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Tri-Cities on Official Maps
the Ocean-to-Ocean Asso
ciation Route.
Trans-Continental Course
Clinton, Iowa, Is Close Rival
for Tourists.
The Tri-CUy Ocean-to-Ocean High
way aseiociaiion, which was organized
in December. 1912. has succeeded dur
ing the past few tnrtrtthn in accoruplisb
ii.H great resuHu. It was orgaszed
mainly tor the-parpune of securing rec
ognition Irom Una National Highway
association and the touring public in
I Treasurer R. C. Burchell. Erie. j
I There are also two directors from j
! each township from Davenport to Ster-1
j ling.
i There will be a very important
', meeting of the officers, directors and
! mmmiiiffB of the Rrwfe River Vallev
; Route association at Erie tomorrow
of afternoon. The business meeting will
, he called to order promptly at 2
' nVlrw If t h i m cinrff a n v wnt (ri from
1 the trinities and East Moline an op
' portunfty of eating dinner at home
! and driving in their autos to Erie
HEAVY; and arriving there in time for the
; business meeting. Whfle thU meeting
1 is to be a business meeting especially
Going via , for the officers, directors and com
mitteemen, any other booster who is
interested in this route is cordially
invited to be present.
A great deal of important business
will be transacted, among which will
be the ordering of a number of at
tractive signs, the painting of the tele
phone poles, the selecting of a re
sponsible man to act as field secre
tary, whose duty will be to call on
Captain W. A. Blair F3es Claim
Because Southern Cruise of
Star Is Halted.
Request Based on Charge of Interfer
ence With Navigation Settle
ment Is Expected.
"where a private corporation is re
sponsible for deliberate interference
with the rights of navigation on any
of the rivers it should be fo-ced to
atone heavily," declares Captain Wal-
of the I. W. W. as had been expected !
and when the company evinced its j B
of the 6trite, the men who had left i
their jobs gradually drifted back.
When the strike was declared off,
those of the strikers whose places
had not been filled were taken back,
the company not caring to chastise
them. Those whose places had been
filled, and there was a considerable
number of new men hired during the
early progress of the strike, were out
of a position. An official for the 1.
W. "W.-stated today that another stride
might be called in the future when
the men were better organized.
The Industrial Workers of the
WorW announce that they win hold
an open meeting at Market square
Saturday night and invite the general
public and especially the 'working men
of the three cities to be present. Sev
eral good local speakers have been
secured to talk on labor and civic
every fanner on this route and secure iter Blair, veteran upper Mississippi
subseriptons for as much money as j steamboat owner and manager. Such
rx.ssiblf to lip impel toward a fund i a situation now confronts the steam-
general an being on the main adver-j wnioh wl mmuaIlv buid a nard j boat trade plying between northern
tised automobile highway connecting j road from Moline to Hillsdale, ! and sontbern ports as a result of the
Chicago, Omaha, Denver and San
Francisco, butievrng that the bulk of
the automobile travel from the east
would naturally want to come to the
great city of Chicago.
This objnei. has-already been accom
plished to a certain extent, as on tfte !
latest maps pohtieued by the National
Highway association (wnich is the or-1
ganizatiun which has for the past five
years been endeavoring to create a
ie aliment toward arcunng federal and
state aid on important highways, con
ntwttag tb important raties in the dif
ferent stale) shxnv the tn -cities as '
the Miavusstppi rrT crossing of the
main national highway connecting Chi-'
cago, Omaha, iJeuvcr and San Fran-1
TtuTt wia.no doobt be a number a?
other main adstxtiued official c,-oss '
country roosra. The one which will I
bo the strongest conrpetttor for the'
Chicago, tri-city and Omaha route will
Erie and Sterling. The officers of I delay with the construction work of
are as follows:
B. Johnson, East
-Will H.
X. Simonson,
tjie great Keokuk dam. After repeat
ed promises by the engineers in
charge of the work that the locks
would be specially opened on May 16
to allow the steamer Morning Star to
pass through on its spring tour down
I the Tennessee river the owners book-
ed nearly 100 passengers and more
1 were expected.
The word came Saturday that the
locks would not be flooded and the
,' continued high water stage was given
as an excuse. Steamboat owners be
lieve that this is only a very inconse
quential curiae and that the fact of the
matter is the contractors are now at
tempting to rush through work that
should have Iwen completed before
the river season was opened.
Captain Blair says that he has al
ready filed reasonable claims against
no dcwlA.be the -oote w-b is known , T ...... ; ule Mississippi rower company con-
as the -Tratm-Cxntiintal Route." ; HammC" Her Into Insensibility .; tractors who are building the dam,
whV4i fntlmra the main bn of tho (VI and Makes Esrane Prin- ias being responsible for the cancel-
it S. W. rattwy from Chicago to Ster-' cinals Unknown
' this association
; President A.
I Vice President-
I Sterling.
Secretary Devore
Kock Island. "
Treasurer R. C. Burchell. Erie.
I Chairman Publicity Committee S.
i W. Searle, Kock Island.
' . .....
i v uairman Legislative lommiui
i C. J. Searle, Rock Island,
j Chairman Membership Committee
I II. H. Palmer, Hillsdale.
Mississippi Valley Fanciers' As
sociation Soon to Be a
The Game of Lillies
"Auction of Today' by Milton C. Work, ex
plains the up-to-date development of cU clar
ation and play under the new count. Mr,
Work originated the new count which is to
day the universal method of scoring. The
book contains the latest code of revised rules
of the New York Whist Club. We recom
mend ''Auction of Today" as the best guide
to successful play.
8uccessor to "Crcmpton's" and "Kingsbury's"
1719 Second Avenue SffSJ ROCK ISLAND
ling, Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Marshall
town and Omaha. This road is well
organized and advertised.
rwoiovij. iutn.
The promoters of the Chicago, tri
clty and Omaha division of the na
tional highway, however, feel confi
dent that with their plan of using the
regular trarm-corttiiMmial road from
Chicago to-Sterling, and by having two
rival roads coriincttng Sterling and
1hj tri-cltics, they will be able to not
only secure better roads but also to he
utile to keep up the interest in the
The conditions from the trinities to
Sterling have attracted a great deal
of intention and favorable comment
in lion of the Morning Star cruise
which was to have started May 15
and in which a number of tricity peo
ple were directly interested. When the
government granted the promoters a
right to go ahead with the colossal
work at Keokuk it was stimilated in
nue early this morning. Residents I the agreement that the rights of prop
rushed to various windows in time to i erty owners along the river ajd of
business should not be injured. With
A piercing feminine scream rudely
av.akened sluniberers in the vicinity
of Thirteenth street and Second ave-
see a man choking a young woman
who fought strenuously to protect ber
th is backing by the government the
Three wills were probated yesterday
afternoon by Judge B. S. Bell. . Ellen
Gingles of Reynolds willed her estate
to her friend. Marv C. Snow, and nam-
to his heels, and made his escape, j said Captain Blair, "but if the case has ! ed her executrix ill an instrument dat
Abandoning the chase, the second man to go to court the limit of damages ! cd Jan 1ft 1)o2 Fritz Kohl nf Moline
frn people inure.ui. As a high av . rc " lb or the batUe and , will be demanded as a Ijrion to Intel- left bin" estate to his w.dow. Anna
Bt-ii. i lie man. uiiuriaiea Dy tne re-1 sieamuoat men wno win suner as a
siptance off ered, struck her in the face I result of the delay in getting the
with his fist, knocking her down. As locks in shape feel reasonably sure of
:th" girl lay unconscious on the side-1 realising on their claims for damages.
I walk, another man dashed out of the "We are willing to settle on very
! shadows, whereupon the assailant took i reasonable terms with the company,'
Articles of incorporation In their
final form were adopted last night at
a meeting of representatives of the !
poultry clubs of the three cities and
the papers were forwarded today to
Des Moines, Iowa, as the new tri-city
poultry association will be incorpor
ated under the laws of Iowa. The or
ganization is to be known as the Mis
sissippi Valley Fanciers' association
and . the temporary officers nam
ed in the incorporation papers are Dr.
O. M. Meyers, president; H. E. Kill-'
iner, vice president; O. F. Freeman,
secretary, and W. J. Sweeney, treas
urer. Some time in June, after the adop
tion of a constitution and set of by
laws, an election will be held for
the naming of permanent officers'. A
board of control will have charge of
the association and eacli of the three
cities will have equal representation
on this board. The purpose of the new
association is expressed in its slogan,
"Harmony and one big show a year."
111 tk a rK Jk no III
assisted the victim to her feet. The
mu'ter was not reported to the police
Improvement association has b'eu or
along both of the rival routes
iim! i; is their intention to raise as j
n.i-h money as possible toward the ! QR SERVICE TO THE
immediate improvement and eventual-!
ly toward the building of a permanent
l:::rd "ligiiway connecting these points.
The Rock river valley route which
connects East Moline, Hillsdale, Erie, i street car service to the Watch Tower
l.tidon. Gait and Sterling, is 5 'J-l" i and the informal opening of that pop
miles phorUT than the rival route and I ular summer resort under the nian-
ests that obstruct navigation
Ig'itful season."
in its
Today murKVd the resumption of
tiny have perfctel an organization
which is very enthusiastic and which
they claim will build a hard road in
the very near future. The officers of
thii' road are as follows:
President A. B. Johnson. East Mo
line Vice President-Will H. Miller. Ster
ling Secretary Edwin E. Hanson, HiliP-
Industrial Workers of the World
Give Up Fight and Some of
Men Are Taken Back.
Kohl, and named her executrix. The
will was drwn jij 1003
J. L. ( roftder cf Silvis. the banker
aim from injuries inflicted by
bandits who robbtd his bank, left his
estate in Trust for his wife and chil
dren, W. I. Taze being named as ex
ecutor and trustee. The wiil was da'
ed Dec. 27, 1912. A fijrhf to break the
provision making Mr. Taze trustee is
practically assured.
The Formal Opening of the
Smutz Studio
1807H Second Avenue
Formerly known as the E. N. Kerr Studio
Monday, May
The studio has been completely remodeled
throughout. Everything new and up-to-date.
iigemenl of George H. Stephenson, for
mer steward of tile Rock Island club, j
As a result of the car service to the !
Tower, several new crews were as- j
signed to the Watch Tower line and j
this brought about a geiu-ral change j It was learned today from local
in the runs of the other employes in headquarters of the Industrial Work
tliis ity and Moline. According to pr'- ' ers of the World that the strike at
ority the men get their choice of runs : the Rock Island Sash & Door works
and as a result there were many has been called off. The workers at
The Odd Fellows of the city are al
ready beginning to plan tor their an
nual county picnic. This is usually
held' in June and a pleasant time is
ifnticipated this year. It is expected
committees to arrange the details will
Pair Arrested in Milan on Infor
mation Charging Them With
Being Immoral.
Sedate Milan has been shocked
;rain. Yesterday afternoon a deputy
-heiiff invaded, the town "and placed
mona Borden when she fled from a
sanitarium in Pompton, N. J., last
week, according to her own statement
yesterday Saturday she was restored
to her father, Gail Korden, millionaire
condensed milk manufacturer, in Ilos
ton after a search by detectives in
many states.
"People say I am rich, that my par
ents are rich," the girl said in ex
planation of her flight. I guess that
is true, but that does not mean that
I can be happy. Daughters of rich
people are not always happy The
trouble is I haven't had a home for
many years. I have been sent from
one school to another, but none wa
City Editor of Moline Mail and
Journal Becomes Interested '
in Kewanee Call.
;the plant did not respond to the call i be appointed within a few days.
We Sell these Beautiful Welt Sewed Shoes
for S2.50. Order a pair by mail.
a colored couple under arrest, the -home. What I have wanted so badly
'charge being adultery. This morning j was a home I have not had it."
jthe priFoners, John Kimball and Mol-1 Tne win have a home vitta her
1 lie Grigsby, were arraigned in Jus- "loiner nenceiortn. loaay, said Mrs.
1 J H '
A Few Specials at S2.S
We sell six pairs while the oth
er fellow sdts one.
We make as much on six pairs
as he dees on one.
We save you SI. 50 on every
We sell you real custom made
s'loes for $2.50. .
325 Seventeenth St.
Near Fourth Avenue
S2.50 S2.50 S2.50
We hare your size in erery
new last and to asy leather.
We have spent months select -tn
these beautiful models that
we now offer yoa for $2.50.
l-i'-M 1Wli
im 1 1 .mi i, m f.w u ;
'mm j
tice t'. J. Schroeder's court and the
case continued until 3 o'ciock this af
ternoon. A $"00 bond was hung over
hoth parties, and being unabie to fur
nish security, the dusky lovers were
remanded to the county jail.
The Grigsby woman left her husband
one month ago, taking her 11-year-old
daughter with her. A house was se
cured on the outskirts of Milan. Iegal
action followed a complaint made by
M. H. Vance. The Grigsby woman's
husband is employed in this city, but
resides in Davenport.
New York, May 1. A girl long
ing for a home was 17-year-old Ro-
Avoid Stomach Distress or Indigestion
After Eating Mi-o-na.
Horden, they will start for Ios An
geles. Romona declared she had trou
ble with the sanitarium nurse, who
attended her.
"I just got desperate and wired my
mother to come and get me," she said.
K. P. Uundquist, a tri-city news
paper man and employed on the Mo
line Mail as its city editor, has re
sisted his position, having become
financially interested in a new newspa
per enterprise at, Kewanee, 111. H.
I,. Throop, a well known newspaper
man of Kewanee, has established what
will be known as the Kewanee Call,
a daily, and Mr. Rundnnist will take
charge of the editoilal end while Mr.
Throop will manage the business department.
Are you frequently noarse? Do you
have that, annoying tickling In your
throat? DoiiB your cough annoy you
at night, and do you raise mucur. In
the morning? Do you want relief?
If so, take Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy and you will be pleased. Sold by
all druggists. (Adv.)
New Way Corn Cure,
Nrvrr Trld It Itrfwrrf Vov'tl Marvel
Hon- If Makra ( uma V a Blah.
Let us tell you how to enjoy a good
dinner so that the heartiest meal will
set welt on your stomach, cause no un
pleasant and disagreeable after-effects;
no kick-back, as it were.
V will show yo now to regain the
appetite of your childhood; and, best
of all, perfect enjoyment of your food.
There is no hard work; no need of
a rigid diet list; no disagreeable med
i' ine; instead, eat what yon like, when
you want it, and use Mi-o-na Stom
ach Tablets. Mi-o-na spells stomach
comfort. Its action on the food in
the stomach Is immediate- It i not
enly a digestive giving prompt relief,
but a specific for stomach Iks. Mi-o-na
strengthens the digestive organs,
sooths the irritated membrane, and
Increases the flow of digestive fluids
fo that the stomach is always ready
to care for the food as nature intended.
Do not continue to suffer with that
uncomfortale feeling after a hearty
meal. Get a box of Mi-o-na Stomach
Tablets today always keep them in
j 'he house carry them when traveling.
To ecjry i'-'e is to enjoy your meals.
Money a'ways refunded if Mi-o-na
is no satisfactory. The Thomas Drug
company and druzgists everywhere, i
Charles K. White to Edward W. Die
trich, lot 16, block 17, Forest Hill sec
ond addition, Moiine, $&50.
Prances J. Ieavens et at to Jennie
G. Clark, lots 8 and 9, block 1. William j
Dickson, Milan, $200.
Stella N. Goodwin to Henry Van
Acker, part lot 11, Mrs. U N. Warner's
first' addition. Ra.t Mnlino tl'T. I
K. H. Stafford to Henry Goethals, ! (2 fTQ IT HmIpI Qliro!
lots 12 and 13, block 6. Silvis, $580. yulOn, OUI C.
Reinhold C. Ijetschi to John Harder,
lots 20, 21 and 22, Tilock 222, New
Shops addition. East Moline, $1,050.
Julius DeSutter to August DeSutter,
lot 12, block 150, East Moline, $275.
Arthur A. Smith to Margaret E.
Grant, lot 9, block 188, East Moline,
M. Horstkamp to Charles P. Com
fort, lot 5, Chapman's subdivision,
Candee Grove, $500.
Floyd E. Thompson to J. Lawrence
Greer, part lots 3 and 4, block 172,
East Moline, $2,600.
Guyer, White & Pope to . George
Marshall, lot 27, block 123, New Shops
addition. East Moline, $350.
Charles H. Pope to George E. Van
Beke. lot 14, block 159, East Moline,
Rheumatism Relieved in a Few Hours.
N. B. Langley, Madison, Wis., say:
"I was almost helpless with rheuma
tism for about five months. Had it in
my neck so I coo id not turn my head,
and all through my body. I tried
three doctors and many remedies
without any relief whatever until I
procured Dr. Detchon's Relief for
Rheumatism. In a few hours the
pain was relieved and in three days
the rheumatism was completely cured
at-d I wa at work." Sold by Otto
Grotjan, 1501 Second avenue. Rock
Island; Gust Schlegel A Son, 220
West Second street, Davenport.
''ii-rrS-IT" 1
anytnmr lik
anythinjr Ilk'1
irid IM-ro Isn't
il la lUe corn
t wa.-
or i orrn. ;
il titw.
Biases! Vi-Tf n Boafnasa lltrwimK-
Tmu. 1h M.KTS-1T." Tber-li
cure on a nw principlo. put It on any
corn In two aaxond; it afrpa pain, the,
rorn Iwarlnx to hrlv:l and diippar.
It nev:r falln. Simph-m thing you ever
aw. No fussy bandaK', no greasy,
salves to turn h-aithy n-Hh "pwly" sod
nw; no plasters that make corns du1k
o:it. Your corns won't pull and hurt
'way up to your heart.. !-ay asid- yoar
kntf and razor. No mor ilijrgclne; and
t iKping- and wlnrinr, no mor bl?l-i
Ire;, no more danker of blood poison.'
"iJKTH-IT" nwr iiuris healthy flh;)
It Is aaO. pttinias. quick, simple. Mr.. r
Kf,r wrta r-slouftas and buniofia, too.
'ijirVH-lT" la fold t all drujj-sriats at
2." rents a hottla or scat oh rtcrint oC
i ZCc a Iarsa box. (Adv. 1
rrl- to i. lwrence it Co.. Chlcagn
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