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! Associated Press
Exclusive Wire
Tells Congress Committee
That Many Are Copper j
Property Stockholders. '
Vice President of Federation!
Declares Men Have No Chance
for Square Deal.
Wa-i.irrton. O. C. D c. 17. Vic
I "r i J f-ri . Mahoney of the Western
l"-f1-r:it i of Miners made charge?
jurj-'iit Mi lntun copper mine oper
kii.ri txfore th: l.ouxe rules commit-1--
Md'ior.ey charged that ineiuliers of
the supreme court of Michigan were
l;-r.ly lntT' sf -l in mining properties,
-;tnr as Hockholders or otherwise,
Sir.fl flu' it wa.- impossible to obtain
r ')re-s for miners in the Hate courts.
Me al!'-t-fl that operators employed
agencies In Chicazo and New York to
enli.-it "ptwinvn" for the strike area.
New Propositions Left Out.
A- an economic measure the house
pos'oflice committee has eliminated
trr.ni t li appropriation hill every new
proposition, including $ J.OitO.OoO on in-
rea'd pay for rural carriers. The
f! nxx rarir caucus uill probably con-
iiT authorizing tli- postmaster Ren
fal to irive.-tij.-at' the advisability of
govern men t ownership of telephone
and telegraphs.
Pindell Gaming Ground.
iia'oni who iri v-MiKaled tiie Pin- , , .
.i.n u.is .orre.mnce are now Organize Common Counsel Club
aid to favor the nomination of Henry :
I'mdel! a ambassador to Russia.
While the oppo-ition will be carried to
tie floor of the snate. many leaders'
p-ct Lis confirmation snuu. !
70 Less Delegates in Fu
ture National Republi
can Conventions.
New Program to Become Ef
fective When Ratified by the
Various States.
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow, tor
Rock Island, Davenport. Kolinr
and Vicinity.
Generally cloudy tonight and Thurs
day, with probably snow flurries to
night; somewhat colder, with the low
est temperature tonight about 25 de
grees; light to moderate variable winds.
Temperature at 7 a. m.. 31: highest
yesterday, 40.: lowest last night. 31.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m., 9 miles
per .hour.
Precipitation, none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m., S7; at
7 a. m., 100.
Stage of water, 3.4; a fall of .1 in
list 24 hours.
J. M. SHER1ER, Local Forecaster.
Evening stars: Jupiter. Saturn. Mom
tng stars: Mars. Mercury, Venus. The
white first magnitude star at the end
of the handle of the sickle, seen in the
eastern sky about 9 p. m.. is Regulus.
Commissary Manager Al
leged to Have Taken
to Have Branches in Every
Corner of Nation.
President YV. A. Gardner and fifty
i other men occupying official positions
! with tiie railroad attended. Mr. Gard
' rer made a speech.
Wilson's close
i).c. 17.-President ' State Secretary Says Harrison
poiitu-ai rri-nds in) Auto Has Been Carrying'
i Washington yesterday took initial !
Illegal Number.
ties, where meetings
every two weeks in
. The arrest of
school houses. I Woods, who says the mayor has vio-
Admits Conspiring to Transport I TIie aim ' admittedly to promote "pro-; lated the state automobile law. The
T gresslve democracy.' i order is contained in a letter to his
ijijiiuaives iucjjawy uvu , k f . scheme is a newlv Chicago deputy. W. R. Dillon, state
Arraigned in Court. 'formed club composed mostly of "orig-
inal Wilson men" in the government
service, chiefly appointees of Mr. Wil-
Most of Victims of New Castle,
Col., Exposition Employed
as Strikebreakers.
New Castle, Colo.. Dec. 17. Twenty-five
bodies of 37 men killed in yes
terday's explosion in the Vulcan mine
-were-TBWOVed lrdtnlEe workings to
day. Women and children thronged
sfeDfl toward th formation of a ei
II T 11 il till I INN X H 1 , "I1: ' r Harrison ordered yester- the morgue for a glimpse of husbands,
nilllil I IliW Uf 1U L " " I".:.: ' .'T., h i.v Kecretrv of state Harrv fathers or brothers.
Tentative plans were m'ade for a
general funeral.
The scene of the explosion was far
within the tunnel. Rescuers hurried
into the mine even before the smoke
and flames lifted, hut it was several
hours before the fate of the workers
! was ascertained.
Davi. an ironworker arrei-u d in New ; , i ! ,irn- last nt?h h ninfioH h rnuM Two men were rescued on the unoer
York a few months ag. pleaded gull- num rou ,,', Club " The name is tak- not tell what he was going to do until ' 'eve!. Every miner at work on the
ty to a charge of Lavinie t oiiKpired to because "common counsel" is one t the letter from his superior had been ! lower leyel. however, was found dead.
ttansport explosives iJWally h . ,,,.. ,., nh,M i t.erused.
Joseph K. Davies of Minnesota, sec-1 But he braced up long enough to
! retary of the democratic national com-! declare:
chauffeurs" examiner.
And Mr. Dillon, informed of the or
der, is not exhibiting any great amount
Indianapolis. Dec. 1 7 -George E. j to '8ome cf th bi)rgePt omCe., in , of enthusiasm. At his Oak Park resi
arraium-d in the federal court here
i-t-rd.iy. Harry Jones, secretary
r ml treasurer of the International As
sociation of lJridi!- and Structural
Iron Workers, implicated by Davis,
pleaded uot guilt, bat hi- attorney
a.-ked permission to withdraw the
plea U occasion ane later. The date
of Jones's trial was hot set and the
sntencing of Davis was deferred.
The indictments atcainvt Davis and
Jones resulted from a confession made
by Davis at the ti:.:e of his arrest.
Davis told federal officers he had
tpused a large number of explosions
iu structures being erected in the East
l nonunion workmen. Th charges
are similar to thoe on which tl.irty
ihrce union men were convicted here
last December, and which, it was al-
"Mr. Harrison w ill be treated exact
ly like any one else."
Asked how any one else is treated,
Dillon again exhibited signs of dis
tress. He said a warrant is sworn out
mittee, commissioner of corporations
and secretary of the new club, denied
. the club had been organized to back
any person for the presidency, but
members of the club would not deny
that the organization might be utilised ' and the defendant is "asked to appear
,as an aid to the renomination and in court." Not always, it appears, is
election of Mr. Wilson in 1I16. They! the warrant served,
preferred to side step that question An attempt to learn from the mayor
gracefully by talking of other things. his side of the case was unsuccessful.
One of them said: "We favor a sin-' Dillon says he saw an automobile
gle presidential term and urge thejou which the license number did not
adoption of an amendment to the Con-j look r'glit He chased it a half a dozen
: stitution to that end. We are all men ! blocks and caught up and examined
of a common purpose w ho want to i the number 93500 carefully.
, spread our ideas as thoroughly as pos- j "It wasn't our number," Mr. Woods
sible throughout the country." I said in Springfield. "It was one of
Memhem of th onraninzt inn m.f tn-tthe frameuD numbers purchased from
lged by the government, were part of day at ne L-ulvergitv cjub and appoint-'one of the number jobbers in Chicago.
ed committees to carry into effect ; The chauTfeur told Dillon it was Mayor
their scheme for nation-wide branches. I Harrison's machine and that the may-
Among the dead wee I. L,. Craw
ford, mine foreman, and 1. Wal'ers,
fire boss. All the victims were mar-
rlckfl onH nil Hilt cIy nr ofvht uorA
Americans, most of them sons of ' bocome effective when ratified by
Washington. Dec. 17. After several
hours' discussion the republican ra
tional 'committee recomitted to a
subcommittee, which will report late
today, the question of a plan for the
reduction of representation, at the na
tional conventions.
Washington. Dec. 17. When the re
publican national committee met today
only two propositions remained to be
acted upon( and a report from a spe
cial subcommittee headed by National
Committeeman Warren of Michigan of
fered a solution for each. Under the
proposals of the suocommittee a
change in representation would give
er.ch state four delegates-at-large, one
from each congressional district and
an additional delegate where the re
publican vote bears certain ratio to
the total vote. The subcommittee pre
sented a unanimous report for modifi
cation of the party's rules providing
for recognition of state primary laws.
acceptance of the right of the state to
choose all or part of Its delegates-at
large to the national conventions, and
and agreed that in future conventions
delegates presenting certificates from
proper state authorities should be
placed on the temporary roll of the
convention. The latter feature prom
ises to do away with contests and de
prived' the national committee of arbi
trary power to seat delegates.
1910 Election or Bosses.
The Warren committee finally
agreed upon the plan of reapportion
ment providing four delegates'-at-large
for each state, one for each congres
sional district and one additional in
each district where the total republic
an vote was 35 per cent or more of
the total vote cast; no district, how
ever, to have more than two delegates
no matter how large the republican
vote. States having congressmen-at
larire are entitled to one vote for each
The congressional election of 1910 will
probably be used as the basis of de
termining the exact representation for
each state. The plan provides that it
a conspiracv to uynamiie nonunion
t-truetures throughout the country.
Since his arrest Davis has been held
ju u.u miiic -u ui.i uv..ru i v... vu.Mn,inn hHn.i.p. had sent down to Snnnefield for a
It is proposed to have the topics se- r had made application properly and
rtle .Mcviamgai. principal witness f. nf ... ,H an,, Hi-cwi h number, but. that it hadn't come.
tor the government in the trial last
December. Jones has been at liberty
uuder lld.OOO bond.
the branch clubs all over the country.
Thus will Mr. Wilson's policies be
Kept constantly before the voters in
the most favorable light.
Cleveland. Ohio. Dec. 17. Unless
something unforseen develops Cleve
land will not be in the Federal ba. net-all
league the Macon of 1914.
Charles Zimmerman, one of the di
rectors of the club, said he was unable
to obtain new playing grounds, as or
dered by the league.
Mason City. Iowa. Dec. 17. Fire yes
terday damaged the Keeler building
Sanders' cafe. Pay-. Brothers' confec
tionery store, the Thompson & Dean
rrocery and Krerett Smith's grocery
to the amount of $C0.0O.
this statement Dillon let the machine
go and referred the case to me.
"I've had this looked up today. May
or Harrison did get his number. His
rpplication came on Oct. 30 and his
p umber was sent to him on Nov. 1.
Somebody was lying, so I have ordered
)illon to go ahead with the prosecu-
lon. We got Koger bumvan and)
George Prennan aad ! guess there is
no crime in getting Harrison. We
play no favorites." ' j
j Secretary Woods displayed with con- j
Consumers of Michigan Big j siderable pride the style of number
Losers in Purchases Last ?,at.ea "ch., 'ter an '
l w ur-u uitr iiiuvr i 'i auw ijcciiat; pa-j
rnent arrives again. The figures are i
a vivid St. Patriot's green on a white!
background, which is solid, instead !
ranchmen and business men of New
Father J. P.. Carfigan of Glen wood
Springs hurried to. New Castle at the
first news of the explosion.
Among the first, of the rescuers,
the priest pushed into the smoking
pit, penetrating the entire mine in
search of victims alive that he might
administer the last rites of the
church. ;L
The mine waspiv alyout a year old
anj was equipped Jjrttelnodern safety
devices. It was inepecte.4 by the state
I authorities a :ew days rago. It is
owned by the Kocky Mountain Fuel
company. :
The employes were called out on a
s rike recently by the United Mine
Wcrker6, but some of them had gone
back to work. The other victims of
the disaster were strike breakers.
rcn i runiir: riav
rcu lchuu. hihi loUflRT Mr-flSIIRFR
Pittsburgh. Pa, Dec. 17. One man
was seriously hurt and 35 other per
sons narrowly escaped death this
morning when as attempt was made
to burn bachelor hall apartments in
Wilkinsburg. a suburb. Oil-soaked
waste was scattered in the corridors
and fired.
states representing a majority of the
electoral college.
Illinois Loses Two Delegates.
Under the Warren plan, representa
tion in the national convention will be
reduced by 70 delegates. Among states
which lose delegates are: Illinois, 2;
Kentucky, 1; New Jersey, 1; New
York, 4. Total loss to north, 8; loss
for south. 62.
The subcommittee imanimously
agreed on the 35 per cent plan.
The plan of the eub-committee to
recognize the primary laws and change
the rules of the convention was adopt
ed by the national committee unani
mously. The national committee late yester-1
day voted down the proposal for an j
extraordinary convention to alter the
rules of the party.
Cardinal, Who Possessed Large
Wealth and Gave With
Liberality, Expires.
Rome, Dec. 17. Cardinal Rampolla,
formerly papal secretary of state and
at the death of Pope Leo XIII. the man
most widely discussed as possible suc
cessor, died here yesterday.
The cardinal was an Italian noble
man, being in addition to his position
as a prince of the Roman Catholic
church. Marquis del Tindaro.
On his mother's side, though she
was a Spaniard, he was related to the
royal house of Saxony. Possessed of
large personal wealth, he was known
as libera! with it. An aristocrat by
birth, education and the holding of
conspicuous positions, he for a long
time depended on an American-made
alarm clock to arouse him at 5 o'clock
in the morning.
As papal secretary of state he was
ambitious for the extension of the
power of the church, but was known
to sympathize with much of pie move
ment known as "modernism," which
found little favor with Pope Pius X.
The Paris Figaro said ot.lilm:
Charged Profits of $50,000 Are
Made in Single Deal Gov
ernment Not Loser.
"He beheld, the light of fresh in
splration irradiating the world and he
conceived the possibility of loving
communion between a faith as ancient
as the cross and a world modernized
by science."
The cardinal 'was born at Polizzi,
Sicilly, is 1843. He was educated at
the Collegio Capranico, the Jesuit col
lege in Rome and later at the Accca-
derala Del Nobill Ecclestlastici, also
in Rome.
Defore becoming cardinal in 1887 he
had been councilor to the papal em
bassy at Madrid, secretary of the
propaganda for eastern affairs, and in
1880 secretary of ecclesiastical affairs.
It was he who sueeested the pope as
moitiulnr hotwoo SiMfn and Oermanv ! WOOd tariff law
Washington. Dec. 17. Charges of
irregularities in dealings between
John liurke, commissary manager of
the Panama canal work, and contract
ors who have been furnishing sup
plies, is being investigated to deter
mine whether he received commis
sions from contractors.
The canal commission's office states
I the investigation has been in progress
six months, and continues, based up
i on charges preferred by Charles
I Walker, a former subordinate in
Burke's department. Walker alleged
: Purke was demanding and receiving
large commissions from persons with
whom he placed large contracts for
food and other supplies for canal
workers. He also alleged Burke
awarded contracts to the Colon Im
port and Export company, in which he
is a stockholder and had profited at
least $50,000 in the operations. His
salary is $4,500. Several large cm
tracts were placed in Europe.
Millions in Contracts.
Burke's work done entirely from
canal purchases is believed to have
totalled between five and six million
dollars during the period covered by
the investigation. One of the facts
on fehlch officials agreed was that If
anyone lost money in the operations
of Burke th government was not a
loser. Law officers of the war depart-
4aent wl r-tfeterrffftf e' wh at " aetlonT if
any, the government may take.
Removal of Duty by Underwood
Bill Invites Foreign Compe
tition on Cloths.
Half Century.
of almost everything sold by dry mea-I of 'Pen vkrk-' a ,n lhe Present num- Cleveland. Ohio. Dec. 17. Officers
I-anaing. Mich . Dec 17
or, uners
in the
Decatur. HI.. Dec. 17. Sli; and X
ray skirts and transpaient stockings
were barred at C'hsrI'.on h.gh stbool
at a si- lal sessicn of the g:rls and
womtu members of the school staff to
!ay. The teachers said cotidi'ions
e become stocking
ure in the stale of Michigan
last half century have
out of millions -cf dollars because of
short measure. The fact has jut brcn
I discovered through a ruling of the bu- j
reau of standards at Wath.ngton. which
has notlSed the Michigan food and;
i dairy cuuhuhuceit that half bushel.
! two quarts and one-quart measures, re
j cently received from him for inspec
I tion. all were short measures. A new
J standard of measures has been pre
pared. It is estimated the change will
cost merchants of the state $100o0.
of the cooks' and waiters'
union said
been cheated ".- uunu-; mey wouiu can oui an uuiui or-
istraiion. .wr. wooas saia. ana iooks j tenders, chefs, cooks ana otDer union
i good to me. It is the first number . workers employed in Cleveland ho-
i plate w hich complies absolutely w ith tela, and asserted they would unionize
the law."
the remaining help in order to win
the waiters' strike begun yesterday
at the Hotels Stattler, Holienden and
Colonial. These hotels entered the
second day of the strike with check
girl and bell boys working as wait
ers. Hotel men asserted they are
aot worrying' over the strikers" de
mand for increased wages.
Washington, Dec. 17. Predictions
that the currency bill will pass the
senate before Saturday night were
i made by Bristow, Burton and Gailing-
er, republicans, today. "It is not the
republicans who are delaying action
or consuming the most time," Eaid Gal-;
At a conierence or Democratic sena-: received Rampolla, who was ap-j
tors tonight it is proposed to eliminate i Q,nt)v , nnrl health. The pope is-j
bill and change "law ful money redemp- j m(, of ,no greatest men in
tion" to make treasury notes redeem-; th cjjurch He had become even
able In gold, and arrange, if possible, j reater 8inr, he retired from state af
for a final vote Thursday night. i ... .. ... hniinesS ordered the high-
republican leaders u,r,ra irt to the deceased car-)
l Bl UUMUI O ' " I
inoi raf h was due to ang'na pec-'
i. til -J , j. j '
reiicy uin ii itirr rug ui legislative ua
of doctrine and internal adminis ra-j
tion of the church.
At the time of the recent Illness of ;
Pope Pius X., when for a time there
seemed but little or no chance for the :
recovery of the supreme pontiff. Car-'
dinal Rampolla was again spoken of ,
as a probable choice for the papacy, j
The death of Cardinal Rampolla was ,
- ,A l. s Ka rinnn until this
nut influx u w u in-- " i ' v. i
morning. As recently as Saturday the ,
narcniiv in pnofl health.
deposits guarantee from tiie currency ,'.,,. fonowine statement:
Washington, Dec. 17. Taking ad
vantage of reductions in the Under-
the navy has adopted
in the dispute over the Caroline is-, a policy of purchasing supplies in mar-
lands. ! kets of the world, instead of onlv the
In the year 1887 he was made papal American market. The navy has put
secretary of state and was the papal out bids for 100,000 yards of dark blue
representative in negotiations with cloth for trousers, jackets and capH
Italy when Crlspl was premier and for enlisted men. The old tariff meas-
severe laws against the Roman Cath- ure practically eliminated foreign bid-
olic clergy aroused the anxiety of the , ders. All wool is now on Hie free list.
Vatican. ! The awarding of a contract for beef
The aim of the new papal secretary
of state was to strengthen t rencn
sympathy for the papacy and in that
endeavor he antagonized Germany
and Austria.
At the time of the death of Pope
Leo XIII. Cardinal Rampolla had been
replaced by Cardinal Merry del Vai
as secretary of state. When the col
lege of cardinals met, however, to
choCBe a new pope Rampolla s name
led on the first two ballots. j Washington, Dec. i7. Secretary
Since the election of Pope Pius X. ; B before the foreign affairs coin-
Cardinal Ramoolla had lived in virtual '
- . Dio ,. vj. Mar- mittee of the house today, advocated
retiremen. at the Palace of nt. Mar
tha lust behind St. Peter s Cathedral, j me purcnase or emuassy uunuinKs at
and has devoted hiB time to matters
to Argentina packers was recently let
at a substantial decrease In the bid
submitted by American packers.
new embassies
Toklo, Mexico City and Berne. Bryan
emphasised that the government
shoulifprovide embassies so poor men
would not hesltate to accept diplo
matic posts.
Democratic and
tentatively agreed to vote on the cur-1
Taylorville, III, Doc. 17. F. D. Slate,
editor of the Mount Auburn, 111., Trib
une, today was acquitted of the murder
of Dr. Bennet Windsor, mayor of Au
burn, whom he shot May 16. He plead
ed self defense.
Washington. Dec. 17. Consul Fletch-j
Open New Railroad Shops. Ur has advised the state department1
Clinton. Iowa. Dec. 17. Hundreds of that many of the reports of maltreat-!
Engine Kills Man.
Champaign, 111., Dec. 17. Vale Gary,
an Illinois Central brakeman, was kill
ed by an engine at Rantoul.
London. Eng., Dec. 17. Mrs. Km
meline Pankhurst was again released
j frcm HoHoway Jail today. Bhe has
ap- . oeen imprisoueu tim e iwiuiun;.
Springfield. 111.. Dec. 17. The
peal case of William J. Scown against Mrs. Pmkhurst, in a state of col
Anthony Czarnecki of .Chicago, lapse as a result of a "Lunger strike
persons Inspected the new Sl.0o0.000 ment of Americans in Chihuahua are i Hardy, the English author, is to
Ncble Prize to Hardy.
London. Eng . Dec. 17. Thomas j brought to test the constitutionality of ' was taken
in an ambulance to
be ihe
woman's suffrage act. is on file
headquarters of the militant suffra-
rhops of the Chicago and Northwest-j without foundation. Rear Admiral . awarded the 1914 Nobel prize for liter-' in the supreme court, which is asked ' gets, where a physician was waiting,
era railroad here yesterday. There Fletcher reported normal conditions i aiure. according to the Pall Mall ga-! to take the case up at the February she soon will be able to go to S ttz-
su a banquet at Lafayette Lea and j were beicg restored t Tampico. cttc. term fore ouick decision. ;crland to recuperate.
Albany. N. V., Dec. 17. Arguments
on the appeal of the four gunmen
the ; convicted of the murder of Herman
Rosenthal, the New York gambler,
: began today In the state court of ap
peals. The appeal is similar to that;
already made In the case of Becker.

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