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il; AT .
Misplays by Peters and Brom
wich Spill the Beans in
13th Round.
Not a Run It Scored for 12 Chapters
Final Count I 3-2, All Scores
Being Made at Finish.
Myers, p . .
Tretter, p
Total .......45 3 10 39 21 2
Davenport ....00000000000022
Quincy .0000 0000000033
Stolen bases Golvln, Ward. Sacri
fice hits Peters. Reed, Collins. Sac
rifice fly Bromwich, Collins. Two
base hits Bromwich, Golvin. Left on
bases Davenport. 9; Quincy, 7. Bases
on balls Oft Hendrix, 2; Myers, 5.
Struck out By Hendrix, 3; by Myers,
5. Innings pitched By Myers, 12;
by Tretter, 1. Hits Off Myers. 8;
off Tretter, 0. Double plays Kahl to
Golvin ; Turner to Kahl to Golvin
to Congor. Time 2:16. Umpire
That Quincy team is playing some
article of ball, and it can be readily
Unable to Hit in Finches and
Are Trimmed by Decatur,
4 to 2.
Danville Downs Senators, 3-2, and Du
buque .Trounces the Dis- ,
W. L.
Quincy 49 38
Dubuque 45 41
Springfield . 45 43
Davenport 41 41
Danville 43 44
Bloomington 42 44
Decatur 42 45
I'eoria 40 4S
Quincy at Davenport,
Peoria at Dubuque.
Danville at Springfield.
Decatur at Bloomington.
In a brilliantly played came, featur
ed by sensational plays and stellar
and failed to take .advantage of Kais
er's wildness, Decatur winning a hard
fought game yesterday, 4 to 3. Blake's
home run won the game. The score:
Bloomington. R. H. PO. A. E.
Mack, cf
Lister, 2b 0
Lucas, rf
Kelly. 3b
Erloff, c ., '.
Marks, p
Bloomington, 111., July 23. Bloom-
! understood why they are leading thejington could not hit in the pinches
.563 ' "ld. Kahl is playing some game
.523 ' around -the keystone .and yesterday
.511 1 Pulled a beaner. Carrigan whanged a
.500 ' not grounder between Kahl and Gol
'494,vin which was an honest to goodness
.488 jh1- 'ck ran way out onto the lawn
453 and knocking the pill down with one
455' mitt heaved to first for the out.
Mike Neer pulled a play which will! Vinson, lb 0
; probably never be equaled in these
I parts, that of grabbing a foul pop up
! back of the catcher. The ball was
big Pete's and Inasmuch as it did not
go up more than 12 feet in the air,
It can be understood that Neer did
not pull an ordinary etunV Golvin
had just hit for two sacks and was
lingering on the keystone. Billings
crabbed the bunt sienal. Neer and
twirling, the Blue Hone were soaked ! Uromwich were both playing well
in the solar plexus by the Quincy j along the line. The ball went up in
leaders yesterday afternoon, after the tn aIr eight feet back of Peters, who j
affray had irogressed for 1?. long! turned the wrong way and was loofc
lnnlngs. The linal count was 3 to 2. i ic around trying to locate it. Neer
With Roddy Hendrix heaving 'einlliaa started to run in as soon as the
over in his old time form, and his I bail was Pitched, and by a beautiful
teammates backing him up to the limt. run. eptared the pellet. Mike made an
it listened like a dent In the leaders' other sensational play by grabbing
record, but it was not to be. Glaring Collins' pop-up with one hand, after
miscues by "Lefsgo" Peters and Ala hard rul.
Bromwich gummed the play in the The league leaders tried to pull the
Blake, 2b
Bilts. cf
Lynch, 3b
Duggan, lb
O'Brien, c
Kaiser, p
Bloomington 0 0
Decatur 0 1
. 0 0 4 0 0
. 0 1 12 0 0
.11 0 0 1
. 1 1 4 10
. 1 2 0 3 0
..3 8 27 7 1
R. H. PO. A. E.
.1-1 6 3 0
. 0 0 4 5 0
.112 0 0
.12 12 0
. 0 0 7 0 0
.1 2 5 3 0
.4 8 27 14 0
.0 0 0 2 0 03
13 0 0 0 0 04
n -;; ' Vs$--"
Civil War of Sport Writers
Continues Bernie
Smith at Bat.
Joe Boehling.
Washington, July 23. Joe Boehlin
has developed into, a young southpaw
wonder for the Senators.
Boehling was secured from a semi
pro club in Richmond, Va., two years
They are having a decidedly warm
time down at Peoria. The sporting
editor of the Herald-Transcript has
dubbed the Distillers "Rookies." Ber
nie Smith of the Star, objects stren
uously and has voiced his sentiments
in print The Transcript man refuses
to heed the kindly admonitions and
suggestions emanating from a con
temporary,, and hence the following
outburst from the columns of the Pe
oria Star:
Rook, n., A cheat; a trickster or
swindler. One who practices the
"plucking of pigeons."
Rook, n., A simpleton; a gull; one
liable to be cheated.
Rook, v., To cheat; to defraud by
In addition to the above definitions
as given in the Century dictionary and
cyclopedia, we find that a rook is a
title sometimes glen to a piece of
wood or ivory used in chess.
Rookies, n. The third team, the
bums of the squad; the bushers; the
ago. Bill Peet, who scribes for the
Washington Herald, discovered the duDS of the 6qua,i.
"Callahan will play his regulars at
13th. Inning, y hen three -runs were squeeze play in the sixth inning, but!
hoved- over the pan. The Sox staged j "ere outguessed by Roddy Hendrix.
a belated rally themselves, but fell j Myers was on third and Collins was up
just one short of tying it up.
It Is true the Sox unnexed six er-1
Torn, but only two of them were re-1
Kponsihle for the defeat. The old de-;
fense crumbled, and that was all there
wan to it.
Opposed to Roddy was a corpulent,
heavy-set gentleman with a typical
teamster's build, and a rubicond map j
patterned along the lines of several
of our leading bartenders. His name
is Myers. This boy hummed along
in great fashion, but in the Llth suf
fered an attack of "jaundice" of the
yellowest type, and was yanked from
the firing lice with the bases choked
and no oun gone. Tretter went In and
held the home boys to a pair of tal
lies, and everyone went home to en
Joy u cold aupper.
All the pertinent action was crowd
ed into that one stanza. To start the
ball rolling Congor singled through!
Koepp!n'a territory. Myers hit one!
in front of the pitcher's box, and the Sp squad
j Three-base hits Erloff, Lucas, Kel-
at bat Myers got the sign and the
minute the ball left Roddy's paw, tore
I for home. Mister Hendrix, however.
had scented the plot, and pitched the
! ball so wide that Collins couldn't have
I reached it with a tent pole. Myers
was easy.
I Jim Hayes was standing near the
coop when the game was over. "Hard
! luc"k, Jim," yelled a fan. "Hard luck
H 1. rotten ball is what it was," was
J the Sox owner's comeback.
Two games today. 'Don't keep sup
! per waiting, Mrs. Fan.
ly, Flanagan, Bilta. Home run Blake.
Bases on balls Off Marks, 1; off Kais
er. 4. Struck out By Marks, 5; by
Kaiser, 4. Stolen base Hartford. Hit
by pitcher Mack. Time 1:45. Um
pire Sullivan.
D1W11.LE, 3; SENATORS, 2.
Springfield, 111., July 23. Selby was
a pimple to the Watchmakers after
the first two innings, while the Speak
ers bunched their hits and defeated
Springfield In the opening game of the
series, 3 to 2. The score.
Springfield. R. H. PO. A. E.
Lofton, If 0
Wheeler, 2b 0
Wakefield, lb 1
Clayton, rf 0
i Flemlne. cf n
Walter Schaller, utility outfielder of I Burgwald, ss 0
of the White Sox, wa3 soid yesterday I Middleton, p 1
to the San Francisco club of the Pa
cific Coast league. He will leave at
tnce to join Del Howard's team. The
acquisition of Larry Chappell to the
1 2
has made a surplus of out-
penky pill took a high hop and vent i helders, and Howard has been trying
for a base hit. Hendrix then helped ! to get one fcr several weeks. As soon
things along by walking Kerwin. clut-ias salvers were obtained on Schaller,
tering the paths. Collins smashed j Comiskey wired to Cal Ewing, presi-
a long fly to center, and Congor beat
the throw to the plate. Ward poked
a grounder to Reed and Myers was
nailed at the platter, he of the ground
er getting a life on the fielder's choice.
Ward then started all the trouble by
starting to steal the keystone cushion
left hander for Griffith and has been
sounding his praises ever since. He
seems to have a right to much joy at
The funny part about it all Is Grif
fith had been bemoaning the fact that
he didn't have a good southpaw on Ws
staff the early part of the season when
Boehling was on the bench. But he's
changed his mind about that now. .
Last season Griffith farmed him out
to Worchester in the New England
league. There he won fourteen games
and lost eight.
Total 2 10 27 8 4
Danville. R. II. PO. A. E.
Springfield, Ohio, July 23. "Jiggs"
Donahue, former first baseman of the
Chicago White Sox, was buried yes
terday in Calvary cemetery. The fun
eral services were held at St. Raph
ael church, where requiem high mass
was sung. "Representatives of the
Knights of Columbus and Elks attend
ed. Floral offerings were received
from Charles A. Comiskey and mem
bers of the Minneapolis club.' Pitcher
Ed Walsh and Catcher Billy Sullivan,
who represented the White Sox, ar
rived too late to attend the services,
because of their train being delayed,
but were driven to the cemetery in
an automobile, and arrived in advance
of the funeral party.
San Francisco-Los Angeles; trains
Chicago, 5: St. Louis, 13.
Indianapolis, 7; Pittsburgh, 6.
Cleveland, 3; Kansas City, 2 3.
Omaha, 6; St. Joseph, 2.
Topeka. 7; Wichita, 4.
, Des Moines, 4; Sioux City, 7.
Denver, 8; Lincoln, 5.
Keokuk, 8; Cedar Rapids, 6.
Burlington, 4; Waterloo, 5' (ten In
nings). Ottumwa. 0; Monmouth, 3.
Muscatine, 5; Kewanee, 6.
New Orleans, 0; Chattanooga, 4.
Memphis, 0; Atlanta, 4.
Montgomery, 5; Birmingham, 4.
Mobile, 2; Nashville, 6 (second game
Terre Haute, 3; Dayton, 2.
Grand Rapids, 12 ; Fort Wayne, 4.
Springfield, 2; Evansville, 1.
Lincoln, 4; Kankakee, 3.
Champaign, 1; Streator, 2.
Pats and Pokes
BY P. B.
Gets Timely Swat With Three
on, Two Out and Two Runs
Needed to Win Battle. ,r
Cubs Drop Both Ends of Double Head
er to Red Dooln's Aggregation
of Athletes. -.. ',.
Falk, ss 0 0 2 2 1
Vogel, 2b 1 1 4 3 1
Calhoun, rf 0 0 0 0 0
Wallace, cf 1 1 2 1 0
Staley, lb 1 1 5 0 0
White, 3b 0 2" 2 2 0
Ohlin, If 0 0 4 0 0
Quiesser, c 0 0 7 0 1
Selby, p 0 0 1 1 0
dent of the Frieco club, and made the
Shaller was obtained for the waiver
price last spring from Detroit, and for
a short time was the regular left field
er fcr :he Sex. He Is a Chicago boy,
his home being on the south side. All
Big Peters heaved the pill into center his friends predict he will be a whale
field and Keruiu crossed the platte. j of a batter on the coast With Jack j Selby, 7; by Middleton, 6. Eases on
Becker heaved to third base: and Al ! Fournler makini mod an nntfieMor I balls Off Selby. 1: off Middleton. 1.
Total 3 5 27 9 3
Springfield 11000000 0 2
Danville 0 0010020 0 3
Three-base hit Vogel. Double play
Wallace to White. Struck out By
Bromwich aJlowed the ball to et
through him to the stand, and Ward
came home. Kahl ended it with a
tap to Hendrix.
r.ai hai.i.v.
By that time everyone started to
leave, but there was more action to
Hit by pitcher By Selby, Wakefield.
Time 1:55. Umpire Cusack.
and Ping Bodie and Walter Mattick
sitting on the bench, the Sox had little
ute for Schaller.
When the season is over Comiskey! iubiqie. 4t teoria, a.
is to have his pick cf the Frisco play-! Du.DU(lue. Iow. July 23. Dubuque
ers, and if Schaller shows up oj t there jwon from Peoria yesterday through
better than Jimmv Johnston he is , errors of the visitors. A ball knocked
follow. Boss O'Leary yanked Hendrix i liable to be a member of the Sox
from the fray and sent in Ohland to 'again.
bat In his stead. -Harry was there in I
the pinch and poked a clean single Tigers Buy Third Sacker.
to left. Myers then became flustrated I Detroit, Mich., July 23. The Detroit
und walked Milton Reed. Carrigan, ; baseball club yesterday purchased
who had been meat for the bite bov I Third Baseman Beck of the Waco
thrice club in the Texas league. Scout Joe
all afternoon, and who had
whiffed the breer;es, delivered a sin
gle and ther were three on.
Nick Kahl then stepped in and said:
"Boy-, this has gone far enough." lie
invited Myers to seek a shady nook
on the bench and paged Mr. Tretter.
Becker banged a grounder to first
and Ohland dashed over the pan on
the play. Bromwich lifted a long j
rainbow to center and Reed beat the
throw to the plate. With two men
on the paths, two outs and one run
needed to tie it up, Pat Flahartjr
stepped to the plate, but the best h
could do was a grounder to Turner
and the show was over. The score:
Davenport. AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Sugden made the recommendation on
the strength of the youngster's smart
fielding and speedy base running.
Beck's batting does not amount to
much, however, his mark this year
being only .238. .
Coombs on Job Labor Day.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 23. John W.
Coombs, one of the star pitchers of
the Philadelphia Athletics, in a letter
received here yesterday predicted that
he would be in condition to go into
the game by Labor day. Coombs is
on his farm at West Kennebunk, Me.,
convalescing after being ill since the
opening of the American league season.
Venice today, send his yannigans to
Frisco and the rookies to San Diego."
"The Yankees made five errors be
hind Keating, and performed like a
lot of rookies."
This youngster on the morning
paper did a "boo-hoo' all over
the place and between sobs man
aged to gulp out a long list of mean
names we have called him. In the
same plaintive wail he manages to
call the distillers a bunch of dubs,
simpletons, cheaters, tricksters, rum
mies, t ird raters, bums, etc., without
even giving one reason for so doing.
He has persisted in his knocking of
the club and openly declares that he
means to continue to do so. His boss,
Charley May, occupied seats with us
in the press box Sunday and May told
us the games of that day were the
two best baseball contests he had ever
had the pleasure of witnessing. Yet
May permits his sport writers to call
the clever Distillers, a team that has
won their past four series, taking ten
out of their last fourteen games, a
bunch of third raters, or in other
words a bunch of "bum ball players.
We thought the "knocking" spirit of
the Herald-Transcript was appeased
U U ' 1 J T r ...... 71! ,J .. 1 1
vwici. piiulcu nail) riuucit 3
opinion of us, but such appears to be J
not me case. lien a ginx gets a
neck full of swill, he either has got
to spit it out, swallow it or choke.
Now choke, fool, choke. We don't
The taxicab is an intense odor sur
rounded by a gilded machine shop.
Taxi patrons are sometimes referred
to as joy riders, but the exuberance of
spirits referred to is only noticeable in
rare instances where the chauffeur
overlooks a thin dime and the im
poverished victim sees visions of a fu
ture breakfast.
The taxicab was Invented for tho
purpose of reducing bank accounts and
has never experienced an unsuccessful
season. After a two-hour spin in the
bright moonlight, the average man is
forced to sign away his birthright and
negotiate for standing room in the
poor house. The taxi is primarily a
product of our modern civilization.
Had the famous Captain Kidd decorat
ed the northern exposure of a limou
sine in lieu of the swaying deck of a
pirate sloop, his wealth would have
caused that of John D. Rockefeller to
resemble the weekly stipend of a trl
city reporter.
Chicago, July 23. Three men on
base, two out, two runs needed to win
the game and the last half of the
ninth. Story book writers have pic
tured this scene ever since the na
tional game was invented, but it is sel
dom that such a wind-up ever takes
place. Yesterday was an exception,
however, and the hero was Rath, for
he delivered a blow with the count
3 and 2 on htm, and it brought victory
to the White Sox, 6 to 5, Washington
being the victim. ;
Chicago AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Chappell, cf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Rath. 2b 5 0 1 3 10
Lord, 3d 3
Chase, jib 4
Schalk, c 4
Collins, rf 4
Fournier, If .4
Weaver, ss 4
Russell, p 2. 0
Easterly 1 0
Clcotte, p 0 0
t Bodie 0 0
JMattick 0 1
Total 35 6 11 27 17 "0
Batted for Russell in seventh.
tBatted for Clcotte. in ninth. JRan
for Bodie in ninth.
Washington. AB. R. H. PO
Moeller, rf 4 1 0 0
Foster, 3b 4 1 2 2
Milan, rf 2 1 1
Gandil. lb 4 0 2
Morgan, 2b 4 0 0
Laporte, If 4 1 2
Calvo, If 0 0 0
McBride, ss 4 1 3
Henry, c 4 0 2
Groom, p 3 0 0
Ainsmith 0 0 0
. A.
Naval Hydro Flies 146 Miles.
Newport News, Va., July 23. Lieu
tenants Smith and Chevalier, in a
hydroaerop:ane, yes'erday flew from
the naval academy at Annapolis to
Old Point Comfort, 146 miles, in three
hours and ten minutes total flying
time. Two stops were made for oil,
r.nd the flight took four hours and a
Bostcn Builds Up Team.
Boston. Mass.. July 23. The work
of strengthening the Boston Amer
icans for the pennant race of 1914
has begun. Two young pitchers have
been bought within a few days. Pitch
er Radloff, whose purchase from the
Manistee club of the Michigan State
league was announced here yesterday,
being the latest acquisition
Reed, ss 3 1 0
Carrigan. If 6 0 1
Becker, cf 5 0 1
Iromwkh. 3b 5 0 1
Flkharty, rf 6 0 0
Koepping, 2b 5 0 1
Neer. lb 4 0 2
Peters, c 4 0 0
Hendrix, p 3 0 1
Ohland l l l
over the right field fence for a home
run by Flack bounced .back over the
fence before the umpire could get a
line on the situation so counted ior
only two bases. The score:
Dubuque. R. H. PO. A. E.
Jude, If 0 0 2 0 0
Beatty, lb 0 2 19 0 l
R. Darringer, ss 1 0 1 8 01
H. Darringer, cf 2 1 1 0 o!
Ebort, rf.... 0 0 0 0 0
Boucher, c 1 2 2 1 1 i
Erlewein. 2b 0 0 2 1 o!
Isaacs, 3b 0 0 0 6
Seaman, p o 10 5
Virginia Couple 60 Yearz Wed.
Virginia, 111., July 23. Mr.'and Mrs.
Thompson Wllkey of this place cele
brated 'the 61 anniversary of their
wedding day. They are living in the
home they have occupied since 1852.
Mr. Wilkey is 85 years old and his
wife 80.
W. L.
Philadelphia 63
Cleveland 54
Washington 51
Chicago .. 51
Bpston , 42
Detroit 39
St. Louis 38
Kew York 28
W. L. Pcu
New York 60 26 .698
Philadelphia 50 32 .610
Pittsburgh 44 42 .512
Chicago 45 43 .511
Brooklyn 38 43 .463
Boston 36 49 .424
St. Lcuis 35 53 .398
Cincinnati 35 55 .389
Total ,
fountain, ss 0
Beeson, lb 0
Regan, rf 1
Flack, If 2
Desmond, 3b 0
Willisen, 2b 0
Yelle, c 0
Walsh, 3b. 0
Alberts, p 0
4 6 27 21 2
R. IL l O. A. E
1 0
0 0
East Orange, N. J., July 23. Base
ball Is making its way toward the arc
tic circle. F. Oxden Norwood, a trad-
4 0 , er and enthusiastic "fan" from Ketchi
0 0'kan, Alaska, who is visiting his home
i here, says the 2,000 inhabitants at
Total '42 2 8 39 16 C i that isloated place cry "batter up"
Batted for Hendrix in thirteenth. every time the tide goes out
Quincy. AB. R H. PO. A-E. Norwood organlned two nines among
Kerwin. If 5
Coliins, rf 3
Ward, cf 6
Kchl, Cb 6
Golvln. lb 5
Hillings, c 5
Turner, 3b 5
Total 3 7 24 15
Dubuque 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 4
Peoria . .0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 3
Two-base hits H. Darringer, Flack,
Desmond (2). Three-base hit Flack.
Struck out By Seaman, 2; by Al
berts, 5 Bases on balls Off Alberts,
3. Hit by pitcher Walsh, Erlweln.
Time 1:30. Umpires Bannon and
Here's a Riddle.
The paid attendance at Peoria on
Conger, sa
1 2 2 0 oi the whites and the Indians.
0 1 2 0 01 The settlement is so closely fitted ' Sunday was 3,500. At Decatur It was
0 1 5 0 0 j in between the mountains and the sea, j 1.100. If Rock Island enters the Three
0 1 6 7 2 1 wun me tiae rising normally to the
0 1 17 1 0 1 height of 20 feet, that it is built on
0 1 5 1 0 1 plies. It Is only when the tide ebbs
,0 1 0 4 0 1 that there is a place to play, and its
1 1 2 3 0j return marks the finish of the game.
Philadelphia, Pa., July 23. Manager
0 1 Evers yesterday denied the published
q reports that he had benched Roger
Bresnahan for not catching according
to orders and for indifferent work.
The Cub manager said he tried a
change of catchers in Boston to see if
it would break the run of defeats, just
aa he had tried every other possible
change previously.
The Cubs were not winning with
Bresnahan catching, and they did win
every game but one in which Need
ham started until yesterday. Then
he used Bresnahan behind the bat in
tne second game, but took him out
4jfor a 'left handed batter near the fin
j i ish.
The reported breach between Bres
nahan and Evers is partly due to an
apparently concerted effort by the
other clubs to get Evers' goat A fa
vorite greeting handed to him on the
field is, "Well, Jchrny. what pitcher
has Bresnahan pic!:cd for you today; '
This bon mot generally i3 credited
originally to Joe Tinker.
There is a small coterie of Cubs,
chiefly veterans, who do not like to
be called down for misplays, who en
joy these efforts to disconcert their
manager and are willing to help fo
ment friction between Evers and Bres-
V. I. Pet
Milwaukee 61 38 .616
Louisville 55 40 .579
Columbus 52 43 .547
Minneapolis .. 60 45 .5f.6
Kansas City 47 51 .480
j St. Paul 42 51 .452
Toledo 42 54 .437
Indianapo'.ls .33 0 .355
Eye next year whose franchise will be
secured? For the best answer to this
puzzle, the first ball hit for a home'nahan. So far it is in the embryonic
. .-jum B.ae grounds. stage, but It is not beyond the limit
run on
Bloomington Pantagraph. y.
1 of possibility that they will succeed.
Dubuque, 4; Peoria, 3.
Bloomington, 3; Decatur, 4.
Springfield, 2; Danville, 3.
Davenport, 2; Quincy, 3 (thirteej
Chicago, 6; Washington, 5.
St. Louis, 4; Philadelphia, 0.
Detroit, 2; New York, 0.
Cleveland, 8; Boston, 5.
Philadelphia, 68; Chicago, 5-6.
New York, 2; Pittsburgh, 81
(second game eleven innings).
Boston, 32; Cincinnati, 43 (first
game ten innings).
Brooklyn, 1; St. Loui3, 3.
Toledo, 0; Milwaukee, 12.
St. Paul, 7; Columbus, 2.
' Kansas City, 6; Indianapolis, C.
Minneapolis-Louisville; rain.
Madison, 7; Appleton, 5.,
Green Bay, 3; Rockford, 2.. ,
' Fend du Lac, 4; Oshkosh, 3,
Wausau-Racine; rain.
, Oakland, 3; Venice, 1.
Sacramento, 1; Portland, 4.
It is our sad duty, at this time, to
chronicle. the, departure of old Deacon
Davis erstwhile embellisher of a con
temporary sport sheet Said eccle
siastical personage became inoculated
with the wanderlust, and girding up
his loins, departed from our midst.
During his all too brief stay in these
climes, the Deacon proved himself a
prince of good fellows and the twin
city section cf the S. W. A- has been
plunged intq deep gloom. May he live
long and prosper is our sincere wish.
The mannerchor will now strike up
that little ditty entitled "I Don't Know
Where He Is Tonight, but I Hope He's
Doing Well".
Some weeks ago, we were con
strained to remark that the Quincy ag
gregation had about as much chance
of annexing the gonfalon as the Rock
Island citizen has of grabbing a seat
on a Long View car. We now wish to
amend the statement, inasmuch as
conditions have changed but not lo
cally. A n ti apropos the street car situation,
just a suggestion. After the ball game,
why not, by way of introducing an
innovation, provide but one car for
the many patrons.
Whither are we drifting? One gang
of European high brows puts us Jo
seph tp the fact that beer wrapped in
white bottles will deteriorate. Then
the opposition comes to bat with the
info that suds found Jn the brown
bottle are quickly .put to the fritz if
exposed to daylight. While awaiting
the verdict of the coroner's jury, slip
us another of those Bryan cocktails.
Cleanliness next to Godliness,
but after Viewing ' with dismay the
laundry shrinkage cn the Davenport
uniforms, we hereby declare ourselves
in favor of the dark ageB.
It must be great to be a sporting edi
tor down in Peoria, but there is one
thing that puzzle's us. How can the
scribes keep up the payments on the
accident insurance policies and still
eke out a livelihood.
Our idea of zero in summer cos
tumes white oxfords and a bamboo
Jack Shields withdrew from the bat
tlcfield at Peoria yesterday Ion?
enough to drop in on the Davenport
coop namtues and say "Hello." He
states that conditions in Peoria arc
just as pleasant as a crutch.
We should worry.
Total 33 5 12t26 14 ?
Ran for Laporte in eighth. fTwo
out when winning run scored.
Chicago. 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 36
Washington 21100100 05
Two-base hits Fournier (2) Collins,
Lord, Laporte, Foster. Three-base
hits Chase, Collins, Schalk. Struck
out By Russell (Foster); by Groom
(Weaver, 2; Chapell, Schalk, Eastsr
ly). Bases on balls Off Russell, 1;
off Groom, 3. Double plays Weaver
to Chase to Rath; Weaver to Chase.
Hits--Off Russell, 11 in 7 innings.
Hit by pitcher By Russell (Milan).
Balk Russell. Left on bases Chi
cago, 6; Washington, 5. Time 1:50.
Umpires Egan and Dinneen.
Philadelphia, July 23 Far be it
from those Phils to ' pull any half
portion stuff. Just by way of ex
tending kindly greetings to the in
vading Cubs yesterday, Dooin's
sprightly men blew themselves to a
double victory, whaling the Trojans,
6 to 5 and 8 to 6. The twin cleanup
was not achieved, however. In what
might be termed roughshod style, for
the badly battered West Siders knock-
ed two highly touted heavers, Messrg.
Alexander and Rixey, off the conning
Before the first combat had ended
Manager Evers reconsidered his stand
relative to Roger Bresnahan and
asked the former boss of the cardinal
to do some pinch-hitting for Lavendet
This happened in the ninth and Roger
skied to PasUert.
When the megaphone boy an
nounced batteries for the second game
Bresnahan, who, had been gamboling
aimlessly about tho Infleid wearing
an infielders glove apparently without '
the slightest idea of doing backstop
duty, heard the official announcement,
it being "Humphries and Bresnahan
for Chicago." Roger has been out of
the regular line-up for several days,
Manager Evers having stated Sunday
nigh l that he did not approve of his
style of catching.
First game. R. H. E.
Chicago. ..2 0100200 05 7 2
Phillies. ...0 1 0 1 0 0 3 1 6 8 1
Batteries Lavender, Needham and
Bresnajian; Alexander, Brcnnan, Killi
fer and Howley. -
Second game. R. H. E.
Chicago. ..0 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 06 10 5
Phillies. ...4 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 8 12 . 2
Batteries Humphries, Reulbach,
Richie, Bresnahan and Needham; Rix
ey, Chalmers, Mayer and Killifer.
Wallace Hurt
St Louis, Mo., July 23. Rhody Wal
lace Of the Browns, who has besn play
ing baseball for 20 years, probably lias
taken part in his last game. Wal
lace went to bat as a pinch hitter in
yesterday's game with tbe Athletics
and was bit on the left wrist by a
ball thrown by Pitcher Bush. It is
thought a small bone in his arm was
All the
news all the time Tbe
' " Bentley In Form. s
Monmouth. 111.. July 23 Pitcher
Bentley of the local Central associa
tion club shut out Ottumwa yesteraay
without a hit,, the final count read
ing 3 to 0 in favor of the Browns.
Carr Releases Louis Fiene.
Kansas City, Mo.. July 23 LouU
II. Fiene, utility player, was released
by Manager Carr of the Kansas CItjr
baseball team last night.
Tinker Draws Suspension.
Boston. Mass.. July 23. Manager
Joe Tinker of the Cincinnati National
league team was suspended yesterday
for an argument with Umpire Ortli

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