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Augustana College This Year
Sending Out Ons of Largest
Classes in History.
Jchn Llnd. Former Governor of Min
nesota, to Give Address Thurs
day, May 29.
Commencement week this year at
Augustana college will be of unusual
Interest. The complete program, to
gether with the graduates from the
various departmon?, was given out
today by the president's office. The
feature of the week will e the com
mencement address Thursday morn
ing by ex-Governor John I-ind of Min
nesota. The former executive of Min
nesota is a well known orator, and
win undoubtedly attract a lar;e ui
diense. The speaker tf the seminary com
mencement pxercigcs Wednesday even
ing will be Preside nt elrt O. .T. John
son of GutaUfc AUoiplius college. Dr.
Johnson is a graduate or Augustana,
rnd for se-.-errl years hitcl been at the
liad of Luther college. Wahoo. Neb.
Two moniiiH ago lie was chosen presi-
Yocal solo ;
Address Rev. G. S. OhElund
Violin quartet (in sonata style) ..
Elizabeth Chaney, Mrs. Frederick, I
Andora Larrison, Hulda Peterson
Presentation of diplomas !
The President :
Doxology, No. 5. "Praise God from !
Whom All Blessings Hot", etc. I
Tuesday, May 27, 2:30 p. m.:
Piano !
Sonata Op. 14. No. 1 ... Beethoven
Allegro, Allegretto, Rondo
Hildora Engman.
Reading j
The Other Baby of Rudder ;
Grange Stocktor i
Lura C. Schoonmaker.
Organ 1
(a I At Eventide .. Floington-Hacker .
(b) Aases Death Grieg!
(O Canzonnetta : Gade J
Caroline Carlstedt. j
Piano j
(a) Nachtstuck Schumann'
(b) Warum
(cj Whims j
Eva E. Nelson. 1
Reading !
The Great Guest Comes . . Markham ,
Lura C. Schoonmaker.
la) Spring Dawn Mason
(b) Tarantelle Xicade ,
Hilda Branfors.
(a) Menuet Gothic Boellman
(b) Prayer, Notre Dame
(c) Marcia Widar
Mrs. Lindorff.
Graduates Piano: Hilda Branfors,
dnt of Gustavus Adolphus college
The business co11pe commencement j Hildora Engman, Eva Nelson. Organ:
speaker will b Hev. G. S. Ohslund, a Cnroline Carlstedt. Mrs. Murell L'.n
Chicai'o pastor.
Twenty-sU m n will be graduated
from the seminary department, one of
the argent classes i.i recent vears.
Nineteen ttud"nt wili receive the
hat helor of Arts degree in the col
lege, and one .Matter of Arts degree
be inferred. P. A. Paulson will
dellwr the valedictory.
Rev. C. .T. Yo.ineberc. un'i! recently
pastor of Salem Lutheran church. Mo
Lne, but now of Munson Station. Pa.,
w'll receive the decree of Doctor of
Divinity from the seminary. having
comp'e'ed liis course extending over
severul years. Hev. II. F. Lutz of
PiUsburs. Kas.. will receive the de
gree of C. S. T. from the heo'ogical
faculty. The program follows-:
n ti.ti HKtri: -i:nni;s.
Sunday, May IT., rt S p. in.
Oignn Toccata et Fi ga
Prcf. J. V. Bcrgquiru
Hymn. No. 2
Revs. I. O. NotiiFtein and Walter
Pearson. v
Soup, "Lead Kindly Licht" - It i' k
Wcnnerberg Chorus
Hymn. No. 271
Revs. 1. O. Noihs'cln a.rA Walter
Monday. Mar 2d. at 8 p. m.. sr.iirr;
la' p day cxerriyv
Sa.'utatory D. VrrT Swanscn i
ocil s' lo Vngve Jorant-'c-n
t'lai poem !..ir.. M'ltison j
Ora'kn, "The Tendencies of Our j.
Ace" Irving Munson
Vocal due'
. .Yncve Jcranso and Tage Joranmn
'lav? history Linis A. Hern"n
dorff. Expression: Luni C. Schoon- i
Commencement concert Tuesday,
May 27. S p. m.: !
(at Overture, Sergaglia ... Mozart '
(b) Minuet Hayden ,
(O Turkish March Beethoven ,
College orchestra.
(Algert inker, director). ;
(a) Andante Cantobile (organ)
(b) Portornle Guilmant.
J. Yictor Bergiuist.
L'na Furtiva Lagrlma (tenon
Lewis B. Canterbury. i
(a) He!ip Fader Flem;,ng
i hi Slumra Gufva ABlstrom
(c I Stormen
Wennerberg Chorus. .1. Victor Berg
iuist. Director.
Faust selection (two piano?) . .Gouuod
Effl Johnson and LilMe Ccrvin.
Reading. Mrs. Peter Magnus Seeks
Advice Charles Dickens
Iva C. Pearc? :
(a i Sumer is Icamen In j
(Oldest piece of choral music extant, ,
(hi Matona Mia Cara
Oralando Icssus, 1520-1594 i
Acapella Choir
(a) There, Little Girl, Don't Cry 1
Westendorf 1
(bi Briar Rofps Debois i
in On the Sea Buck
Wennerberg Chorus '
(a) Iwatli of the Maiden Schubert;
(bi Dappel dancer Schubert
Lewis B. Canterbury
Allegro Waertcso (from first organ
scnata .T. Yictor Bergquist
LilMe Cervin
!iHVI KV MMl: F.Ml-IVr.
Fl an
It Is the London Plan to
Please the Man
We risk more than you do when we urge you to come in
invest in a suit of
"I' System,
or 'Woodhull, Goodale Bull
(Union Made)
You can be mighty sure that we know what we are recom
mending. We know that we must please you, not simply
please your eye by the looking-glass, but please you every
day during the life of a suit you buy from us.
We Risk Our Reputation if we don't Please You
$ 1 5.00
We'll please you on the price also.
We offer you the London Special at
The best made suit you can buy for the price.
Nortolk, English and plain styles.
Adler-Roehester, "L" System and
Woodhull, Goodale & Bull Makes 3;?
Slip-Ons and Raincoats $5 to 25. Boys' Suits 3.50 to $12.00.
Mark Cross $5.00 Safety Razors for 25c. Extra blades 5c each.
$18.00 to
KM i ff! IU! Pfl IF! M
1 fP m ll WM LI O Aw
The Fashion Leaders
' .J..A.:.a.yJ:i:.....
Wcnnerberz Male Chorus manhole on that corner, but Dr. Meyer
Addrefs Pres. O. J. Johnson was unable to find it.
VoceI solr, "Forever with the hord '
Naomi Morcn
Vocal :-u n Arthur W. Johnson i
CIufs yrtphpcy Marion Anir. en 1 'ednerday. May 28. 8 p. m.:
( nff ro;,K C'ass of 10K'. I Selec'icns (on cel. ere lnwni
Comniencrment. onimerc'al d?i'art- j Ausrstana Military band
mnt Tuesday, May 27. " i a. m.: ; Hymn No. olo
r.elections ((n cc ll'ce lan j Hibe!l;.sr.inf: ocli bon
Augustana Military ba:.d Song. "Stridsbon"
Summer Season
demands low com
fortable pumps and
Oxfords for women.
Strap patterns are
very good style, ex
tremely dressy and give the foot that
neat, pretty appearance, this style
made in patent Colt, Dull Kid and
White Sea Island Duck, $1.25 to $3.
Another attractive last is a round
hi-toe, medium heel, button oxford,
made in Tan Calf, Brown Kid, Dull
. ,, i gating the John an-".maker customs
ystrom. Alb'.n Os-.6 , j
' , w..uil'ase and will tiecule m a few days if
( arl Olson, Hans
Presentation of diplomas
The President
Song. "Nu Herrans dag det ar" ...
; Kreutzer
Wennerberg Male Chorus
Hymn. No. 506
Graduates Carl Emil Anderson,
Herman Anderson, John Victor Ben
Fon, Leonard Birger Benson, Carl Os
tar Bengston, Carl Wil.iam Carlson,
Oscar Ebb. Frank Ahnre Eriekscn.
Paul Martin Eeping, Vic"or Elxan-ler
Lindeblad. Winfield Xenophone Mag
nuson. Johannes N
car Oison. Gidervn
pearscn, Victor Jan S;;onc. Swan
Hjalmar Swanson, Victor Emmanuel
Swenson. Kniil Swenfion Augustus
Thitus Train Emil Westlund, Victor
Immanuel VesUing, Samuel Martin
Miller. Nels Oscar Mont an. Neis An
ton Nelson. Carl Gustaf Zaar.
Hoppitals Carl August Callerstrom,
Karl Arvid Neison.
D. D. Degree P.ev. Carl Johan
Youngberg. Munson Sta. Pa.
C. S. T. Degree Rev. Heinrich
, Friedrich Iuts, Pittsburgh, Kan.
( (il l Kt.K IMI-: 'KIKXTr
Thursday. May 29, V a. in.:
Selection (On College Lawn)
Augustana Military band
Organ Voluntary, Allegro Appaion-
ata Guilmant
Hymn No. 1S1
Rev. Granville E. Sherwood, rector
of the Trinity Episcopal church, wish
es to announce that confirmation serv
ices will be held at the church next
Sunday evening, instead of Sunday
morning, as previously announced.
Bishop M. Edward Fawcett will be
in charge of the services and will hold
ordination services in the morning
and confirmation in the evening.
any evidence has been disclosed to
present to the federal grand jury. In
the closing days of the Taft adminis
tration Mr. Wanamaker paid $l'in,oi)
to the treasury to settle civil liability
for irregularities in assessing duties on
imports over a period of about 15
years. .
Washington Attorney General Mc
! Remolds nearly has finished iuvesti-
Builders of Moline Equipment
Replacing Gasket That
Caused Flood.
This morning he was bound over to
the grand jury under $500 bonds on a
charge of malicious mischief.
Damis had been in the saloon lor
some time, and shortly before mid
night, he suddenly shouted, "I have
been robbed by a woman." Hot words
followed, and finally the proprietor
threw the belligert-r.t out into the
street, Damis, bent on revenge, stood
outside cursing at the top of his lungs,
and then kicked a hole in the window.
The shattering of the glass on the
sidewalk was heard by Officer Her
kert, who rushed to the scene and
pluced the troublesome foreigner un
der arrest.
Ed Beal paid a fine of $1 and costs
for drunkenness, the arrest being
made by Sehnert and Ginnane.
Clothes 15 $20x$25
The Greatest Clothes Values in America'
It is a positive fact that no remedy
that was ever put on the market has
created so much interest and given inspection of every detail of the tank.
"We intend to stay until the pat
rons of Moline are satisfied that the
tank is all that can be asked for," de
clare two representatives of the Chi
cago Bridge and Iron company, who
have arrived in Moline to inspect the
work done in installing the city water
Link on the bluff. This is the first
visit of the testers since the work
men completed the construction.
They are replacing the gasket that
caused the miniature flood of a few
days ago and will make a thorough
Invocation . .
Tenor Solo,
Address . . .
Rev. T. A. Conrad
"Fear Not Yea O 1s-
Lewis B. Canterbury.
Hon. John Lind
(Ex-Governor of Minnesota).
Song. "Landsiehting"
U ennprbcre Main Chorus i Street
Presentation of Diplomas !
The President
such remarkable results in so snort a
time as Plant Juice, and it is not to
be wondered at that so many glady
testify "to the great benefits received.
'Frank Harding. 27 Third street. East
Moline, employe cf Root & Van Dor
j Voort plant, says: "I was troubled
! with indigestion end stomach trouble.
I u:-ied Plant Juice wnich helped me
right from the start. I never felt bet
ter in my life."
Frank Kolark, SIS'; Forty-second
Rock Island, employe
Every possible chance for leakage will
be remedied, if such exists, and to
complete the work the tank will be
given a final coat of paint.
The builders wiil be given plenty of
time for this final inspection, to make
sure that every reasonable precau
tion shall have been taken to prevent
trouble, and to give a job that fchall
be in every way satisfactory to the
Officials of the Rock Island Bridge
of the and Iron w orks, a competitive build-
Moline Tlow company, says: "Plant jug company, has twice visited the
Juice Faved my wife much suffering ' tank, with a view to getting ideas for
Kid, Black Calf,
beauties for form,
$3.00 to $4.00
The Boston
1726 Second Avenue
Slipper the Kiddies, they like them
and you'll like the price.
Valedictory P. A
Hymn No. loS
Bachelor of Arts Carl
Anderson. Edgar Severius
Paulson I at"' helped her wonderfully. For iny-a similar tank ia Rock Island, w hich
self, it has given me new life, and I ! U is understood tiie officials of that !
feel fine. If any one wants to know city have in mind to build. And when
Frederick : farther what I think of Plant Juice, a competitor will praise the work done,
Anderson JiR" aEK me- 1 as lne ick iiana concern lias, local
MaHon Aihert inHrwn Oscar M:tn ! Plant Juice acts like magic In cases commissioners feel that the Chicago
Gustafson, Gur.nar Elias Hedeen, Un-Jof Ftomach, liver and kidney troubles, j firm must have done the work well
us Aron Herman. Elmer Frederick It will quickly supply tne body :th,here.
Holmgrain. Ralph Daniel Halt. Arthur ; ' anunai:ce or oiBease-n-i) ing, j
William Johnson. August Herman j health-giving blocd thnt v. ill free from ;
lnhnnn Tae-P Joranson. Yncve Jor-lth system the impurities that cause;
anson. Joseph Emanuel Lonnquist, An-' rheumatism, allay
tnn Tr-rinc- Mimsnn. Ij.ura Josechir.e ; and put a Stop
Munson, Paul Alexander Paulson, Dav
id Verner Swanson, Herbert Carl
Morton Swanson. Mary Young.
.' Master of Arts Hugo Anderson.
i A telephone call to Dr. R. C. J. Mey
er, coroner, Wednesday, caused him.
in company with William Furgie of j
the Danielscn & Furgie undertaking
'establishment, to hurry up to Twen
tieth avenue and Nineteenth street,
Mo'.in"?. The man who phoned the
message and who gave his name as
Welter Yapp, employed by the Moline : 1
, Plow company, said that there was
the skeleton cf a child lying near a 1
the inflammation j
to its excruciating
pains. Do not neglect your opportun-1
ity. The Ballard Drug company, 106 j
West Second street, Davenport; New i
Harper House pharmacy, Rock Island: J
and e, Jericho & Co., Moline, tell j CTaims Woman Robbed Him
Plant Ju.ce.
Ejected From Place and
Kicks in a Window.
YOUR on 1 Dozen
NAME Cards fcr
SO Cards for 15c. Call at
office or a postal card
will bring in ail samples.
Card Printer.
Over Trrmu'i, 3rd At. 17th ft
Crazed with drink and laboring un
der the delusion that he had been
'1 : robbed in the Leo IeSrnet saloon, lo
cated at Twenty-third street and
Fourth avenue, John Dannie, a Huc
: earian, late last night started a riot
Jn the placet, and only the IntTvention
; of the police preveuted bloodshed. As
j a mode of revenge, Damis kicked a
ho.!e in the heavy plate glass window.
Wc are right to the front
with the most beautiful, the
most tasteful weaves we have
seen. We have them fas
cinating Kirschbaum all
wool fabrics in newest pat
terns. '
Nor should you miss see
ing our assortment of the
new Kirschbaum $ 1 8 Special
Serge. The Serge that will
not fade a shade.
The Kirschbaum $ i 8
Special Serges are pleasingly
soft, and beautiful in finish
and lustre an effect produced
only by the Kirschbaum spe
cial refiniohing procccs. We
guarantee them like all our
Kirschbaum fabrics to be
pure all-wool, thoroughly London-shrunk, and hand
tailored throughout into authoritative styles. Incompar
able values.
For sale by best dealers '
A. B. Kirschbaum Co.
Philadelphia - New York
Cpy:'thft 191, A. B, K ucbbaiM C.

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