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Third Year Lassies Nail Soph
omore's Hopes by Defeating
Them 13'to 10.
Junior arid Sen o'l to Oath for Title
f o- tre Second Tirre During '
juniors . . . .
Fre-. :iiTi. . .
I'ct. ;
.T.'o t
.rio '
Games Tomo. 'O.
s. Jnnoi.. for title:.
r g.rls ar?
Tti- .1 i.Mor uul Sen
b.-?ti- for the ti.inl tui.- during the,
ruin.an.-:. f rnorrov niiit ar th- K'k'k i
Island high school gym. thin tim for j
the championship of tli school. It
v;-- an airtight batti -that stacd
1 u -t night between too Juniors and
Sophomores but the third year girls:
finally r,n the caine and chance to.
battle tomorrow night lor 'in- chart:-!
pion.-hip of the kI;wj1. The score was j
J'; to 10.
In the Tilt.
Many tunc- durir.g the final s ssion,
the scor. was tied, hut in the latt few
minutes the Juniors rolled in two field
goals, while th- Soph- not but a sintie
foul basket and so t.he Juniors took
t.'.e lead in the last few seconds and
I !' Sophs had to take the count.
For eight minutes after the tame
Harted. neither side was able to lo
eate th- hoop, and the work of th"
Kuanti or. both tearo- Mas superb.
Tini- after lime tl.e ball would be
pa-ne-d from end to end. only to have
it thrown back the ieiifih oi the tloor
:gaiu. The first basket was made by
Klizabetii Bryan af!-r some ex itint;
l.rhtini: and Team work on the part of
Hie third year ladies,
the ..e;r.d coal Irofn
.avi- 1 er t.ani a h ad
Kckhart opt r: -i the -
it h a .Ji'ii' i't !
r- tly under ti e basket,
ed as Alb rta Cla.-io r
Basketball Schedule Includes.
Many Strong: Colleges in
Two States.
In addition to the collects which
'.Vucustatia lias met before in basket
j ball the following now ones are added:
i i?raUIev I'olytechnical Institute of IV-
! oria. Kuroka collepe and Minnesota
'collece. T!ie old rivals. Xorthwest
! era, Carthage and Hedding are on the
j list. This yejr Aupustana is a mem
j ber of the Illinois Intercollegiate Ath
i letic association for the first time and
with the present outlook for the local
collepe making a pood showing in the!
tournaments it is expected that the
Jsthedule next year will contain many
: more of the strongest colleges of the
j state.
This year the annual tournament
j of the association will be held at
! r.loominclon when the four leading
colleges will compete for the cham
i pionship of the state. The date of
! this tournament is sot for March
j 1." 14. Two preliminary tournaments
. will be held at Peoria ar.d Decatur on
J March;. 7 to pick out the four leading
i colleges.
! Atlgustana's schedule: j
' Jan. 1C William and Yashti at Au-'
est bit of f:?iitiug machinery in the
game today.
In this connection it may be recall
j ed that Jim Flynn once made a show -ling
that set Los Angeles by the ears,
'at the expense of Itngford. In 10
j rounds Flynn fairly outpointed
"Tliam" although the bout was a no
, decision affair.
But there was a return match,
and after eight rounds of it had passed
they toted uie inert remains of Flynn
back to h:s corner, without his once
during the bout having had the ghost
of a show to win. l.angford kidded
jwith him during the f'.rst match.
' His want of condition and the
1 chance of getting a bout for a big
purse on the coast indicate Sm
stringing" the gunner a'ong.
Philppines Before Large
Crowd of Fans.
Mauila. I I . Dec. IS. The first of
tw baseball games arranged for this '.
port between he two learns of Amer-!
i iean players now touring the world !
jwas plaod yesterday and resulted in i
a victory !or the players w no reprc-:
sent the Chicago American league I
i Jjj' !!. ,.
j f - ,,,
HI - - j - J:- s
IT l!
!' f I j lit
linn , iiiiiih l
! Hint i lniiiliil
i p w """
I 1
t: iSj:
! 1 ty
, J 4.. $ JS
Ex-Pilot of the Reds to Discuss
His Status With EbOetts
Before Monday.
Polyioeh at
Someone sh uid dig up a particular to crab the sketch. Hut it didn't dis
k:nd of belt for Tommy Murphy. If! courage Tommy, and he kept on fU-ht-ti.ere
is a figl.t'-r in the ring today who' ing. When he listed among the liulit-
. custana I
'ork team f the Aational league.
T he score was '2 to 1. The second
tame w ill be played here today. Thus
f::r the Comiskey team has beaten the
McGraw team in nearly every game
played on oriental soil, although their
ri cord was even during their exhibi
tions in the I'nited States.
The tourists reached Manila at 7
he also made
held and
4 point,,,
orojg for the
row from di
' he half end
i d in a foul
roal. the t,i ore standing with the Jun
iors in the h ad -re 4 ::
The Real Battle.
Alberta 'Ua -co Ma- the hrrnin" of
the Soph live of w!i;U slie is capiain.'
atnl nhe threw a basket immediately j
after th opening of the final period 1
ef play, giving the Sophs a lead of ;i v.:i;li
single point. Hut K'.izabeth Hryan,
playing a leading role. located the
hwj with a ilifT'.culf .-hot and the
ftanding wax rnTMil The hit fight
now ttarted. but the team work of the
Juniors came in to advantage for them
as a big factor in the winning of :h
game. Alberta Glaxco and K!;.abe: Hryan
were easily the atars of the game, and
:n each case they made tlie bulk of
ti.e stores for their respe tive team.-.
M:ss Alberta la?t ntlit mad- a r ord
in foul basket sliooting. beir.c -uccess-ful
in four foul goals out of six trials.
Miss Hryan got five ri Id troals. while
Mi-s ilasco manai-er r roll in to.
The work rf Ila l K rr a tuard for
r a!! y des- r - a trie and ail that
tins wi;h i .:'s Tommy. If there's
a champion in any class today who has
woik'd as hart tor his prize as "Mar-:
h ru Tom::i " has worked, in spi'e of
The f.ie that 1 e's sever heen a champ
a.id li' tw iths'andirig his failure to jiro
diiee i.ay I'-nv -s has a record that will
make any o'h.-r lighter look like a
heap loafer. For activity and enter
prise there's very f.-w of thm in the
san.e c!a-s w ith Mar by.
Tiiiitny Murpliv was f'gi.ting -arsi
ag- when .li.-i.t.'.j Ur : 1 1 . Vfiung Cor-;
In tt iu i.:iy Vanger and Kdd'e Han
Ion were iu ta--ir jitime. He's still go- j
.r;u at a fa- ili today, while the oth
ers liave -ui.k into rh'ir pugilistic'
uraes. Tl'.eie are thoe as do say :
that u" the i n H' ut day Tommy is go-1 c banco at the big encounters. K'-cent-nii:
even b lter than er In fore. For ly h- was signed to box Willie Ritchie
a do.eri years or so he wa a feather-j - hurrah, a chance at ti e belt at last!
w.-.eht b tore growing in'o the light-1 ot so long as Mcrnhv's jinx was to
wiii;hts he Thought surely he would
git a chance at the belt.
Hut he never has. He has fought
seral of the champs before thy held
their title, licking f-ine oi" them and
hold'ng others to a draw. He fought
in the lightweight la-s under four
regimes, stait.ni; in when Jo Oans
was the ti'Io holder, ai'd he saw bot'.i
Hat Nelson aiil Ad Wolgast w::i an 1
Iosh the hi It. He licked Ad Wolirast
before Ad was a champ. Ohsere that
'before." He coul in t get a bout af-
t( rw ard.
Jan. Zi Hralley
Feb. fi Hedding at
Feb. 7 Carthage at Carthage.
Feb. 17 Carthage at Augustuua.
lb. 1'S Hedding at Augustana.
March 1 4 North western at Augus
tana. h::l;e Forest ' and ICureka colleges
are aNo scheduled but the dates have '
not as yet been set. In addition the!
5 "
Brooklyn Magnate Sends Message to
Joe Stating That He Will Talk
of Terms of Contract.
Johnny Dundee.
o'clock this morning and their game;
v as an luculent in the day's events.!
team will take a four day trio north
ward and meet Kuther college at D. i The par'y was f;.en the heartiest kind i ,Iohnnv
i of a reception w hen the steamer
Headers of the sport page hnve often
w ondered just how it happened that t name
Dundee, the Italian jumping-
corah, la: (.ustavus Adolphus. at St. ! of il reception when the steamer ..iCkt KO, ,iN S( oU.h lnolliker. The
Peter. Minn., and Minnesota college j reached the dock, practically all tliP.,(irr,.t was r,.vealed the other dav bv
in Minneapolis. resident Americans who could do so Slottv OI1,i(.,Ut Dundee's n anager.
jjouuuu in in... uemo.is.. an ..... j i,u.ul1ys n.al name is Joe Carrora
I The visitors were guets of honor at ,an(1 hJs faIlep js a Xt,w Y.k ,isll
j breakfast, at lunch, and again at din-, ,,,,.(., ant. ,u, st0pped into .the ring
! ner tonight, and part of the forenoon ; ,(r ,irst ,(OUl ., l5d.t layp any
was ueio.ei. lo au auiomo.-ue iou. o. infr IllonaKl.r, s w he ,hft referee
the vicinity. In the evening there was , : . , uIint njlulo :,nnn,ir
.lohnnv said the first one that rmiw
a formal dance.
'preparations had
lor which elaborate
been made.
Tommy M' i phy is the gra beard cf j If Victor Over White Tomorrow i MOHAN
the ring today. He has seen many a
youngster soar up into fame and die i
away. M-anvhib- ) kept fighti::; on. i
always vinnim: a:id with never aj
Dutchman Will Claim 133
Pound Honors.
Ad Wolgast sent out a business-like
(lass and in all that time, al-
tho'iirh he was u big card, he necr
had a chance at the tit'e. Tough luck
-ooii became the usual rations fr
T n:mv If by sotue su.-.r chance h"
know anything ahct i'. When the
bout was aft t ward cilb d off Tommy
i ouldn't have hei n erv much sur
pris d.
Now thev have i.. -n matched again.
leil l he s'gncJ nil for a go with the i but Tomniv has l:;s douhrs whether
. holder sorr.ething would' be sure thev will actiiallv conic together.
the sophs called f..r ri
h f pM tators and of'en
break up the rapid pas-:rg
pi m-tit' and sjxil a h..n
The Summary.
I .ineups :
Junior - K.liah. i h l!ra'i
,iu.-e of
. ii" w oul 1
..f ! . r ..
for a g.ai.
ar.d I or-
ofhy Schoesse!. forwards: Hazel Wil-j
I's. center: June Ni 1-on and Mary;
(Iravcn, guards. I
Sophomores Alberta Glasco and I
Fvelyn Kckhart. forward.-; Klizabeth I
HabiO'k. center; J; unft Redcll and,
Ha-el Kerr, guards. !
Field goals Hlizabeth Hryan. 5;
Dorothy Sii:o-s-el. 1; Alberta fllaseo.
J : Kvelyn Kckhart, I.
Foul baskets Iorothy S( hoeS-cl. J; '
Alln rta Cta-co. 4
t announcement from his Milwaukee
j traini'ig camp yesterday. U lead like
I tills: " I w ill claim the lightweight
championship or the world at l.i.l
lmnds if I whip Charlie White Fri
day night. This I expect to do. The
title reverts back to me anyway,
Kite-hie robbing me of it on a foul
when we mot at 133 ringside."
The Impounders have stalled
something, all right, with their or
ganization, which bars all who cannot
make that weight at the ringside. The; out of
end came in the
b-itte 1 iu the fip h
i-d bv Referee Jim i
Suspension by Wisconsin
Not Effect Chicago Fighter
r.xaminer printed the storv of the
(formation of the lightweight union ex-1
j clusively. Since tiiat critics all over'
i the country have come out in favor of
the movement. They realise that
Will' tl'ere are too many grand little ring- j
; men at u.i pounds to be shoved out i
in the cold with no chance to capture
a title just because Willie Ritchie has
7. s..
ii-T'.'i I
W i W W Itt'fiH urn AW
11 I -1 II I" l-IH.W 1
San Fran isc . !-c. 1 V Hascba!! a.
' played in Arr.-rica is severely cri'i
1 i . d by a mem' r of the Au-tralia:i
j i ricket fatn whith t-(n'Iy toured the
I nMd St.i:es and Caiad.i. A Sydi.ey
paper (OH'ailill g an iateri iew with
he i r ' ker, r on tie- return ef the.
t4-ani to A-:.-;rai;a l:s j :s! been rcceiv- '
. 1 h re.
' ( 'ami '. ." 'he Aus raiian athlet is
i( io: J. "'I do.-.'t '.ive baseball as played
in America Hasehail in Aus'raha is
a f'.ne Kan e, j laed in the s, ir:t of our
rr!i ket. Hut tba- Fr'iri' is not known j
'.n An'' rica:i baseball, wii ch is a pro-1
'.' -:ot:.tl tame and associated w.thi
Hoxing ci.mmi-sioners
states will not recognize th
ot the Wi consin stat" boxing
a Hon
I outgrown the division. Ho the win
ner or the Uolga-t hite mixup w ill
receive plenty of recognition as the
king of the 1 :Z pounders. Also he will
i get plenty of challenges.
; Wol-'ast feels so good after his first
! earnest course of pre paration in a
I Collide of Vf-nrs lli:it ho .iJvi.it. ,.1.1
iod of one year becau-e of wi.Ht i frU.tuU in Mjhvaukee.' folks who did
him favors in Ad's free lunch davs.
sion. which has barred Packey McFar
land. the south ide boxer, tor a per-
w 1 1 1 1 Jack
I I if!'::.; t;f a haract r foreign
:s'rahan and Kngosh i.h as o:
There is. of course, bin money
th-re: but if baseball ;s ever
termed an "un-ati-lactory
am--" in his recent bout
Hriiton at Miiw.oikee.
From the l!r-wery ity comes word
that the H.iijirer commissioners would
not a?-k the !-n!rs of the sport in
other states action.
Any action advet.-e to the chic-iro
tighter inu-t be iiiad" by the various
state commissions without considera
tion of the ruling ter.de by the Hadger
authorities, according to Tom An-
ro th" -drew p. foremost promoter in Milwau
pjort ;Kee. This is not l:k"Iy to hap:'ii. for
iu it,"',? simple reason ihat McFarland is
To he- f a ''',; drawinu card. Thin is particu-
eon-.e a bii: ga:n- h re. .t w ill ne.-il to
1 i!iorced from the s;i rit which per
ads Ms Am. ri an atmosphere."
larlv tr.i. of N
ork. where i'afkev
to bet all they can on him to trim the
'Chicago boy decisively. heard
this direct from parties who are on !
thj inside and know what is going on1
in ihe Wola-t camp. They even go'
so far as to say that Wolgast i- in '.
better shape than he ever whs. That !
:s sin te hing it some, but we are con- i
inc(d 'hat the Cadillac Dutchman is1
ready for this ouarrej . Which means';
that C. White lias an awful fight on his !
hands. j
Charlie White has been doing road!
work for the Woleast fight for thej
first time fn his career. That's a faet.l
barUe ai ways has b-en a stead v re-
always has shown before packed . liable conditioner in the gymnasium.
' houses. ' Hm re ad w ork is entirely new to him.
The failure or ti e Wisconsin boxing It shows how seriously
'authorities to a-k that other state this combat. He,
i commissions take coi-niiranee cf its finest nf fi ttli
A OI.IUU.lrJU LLUn ruling is taken lo nian that the I Whit- is verv
lie is takirg
will be in the
San Francisco, Dec. lis. Owen Mo
ran, the Hritish lightweight, who a few
j ears ago was regarded as a contend
er for the championship of the world,
.tilled a losing light with Joe A.tvedo
before the Wheelmen's club in Oak
land last night by butting himself into
d'sii.ialification. The
sixth round. Moran
round and was warn
In the sixth round he rammed Azev
edo with his bead again. a:id tho
crowd began to boot and cry "foul."
Criflin, however, warned Moran a sec
ond time, but the warning was scarcely
his mouth when the liritisher
lowered his head and apparently but
ted Azevedo viciously.
Griffin immediately matte up his mind
that Moran was the goat and, stepping
between the men. raised Azevedo's arm
as the tsignal that he had won and Mo-
i ran was disqualified.
! Azevedo, who bested Ad Wul.-asl in
a In-round encounter a few months
aiio. waded into .Moran from the first
round and not only outfought hut out
i hexed him all the way. Moran plain
ly showed that he had none back. He
tried all of his old tricks, but was too
slow. Moran enierid the ring a 10 to
; favorbe.
Cambridge?, Mass., De-c. is.-Captain
It. T. .-'tcrer c.T Harvard championship
football team, said yesterday fiat th
caj.tiin for the 1M4 var-ity e ev-n
w'll be elected today. Charles Hnck
ley. Harvard's famous drop ki'krr
and all-around back field performer,
and Wai'.er Trumbull, regular rente-r.
are the twej candidates. IJepor's last
night have it that the pra.I5:ii-l:!ey
and the ro Trumbull tactions are
about evenly 'divided.
Washington William C. Kedheld,
secretary of commerce, has received
a telegram saying that the hr.-t public
auction sale of government furs ever
he-Id in this country received an in
crease in prices paid of from to 15 I
per cent Heretofore the govern
into his noodle, which was
As Young Marino he fought two
bouts, then whs matched avray- from
' home and Scotty Monteith told him
"Here, kid, that name'll never do
if you expect to get anywhere. Pick
out another one."
"All right." says the youngster,
"how'll Garibaldi do?"
Scotty wasn't up on Italian history
;uid said that was a worse ring mon
aker tiian the other one. "You pick
out a name for nie," s-aid the lad to
Y.'hile Monteith was figuring out v
name, he involuntarily began to hum
'Iionnie Dundee." The idea struck
him of naming his protege after the
song, but "I.onnie" would never do for
a boxer, so he made it the nearest he
could, which was Johnny Dundee.
Brooklyn has been heard from.
Much of the mystery surrounding tho
status of Joe Belasco Tinker wcj
swept aside yesterday when the elt
posed skipper of the red-hosed crew
received a letter from Charles II. Kb
bets, president of the trolley-dodgers,
the communication having lo do ex-,
clusively with the recent $J-.O0O deaj
for Joe's short stopping services.
It was specifically ree'oiiiniendod in
the greetings from over the big bridgo
that Tinker appear at a secret meetin
place within four or five days to con
fer with Kbbets and Wilbcrt Koblu.
son, manager of the dodgers, and at
this pow wow it is believed all par
ties w ill agree upon terms for the nxt
l li i v t J I il I S.
"Yes, I have heard from Mr. F.l
bets." said Tinker yesterday, "and it
looks as if 1 am going to play with
Brooklyn next season. 1 prefer to
keep quiet at this time as to thu
whereabouts of my nn-i ting w ith tho
Brooklyn eillie-ials. but unless au tin-
expected hitch arises 1 expect to sign
a Brooklyn contract before next Mon
day. In his letter Mr. Kbbets expresa
ed the opinion that satisfactory ternia
could be reached. Before putting my
to a contract I : hall insist that
1 be signed for three years, and I'm
llicr. that a certified check for $IO,i(!J
bo paid me."
Looks, for Big Contract.
Tinker has no assurance that tha
dodgers will slip him $7.."0c) per sea
son the same salary he drew last
year as pilot ef the reds, and be lt
it be known that he would not quib
ble over this detail, lie expects to ho
offered "big money," however, in ad-
'Young I dltion to being awarded that mitch-di.-
cussed ifHUHii.. As for his local busi
ness interests. Joe said he would eil
gaire a "pinch-hitter" to take his phuo
during the bjg league season.
At cub headquurters President 0.
AW Murphy declined to discuss the
Tinker case. With Manager Kvero
the master of the; Trojans put in a
busy afternoon arranging the detaila
of the spring training jaunt and study
ing tho list of players rounded up fo
the coming campaign. While thus en
gaged tho cub officials booked anolhor
highly touted athlete for the Junkut
10 j a in pa.
If- (Jeorge Suttem the Chicago bil
liardist. wants to h.y a special match
with William F. Honpe, the world's
baikline titb'hol'Ier, he w ill havo to j
boost the stakes to $2,000. In onW
to force Ihe New Yorker to play in
Chicago Sutton recently iialleDgcu!.
him to a l.'.uo point match at 1S-2 for
a purse cf Sr.oo. Yesterday a letter
was received from ('. F. Walsh, man
ager of the champion, slating that thn
expenses incidental to a three day"
match in Chicago would not justify u.
match for this amount, but that if Rufc
ton would agree to play for $2,on()
IIopj:e would be willing to me-et hlin
We're Hard to Pleaie j
Grain growers for ycirr. have
gicn us tl.r reputation i
ir.g the hardest peorie t
tl.ev"eerero!jto. But
M bi ' wv 97 tef
mrt rrtjm lb C
Geo. A. J- kcl Sc Co.
IWi in. I ,fc. Ti
lib.- rr. u
O suit libDM
sac urn . - - I
i ---'
5-c--W i l
D-tr it. Mich . V-c. IS - -At a meet-
Irc of members of the f)-troit Atl.letic
eiub last night Sto0.'X'O was sub.-crib-.
-d in less than two hours toward the
$l.l"0.0ini required to purchase
grounds and erect a new club house.
The new building will b one of the
t.nest athletic club bouses in
ii a. Tl'.x new trui ture will
i the reorganised
which fucceeds
.--me came.
be tl.e next boss of tlie 13.J pounders.
Badger commissioners believe jufli-
cier.t pur.isl-.mer.t has been inflicted
by barring Paekey from Wisconsin HIIWRfiAT CMITU AHI I
confident that he w ill j ment's catch of seal and fox skins
One warm tmppcrter of McFarland,
State Senator A C. Clark of the Thir
teenth Illinois district, came to the
front for Pae key yeste rday. Senator
Amer-; Clark was one of those who aciom
house pani-d McFarland to Milwaukee for
went to the Ixmdon market. Am -rican
buyers being forced to pay the import
duty en any furs brought back to
i America.
When (Jul. boat Smith enters the' -
rine again wph one "Tham" Langford. ! i -r m t c-
the ultra brunette near e hanipion ef
the worhl. he might jxof.t by teein?
that his hear! i rc-int 1 . PA
IVtroit Athletic club.! the bout with Brittem. He said that j than customary secur.tv to his neck
the old cljb of the while making the trip be and McFax-ianj ssouijerf
'land read the Wisconsin boxing laws! t, 1 --,t, : ,
intin n.oiCTDM t ' and that there -M nothing in u.em ; , Jilicn ,.ansford at Hoston and
IOWA BASKETBALL " .ndwaie it M necessary J,t probaWv true that ..Tham Q
r-iiit . - for Packey to ftep on the scales tnd , . . , , , ,
FIVE WIN A GAME. weUh in at any stipulated time. esPe.lfS!f 8 f ln,r" ' llSUe
u f-iffht?. He aorultted. how vers it
r.t br defeating I.eander Clark by ""J -
i difference of ten po-inds would not be
;4 to i:
Lasketball 'fai.in I ere ImsT
i diTTerence of ten
The game a. slow, with ' r.M-T-iir.t
J.-rnliiun and Pa.-sor.s doing the bet i
we-rk for ti.e Hawkeyes
i tirrii; lor tie viitir.
and Ward
All ti e new a all :t time
I.angfcrd usually toys with his prey!
a time or twa before he destroys it. J
Alio, the opportunity cf getting a bi
fjrse and a bout with a "white hepe" 1
I r-.amj.icr f hip flaver may bve ha 1
Toe j soniethicg to do w ith the ease with j
Jw.cn te Guaboa; jabbed the tough-i
will have no attraction for you
if the appetite is por, diees
tion bad and the bow -Is dogged
Help the stomach NOW by get
ting a bottle of
It tones, strengthens and aid
the digestive yte:u in every
A Splendid Present
For Your Boy or Girl
would bc;a membership card in our
avings Club
Make the first small deposit your-elf and after that !t will
be up to the owner of th.j e-ard tej make de-posits weekly for
.0 weeks. The amounts ar-i so i I. ail as to be e ve-n within th-J
reach of hoys and girls. (La.'-r amounts for larger folks.)
It gives the-rn something to strhe for and estahlishef? a good
habit which will be of value all tl eir lives. When the mo.n y
is returned to them next Drc-mber with interest added they
will be delighted with hs re.u!" of r.yUomatio enving.
Club now open for rnc-inU-rship. Better do it now.
German Trust & Savings Bank

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