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' Local and Foreign
Chicago and New York markets fur
nished by E. W. Wagner & Co.. mem
bers Chicago Beard of Trade; gram,
provisions, stocl; and cotton; private
wires to all financial center. Corre
spondents on the New York Stock and
Cctton Exchanges. Trl-city office in
Jlock Is'.acd hotel. Phone Rock Is
P. J. McCORMICK. Manager.
Wheat Open.
Dec 84
May 3
Pec ' G7
May 9i
July C&U
May 41
Jan 19.45
May 13.5a
- Lard
Oct 10.32
83 A
67V; B
37 A
41 V B
19 65 9 45
19.75 19.55
Jan. .
Oct. .
Jan. .
Chicago Cash Grain.
TV heat No. 2, r, 915 92c; No. 3, r.
90531c; No. 2, hw, S3484c; No. 3,1
hw, S3iiS4iac; No. 1, ns. S54S64c;
No! I. ns, 84'.-t'85ic; No. 3, ns, 814
Cii.lc; No. 4. ns. 7SfS2c; No. 2, s,
yZWv S4'-c; No. 3, p. fcl?83c; No. 4,
4. 78-? 82c: No. 1. vc, 83ifi84c; No.
2, -vc. SirftSSric; No. 3, vc, 81&82c;
No. i. Our, WiS-Jc; No. 2, dur, 81
82c; No. Z. dur, 7Sf(80c.
Corn No. 2, CSift69c; No. 2, w,
CJc; No. 2, y, tils'); f) 69c; No. 3, 6S
C8c; No. 3, w, 6S'Afi6S;c; No. 3,
y, 684 f? 69c; No. 4, 674ffj6Hc; No.
4. w. 67'56Sc; No. 4, y, 67i'565c;
sgra, 6S'c.
Oats No. 2, w. 40 4?? 41c; No. 3, w,
37Vif39c: No. 4, w. 37U'5 384c;
f-Umdard, 3i)3 40c; g, CG?4fr37c.
Liverpool Cafc'e.
Wheat opened :St to off; closed
74 off.
Corn opened unchanged; closed 4
V off. t
Chicago Receipts.
Today. Contract.
Wheat 39 9
Corn 10.". 7!) i
Oats 190 20
Northwest Cars.
To- Last Last
day. week, year
Minneapolis 467 411 632
Duluth 174 336 CC3
Winnipeg 1,169 1,208 1,034
Chicago Estimates Tomorrow.
Wheat 45
Corn 109
tal4 106
Primary Movement.
Receipts. Shipments.
Vl.eut torluy 1,205,000 638.000
Year ugo 2.000.000 1,669,000
Corn today 401,000 261.000
Venr ano 266,000 209.000
Opening Market.
Hops 22. '"': left over :(:',": steady.
Mixed 7."'ii S.. ",.", pnpj S.2H Is .;."). rough
T.fi .l". lipht S.'XK, X."..
Cattle; S.r.nit;
Slier p 411.O1HI
Daily United States Weather Map
KSO O J- - - -rl.LP 'A Op" 5
Unsettle tonight and
Friday, probably showers.
" Obaftrrttloni Ukro'st 1 1 n.; 75th morldl&a tlma. Air pmnn redncsd to ae level. " Isobar (conUnaoot tlaesl im ttirmvh polets
of 4U1 nr prvauir. Isotherm (dotted Uoes) pus Uuoof a potnu of eqa&l temperature; ton only for sero. freeziDt. to. and 100.
lO clpkr- parUr cloudy: Q cloudy; ndn: snow; report mltnf. Arrows By with the wtad- First Scores, lowest
trmporamre past E boors: Sfcoud. precipitation of .01 loch or mote for part X bocra; third, maxtmon wind Telocity.
Shoers on the eastern Rocky
mountain slope and In the Missouri
nd Mississippi valleys have resulted
froi.T the southwestern storm, the cen
ter of which remains or Arizona.
Showers in th St. LJtwrencc valley
and New England have also aceom
panied the northeastern low w hich is I Jmcksonvllle
t the New England coast. The Kansas City
t reit of the northwestern area of j New Orleans
h:g:i pressure and cooler temperature j New York ..
! or Minnesota, and another hlsh'Norfolk
l:.is appeared on the north Pacific
C u.-t. i:alu. in the north Pacific sec
tl'..i and hiither temperatures in the
eMreme u; per Missouri valley have
att !.(! d a moderate low which is cen
tral over Saskatchewan. The ad
vance cf the pouthwestern storm v. ill
caute tontiuueU unsettled weather la
Nine O'clock Market.
Hogs steady at yesterday's average.
Mixed 7.S5S.5o. good 8.208.55,
rough 7.90SS.10, light 8.00gS.55, pigs
4.50fi7.S5, bulk 8.10 8.45.
Cattle weak. Beeves 7.00 9. 50
cows 3.25 8.25, 6tockers 5.50 7.60. '
Texans C.C08.00, westerns 6.25S.40,
calves 9.000 11.00.
Sheep steady, 3.00Q5.00; lambs 4.73
7.15. ", .
Estimated tomorrow Hogs 20,000,
cattle 2,000, sheep 15,000.
Close- of Market.
Hogs closed slow at early prices ;
steady at yesterday's average. Mixed,
$7.854' 8.55; good, $8.20 8.55; rough.
J7.90g8.10; light, $8.0568.55.
Cattle and sheep steady.
Southwest Receipts.
Hogs. Cattle. Sheep.
Omaha 5.300 3,700 24,000
Kansas City C.000 4,000 8,000
Hog Receipts.
St. Louis 6,500
St. Joseph 8,000
Sioux City '. 4.000
St. Paul 2,600
New York. Oct. 16. Following are
the quotations on me ?lew York stock
market tcaav
union facmc m v
United States Steel, common .. 534
Reading 15S4
Rock Island, preferred 19V;
Rock Island, common 124
Chicago & Northwestern 1274
Southern Pacific 85
New York Centrs.1 934
Missouri Pacific 28 -
Great Northern 1224
Northern Pacific 1054
Louisville & NashvUle 1304
Smelters 61
Colorado Fuel & Iron 27
Canadian Pacific 223
Illinois Central 10634
Pennsylvania 110
Krie 25"g
C'hesapake & Ohio 55V
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 86
Baltimore & Ohio .... 92
Atchison '. ... 90
American Locomotive 30
Sugar 107
St. Paul 99
Copper 71 4
Lehigh Valley 149
Market Square Sales
Oct. 15, 1913.
Six loads of corn at 75c.
Kiv loads of oats at 43 45c.
Two loads of timothy hay at $15
Oct. 16. Follow iug are the whole
sale quotations on the local market
Butter, Eggs and Cheese.
Eggs, fresh, dozen 2Sc
Eggs, ftnrage, dozen 25c
Butter, dairy, pound 23c
Butter, creamery, pound 33c
Butter, packing stock, pound 18c
Pars'.ey, bunch 34c
Cucumbers, hot house l"c20c
lettuce, pound 124c
Potatoes, bushel S0c90c
Or.ione, bunch 3c
UTS. Department of Agriculture.
this vicinity tonight and Friday, prob
ably with showers.
High. Low. Prep.
' " y w v. r u r.rV-w. , i r st L-i i , litres
58 64 .33
66 44 .00
6S 46 .07
58 20 .00
SO 6S .00
62 44 .12
84 68 .00
62 62 .00
72 68 .CO
55 64 .00
76 68 .00
52 40 .06
70 f6 .00
68 54 .00
56 44 .00
71 48 .00
44 24 .00
- j Denver
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, D. C. .
New cabbage, Louisiana, pound.. .3c
Onion, Texas, Bermuda and Silver
Skin, per bushel U-00
Chicken. "
Old cocks '. "c
Hens 12c
Spring , , lc
Fish Market.
Buffalo 84c
Perch 4c7c
Halibut, fresh 12c
Pickerel, pound Sc
Catfish, pound ". 15c
Trout, pound lc
Morning Grain Letter.
Cables wheat 4 to 1 lower. Cause
of decline Is given by Broomhall as
weakness in Winnipeg, rains in India,
favorable Argentine crop prospects,
and Indication of heavy Russian ship
ments for the week. With Canada un
derselling us, we cannot hope for any
helD from the foreigner and must
look for a bull incentive right' In this
country. With the probability remov
ed of Canadian wheat coming to this
country duty free, we believe the de
cline is nearing Its windup.
Corn cables 4 higher. Principal
bear factor Is the large local stocks.
We believe, however, husking returns
will make a bullish showing from now
on and much fewer on the buying side.
Oats It will take a decline in sup
ply to increase values. Farm con
sumption, owing to price, must be
Provisions 23,000 hogs in Chicago;
market slow, 5c lower; top $8.50. Dif
ficult to advance on account of the
weakness in the grain markets and
opposition by the packing interests.
Liverpool Situation.
Liverpool, Oct. 16. Easier Amer
ican cables and the weakness in Win
nipeg , yesterday caused realizing at
the opening in wheat, and values were
to lower, and following the open
ing there was a further decline of 4
to W. Th'e pressure of Manitoba of
fers, further rain reported in India,
favorable prospects tn Argentine, and
belief in large7 Russian shipments this
week helped the decline. At 1:30 the
market was weak and 4 to 1 lower
than yesterday.
Corn opened with a steady under
tone and unchanged; later advanced
4 to The easy American cables
were offset here by the closing firm
ness in Buenos Aires. There was an
improved demand for spot with the
plate grade 4 higher, and the fore
cast is for lighter Argentine shipments
this week. Later there was some de
cline from the high in sympathy with
the heaviness in wheat. At 1:30 prices
were unchanged to 4 higher than yes
terday. Legislation Market Factor.
Th5 uncertainty about currency leg
islation is withdrawing from the mar
ket the support usually coming from
big interests. Heavy export business
reported early and later denied. Pri
mary movement showed less than 300,
0i0 bushels received at 10 points. On
the other hand, European ports and
market centers report good accumula
tions. Yesterday's weakness is more
mystifying in the face of a strong
Yellowstone Park .. 42
Flood. High. Chng.
St. Paul 14 3.8 xO.3;
Red Wing 14 3.5 x0.3l
Reed's Landing ... 12 3.6 xO.l j
La Crosse 12 3 6 xO.l !
Lansing .. 18 3 5 0.0
Prairie du Chiea 18 3.8 0.1 ;
Dubuque. IS 4.6 0.0 !
Le Claire 10 ' 1.9 xO.l
Rock Island 15 3.5 x0.2
No Important changes to the Missis- i
sippl will occur from below Dubuque!
to Muscatine.
J. M. SHERIER, Local Forecaster.
AD the news
all ih time Th i
stock market - Argentine and other
crop news is still too optimistic Fur
ther liquidation and lower prices are
the immediate probability.
Corn Mostly affected by the contro
versy on Argentine importation.' Our
Mr. Wild writes from Liverpool that
American corn is retailing from 16 to
33 per cent higher than Argentine. As
an offset, to this, our New York office
wires us that dealers there prefer the
Argentine corn to American. We still
feel that the above news is not suf
ficient offset for this year's short yield
and favor purchases. ,
Oats Latest Winnipeg advices are
that Canadian oats are above export
basis. Further liquidation also due
Provisions Further recession, in
prices ig natural sequence of present
hog run, weak grain markets and bear
ish attitude of big interests. )
Stocks We had a glimpse of the
situation today. There is a pronounc
edly' better feeling in banking circles
on the immediate money situation.
Bankers are not so unalterably oppos
ed to the currency bill. The New Ha
ven railroad will be permitted to dp
necessary financing. Private borrow
ing of Steel, Reading and Amalgamat
ed Copper indicates a stubborn short
Cotton Cotton is now on new fight
ing ground, and we think the bulls
have the advantage. The movement
is heavy, but so is the export demand..
Around Nov. 1 last year cotton futures
advanced a cent a pound, with spin
ners buying. Spinners are now more
bare of stocks than they were then,
but cf course prices were naturally
lower, also the crop was materially
Drift of the Weather.
Illinois Unsettled tonight and Fri
day, probably showers; slightly cool
er tonight in east and south.
Iowa and Wisconsin Unsettled to
night and Friday, probably showers.
Indiana Unsettled tonight andvFri
day, probably rain; colder Friday an'd
in north and central tonight.
Lower Michigan Unsettled tonight
and Friday, probably rain in south and
Upper Michigan Unsettled tonight
and Friday; colder in ea6t tonight.
Missouri Unsettled tonight and Fri
day, probably showers; cooler in south
Minnesota Unsettled tonight and
Friday, probably showers; warmer in
northwest tonight.
North Dakota Unsettled tonight and
Friday, probably showers; warmer in
east tonight.
South Dakota Unsettled tonight and
Friday; warmer in west tonight.
Nebraska Unsettled tonight and
Friday, probably showers; warmer in
west tonight.
Kansas Unsettled tonight and Fri
day; probably showers.
Montana Fair tonight and Friday;
not much change.
Wyoming Mostly cloudy tonight
and Friday; warmer in east tonight
Eugene H. Johnson to Warren An
derson, lot 6, section 2-17-2W, $400.
William E. Bailey to Mary J. Lit
ten, part lot 20-21, W. E. Bailey's Oak
Grove addition, Rock Island, $1.
Hattie M. A. Swanson to Bertha
Baker, part lots 4 and 5, block 14,
Spencer &. Case's addition. Rock Is
land, $2,800.
Thomas Deteviller to Rock Island
Sand & Gravel company, sublot 2,
block 3, Spencer & Case's addition,
Rock" Island, $2,750.
I Elmore H. Stafford to Emil De Meul-
emaster, part outlot 3, Fourth addition.
Silvis, $215.
A Fair Proposition.
The manufacturers of Meritol Rheu
matism Powders have so much confi
dence in this preparation that they
authorize us to sell them to you on a
positive Guarantee to give you relief
in all cases of Rheumatism or refund
your money. This is certainly a fair
proposition. Let us shov.- them to you.
Harper House Pharmacy and H. O.
Rolfs, dispensory chemist, sole agents.
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all who use Chamber
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and
the healthy condition of the body and
mind which they create, makes one
feel joyful. Sold by all druggists.
Eyes Examined
Without Drugging
An OPTOMETRIST is one who
prescribes and fits glasses with
out the use of drugs or sur
gery. Optometry is NOT found
ed on medical science, but ou
OPTICAL science. A lens treats
LIGHT, not disease. Only op
tically Incompetent practitioners
drug healthy eyes. This meth
od is not only dangerous, but
painful, and it is only by a mir
acle if the glasses thus prescrib
ed prove correct. We have
brought relief and happiness to
thousands of people by employ
ing our scientific knowledge for
the correction of defective vi
sion. We use no drugs or
"drops" of any kind In our ex
aminations. J. RAMSER'S SONS
Opposite Harper House.
Peorians' Assail Mrs.. Medill
McCormick for Assailing
Other Bench Nominees' Aids Denounce
Suffrage , Issue of the
Peoria. 111., Oct. 16. Mrs. Medill Mc-i
Cormick of Chicago encountered op
position from prominent, Peoria women
yesterday when she addressed a meet
ing in the interest of the candidacy of
Arthur H. Shay, of Streator, progres
sive nominee for justice of the su
preme' court at next Monday's special
Mrs. George T. Page, a candidate
for state regent of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, and Mrs. Harry
M. Pindell. wife of the Peoria editor
who is slated to be United States min?
ister to Russia, interrupted Mrs. Mc
Cormick to take her to task for her
criticisms of Leslie D. Puterbaugh,
republican judicial nominee.
The interruptions caused a lively
row and served to stir up much re
sentment in Peoria over the progres
sive attacks upon Mr. Pu'erbaugh,
who is the only resident of this city
in the three cornered fight, for the
fifth district seat on the supreme
Both Mr. Puterbaugh and Charles
C. Craig o Galesburg, the democratic
nominee, made ; speeches in Peoria
last night. Both held aloof from the
woman suffrage issue injected into the
campaign by the progressives. Other
speakers at both, the republican and
democratic ' meetings held it to be
manifestly improper for a judicial
candidate to Commit himself in ad
vance as to his ruling on the consti
tutionality of the suffrage law.
Secretary of State Harry Woods
and State Treasurer .William Ryan, Jr.,
Epoke at meetings with Mr. Craig last
night. The democratic state admin
istration is exerting its utmost in
fluence to elect the Galesburg man.
"I firmly believe that Sir. Craig will
be elected," aid Mr. .Woods following
last night's meeting. "I do not see
how the prospects could be brighter."
The democra'ic leaders were in con
ference late last night. It was under
stood that plang were made for man
ning the polls on election day. The
democrats are understood to be well
supplied with campaign funds. Fi
thermore state patronage is said to be
available for use In adding to Mr.
Craig's strength.
The Peoria newspapers arc bi'ter in
their denunciation of the attacks of
progressive women upon Mr. Puter
baugh. who for 23 years has served
upon the bench in this circuit.
The Peoria" Star says that "Mrs.
McCormick, with the insolence of a
member of the privileged class, laugh
ed in Mrs. Page's face and with true
woman's indirectness wriggled out of
the matter by declaring she had said
nothing against the judge's character
whatever, having only attacked his
judicial record."
About 50 women gathered at the Y.
M. C: A. building to hear Mrs. McCor
mick. Hugh Weston, secretary of the
progressive organization, ' introduced
the speaker, Mrs. McCormick declar
ed that Judge Puterbaugh never had
decided one case in the interest of
humanity during his long service on
the bench. She said that during his
service on the appellate bench he had
reversed numerous cases in the inter
est of corporations.
Mrs. Page jumped to her feet. She
declared that Mr. Puterbaugh's record
as a man and a citizen was not only
longer than that of Mr. Shay, but of
superior quality. Mrs. Page asserted
that the meeting had been arranged
under false pretenses. Mrs. McCor
mick replied" that the records showed
Mr. Puterbaugh's decisions had been
against, humanity.
Mrs. Pindell then took up the cud
gel for Mr. Puterbaugh. Although a
democrat. Mrs. Pindell s husband Is
supporting the republican candidate
because of his belief in nonpartisan
judicial elections.
Mrs. Pindell asked If Mrs. McCor-
pick would publish a. record of the!
Puterbaugh decisions and the legal
reasons therefor. Mrs. McCormick
replied that she could look up the rec
ords for herself.
Mrs. Page declared that she would
willingly sacrifice her chances of elec
tion as state regent of the D. A. It.
rather than have permitted Mrs. Mc
cormick's Btatemens to go unchal
lenged. 1
Los Angeles The trial of John
Grant Lyman, a former Chicago ear
specialist, charged with using the
mails for fraudulent purposes in pro
moting the Panama Development com
pany, started Wednesday in the Unit
ed States court
Springfield, III. The Anti-Horse
Thief association of Illinois met in
annual convention iu this city Wednes
day. County Judge J. B. Weaver of
Sangamon county ' delivered the ad
dress of welcome. About 200 dele
gates are present.
Eau Claire, Wis--Ufering a prayer
foe the future safety of her children,
Mrs. William Crowley drank poison
whl'e seated .with her husband at a
Ub in a local hotel dining room.
Tailor Made
Suits & 0 coals
Exclusive Local
Clothes Tailored
Ed. V. Price &
every MONTH $1, $5, $1"0, $20 whatever sum may be spar
ed means a Competence" in later years. In this safe bang
the fund is secure and may be started with a deposit of one
dollar or more drawing 4 ' 'v interest.
Make Our Bank Your Bank
Ft. E. CAST EEL, President. M. S. I IE AG Y. Vice Pres. II. B. Simmon, (ash.
Southwest corner Second avenue and Eighteenth street.
Just berore she died Mrs. Crawley told
physicians she had quarreled wi h her
Worchester, Mass. President Wood
row Wilbon was elected a member of
the American Antiquarian society at
annual meeting ,in recognition of his
historical wriiings. Other new mem
bers elected were Herbert Eugene Bol
ton of Berkeley, Cal.; Bernard C.
Steiner of Baltimore, and Vere Lang
ford Oliver of Londou.
Peoria, 111. Peoria is to have a bi
child welfare exhibition in its Coli
seum from Oct. 27 to Nov. 4. The de
partment, of surveys and exhibits of
the Russell Sage Foundation has out
lined the plans and furnished the fclaff
of directors from its New York office
Miss, Mary B. Swain, Miss Annie B.
Murray and Walter Storey.
Brussels The provisional interna
tional wireless committee at a meet
ing here decided upon the organiza
tion of committees in all the countries
adherinK to ,lie tireless telegraph
treaty, which was signed at. Indon in
July, 1912, to aid the governments in
extensive wireless observations and
experiment. ' .
Joplin, Mo. After a running fight i
with officers in the center of the busi- j.
ness district here, during which he
shot and slightly wounded Joseph i
Reubert, a detective, Charles Iiarham, !
accused of robbery, ran into tore. !
re'oaded his pistol and shot and killed
himself. I
Havre De Grace, Md. Floating In j
the waters of Chesapeake bay, about
six miles from this town, 'he body of
Why Not Wire Your House
and be up-to-date like' your neighbors. Telephone West 1358 and
we will tell you what it w!!l cost to install the electrical wiring lc
yosr residence. Do not let your wiring contract until yo have seen
We guarantee our electrical wiring to he absolutely fireproof.
Illinois Contracting Electrical Co.
3C8 Twentieth Street, Rock Island. III.
Dealer in Fine
to Order , by
Co., Chicago
a man supposed to be Dr. C. Bartholo
mew cf Detroit was found. It is be
lieved the man walked out on thn
bridge conuectinpr Havre do Grace
i and Perryville and leaped to his death.
Washing'on i Engineer Bcckwith,
an American iu charge of tiie Ichiang
section cf the Hankow-Schuen rail
road, hag been dismissed by the Chi
nese government owing to "differences
of opinion" with the members of bts
staff, both Chinese and American.
Court Vindicates Tango.
Cleveland. Ohio, Oct. 16 The ta.tgo
dance ha been vindicated by a court
here, and lureafter will be perfectly
aad other Draf Ui'mr, thaTottacc Habit aad
Nervcointu. Ci rnnail.au drkUyc fial.
aw mm..'
We OSfer
- . Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages.
Peoples National Bank Building
Rock Island, 111.
' "j?. r.m,'!r'r'ri

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