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Exclusive Wire
! Associ2ted Press
House Rules Committee
Hears Arguments by
Labor Leaders.
C'f.cmi of IMirois Fears BloocJ
chezi Unless There is Fed
ora! interference.
I c.
l-i T
v. I
M ')!..
.- lor i
i.t '! .
a ;n.
i i i.
riK .-
I -
r i cK-t :
!.!' '
, I
i i, . ' i
I- '.!.
1 r,
i f.ri
n i :
b i;
of I
'' r
C'a- Hits
1!1 p
I'-r .v
f r
u in
e ;.ii i i
,1 I I
ami it
...-is ; ;
i II lTi'i-l"
fi r r-i .it t 'ii
r . of : . 1 1 i;n ; -tr
. r. t' ! jr rn t. i -! a
' T ii ' .i h::!f '''
i'iiI women r!-r.t:f t iJ
:i H ;i peah-d fr
o fit- people- may
I :. i tl e.r the I I . i J
: li 'ik ; . l-l'-i;raj.'M"'l
i' ;: -::ii.. r f' r . J
-t , , . , pr.-v i.l
. -..:t.:- i'. of ! !-.
Cai.im.ty Howlers.
ij: t . I '.II fil.ni!
i i. a tl r .i u re of
i :. - H -:.!! they
of Ai,"sl':.t ! Pie
.- . .. '..r ' 'ia rh. in r--;inr
Knot. 1 ir:i;-r
.. -. ;ov-rr:ir 1 1 ad! y
III!.--- f the repubM
": ad Ii :i tut- vrt at
" i. r - i: il oi.iitry
t ii "':', :i rt put).
T'-.r .f ( , ?;1rMdJlJ -v
Kot-ecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow, for ;
Rock Island, Davenport. Kollne !
and Vicinity. j
Fanr tonicht and Friday, not much J
'change in temperature, with the low-'
et tonight about ;?0 degrees. Mod-
erate variable winds, becoming south- j
erly. j
Temperature at 7 a. m., 2S; highest!
yesterday. 42; lowest last night. 27. j
New York State Board of
Charities Condemns
Noted Social Worker.
a. m.. 1 mile
Velocity of wind at '
pt-r hour.
Precipitation none.
Relative humidity, at
7 a. m. SI.
Stage of water. 3.3. a fall of
lat 24 hour.
J. M. SHKH1ER. Local Forecaster.
Bonner, Kans., City Hall
m so'atj the Scene of an Un-
! i r ..i
equal oauie.
1 in
! Brings Downfall of Founder of j 8un
' Institution for Aiding Way-
ward Child, en.
Eveniuir str.rs: .Jupiter. Snnirn. Morn
ins stars: Mars. Mercury. Venus. The i
star HeKUlus of coustellution Leo is iu
renlity n treniendnus sun. tivinj; out
uenrly l.tt times as much light as our
Accused Man Refuses to Sub
mit to Arrest and Shoots
Until He Drops Dead.
w ould
First State Function of Season
Scheduled at the White
House Tonight.
lie (!unKcrn:is to the public
ii.d safety."
! It will be (iimi to tl: commission
' to gicve iiitere-ted parties an oppnr-
ITiiiiiTv In nffpr rvii!fnc in rccnt-rl t'i '
jact.-i. if any. flnoe Thaw's committal
to Mdlft-awan, tcndiit? to sliow p.-r-j
s'liial violence.
When the report of tli commission
j is presented the parties may have
leave to be heard further on the fjui s-
tion of bail.
iii-t l!
IV i f. ill ti : il( y
hi t..- r fi' t!!- "
Dcmanti L'pirt Ammoni.
'.) . !-. I Sev
prt iL'rt"-s
' f.e l
aril ,
it i- ..' a .-trie li'.jt r c 'ii-
to'lay it. .ft !. -i '!: .!rei-ts to
.: : In il- :i..nei t:.Ht i"i rtt-r
:ittiih f.t iiji.i'ar.v et.m-
II in i in- 'ol r.i io lr.i.e ' ne
1 r ;i ' ti t::'lrary o;;.. ers.
' Va-i;iii:t'u. In c. 1.- FrcM-iKnt
Wilson uill give the first cabinet din-j
: ner of ilie sennon at the White Louse i
mniift.t. A few Invited guests outside
tif the cabinet will be present, includ
ing Mayor-elect Mitchell of New- York.
The rrt state function of the season i JJeforrn
i l-i to be loliowej uy uiniiers uy t .i.yi
ret members t' t!ie preslijeut. and the
u.-iial o?!i ial n-ceptinns. The New J
Year reception will not be held this J
year. The president will leave 'ah-j Peoria.
;forra Crusaders Also Assail
Chief of Police in Campaign
for a Clean Up.
Chicago Mayer Appoints New
School Directors to Take
Places of Rebels.
, inr'on immediately after signing
currency bili. whith i expect d
i reach him r.ext
I le ill no
fee ueek.-
ttlH I
111, Dec. A recently
formed I-aw Knforc-emcnt league, head
ed by Hev. Clement (I. Clarke.
onday or Tuesday.
until and remain two or I ' the r lrst t ongrepat loiial church, in
To'f-iy he will take part ! a f iri ular signed "Tlie Committee of
Pains Due to Accidental Shoot
ir.g bv Son Cause Shabbona
1-ld.n to Suicide.
in the ti'iinTti.i' oi an elm tree n;i t!;e
Wl.ite Ik. live ;,v ii en liie sfiol where
: the Cleveland e!;n w a- rprooteti Pi v-
ral months au by a .-torm.
ciiarjres .ti.ijor r.. ootinin . . Harrv A. I.inskv. the fifth mem
land Chief of Police V. VY. Rhoade.s j ber, whose resignation was accepted
iih reflect of tiu-ir d.ities. I probably will be reappointed.
Tii charges declare that a l'i-ycar
'old girl was given by Chief ithoades
ir.to the custody of an ex -convict, who
hail been sentenced for trafficking in
wcMt-n. They charge that a certain
n ember of the city administration h:.s
Chicago, I)ec. IS. Three new tneiii-
j bcrs of the school board were appoint
I ed last night by Mayor Carter Harri-
fir,rf till the places of three of the
five -wlidse resignations he accepted
as a result of their voting to oust Mrs.
i Klla Flagg Young from the supeiin
! tendency.
I The appointees are:
I John A. Metz. president of the Car
penters' District Council, to succeed
J. J. Harding.
John W. Kehhardt, former member
Jot the. library board, to succeed H. V.
! 1 'uttmann:
' Josepli . ilelpuch to succeed J. 15.
i Dibelka.
I The niaj-or said he had not yet de-
c ided on a successor to C. )
1. 1:
i. a. I I . J 5
. - ; !tt i 1 -i : ii.r
. I.,- Ii..r....l
ars a vi i. at.it w I. i i:
I !
.11.11 I is
ii il. i;t
,H Ililit s
l I 'l
:..!-.. i-l"nr
hit tl.i il.
r K p:.'.!.'
. Tt. . . ..
r. avt i !
Io -nt pt r
.lt d r ;
eal..e ! re
t a 'f
I';- i t ii t .i i In- t t '.i N. .
: o n ' ' I t Sl.abt.ona
.1 i ,ir ) ;!'!;; v , pri: t
la t t t . ' T:.e t i r rlit g
t! ..-1 o v eM ii I i.- iii.;k.'ii-
ii.il I .i : g-:. to i i i i. i ,.i
I i is r n ! hi- v ir
iliir r .Ni ..in ka- 'l ami
si ii )i..i a from ;.i
Wealthy Woman Engages Ccun
sel to Defend a Stenogra
pher Accused of Crime.
Only Child to Receive Bulk of
Estate of Late Chicago
Mail Order Man.
Ciil. tfn. lit . Dec. Ik .Vl? Mar
.'irio Ward s-. .1 L".. i- expected t' be
tlie i'.ief b in i i.. i j i! t!.i- will ef A.
Vontctiinery Ward i"'.e estate 1
lalued at 1 1 .",. (tii i i T:.e widow and
u.i'.ig.:tt r are t e erly immediate
lilem' ers cf t! t..l..:!v.
Ti: wi:i of W i.i ani Dft-riue. the i
::;;::tn:;r';r;:'.1;. -i court grants thaw
estimated ?:j He left
i..,t!.-.i.c to t.ar:;. w.li .-tiling
; Tttl is l:.er. N .J . Dec-. 1 -Ji. pii
Moriarity. a .-(i-M.i.T.ipl:'-r, was placet
on trial in the .-upretue court today
ler the iinirdt-r of Mrs Carol:nt Tur
ner, wife of an employe of tiie Lake
wood estate of leoree J. Gould, who.-e
truti'atcd body was found in April,
in a iump of trees near her
Moriarity :s wrho;i' neatis. but
Trs. Ja.-fit r Lynch, a wealthy
woman cf Lakewotj.l. ty wl.on,
'formerly eii.p!o d. las arranged to 1--l- "'
j ? r.d i.im i-'v.f has c:it?ag-i a rlj-tt r
t l lawjeis. are oj n- d ii a
strong array of legal taie:.t for t:.--state.
Ti:e little c-curt room was crowded
witii society women. Tlie t'as'.in::abl'
co'ony is divided into two clans, one
friendly o the prisoner and his
1 wealthy sponsor. ai:d the other !.u-tile.
been connected with a gambling
house; that street walking goes un
chec Ke.l. and that one memi.er of an ;
ii c-on ;ng giand jury has b- n ap-,
proat-iicd atit "liX'd."
Matr Woodruff on Saturday ap-
a!l tti the Association of Com
merce to a.-sist the administration in j
disproving these c harges. The Asso- i
ciation of Commerce named a com-'
i.-.iitte c.f five to investigate t..e mat-j
ttr state's. Attorney C K. McNc-inar 1
ha- set mi foot an investigation of
the c ham that the machinery of the-!
i ourfs I. as been fixed. lie made a :
demand on Mr. Clarke ye st ni-iy that
li e name and proofs Le furnished. Mr.
Chirke said they woai-1 be furnish' i
under certain conditinns
soti.-iy Tl:- committee of live of the Lav!
he wa- . I -l.fo.'c t-inent leagi.e has acreed to hoit! ,
fi rem wita tlie sin. liar oi.iii.u i
bv the investigating committee.
I The board recommends that
more girls bo received and those now
j there be removed to other institutions.
It suggests that the courts of the re
! public, the grand jury and district at
torney be abolished antl tint a super
! intendent deal with all offenses,
j Refuge for Wayward.
His retirement from the director
ship of tlie national organisation of
republics is believed forecast by tlie
report. Tlie George Junior Republic
vas founded by George as a refuge for
bad boys. Pioneer members we're
toughs of the old Dowery, youth who
said they "never had a chance." These
were taken to the hills of Freeville,
near Ithaca, and under George's di
rection governed themselves in the
republic he founded. George was a
benevolent despot. I lis chief aim was
to bring back to home life wayward
boys and girls. From the model at
Freeville other George Junior Repub
lics were founded throughout the coun
try. Counsel for George was indignant
and said that only witnesses against
his client had been heard and that
witnesses could have been called who
would easily have disproved some of
Seth-i the charges. George is 4, and has
been in poor health more than a year.
Has Hypnotic Powers.
Tlie committee's report, which was
J adopted by the board, says in part:
in view oi cei tain coiiiessiun? auej
i statements regarding George's exer
cise of hypnotic influence upon tit i-
I ens of the republic, his admissions of
lapses of memory, as testified before
the joint committee of the National
Association of Junior Republics, his
presence at the institution is clearly
undesirable." It was brought out in
the testimony by the; committee; of
trustees that George could hynotize
himself standing before a mirror.
Cmolliim I . .li.l .... .....I ... I...
Major General Bell to Leave Is- ;wBkf.11(.d from ,he'speii bv some .in
lands and Come tO United !!-, being unable to throw it off him-
G e r- TVTo - v. sell.
fcjtaivo in i'iai tu
New York. Dec. IS. Removal of i
ii-:n: . T " . . - frnm u.-ti-V'O T V I T" 1 1 - I
V llliaiil IV. urui f.c ' v . . i ... --
cipation in the affairs fo the George
Junior Republic at Freeville. N. Y.,
founded by him more than ten years:
ago, is recommended by the state
board of charities. His moral conduct
is severely condemned.
The investigation w-as liegun more
than six months ago. More than DO
witnesses from six states were ex
amined in regard to charges of loose
i living made against George by young
j women, former members of the re
! public. The oldest of these charges
j dated back to 1S04. The testimony is
i n n iirin t:hle :ind no verdict whether I
i.l.e rh.irees were i.roved was rendered j government ownership of telephone
Postmaster General Says Tele
graph Is Monopoly Which
Public Should Own.
Declares Congress Has Laid Basis for
Taking Over Both the
Washington, Dec. IS. A sweeping
declaration in favor of the principle
Bonner Springs, Kas., Dec. IS. la
I a battle that ensn.ed when a posse cT
j 15 surrounded the city hall building.
! on the second floor of which w as Rolla
i Harvey, an alleged boot-legger rur-
pected of conducting a "joint," Har-
will be reappointed. Mr.!
! Lipsky sent Mr. Harrison a letter ex
! plaining that he had cast a blank bal
i lot in order that on the second he'
might announce he would vote for Mrs.
I Youiik. turning the title in her favor.
Washington. Dec. IS.--The war de
partment today announced important
changes in hifli ranking ofiicers.
:- r presenting tlie As-soe lation
t'on.inerce Friday afternoon.
T;:e charges !gaint Mayor Woo 1
r;tt and Chief Ilhoades are denied in
"" rial circles. At a meeting of the
!.a.v Ki.forc enu-nt league he ld la-t
- v r r: ' r!t ,11 Y.f ftas eviiresverf l! nl
. , , . ... i i f . ... I'.nh-'adier
Ly'ii.-oi oi suiiir ji inc i : i.t t - couiii Lie
Republic Population 124.
Georg o!!i ially w ithdrew from the
in.uiatrt ni' lit of tlie institution in 1!0S
and accept e '. entice in connection with
i the Nation-jl Association of Junior He.
Major General Harry, commanding ),,,,, jrs J low ever, he cont inued to re
th eastern division at Governors IH-side in a house adjoining the repub-
I ... ,1 ci. fi. ti.. lI,iI..r. jlunorl. I .. . ...
' .-e.. IIU a titi until rece ntlv had mor,
ment in March to relieve Major Gen- ,,.ts inllu.nce in the mauae.um-nt
ewal L'ell. wtio returns to the LitiUad
St-ites in May.
?.!:ijor General Carter, commanding
and telegraph lines and an assertion
lie ! Ilint iho nnctal corvine ti M u.- aetf-
supporting for the first time since
1SS3 are features of the annual report
of Postmaster General Hurlesou,
transmitted to congress yesterday.
He urges that he be authorized to con
tract for experimental aerial mail ser
vice and says his department has sub
mitted a request for 550,000 to use for
that purpose.
Discussing the policy of government
ownership of telegraph and telephone
lines. Mr. Purleson says:
"A study of the constitutional pur
poses of the postal establishment
leads to the conviction that the post
office department should have control
over all means of the communication
of intelligence.
"The first telegraph line in this
country was maintained and operated
as a part of the postal service, and it
is to be regretted that congress saw
fit to relinquish this facility to private
enterprise. The monopolistic nature
of the telegraph business makes it of
vital importance to the eople that it
be conducted by unselfish inter'ests,
and this can be accomplished only
through government ownership.
"The act of July 24, I860, providing
for the government acquisition of the
telenranh lines upon payment of an
armraised valuation and the act of
PtOL' directing the postmaster general
'to report to congress the probable
cost of connecting a telegraph and
telephone system with the postal ser
vice by some feasible plan are evl
dences of the policy of this govern
ment ultimately to acquire and oper
ate these electrical means of com
munication as postal facilities, as is
done by all the prlnciap! nations, the
t'nited States, alone excepted.
Lauds Parcel Post.
"Tiie successful operation of the
parcel post has demonstrated the ca
pacity of the government to conduct
the public utilities which fall properly
within the postal provision of the con
"Kvery argument in favor of the
government ownership of telegraph
lint's may be advanced with equal
logic and force in favor of the govern
ment ownership of te-lephone lines. It
has he-en completely decided that a
t, l - phone me.ssaye and i telegram are
tlie tame within the meaning of the
vey was killed and two other men
wounded. More than 50 shots were
Marshal Kasling attempted to arrest,
Harvey and his companion on the
street, on bootlegging charge. Har
vey fired twice ami Kasling and his
companion fled. The shots missed.
Kasling went about town awakening
citizi-ns and recruited an armed posse.
Harvey lived with his wife and two
children in three rooms in the city
hall building on Main street. . Th
posse took positions at four sides of
the building. In response to a shot
f'arvey appeared at the door. "Sur
render," shouted Kasling, "we are 15
strong. You don't want your family
Given Revolver by Wife.
Mrs. Harvey handed her husband a
revolver and retired. Harvey opened
fire. Before a shower of bullets
brought him down he had shot C. H.
Weber in the leg and grazed Kasllng s
scalp. The posse swarmed up the
steps and found the body of Harvey
cm the porch riddled by bullets and
charges from shotguns.
Before the battle was over half the
population of the town was lu the
vicinity of the city hall.
telegraph servb $
lh; republics present population of i iaw- governing tin
citizens is l-'l. of which 41 are girls. . ;,n,i there-tore it is believed that the
No iierr-on is admitted und'-r 14. and I t . ...... i.h., h, .
tl ..,.....1 ..;,:,, ,,.,. ; t--j " . .... .. ...... it b'""i"'iiin
' ' ' the averasre age Is about l,. J l.e prop-
goes to the; Hawaiian department to!,.r,.. si. t of -ion ..,,ii -n
, rclfeve Brigadier General Futiston. Lull-line
who in April wi;i return to trie I nite-i
States for
t command.
assignment to a brigade
! mani
I w ill
I George to exhibit undue
i w':th tiirl citizens. Whs
I have been his ii. olive his
eve r may
exar-iple in -
orii!frt d I.e.' had .!
;:Xt c'irectk l. ! irii.g
i;fe hull.
li. tui tord. N It . Ie . 2 v - A cimir.is-
sion t-i examir.e Harry K. Thaw to de
termine whether his liberty under bail
would be dar.ger.jas to public safety '
waa announced in a rescript issued by J
Judge Aldnerii iu t..e federal court;
yesterday. j
In the rescript, wh:.!: i on Thaw's
application for admission t bail under!
the habeas corpus p: ot t t-cii::s. Judge;
Max Gla- Aldrich says;
.iay by the "The cotun.i.-sk u is not tppohited I
lor t;:e purpose of listening to ex
perts upon no advisory hearing, but!
keeper, two morths ugo. Since thit
time cabaret shows, ail nielit rettau-
r:r.T-i m-iii valoons. and all rmhllr.L'
i:ou-es have been closed; the Law Kn-' :',300,J '
e . i. .... i.,- i i Brigadie r
(ill I ( illlil ' tt ur un. ir r i mrij uu'l ,
.t...n .llarlinr h:.ve tet. tl,... i depart lueut Of
m.tii'i i.e eiKiiiii ui i-;diir a .-'ail r ran
all saloons w iil be forced out on Sun
day; the segregated district e.imir.ai-1
d. ar.d the lid put on prize lighting.
St. IvOuis. Mo.. I c 1
: r. i..ed ;. as !,, :; j
lii.liee chair.ej to Siwr of a room
. i .e rear Ui a o - ii...ri s-..oj iuu l-.. i-iis m.u auiii) ucaribK. uuii
i -w -. i..rti T';e Kill r. when kr- ' fiir ro-.kil.ff -.ueil iili...riurrn. null ev. I
i. .-,..! ..;i-iii....I .. r . i ... 1 1 flat M. un.ii.aliiin A if f t frt n . !. a .a ! ' Tain
f.t: .e.- :.,! ::;.oi f . 1 i:or KT ft r ! to Thaw s present cor.ditioa: and !
t r ':!.- .".ir- M rris ehla.. -r. w ho whether he is Jnsar.e or r.ot. its opin-1 con.l:';o;;s in the Mexica:ic;'y
. ;:.. .i ii.e -,o.:. .'. j-oiii i.e-r i ; u s ba cd ion i oougl.t upon the t-H.'e and sole J occupation by Villa, re ! e l c:
t on-.. 1. rc-J h.- s.-'l r ..i.-are and did ciuection wh-l!ier it is rea--or.al.Iy j ere su.r
i-.l v. at i '.cfj iu an ao'luiu. ;proLable tLat his liberty under tail icf all fcrt
acfiiiire, upon liie payment of an ap
praised valuation, the telegraph lines
of the country will enable the govern-
Famliar With Girls. , me nt to acquire the telephone network
The re (rt of the t ouiinitte e says I of the c-ountry.
(ieneral Macomb. com- i further: "Kv id-ne-c- show- tiiat fori Inquiry Now in Progress.
g the first Hawaiian brigade. any y-ar.s it has b.-.n the cu-tom of, ... JuIJ, ,aht .. colnmj,tee was an-
ccme to Wafchingron to relie ve 'George to exhibit undue familiarity j - , . . . . f
this subject, to determine the x"'elim
inary ttc p.-t necessary for the govern-
; merit te tak toward the iice.uisition of
i the telegraph lines tt the; c-cdintry in
' aceordancej with bee tion o2C7 of the i
reiiseC (i!!itiili.!l Th(u rfirn ,,i it I K
Pershintr of tlit. I A I tout a year atio it ln-.inii' apparent! ' . ." .. ,
ti.uum oi inej ..... ... now engaged in nreoarini; its prelim-
will coni-lto those- in contrcl 'i ti. e rep.tiiic . . . .- . ' . ... ;
win corn- iiir reoort urni if the hnrlirifse iiitifv
L.lil. . ' J I I ' 1 1 . J III.IUI.I .11 . ililllllli;.! ZJl
isted. As Crflort to eradic-cte the; evil
resulted i:i the arrest ind convi'.tion
of several ciii :eiis of b;th sexes. I'n
til recently there have been many op
portunities for i:::inorality among tlie
citizens. We finel it lias been tlie cus-
T',.- tinrtfv rniltr?i t ft O' 1 1 irrrn: t K t
of the killing of ?peci..l or.;.er 0,.,. ' 'r-Padier General Liggett as president
,, .- ... -..t i eif t'-.e army war collesre. Liegett will
lliieiti u mil i-iiiiiMt-i, A .a.looil- ., .... . i.t... ..A .....l ,1.. i..d, ......... .1 ,l
I relieve isngaoi'-r cje-nerai l.awanls. i .!- "e ,.,..,rZ,,- . - ... nic.-e
! eommanding the sixth brigade, now in ! e-ts as show n by witnesses l ad the
who goes to Hawaii to relieve ! fff(? fading " immoral acts of
a nuinhfr of older girls and boys. I
Genera! Pershing of the i A I tout a year aco it became apparent
Mindanao will rnmhto those- in contrc4 ot the
his general financial policy Postmas
ter General Burleson says:
"The postal service should be ex
tended with duo regard for the exigen
cies of public revenue, wherever Its
benefits, commercial and social, war
rant the expenditure necessary, ir
respective of whether or not the rcve
nue from each extension will defray
the cost thereof."
Changes Asked in Laws.
Among the new laws which Mr. Bur
leson auks congress to enact are:
A law granting to tho postollicej de
partment exclusive jurisdiction ovel
the selection of the sites for public
buildings to be used wholly for post
oftloo purposes and Joint authority
with the secretary of the treasury ia
the selection of sites for federal build
ings to be used jointly by the postal
and other branches of the government
An amendment to existing law tn
allow $2,000 indemnity for accidental
death of any officer or employe of the
postal service, or for death w ithin one
year caused by Injuries suffered lu tho
service in tne line ot uuiy.
Legal provision to leave, with full
pay for a period of one year, tor in
juries suffered in the line or ciuiy,
and them at half pay for not exceed
ing one year additional.
A law to authorize the postmabter
general to contract for experimental
aerial mail service, for which an esti
mate of $50,000 has be-eu submitted.
A law to authorize the ismiance ot
oostal money orde-rs payable at unj
money order office'.
A law to authorize h rerpoval ol
the limitation on the amount of postil
savings deposits, with the proviso thai
interest shall not be paid on more than
$l,ooo. This will permit postal sav
ings depositors to deposit any amount.
, such action, proper recommeiidatToii !
i will be made Ly the department at a .
later date." I
Postina.-ter General Burl-.-Hon pre
sents an elaborate btate;nent of the
financial ejperations of the postofhee.- j
torn to "pern.it virU to do housejwork ! partuiM.t, including a discussion of
me meiuoa oi oooKiceepuig, wunni
has changc-d.
Indianapolis. Ind . Dec. 18 Manu
factured milk made by mixing a pow
der with water and adding butter fat
has been bold here for some time, ac
cording to the largest companies of
the. city. It htands all tests required
of mi:k. The discovery was brought
about when one company put too
much butter fat in its supply, caus
ing the cream to settle at the bottom
inste-ad of the top. The health board
has ordered the manufactured milk at)
I in hoiise-s occupied by boys.'
sc. Texa. Dec
::h r"'ii refute g
rtac-I.e-d here tcv'a
1 v A t-pecial ;
Spanish Rout iMcors. ; "It :s gratifying to report," says he,
Oh.ri::: (!.:c. Uc. IS. Vandals las- ; Madrid. Sriain. D is v lamn ; "t'n.i the k.-.- i pn,.n.e of maintalnine
night wrecked the inuricr of the Car-1 force of Moorish trio'-smeii was rout-1 the postal se-.rvice for the fiscal year
by Spar.i.sh troops i ended .l int; 3'). 1!13, is found to be
at Muley Absfelam, Spanisii Murrocc o. ; e.xc edt-d by the revenues for the same
. l;l.r-j.. 11.. I iiiri'lv .v- Ol.rl.T. I .. ,.-;,l. I . .... .... 1..
... : . - I . ... ... J - . .. ... tJJ V. . r- ll.UICU n III! i. ' tl . 1 J
ill. iu i iiiii ij- : ,- ,
, cxi!et:c and tr.e town.
i t-e j sain az.:i,.Jj uere throws
s L.Ce e3
mard. r.
as to : rar.i dt-parture
B-i'rs from tha: v.i:n;t.v.
Books and ma;
in confusion and j The Spa:::
card i.-iicx f.ies d-sroied. Rstcra ; "A veritah!
tie:; w:i c ,-t fevera'. thousand. Thfc by Spanisli
pt-! f ir.s st tbe fnitj; body !. re- j the Moors,
ij'.niiLlu. i war cf5ce.
v a.-, c ori.-irjerahie.
rin of bon.rjs wa tos.:ed
'iirn.eu ir.to the midst of
said a di patch to the
period; thar there is an actual surplus
of $.T,;4i,'iei;.7S; and that 'lie postal
service is now for the fir ft time since
18S3 self-supporting
Woman Acquitted of Murder.
Peoria. III., Dec. 18. A Jury in tu
circuit court eysterday returned a ver
dict of not guilty in the case of Mrs.
Ada Heathcoat, charged with the
murder of George V. Barrlck. The al
leged crime occurred on the morning
of Oct. 5 in an alley in the 1600 block
on South Washington street. Sanga.
mon Hugglns, 11 years old, asserted
Ltj the course of his discus.bion of J he was an eyewitness.

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