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' .'.-.'
- . LijL,-r ' ' " ' " ' " b t TJ
OLeary'a Men Pull Game Out of
Fire in Magnificent Ninth
Inning Eally.
will make every effort to bring Go'ch
out of retirement to me"t Zbyszkn. The
club rcu!J not announce the tmount
of money i: will guarantee Gotch, but
an emissary will be sen: (o Humboidt.
Iowa. Gotcb's home, to interview him
on the proposition.
Leading Easily.
Carter and Chalk Finish in Dead
Heat Sophomores Crab Sec
ond Honors.
With one man gone In the ninth.
and the score 1 to (i against them.
O'Leary's Blue Sox hammered out , r ,
Ave runs yesterday afternoon. puuii.; Third Year Men Glean Total Ox j
th game on ice. six solid ?a'.,, 70 Points in 11 Zvents, i
coupled with a base on ball. BDHIed . - .. -i i
victory. There was no horsesho t
about it. i
tlcally invincible and the Ifcivennort
pastimers could do bu: little wi.h !,is
deliverv. He kept the hits scattered
nr.d appeared pood for an additional :
1R inning:'. Quir.ey grabbed one Ion'1
run in the fifth, aim ordinarily it
would have won f.jr them.
After Bromwfch h:id been retired :
hi the ultimate stanza. Clemens sin- '
Fled to cet.tfr Necr. the new f.rst '
hacker, won a habitation then and
there by leaning against a fast one,
which soared over the left fieid pali
sade for a homer. Much jubilation
and two runs. Cosgrove doub'ed and
trotted home on Coleman's single, at
which time it was deemed advisable
to yank Mister Hover. Tonneson
mounted the slab and was greeted
with a noisy single, which emanated
from the t"UKty war club possessed
by Twlrler Barnes. Heed (lew out '
to right field, but Koepping walked,
filling the banes MoGillicudy Fla
herty, the sterling right gardner. t
this juncture uncorked a screaming
base blnglc, which drove Coleman and
Hurtles over the bread pan. Brom
wkh ended the agony by flying to
right garden. In yuincy's half it wis
a large juicy b'urk.
A brief unalyt!-; of the rally will
reveal the fact that the rir-g leaders
in the final ma s tic re were the new
men, NeT, Cosgrove, lS:iriies and
Flahaty. Pretz.dtovn inhabitants
I .4 iS
E 3 :?
Vash!ncroTi. I).
;!iN mornlrg staled tbe ::
that pcrniirt dapi.-ltig. and !
from us iu : liti t i . i -
he it
The score:
Qul'iey. K !! I'd. ,.
K'e- i-, rf i l ; ,
' Mlger. s. I) r .'
:'.v.:n. i) ' u
arri,a:i. if o r. n
ICchl. L'b 0 2 S 1
'V'ard. cf u 1 1 I)
i'ichards, :'b i) u u
l'n. c 1 ) ? o
T'l'-st. c 0 n i i)
ICcyer. p 0 i) 1 i;
Tonnesor. p 0 ) 0
Henry o 1 n (i
Mertens t 1 0
Total 1 0 21 S
Hatted for l-'o i;i seventh.
'Hatted for I'rb ,-t iri ninth.
J:. H. I'O
The one mile event featured the 1
hatiduu;! track meet last night, which ,
was won by the junior class with but ;
very little difficulty, a U.ia! of 70 ;
points being annexed in 11 events, j
Freshmen landed second place with
."i. sophomores ltj ?nd seniors in '
points The interc'ass rrcord for the
miic event was broken by :'-' seconds.
Cartel. 'In. was awa.rd(.'d ri :0yard
handicap, while Chalk. '14. the win-
were cor.tent to bring up tlie rear on i history
the fir.-t lap. fraduaUy passing tln
weaker ones, stariing the final dash
well in tiie lead of il:e li'd. At the
turn In home stretch, both men were
running neck and nefk. and in spite
of lienzied bursts of speed, breasted
the rubber in a dead heat. Chalk the
:ic:t mar. natr.rH.Ny lar ding the vic
io:y. Time. :,:v.
TBI "l.T-.H HKSt l.TS.
The complete
winners follows:
'lfty-yard di.s!:: Time " n-5 seconds
Hippler. '14. scratch. Prst : Clark,
'1.'.. sc'i'tcii. second: Sf lia'.U. 1'", tiiird,
r.;,:e feet. M''.'i!!.i(li, H;. nine feel,
iii-rl: jurrp - Height, ." feet 3 inches;
!'::-!, i !!,'..: . 'li. scratch; .e:-ond, ! rro ess Manater Clark
fiil'e-., ;. iiuhes: third. Schuck. ' done at' tb ati'al ::
';'. ' r.i. fo.Si tit, dass, '14. i the yoi'Tigr'ers v.
i.ra:- '.. i in th l! s-tra:T'a
Mi-e rui' -Time. 5 minutes and 'Z
iccondj". First, ' halk. '11. scratch
seoid. Carte-. '15. 10 yards; third
Thomas, 'ltj. 'Z", yards; fourili, Drips
,'1o. ."0 yards
Ifi'iyard dash -Time 10 4 5 seconds: 1
; First. Hippler. ")4. 0 feet; second, 1'hll
btnok, '14. 15 feet: third. Clark, '15,';
i scratch; fourth. Wtiisler. '1 i, 10 feet, j
Hroad jump - Distance. I'll feet, 'Z '
; inches: First, witisier. 14. 2 feet :! Eight Men to Ecprc:cit Local
' sei-oaii. Ti: .n:a.-. '16. 11-2 feet; third,! Hitrh Sc'toI r.t Gi'ey. hvT
; ' i. F ' .
' cau cinb has been put off for two
,: w eeks. i
t . . . . . ;
in regard 'o me report caoiea irom t
New York that the New York Yacht
i 'ul. would ask for rome further par-:
; tic ulars. Sir Thomas Lipton said ho I
i could not understand what further de-!
! tails were desired, as the challenge :
i was drawn on the lines of previous Robinson Routed With ThrC3
ones which the New York Yacht club :
. had accepted.
Runs in Ninth, but Hendrix
Checks Attack.
W. I
j Davenport 2
, F.loomington 1
' Danville 1
I I'eoria 1
j r-ubuque 0
L)tatur t)
Springrluld 0
I yuincy 0
1 Pittsburgh. Pa.. April 26. Fred
j Clarke's Pirate crew broke the tie for
i second place with Chicago in their
' own favor yesterday by annexing the
, first scrap of a four game series by a
score of 6 to 3.
j Jack Robinson, some southpaw,
n.-tA inouKiii lie nan a wnuewasa in signi
.000 , '
o l.ooo
0 l.OCO
0 1.CO0
0 1.000
L:'fi to r:z' Cddic Foster. George MrBnde. Uay Morgan and Chick (iandil.
list of events and ' be devoted to the doir
men making up t..-.
p-;! - WVien
J i pres nt Atreri:-a:i
leag'ie baseball season is- wnu.:-u.
when its deeds and misd'-eds al he", o
pasfei into ni re ''tin tnd prlnt-.-d
wcrd, or o'jliv'.cn. v, hen v-.o inrres are
pivea their meed cf pr,i'sc u:id tac
dubs thpir dae crnteinpt, it is prob
able tha a Urge bulk of :-!-aise Mid
a wordy chaf er n tii- hislO'y wi'l
ot tour yoan.
'ilild o the
Washington f?en;-.?ors.
N"a.iona!s Utr- Ictt suntai-r. They aro I Gandil. seci'red from Montreal par
ti. tour v, ho ar a ready sitherias j ly in the season, was the man whi hol-
to vlier.iSt ! "ts ki.'doj ct prai.i .a the
American league racp, still bin a wea
yot'.ns tV.ini;.
V.'i'h youth and a-nb'tion to back
tl'rni up, tb.cy :re inaking the most
of a wc rid of speed and aatural base
1 ball ability. They may not yet take
, tank v.-:th
s'f tvd up the Washington tiiield an-
was considered responsible for that
record breaking series of victories. Me
ed the first basemen in fielding and
hit the ball fcr a ."'ir average. His
presence on the iaj'.ial sack gives the
inlielaers all ih? confidence in the
tl;- great Infield of the world.
Athletic-F, but they are ' Mcrgan. two vears a-o the bov von-
Philadelphia S
Washington T
Cleveland 10
Chicago T
St. Louis 6
Detroit a
lk)ston 4
New York . 2
N'-v York T
Pittsburgh S
Chicago . . . 7
Philadelphia 4
P.rooklvi; 5
St. Louis 4
Cincinnati 'Z
Poston 2
when he started the ninth inning, but
COO i uuicher man up count ejacuiaie his
000 11 Ilan,t lne Trojans stung htm in
several different localities. Before ha
i could recover from his astonishment
pc. j and pain Jack felt the hook and Hen
drix was called upon to subdue the
s rampant Cubs.
714 ' Aside from that desperate ninth in
ning rany it was rmstiurgu s game
all the way. The score:
.42! !
V. L. Pc
.357 Chicago AM. R. H. PO. A.
.liM Clymer. cf 0 0 3 0
.1S2 Schulte. rf 4 1 1 2 0
: Mitchell. If 3 1 0 4 0
Zimmerman, 3b 4 0 10 1
pct Saier, lb 3 0 1 9 0
77S Evers. 2b 1 0 0 0 2
'707 Pbelnn. 2b 3 0 0 1 2
.636 ' Bridwell. ss 2 0 1 3 2
io7l i Archer, c 4 0 0 2 1
.500 Richie, p 2 0 0 0 0
.364 i Humphries, p 0 0 0 0-1
.222 1 Mresnahan 1 0 0 0 0
.300 Leach 1 110 0
Total 31 3 5 24 9
ChK-k Gondii
Morgan at
McBride a' shirts". r.r. I i
ter a' third !. ::re th
who best demorrlrr.te tie-
liust, l!y
.i i G.'2rs,o
Id'e Fos
c;a. ri
" vebuildins
CrirlU'i has
ul -l:y. Th.-y re
f gyred so la'gv
u'irj'j wen by Ike
comers in every settee of th.? word' ! dor of the league wiien tried st third
and should improve for years to come, j bate, has settled down into a crack
The scn'or member of tl.e outfit is ; ing good second baseman, beatrig out
Captain Ge,rzi MBride. who without ! 'ho hard-hitting veteran Laporu Foe-sl"-
of fal "riug has heT3 dewn 1 ie-, ancther clever younsster. played
tc- for tl:e Xa: icn Us for s!x . every ga.ie of the season las: ye.tr
Last year he 'rd Co
field. nr: with a percn'-
shot '.:
sbci'iStCOs 1:1
.?. cf .iMl. H's ra'iie.- jirht bitting,
nly ,23S. wi? ?:oid eno'trh for a short- i
r;op rf his bri'liaat nic5,anlC2l and
mental tbiiity. He could bat about
1'.3 r!1 s ill be ty-v cf h'B jab.
Milwaukee .
Colun.bus ..
Kansas City
Louisville ..
St. Paul
at third base aad bis clever work was i
crie of the sensations of the league. :
When Clark GrirTith watches this
quarte in operation' he grins a con
tented smile. He fcls "ike a man
given a bunch of 5o-year government
LEG .S i
"eptance c.r rejection in the hands!
a commit! ee of 12 members of the
-.!). if wnirh Commodore Dsllas 15. !
att will be the chairman. i
W. L.
Den vcr ...'.... 5 1
Lincoln 5 1
Omaha 4 '1
Sioux City 3 3
St. .Joseph 3 3
i T-.peka 2 4
Drs Moines 0 4
Wichita 0 t!
' .500
Batted fcr Richie in eighth.
Batted for Clymer in ninth.
R. H. PO. A. E.
113 0 0
Pittsburg h
' Carey, If
Hofman. cf .
Byrne, 3b . .!
j Miller, lb . . .
! Wilson, rf . . .
' Butler,. 2b
j McCarthy, ss
, Simon, c ....
! Robinson, p .
I Hendrix, p 0
. . .3
. . .4
. . .4
. . .4
. . .3
I 1
It 1
1 11
1 2
2 0
5 11
.0 o o ! J
.U U 0 u 0 V
( 'let'H ii.s.
Rover. Colvin. Kcr.
I. us Kahl. litiirv.
IT. Double
27 i;
J 0 0
0 0 5
ui : ".I ce
Reed, ss
Koeppiug. i'b . .
Flaharty. rf . . .
Proinwich. :'b .
Clemins. If ...
Neer. lt'
t '. ): ove. f . .
OieUlBU k . . . .
Ka;r.Lj, p
1 la veil port
Molcli base
hits - Flaharty,
.. ii.. Two bast
( osgrovo liuiiir run
p avs - Kahl to Fo.x. Karnes lo Brom
wlcli. ftoyer lo Kai l. Fir.-l b.i .e on
bHlls-Ofi Kcyer. 2; oft Barnes, 2.
Hit by pitcher ! :,ini"s ti'ox.
W ard i I'a.-seJ Isal! Pox. tftruek
out By lioyer, 2: t'j" Barnes. 6. Tiuiv
1:47. Cmpire Sullivan.
Chicago Glebe A. C. Representative
to See the Champion Soon.
Chicago. HL, April 2d -Mtiiouh
the Globe A. C, which staged the
Zhyy.ko-lj- Mar.n wres'ling mat h at
the Coliseum last Wednesda; nibt.
lost money on the show, otticials if
the organiZf.tieu are gunir. to take
oii. more whirl at the promoting game.
I; is Jhe il.teiition of the dub to stage
u finish match between Fn.uk Gotcn
and Zhyszko some time i:i July and
the Riverview motordrome lino ji;l ted
ly will be the scene of the conteM if
C.Otch will agree to n,-'it tne Poie. The
club Is satisfied it his piac.1 wrest lins
o.j ati honest basis in Chi.'ago and
Used Curs at Bargain
Wood Electric Coupe Batter
ies and car in first cUss con
dition. Midland 1 Sl 1 model, fore-door,
new top. Jiffy :do curta:ns.
and seat rovers, fully equip
ped. E. M. F. Five pass, fully equip
ped, top. windshield and
Reo Two cylinder, fully equipped.
j Yeggy-Don Sales Co.
McNeil. "13. 3 1-2 foef. fourth. Glass.
I 1 4. scratch
j 440-yard dasli - Time. 61 second:
'First, Wilson. '16. .scratch: secolid,
' Barker. '14. 20 yards: third, Jones.
'16 40 yards; fourth, Kohn, '16, 40
inches :
. second.
,'ir.. ;: f.
Meet Saturday.
pringfteld ..
! Fort Way no .
' Grand Hnoids
ie at mc? i vilson Orders Suspension of tivansvuie ..
Wednesday i . , . tx
iiiisiness ana senators j
,TI. . . ; 'j errn ilautc .
w.n, U ID 5,
put Distance, ji; feet. N 1-4
Fir.-t. Whis'tr. 'II, 1 feet;
Glass. 14. scratch; tiiird.
'14, 2 feet; fourth. Johnson.
ei u'halk. a scratch man.
was l aten by handicaps. i
Poie vault - Heirht. : fvei. 4 i'ac:hes:
First. Kane. 14. t; inches; secemd.
Tliorusor., '23. 1 f.ic.-I; ti:ird. Staudu-
I bar. '15. scrat. l,; iour;h, McNeil. "i;
si ra'ch.
8o- ard nif Tiir.c. 2 minutes.
1'". J-5 sccoid-: First. Miller. '14. HO
ya"ds; second. I. iln:a:i. '1.1. 60 yards:
third. Frelstut. 14. 15 ;-rds: fourth,
c halk. '14. scr'cli. n'.irtcr with but
5 yards, start ante fifth t.
Discus t'.row Distance, f2 feet. S
inciie.,: First. Glass. 14. scratch: see
na.l. .Ii.i nso:;. !C. 15 feet; third. Wilis
lir. 11. ly feet; fcurih, McNeil, 13,
15 feet.
22ft yard dash i No l.andictos) :
Eight men will rpre??;.t tlv local
high school at ,:ie Big Eicht intcr
schoiastic track a''ii f."i i nuot to b-..
held at Ga'esburu. III., iv : t Saturday,
HippW, Clark. "a :!k. iCip;). '1 bum is,
W'iison. t:!;.-".s a::d C;:rter in the
favored ones. The I'.o;k is!s-,.i ;'!h
1. tcs bat- mad" c.''"l'ent sbcwinaij
thus far this sc :.-!: J in-.i.U is ex
f.ected of t hem.
The n la;- fan: v:!! nrobal.lv in
clude Hippier. Ci . CI a'ik .in ! -.ij.p.
! K'pp. Ciaik atai i!.fi r ti.end
n 'l.e .".-I. i-i ami 22' s;i.i:'s. a::ii
Kipp. Tbcnias all'i Wi'.ois are bl;.'i I
'for tlie l n cve!-r. Cnalk. Car er an. I
. Th-stnas are !:ic ; e-i ja .e ti.lie and
, half mile runs, liliip'u uj.d Giasswiil
', cc. uipt to'in the h;gl: jump. wi::s chalk,
liass and Thomas are slate! !,; the
'frc::i,1 j.niij. ('-.: n Ccr'S'al. il-h.-ic.;1;
! rctic : ul. !'el;":s that tl:e i's '.:';. s
have an e.xc e':i uj i bunco fr . 1 :t J .
jMiss yolly Grohaiv. wili r- prr th.
j local h:gh sc-h.vil in .lie s' ; ojrrai.hic
contest Saturil.iv isor.)l:i
Sprir.rfic Id. III.. April 2...- lilico's
leglilatcrs who are backing the box
in;; :11 are preparing to have a gen
era! exhibition of the ga
.e r.rfcral. probably on
is' 'he week afier next- The program
is to 1-..- a'" en n an arena. The g'r.--
crt cr and fctate c;fi:cers and sll the i
, nienibcis of the legislature will
- ruests cf honor and admission v.-ill be athmgton. D. C. April 26.-When
! !rc-e to the general public. President Wilson heard yesterday the
! V.'Eshington team was playing its laal
Ms.d'Fcn, Wis.. April "0 - That homo game before departing on a
' Northw-i-trn vn;ver ity is to bo drop- , month's tour, he iimrucud i-lcrrery
poil ironi tne i. c r.r.hin i :i j ;ootLa:i
Total 32 6 - 9 27 . 8-1
j Chicago 00000000 33
Pittsburgh ...,.13000110 6
! Two base hit Zimmerman. Three
! base hit Leach. Struck out By
I Robinson, Clymer, Schulte (2), 2!m
j merman. Bridwell. Richie; by Richie,
Wilson. Bases on balls - OfT Richie.
2; off Robinson. 2; off Hendrix, I.
u i . . - I.' .. li..:.!.. ..M ...
naicr. mhs uii iticnie, n in i in
nings; olf Robinson, 5 in 8 1-3 in
nings. Time 1:45. Pmpires Ow
ens and Guthrie.
L. Pet. 1
o l.ooo :
1 .500
1 .500
2 .333
2 .000
ssl.c-dule was tiee'dod y.-Ftrday. In ar
rat:g'.ng the :-che;uu!e Northwestern
was allotted Oct. 2". for tuo Wisconsin
g.i!:v n:sd 1? ter. claiming the date was
. error, rc.ee .-;cd the: pjzinc- be play
el Nov. i.". Drvlrint; to retain this as
an open date. It was decided to drop
the Nc.rthwojtf-rti game.
mouse-trap with threo let-
Tr.mu y to close up the engagement
liot and hurried to the ball park, where
he saw Griffith's men win from Bos
ton, 5 to 4.
The president has attended four of
the fne games the team has played
here since the btjinnin; of the sea
son and the fans feci he is c-r.e of
them. He applauds vigorourly when
Washington makes a good play -for
dignity forbids that ;i president should
root -and looks disappointed when
the umpire's decision favors !he visitors.
ii:t i.ts i:s i i.itiA v.
Quinoy. 1 ; Davenport, 5.
Other games postponed; rain.
Chicago St. Lcais, rain.
Detroit, 0: Cleveland, 3.
Washington. 3j Boston, 4.
( Philadelphia. 4; New York. 0.
Pittsburg. 0; Chicago. 3.
New York, 0: Philadelphia, 0
innings; darhnoss).
Boston, 1; Brooklyn, 7.
Pt. Louis-Cincinnati, rain.
Columbus. 4; Milwaukee, 2.
Louisville, 5: Kansas City, 3.
Toledo. 5; Si. Paul. 4.
Indianapolis, 1; Minr.eapoli:
1 tsix
At yerfrday's gstne the president innings: rain).
j. :eh-::d to repair and leave the
i ril is trade shorter by
Vila ne to it?
does a c:!;ai
Tin e. 26 s' cond.-: In -;. Chalk. '14; I
second, Wilson. 16; third, Clark, 15; I
fourth. Whisler, '1 1. I
Tor.icht and Sunday Rock Island's
crack bowling aggreai -on. omposed Taylor gave Ed irpencer a terrific lac-
t MI
Philadelphia. Pa.. April 26.
of Art Paizmaini. Donahue. C. Mueller,
J. Wil li, Rounttee and an Etten. wiil
try ini lusious at the !'".lh annual
tournament of the Illinois Bowling as
toi'.aiion. to be staged at the Bensing-
r, Randolph, alleys. Pome of the men
ing in their tlx round lout at the
Broadway A. C. Thursday night. The
poiice stopped the bout in th? second
Pittsburgh. Pa.. April 28. An X-ray
left this morning, other? dpar;ed at examination of the injured knee of
noon, and a few will take the afternoon ' Hans Wagner of the Pittsburgh Na
train The 'cuals are slated to go on Mr-nal league team has disclosed noth
the alley- at 11:3 tonight ia the team in nicre thr.n a bad bruise-. Wtgnc-r.
..nttst. anil tomorrow afternoon for '. il is "1 Hay b-U witnin two
the doubles and singles. If the s. : weeks.
landers can bow 1 in anything like the ' .
form which has been displayed the j St. Louis. Mo., April 26. In a light
past few weeks, the'r chances of land- I weight wrestling contest, the winner
ing a giodiy rercemace of the prize : eo meet Champion Johnny Billiter. Al
money should be promising. I Warem of Pt Louis won over Max
The regular Friday eight contest at ! lAiberg. alto of pf. Icuis. in fctraier.t
-the Rock Island club was called off Thursday night. The Mrs: fail
Iat right, to permit the athletes to I fame in 21:25 and the second in 1:02.
rest up for the t ig meet. !
j New York. April 26. The New York
A Change of Address. ' YatLl club al a meeting Thurs ly
The Unp plumbing stop is now lo i night to consider the challcTz" of P r
rtccd up ami c bet red w hen the Wash
ington team tied the score and forg.-d
ahead in the eig'at h inning. As h
lot. be pax'.: he- -vas rbeered. He had
been tilting in a I ox in the upper
tic i and though the crowd jammed
the e:-.it be'ow they voluntarily m; .-"
a path as he passed out with bis
laughter, Mits Margaret, and Secre
tary Tumulty. As the party entered a
White house motor there were mote
rbeerf, "come again. Woody," and sim
ilar expressions of approval came from
the fans.
The White house itself is always
astir on an afternoon when the nome
tei.m plays. All the attaches who
could get away went to the game and
those who stayed behind eagerly heard
the returns in the telegraph room.
When the break cir.ie in the eighth
the entire force of clerks swarmed to
the telegraph ley.
Pomebody said after the game that
President Wilfon was rorry the team
was going away .
"I'm not a all sorry," declared Ma
jority Leader Fr.derwood of l be house
v itb empha.-is w hen he heard it. "Con
gress w ill be able to do Fome business
game vvas farcical at times. Next Sun- i 'J f"1"1" sensauorai uvu un-
day the "CC" aggregation w ill clash I til ,ne eighth when he weakened and
Washington by a great finish batted
! 5. Why does a homely young girl
know she will eventually be good
. looking.
1 Cu-t.
. 2. M-end.
3. Phort shori-er.
4. When it is sat in.
5. Phe will be a pretty oid girl
si.o lives long.
Lir coin, 6: Wichita. 1.
Di s Mcines, l; st. Joseph, 7.
Pi-tu: City, 12: Omaha, 1.
Denver, 12; Top"l:a, 1.
I ayton. '; Fort Wayns, 7.
Other giiuss postponed; rain.
('ebb's reinstatement promptly and
does not keep him out of the gamo
any longer it is expected he will b
in shape to play within a week.
Cincinnati, Ohio. April 26. "Other
than having been informed that Cobb
bad signed with the Detroit Ameri
co'i league team 1 know nothing about
hi? case. 1 naturally will have to
wait until a formal application for re
instatement has been made and will
have: to go into the details before 1
: can say anything."
Tbe above statement was made to
jday by August Herrmann, chairman of
i the national commission, when he waa
! informed that Cobb had applied for
j reinstatement.
j Washington, 11. C. April 26-Ty
I Cobb's agreement with the Detroit
.baseball club will not deter Represen
tative Gallagher of Illinois from pres:
! in;-; his proposed congressional Inves
tigation of the so-cailed "baseball
: trust." Today Mr. Gallagher eonfer-
leu with m'liibers of the rules com
! mittce? to learn what the chances were
i fo- hearings on his resolution as soon
: s the tariff is disposed of.
j Representative Hardwick of Oporgia
i declared he bail abandoned his Inten
sion to introduce a similar resolution
because of the agreement between
i Cobb and the Detroit management.
At noon tomorrow Managers Jensen
uni Naab will load their Cross Country
bail eossers into a buzz cart and take
an overland spin for Coal Valley,
v. h: re they are scheduled lo play their
firs", game of the season. Iast Sun
dry the team worked out in an exhi
bition game mith the Lawudales. but
oa ing to the f-c: tht only a few of
the regulars were in the lineup, the
1 Tennis Is in full swing at Augus-
Star ard Nvin Reach l'-iUit- 'ah Conrad, taking advan-
Agreement After Two
Eour Confab.
with the Geneseo club on the visitors
gre.-.r.d? Tomorrow- iitienp as fol
ia .".r: f'etrrrcr. lb; Davcnrc-rf. 2b:'
Cortli, an! Hul-gro::. ss: Naab. Cb. ; SIR
f: Me-P.r.de. rf: Gitf. rf: An-:
out a victory.
v, ncir
dre w s,
lips, P
Detroit, Mich.. April 21 -After a
eoLferenre with President Navin yes-;
terday afternoon Tyrus Coob, center '
f.t-ider of the Detroit American le ague
tetm, attached his signature to a 1!13
ocn tract. Tbe terms were not give-n
out. Application to the national corn-.
n-.itEion for Cobb's reinstatement was .
made immediately. j
Tbe conference between President
Xvia and Cobb lasted about two ;
hours. Both emerged from tbe room
srtilitg and when asked for tbe eon-
iraet terms they smiled inore" broadly,
bu: refused to give out any informs 1
ra.en in it? new quarters at 613 St- j Thomas !.i'jo.i for t'-e A.p.eti. a's
eMceata sueet. (AdvJ voted to leave tie fcatire n.tttr
c; Long. Boehlcr and Phil- English Challenger Sumriaed bv Ne tion
' i York Club's Delay. ' ThiB is my last holdout," said Cobb
" London, April 25 Sir Thomas Lip- as be left Mr. Navin's office. "I'm
.. .s a Fact. jfollf MCO nas been anxiously awaiting going r0 get into my uniform just as the college at the conclusion of th
largest ar.d finest equipped tbe reply of the New York Yacht elur. soon rmKsil.!.. anri hotrin i nr-. :
rlumbfr.g esritiislimer.' in the trice t-j to his challenge for tbe America c im ' tie:,, and I'll h riiv tn' niav when! '.
, ta're of the enthusiasm for the net'
j sport, has organi:;jd a tournament ln:
singles, which v.a's laurcbed yester
i day. Twenty r::cc;uet artists entered
i the lists and ;:re paired off in the pro-',
liminaries ss follow:::
i L. Lundberg and E. Larson.
Pten and E. Lundberg.
Hed Strom and M. Larseiri.
Anderson and Paulson.
Eiistam and Linden.
Blomgren and Ryden.
j Carl berg and E. Johnson.
! Andreen and A. Johnsein.
Rudeliu3 and Gibson.
A. Larson and Fronde.
From this batch Coach Conrad
hopes to bo able to pick out a few
"hopefuls" after the general elimina
tion and produce two or three fast
teams to represent the college in dou
bles against tri-oity contenders. A
tournament in doubles may be held at
.t.-. -on.s puc:a? tn iser-iis trmf nat surprised that its e-.onsid- thev Im me
of . entetsaui stretL (Advj 1 eiauua hi, tLn cr.imiie of tiie Ameri-1 If the national commibsion acta on
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news all tie time "'e

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