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Removes Chief Siemon and Pro
motes Miller to the
Alvine to Move In First of the Month
J. G. Brltton Is Offered
a Place.
Sheriff O. L. Bruner left his cot In
Tri-C'ity Sanitarium in Moline last
night long enouKh to come In a taxi to
his office in the court house and sum
mon his df-putiea about him. Things
had not beon running satisfactorily
In his office during hi3 sickness, Sher
iff Bruner advised his assistants, and
he lind long contemplated a change.
He therefore astted Chief Deputy
Jailor George Siemon tor his resigna
tion. This In written form was im
mediately forthcoming, whereupon
the sheriff at once promoted Deputy
Sheriff Phil Miller to the place of
chief deputy and Deputies J. E. Wig
gens and Hugo Alvine were made
jailors. Mr. and Mrs. Sir-mon will re
main in charge of the jail until August
1, when Mr. Alvine will move his fam
ily into the living quarters.
J. G. I'.ritton was offered the posi
tion of deputy to fill the vacancy.
In conversing with The Argus over
the phone from the Tri-City Sani
tarium this morning. Sheriff P.runer
si'Id: "Conditions In the sheriff's of
fice have not been tiutisfactory to me
for some time, and I have had the
change in mind for several weeks.
Yesterday after I got up here, I made
up my mind that there was little
chance for me to get on my feet with
constant worry over the conduct of
my office hanging over me. So I went
down in an automobile liat night and
made the changes.
"Mr. Miller has been loyal to mo
throughout ull my troubles and while
1 have been confined to my huute. I
have felt that I could rely upon him
to roprom nt me until I can get back
on the Job, and with tLe new arrange
ments in force I am able to rest tasy
on that score, at lea,st."
mkmox ivrnnviF.wKn.
When former First. Deputy George
Slemoa wa interviewed this morning
he stated he had nothing to fay for
publication. He admitted that he was
no longer connected with the sheriff's
force and that he had been tuccoerled
by Phil Mills r. Ho s; Id that he would
move from the county Jutl Just ai
soon as ho could ciirp posteriori of
his own home which is now rented.
He had no plans to announce relative
to his future work but expects to con
tinue to reside in Rsrk Is'.und.
fW-j4t if'.:- A.
. -.. si
' ft -I
W , :- ' :.
Paul Brown.
The strange disappearance of Paul
nrown. collector for the National In
surance company and for McCabe's,
is giving his father, James G. Brown,
much concern. The young man, who
is 21 years of age, left home July 7,
and no word of his whereabouts has
been learned since.
Murdered California Woman
Leaves Estate Valued at
Over $100,DOO.
Moliner Aeka Aid of Chief Brlnn and
of the Freeport Author).
. ties.
William Wilson, colored, absorbed
too much gin last night and became
involved in a fight. Officer Kell
placed him in jail for safe keeping and
this morning a $00 fine was assessed.
Maurice Gilman, charged with dis
orderly conduct, was arraigned in po
lice court this morning, and his at
torney, J. K. Scott, entered a plea of
guilty before any witnesses could be
put on the stand. A fine of $5 was as
sessed. Gilman, it will be remem
bered, was accused of an attempt to
abduct a girl and take her into a
shady hotel. This morning interested
parlies stated that the girl had been
drinking and was afraid to return to
her home, and that was the reason
she was being taken to the hostelry
in question.
The police today denied the rumor
that a negro. Jack Palmer, was being
held here as a murder suspect for
a crime committed in Chicago. "We
have been picking up the stray ne
groes about town,-' said the police
tody, bi.t as to arresting anyone for
a murder suspect, that 16 a pipe
drrcai.' The j,cl:ce a'ho tie u" that
they yesterday had a clue as to box
car thieves in ?he Milwaukee yard?,
and had trailed two negroes.
Joo Holme?, drunk, was fined $3
and costs.
The aid of the Rock Island and
Freeport police is being sought In an
effort to locate relatives of a woman
known as Cherry De St. Maurice, real
name, Flossie Baldwin, who was mur
dered in her apartments at Sacra
mento, Cal, one week ago. The hunt
is being engineered by W. I. LaRasn,
a printer employed at the DeSaulniers
plant in Moline, who rooms at 2321
Sixth avenue, that city. LaRash cams
to Chief Brinn last Sunday, and ma&Q
inquiries as to whether or not th
local force knew or the St. Maurice
woman having lived in Rock Island
He is now in Freeport. attempting to
locate relatives there, as the murder
ed woman was born in that city, and
there are a number of Baldwins now
living there.
An estate valued at over 1100,000
t-?.its the fortunate relatives, but
thus far the search has been in vain.
Cherry De St. Maurice was married
in Chicago at the age of 16 years. A
baby girl was born, and a few days
afterward the husband deserted her.
Subsequently she secured a divorce.
The woman then joined a theatrical
troupe. Ten years ago she made her
heme in Sacramento, and in that brief
space of time amassed her fortune.
She was 37 years of age, very hand
some, and of Irish descent.
The woman was murdered in her
apartments by Jack DrumgoW, a prize
fighter, and Sam Roberts, alias Raber,
a cafe entertainer. The men clutched
her by the throat, and throwing her to
the floor cKSTted her to death. Rob
bery was believed to have been the
motive. Various valuable diamonds
were stripped from the dead woman's
body, and the entire place was ran-
! C ' pi' I. f fir. V. i i'i A Cj -i III r r r-. n n A vnli.
avi iijuulj auu valu
Many Rock Islanders Planning
to Attend Mass Meeting
at Edgington.
Shoes, Pumps, Oxfords
$5.03 Grades at $3.35
$4.00 Grades' at $2.95
$3.50 Grades at $2.65
$3.00 Grades at - $2.35
$2.50 Grades at $1.95
$2.00 Grades, at $1.50
$1.50 Grades at $1.1 5
M &
Rock Island
TV : 0
whether large or small, receive the same courteous treatment,
prompt service and efficient management of their banking busi
ness. The officers and employes at all times are at your service.
4 interest paid on deposits.
Make Our Bank Your Bank
Rock Island business men are show
ing a itrvat deal of interest in road lm.
j provement in the lower end of the
luumy auu a uumDer propose to av
tend (he meeting at Edgngton Satur
day nfght at which it is likely an or
ganized movement for the betterment
of at least one route through the dis
trict will be Inaugurated. The delega
tion from here will go by auto, and
these desiring to attend, and who have
no means of getting t,here, are asked
to notify either H. S. Cable, president
cf the Rock Island Savings bank, or J.
K Vernon, vice president of the Peo
ple's National, who will endeavor to
provide transportation.
A number of speakers will be heard
on the subject of highway improve
ment and the new law under which
Etate aid may be secured will he fx
plained. The project is one in which
Rock Islanders are as much interest
ed as are farmers in the west end of
the county. Considerable tracts of
land in the district that the road would
reach are owned by Rock Island citi
zens, and every land owner ia a boost
er fcr better highways.
Cut off by natural barriers as Rock
Island Is from the country that must
supply it with produce and with which
its business men have to deal. It is of
the utmost Importance that the high
ways leading to it, be made passable
at all times. Especial need exists be
cause of the fact that the district in
which road improvement is proposed
is entirely without, transportation fa
cilities other than those afforded by
the highways, ar.d tha country is one
of the richest that lies out of doors.
The meeting at Edgington has been
called by the Progressive Countxy club
of that township, and it is understood
that the route favored is from Milan
to Taylor Ridge, thence to Edgington,
Illinois City and on west, possibly to
Muscatine. This route carries the
heaviest local travel of "any In the west
end of the county and is favored by
many for that reason. However, there
are a ood many who advocate tha
building or a permanent road down tb
Mississippi valley aa offering fewer
II. E. CASTEEL, President. M. S. HEAGY, Vice Pres. II. B. Simmon, Cash.
Southwest comer Second avenue and Eighteenth street.
Kill the Parasites
and Save the Hair
If your hair ig thin t the tmplf!. or
receding from th forehead, or if there
Is a thin bald spot on yenir crown If
the brush or comb ia filled with hair
after you use it you need a hamno
that will directly attack the parasitea
that cause the death of hair. Scientists
agree that falling hair and baldness are
called by a vegetable parasite that
finds its home in aa unclean scalp, and
la easily conveyed frito one peraon to
Mother's Shampoo kills the parasites
that cause Jailing- 1 air. Jt is a scien
tific formula that scours the scalp, yet
is mild and srentle in action. Yom can
buy Mother's Shampoo from your drug
gist for 25 cents a package, containing
10 shampoos. Dissolve a teaspoonful in
a cup of tot water, pc-ur on the head
and -wash, then rir.se thoroughly. The
scalp fcvill be refreshed and pliable; It
won't " pull" nor feel harsh nor drv It
prepares the scalp for a healthv growth
cf hair, and makes the fcalr soft and
fluffy. (Adv.)
&b&& Go?
ROCKi l!5lAN D, JhhiSSSSiSfSjer-
It is Human Nature to Wish to Get Something for Nothing
That is precisely what you get at the McCabe JULY DISCOUNT SALE. 20 PER CENT
from the already low prices is a handsome saving it is really getting something for nothing.
20 per cent on everything and a rebate of 57 more on all your cash purchases up; to and in
cluding Tuesday, July 22. Why not save a dollar out of every five?
S.-30 a. m.
15c Talcum Powder
Remmer's Lundborg'a and Air
Float violet talcum,
16o size for 6'4C,
less 20 makes it
only, a can
10. a.m.
To 15c Wash Goods
Broken line of 10c ginghams,
12!4c .chambraya and 15c ma
drat all at B'c and
discolunted 20
this makes It a
yard ,
lac ma-
9 a. m.
"Masons Quart Jars
Mason's quart size jars, porce
lain lined lids, 60c a dozen value,
for an hour
less 20 makes
them a
10:30 a. m.
Large 25c Doylies 11c
30-Inch scalloped and embrol-
broldered doylies, 25c value,
for an hour 11c,
the 20 discount
brings them to
h. ... I WW,
9:30 a. m.
Women's Wash
Dresses $1.95
LESS 20;
Cool and pretty wash dresses of
light figured lawns, value S2.45.
reduced to 91.95, discounted
20, brings
only ...
91.95, discounted
11 a.m.
16 Button Silk Gloves
85c y
Women's white silk gloves, 16-
button length, 91.00 quality, for
an hour -5c, the
20 discount
makes them a
w iusuijr, IVI
since wo had a demonstration
of : articles . of such superior
, merit the Luxtone Prepara
tions. The Luxtone beauty specialist
will be at our etore the rest of
thla week and will give a thor
ough course of Instruction on
the care of the skin and the ac
quiring of a beautiful complex.
Luxtone Beauty Secret
A dainty wet powder in the
form of a cream whleh Instant
ly beautifies and permanently
Luxtone Rubitint
Cannot be detected from Na
lure's own coloring.
?- Luxtone Cucumber
v Cream
Pretnrta tha eemnlaxlnn from
the sun and wind and keepe It i
clear and delicate. f
Luxtone Ahnondxftlive
Is one ef the best tissue builder
on the market..
if V &
X - 4 -ss
I "-'iV
r X
Robert L. Hunter Has Vacuum
Print Drier That Is At
tracting Attention.
An invention which promises to
revolutionize the photographer's art
has just been completed by Robert L.
Hunter, -who has a photographic sup
ply store at 150 Second avenue. He
has sold the manufacturing rights to
Burke & James, Inc., Chicago, who
will place the device on, the market.
A patent has been applied for.
The invention Is a vacuum print
drier. With it flat, dry prints
can be turned out, in 30 min
utes, instead of taking 48 hours as
previously. Many methods of drying
and flattening prints have been ad
vanced from time to time but have
not been very satisfactory. During
the process of developing, fixing and
washing of prints, both the coating
and its paper support expand consid
erably. In drying, the emulsion con
tracts to a greater extent than the
support, with the result that the print
is drawn out of shape. With the
vacuum drier the print' roll holds the
Airs. M. A. B. Ham. .
San Francisco, Cal.. July 17. Mrs.
M. A. B. Ham, wife of George I. Ham,
the banker, who effected his release
from a Mexican prison during the tur
moil of the revolution, has arrived
from the lower coast.
Single handed, she labored in be
half of her husband, who is now try
ing to recover his health in Europe, in
(an effort to recoup the broken fortunes
of the banker, whose Imprisonment
for alleged misappropriation of funds
attracted wide attention two years
Undismayed by the trials and tribu
lations she underwent in the southern
republic, Mrs. Ham still has hopes
that the interests of her husband will
come out all right and she says that
they expect eventually to return to
Mexico. She formerly lived in Pasa
dena. During the time Ham was languish
ing In a dungeon his wife worked brave
ly for his release, appealing to many
high and Influential sourceg to no
avail. She made many trips to Mex
ico City, experiencing all kinds of odd
adventures. Then came the (revolt,
and a fortunate revolt it was for the
difficulties and greater advantages in
the way of direct connection with the
three cities.
Cracksmen Get Jewelry.
New York, July 17. Cracksmen se
cured jewelry valued at between
$20,000 and $30,000 early today by
blowing up a safe la the Rosenberg
Daniel Jewelry supply house.
The world's most successful medi
cine for bowel compla'.nts Is Chamber
Iain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It has relieved more pain
and suffering, and saved more lives
than any other medicine la use. In
valuable for children and adults. Sold
by all druggists. (Adv.)
All the news all the time The Argus.
Hams. Ham, who had been sentenced
to serve a dozen years in jail, was
released when the prisons were thrown
open. Although he had the confidence
of his associates. Ham feared further
trouble and fled the country. He Is
mow in France, where his wife will
join him.
Ham was president of the United
States Banking company, which failed
several years ago.
print In a flat position, slightly curved
back from its emulsion side from the .
time it leaves. tTle wash water until It '
is bone dry.
In operation the vacuum drier is
extremely simple. As soon as the ...
prints are taken from the wa6h water
and the surplus moisture removed
they are rolled up In the apron be-
tween blotters about, the print roll
drum. The roll is next placed end-,
wise In the lower funnel of the drier,
and the upper funnel Is drawn down
about the upper end of the print roll.
A strong vacuum is formed above the
print roll as soon as the fan Is started, .
drawing a rapid circulation of air up-'
ward through the corrugations of the
print roll apron. A small heater in
the warm air chamber, beneath the
lower funnel, serves to make drying
quicker In moist weather. It is not
necessary when the atmosphere Is
Mr. Hunter leaves this evening for
Kansas City where he will demon
strate his drier before the National
Photographers' convention for tho
Burke & James company.
Teething children have more or less
diarrhoea, which can be controlled by
giving Chamberlain s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. All that is
necessary is to give the prescribed
dose after each operation ot tae bow
els more than natural and then castor
oil to cleanse the system. It Is safe
and sure. Sold by all druggists.
at h Price
Two Days, Friday, Saturday
Florsheim. 5.00 O tLf
oxford at . . . A.DJ
$4.50 oxfords $2.25 $3.00 oxfords $1.50
4.00 oxfords 2.00 2.50 oxfords 1.25
3.50 oxfords 1.75 Clapp $6.50 at 4.95
Two Days 1ML K
Zum Alten Dorf Watchl Tower
Tonight's Program
1. March "The Captain" , , Hillard
2. Overture "Morning-Noon-Night" ...... 6uppe
3. "Humoreska" A. Dvorck
4. Selection "The Chocolate Soldier" ... Strausa
6. Suite Peter Gynt Grieg
1. The Morning -n ,
2. Asi a Death
3. Anitra's Dance
4. In the Hall of the Mountain Kin - .
6. Andante from Moonlight Sonata Beethoven
7. Pomp and Circumstance Elgar
8. Snyder Popular Medley Schultx
9. Galop de Concert "Dance of Demons" . . Hoist
Dancing Free at Pavilion after Concert
Matinee and Night
1. March "Koppa Delta" V A.
2. Overture "Light Cavalry" v
2. "Humoreska" , M
4. Snyder Popular Medley v r...
6. Grand American Fantasia
. Selection- "Chocolate Soldier" ......
7. Intermezzo "When It's Apple Blossom
In Normandy"
8. Waltz "Wedding of the WTInds" ....
9. Fantaaso "My Old Kentucky Home" . .
B. Otto
, Buppe
,. Hager
... Hall
Prof. Otto and His Select Concert Band
Management of Chas. T. Kindt and W. J. Klinck.
30 Musicians 30 Special Soloist
Finest Concert Band in Middle West Under Personal Direction Prof. Otfry

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