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Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1893-1920, September 13, 1913, HOME EDITION, Image 15

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I f : ; '
m i IP I i , i i in m i i r a. - - mi i i im - n csi-J' . . i j ft.. "w f r is -v .l-i-hii' s. - -1 Affr-.ctf
1 1 A. rntir L - L. S rf
"igm uiain.il jmces
For the accommodation cf lt patrons
r.71KnP,r. of th city- Th -Argus
tb,1eJ svstem of branch of
r,;.hr' "brriptlon and want ad
vents. may he rwnvod and any In
format:on 1-ft that may pertain to any
f'-epaitrnent of th. r.ar,..r . i.".
lion It la also planned to have at each
of those branch office everv evening a
supply or copies of The Argus of the
2 -.,that ny subscriber who may
"'"I failed undrr any circumstances to
ret rive the paper, will be supplied free
tf eriarfee.
The Arm rn rf branch offices
Includes the following:
J- J. Klpp a notion at ore, 4515 Fifth
venue. ,
M E. Rowe'i pharmacy, 4118 Four
teenth avenue.
Schneider's drug e'ore. Twenty-seventh
treet. Seventh avenue.
LUen-.eyer's drug store. Eleventh ave
nue. Fifteenth (treat.
Dail-y'a lunch room, 403 Fourth ave
nue. Mrs. l,on4m notion (tore. Seventh
Street. Fourteenth avenue.
Helmbeck's pharmacy, 22 Third ave
nue. avenue1 Eberu' trory, J25 Eleventh
.,f"??.r.t ' OTC- Thirtieth (treet
and T fth avt-r.ue.
College pharmacy. Seventh avenue
and 1 i.trty-eiphth street.
Th?,"?".u,rr1r'"I",r Thirteenth avenue and
Thirtieth street.
fctelner drug atore. corner Fifth ave
nue und Twer iy-thlrd street.
Hasting Fee gro- e.-y, 1728 Tweri-ty-sith
Modi rn l;rht-r''Tn lm
Jri'iulie jjl'j Ninth ave-
I-OK RKNT Modern seven-room house.
rjn location, ci.-se ln. inquno llJ
'itnl avenue.
KifeTht-rn.-.m ti.mvA ,r..i
n; large bur.i, wild
2."J4 fteventh avenu
htrge bur. 1. willi . l.-.i im..' l.t.t
' - - w n ' I
2WNT;.t:'!.ht"'00m mp'Jern house J
i :. Bevenlu avenun. I iu tT-.-i
Hfth-and--ha!f nvenue.
I-t' '-?,'J veri-r-." modern l:oUS(.
(I 44U r.' eui.-eiitli eve.uuc; nut
J'j'lIr 441'J ri.-vente.-nth avenue. "
10JHKSr Kie''t-omh.Vuse,a7l
mod-rii. at 1405 -iwrMI, avenue, ln
uuire 2H31 Kil I h-anu-a-hal t avenue .
l,H,. ,tK-N"r fcix-ioom modern hoii-:i-
11U' I'lilrd 1'vciui. . r, 1, renccs ie-
viuired. 1-none U01 K 1: land lilt;. L.
d. Ki-hnildl.
HKXT .lx-rL-..m 'ho-.tTaTTr,.
.atlotl; lo u moiiln. lniiiiie H.ns
i.vm iluwer Htor.-. i-ourrii avenue and
1 weniiuili atreeU
FOR KENT-M,M.-;nfx-'.'.m l,..use,
1 Idrteenth uv line un.1 ICIyhtli tstr. et
i'lionH Kovk Ifiand C2v
i"K RENT Five-room r.tii.-c o houa 011
forty-fourth xtr..t una Sim...-ntli nve
nue (..,n js 1,1:1.1 ; e,.n 1.- i.a.J irnni, -diatel.
1-lM.ni- .!... im,
Fuji e::xt FLATS.
FOR H ENT 1 ( r- r .o:n
nod.-rii; in al I ur.-ily.n .1;
at IllJ Tweiflii ttr(-..i.
flat; strictly
no clilidrti,;
I-OR RENT Strictly modern six-room
nut. Inquire lo.'j t , t v-s.-cmui
street. 1 a-'lie ilm'K Island 2-K.
OR RKNT Moderu four-room flat ar.d
bath; rciVreiict-H irquired. Inouire
ISliW Third tvtUh Rustuuejd
l'OU KENT Furnished tuodern apart
ment, tour luvmi anu bath, al U--eu-tl'ld
anartiueius, i5m 'iuuu avenue;
rvferencef roquued.
OR RENT hec - nd lloor of laciory!
buildinn at 1524 r.ui!ifi avenue, suit-i
'de foi light iiiaiiulaetui iiiij. Inuuiic
ll'-si Fuurih avenue.
OK HLNT 200 acres, thrte miles
aouthweat of Andalusia and tnree
mil. northeast or Kdgingion. In
quire Mary (Jrlibon. Cui oon Cliff gio
ecry sior.-. Carbon C1;T, ill.
iOR RKNT 1;65 avres In Ruftulo I"rai
rie township, 1'4 miles imiu lilunns
' "': almost 3ou acre under cultiva-
.i '. ,r , , rasture; will rent to!orSc of the ci rk t th
V!1' ;r tw tenants. Apply to M. J. I
Murphy. 2207 Seventh avenue. Kwk '
J-OR RENT One cf besi iccatic
1-WA . " -..i.yiio in
. ' -.j.'.'.h
.VITI'I 1 1 I . r
aim up-io-,iate: desirable plai-u
t ) open big store. 24xriox 1 5 V ; will
',!U 'heap. If Interested, tali at
l'rkenwald lieaiiy company, 4b
4i I irst NatlL-nal bank building. Dav
enport. Phona Davenport i3j.
ilasotiic Temple. Eighteenth street and
Fifth avenue.
V lit No. 67. A F. & A. M will
aspjrbe held on the first '1 huraday of
VC'rach month. SpeciaJ for work
XT on M. M. dea-ren on Thursdav.
Sept. 18. at 7 p. m.. in Corinthian hell.
tailing tretnren are rordiaiiy Invit
ed. By order of 1 E. lieaiecway,
W. M. ; W". B. Fettit, secretary .
A G. A. B.
BfFORD POST, 143. O. A. R meets
regularly on the second and fourth
Saturday evemnga of each month at
7.10 in Memorial hall at the court
house. W". M. Johnston, commander;
K. H. Buck, adjutant.
IF TOU WANT to buy. sell, trade or
rent anything, engage help or secure
a situation, the Mail and Journal
want bring results. One-half eent
fer word la the price to all alike, cash
ii advance: to-cent stamps will i.
Evening Saturday Mail and Journal
Mohr.e. 111.
Joka Vols Co,
Manui2eturr( cf ?a9h. Tofrs. Blinds
S 8t,r- Interior Tnlah of all ;lrda
Hardwood Veneer Foorlng and d.al-
f in gum. til and 32J Eigniecni
FOR RENT Fumlahed room, all mod-
'-in. 11 seventeenth street.
FOR RENT Two modern rurnished
rooms; 823 Seventeenth street.
FOR RENT Furnlahed room a at 111H
Second avenue. Schmidt hotel.
FOP. RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping at 307 Third street.
FOP. RENT Furnished room; closa to
town and high school; at 642 Sixteenth
FOR RENT Modern rurnlshed front
rooms, rent reasu-nable, at 108 Sec
ond avenue.
FOR RENT Large airy rooms In mod
ern t:oue: uMof phone. Phone Rock
I."!and 2308.
FOR RENT Light housekeeping rooms
with laundry privileges; D27 Seven
teeMh street
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms,
witn bo.ird; private famly: at 2225
f oiirth avenue.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished
."Ll?.m fcT lillt housekeeping
at 1221 Fourteenth street.
FOR RENT Modern furnished room.
suitable for two. at 71S Seventeenth
si r
l. I'hone Ruck Island 2721.
FOR RKNT A modern furnished room,
suitable for gentleman; opposite pub
llc library; 412 -Nineteenth street .
OR RENT Nicely .furnished rooms:
eie in- light, bath, hot water heat,
phone; at 217 Fifteenth street.
FOR RENT Modern furnished room
for gentleman. Apply Flat No 1
Sweeney flata. 2ftl6, Third avenue.
i-OK Ki-..NT Two partly modern rooms
i;t nunc nuuseKt-eptng; use of laun
dry and telephone, 1523 Sixth avenue.
'U im.M Modern furnished rooms
i"r nKiii noust-Keeping; use of phone;
11 "5 Fourteenth-and-a-half street.
FOit RENT Modern furnished rooms
I'Kttt housekeeping; 2716 Fifth
avenue. 1'lione. Rot-k Inland 1412-K.
I-OFt RENT Very large modern room,
well ..ghted. suitable for two, gen
tlemen preferred; 1 120 Second avenue.
FOR liKN'T Furnished room, wuh
board, in private lainily, at 222a
urth avenue; motlern conveuiencea
IOK RENT Two modern furnished
rooms for Iiulu housekeeping on first
floor; use 01 laundry. inquire. 252j
Kltith-and-a-halt avenue.
l'OU RENT Modern furnl3hed front
loom, suitable lor gentleman; will
furniF-h brcaktasuj; tine of phone. In
quire Ms Fourteenth street.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms in mod
ern home; newly furnished; good lo
cation; use o rphone; at 9o5 Nineteenth
street. I'uone Hock Island 1742
AN 1 i-.D Three unfurnished rooms
tone to be used for office), in good
residence or buaineHS locality in Hock
Iviunu. Address i: O. llox t'ti. Daven
port, Iowa.
1-UR RENT lnrao front room, bright
and comfortable, suitable for oca or
two gentlemen, in ttnctly private
fiunil; all conveniences; cioso to all
cur lines; walking distance rrom bus
iness section: terms reasonable; 2"li
Firm avenue. Phone Kock island
Ati.-MKAt.is of title prepared or con
tinued dale eov-eiuia anv real es
tate i.i the county. Prompt and ac
luiate beivlce at reasonable rates
Lock Island Title oc Abstract com
pany; J. J. Ingrain, president; v. J
Sweeney, secretary; 200-203. second
floor. People s National bank hoiiri. 1
ing. Rock Island.
Publication Notice.
I tyiaw of Kock Island Coun-
In the County Court of Rock Island
I county. Jiiuiwis. October term. 1S13. n,
Au.ii .iiiini. ueaianu, 4df.40 .
New Harper Hotel Company vs H
R. Oumor. '
Notice is hereby given to von, the
said li .lk Uiimore, that a writ of at-
iiii. iu .us ocen isueu our of
of said count v of Rock Island at th,
suit , th. sa,d New HarpiV Hoief com
county court
UU.I.V, nun a:uuisi ii:e estate f.t vo., th.
said II. U. ;iimore. for eiahtv-'aiv'unH
mnj ne-rninireavns aoilar:. besldeii
vuik iu cirt'inc. wmcn tain u-ri . v,
been returned by said sheriff executed
by levying ou the north 55 feet of th
east 8i feet of lot No. 1. in block No
and ihe north 0 feet of the west' 3u
teet of lot No. 1. in block No. 2. in the
ilZt 13 liifno?sU",y ' KCk ISUnd Dd!
Now unless you. the said H. B. Gil-
.-'mm v. 1 n n, now rtock Ja-
more, shall personally be and ann.ar k.
fore the county court of said county, on
the first day of the next term thereof
to be holden at Kork Island, ln said
county, on the first Mondav in the
month of Octobtr next, give special
bail and piead to said action, Judgment
will be entered against )u in favor of
said plaintiff, and the property attach
ed sold to satisfy the same, with costs,
Rock Island 111. Sept. 4 IS 13
searle oc Marshall, plaintiff's attor
neys. Admlalatrmtor'a IVotleaw
Estate of Andrew J. Whitney, de
ceased. The undersigned having been" ap
pointed administrator; with the will
annexed of the estate of Andrew J
Whitney. ' late of the county of Rock
Island, state of Illinois, deceased, here
by give notice that they wi;: appear
before the Hon. Benjamin Beit, Judge
of the probate court of Rock )a!and
county, at the probate court room in
the city of Kock Island, at the Septem
ber term, on the ttrat Monday In Sep
tember next, at which time ail per
sona having claims agalnat aald aetata
are notiaed and requested to attend for
the puruose of having the same ad
justed. All peraona lnuebted to aald es
tate are requested to make Immediate
payment to the undcrsiarned.
Dated I8th Car of July. A. D 1J18.
Administrator With the Will ' An
nexed. f IPERFtrOCS HAIR.
rtrERFLLOL'S balr and mole on face
ar.d arms permuncntlv reraov-nd with
toe to six needles. Addres Mis M
Klttrtdee, Flat 1. Argyle Flats. :3ra4y
tree!. Davenport Old phone :;3.
ANTED Boy to -work in press room:
must be is years of age. Apply fore
man press room. Argus.
WANTED Bellboys at Hotel Harms.
WANTED Laborers; 635 Eighteenth
WANTED A clerk at H. Lange gro
eery. 270S Seventh avenue.
TANTE Toung man as telephone
and mailing clerk. Address "G.," care
WANTED Bright boy over 16 years of
age. Apply Hartz & Bahnsen com
pany. MANTLD Good fireman, at once; Ben
nett Organ company. Forty-fourth
WANTED A man to beat rugs at 1233
2329 treeT Phone Rock Island
TV ANTED A good, reliable boy 16
years of age on carpenter wagon. Ap
ply to 1018 Twelfth street.
WANTED Boy to learn printing trade;
must have at least eighth grade
iivuuug. App;y Argus omce, third
WANTED Salesman; we have the
goods, you get the orders; pay every
Saturday. Diamond Remedy coni
pany, Dixon. 111.
WANTf;D Men to handle our combin
ation life, sick and accident policy;
good territory open. Apply Capitol
Life association, Springfield, IU.
WANTED At once, a non-union violin
player and trombone plaver; must be
good and understand dance musie
Apply 3112 Fifth avenue. I'hone Rock
Island 24 4.
WANTED Well dressed young or mid
dle aged men; work steady and pleas
ant: salary to righ.. parties. Call be
tween 5 and 6 p. m.. 405 Peoples Na
tional bank building.
WANTED Young man. 16 vears old. to
learn professional photography; must
come well recommended and agree to
stay three years. Call any time at
Smith's studio. Third avenue.
WANTED Young man .estimate de
partment, sash, doors, mill work
some lunilier, country lists; perma
nent, opportunity .advancement; give
nM-iiiwiwe ano pay expected. Ad-
"r!" me i-oster-Munger company,
v est 1 liirty-seventh and LoomH
riace, t mcapo, ill.
wan i k.1) For I : S. army; able-budied
unmarried men between ages-of is
ana -.i; citizens of I n:ted States, of
guoa cnaracter and temperate habits,
who can speak, read and write the
English language. For information
apply to recruiting officer. Second and
Hrady streets. Davenport; Cedar Rap
iris; Dubuque, Iowa, and Rock Islajid,
WANTED Young lady to demonstrate
and take orders; salarv and commis
sion. Call Davenport 4766.
WANTED Girl at te Schmidt hotel,
1611 Second avenue.
WANTED-1 iirl to do general house
work at 1218 Second avenue.
VTA VTi-n i-.i-i
good wacres- Mrs.
02 Twenty-hrst street.
WANTED A scrub woman: apply to
housekeeper. New Harper hotel.
WANTED Girls at the L. E. West Gum
company, 1510-1512 Second avenue.
WANTED Millinery saleslady; Swan
M' Elroy. 1421 Fifth avenue. Moline.
WANTED Middle aged woman to do
general housework at 2519 Eighth av
enue .
WANTED A young girl to do light
housework! Inquire at 30s Ninth
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
eral housework; 838 Twenty-third
WiVrI?? Tdy to d0 PrinB at
Plr.schke a dye works, 1412 Fourth
W ANTED Girl to do second work, at
222d Seventh avenue. Phone Rock
Island 1737.
WrTkE.DtT4?SrTw0e,fdth 1
?hon e'ifoll !,, 3
WANTED Pantry girl, checker girl
pan washer and dishwashers. Apply
chef. Hotel Colonial.
W ANTED Middle aged woman to care
for year-old child; l2Sir Second ave
nue. I'hone Rock Island 1324-K.
W ANTED Reliable, experienced girl to
do general housework. Apply Mrs
H. W". W ard. 613 Twenty-third street.
WANTED Girl to do general house,
work In family of three grown per
sons; no 'washing. Inquire 1H3 Nine
teenth street. Phone Rock Island 07
WANTED Experienced candy maker;
e--'-A sLeauy employment'
state experience in answering-, or cap
at McCollum Bros.' candy factory.
W A NT F. D - A girl or middle aged wo
man to do light housework In family
"f three: no washing. Inquire of R
v. nimson. v. aicn lower hill, Sears
or telephone Rock Island 145.
WANTED Women to do plain sewlne
at home for a lara-e Philadelphia
nrra. uw money ana steady work:
no canvassing: send replv envelope
for prices paid. I niversal compunv
nesk A, Wainut street Pniladelphia!
WANTED Ladies. t make shields at
home: 320 per 10: ordinary plain
sewing? can make four an hour- ma
terial furnished; work sent prepaid'
end stamped addressed envelope for
particulars. Paragon Supplv com
pany, K 334 Myrtle avenue, "Kansas
tAta. kt,lhi, Justice of the Peace
10 Third avenue, Kock island, J1X
WANTED Building or store suitable
B' uuuwn -location. Ad
dress C. Ji, care of Times.
WANTED 1 Bundle washings or dav
A,rb- r r 1 1 th-i . L . . J
" . Ami iciiLii eireet.
WANTED To buy, seond hand cement
block machine. Phone Rock Island
loll -1...
WANTED Lace curtains to launder at
rourieenin street, irs. Luella
WANTED Lace curtains to launder at
1248 Fourteenth street. Mrs. Llella
WANTED Three or four-room house;
state rent and kind of water. Ad
oress "W. J.," care Argus.
WANTED To buy, S. & II. preen trad
ing stamp books filled or partly till
ed. Call at 614 Eleventh street.
WANTED To buy," a good six-room
house; must be all modern and in good
location. Phone Davenport 5235.
WANTED By September 15. four or
uvc-rwin modern cottage, with yard'
handy to car line. Address "R. B"
care Argus.
WANTED To rent, four, Ave or six
room house; must be modern; can
give references. Address 520 West
ern avenue, Davenport,' Iowa. '
WANTED To rent, about Sept. 15, a
even or eight-room house, south of
Tenth avenue preferred; steady rent
tr. Address S. 60," care Arfc-us.
WANTED Furnace and chimney clean
inv: will also repair chirnnevs. a t rea
sonable prices; good work guaran
teed. Inquire li. Rind. 42ii Ninth
street, or phone Rook Island 1053 .
WANTED To buy, between Twelfth
and Twenty-fourts streets and Fourth
and Eighteenth avenues, a sniali
place; must bo cheap; state price;
will pay cash. Address "II. C," care
WANTED Money If this od catches
your eye. and you need a little help,
call, write, phone or send messenger
boy to our new location. iei .Second
avenue. Rock lsiand, lor all personal
loans, such as diamonds, watches,
jewelry, tuniture, pianos, or high
grade articles of anv kind; no matter
what it may be. private parlors for
ladies or gents; 1U1J Second avenue.
Phone Kock lsiand 177. Joannv Junes,
since 18S4, manager. ' Ofiice "hours
open every evening.
W AN TED Situation as housekeeper or
doing housework, by middle aged wo
man, at 5o'J Ninth avenue.
WANTED Position as yard man In
large yard or park; 25 vears' experi
ence. Pnone Rock Island 893-K
WANTED Situation by licensed chauf
feur, driving- private car; will go any
where. Address C. E. Clemens, Hen
nepin, 111.
W AN TED A position by young man,
experienced, ln bookkeepin-j and gen
eral office work. Address "Bookkeep
r," care Argus.
W ANT ED Situation as collector or any
outdoor occupation, by reliable mar
ried man; references furnished. Ad
dress "K. A.," care Argus.
WANTED Position as chauffeur or re
pair man; 12 years' experience
Minnesota registered chauffeur. Ad
dress li. A. Clark, care Schmidt ho
tel, city.
WANTED Agents; exclusive territory
given to rijjnt man; sells to commer
cial trade. M. O. Siioop, Piano, 111
WANTED Agents with some experi
ence in the portrait line. Apply i
Winneld, New Harper, between J ami
8 p. m.
WANTED Salesman to sell cased 11-
qjors and specialties to the saloon
trade; samples furnished free- exper
ience unn.cssary. T. Fairbanks &
Co.. 3110-12-14 West Lake street, Chi
cago, IiL
WANTED Salesmen calling on bakers
grocers, butchers, dairies and whole
sale dealers handling , foodstuffs to
learn of legitimate, profitable proposi
tion by addressing Consumers' Coat
ing company, Cleveland. Ohio, at
WANTED Salesmen making small
towns, whole time or sido line, should
carry cur fast-selling pocket side
line; special sales plan allowing re
turn of unsold :oods; makes quick
easy sales; 34 commission on each or
der; something entirely new: write
for outfit today. Canfield Manufac
turing company, 208 Sigel street, Chi
cago, 111. ,
WANTED A pantry man or woman at
the Harper house.
WANTED Boys and girls at the Cres
cent Macaroni : Cracker company
Davenport, Iowa. "iywi.
WANTED Reliable man or woman to
distribute loo free packages pertum
ed borax soar powder among friends
J?.1 1 tl--a'- n money required!
Ward Borax company, 216 Institute.
Chicago, 111.
WANTED Representative: we will r.av
you 1120 to distribute religio.Is liter
ature in your community; tin davs'
work: perienre not required; man
or woman; opportunity for promoi ion -pare
tune may b? U3erf. Inir-ri a
tlonal Bible J'r.ss, lol2 Arch street.
Philadelphia, Pa. w
LOST A pearl pendant, between EW-
ejiwi menus ana sevententij strpt
and the Royal Neighbor building
Return to Wright's restaurant. lv"i
-n . I ....... j . '
Second avenue, for reward
LOST Thursday morning, on Twenty
first street, between Eighth avenue
arid Lincoln school building-, sroid
glasses in case. Reward for return
to 803 Twenty-first street.
beads. Return to Argu a.ud receive
LOST Between Flftpnth Mj -c? hroc r- rn TrT-T7TTr'' "" '"---
teenth streets o" Seventh ar 'or i v dlr" to" express ti?"
ZTE4? stasis
SEPTEMBER 13, 1013,
'OR SALE My home at 748 Twenty
third street, at a very low figure.
George F. Roth.
FOR SALE A two-story house ln good
mnuuion; also lot 63X002 leet. In
quire 509 Ninth avenue.
FOR SALE The modern six-room cot
tage at 1606 Eleventh avenue. Phone
kock island 1263-X for particulars.
FOR SALE Small property; will sell
ieas man cost; ba casti. balance on
time. Inquire 1501 Thirty-fourth
street. Rock Island.
FOR SALE Six-room house, nearly all
modern; below cost if taken before
cict. l ; one block to car. Address -V.
J.." care Argus.
FOR SALE One large lot and two
houses, corner Twentv-nfth street
and Fifth-and-a-half avenue. In
quire 2723 Sixth avenue.
FOR SALE Good business property on
Seventeenth street between Third and
Fourth avenues; fine investment. Ad
drss . Q. s.." care Argus.
FOR SALE Nine-room modern house;
steam heat; new barn; lot 20x150;
good for rooming house. Inquire
1206 Third avenue. Phone Rock Is
land 1223-L.
FOR SALE Lois in Soutu Heights,
outh of Aiken street. between
Twelfth and Seventeenth street); on
easy terras; 32a oown, balance in five
years. E. W. Robinson, 1454 Rich
mond street. Phone west 1165-K.
IOR SALE Lota in J. G. Schuermanns
Sixth addition, from Fifth to Seventh
street and Fourteenth avenue to
i--igiiteeniii avenue; payments, 35
down, to per month . Injpiii-e 17oo
Sixth street. I'hone Rock Island 121)0.
FOR SALE Rooming house, 16 rooms,
newly furnished, paying 3225 mom li
ly; rent reasonable; two car lines mid
elevated; lc) minutes' walk from heart
of liie city; am otdiged to go east on
account of business. Address -Mrs. E.
Fort, 1S13 Indiana avenue, Chicago,
111. Phono Calumet 417il.
FOR SALE 1C0 acres; good improve-
men Is; three miles of Wyoming, Iowa;
322,000; easy terms. Address "M. E"
care Argus.
FOR SALE Well improved 120-acre
farm; six miles west of Andalusia.
For particulars, s.e 1'. J. behave, the
owner, on the place.
FOR SALE Two quarter sections im
proved lurms i.ear Colfax, N. U., in
Red river valley; $;,5. Rock lshand
city property tal:n in part exchange.
Inquire 316 S;uet building.
FOR SALE C9-acre farm, well im
proved; new ciiil-room house, good
v.ell, all buildings 111 good condi
tion; located three rr.iies southwest of
Milan on Kidgewoud road. i. M.
Scarr. route 2, .Milan,
JACKSON. 1ILKST t STAFFORD Al-toineys-at-law.
Oltice in Kock lsiand
National bank building.
torneys and counselors at law. Money
to loan on real estate. Rooms 200
203 Peoples National bank building.
Money to loan on gwd real estate
security. Rooms 302 and 3u3 Safety
building,. Rock Island, 111.
general law business; corporation,
probate and real estate law; 211 peo
ple's bank building. Phone Rock Is
land 349.
McENIRY & McENIRY Attorneys-at-law.
Loan money on good security;
make collections. References, Mitch
ell & Lynde, bankers. Office, Mitchell
Lynda building.
KNIFE Pleatings, 2c yard up; accord
eon pleatings, 4c yard up. Buttons
covered from scraps of goods, loo
dozen up; all si zes, styles and colored
ivory rims. Felt pennants, pillow
covers, etc. Button holes made;
pinking, sponging, dres3 forms, etc.
Davenport Pleating, Button & Novel
ty company, 2:i0 South Putnam build
ing, Davenport. Phone Davenport 733.
Send for circulars.
WE WILL BOND YOU Executors', ad
ministrators', guardians', trustees, or
any kind of judicial bonds; lodges and
society officers; city, state, or U. S.
government ofticir.ls; contractors, po
sitions of trust; in fact, anv kind of
bond you want (except bail bonds).
Terms reasonable. Hayes oe Cleave
land, resident managers. Fidelity &
Deposit Company of Maryland.
arson, graduated Swedish masseuse,
gives treatment in private homes and
at office by appointment. Pnone west
2158; office. C15 Seventeenth street.
ujmjiiri'iur.a aiAUfj Hard accounts
and claims collected. William hi.
Walker, lawyer. 211 Peopie a Ban
ncntz UAliilWifi xropiietor Chip
ptannock nursery. Cut flowers auid
designs of all inds. City store. 160
Second avenue. Phone lnu.
etc; cut prices: Ui Flying Merkel
bicycles at wholesale price. 2i or
asge and bi:ie enameled); iCS-iii)
Kaat Third street. Davenport.
-nc you looking for house or vsraci
il Nearly every vacant house la
the tri-cities listej with us No
charges. Summerneld s. 113-115 East
condstreet. Davenport, low.
All the HfWS s.11 tho time Tl A IB
w w. iuc a-6U'.
Drawn for Ms paper
F9R ?ALE Cheap. If taken at once,
100 homer pigeons; will sell ail or a
parv. Call at William Gaetjer's. Cen
ter Station. South Rock Island.
FOR SALE Household goods: 1!39
Thirty-fifth street.
FOR SALE Peaches. $1, J1.25 an 31.50
per bushel; 162!) Thirtieth street.
FOR SALE Hard coal stove 4n good
condition. Inquire 1S12 Fourth ave
nue. FOR SALE Thor motorcycle, cheap
Call evenings. A. Johnson, 602 Tenth
FOR SALE Riding pony; weight 750
pounds: 1227 Fourteenth street. Phone
. Kock Island 1305.
I OR SALE One covered wagon; will
sail cheap. Modern Tea company. 822
Twentieth street.
IOR SALE At a reduced price, one 1910
Chalmers tonneau. Yeggy-Don Sales
company, 1718 Fourth avenue.
rOR SALE Stock of notions and dry
goods; must sell; going out of busi
ness. Address Opportunity," care of
FOR SALE: A fare plant, lily of para
dise, live feet high; juat the thing for
l-ii-.nic uuinousu. -au at lit Flf-
ieeiii.ii street.
OR SALE Auction sale of furnlturo
ni o.j iiuriietu street. Wednesday,
S;pt 17. at 1:30 p. m. J. Wr. Stewart,
FOR SALE One horse, weight 1,200
pounuH. cneap tt taken at once. In
quire tit Seventeenth street. Phone
uua i Bia nil o i y -iv.
I OR SALE Cigar store fixtures, count
ers, show cases, tubles and all other
fixtures, also small' safe, at Fryer's
second hand store. 1505 Second ave
nuo. FOR SALE Pine ni-i-an- .f,,u
French imported pipe organ, in good
...HID ul (ireacrvsuun; eiegant lone;
for sale cheap. C. L. Beardsiey, Rock
Island, 111.
FOR SALE One horse, weight 1.150.
sound; one blind horse, weight 1,200,
, r. ' "iicuie lor pcuunng. inquire
ii'jj .eighth avenue. Call mornin
"r evenings.
tOR SALE Gasoline engine, automatic
lawn mower grinder, automatic knife
, grinder, and other grinding machin
ery. Inquire Frank Bleuer, 1222 Sev
enth avenue. n
1 OR SALE Two duck boats; one is
equipped with rudder, sails and pad
dles. Call during noon hour, or ad
dress II. Herbert, iii, sixteenth
street. Rock Island.
FOR SALE Grapes, 2 cents per
pound; delivery in 24-pound baskets.
it. .r. in puzriH. rwent v-ioui-th hi re.-t
South Rock Island,
land 891, 5 rings.
Phone Ruck Is-
rOR RENT Furnished camp, with
boat, on Rock riverj at Sears- con
venient 'to Watch Tower line; good
drinking water on place. For fur
ther information, call Rock Island
iOH SALE Seven-room boarding an.1
rooming house, all furnished; tine lo
cation; rent only Jit; per month; part
casli and balance on payments; snap;
come and look it over. Inquire 1619
Second avenue, Rock Island. Also
upright piano,, xood as new, at same
number; cash, 375.
FOR SALE If yoti desire to dispose of
i""" reai estate anu otjtain quick re
dui in, piace your property m our
nanus; aiso Handle all kinds of in
surance and rentals. Hours, 8 to y,
2 to 4. Wi-dnesday and Saturday ev
enings 7 to 0. Phone 2656. Sater &
,iner, 211 People's National bank.
FOR SALE Or trade, a swell touring
car; also good seven-passenger and
roadster; 112 Nineteenth street. Rock
FOR SALE Five-passenger "Overland"
1911 model, cheap If taken at once.
Inquire 1206 Third avenue. phone
Rock Island 1223-L.
IOR SALE $150 buys automobile In A
1 condition; Metis tires, unpunctur
able. Inquire 1 M 2 I Fourth avenue.
I'hone Rock Island "2fc53.
Get It From Us
We'll loan it to you. We are
talking abctit money. Actual
cash. The hardest article on
earth to get hold of. We have a
corner on some of it and will
gladiv let you In for a reasonable
amount, say up to 3100.00.
All the security we require Is
your furniture, piano or team
ail of which remains in your pos
session. . Don't worry about the pay
ments. We'll make them so
small you will not notice them.
J ou won't find our rates high
Oust a fair prolit like any otner
business firm.
We agree to carry your- pay
ment over free If you are sick or
out of wock.
Every borrower gets a copy of
his contract. 1
Give us a few moments either
at our office or at your hou:
and we ran convince vou that
our proposition is good "for you
I se this blank or telephone us
i!'. wur aieni Will
without cost to you.
come out
' Everything private here.
:i9'4 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa.
Over I. & I. passenger station.
Phone Davenport 2425.
tJasilgaajA wM'lWH! .
By Carl Ed
with quite a sum of
money. The finder may
keep it as I have found
another way to get my
money back, by just
stepping into Johnnie
Tnnpt' Tu-1ri- T-i i-1ni-o
J ' ' J - Uk.ll j J- C. 1 1UI J
and from now on do all
my Diamond and Jewel
ry trading and clock and
watch repairing with a
firm that is reliable and
absolutely responsible
for each and every deal.
Proud to say wc have no
vulgar hock or pawn
shop but a real bank for
all kinds of collateral
and personal loans. No
embarrassment to do
business with our per
sonal bank for it's nice
enough for any woman
or man of the land. Yes,
New York City has a
bank just like ours, but
no other place west has '
one excepting Rock Is- 1
land, 111., 1619 Second 1
avenue, where you can 1
get real bargains or a '
1 :.l
Willi oil i ill II 1 till C, JMrfllU, '
diamonds, jewelry, '
watches, pearls, high
grade guns or any ar
ticle of value and will
be strictly safe. Private '
and cheap. We buy for
cash or will exchange '
for your old gold and
silver. Also cash for old
watches and jewelry. '
Now, then, any evening
you are down town just
take a peep at our win- 4
dow and store, as we arc
open every evening and
known all over town '
and state as the ecle- '
brated '
Conn SSaito
Rock Island, IU.
Phone Rock Island 177
16 1 g Second Avenue,
Jones for Loans, Jones
for Loans, Jones for
Loans. tWhich is a swell
thing to be in every
one's home, ,P

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