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fuA &oMMft stick thct bJsa. lj 1 6oT, Te ruhx voeft U. cg r j Hnv Well. ra&1 T Z ,
' f f I I
1 4rgus Branch Offices jj
For the a-v-ommodatlon of Its patrons
In vr)is parts of the city. Th Argus
established a system of branch of
Hrl wherv subscriptions and want ad
vrthi'nj may he received and any In
forrnat'.on left that may pertain to any
ilepurTment of the paper, news cr busi
iick. I: is also pi-umed to have at each
of these branch offices everv evening a
supply of copies of The Argus of the
day. ko that any subscriber who may
have failed under any circumstances to
receive the paper, will bs supplied free
'f rl.arfe.
The Ariui cfcatn of branch offices
Includes !ti following:
J. J. Kipp's uotlou store, 4S1S Fifth
H. K. Rnwt'i pharmacy, 4111 Tour
te?i?h nvi-nne.
Kehr.elcWs drus store. Twer.ty-iev-nth
tret. Seventh avenue.
l"!lcir,eyer s dn. store. Eleventh ave-
nil'-. iitteentb street. j
' - j m luiii n i --1 u , j-uutlu ave
rue Mrs. London's notion store, Seventh
tire:. Fourteenth avenue.
Heim beck's pharmacy, 122 Third ave
rt ue
Ernest Ebertr grocery, 123 Eleventh
Pudrrt drug store. Thirtieth street
ar.d F'fth nvmue.
Co!ft j-harmacy. Seventh avenue
and Thirty-eighth street.
Olson grocery. Thirteenth avenue and
Thirtieth street.
Kleiner drug store, corner Fifth ava
rue and Twenty-third street.
Hasting Pewe grocery, 1728 Twen-fr-!xth
FOR HUNT Modern seven-room house.
Inquire 117 rcond avenue.
I "It TtKNT- Modern seven-r'om house.
Inquire i)ii Fuurle nth-aiiri-a-hair
ft ret t.
FOR RENT Two-rnm cottnite. fur
rishe.i f.,r nht lio,,.-k eping. In
'iii're lsv Sixth aenuf.
FOlt RENT Kiglit-room Ik. use, mod
ern; large barn, with electric light;
at i.'.J4 tvi'iith uveiiue.
FOR RENT Khe-room stucco house on
hurt; -fourth slrei-t and ;-ixte.-nt': ve
nje, Lock islHtid, rn h had unmc
(1 intely. i'hone .Nioiine 31S.
FOR RENT - SI-room house, rcason
M. to r. -liable parties. Call R.xk
island 27 7 lifter t..;io p. m . or Saiur
d .liter J Ji p. rn.. -r .Sunday. i
Foil KENT -- Scve.n-room furnished
no in-. furniture niaiK'icany; baby I
K'lii'd plan". Vir-tro .i; rent. $42 .
in 'I "re lins Fourteenth street, U'Jvk
FwH ::i:.m h.at.
I'ou P.KNT - Modern six-room Hat at
'l e t-iiteeiitli street.
1 OH R EN T Modem Mat; inquire A
H'Jth, 1J1U Ui.Jld uvciiuo
JtR KENT --One- of Wrights modern
IH-ioio flats. Iitijuirc 1 u3 M-.-ouJ
avenue, phone u,M K Island 144:i-Y.
Ff.iR KENT -Modern s:x-riom steam
heated flat, at 12-.'9 Serr-id avenue.
' flat. Inquire W. O. Negus, Rock j
IMuiid iiuUoc.
FOR RENT Tl.ree-r-i.n flat, furnish
ed or uul ul lnsliecl. V. lib bain and kms.
inquire ;73H Seventh avenue, or pnone
Kock Island oS.-X.
FoK RENT To party without children,
can have my newly furnished hum. ri
Jour-room heated apartment . ci"c
in. piano, etc.; $.;i) per mouth. Ad
Urcss "Apanmctii," care Ai'kiis.
Foil iil. r j:ici:LLAtois.
FOR KENT Storeroom 16x19: hot wa
ter heat; at 1016 Seventh avenue. Rock
Is. and.
FOR RENT tlorerm with lint above
fi liiJl Second avenue. inquire ;to'i
wn tin entti street, tr phone K'K k
iKland KJU-X.
1 OK RENT Second floor of factory
u'.i'aing at u-4 rout ui avenue, suit-.
uM. .,.. !,...( n..'. ........ I ... '
w ,u unii W ll.ll U I VI h 1 I II,. 11114
lli'j Fouiiu avenue.
A-OR RENT Furnished camp, with
boat, utt Rock river, at bears; con
tinent to Watch Tvwur line, good
nrmkint water un p-aic. Fr lur
ther iniuruiutioii. call Kock Island
FoK RENT V0 acres, three miles'
suuiiiwest i f Andalusia and three ;
mil noithiust ot Kuatnglon. lu
liiiu Mary Crilbon. Croon Cliff gro
cery luie. Carbon Cliff. Hi.
Foil RENT One of best locations in
:.'avenport. ground floor of building
:or rent: Just completed, everything
new and i.u-to-d.ilc, desirable place
: open big store. 24 xt'' li Vs : will
l ent enesp. It interested. all at
cn.-e. Darken wain !-.. ty company. 4
4 7 First NatK-nal b.ink building, Dav-iny-.rl.
Phone Davenport LJJi.
I.OIM.11 DIREjf-iOltY.
Masonic Temple. Eighteenth street and
Fifth avenue.
JV lodge No. .-. A. F. A. M.. will
f h held un ti-.e rtr.t Thursday of
jl JJT ai.li ai-'iun. Special for work
yy wti M M. degree on Tr.ursnay.
fept. if. at 7 p ni.. in Corir.tnlan null.
Visit i:-.g brethren are cordially invU-
e,L b order of 1.. E. Mcmenway.
W M . W. li Pettit. ne.-retary .
g. a. n.
B1FORD FOST. !4J. G. A. R-. meets
rrgu arly on the second and fourth
Saturday evening of each month at
7 in iu .Memoria: hall at the court
Kuux. W. M. Johnston, cotr-mandor;
K. ki. Buck, adjutant.
W'K can gi-t ou a tensiit f"r your va
can house or rooms if yiiu telephone
or senj u a postal as soon a vacant.
We u.i not caarge for this service.
SuTimerfields. 113-lli East Second
street. Davenport
pJofcai VoUla Ca
ManuiVcture,s -,-f Fasa. Doors. B'.'.ndi
and Stairs. Interior finish of all klnda
Hardwood Veneer Fooring nd deal
er in Glass, til and I2i Lignteentp
1 FCR RETT ROOMS. I WAMtD MALE HELP. I WAITED FEHtl.R tin a I cnn r-w-v nannrnTr I rnn ; t i- incrn i mrnna
FC'R RENT Two unfumishd rooms
1321 Fifth-and-a-half avenue.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms at 16HV4
Second avenue. Schmidt hotel.
FOR RENT Two furnished light house
keeping rooms at T09 Twenty-second
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms for
llifht housekeeping- at S23 Seven
teenth street.
FOR RENT Light housekeeping; rooms
with laundry privileges; 617 Seven
teerith street.
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms,
with hoard; private famly; at 2215
Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Modern rurnished room.
Inquire fco2 Second avenue. Phone
Rock Island 1218-K.
FOR RENT Modern six-room furnish
ed house. n Twenty-third street. Ad-dr'-ss
A. JI.." care Argus.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for light
housekeeping-, with water, sewer and
gas, al 527 Twentieth street.
FOR RUNT Modem furnished room.
Phone Rock island 2717. Inquire 921
Founeenth-and-a-haif street.
FOR RENT Three furnished rowi for
Hunt housekeeping: eras and city wa
tr; at 7i Fourtn avenue.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished front
room for lijjht housekeeping; use of
phone; 532 Twentieth street.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms for
1 hi housekeeping; at Sixth ave-
nuc. I'liono Rock Island 1233.
ton RENT Modern furnished room,
suitwh'e lor two, at 71 S Seventeenth
street. I-hone Rock Island 2721.
FR RENT Two modem furnished
fl-eping rooms, only two blocks from
irt house; 1301 Fourth avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished room
for gentleman. Apply Flat No. 1
Sweeney flats, 201v Third avenue.
FOR RENT Two modern furnished i
rooms for light housekeeping, also
neeping rooms, at z,j3 sixth avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished rnnms
suitable for gentleman, at 412 Nine-1
teenth street. Phone Reck Island
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room;
l!,a. bath, h1 water bent, and phone;
KI.7;'. per week, at 217 Fifteenth
FOR RENT Furnished rooms in mod
el n home, to one or two gentlemen;
with or without board; at 45 Seven
teenth street.
FOR RENT Two modem furnished
rooms for light housekeeping on first
floor; use ot laundry. Inquire 2025
l.ignui-ana-a-naii avenue.
I .
FOIt RENT Modern furnished front
room, suitable for gentleman; will
furnish breakfasts: use of phone. In
quire 91 !( Fourteenth street.
FOR RENT Furnished front room in
modern home: $2.i.O per week; con
venient to street cars; lf Twentieth
u'.rcet. Phone Rock ibland 2202.
FOR RENT Two steam heated fur
nished rooms cTt second floor, for
liglit housekeeping or for sleeping
rooms, for gentlemen or two girls; iu
business district: references requlr
i d. Address "Vv" care Argus.
l-'OIl RENT Large front room, bright
and comfortable, suitab'o for one or
two gentlemen. In strictly pnvate
family, all conveniences; clo3e to all
car lints, walking distance from bus
iness section: terms reasonable: 2215
Fl:'th avenue. Phone Rock Island
l O.'T AXD FOl!iD.
LOST Between Harper houve a-nd Em
pire theatre, ring, two stones; liberal
leward fur return to Argus.
LOST On Thirty-eighth street, a Can
adian money order for $75. Return
to R. Havtrstlck at McCabe's and re
ceive reward.
LOST ret ween Fifteenth and Seven
teenth streets on Seventh avenue, or
on Fifteenth street between Seventh
and Eighth avenues, a small white
handbag containing string of gold
beads. Return to Argus and receive
LET us handle your property; we selt
c. -licet rents, look sfti-r all d'-tails.
relieve- you of all worry. Come in
and we will talk It over with you.
r khart & Buffum.
WHEN your feet h'irt. bring thni to
nie, or else send for me. Frank
Ui-etsrher. "foot speoini-.st." Office
with tl,. R. Brencher Shoe company, i
x!2 West Second strict, Davenport.1
Iowa. I
IF TOU WANT to buy, sell, trade or'
rent snything. engage help or secure!
a situation, the Mail and Journal'
want bring results. One-half cent.
r.er word Is the price to all alike, cash j
ii advance; uo-ctnt stamps will do..
Evening Saturday Mail and Journal, j
Molina, 111. j
A'3F.NT8' and dealers' samples of high
grade tr.uehlnes. Delivered and dem- !
u.strated at your home f r one-third I
i'-tjlar prices Drop-head tmproved
S.nK';-s. S'andard New Heme Free
machine and others from $5 to S12.&0.
Guaranteed perfect. We will rebuild I
or repair yOiir oil one cheap. Far-1
lory xpert. Phone P.ock Island 3wi4;
li4-i S.xth avenue. j
ABSTRACTS of title prepared or con
tinued to date covering any real es-'
late in the county. Prompt and ac-
curate service at reasonable rates.;
Rock Isia.-.d Title & Abstract com-:
paay; J. J. Ingram, president; W. J. (
6weeney, secretary; iOO-203. second,
floor. People's National bank, buiid-'
ing. Rock Island. I
IL'PERKLl'Ofg hair and mole on fiM
and arms permanently removed with !
one to six r.eeaies. Adores Miss V M. ;
Klttredsre. Flat 1. A r gyle Flats. ?rady
:rct Lcvenport. Old phune :,!.
i WANTED Partner: established husi-M
i r-ss. Tieed help: mut know sum
Mng about !'!. g goods and have:
lr.; go.vi tfiirg foe riKht mui. Ad
dress parlr.tr," care Argus. I
WANTED Bright young man to learn
newspaper business on tri-city paper.
Address In own handwriting-, -Reporter,"
care Argus.
WAKTET-District manager, to repre
sent the Teomen of America, a frater
lal insurance society, In Rock Island
county. This Is a splandld opportun
ity to work up a permanent business
at home. Address E. L. Kelly, 243
Fast Main street, Galeaburg, 111.
WANTED Teamster with team: steady
work. Rock Island Manufacturing
company. Second street Tind Four
teenth avenue.
WANTED Laborers; 635 Eighteenth
WANTED Cooper; Illinois Oil com
pany, 1517 Second avenue.
WANTED Glazier; steady work; the
V. X. Roberts company, Davenport.
WANTED Boy to learn printing trade;
must have at least eighth grade
schooling. Apply Argus office, third
WANTED Tounsr man to sell eroods on
Rock Island passenger trains; long
runs. Apply SlOu Fifth avenue. Rook
WANTED Four boys 14 years of age,
steadv work; aisn four boys for Sat
urdays; call tomorrow 8 a. m.;,lD23
Fourth avenue.
WANTED Salesman: traveling; salary
and expense or commission; must be
active, ambitious, energetic; splendid
opportunity; former exoeriet.ee not
essential. Landmark Cigar company,
Denver, Pa.
WANTED Reliable man to manufac
ture and distribute a quick-selling
specialty; large profits; I20' cash re
quired fo:- J4"0 worth of goods and
equipment. Address "H. 43," care of
The Argus.
WAXTED Linemen; 15. experienced on
electric light and powor pole line con-
.iucikiji. it wors in t nicago anil i
vicinity: steady work and good waces!
for rnmni.,i;l men- Onlv . rno.i An ...1 I
men need apply. Address "Linemen,"
care Argus.
WNTED Three neat appearing men
to travel in Indiana. Illinois and Mich
tgan, to represent large manufactur
ing house: liberal salary, commissions
and exp uses to reliable men: posi
tion permanent. Best Manufacturing
company, 624 Williams Bio-k, provi
dence, H. I.
WANTED Representative: we will pay
you $120 to distribute religious liter
ature in your community: 6o days'
work; experience not required: man
or woman; opportunity for promotion;
span- time may be. used. interna
tional Bible press, 1012 Arch street,
Philadelphia, Pa.
WANTED For V. S. army; able-bodied
unmarried men between ages of IS
and 25: citizens of United States, of
good character and temperate habits,
who can speak, read and write the
English language. For Information,
applv to recruiting officer, Second and
Brady streets, Davenport; Cedar Rap
Ids; Dubuque, Iowa, and Rock Island,
WANTED Salesmen making small
towns, whole time or side line, should
carry n:r fast-selling pocket side
line; special sales plan allowing re
turn of unsold Roods: makes quick,
easy sales: $4 commission on each or
der; something entirely new; write
for outfit today. Burd Manufactur
ing company, 212 Sigel street, Chi-
cro. 111.
WANTED large wholesale house has
opening for active, honest man over
25 years of are, to travel in state c-f
Illinois; experience not necessary, but
must furnish good references regard
ing character; steady position; good
cliinee for promotion: $f.O a month
and expenses and 5 per cent commis
sion on sales. Give names of at least
three references. Address Sales Man
ager. Bancroft, 59 Beverly street,
Boston. Mass.
WANTED Agents with aome experl
ence in the portrait line. Apply M
Winfield, New Harper, between 1 and
I p. m.
Get It From Us
We 11 loan It to you. We are
talking abo-ut money. Actual
cah. The hardest article on
earth to get hold of. We have a
corner on some of it and will
glad.v let you In for a reasonable
amount, say up to $100.00.
All the iecurity we require Is
your furniture, plann or team,
ail of which remains in your pos
session. Dnn t worry about the pay
ments. We'il make them so
small you will not notice them.
You won't find our rates high
Just a fair proat like any other
business Arm.
We agree to carry rour pay
ment c-ver free if you a're sick or
out of work.
Every borrower gets a copy of
his contract.
Give us a few moments either
at our office or at your house
and we can convince you that
our proposition is good for sou
I'se this blank or telephone v
and cur agent will come out
without cast to you.
Everything private here.
llS'.i Brady St.. Davenport. Iowa.
Over I. c I. passenger station.
Phone Iaverp'!t 21.'5.
- - Es-.atolished 1694. - - ;
WANTED Two girls; apply Tucker
the Printer.
WANTED Girls to do kitchen wcrk.
Apply chef, Colonial.
WANTED Girl to do general house
work at 1524 Ninth avenue.
WANTED Girls to do pressing at Ter
bury's. 210S Third avenue.
WANTED Toung- girl to do light
housework. Inquire 30S Ninth street.
WANTED Middle aged woman to do
general housework at 2519 Eighth av
enue .
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
eral houeework; S3S Twenty-third
WANTED Iady solicitors for Rock Is
land. Call immediately at 319-321
Twentieth street.
WANTED Competent girl to do gen
eral housework: good wages, lnuuire
1702 Fifth avenue.
WANTED Experienced coat makers In
alteration room, ladles' department,
M. & K., second floor.
WANTED Housekeeper; a good home
for middle aged woman. Address "E.
B. G.," care The Argus.
WANTED A young girl to assist with
housework: one who can go home
nights: at 102S Second avenue.
WANTED General maid: must be neat,
competent girl: good homo, good
-wages. Phono Rot k I.-land 14S3.
WANTED Reliable girl to do general
housework in family of three; no
washing; at 273." Seventh avenuo,
WANTED A woman or girl to do
chamber -work. Apply l2:fc Second
avenue. Phone Rork Island 1324-K.
WANTED Reliable experienced girl to
do eeneral housework. Apply Mrs.
H. W. Ward. 613 Twenty-third" street.
WANTED Young girl (white or col
ored) to assist with housework everv
mcfrning: must have some knowledge
of cooking. Apply 920 Nineteenth
strt et.
WANTED Young lady abfmr 20 years
old to do general office, work: must be
nble to approach people and write
je-ood band; permanent position. Ad
dress "25," care Argus.
W NTED Ladies, to make shields at
home; $20 per 100; ordinary plain
sewing: can make, four an hour: ma
terial furnished; work sent prepaid:
send stamped addressed envelope; for
particulars Paragon Supply com
pany, K 334 Myrtle avenue, Kansas
City, Mo.
WANTED Sewing by experienced
dressmaker. Inquire 1403 Sixth ave
nue. WANTED To buy, display table for
dry goods store. Phc-ne Rock Island
WANTED Family and bundle washing.
Inquire 729 Fourteenth-and-a-halt
WANTED Lace curtains to launder at
1448 Fourteenth street. Mrs. Luella
WANTED Four modern unfurnished
rooms, by two ladies. Address ' D.
M.." care of The Argus.
P'OR SALE One table, two Iron couch
es, and gas stove. Inquire 737 Fourteenth-and-a-half
WANTED Thren or four-room bouse;
state rent and kind of water. Ad
dress W. J., cave Argus.
WANTED To buy, S. & H. green trad
ing E-tamr- books filled or partly till
ed. Call at 614 Eleventh street.
WANTED To buy, a good six-robm
house; must be all modern and in good
location. Phone Davenport 5235.
WANTED Room and board in private
family by .retined young lady with
references. Address "L.," care Argus.
WANTED Comforters to tie; prioes
right. Phone Rock Island 1742. or
call or address 905 Nineteenth street.
WANTED Three or four strictly mod
ern heated unfurnished rooms; no
children. Address Mrs. Roach, Botc
45S, city.
WANTED By young lady, room and
board in private tamily; room must
be modern; references exchanged. Ad
dress "R. B.," care of Argus.
WANTED To rent, four, five or elx
room house; must bo modern; can
glvo references. Address 520 West
ern avenue. Davenport. Iowa.
WANTED Dressmalng dona at my
home; party dresses and fancy sew
ing a specialty. Call at rear of 1710
Twenty-tifih tlieet, third flior.
WANTED Sewing; first class dress
maker desires engagements by day;
five years' experienc; satisfaction
guaranteed. Phone Rock Island 2202,
ur address "II. ii-," care Argus.
WANTED Furnace and chimney clean
ing; will also repair chimneys, at rea
sonable prices; good work guaran
teed. Inquire G. W. Rind. 420 Ninth
street, or phone Rock Island 1053 .
WANTED About Oct. 15, by young
married couple without children, a
suite of light housekeeping rooms, or
loom and board in a private home;
unless you have a nice piace and good
location do not answer this ad. Ad
dress Box 316, Rock Island-
WANTED Position as yard man In
large yard or park; 25 years' experi
ence. Piione P.ock Island &43-K.
WANTED Situation as co-lector or any
outdoor occupation, by reliable mar
ried man; references furnished. Ad
drets -R. A-." care Argus.
I WANTED Gentleman would like poi
' lion as attendant ar.d companion to
! Invalid genil mai:. in city or coun
! trv. Address "lvi"," care Argus.
i WANTED A pantry man or woaian at
I the Harper house.
' WANTED Boys and girls at the Cres-
cent Macaroni at Ci acker company
j Davenporl, Iowa.
WANTED Reliable man or woman to
distribute let free packages pertain
ed borax soap powder among friends;
j will pay $12.5'': no money required.
I Ward Boras tvc;a.-., 216 institute,
1 Chicago, ill
SEl'TKMIiKll 27, 1U13.
FOR SALE Three-room house on pav
ed street; price, 1,450. Eckhart &
FOR SALE A good double house, fine
ly located: a good investment Eck
hart & Buffum.
FOR SALE My home at 748 Twenty
third street at a very low figure.
George F. Roth.
FOR SALE A seven-roora partly mod
ern house on easy terms. Inquire at
2530 Seventh avenue.
FOR SALE The modern six-room cot
tage at 1606 Eleventh avenue. Phone
Rock Island 1263-X. for particulars.
FOR SALE At a bargain, a good Sec
. ond avenue business property. For
fruther particulars, see Eckhart &
FOR SALE New six-room house, lo
cated at 1421 Forty-first street; can
bo had at a bargain. Inquire 1421
Fourteenth street.
FOR SALE Two lots, corner Sixteenth
avenue and Thirty-first street; will
sell cheap on easy terms. Inquire
1518 Aiken street.
FOR SALEr-Small property; will sell
less than cost; $415 cash, balance oa
time. Inquire J501 Thirty-fourth
street. Rock Island.
FOR SALE Ono large lot and two
houses, corner Twenty-tiflh street
ana i- ittn-and-a-half avenue. in
quire 2723 Sixth avenue.
FOR SALE New brick house, with
team heat, located on Watch Tower
car line in South Rock Island. In
quire at 2423 Eleventh street.
FOR SALE Good business property on
be ven teen th street between Tnlrd and
Fourth avenues; fine investment. Ad
drsa "S. G. H.." care Argus.
FOR SALE A seven-room furnished
house in good locality, near business
center; ail modern improvements.
Address "House," tare Argus.
FOR SALE Four-room house; lot 50x
Kill feet; good locatl.n; for $1,100 if
taken soon: $300 cash, balance $S a
month. Address "F. oo," care Argus.
FOR SALE A few of those choice,
high lots in Glenwood on Fourteenth
avenue between Thiity-second and
'J'hirty-fouith sfects. A. W. Lamp,
3311 Thirteenth avenue. Phone 301S.
FOR HALE Lou In Soutn Heights,
south of Aiken atxeet, between
Twelfth and ceventetnlh streets; on
easy terms; $2S aown. balance in nvi
years E. W. Robinson, 1454 Rich
mond street. Phone west 1165-K.
FOR SALE Lota in J. G. Schuermann's
Sixth addition, from Filth to Seventh
street and Fourteenth avenue to
Eighteenth avenue; payments. $5
down, $ j per month . lujjuire 1700
Sixtli streel. Phone Rock island l:'9tj.
FOK SALE Two improved farms; corn
bell, south of St. Paul, Minn.; . easy
terms. Owner, D. A. Reed, 4u0 Beu-cu-n
street, fc't. Paul. Mnin.
FOR SALE Ten-acre farms, one mile
trom citv limits, on easy terras, Eck
hart it Buffum.
FOR ;ALE ISO acres; good Improve
ments; tnree miles of W yoming, lowa;
$2,000; easy teruia. Address ' Al. E-,"
care Argus.
FOR SALE Well improved 120-acre
farm; six miles west of Andalusia.
For particulars, see F. J. Scu&ve, the
owner, on tne place.
'FOR SALE Or trade, 40 acres of well
improved farm land; good house and
barn; will trade for property in tiie
tri-cities. Inquire 3042 Ninth ave
nue. FOR SALE Fifty-acra well Improved
farm; live acres In good stand of
alfalfa; five miles west of Milan, near
Andalusia, Charles li. Durmuu, Mi
lan, ilL
FOR SALE 6S-acre farm, well Im
proved; new eight-room house good
well, all buildings in good condi
tion: located three isiies southwest of
Milan on Ridgewood road. J. hi.
E.-arr, route 2, A3 1 la u.
FOR SALE 400 acres, $100: about 220
almost level, black, ricu, corn shows;
in miles railroad, near Ottumwa; all
hog tight; needing money; will make
highly Interesting concession to pur
chaser who pays $20,000 down. G. II.,
tirandview, iowa.
FOR SALE Five-paasenger "Overland"
1911 model, cheap if taken at once.
Inquire 1206 Third avenue. Phone
Rock Island 1223-L.
SEARLE & MARSHALL Attorneys-at-law.
Office 302-303 Safety building,
Rock Island.
torney s-at-law. Office in Rock Island
National bank building.
torneys and counselors al lav.-. Money
to loan on real estate. Rooms 200
203 People's National bank building.
general law business; corporation,
probate and real estate law; 311 Peo
ple's bank building. Phone Rock Is
land 349.
McENlRY Ac McENIRY Attorneys-at-law.
Loan money on good security;
make collections. References, Mit' h
ell & Lyrde, bankers. OlliC-e, Mitchell
& Lynde building.
WE WILL BOND YOC Executors', ad-
miD'strator', guardians', trustees, or
any hind of judicial bonds; lodges and
society officers; city, state, or U. 8.
government officials; contractors, po
sitions of trust; in fact, any kind of
bond yoj r.r.t texcept bail bonds).
Terms reasonable. Hayes Cieave
land. resident managers. Fidelity t
Deposit Company ct Maryland.
ticNKV (JALIHJB Proprietor Ctalp
planr.ock nursery. Cut linuera and
designs of ail -Hi-ius. City store, isu
for this papsr Bjf C8fl EtJ
FOR SALE Corn Crlspett outfit; inquire
1211 Thirty-sixth street.
FOR SALE Work horse; Inquire Fred
Strayer, Strayer's Crossing, South
Reck Island.
FOR SALE Gaa heater for water tank,
us good as new. Inquire at 1S01
Fourth avenue.
FOR SALE Riding pony; weight 750
pounds: 1227 Fourteenth street. Phone
Rock Island 1305.
FOR SALE One covered wagon; will
sell cheap. Modern Tea company, 322
Twentieth street.
WAXTED Hard coal burner in good
condition: state price. Address "A.
R. a.," care of The Argus.
FOR SALE1 New Kimball player piano;
sells for $700; make a cash effer. Ad
dress "S. B. B.," care Argus.
FOR SALE One 24-horse power deliv
ery truck, in good repair. Fred Stray
er. Strayer's Crossing, South Rock Is
land. FOR SALE Thoroughbred English
pcinter, seven months old; just right
iur inn training;. .inquire nut-K xu
land 2149.
FOR SALE Dry stove wood, $5 per
load, delivered any part of the citv.
V. Koehler, 2418 Ninth street. Phone
Rock Island 2380.
FOR SALE One horse, weight 1,209
pounds: cheap If taken at once. In
quire 736 Seventeenth street. Phone
Rock Island 629-K.
FOR SALE Grapes, 114c per pound;
Pick them yourself. H. Spitznaa,
Twenty-fourth street. South Rock Is
land. Phone SSI. o rings.
FOR SALE A couch, walnut bookcase
and writing desk combined; hard coal
burner used two winters. Inquire
1045 Fourteenth-and-a-half street.
FOR SALE Two duck boats; one Is
equipped with rudder, sails and pad
dles. Call during noon hour, or ad
dress H. Herbert. i-6:.a sixteenth
street. Rock Island.
FOR SALE Velie auto, five-passenger,
fore-door body, 30-horse power; top
wind shield; gas tank; good motor;
nice appearance; cheap if sold at once.
Phone Mollne 652-X.
FOR SALE One wireless telegraph in
strument; one ordinary telegraph In
strument; also a complete corre
spondence course of electrical engin
eering, including nine volumes con
taining the course; am selling on ac
count of student's death. Inquire
1301 Fourth avenue.
FOR SALE neven-room boarding and
rooming h-JUoC. ail furnished; fine lo
cation; rent only $16 per month; part
cash and balance on payments; snap;
come and look it over. Inquire 1619
Second avenue, Rock Island. Also
upright piauor good as new, ut same
number; cash, $75.
FOR SALE: Stop! Look! Listen! List
your real estate with us and obtain
quick results; 240 acres of Michigan
land, cheap if taken at once; will con
sider trade for city property. Don't
overlook us when In the market for
insurance if every description. Phone
2656. Sater &. Yiner, 211 People's Na
tional bank building.
FOR SALE Household goods, Iron
bed, mattress, springs and spread, $5;
black walnut marble top dresser,
large glass and commode, $8; walnut
sctteo, $1.00; New Home sewing ma
chine, $15 ; three center tables, one mar
ble top, $2.f0; 100 books, sets or sin
gle volumes, each 20 cents; will In
clude all. books and bookcase for $17;
new vacuum cleaner, cost $12, for $8;
Bissell carpet sweeper, 75 cents; din
ing table. $1.50; fireproof safe, five
flange door. Jour combinations, size
17x19x27, $10; electric fan, eight-inch,
new, $; new refrigerator, cost $18,
for $H); medicine cabinet, $1; new
Circassian walnut piano and stool,
$375. Inquire W. A. Kent, 829 Twen
tieth street.
FOR SALE Gasoline engine bargains
We have on hand for quick sale the
following "snaps:" One 7-horse pow
er marine motor, new: one l-horse
power Lauson hopper cooled engine,
new; one Olds 12-horse power porta
ble outfit, second .hand, thoroughly
overhauled, first class condition; one
New Way 3H-horse power air cooled
engine, second hand, thoroughly over
hauled, good condition; one 1H -horse
power "Waterloo- Chief hopper cooled
engine, second hand; one new 6-hore
power Field Brundage horizontal en
gine, hopper cooled: one l-horse pow
er hopper cooled Fa-ir banks engine,
new; one l-horse power hopper cool
ed International engine, new; one 1
horse power Stover hopper cooled en
gine, new; one 10-horse power hori
zontal Muncie crude oll-biirning en
gine, new. Also a few sample pump
lacks, feed mil's, saw frames, etc.
The prices cannot be approached else
where. The Root & Van Dervoort
Engineering company, sales depart
ment. East Mollne, 111.
and claims collected. wiuiam M.
Walker, lawyer, 311 Peoples Ban
KNIFE PleatinKS. 2c yard up; accord
eon pleattnits, 4c yard up. Buttons
covered fro'.-i scraps of goods, 10c
dozen up: all si zes. styles J. nd colored
ivory rims. Felt, pennants, pillow
covers, etc. Button hcles made;
pinking, sponging, dress forms, etc.
Davenport pleating. Button & Novel
ty company. 22' Scfiitn Putnam build
ing. Davenport. Phone Davenport 733.
Ser.d for circulars.
w 1-.: Jit-ii twvtaiiM Miss A. Ei
arbon. graduated Swedish masseuse,
gives treatment in private homes and
at office by appointment. Phone west
2158: office, (la Sevt r.tenm street.
CARL K L Li i fi JisiMcfrthKai-:e
1609 Third avenue. Rock Islaud. 11L
TIRES fall makes), accessories., lamps,
etc.; cut prices: $25 Flying Merke'
bicycles at wholesale price. $2i or-Shft-e
and blue enameled: Ifl-SlO
East Tnird street. Davenport.
A!i the
news all ice time
3PdkcB(l 3BIk
with quite a sum of
money. The finder may;
keep it as I have found
another way to get my
money back, by just
stepping into Johnnie
Jones' Jewelry Parlors
and from now on do all
mr niarfinnrl and Tixr 1.
. J - - . . W A. A . J , .
ry trading and clock and
watch repairing with a
firm that is reliable and
absolutely responsible
for each and every deal.
Proud to say we have no
vulgar hock or pawn
shop but a real bank for
all kinds of collateral
and personal loans. No
embarrassment to do
l-iticinpcc with nnr npr.
IUM1UVWII . , - . - . . X. &
sonal bank for it's nice
enough for any woman
or man of the land. Yes,
New York City has a
bank just like ours, but
no other place west has
one excepting Rock Is
land, 111., 1619 Second
avenue, where you can
get real bargains or a
loan on furniture, piano,
diamonds, jewelry,
watches, pearls, high
grade guns or any ar
ticle of value and will
be strictly safe. Private
and cheap. Ve buy for
cash or will exchange
for your old gold aAd
silver. Also cash for old
watches and jewelry.
Now, then, any evening
you are down town just
take a peep at our win
dow and store, as we are
open every evening and
known all over town
and state as the cele
brated Ctam Esift
Rock Island, 111.
Phone Rock Island 1J7
16 1 g Second Avenue,
Jones for Loans, Jones
for Loans, Jones for
Loans. Which is a swell
thing to be in every
one's home.

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