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Pastor Sexton of London In
terests an Audience at the
Empire Theatre.
Many turned 'out yesterday to hear
Pastor E. D. Sexton of London. Eng..
discus what lies "Beyond the Grave."
The lecture was given ia the morning
at the Empire theatre. Interest ran
nigh throughout his entire discourse,
which lasted for over an hour. The
lecture covered much of the scrip
tures from Genesis to Revelation, and
few sermons have been preached In
which the bible was so freely quoted.
The pastor was strong in his conten
tion that there Is an opportunity for
pu: gallon from sin Devon d the grave.
Nor was he without support from the
book of books. In fact he said that
tho scriptures as a whole supported
this thought. "Every knee shall bow
and every tongue confess that He is
God." Since this has never yet taken
place with tho great majority of man
kind, its fulfillment must be future;
beyond the grave many knees will bow
which have never bowed before. The
Lord Is that true light, "which llght
eth every man that romtnh into the
world;" the billions not enlightened on
this side of the grave must be enlight
ened on til other side, else God's
word is false. 'I, if I be lifted up,
will dra.v all men unto me." Surely
the Lord has not drawn all men unto
Him on this side of the grave; it
must be beyond the grave where these
wcrds will be fulfilled.
Some might object, quoting the text
".Now is the day of salvation, now is
the acceptable time," etc. But this
verse reads a little differently in the
language in which it was first written.
Instead of reading, "Now is the day," )
as ioes the English, the Hebrew
reads: "Now is the day of salvation,
now is an acceptable time implying
that there is another day of salvation,
and another acceptable time. These
blunders in translation, made several
hundred years ago, have caused many
otherwise well thinking people to sup
pose that God is accepting a few now
who chance to hear of Christ in this
the only day of salvation, and that He
will consign all the rest, the vast
majority of His creatures, to a hell
of fire and brimstone to be tortured
forever. Recently, however, all Chris
tian people are awakening more and
f ore to the real teachings of the bible,
and to a deeper appreciation of the
fact that "God is Love."
Testor Sexton also pointed out two
Judgment days, corresponding to the
tv.o days of salvation, arguing that if
there are two distinct periods of sal
vation, there must of necessity be two
separate days of Judgment. He showed
from the scriptures that if "the saints
shall Judge the world" (1 Cor. 6:2),
then it is evident that the Judgment
day of the saints must precede the
day of Judgment of the world. Con
tinuing he showed that while the
Judgment of the saints, those who are
really Christians, is now in progress
and has been for over 1,S00 years, the
Judgment of the- worjd must wait till
the church's Judgment is completed.
The world's Judgment, day, as the
Apostle Peter shows, is to be 1,000
years long. (See II Peter 3:7,8.) This
will be ample time in which to resur
rect all mankind and give them an op-
I v fee)
Head to-fbot Outfitters
JFor Man.Woman &ChiId
, ) v
I v -U J
l - ' " .
. W-. -J
' " Tn 'lin'iil
Mrs. Madeline Force Astor (left)
New York. Sept. 15. Despite the
objections of her ambitious mother.
Miss Katherine Force, sister of Mrs.
Madeline Force Astor, is busily pre-
i paring tor ner wedding late tnis
month to Henri Harnickel, a poor but
honest clerk in the office of a New
York broker.
The mother objects to the marriage
of her daughter to Mr. Harnickel be
cause the latter has no wealth. But
Katherine seems determined to marry
the man, simply because she loves
him. In this determination she is
seconded by her sister, "the widow of
the late Colonel Astor.
"Money can buy pearls and dia
monds, grand houses and yachts, but
it cannot buy love," recently declared
portunity to learn of Christ and attain
unto eternal life, or reject Him and
pass into eternal death "the second
d ath."
It was then pointed out that the
subject of the resurrection is some
times misunderstood; that there are
in fact two resurrections. "Blessed
and holy is he that hath part in the
first resurrection." Rev. 20:6. "There
shall be a resurrection, both of the
Just and of the unjust"
Women From Atlantic to Pacific.
From all sections of this great coun
try, no city so large, do village so
small, but that some woman has writ
ten words of thanks for health
restored to the Lydla E. Pinkham
Medicine company of Lynn, Mass.
Any woman who is suffering from the
Ills peculiar to her sex should not rest
until she has given this famous rem
edy, Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, a trial. (Adv.)
and Miss Katherine Force.
Mrs. Astor, "and a steam yacht is a
very unsatisfying place when one has
to live with a man one does not love.
I have had the yacht and the wonders
of wealth, but I have not had love.
Katherine is a most fortunate person.
She will not have the yacht, nor the
Jewels, but she will have somethir
far greater, she will have love. Aill
she will be happy, while I, w??h all
the luxuries in the world I am not
According to report. Miss Kather
ine will have more than love, even
if her husband never la able to make
very much money. For Mrs. Astor
has a great abundance, and will not
see her sister want. She has given
her a beautiful trousseau and has set
tied on her a handsome allowance.
The September Quarterly meeting
of the Tri-City District Luther league
is to be held tomorrow evening.
Sept. 16, at the First Swedish Luth
eran church of Moline. The work of
league has been manifested in its ac
tivities. Therefore the coming quar
terly is eagerly looked forward to and
a rousing meeting is expected.
A very interesting program has
been arranged, but the ma'.n attrac
tion of the evening is to be the speak
er, J. Alex Nelson. Mr. Nelson is at
present the president of the Luther
league of Illinois as well as a mem
ber of the executive committee of the
Luther league of America. He is one
of the most active workers In the
state and national leagues, and the
Tri-City district considers itself fortu
nate in having, him here at this time.
Mr. Nelson's subject is to be "Tho
League That Thrives," and those who
have heard him can vouch for the fact
that it will be ably handled.
The program will be followed by a
6ocial hour, during which the local so
ciety' will serve light refreshments.
An interesting and profitable time is
assured to all who attend, and every
body, is welcome.
Mollne Trust & Savings bank to
William A. Cornbrooks, lot 10, High
land addition, section 4-17-1 west; $275.
Mary and Amelia E. Grotegut to
Lawrence Peterson, lot 11, block "A,"
Prospect. park, Moline; $475.
William Caddy and wife to Robert
Ranson, lot 19. block 10, Slivls; $1,450.
Arthur W. Wilson to John T. Mc
Curdy, lot 7, block 172, East Mollne;
Frank A. Whitney to Arthur W. Wil
son, lot 17, block.172. East Moline; $L
Olga Oppenhelmer to Fannie B.
Beale, lot 2 and 3, Olson's subdivision,
Moline; $1.
William E. Holt to John Carlson,
tract section 7-17-1 west; $6,500.
Mary A. Sexton to Nlckolas Herr
and wife, west40 feet, lot 7, block 6,
Lyndes' ' addition, Rock Island ; ' $1.
Margaret H. Wltherspoon to Mabel
A. Dodds, .lot 16, block 4, Barth and
Babcock's ' Twentieth street addition.
Rock Island; $3,000.
Albert Langman to Peter W. Reck,
lot 13, block 8, J. B. Winters' Ninth
street addition. Rock Island; $1.
Arthur Deloof ' and wife to Camiel
Bonte, lot 4, Arthur Deloof s Flnt
addition, Mollne; $500.
Arthur' Deloof to Edmond Rombaut,
lot L Arthur Deloofs First addition,
Mollne; $660.
Frank Warfield to Mlecxyriaw Bog
donowic. lot 1, block 4, Columbia park
addition. Rock Island; $1.
Ruras Walker to Jane B. Walker,
part lot a, block 8, Hulda Thomas'
addition, Mollne; 1.
c. ana T, ratrbanks & Co. to Mo
llne Beolo company, tract in Etst Mo
llne; $1.
U. U r. janns to x. E. Holt., tract
?ection M7-1 west, Moline; $5,225.
Louis Mose&Ielder and wife to A. J.i
- - .-. -
Board of Association Confront
ed With Low Treasnry, Pay
ment of Pledges Will Help.
The board of the Visiting Nurse as
sociation at its September meeting at
the home of Mrs. C E. Sharpe, Satur
day morning was confronted with the
fact that the funds of the association
are very low and unless the treasury
is replenished the work of the society
will be handicapped. There are a
number of outstanding pledges and if
these are paid up it will facilitate
the carrying on of the work greatly.
Few people not intimately connected
with the work of the visiting nurse real
ize the great amount of suffering that
is relieved and the good work
that Is being accomplished. Here, as
in every other city, the one-half of
the world does not know how the other
half lives and conditions that, come
under the supervision of the nurse are ;
pitiable beyond expression and need
all the assistance that can be given.
Miss Margaret Giles, the visiting
nurse, presented her report for the
month passed .as follows:
Calls made, 3S3 on 68 patients, un
der Drs. Mueller, Ostrom. Williams,
Bernhardl, Stocker, Freytag, Davis, De !
Suva, Asay. Beck of Mollne and Smith
of Davenport. There were 19 former
patients and 34 new; 21 recovered, four
were dismissed, one was transferred
to the care of Ihe family, one sent
to St. Anthony's hospital and there
are 25 remaining. Articles loaned are
10 abdominal binders and one rubber
air cushion and 20 dozen sterilized
maternity pads were furnished. Dona
tions were received from Dr. Dart, the
Associated Charities, the Woman's Mis
sion society of Broadway Presbyterian
church, Reld and Bollman laundry and
the Empire, Sylvan, Rock Island, Rock
well, Mississippi and Siegrist Ice com
panies. Weinberger, lot 30 and 31, Rodman
heights, South Rock Island; $600.
Jessie Deakman, adminx., to William
F. Colberg, northeast one-quarter,
northwest one-quarter, section 24-16-6
west; $ 1.525.
Mathew II. William. to Clara Olson,
lot 7, block 12, Buford and Guyers'
addition, Rock Island; $1.
Mathew H. Williams to Clara Olson,
lot 7, block 2. Smith's subdivision,
outlot "B," Mollne; $1.
Charles Ullemeyer to Theodore Har
der, lot 3, block 2. C. Ullemeyer addi
tion, South Rock Island; $1.
W. W. Snyder to Caroline McGov
ern, lots 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Brasher sub
division. South Rock Island; ?1.
Mr. and Mrs. Harwood of Milwaukee
have returned to their home after
spending a week here at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Chase.
Mrs. Joe Marland of East Moline
spent Tuesday with Mrs. Scott Allen.
Mrs. E. S. Chase has as a guest her
sister, Mrs. Fitch of Milwaukee.
Among those from here who attend
ed the county fair Thursday were Mr.
and Mrs. John Wise, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Browning, Mrs. Will Cook, Mrs. D. J
Allsbrow, Forrest Allsbrow, R. L.
Pearsall, Ralph Hilberg, Mrs. Fred
Deem and Miss Esther Chambers.
Mrs. Charles Coleman and daughter
Edith spent Thursday in- Moline with
Mrs. B. F. Cox.
Mr. Bennett of Barston was a busi
ness caller in Watertown Friday.
Mrs. George Gray and children of
Hampton visited in Watertown Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott visited in
Hampton Friday with relatives.
There are other sympjtoms, such as
pains In the region of the kidneys,
nervousness, dizziness, tired and worn
out feeling, weak bladder, or urinary
troubles, which are Just as dangerous,
for the slightest kidney disarrange
ment If neglected may develop into
the deadly Bright's disease, dropsy or
It Is not only dangerous, but need
less, for you to suffer and endure the
tortures of these troubles, for Crox
one promptly ends all such misery.
There Is no more effective remedy
for kidney, bladder trouble and rheu
matism than Croxone, because it
reaches the cause. It soaks right Into
the kidneys, through the walls and
linings, cleans cut the clogged-up
pores, neutralizes and dissolves the
poisonous uric acid and waste mat-,
ter that lodge In the joints and mus
cles and cause those terrible rheu-i
matlc pains, and makes the kidneys!
filter the poison from the blood and;
drives It out of the system. j
Three doses of Croxone a day for a
few days la often all that Is ever need- i
ed to relieve the worst backache orj
overcome disagreeable urinary disor
ders. Toy vlU find Croxone different from ;
other remedies. It Is so prepared that i
It Is practically Impossible to take it
without results. An original package
of Croxone costs but a trifle, and all
druggists are authorized to return the
purchase Price If It should fall In a
tingle case. (Adr.)
.- .. .-J
Autumn and ' Winter Fashions, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday, September
Zlon Lutheran The Young People's
society will be entertained this even
ing at the chapel by Miss Esther
Fryxell and Hjalmar Fryxell.
The first Sunday In October a spe
cial mission service will be held, at
which time a fptecial offering for mis
sions will be taken.
Monday, Oct C, a confirmation class
will be organized at o o'clock In the
First Swed'sh" Lutheran The Sun
day school teachers will meet this ev
ening at the parsonage.
Wednesday evening prayer services
will be held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Weasel, Seventh street and
Fourth avenue.
Thursday evening the choir will
meet for rehearsal at the church.
Members and friends of the, Young
People's society will be entertained at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rud
gren, 500 Fourth street, Friday even
ing. Broadway Presbyterian A meeting
of the session will be held this even
ing at 7:30 in the church office.
Wednesday evening prayer services
will be held at the church. The study
of the first chapter of James' epistle
will be taken up.
First Methodist The Epworth league
will hold its monthly business and so
cial session in the league rooms this
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
The quarterly conference will meet
in the Jast meeting of the conference
year this evening at 7:30 In the church
Prayer services will be held Wednes
day evening at 7:30 in the church.
17th, 18th and 19th
Quality of materials, perfection of
style, superior workmanship, unusual
and exclusive design, insure hats of
McCabe - Hats
have a class and chic character, that
sets the seal of smart and correct dress
that is unmistakeable.
In addition to the production of
our own skilled designers, note this
array of famous milliners represented
among our exhibition of patterns
Gerhardts, Cage, Knox, Keiths,
Hylands, Fisk, Elzee, Jean Marsh,
Fields, Sinclair, Schiller and several
other celebrated designers of national
South Park Presbyterian Tuesday
afternoon and evening the Woman's
guild will give a sociable at the church
Ice cream and cake will be served
and a musical program will be giv.en
beginning at 7:30 o'clock.
The Junior association will meet at
the church Wednesday afternoon at
4:15, with Kenneth Johnson as the
leader. Prayer services will be held
Wednesday evening at the church.
Thursday evening) the choir will
meat for rehearsal.
Friday afternoon the Woman's Mis
sion society will be entertained by
Mrs. W. G. Oglevee, 1524 Thirtieth
Central Presbyterian The officers
and teachers of the Sunday school will
meet this evening at the church.
The Young People's Social league
will meet In the church dining room
this evening. Those attending are to
be treated to a "Trip) to the Country."
The Pastor's Aid society will meet
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
the church for work.
The Mission Study class will meet
with Miss Alice Deal, 768 Fifteenth
street, ' Friday afternoon at 2:30
The Willing Workers will give an
entertainment Friday evening, Sept. 26,
in the entertainment hall of the
First Baptist Prayer services will
oe held Wednesday evening at the
The monthly coffee party of the La
dies' Aid society will be held Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. B.
Pettit, 314 Ninth street The hostess
will be assisted by Mrs. Frank Free
Fall and Winter
Wednesday Thursday
September 17th-18th
Brooks' Millinery
435 Seventeenth Street
man, Mrs. Alice Helpenstell, and Miss
tfanella Taze.
United Presbyterian Tomorrow ev
ening the Kate Hill society will meet
with Miss Hazel Cardall, 318 Four
teenth street.
Wednesday evening prayer services
will be held at the church.
Thursday evening the Woman's Mis
sion society will meet with Mrs. J. L.
Vance, 1014 Fourteenth-and-a-half
The choir will meet for rehearsal
Thursday evening at the church.
(Friday afternoon the Ladles' Aid so
ciety will meet at the church.
Miss Mildred Warnock, 423 Second
street, has Invited all young people in
terested in a mission study class to
meet Friday evening at her home for
a preliminary social meeting.
Grace Lutheran There will be a con
gregational business meeting this ev
enlng at 8 o'clock at the church.
Tuesday evening the Ti l-City Luther
league will meet in the First Swedish
Lutheran church of Moline, when J.;
L. Nelson, state president, will be the
principal speaker. A business meet
ing of the Grace Luther league will b
held at 7:30 o'clock at the Molina
The choir will meet for rehearsal!
Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock at thai
church. I
The confirmation class will meeti
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
Memorial Christian Prayer servlcesi
will be held Wednesday evening at thO'
The Ladles' Aid society will meettf
Thursday afternocn at the church.
Friday evening the Brotherhood wlllj
hold a meeting at the church.
Spencer Memorial Methodist The'
will be held this evening at the church.
Prayer services will be held Wednes
day evening at the church.

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