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I more plausible theoi 1
I taken from pome anlnr
'Modern man lias gotten ylaway
from Nature that he fears Tr has
become effeminate and consequently
his power of resistance is lessened.
rThe Ice-cold northern wind is not
necessarily more hostile to man than I
the balmy summer air. Kverything
depends on the' condition of one's body.
jThe skin. w lien accustomed, will pre-1
TvTa Vj yen t,le colt from gaining entrance and
m- uiooti win organize in lis minrnv
ge in Frigid
corpuscles, an army of microscopic
- --'v i
WM its eirE2 v 1 1 rzm kvF Wr ' etes dia
. i
n r
M -. (1 U Zn SOB.
ft 1
FRIDAY por Days Only cn Saturday
January 2 1 January iO
n 11
I much more efficaciously than any
I amount of clothing and care in avoid-i
CROWD ENTERTAINED I ln 001,1 draut and exposures of
every kind."
Heartily Applaud Athlete When
Perform Difficult Feat at Foot
of Eighteenth Street.
He ;
rrof. Thor Xorberg. celebrated
swimmer and diver of this city took;
hi annual frigid dip at 10 o'clock this j
morning in the icy waters of the Miss
issippi river, and clad only in the Fcant )
bathing costume of the summer, leaped
from the dock at the foot of Eigh
teenth street. H fwain for several
feet out into the stream and then re
tracing his course, climbed back to
the ferry landing amidst an outburst
of applause and cheers of almost a
thousand spectators.
At the Olympic games at London in
lit'is Professor Xorberg took one of
the most enviable prizes and when the
tesm of high divers, of which he was
a member, toured southern England
lie performed from a 70-foot platform
at 1'ortsmoutb. England, on the naval
docks, executing both backward and
forward somersaults from this
height, equal to that of the Safety
building. George 12. Clark, a famous i
1 r.don diver, w ho attempted the same J ...
feat, was less successful, being laid Baltimore. Jan. 1. "Smiling Bob
for two weeks under a physician's ! Bremner. congressman from New Jer
re. ! sev, one of President Wilson's close
will be recalled that Professor j pt.rsonai friends, is undergoing treat-
"t'TR swam irom Campbells Island' . , . ... . .
)i i'i n t fur- (omur of tlio nrlvnlA hnu
Itock Island ferry landing some two '
'n:.,! ,.f A It L'allv. In t'altlnmro
ars ago. a distance of about ten i " "-.'
illes. through the dangerous Bitten-ana "ii rnuiuiu . uu.,s
rf rapids, without even an accom- i temporarily eniDeuuen m nis snoumer
r I . . i .- .11.. t ... it
paying boat, his time being three ; lo c,lecl ule cure- "r- 13
ours. During his lifetime he lias also " ,
-cued no le.,s than six persons from I treatment for cancer, ana is one on ie
row ning. each time at the peril of his :,,,,n coninumeu io,u i me
life, the last one being a student ! Kovcrnment to oe usea in tne searcn
lIRubtana college, whom he pulled i Ior new iPshs tne rare metai
m the icy waters of a deep stone! 1 ne operation is regarueu as one oi
on Forty-srrord street. Ho j tl,e n,ost important ever performed in
)1 kno-A-n Kuimmer in rc.n nor. I lms eounirj .
I '. J
Congressman Bremner.
TV TRTXC! this sale we offer 1-5 off on everything in the store with the exception of a few articles on
B B which the manufacturers dictate the selling price. ltn tnese exceptions iuis iiueiai m-nmua r-
jnes 10 an mei cnauiuse m iiif siun.-.
VERYTIIIXG is marked in plain figures and the discount will be deducted at,the time 01 tne saie.
onsider the amount vou can now save and iuiy tor tuture needs, iou win nave uw iut
T?nr-. ffoirnc nmnnrc Silts Dvpss (iiod. Rihhons. Embroideries, unaerwear, noes, rumutyf,
Jewelry and the like, and now is the time to select the things that you like the best from our large and
well chosen assortment at a saving of 1-5.
JT-fT 7-IIEN the FAIR advertises 20c7r discount vou are positively assured or oetter aiues, "-ause
oricinal prices from which the 20 is deducted is f rem 10 to 25 less than any other store
in the Tri-Cities.
Dr. Kelly says his patient is rest
ing easily, but declares it will be six
weeks before he can make any state
ment as to definite results.
Jlr. I'rcmner's case, says the phy
sician, shows the necessity of im-
the radl-
th the local V. M. A., where
ibitions in swimming and div-
ays make l.iui the ce nter of
Swimming ac Exercise.
r . t.:i.:.t.... .1.T.1
n.a luir.i-niiiK i-iiiiuiuuu "'; mediate action to conserve
Mr. Xorb-rg gave out the fol- UI11 supply. If this were done there
icr.it.-nt regarding swimming ; -uou,t , t.noueIi t,t the mineral to
-ie: " handle this and all other similar
,ng U the best of all exer- cases, he said. The amount of radi-
much as it develops every : unl beine used in Mr. Bremner's
body and muscular system. 1 tase. $1L'O.GOO worth, is the largest
call-, and faeilitat -s t.'.s jn quantity and monetary value that
: of all the organs. Tha ' ever has been applied in a single
ater which is so common 1 instance, assorted the doctor.
ix-anuot mini. Is din- ,r. Kellv sjtvs that there I not
hf of. and attraction for i now- in existence enough radium to
nement. i Fthe mind it tha man te: t one one-hundred-thousandth of
o has learned to appreciate its wen- ji,,. cancer cases needing treatment.
ful power of r ne . ing the vital -u is a .-Irone indication of the
es. Nature, when rightly under-' need of government control " he in-
'od. i-s not cruel, but beneficent aud 1 j-ists. "and of the necessity for a
..td-a truth which can only be un-, supply of radium in Dublic deDots.
dertood by him who has formed inti- if congress would sequestrate radi-
t A0. rw
&h in in
t Ell E-lJ
0 W IT if V?W K
17 If 17 JO) w Tr M 13 m nL
i W lum 11 11,1111M11 MJJ
THIS means that vou can buv a dollar's worth for 80c, $5.00 worth for $4.00, $25.00 worth for $20.00,
and so on. You save 1-5 of whatever you buy. We have always been liberal in dividing our profits
...:4.i. 1 k ,.-;n n t-aii -wo. crll ninf-tpnhs nf mir p-oods for less monev than
xvilll uui i uaiuiiMTi a ciiiei inv. y i.u n-n " ..v.. - o " ,.
any store in the Tri-Cities. Now is the time to buy the things you need.
Discount Sale. It only last 8 days. ,
Take advantage of this 20,;
G-j .-j-? Here and there about the store will be found a few articles that are -withheld from the discount, such as
OdCiS HiXCSXitCCL cnnAi nv .cvlmr rnttnn Skinner's Satin. eonVright books, rubber footwear, washing machines, vacuum
on-oonci-e r.?i hestsre ?anin ptatm rairv snan and drucs. which are now being sold cut-rate and a
er does not permit us to sell below a fixed price.
few toilet articles which the manufactur-
OFF from the original price on
all Women's and Children's Suiti
and Coats. Come early tomorrow
morning and invebtigate. Millinery Vz off.
OFF. on all Ladies', Misses' and
Children's Furs comprising al the
new styles in Neckwear and Muffs.
Vs off on Children's and Junior's
Coats. 33i? Discount on all Skirts.
n.a e acquaintance with hT. It is told uiii-15-aring land and
': a. prominent Arctic explorer who. ; ploitation of it for
liirough some accident, was cut off : private eiit-rprie it
irom iiis companions with insufficient important step in
provisions and Manty dothing. thatition."
when fojii' 1 few yeirs afterwards, he'
prevent the e.
the benefit of
would be an
solving the qu.es-
1 0k
r r
We desire to emphasize that Regular S. & H. Green you recaj tne crowds that
during this sale no goods will be Trading Stamps wi attended former sales, therefore
J given during this sale. ' '
charged at the 20 Discount. endeavor to shop in forenoons.
m ; davwpobt afeg ,a" -
We Give S. &. H. Stamps. (
- It
J 1
r 1
Kelly is particular to emphasise the
jfact that it is not a universal cure.
A L if lip luiH in:u?p anr r rr-m . n- ! .. n .1 I i .1 v. n . . l n 1 . 1 1 i I 1
. . --- - - . . . . .- " " auu ni.i 1 ii nuuiu us ut
i.ad becoJ- a ciiinai :(! to such an ; nifnts to propose government control ! false hopes in sufferers from the dis
extent 'fit he yoi.ld subsist on the ; of radium lands to congress. Or. Kelly ea--R when so little is known about
game -41 he i-auht bir.gle-handed. Uaid that he Iiad not. jiiie mineral. Kr. Kelly added that
srd f Kkin h.-vi'beeu covered wiihj ' Put 1 am willing at any time to .only certain forms of the disease
k fur sit adaptation to the, go anywhere I may be called to urge have shown re.-ponse to its applica-
ij enviromrieiin j i.is lannr siaie-;tiiis project, nc paid.
t must be t a kbit with a grain of
In ail of his statements concern-
sinless we pref. r o adhere to tl:o;ir.g ti:e radium cancer treatment Or.
"The real solution." he stated, "is
surgical, and Ilea in the early recog-
ust Seven,
the many
s Why
owe it to vuif?fii x niaKe at ieat one resolution ' at the heein-
of this Xew Year.
are seven (of the many) reasons why 3-011 should RESOLVE to
carefully selected Hard Spring Wheat
est baking flour.
Land thorougiilv clean ev-
nore healthful flour.
at by the most improv-
quality flour,
through 14 sets of silk
finer texture and qual-
d bv machines XO
all processes of mill-
M right lirre in the tri. -:i:1
to sell vou nOLD-
tisfied customer. Western Flour Mill Co.
your baking with Davenport, Iowa
nition of cancer while it is still pure
ly local and minute in extent.
"There Is enough radium In Col
orado to supply the needs of the
country if we will act as the Aus
trian government has acted in set
ting aside the fields from private ex
ploitation and in -providing against
exportation of ores until our own
wants are satisfied. We have been
selling the ores at the price of iron
and buying them back at the price of
Congressman Martin D. Foster of
Illinois, chairman ut the house com
mittee on mines and mining, himself
a physician, will introduce a bill soon,
which, it is understood, will embody
the recommendations of Dr. Kellv.
Buy a borne of Retdy Bros.
For express, call William Trefa.
Tri-City Towel Supply company.
Independent Express tc Storage.
R. 1. 951.
Dr. J. R. Hollow-bush's office has
been removed to 305 Robinson building.
Rheumatism Relieved in a Few Hours.
N. B. Langley, Madison, Wis., says:
"I was almost helpless with rheuma
tism for about five months. Had it la
my neck so I could cot turn my head,
and all through my body. I tried
three doctors and many remedies
without any relief whatever until I
procured Dr. Detchon's Relief for
Rheumatism. In a few houri the
pain was relieved and in three days
the rheumatism was completely cured
and I was at work." Sold by Otto
Grot Jan. 1501 Second avenue. Rock
Island; Gust Schlegel & Son. 22 J
Wfc-.it Second street, Davenport.- -(Adv.;
the office is to be declared vacant.
The county has been sued by the First
National bank, the City National bank,
Mrs. Mary Bothman and Mrs. S. Lan
dau for sums totaling $11,100. The
plaintiffs allege that Brown sold them
county orders payable to himself and
not countersigned by the county treas
urer. Attorneys for the counVy con
tend the county is not responsible for
those orders. Brown, who obtained, a
total of $23,000 on irregular warrants,
according to the charges trade by audi,
tors who examined his books, has paid
the county all its claims against him.
Free 1st Prize
$325 Piano
j3 0 'P
Free 3d Prize Thim B dutiful SU- j
ver Tea Set, four piect; triple
silver plate, gold lined
Here is an interesting CONTEST
that costs nothing to enter.
Someone is going to get
these premiums.
Why not you?
Free 2d Prize
Genuine Diamond Ring
Free 4th Prize Thie
Lady' a er Centle
man'e Cold Watch
Flashlights at Fiebig's.
Flash lights, eiectric engines and
motors at Fiebig's. 1619 Third avenue.
Open Wednesday and Saturday nights.
Look for the big electric key.
Move to Oust County Clerk.
Murphysboro. 111., Jan. 1. The Jack
son county board of supervisors yes
terday instructed the state's attorney
to institute proceedings to remove
County Clerk James W. Brown from
office. The supervisors raised the
clerk's bond from $5,000 to $25,000. If
this is not furnished within 10 days
EXPLANATION Correct solution ot the above Rebus -expresses
oi iici complimentary to our iirm and Kiano. fi
of the above Rebus we will give absolutely Free a $325 Piano. The next best, a genuine Diamond Ring. The
next best, a Silver Tea Set. The next best. Lady's or Gentleman's Watch. The next ten nearest correct solu
tions will receive credit orders or vouchers for $125. The next twenty, credit vouchers for $120. The next
twenty-five, credit vouchers for $110; and all persons answering this Rebus will receive a credit voucher for
at least $25. and also choice of Cuff Buttons or Bar Pin. Credit vouchers good only as part payment on a
new Piano. Should there be more than one correct answer, or two or more tie in being correct in their solu
tions, awards will then be made to the contestant presenting his or her solution !ni....i .u- .. ....
tlve manner and of the greatest value from an advertising viewpoint. Only one person in a family can en-
froin the
ty, whose
.1 - . . irkiti
TPST CI .OSP.S -in n i v. 1 U 1 a ' " J ""uuuu lu vul"
w - ' . , i
121 East Sec'ond StreetDavenport, Iowa
..... .... ..v.. i9 w. uj aiiii duu ii pi c nil ii i ii s must ue caiiea ior witnin ttn days
closing; of the contest. The judges of the contest will be three disinterested bi niness men of this ci
t iin.i. c n.m iu assure yuit mat tverjr one entering inis contest has an eaual
of securing one of the largest premiums. Don't delay answerinc. but mail or hrin .1

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