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OCTOBER 10, 1913.
Sheriff's Office Called to House
of Chris King to Arrest
. Wpuld-Be Burglar.
Deputy Sheriff Edward Glasgow wu
called to the home of Chris King,
farmer, living on Colona avenue, two
miles south of East Xlollne, last even
ing about' 11 o'clock to arrest a prowl
ex. who during the evening had made
three Ineffectual efforts to get Into the
Mr. King was at Springfield, taking
In the state fair and. his housekeeper
and the children were alone when sud
denly a man's- face appeared at the
window.' When the fellow attempted
to raise the saih, the' frightened wom
an called H. C. Newton, tax collector
for South Moline township, a near
neighbor, to 'the house and the sher
iffs force was notified. Later the
burglar made two other attempts to
get Into the houae but was not seen
after the deputy arrived. He had a
red handkerchief tied around his neck
and his description suited that of an
inmate from the Vatrtown hospital
w ho haa beenmiiiRing for several days.
He has not been apprehended.
Devcre N. Simonson Successor
to M. S, Carlson at Rock
Island Organization.
Devore N.' Simoneon was selected
as secretary of the Rock Island club
at a meeting of the hoard of directors
held last evening. He succeeds M. S.
Carlson, who recently resigned after
having faitMuIly served the organiza
tion for several years.
Six new members were taken Into
tlie club last evening. The bowling al
leys have been put In excellent bhape
and the members are looking forward
to some rare sport with the pins.
Dr. D. S. FalrclilIJ. of Clinton. In
an address entitled "Observations in
European Hospitals," before the mem
bers of the Iowa and Illinois Centra:
Dis'ric- association, at the Rock Is
land rlub last evening, sta'ed that, the
American institutions for the care of
the 111 or injured were far superior to
tint" i t the eastern hemisphere.
Tin doctor who haa visited Europe
and insprctcd hoppUala in many cf
the cities, Is well versed on the sub-
The Argus
The Lurt of Oriental-Like
From the ton of hr head to her
dainty foot the tnodUb woman amis to!
look as Oriental aa possible. Every
thing tends toward this trimmings.
fabrics, accessories and fwn the out-'
lines of the f. irure. The c'.osely drrss- j
ed hair with perhaj lust an upstand
ing feather frond or a Jeweled comb,!
such as Cleopatra might have worn,
harmonizes with the loosely draped j
Sown of oddly patterned st'.k and Its j
accompanying wide hip sash. ,
New wars of draping these sashes i
are being shown daily. The large bow
in the back after the Japanese man-1
r.rr Is beoomlnjr to many, but the sash j
hat swathes the waist, giving the r.ewj
!rvud line, crosses in bark and Is'
Orcped low over tlie hip, is most be-1
To obtain either patrm il!utra:ed (lit
j qui in;s coupon am no se u cents in
Isarrrs or coin. Re tore to rti' number
of (.atcera n.i r'-.e. mniJr.tK over the
fuilect part of the b'ut fjr d.mccaiocs.
I Address Pattern Lcp.r'-.-.'.:.:.
Ject, He gave many reasons why th j!
adapted to the care of the sick and
also stated that the nursing received
by patients In this country was better
than that in the old country.
The meeting last evening was the
annual fall session and five new mem
bers w-ere admitted Into the society.
Other talks and demonstrations were
given as outlined in The Argus of yes
terday. The next meeting wul be
held in Davenport in early January.
A delegation from South Rock Is
land living east of Twelfth street,' ap
peared at the office of Mayor H. M.
Schrivef this morning to Inquire about
the possibility of that section being
annexed, to Rock Island - the first of
the year. The chief executive stated
that he was heartily in favor of includ
ing the territory within the city limits
and promised to do all in his power to
bring it about ". '
John Davis, a burly specimen from
the Dakota harvest fields and a new
arrival in Rock Island, yes'erday aft
ernoon absorbed too much red liquor
and entering the W'eckel grocery
store, 1706 Third avenue, demanded
that a clerk present him with a slight
token, 1. e. one dozen oranges. When
the custodian of the provisions in
formed the mendicant that the store
was not a charitable institution and was
operated on a cash basis, the harvest
hand became peeved and threatened
to "bust" the clerk on the nose. Of
ficer Kell was called and the bellijr
erent one taken into cus"ody. , This,
morning Davis was told to make him
self scarce around these parts and was
dismissed. -Horace
Wilson, the 12-year-old col
ored boy, is 'in bad" again. Yesterday
afternoon he started a fight with t a'
white boy . In the. lower end of town
and when the Btruggle waa at its
height bounced a brick bat off his op
ponent's knob. Horace was arrested
and . his case will be taken before
Judge Bell. A short time ago Horace
was arrested for stealing a bushel of
pears, but pleaded for another chance.
He has a long police record and the
authorities are now determined to
commit him to some state institution.
The hearing of John and Fred Ray
mond, the boys arrested yesterday
morning for stealing watches, razors
and tobacco from. some bunk cars in
the railroad yards at Thirteenth street
and First avenue, has been continued
for several days, pending a complete
investigation by the authorities.
Your cough annov, you. Keep on
hacking :.iid tearing the delicate mem
branes of your throat if you r ant to
be annoyed. But If you want relief,
want to be cured, take Chamberlain's
trough Remedy. Sold by all druggists.
Daily Pattern
Fabrics and Accessories.
com 1 nr. lending-, as It does, the dis
tinction of height and grace to the
Canary color crepe Je chine used
with 7S would make a stunning:
frock. The broad, deep yoke could be
of lace, veiled la ths palest yellow
chiffon, and the sash of figured silk
duvetyn in a-shade or shades barman
islng with the crepe de chine.
In T84 the orerblouse offers an at
tractive way of introducing contrast.
Here a quaintly figured Futurist silk is
used with an underblouse of flg-ured
net and a foundation skirt of plaia
satin lame. The result is charming.
No TS?6 sixes 14 to 41.
No. TS4 sizes 24 to 4J.
Each pattern Is cents.
DAlJnilCT Dl AMO i
umiyULI 1 LrtllU ;
Meeting of Bock Island Bar Association-
Held -to Consider
Annual . Spread.
Plans were Informally discussed this
morning at a meeting of the Rock Is
land Bar association held in the county
court room, relative to the annual ban
quet of the organization. Last year'
the event was not held but the senti
ment at the session today seemed fav
orable to the spread and the banquet i
committee is to get busy at once with
the details for the affair.
S. R. Kenworthy acted as chairman
of the meeting and Devore N. Simon
son as secretary. It is understood that
the association has quite a .sum in its
exchequer and the members think
that the money could be spent in no
more appropriate manner than in a
The Tri-City Railway company, to
day overhauled and repaired the wood
pavement along ita tracks at Twen
tieth street and Fourth avenue. There
are a few bad places in the block cn
Second avenue between Sixteenth and
Seventeenth streets that likewise need
attention while the work is being
Tomorrow will mark the opening of
the 43rd anniversary and celebration
of L. S. McCabe & Co. The, store is
cne;of the largest in the trinities.' In
1870 Mr. McCabe began business hi a
very small room," while today his' big
institution covers $.700 square feet,
or more than two and a half acres.
The sale Is to continue all of the com
ing weetC'aad valuable souvenirs will
be given away to visitors. -
An Inquest is being conducted this
afternoon at the Knox undertaking
parlors by Coroner R. C. J. Meyer,
into the circumstances surrounding
the death of Basil Martens, the Bel
gian whose body was found in a corn
field south of the city.
The lightning this morning at 5:30
struck the store building at 1232 Thir
tieth street, owned by Henry Her
man. The chimney was demolished
and the stove pipe torn down by the
bolt The upstairs is occupied by
Mr. Herman's family, who luckily es
caped injury.
The same directors, who have been
serving the Rock Island Safety De
posit company for the past two years,
were reelected at a meeting of the
stockholders held in the Safety build
ing at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
They are: L. S. McCabe, H. D. Mack,
P. J. Larkin, H. W. Horst. S. J.
Collins, O. Z. Cervin and G. C. Wen
ger. Suit for Wages.
The case of Camiel De Clergue vs.
Charles Asquith, In which the plain
tiff is suing for I1S0.75 damages, Is
being tried by a Jury In circuit court.
The rest of the Jurors were excused
today until Monday afternoon at 2
Trainmen's Scale in the West
Makes Employes of Eastern
Roads. Uneasy.
New York, Oct. 10. Wage rivalry
exists between the trainmen of the
eastern railroads and those of the
western roads and brotherhood of
ficials who are accustomed to hand
ling situations involving threats of
strikes are -unable to check it and do
not know where it will end, according
to testimony yesterday before the fed-
' eral beard that is arbitrating the
' wage demands of 80,000 trainmen 'on
astern roads.
i This rivalry. It was declared, is in
I part responsible for dissatisfaction
among the eastern employes, for
western trainmen, getting better
wages meanwhile, ridicule the men on
the eastern roads.
This testimony was given by A. B.
Garretaon and W. C. Lee, respective
headn of the conductors and train
men's brotherhoods, witnesses in re
buttal for the men.
Mr. Carre.tson, comparing eastern
and western wage schedules, declared
the eastern men are more poorly paid
and said that the men in Jjha east
were prepared to accept the wage
rates of the western roads.
In rep'y "jo questions by counsel for
the roads Mr. Garrettson said it was
ail he could do to avert new wage
movements In various parts of the
Mr. Lee, testifying along the saw
line, said: "
"On Oct. 28 we hope to be In Chi
cago to assist In arranging wage dif
ferences in the western territory. At
Opportunities .written
Saturday will te a day
No charge for alterations.
Coats selling
usually solil for
$30.00 to $35.00
A broad attractive showing the
latest coat styles broad cloth a,
oral Iambs, heavy eponge, chin
chillas, Perslana, heavy boucles,
striped materials and Scotch
mixtures, cut-aways in plain and
draped effects collars and cuT
trimmed In ' furs, velours and
others of self. Materials the
leading shades of the season.
' A selection unsurpassed at $30
to $35.
' mmW
- w mi
Saturday cL
Above iUustraion of. Coat $25
omorro w win
De'tne last day
- y, "i i" i
Pjtj;tlie TUT Sale
Saturday special tig cover
all kimona aprons light and dark colors
best standard grade washable percales in all
sizes choice
A notable purchase 2oo r
Tke sketch above reveals some of the garments tnat
are fairly representative of the stock in this great sale event every
cloth every clever style tendency all sizes in the lot. Second floor
rVarm underwear is an inter
esting suhject just now
Womeni fine silk and wool combination suits,
long or sbort sleeve, $1.98 and $3.98.
Womeni fine all wool union suits, white and
.natural, long or elbow sleeves, $1.50 and $3.50.
. Children's fine all wool union suits, white and
natural, 98c.
Vomen's wool vests and pacts, wbite and
natural, beavy and light weight, 98c.
Women's fleeced union suits, bigb neck, long
lecves. low neck and sbort sleeves, wbite or cream.
98c and $1.25.
8c Fancy
Tennis r
19c Kimona 7c Apron 25c Turkish 10c Fancy 10c and 12c 7 big bars Men's 65c $2.50 $1.50
Plisse check Bath , Tennis Fancy toilet Tennis Linen Mercerized
Crepes, Ginghams, Towels, Flannels,: Ginghams, soap. Night Pattern Patter
yard, yard. -yard, yard, . yard,- for Shirts, Cloths, : Cloths,
15c 5c 19c 8c 7'2c 25c 49c $1.85 98c
You 11 md tbings
wantel below
price expected. -
Gold band clear glass
and creamers, pair
One gallon water Ju s,
colonial style, each
- Plain glass sugar and
creamers, at......
that time ; we are going to try to
cheek -the ardor .of the trainmen aad
try. to use our offices as a safety valve
for the '.feelings cf - the trainmen
there." I V." ". . . .
""If. as'a result of these proceed tax.
large in many departments throughout every floor
of value-giving . greater than any presented this fall.'
rr j fro -fz
r4--l -'Kr
1 j .
One of the $25.
-Thntijsnnrfs rf-rfnl7yt"& wrtrfh r f hentttiftt7 ftir n.nnta
any piece of fur sold here is recommend for service. and we know themto
be reliable and correct in every way. You can confidently expect to save
a snug sum on every fur purchase. Second floor .
" Down tbe step tbat ave you money." ."'.
We will loan, free of charge, one go
cycle to the first boy. about 8 years of
-age. who will call in our .basement.
Quantity restricted, one to the first boy
from each school in Molina. '
western trainmen have their wages In-1
creased again, wfll not the trainmen)
In the east again want more money, i
even if the present request, are !
granted?" Seth Low, chairman of the I
arbi-ratlon board, asked.
Suits selling
usually sold at. .
$32.50 to $35.00
Many new models showing
exclusive styles in cut-aways-dove
tall backs one, two and
three button fronts, every fab
ric Included, Bedford velours
matelasse. broadcloths, dlagon
als, boucles, pebble cheviots and
fine men's near serges strictly
man-tailored and fancy modes
each garment elegantly lined
-every new shade represented.
Suits unequalled for less than
Saturday cnolce -
00 Suits
Saturday special 10 dozen handsome
silk, messaline, taffeta and soft clingy chiffon waists stun
ning styles beautifully made all new sbade represented
values to $6.00 choice
beautiful skirts ( $3.50
The genuine excellence and re
liable quality of our "hosiery
specials is selfevident.
Women black silk mercerized finish. Lose, double
bee) and toes, 25c quality, 18c pair.
Cbildren fine black ribbed bose, reinforced beels,
toe and knees. 25c regular, 18c pair.
Women's black silk boot bose, bigb spliced beels,
double sole and toe. 50c value, 3 pair $1:00.
Women' fine silk bosiery. double knit, full
fasbioned, black and tans, pair 69c.
Women' fully guaranteed iik bose, black and
all colors, gotbau make, a new pair if iervice i un
satisfactory, pair 98c,
Brass Smoking Seta, conv
plete, $3.50 value.' .'. ..... ,'r
Large, assortment b rry
bowls, each. ...... ..........
Galvanic white laundry soap,
-1 do not know Where tht, rivalry
u going to l'ea4 to." Mr. Lee replied.
. i'. ' . .
1 not feel 8ure w "a cnetk
tinmen In their desire for more pay.
This is the cause of it all"
A depost will bold gsKtT
This model $25. 00
atnrfs mitffe nnrl
up to
In many instances
worth a third more
Making price tbat
ars producing im-
mediate result
... 10c
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy , hat
become famous for Its cures of cough a
colds, croup and -Influenza. Try it
when In need. It contains no barm
fal" substance and always give prompt
relief. Bold by all druggists. (Adv. J

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