- ? f T--as. Hum
; h iv? of MI-f jd. Tcylor of Ala
j :ma, E'iv. a rd of Georgia. Small of
! I-'ortU Care'i" 'i. F-h hr of Missouri,
i:ahghr of Iil:r.is. Driecoil of New
Kennedy of Iowa and RarehMd of
'Pennsylvania, holdover, republicans.
The v. ays and means committee, as
committee on committees, will nomi
nate members to fill th vacancies. It
is understood that there will be a con
siderable number of aspirants to fill
the vacancies, among th.'ni being Wil
! aui Kettner of Santiago, Cal.; H. Car
!;ind Dnp-.e of Nov Orleans, I,a.: V. S.
Cood i;i of Warren, Ark.: S. M. Tay
lor of Pine r.iin'f, Ark.: Kenneth I). Mc-:;-"'l!ar
of .Memphis. Tcnn., and three
(lemoerats from Ohio W. B. Francis
of Martins Fcrr-': E. R. Bathrick of
Akron, and V. 'i. Sharpe of IClyria.
The ti.ree republican vacancies left by
Messrs. George P. Lawrence of Massa
chusetts, James H. Davidson of 'Wis
consin and Wiliiam A. Rodenberg of
lilinois win more than l'kely be filled
1 ; 'he- ar.pnir.ttr.en: of members repre
senting, those s'ates.
line visited at the home of their aunt, of the clarionet players in the concert
Mrs. Mary Holland, Suuday
Mrs. Waiter I.loyd and daughter Em
ma were Moline business cabers Sat
urday. Miss Mabel Vejt;c of Rock Island v's-i'-ecrl
with her cousin, Martha Weitz,
Mr. and Mrs. Poresr Titerinptou
Sunday entertained liavid Titterins
ton. an uncle of Forest Titterineton,
and his sister, Mrs Minnie Tittering
ton, and Miss Sarah Montgomery, ail
)f Hock Island.
C. W. Smith of Carbon Cliff was one
which was given Tuesday evening,
April S, at the Moline theatre by the
Moline Cresi-ent band. The concert
was g'ven under the leadership of Wal
ter F. Mitchell.
.Miss Alma Schlueter Is having a
week's vacation from school and her
cousin JiK'nit.a Romberg; of Moline is
visiting with her this week.
Mrs. John Benson and Mrs. Joel
p. ' nsoii were Moline visitors the week
All the news all the time The Argus.
Carbon Cliff
Clothes SIS 520 25
The Greatest Clothes Values in America
Voi k. ivmoliue f Pennsylvania and
Sc'-lly cf New Jersey, continuing meni
1 ers of sh n ajo'-'ty. wi'h Voung of
Ilf hi?an, Humi'I'.rty "f Washington.
Z j.V.fhan. Humi'l'-ry of
f. Z f ? & ,H iu v j -vt ."r. ,V m ,
' f . .
gi ' "
v Z i i
Itching Scalp
The Korner Grocery and Bakery S
Ea9y to Get R d of by Using
Parisian Sags, tis Guaranteed Hair
Note the Specials for Saturday:
- .
Corn. 4 cans
Peas, can
25c Peaches. Pears and Apricots,
I in full No. 3., lb. cans -18c
Extra Burbank Potatoes,
In Our Bakery Department pf
nave a fresh sutjpIv of "-
No. 3.,
i Salmon, in tall can3, No
i 2- 2 tor ISc!
18c! Oranges, doz.
lb. Tomatoes. 3
Pread, Rolls, Doughnuts, both
raised and sweet, and a fine .!
assortment of cakes
J.;' as long as you have dandruff
y ur h--?.d wjil itch. It's the little ml
crobeg that are gnawing de n into the
hj.ir root?. It may take a long time
: pests to get down
but when they do.
t:.ey -,v;il destroy the life of the hair
i" a very fchort ::me.
If you want to stop itching scalp
a:;d drive avay dandruff, you must
f.rst Kill
( TGi...?.
T'iis. H. Stipp and children. Lynn and
f'ar:cl of East Moline, visited over
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
X. Krambetii, and Bister, Mrs. R. J.
Mrs. Leonard Frank returned home
sfter ha' ing spent tJie past week at
the home cf he.- father, Lou's Weitz,
in Carbon Cliff and at Geneseo with
Mr. Frank's grandparents, Mr. and
Mr?. Lame! tclncr.
Mrs. V. J. Lloyd and daughters,
Er.ima and Mabel, were visitors at
Moline last week.
Miss Mary Ewart was a Moline bus
in??s cailer Friday.
The MiEses Vera and Blanche
Swank were Saturday isitors at Mo-
I line.
Mrs. Chester Kennedy visited at. Mo
line Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Thompson of Sil
vis were entertained Thursday and
Friday at the 'William Gerhardt. home.
! Mrs. E. Swanson and daughter of
j Molir.e spent Thursday with her eis
j ter, Mrs. Charles Rosemond.
! Miss Edith E.'dman of Moline visit
ed over Sunday at the home of her
for "hese persiste
:o the vital part,
father. Charles Erdman.
The' Lades' Aid society of the M. E.
cc irch will meet at the home of Mrs.
Charles Rosemond on Thursday, April
.'.Ties Flcrer.c-e Al'man. music teacher
f Hampton, waa a caller here Satur
day. Pert Rosamond was a Davenport b is-
;he dandruff germs or mi-1 inesF calier the lafter part of the week.
purchasing goods for his son Ken-
We give what you want when
you want it.
New Cabbage, lb. 2V2C
cans 34q j Lettuce, Radishes and Onions j-
0 Telephone West 559.
1 Eighth Street and Third Avenue
-r- ......... ft. , ... y". f,'. v ' - .!.
r f f H V f i ' v ' V ..." Vy." V.,
Parlcitn Sae w'U dc this. Jut get ncth's prore.
a D" bot ie today; rti.ef win come im- 1 Mr?.. Gran' Moor and daughter Irene
media-e!;.". and :f a' the end of two ; were Moline visitors Aatttrrfav
.'. . ... . (.
J V v
; -x(-"ka your it.'iring gealp and dandruff
have not d'.sapreared. you can have
v. I - -
your money back.
f.', Parisian Sage is also a delightfu:
m ' hair tor.k. ai is used ;,y refined woai.
T;l . n who d'-si-v fasciuatins. lustrous and
; S'.rxuKsn' hair. A "arg settle only
I ; c-:? cer.'s at The Thomas Drug
! corr.p.itiy and drvgrisls everywhere.
W j The sir' with the auaura hair is on
!". Svi I every bif.ie. (.Advj
!ss Sophia peane visited Sunday
at Moiine.
, Earl Kennedy was a Molir.e visitor
Mr. and Mrs. John Benson enter-t.-.i,,ed
Sunday Messrs. Harold Chin
iund and Floyd Tyrrell, and the Miss
ri'jrh Chirlutid and Sadie Hople, all
: cf Miliae.
The Misses H. L. P.ay of Rock Is
jiand acd Katheryn Bay of East Mo-
The man who wants clothes of
fashion and good taste, for long
wear yet who wishes to confine
himself to an economical price
comes to us with a feeling of security.
He doesn't have to be an expert in
fabrics. Because every one of our
Kirschbaum suit3 is chemically test
ed at the factory for pure, all-wool
fabric and double-shrunk by the
thorough London Cold-Watershrinlc-ing
process. We guarantee this and
give you back your money for any
real fault you find in a Kirschbaum
fc CofTriht,i'i3,A B.Klrvhhiun c
Our Kirschbaum "Vungfclo" models are designed
by world-famous fashion experts.
You will recognize most unusual values in our big
assortment of new, warm-weather suits. The finest
workmanship and quality of fashion you can get at any
where near our price.
A. B. Kirschbaum Co.
Philadelphia - New York
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