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I Associated Press HP TOT Li
Exclusive Wire j J jfl iPj
Hinry I. Nowlan of Peoria
Throws Self Before a
Burlington Train.
Readjustment of tha Cur
rency Question to be
Hurried Along.
Rebel General Agrees to;
Protect Foreigners'
Rights in Mexico.
f T
.. V V
Ail Those Not Supporters ofj
Huerta Cause to Be Idemni
fied for Losses.
i.;:.4.a; ia City. Mexico, Dec. 19.
t,w ral Villa a' l.e Is dispos'-d to
r :i ja t.-:e f un-restions cf the I'mted
S'a - .1.1 I ) :.', rii-'its of foreigners
:n M M 'i In i-r r. fortuity of ti. i.s j!an j
;. !.a- :.u:i-l a '!:. ri.it:-- to lake an ,
. f f. .. r..-, . 9 ....... .n... I
, . 1 in- fri in . i t J,T II'
and s-u d he would indetn
Soainards a - had not ac
:firt l t;.- HuerTa t -ri.-
hud re- u e-d through the
roL.t.l representation.
'i a'i- 'I lor a sTricr accounting oi
.n w r. ' .-.-
;..ir, i it i
i..f;. -i
f r. -y s-
A ::i-ri' an
a f,i 'i a'i- '1 for
I it- art-, should tne rights of any fur-
it'inr- vbdatid ,
A orr.r:r.ini'utiou aloo hail be n re- ,
il from General Carranza. In ad .
i? rendition, follow lne protests of ,
S; ai.p j.rd-. that t:i-,r pr;p-rty had
lie.-n s. 'Z-il and prote'-ts of other for
-v.f r.-i t'.at tii-
fen ;
i vV
L.. 'ii
Millions Will Be Ready to
Assist in New Program.
.st 3sk
iad ii fotci-i ty
i.i tnoln y Jo t!u r t' l rani-'. j
Lives in Danger. j
"It tta ii ; v3a ry to xp l a!l
i.ird-." faid V:!la. -u-aii.-.- th.-.r llv. s !
w 'i- in 'laT.i; r h-r, aud 't v a- lief s- .
j: Ui in; (.- !).- il-a'tj i.-n;ilty in
old- r that !;- im It !! known'
ii;.-u in fi- ur. slut- .n M.-vu-o City
r-!'rjar humir.i- of Spanird :
:..d d K Ini.z and arms coop- I
rari d 1:1 ! ui rit7 :-j -':a ir-v Hurta -
Decision in Drainage Case Is
Regarded as Blow to Act
Recently Passed.
Springfield. III. iJtc. 19. Wliat ia
. i rir. . n-'jtli sar't-riiit: to ilf'kt- I
n- Arr.-i-i.- :ir- b. mi. mad.- dally of ! rffraxded as a blow to the woman -ut--j.e8terdayT: low estla4t night. "27f MqfC&V. preM'denT
r'orcaat Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow, for
Rock Island, Oavanport. Kolinr
and Vicinity.
I'ntpttipd weather tonight and Sat
urday, rtrtbaoiy occasional ratn or
know- flurrnrs; somewhat warmer to
night with the lowest temperature
near freezing, much coider Saturday
AIod rate to br'sk. variable w ind., b
omiug north wi-st-rlv Saturday.
Temperature at 7 nl -8- HighK I
President of Telegraph Com
panies Denies Business Is
Monopoly in Country.
New York.
I-.-ii-ons w.iifi-d of birirf Hut-rta, j fraite act, which ia now under conpid
mtiarhizrrs. Thy are hi Id ponding erAlloa Dy tiie supreme court, is found
:i -tiir.il on or tru ir a
Zapata Near Capture
Dec. 19. Clarence II.
of the M.ickay
2 miles I companies, being a.sked what he
(thought of Postmaster General Unrle-
Washington, Dec. 19. The new cur
rency bill is expected to reach the
senate before adjournment tonight, go
to conference with the house and be
ready for the president's signature not
later than Tuesday.
One of the most important points to
be considered by the conference con
cerns when the new- system will go into
operation. The house bill proposed
that It become effective within three
months of the passage of the bill. The
senate bill says "as soon as con
venient." Administration Ivaders be
lieve the senate provision will pre
vail. As one of the provisions of the sen
ate bill extends the Aldrich-Vreeland
law to operate during the transition
period, officials expect to see the new
system working" smoothly while re
serves are being shifted and condi
tions are changing to meet the new
la w.
Secretary McAdoo announced 'ho
Harvey W. Wiley.
New York, Dec. 19 "If they had loft
me alone, food adulteration in this
country would be only a memory and
not a menace, as It Is today."
Thus spoke Dr. Harvey V. Wiley,
former chief chemist of the depart
ment of agriculture. In addressing the
National Civic Federation in session
here. He followed It up with what he
Chief Counsel for Clyde Strat
ton, Recently Convicted in
Rock Island Court. -
Teoria. 111.. Dec. IP. Henry I. Ns
Ian, a prominent criminal lawye vi
this city, committed suicide by tlm''.
ing himself in front of a Uurlingto.
train at Calva. jn mdes from lure.
Thursday night. A warrant for his
arrest charging forgery of a note for
called inside history of the reasons ! -'.-50 was issued ut noon Thursday.
why the pure fod law is "a prisoner of i Nowlan is alicged to have forged the
war. bound with thongs and girded ' name of Morau Winn, a fanner resiii
about with ropes." i"g near Toulon, to a note which he t
The chief reason for its inefficient ; alleged to have given as collateral ti
enforcement he gave as interference secure a loan of J3.250 from the Imirw
with the lawful powers of the bureau: Saving & Trust company of this city,
of chemistry by Presidents Roosevelt i Complaint was made to the state's
and Taft. j attorney by representatives of the
Of the laws relating to public health ! hank when the abstract on the farm
he said the bitter opposition is two-' n which he claimed to hold a mort
fold. - I gage for money alleged to have been
"Part of it Is religious," he went on.! borrowed from him by Winn failed to
However. I am willing to admit that . show up. It was then that the bank,
the opposition of Christian Science and 't ia claimed, became suspicious. Now.
those w ho oppose vaccination is sin-! hn was notified, and he Is alleged to
cere. Hut the other class consists of have explained that he had been busy
those who use advertisements to make , in a distant court and had been un-
l.-io City. Dec. 1 ' Kedrals jus-t
tf . -.! capturinc Cmiiiar.o Zapata.
r i. I l.-.i.-r. la-i i.ii:V u a ranch in
i.i.. f.-dcr.il il--lr;it 1". n.ih-s south of
i . A!t.-r hours of .-kiriuishinc the
ri !!-; wt' routed. Snin' rel l pris-
n-rs !aid Zaj.aa l.iiin-. !f w a in coin
i:iaiid a lid oii- of !!. last to i'Ma".
T'.i- reb.-I.H were not p'lr-ui-d owing
i.. iarki.-..s IV r .!. coriitt.K from
: of Mor. ! confiriii r-port
tl:af activity of Zapa'a i-- du.- to in-
Tr'u l:n. fr-'Tii (ii-iit-ral Carranza. who
- r r'i -I lo V.iv i!i;.;;-i Zapata
. it 'i fund-- f-ir r.t..wal o tii- cain-;-.U-u
aK.i:n- t!-.- f-d- ra!- Ti." tiews-
ap r. i:i 1'a ;i - t f1 tn arc beiujc
it.ad- to i i-1 vu1 ..nro-r in Itrajjil
iur si rt in i:i M' M in t!i' v.-nt of
an America!, it-vu.-n-n
i tage oi water, a iai. ct .1 in
last 21 hours.
J. M. SI1ERIER, Local Forecaster.
I son's report that the government take
over telephone ana teiegrapn iinef,
"The postmaster general is mis
taken iu his idea that telephone com
panies are subject to the post road
ri.nlti..li. C. .
oistinct acts, they ar. iu fact, amend- j , ' J. ? i V- "r.
I Injr stars: Mars, SlercurT, enu. 'flic
court of the United States in the
S., 761) held
Army Lieutenant Is Convicted
of Precipitating the Recent
Riots at Zabcrn.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m.,
per hour.
I in the opinion iiandcd down in the case j ' recp. union, none.
! ... ... i Relative humidity at , p. m.,n;
of Iirooks va. Hatc.i. appealed from
the county court of Pike county, in ,.,. ,
which the supreme court
the drainage act of 150." and subse-
mifiu amendiiiciits to the same are j
i nconhtitutional on the ground that j
while purporting 10 be separate audi
Richmond case (14 I.
that they are not.
"In denominating the telegraph
I business as being monopolistic in its
i nature he is also mistaken. If there
j ever has been more continuous, been
I even more bitter competition, than
that between the Postal and Western
I'uion, I w ill be pleased to know when
and where. The money question, how.
ever, is the main question, tf00.000,000
would not be a look-in. The Hell
telephone companies alone would de-
l.gi.-latiou covering the same subject ; Chinese Favor Govprnmpnt Af rnan1 n,ore tI,ar' Ulat Then there are
the later act must be considered an government thousands of independent tele-
i!.er.ts lo iorr.ier acts. i ,.
, ., .-. . .-. 1 f-rt-t magnitude star Cape la. ariproach
The (juestion of the constitutionality! , .... , ' "
r .. .. .r.i.P.. 4.f ,. !n? '"vith on tb e"st ,n " evening
amendments was raised in combating;
a tax levy to 'mproe a pumping sta- i
tion. Tiie court say.- in its opinion:
"If. in fait, it n.akes changes i:i the,
arioUs sections of tt:e levy act. sub
stituting provisions, adding new ones ,
and uiiiigliiiK tne now Willi ti,e old on j
:ii sai.ie tub it so as to make the i
ld and the new a connected piece of
banking and currency will be accomplished-
by the bill. Cummins pre
sented an amendment to authorize re
gional banks to loan direct to individ
uals on proper security if banks in
the borrowers' vicinity are "unable or
unwilling." Several republicans join
ed with the democrats and it was
Reject Central Bank Plan.
The senate finally rejected the cen
tral hank plan. Then, iu committee of
the whole, adopted without a roll call
act of congress of ISSti. The sup-erne I acimm.sirauon mu rrame'i ny me
. !.. .1 o. ....... democratic caucus and offered In-
federal treasury- would be ready with I man believe he has hydrophobia, epi-, b!o to give the matter immediate at
millions to heln the transformation in i lensv or anv disease always endine ; tention.
every way. i up w ith 'I'se our No. .
A complete reform of waste and! "These two classes are banded to-'
complicated machinery in finance, gether with the League for Medical
Freedom. Their lobby always comes '
to congress, and you can't get remedi
al legislation as long as it exists."
Sjveaking of pure food and his trou
ble in enforcing the law, he said:
"This opposition went to the presi
dent I've almost forgotten his name.
it was in 1907 oh. yes, I remember it
belongs to constellation Auriga.
fairs Conducted by Admin
istrative Council.
phone companies and farm lines scat
tered ail ever the country. The entire
bill, including telegraph lines, would
le about two billions of dollars, which
amendment to the former."
The court holds that the- drainage
act ef 1 jr dteB ti: is and declare.- it
, unconstitutional. i
The decision is apparently in con-i ' eKing. l nina. lec. 13 President is about two-thirds or the national
tradict.on to the decision of the court) Vua" ,ias approved and submitted tc del t at the close of the Civil war,
in the Rock Island hiitii school case. J 'Lv administrative council a pet itlon ; v. lien many intelligent men despaired
In which the bieli school acts of 190J ! suiigest.ng the deftnate termination of , of the solvency of the republic.
this the worst. Judging
Owen as a substitute for the house
bill. In this form the measure went
before the senate for a final vote.
Representative Church, democrat,
of California, introduced a bill pro
viding a $5,0(Mi fine and imprisonment
of not less than ten years for any per
son or persons who "make or circu
late verbally or by writing false state
ments in regard to the financial con
dition of the people and business in
terests of the United States for the
purpose of bringing about what is gen
erally known as a money panic."
Senator Ashurst introduced a bill
proposing a barbed w ire fence alons
the Mexican boundary to check Incur
sions into American territory. A total
of $300,000 would be appropriated.
The president today came to his of
fice the first time since taken ill
more than a week ago. He told friends
he felt practically as well a ever. He
worked on a mass of ax-riimu!atcd cor-
Nowlan is alleged to have borrowed
$3,230 from the bank, payable, in five
years. He had paid one-half of the
principal. When he fell back in h's
payments. It is alleged, the bank went
after him. It was then, it Is charged,
that Nowlan put up the note which
he claimed had been given hliu by
No Record Found.
Nowlan is charged with forging the
now and told him that unless Wiley I name of Winn and also the name of
was shackled, gagged and hamstrung ! Justice of the Peace Frederick to the
their business would he ruined. If I j acknowledgment. He also is charged
had the value of all the business I j with forging the name of the recorder
have 'ruined' I wouldn't associate with of Stark county, showing that the.
John I. Rockefeller. I mortgage had Iwn properly recorded.
"So the president signed an execii-! The charge jH made that no record of
action on the Scown vs. Crarnecki J'T- anl 18 signed Dy tne military
tet.t case of the woman suffrage law llvi' governors of all provinces.
and 1911 are both held constitutional. "inese parliament. The petition "Xor i-
The refusal of the court to hurry' Purports to tome rroru lie resident i from the last experience that vast ! respondeuce, after which he met the.
mi sum would be entirely lost, because cabinet.
under government management the The president signed the Hetch-
also served to add to fhe worries of Tne administrative council, formed operating expenses year by year 1 tetchy bill granting a public water
I in November by 1 uau. lias .1 members i would exceed the income. The fol- supply to San Francisco
tive order naming the Remsen board
to decide matters which the law said
I should handle as head of the bureau
of chemistry.
"The board decided against me on
the question of benzoate of soda, and
now manufacturers may shovel into
food all of the substance they want to,
not because of law, but because of per
version of the law."
Dr. Wiley told of the discussion with
President Roosevelt of the question of
paceharin, which Dr. Wiley had con
demned. 'The next vice president-to-be (he
was Sunny Jim. and congressman!
told the president," said Dr.
the instrument can he found In the re
corder's office of Stark county.
When Kdward Sniythe and James
Rae of this city were indicted for com
plicity in tlio alleged dynamiting
operations of the Iron workers, Now
lan was retained to defend the men.
Defends Stratton Here.
Nowlan had a wido reputation an a
criminal lawyer. He served as chief,
counsel for Clyde Stratton, recently
convicted of manslaughter by a Jury
in the Rock Island county circuit
court. Stratton was sentenced to un
indeterminate term at Jollet, his
Wiley, 'crime being an attack on J. Leo Crow -
the suffrage leaders.
Strusst.urg. Germany. Dec 15 -The
n.'j'l martial today sentenced Lieii
t i.ar:t Haron von Ferstner of the
i.inety-r.iritli intantr to 4 i days' im
pn-enment for rutting down with a
sabre a lame shoemaKer in Zabern.
Alsace. Forstnrr precipitated in the
recent troubles in Zabcrn by making
insulting remarks in retard to Alsa
tian citizens when he addressed tne
recruits of Lis tomp.ni. The towns-p.-ople
became acquainted with cir-
umstances and serious rioting and
ilisorder broke cut. lasting several
day The in id.-t.ts caused a gov
ernment crisis in parliament and the
transfer of the r ln ty-ninth infantry
: ot.'ier purts of Ai-ace on dirce-t or
tiers from Kmperor W i'.liam.
The nectcnce auloinaf kally deprives
I orstner or a commission as an or-1 to St. Peters, where tnere were gath-! tion We Chinese people and foreign-
ficer. The prisoner argued self de-fered members of the sacrt-d colie-e. ! rs disprove of the conduct of bad
ferse. but several idi. rs testified diplomatic corps, papal court, Roman . nlen ,uf.rg ef parliament. Therefore the
that the shoemaker was held by both ' aristocracy. Knights of Malta arid a i, reinn. nt-ori not hesiLate "
Notable Assemblage? Attends
the Funeral of Late Cardinal
at St. Peter's
including cabinet officers and others j low ing figures are takeu" from a re
apioinied by the president and pro- j port of the postmastur general of'
incial governors. It meets at thoitireat I'.ritain showing the results of
Rome. Italy. Dec. 13 At tie fu
neral service today for the late Cardi
nal RampoIIa the coffin was carried
from the little palace, where he died.
lalaee. where IA resides with Yuan.
With the exception of the first in'-t-ing
in April last, there nas never
been a quorum cf members of the par
liament. A round robin advising permanent
dissolution says, "Parliament has en
tcled no important aws in the seven
mouths of its existence, and wi!l not
do so if it continues 10) years. The
administrative council now convened
in Peking is more usetul than the old
parliament. A council similar to a
convention was formed by 13 stales
j which assisted Gecrge Washington in
a rtvisioa oi rne American rousi-.iu-
government ownership of telegraphs
arms and wa ur.abie to move w hen ! laree body of clergy and laymen of
Forstner smirk him. Forstner en-'ail nationalities. The requiem mass
tered an appeal. (a. by Monsignor Jorio Viva of St.
Peters and absolution by Cardinal
Vancutelli The body was buried in
:the church of St. Cecilia, cf which
I Harupoiia was protect'-i- and which he
r.ad causeq lo te inagnincentJy re-
, stored.
i Cardinal Sebastian Martinelio. papal
; delegate to the United States from
1S to l&'.C is seriously ill. He is j.
Private Bank Closes.
Plir.fieid. Ill , Dec 1!. The priat
i back of J. I. Kvans. founded 0 years
ico. did not open this morning. No
reason given. Excitement prevails.
!.;. ago. i:l. IV. ! Chief of Po-I
;-.- ;aoE tuday aLmtxnii wha' he'
u!; ! the N .-' York r!n " :i:ro'. it
i ' the f-!:n.tLa''n o: women or the
i u-lerw.'r.f wo::M aocpieu. i ae j
p':.n r qi' a t'rii" r i rd of arrests ;
o:r-;. ke; t : tfc.T hy te ar-!
r-'"1 ?. r urar.t y charges n.d be London The cabinet decided
:. ; !..i rc in th-. to.se ef cor- ' against ohicial representation cf Great i ?!as.. could net
in that country. The yearly reeeint
actual operating expenses, operating
loss and total annual loss, including
paid and fresh money expended:
i:ns -$15.;ifi05; $17,542,840;
QMm:; $447,4J5.
lsiin -$li 5.492.450 ; $18,394,005;
901.7..O; $5,24S.243.
1910 $15,830,960; J17.S41.015:
010.055; $5.0&1,S33.
lull $15.29.9'i0; $18,659,710;
Sl'9.750; $5,911,605.
1912 W15.747.420; $1S 985,090;
23. .67"; $5,636,905 iKstimated.)
"Oua of the worst complications
that would arise would be in regard to
tiie contracts between tile telegraph
companies and the railroads. England
: found this out w hen it took over tele
graph lines and then had to pay th
railroads an enormous sum to get full
control of the telegraph lines which
were built on tiie railroads and in
which the railroads had an interest.
i.; boi.iv in nun couuirv. i n. i
Knclisii railroads were not modest in
their demand, and the result was that
j perfectly enormous and unexpended
Chicago. 111.. Dec. 19 That Kdear j 6UIU had to be paid by the government
c . iiue. iormT i .e inn man. uic 0 tne railroads to get rid of the
death a month so by a shot firc-d by , contract:,.
an unknow n person wa-c -he r.iict j "And as to service, government
of the coroner s Jt;ry tolay. It had service would be a joke as comnarert
Wisconsin Farmer Pulls Spark
Plug and Then Routs In
vaders from Hen Coop.
.lanesvilie. Wis., Dec. 1 ft. An Ox
fordville farmer posseses an automo-
iili arirl two ?rk i n sack. wl;C'h he
looks iitin aj a Christmas nrcsnf!y
from a couple
"that he had saved $4,000 a year by
the use of saccharin, and then the
president, pounding the table, said:
"'Any body who says that saccharin
is injurious to health is an idiot.'
"That determined my status. I was
officially an idiot."
lr. Wiley gave the history of the
war on the definition of whisky. Mr.
Roosevelt, lie said, and Attorney Gen
eral Uonaparto had upheld him.
"Then came another president. Mr.
Taft n opene d the question, held a
bearing of his own and forced a re
definition of whisky, and today it is
any old kind of alcohol with coloring
matter to suit. Shortly afti rward I
met the late Justice Harlan and he
said to me: 'What's this I hear about
holding the supreme court in the White
bouse ?'
"Rut the matter will go to the real
supreme court in time."
der, the Sllvis banker, during the rob
ery of the bank. Crowder died a few
months afterward of his Injuries.
Nowlan also assisted in the; defense
of the men accused of conspirary In
the transportation of explosives used
In wrecking bridges In the dynamiting
campaign of the Hridgo and Structural
Ironworkers' union.
New York, Dec. 19. Bedridden for
a nrifimas prcs nt ! ears ana in ignorance or her sons
of coliepe students, i plight, the mother cf iorrn-r Police
Hearing a noise in hencoop, the farm-i i-ieut. Bec ker, who is In Sing Sing
er sc -zed a thotp'j.n. tallied forth, and : aw aiting execution for his part in the
discovered two thieves in the hen l murder of Herman Rosenthal, died
roost. I here today.
On the road stood an automobile
Tulsa, Okla., Dec. 19 Mrs. Albert
T. Patrick, whose husband served 12
years in Sing Sing prison ss the al
iened murderer of William March
Rice, is dead. Patrick and their chil
dren were at the; bedside. Mrs. Pat
rick, as Mrs. A. M. Francis, was mar
ried to Patrick soon after his convic
tion, and the e nsuing 12 years devoted
her entire: time and exjicnded $50.0U0
in efforts to prove lier h'isbaud's inno
cence and gained a pardon fejr him.
with no lights. He re moved tb" spark ; tlfl H T Tl I CAtP fl Q
plug from the machine, returned to the "'J1'' I Vl LLnVL HO
hen roost and tired a shot ovr the, ADMV'C CTICC PUICT
head of the thieves, who dropped the! Hnlill O olHll 11111-1
bags of fancy chic kens and rushed for j Washington. Dec 19. Major Gen
the automobile. L.jal u-ocJ wjU ,PaVf. til(, ofjj,.,. tlf (:Uiet
Failing to start the machine, they tf i. AHl ,.f.,ninarifl
Finding Work for Unemployed.
Chicago. 111.. Dec. 19. With the ob
ject of distributing unemployed men
from where not needed tci points where
work is available?, the Association of
American Kmployme-nt offices was
formed he-re; by labor commissioners
of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and
other states, who are considering the
question of the unemployed.
piuneed into, the brush ar.d v. ere !aU easie-rn department, with
seen tracking towards Reioit through teri at Govf.rnor s i.,jalJ(1,
me neids. I :.e rarrcer wnieieei in- . v,,r ,-.rr,, ,,rrv
automobile into the barn and aA'ait?'
suc eeding
who will go to
j the I hilippines. Wood's sn -f.".or
a call from the owners, who he rh.nkaj,, n()t Lwli annoijIi(.pj.
been believed Howe was a suicide. jwitii present service. if you don't I rnili' e students cf P.eloit college
Waltham Compary Loses.
New York. Iec. I. The federal
court of appeals todir derided thf
WiUham Watch company. iVa!'h.u.
j beiitve it. just try the government
i service telegraph and telepiione in
Pretender Breaks Arm.
Rmssels. Belgium, Dec. 19. Th
j Duke of Orleans, pretender of the
parcel J thrcne. cf Franc e, broke his arm rodny
lelin :
hcui the cp'-on of jaying a
Washington. D-c. 19. The
forte ( Larles A. : post s fint I trii!ina iias brought I w hile skating at an Ice riiik here. He
Britain at the Panaraa-Paciac Exposi-1 Kcne. a New York jew eler, to stop such an enormous burde-r to the mails J collided with another ska'cr. Both
t'.oa. j sel icg their watches at cut irIcc-5. tha'. futilities arc tas-.-d to the utn-oat wera us ccaci'? cs a It' Ciitutea.
Convicts to Publish Monthly.
Joliet, HI., Dbc. 19. A prison month
ly written aud edited by convicts of
the Illinois penitentiary i.-i soon ft
make its first appearance. It will be
; printe-d outside tiie penitentiary as
there is not a printer among the 1,500
J convicts.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Dee. 19. -Two hun
dred women, members of the Women's
Health league, today were stationed
in the principal streets of Pittsburgh
at the opening of a campaign to en
force an anti-spitting ordinance passed
several years ago, but never enforced.
There were a number of arre3tj, the
first by two club women.

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