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Young &: McCornbs
Young & McCornbs
Young & McCornbs
Young & McCornbs
The Greatest 10 Bargains We Ever
Porter M. Greene, Window
Trimmer in Davenport,
Turns on the Gas.
Offered On
- s
Captain A. J. Whitney Passes
Away at St. Anthony's Hos
pital Last Night.
,i X;.;
Assisted Materially With Hennepin
Project and Other Big Und
takings. a
Captain A. J. Whitney.
Captain A. J. Whitney. 217 Fif
teenth rtreet, passed away at St. An
thony's hospital at 8: DO 'ast night fol
was stricken with paralysis one week j '
ago last-Sunday and hits condition be-1 morning both eyes were nearly clos-
raine so serious that lie was taken to
Comes from La Cross;. ' A is., Short
Time Ago Melancholia Causes
Rash Act.
the hospital last Sunday night. For a
Jew days after the stroke he showed
ruite an Improvement and the attend
ing physicians entertained some hope
for recovery. He gradually became
' fc eaker during the week until last
flight when the end came. Captain
Whitney's death marks the passing ofitially cleared today when John Lohse
I i-r nn1 1 i l; tnra Vi 'i r tha annoaranra n f
a well massaged slice of raw beef
steak. He went ..own for 20 days.
The mystery of the theft of a tar
paulin belonging to the Tri-City Rail
.way company which was recovered by
Officer Johnson Monday night was par-
one of the city's veteran rivermen.
For nearly half a century the captain
was engaged in river and harbor work
and lie was known all along the length
of the great stream.
Min i: of m tsu in M-rrrs.
Captain Whitney was a native of
Massachusetts. He was born at
Stnwe In the eastern state Jan. 25,
where he spent his boyhood
plead guilty to the charge of stealing
it. His accomplices have not been ap
prehended. The tarpaulin, which was
valued at $7, was taken from Third
avenue and Twenty-second street.
Officer Johnson saw two men earning
it toward the river at a late hour and
on hi hailing them they dropped their
plunder and ran, making their escape
for the time being. Lohse's bond was
days. In lS.'.C he came west and set- "xea al
tied at Iiurlington, Iowa, where he
was employed as a locomotive engl-l As the result of a melee on Eigh
l.eer on the R k. M. Four years later i teenth street early this morning James
he entered the employ of the D. &. V. Packard paid a fine of $3 and costs.
railroad, occupying a similar position.
In JS65 he became master mechanic
of the I). & V. railroad and in 1S70 he
Packard was arrested while defying a
crowd of revelers to mortal combat
and this morning was ready to admit
his error.
- Because he was lonesome and had
few friends in whom he could confide
Porter M. Greene, aged 21, win
dow trimmer for J. H. C. Petsrren's
department store, Davenport, commit
ted suicide last evening about 11
o'clock at his room in the Schick
apartment building, 116-124 Harrison
street, in that city. He went-to the
bathroom, locked the door and turned
o the gas and his lifeless body was
found a half hour later.
The young man was found by his
roommate who forced the door open
upon detecting the strong odor of. gas.
A note had been written by the un
fortunate victim before he took' the
desperate step, in which he said: "No
one is to blame. I'm just lonesome.
Notify parents c, 'Wis.'
Mr. Greene had been In Davenport
but a short time. He was employed ut
the Petersen store and proved a good
worker. During the time he had been
there he made many friends who are
at a loss to understand his rash act.
He worked yesterday and seemed
cheerful as usual and there was noth
iLg in his demeanor to show that he
contemplated taking his own life. It
is thought that melancholia alone
prompted the deed.
first engaged In river and harbor
work. He wan first employed as su
perintend--nt or the lies Moines Kaptds jonn Morales and N. J. Molinar, re-
canal under (.forge Williams and in ciwtivrlv Meviran ard Cherokee In
1S79 he started In business for himself. dlani were fine(j jo an(j cost eacn for
Captain Whitney's success as a river raising a disturbance on Fourteenth
contractor was pronounced. In tne street last night,
year of 18S! ho completed over a quar-
It of a million dollars' wor'h of work
und at the time was the owner of four :
steamers and numerous other equip
ment used in river and harbor work.
He amass'-d materially in building the
Hennepin canul and lock No. H7 was
constructed under hU direction. Of
late the captain had led a retired life.
Through his honesty and integrity in
nil business deals he gained count
less friends who extend tUcir sym
pathy to the bereaved members tf
the family in their sorrow.
fi k 1111.1)1(1:.
Captaiu Whitney was united in mar
riage in l.vr.l to Miss Lucretia ISlodg
ott Mini to the union four children were
born, three of whom survive him. In
1SG4 .Mrs. Whitney par.sed away 'and
a few years later he was united in
marriage to .iiss Kathcrin Kelly. To
:he last tiiion two children were
oorn. His survivors are Frank Whit
ney, Cripple Creek. Col., Henry and
Charier., Villisca. Iowa, Wilber and
Arthur. Jtnck Islnnd.
The funeral will lo held tomorrow
afternoon at 2 at the home. Kev. R. G.
I'carce will be in harce nrd Inf'rnieut
will be in Chlppianrtock cemetery.
Bad Negro Sent to Joliet from
Here in March Makes Sue
cessful Break.
A. C. Ridgeway. vice president, and
A. C. Morse, chief engineer for the
Rock Island railroad, are in Moline
today with plans for the new depot
which the road is to construct there.
The structure is to be placed between
Seventeenth and Nineteenth street.
Eighteenth street being closed.
Frank Russell, the colored man sent
to 'Joliet from here at the last term
of court for assault with intent to com
mit murder, escaped yesterday after
' noon from the state penitentiary. He
was one of a party of prisoners sent
j out in charge. of a guard to cut some
i srd and taking advantage of the prox
' irr.lty of cover he broke away and was
1 not retaken.
Russell will be remembered as one
' of the gang of negroes that w as in a
: schoolhouse in the southeastern pprt
of the city one night last winter. Sur
mising that the negroes were bad men
citizens undertook to capture them
and in the fight that followed William
Pruchmann was badly hurt and Rus
sell, who was captured, was convicted
of having inflicted the injuries. He
The May grand jury reassembled
this afternoon on special call to take
up certain cases that ape pressing for
action. The sessions were to have be
gun this morning, but Foreman R. S.
Woodburn was not on hand. There
are eight or ten cases to be investi
gated, among them being, it is under
stood, those of the county jail prison
ers who broke out a week ago and
against some of whom additional and
more serious charges may be made as
a result. It is expected that the work
will be finished tomorrow.
an indeterminate sentence.
body mteht have got hurt, but I was
n't. 1 waa just beat up." With these
' ords Clarence Hoffman defended his
valor ii. police court this morning.
Clarence was ha!ng j. good time on
lower Twentieth ftroet last night
such a good time that he. seemed on
the point of forgetting the proprieties
of the occasion, so
Officer William Fitzsinmioris approach-' the time transportation was wanted,
ed him he hopped onto the minion of j There was a small break at. the power
the law and did not subside till he had ! plant w hich was responsible for the
been given a beautiful drubbing. This '.delay, but it was quickly repaired.
The power was off this morning for
' 2.1 minutes shortly after 7 o'clock,
". is claimed. Wiim stepping the street car service just at
Henry Behnken of this city was
brcught into circuit court yesterday
afternoon charged with contempt in
failure to pay alimony to his wife,
Mary. This morning Mrs. Behnken
was given a hearing by Judge Olmsted
and granted a divorce. The grounds
were cruelty. The trouble over ali
mony was settled and the charge
against the defendant withdrawn.
I i i I I I
Makes Every Gasoline
Motor Worth While
Polarine starts to lurjricate at tria
firt turn of the motor even in
vnr.ter. after standing for hours t
a temperature of zero. It maintains
the correct lubricating body at
any motor speed or beat, on the
hottest summer day.
h penetrates to every part and
gives it full protection. It keeps
friction at the no-wear point and
thus obviates many costly repairs.
And it serves in any type of
motor motor cars, motor boats,
motor trucks.
Don't spoil good motor wkh
poor ciL And don't judge motor
oil by aprearance. The poorest
O'ls may look as good as the beat.
PcUrinc is foada by tf WarhTs OO
Specialists alter titty rears' expeneace wit
err kmd of tncnoo problem. Prement
oay poaatbilaiea do aot permit of tf. mat
ins of mry better oil. All ear aat racibtiea
and resources aie concentrated on Polar-
Standard Oil Company
tax rsDiaXa coarounosi
Rakan f Saacia! Ufcrkaraaj Oik far LnaW
EaxaMeras sad laaWna' Bar ar taa Vsrld
a n m.ji is ain aTJf tmm
,..,-a,.,.,;. 7 x
While the people were gathered at
the corner of Eighteenth street and
Second avenue last evening at 9:30, a
spotted pony owned y F. J. Tonn
dashed through the crowd. A little
girl was knocked down and for a time
it was thought she was seriously in
jured but this proved a mistake. '
City Chat
Buy a home of Reldy Bros.
For express, call William Trefz.
Tri-City Towel Supply company.
Bluebird pins at J. Ramser's Sons'.
Independent Express Co. West 981.
Bracelet watches at J. Ramser's
Kerler Rus company for vacuum
cleaning and rug making.
Have you seen the lucky bluebird
Dictator hand-
; pins at J. Ramser's
1 Smoke the Grand
Regular 75c Silk 2-Clasp
Glpves at 39c
A hundred dozen of the best 75c silk two-clasp
Gloves in all the staple and other wanted colors, in
cluding 25 shades and black and white. We are go
ing to sell them out for one day, Friday, at only 37c.
These Gloves were purchased from an overstocked
manufacturer, who took a great loss on them. In or
der to let our customers take advantage of this won
derful buy of a thousand Gloves, we are going to
lose a little money on them ourselves, tomorrow, and
sell them at only 37c the pair.. Better come early.
Bargain Basement Plums
We have shaken the tree of opportunity in the
basement and have found some odd lots in large
quantities that we are willing to close out Friday at
far below the price we paid for them. The lots in
clude: .... ,. .
All of our hundreds of yards of 27-inch AMOS
KEAG GIXGHAMS, worth regularly 7c a yard at
(enough for two aprons) 5 yards for 2gc.
All of our lot of 15c to 20c ribbed knitted vests
with trimmed yoke and sleeves, at only 10c a. gar
ment. .
ished, regulation size, regular price 30c a dozen,
Friday, 18c a dozen or each ic.
$1 Imported Hemstitched Linen
Lunch Cloths at 69c
This is the greatest value we have ever known
and was only made possible through a special pur
chase from one of America's largest importers. They
are direct from sunny Ireland, where they were
bleached and made ready for you.
The designs include the wonderfully pretty Fleur
de Lis, Lillie and Chrysanthemum patterns.
The quality of the linen is of the very best satin
damask, full Irish bleached, imported.
36 by 36 inch Lunch Cloths, Friday, our price has
never before been below $i, but for Friday they
wiy go at only 6gc.
Any Shoe in the House
Friday at $2.98
Women's Shoes, Pumps and Oxfords.
This includes all of our $4 pumps, shoes and ox
fords, of which we have a wonderfully wide assort
ment of the wanted models.
It includes all of our $3.50 Shoes, Oxfords and
Pumps of which we can only say, that they are the
greatest values at their regular price of $3.50 we
have ever known.
And it includes all the rest of bur Shoes from $3
to $5. .
All Children's Shoes at 15 off Friday.
Set of 6 Rogers Tea Spoons,
Regular $1 value, 58c
Six Rogers' triple silver plate Tea Spoons, war
ranted by the manufacturer and by us for 10 years
of satisfactory wear.
The next lowest price these have ever been sold at
to our knowledge is 69c. Tomorrow the price. is but
58c a set. None to dealers new price is less than
10c each. Only two sets or; 12 spoons to a customer.
FREIK Each set beautifully hnd engraved with
initial or monogram by. our expert ftp
Chicago engravers. Remember, Friday only vO.t
50c Union Suits for Men at 31c
Remember this price is for Friday. We have 300
Suits in all sizes, but they will not outlast the day,
and this sale absolutely will not be held again at as
lovv a price. We purchased them at a price that
permits selling them at a loss to us, and to the man
ufacturer, at less than the cost to manufacture
goods of equal quality. Long and short, sleeve bal
briggan union suits, regular 50c (no seconds) jrc.
$2 and $3.50 Balkan Dresses
at $1. 98
Blazer stripe and plain lincne and galatea Balkan
Dresses just unrolled from their New York wrap
pings. Color schemes of plain light or dark blue,
with white or blue skirt, and Blazer effects in stripes
of dark blue and light blue with white; and orange
with black. Guaranteed fast color washable Dress
es, in the newest styles out. For one day and one day
only, Friday, they go at less than the cost to make
them. Choice only $i.g8.
Closing the Big Wilton Rug Sale
Starting last Saturdav
and ending this. Saturday
i-" 1 i r 'I , T s i it
evening we are noming a wuion Kug saie in an
sizes that has brought forth the lowest prices known
to us and we believe they are the lowest ever known
in this vicinity. We have three large lines of special
R'igs that will be closed out Friday at quite a little
below the cost to manufacture.
Lot i 36x72 Wilton Velvet
Rugs, regular $3.75
Lot 2 9 ft. by 12 ft. heavy Wool kC
Wilton Rues, choice coloriners $JJJ
Lot 3 9ft. by 12 ft. Wilton Velvet
Rugs, floral patterns
$1.25 Lawn Settee 78c
Suitable for lawn or porch use. Well
made of hard maple. Can be folded
and carried easily. This Settee can
not be bought regularly for less than
$1.25. Friday, special 78c. Fifth Floor
Young &
In Rock Island
100 $5 to $10
Untrimmed Hats at 1.98
One hundred Hats to select from; all
sizes; flower, fancy feather and ribbon
w ith 57. The First ward is the small
est of the city wards and the showing
made is wonderfully pleasing to the
department and to the chairman and
assistant of the ward. The contest
i r'ntm Juno 14 and thn who are ccn-
beautiful contest being conducted hyte;n pIatlng erjtering their names for
the civic department cf the Woman' ! cue of the many prizes offered must
If the number of entries in the city !
. made 5c cigar. Better than ever. ; club can be taken as a criterion, the I do eo before that time. Blanks are
I , The Caw, Moore and Waterman
fountain pens at J. Ramser's Sons'.
Diamonds are on the jump. You can
buy one right at.J. Rammer's Sons'.
Coin purses vanity bagS, fancy
leather bags, at J. Ramser's Sons'.
Our B. B. serge ar $33 is the best
value ever offered. J. B. Zimmer's
Six per cent farm mortgages. Litten
& Roberta, People' National bank
Coal. coal. coal. The Rock Island
Fuel company will deliver to you all
the best grades of hard and soft coal.
See our demonstrations daily at
2:30 p. m. and Tuesdays and Fridays
at 8:00 p. m. We do things that will
interest you. 1509 Third avenue.
city will be a blocming garden by the proviuea uy iue iumCm u,
end of the summer. The First ward ! ce procured from the chairman and
heads the contestants with 81 entries j assistants of the ward in which the
find th Fourth ward romps Kornnil 1 contestant resiuea
Today's Beauty Recipes
By lime. D'MIile.
Licensed to Wed.
Jack Galvin Lies in Mercy Hos
pital, Davenport, Seriously
While engaged in a nice friendly
discussion over a can of be r, a small
James J. Hendricks A'tona, Hh , dlsturbance wa8 Btarted at the ffK)t of
Miss Estella F. Dungan Altona, lii. . Iowa 8treet in Davenport last night
Carl C. Phillipeen East Moline J and as a result Jack Galvin now lies
pierced. Galvin, it is said was en
gaged in an argument with some raera-'
ber of the party when a general fghtj
was started.
In the mixup some memter of tha
gang whipped out a dagger and stab
bed Galvin in the chett. The crowd,
immediately dispersed and thus far
the police have not been able to apx
prehend the assailant.
"Onf ehampoo sol1 by ilnipelm In t Z. Garfield Hill
enuiieo to an ine prai?e gnowerea upon
It. That if Mother's Shampoo. It in o
different from other fh;impoo. that you
must try.it yo:irif to know hc-w trulv
rood It Is. It leave the eoalp clean, re
freshed an't free from dandruff and
irakea th hair glossy, wavy and beau
tiftillv lustrous.
When embarrajsinr wild hairs dis-
Mis3 Scphla U Peterson Moline :
..West Liberty, Iowa
Miss Mary E. Ziegler.Lone Tree. Iowa
Emand Lovcdutus Rock Island
Miss Athina Bugas . Moline
Char'.ea R- Schenck Muscatine
Miss Ethel Alien Muscatine
at Mercy hospital hovering between
life and death with one of his lungs
Carra- i
aaoaaacs I
Sriilr .
aaoj For Dnmkcaaeia, Oimaa,-'
4rvUinu!l MwpHDta-4,
J Jb Tk H.W
and Neoraitacaia.
DwiQht. IU.7
f erure the fare or forearms. not pu!l I -
out or cut them off. Either treatment! j- rAMr
causes a darker trrc-wth. Superfluous j nKJ
hair is quickly and safely removed by! i-t ,v .,in,i,1nn. Ai.teiHii.
one application of a pste rr.ad by '"" -
turn shoulder 1. lmm lnrir"-.hli . J'.""!"..." L'l . 1 " . . J ' ' ul 1u Pu' -"
- . . - . j over inf i i m ; i - vinu inis yraie. leave
rancAit hv rhaitmartam of tha mnaiAc ion two minutes, wire off. w&ib
,.., r . ,v, . iskin: the hairs will be pi-op. j Sex and Distillers did not batt'e at
i -tine orien woncr at
ration of Chamberlain a I.inlment cmrvitxUn of many women
. .,.., , . . . ! n ied outdoor exercise. This simple re-
' the I the country by old J. Pluvius, the Blue
who O'Leary'a ball lot this afternoon.
to use.
but in no way
Sold by all druggists
tha sews ail
prompt ana;Cjp !s relied upon by all who know Jt ' . , , . ' . . ,
diaagTeeable jto make the skin fresh, clear and fine: Chamberlain a Btomacn and Uver
Adr iPirsoive an original package ot may-. tablets will brace up the nervea, ban
tAQV.j ,-.,,,,4, in . h4;f pint of witch hazel and . t ... . . ,
r.rrl-- .his lotion instearj kT wnrtw. It i
tne time The 'eliminates the -shine" of perspiration ency and invigorate the whole ay-
ish sick ceadacie, prevent despend-
Why Not Wire Your House
and be up-to-date like your neighbors. Telephone West 1356 and
we will tell you what it will cost to install 'the electrical wiring in
your residence. Do not let your wiring contract until yo-i have aeen
Wo guarantee our electrical wiring to be absolutely fireproof.
Illinois Contracting Electrical Co.
308 Twentieth Street, Rock Island,-ill.
lana prctco ircta.ca, uu auu sua-
Sold by- all druggiu.--(Adv.)

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