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... " fA' niE'ROCK .ISiaLNEi 1 RGUSj.MOAY; SEPTEMBER 15 1913.V, ' .", --- 13
Attraction of Gravitation h 3
Mystery to Science.
f The mystery of mysteries hi science
Is the attraction of gravitation that
rery force of Dofure'.that Is the most
familiar to vu all. It seems traces
.that the most familiar, thing in the
Vorld should be at the same time the
most Inexplicable, but so it la.
., Ia order to seeclearlywhereln the
.mystery, consists. Jet us Bret consider
,wbat gravitation appears to be. It Is
crarltatlon that gives the property of
..weight to all bodies. If there were no
gravitation we conld 'Coat, like thlstle
flowns aod inflnltely'berter than this
tledowns,; for they,' too. are finally
.brought down by gravitation.
. It Is gravitation that brines a can
Eon ball eventually to the earth, no
fatter, now swiftly it may be project
ed. The faster it starts the farther it
;will go, but during every second of its
flight it drops the same distance Ter
tically toward the earth," whether the
peed imparted to it by the powder Is
too or 3.000 feet per'second. GraTlta
tlon acts on a moving body exactly as
well as on one at rest:
i It is gravitation that curbs the mo
tion of the moon end keeps it in an
,rblt of which the earth is the active
focus. -.7
i So. too. It Is gravitation that gov.
'rns the earth In its motion around the
stiu. preventing it from, flying away
Into boundless space.' Astronomy snows
that gravitation acts between all the
plants and all the stars and controls
their, motions with respect to one an
'other. -v - - ' -
Now, this mvsterlous force appears to
Ve an attraction, as if there were elas
tic cords connecting nil the bodies In
pprtee and tending to draw tliew to
pctlicr. But space, as far as our senses
can detect. Is empty. There are no
ielastic cords and no physical connec
'lions whatever between astronomical
tadles or between a flying stone or
cannon bull and the earth. Flow, then.
Icnn there be an attraction? In order
thnt a body muy be attracted or drawn
'there must be something to draw it.
Gravitation does the trick, but com
pletely hides from us the mechanism
through which it acts. We can discov
er no mechanism nt nil.
When au unfortunate' aeroplanlst
Vlrops from his machine nt a height cf
a thousand feet be begins nt once to
Jail toward the earth as If It were pull
ing him. But how can It pull If It
kBs nothing to pull with? You may
think nt tirt tight that it Is the air
which acts as an intermediary, but
thnt is not so. Lecause the eiirth and
the raoou "pnll" upon one another with
a force cqunl to the strength of n steel
rnljle 500 mile.s iu diameter. But there
is no n!r and no other tanaihle thing iu
the o'.-en spare. 210.000 miles .across,
that paps between the moon and the
T'.icn. gravitation exerts the same
forre nt every lnst:mt No mutter how
f ist the falling aerennut may be de
s"ti:d:iig at nny moment. grr;ltatlon
will Keep on milling speed as If he h:id
J.ist ntnrtcd. IMsreunnlin-4 tie sllj'it
n-t.-ird illon produced by thp rov.istince
ef t!n nlr, he will fall sixteen fret In
the first second, forty-right ftet In the
second second, eighty feet In the third
second, gninlng thirty-two fwt In his
velocity during every second after the
Tiora a height of 1.000 feet he will
roine down in about tight seconds, and !
v.i!l strike he ground villi a velocity
of about -"(J feet P'-r second. From a
lu-lsht of lO.WJ feet be wonld fall in
Bhol:t twenty live seconds and would
strike w!t'.i a velocity of -luo feet per
The snme kind of calculation can
bj applied to the gravitation, between
the enrtb and the moon. If the moon
were not in motion across the direc
tion of the earth's "pull" 1t would fail
to (tie earth In a'.out 110 hours.
Now. to return to the mystery, how
Is th's force exerled? Is it really a
pull. it seems to be? The answer
to whli li science i tending ' that ln-
F'e.ul of lifini: a pull, gravitation Is a
pu-!i; In other words, that the falling
seioiinut U poshed toward the ground
and the moon b pushed toward the
Ou the face of it one ml?st think
liuit nothing was rained by this
t'..eory. because It seems as Impossible
I hut a push should he exerted without
a tangible connection as a pull. But
the clew Is found In the supposed prop
erties of that Invisible. Intangible, all
pervading medium called the ether.
This, to be sure, is explaining one
mystery by another, for we know
nothing about the ether except that
It conveys the waves of light and elec
tricity; Lut. at any rate, it affords a
conceivable explanation of gravitation.
Ir. Charles F. Brush's theory regards
the ether is being Oiled with a pecul
iar form of waves and that material
bodies may Intercept these waves in
Bich a way as to be pushed toward
one another on account of the dimin
ished effect of J)c ether waves In the
space between the bodies. Garrett P.
fervtss to New York Journal.
. t ' - AA sW H M KJs fW m a .. . " H
implifisd 6pMir.
; Lovers of simplified spelling sbonld
paake a pilgrimage to Nevendon, In Es
rer. where the church wardens' ac
counts id the eighteenth century were
faults delightfully phoneUc Under the
Bate 1743 occurs the entry: "Osre
Geeknp Kollins for bis gall too sheiini
and six pens. Also bis close for the in
sewing yere." The tnysUrlons word
"gall- seems to signify the girl or
daughter of "Geeknp Kollins." And
tome of us who have drank the cop of
feminine militancy to the dregs may
ecccpt ctII as the right spelling. Lon
l n Mali.
Poetry and Pay.
Toetry. It is declared. Is about the
worst paid form of writing. That may
be tree, regarded from the standpoint
tt dollars and cents, bnt th nu bc
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Cast and Diet In India.
The private secretary f the rs&hara
Jsh of Jhslawnr rove a. lecture on food
In London, in the course of which be
stated that the eating of onions Is con
ducive to "darkness of spirit" He
also averred that the caste system la
Iacia. Is la.iyel rem la ted br diet Tbua.
tnose of the highest caste only eat
vegetarian meals In order to keep their
souls pare. Members of another caste
are allowed to eat meat so that they
war become fitted to be warriors,
while the lowest caste of all eat "stale,
flat foods." which salt their onspir
Uual natures.
If yon know bow to spend less than
t yoo ret you bare the philosopher"
I etona. lieu J am In Franklin.
Advertised Letters
Following is a list of letters remain
ing uncalled for in the postofflce at
Rock Island for the week ending Sept
15, 1313: John D. Boje, Arnold Ben
thlen, Bob (1S20H Fourth avenue), A.
J. Boleu, Mrs. H. Black, Mrs. G. W.
Church, Mrs. Ethel Clark. H. A. Ccn-
sky, Roy Davis, George Davis. C. A.
.'on. Carlos Fernandez," Dllorenzo
Fyancesco, Mies Mary E. Floyd, Cark
Floideen, Mrs. Florence Fields, Bril
don Green, G. F. Golden, Peter Has
klns, Mies Clara Heger, Mrs. C. D.
Henne, Mrs. Bessie Hall, H. Jackson,
Mr. Johnson, G. T. Karlberg, Robfarina
Liana, Mrs. P. J. Martin, Mrs. Emma
laynard, Miss Susie Matlonck, Miss
Katherine Messing, Mrs. Iva Mitchell,
Miss Callie Mass, John NIcolay, Pedro
Xunez, Sr., Mrs. Rosa Nales, Floyd
Nash, R. L Osborne, Mrs. George
Parks, Mrs. Anna Rogers, Edward
Rose, Fred Reaser, Mrs. Ella Rltchey,
Mis Marie Roman, Fred Schill, G. G.
9chultx, Florence 8humberger, F. O.
Bhoquist, Will Steenbaur (2), Miss S.
M. Staack, Mrs. Walter gparbel, Mrs.
E. M. Staley, Mrs. Mary M. Smith,
Mrs. Sarah Smith, Miss Fay Smith, D.
Smith, F. U Smith, William Saxvllle,
Henry Schmidt, Miss WiUa Schmidt,
Curly Thompson, Mrs. George Thomp
son, R I-Taylor, Mrs.- George H.
Ward, Mary E. Welsh, Arthur Woods,
George H. Watson, Jonie Yelm, WU;
liam Ycung. .
hugh a. j. Mcdonald, 1
PostmtstT. i
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