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Galesburg Wins Division Tournament Locals Drop Two Games to Moiinel
Tear's State Title Holders
yfca First in Basketball
iB, and Winner Clash 1,1 Final
3am Tournament Plow City
Besta Locals Twice.
W. L. Pet. I
.5 o l.ooa I
.2 1 .667
.4 2 .667
. 3 2 .600
.2 2 .500
. 2 2 .500
t 2 .334
. 1 2 .333 i
.1 2 .334 j
.0 2 .000
.0 2 .000
. U -2 .000
Tates City .
Rock Island
jirkwood ..
flood Hopo .
Tonica - -
jjonmouUi . .
- Results of All Games.
Abingdon, 40; Good Hope, 8.
Galesburg, 47; Wyoming. 15.
Knoxville, 56: Tonica, 23.
Tates City, 25; Kirkwood, 8.
Moline, 33; Monmouth, 22.
Rock Island, 2S: Tiskilwa, 21.
Wyoming, 36; Good Hope, 10.
Galesburg, 34; Abingdon, 30.
Rock Island, 26; Moline, 22.
KnoiTllle, 30; Yates City, 19.
KlrkwtJod, 28; Tonica, 20.
Tiskilwa, 29; Monmouth, 23.
Galesburg, 45; Abingdon, 21.
' Moline, 33; Rock Island. 27.
Tates City, 36; Knoxville, 13.
Abingdon, 30; Wyoming. IS.
Yates City, 30; Kirkwood, 14.
Moline, 30; Tiskilwa, 20.
Galesburg, 30; Yates City, 15.
Moline, 30; Rock Island. 15.
Galesburg, 84; Moline, 25.
v ' (Special to The Argus.
Galesburg. 111.. March 2. The
northwestern division tournament end
ed here Saturday ni.-jht, when Gales
buTB trimmed Moline in & one-sided
game by the score of 84 to 25. Allof
the games were played in the Knox
college gymnasium and large crowds
of local fans attended, as well as col
lege and high school students. Sat
urday night's play lasted until a few
omenta before midnight.
-Galesburg won last year's division
tonrney and then won the state finals
4 Illinois nigh school title and with
practically the same team; in the field
(bis year the hoys expect to clean up
igain.when they play the finals next
Islanders Lose Two.
Rock Island dropped two contests
lo Moline Saturday afternoon and
wening, the first resulting 33 to 27
ud the second 30 to 13. This was
otnewhat of a surprise to the local
IM as the Islanders had shown up
wfl In previous games, having defeat
ed Moline once before. The cause of
tie defeat, however, was lack of fresh
aea. Coach Corneal had but eight
aea here and no one to fill in the gaps
rten some one became exhausted.
Moline, on the other hand, as well as
att of the other teams, had ten men
t least and plenty of fresh players
to W Into the contests whenever
After defeating Rock Island- the sec
ond time. Moline stood with a record
f four won cut of five played and
art Galesburg in the final contest of
U tourney.
This gives Galesburg first place with
ipereentage of 1.000. while Moline is
steond. Rock Island finished in fifth
D T mm a
now io Meat a
Stubborn Abscess
A Home Method Sure to Re
V' kre Flesh to Natural
J" tr aonu Tory raluabl fart for all
mttt" acy blood trouble with external
fcr52 COTr ,n "' to lntr
C iipyj2L1per'll''r"aon 1 th formation
11 ' J a ttubbom rase. Cuttt
& Wk?. With S. 6. S. Thi famous
Writer work wonders. And tou
SmVL1 by using s. N. H. Tnre Is no
tor undone
tu tx despondent over th
Udiy tliy attack the system or how
o matter
---7 necumes lae skin, lost remember
-,"" Uigredient In S. . S. tliat so
Sivt i cellular tlsues tnrougrtiouc
,0 tacn selects lis own essential
r,rut,t from The hinoi
tr to get a bottle of F. F. S,
L, " Jour abscess Is cl such a ntur
flto , -T0"1 ,!k to consult a epeclalist
Mri.,?he Jlesl depnrtment. Tbe tSwlft
Co.. 214 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
0t " attempt to sell you some
Hjj? fo" tbe blood. Many people
S,JfB Imposed npon t having limn
i o ,tur talmpd off on them. Aslt
tL, .Jy snd insist teat B. . S. is
7' J0 propose to jet.
as Lutwfrf
j 3 . -jf .. v i - - iBK
t?m V f f 's
Grover Hartley.
"Smiling" Grover Hartley, the man behind the home sack, who as a
member of the New York Giants has been through many a hard fough't
battle, has just been signed up by Manager Mordecai Brown of the St.
Louis Federal league club. With his former teammate "Iron Man" Otis
Crandall, tho crack pitcher, also signed up hy toe three-fingered general of
the Feds. the. Mound City is bound to have the strongest battery of any
of the Federal league teams.
Capture Sunday School Honors
et Y. M. C. A. by Beating
By defeating the Methodists 21 to 8,
in the final game of the season in the
Sunday School Basketball league at
the Y. M. C A. gymnasium, the Bap
tists captured the pennant in the Jun
ior division. The bunting was pre
sented to the victors Saturday night
after the contest.
Following is the final standing of the
teams in the junior division, the sen
ior division teams having not yet com
pleted the schedule:
Junior Division Standings.
W. L.
First Baptist 9 1
First M. E. 8 2
Broadway 5 5
Central Presbyterian .... 5 5
15th Ave. Christian 3 7
South Park Presbyterian. 0 10
Senior Team Standings.
Swedish Lutheran 6 1
Broadway Presbyterian.. 6 1
First Baptist 5 2
First M. E 5 2
Central Presbyterian . 2 5
Memorial Christian 2 5
15th Ave. Christian 1 6
South Park Presbyterian. 1 6
Awarding of Players Is Made
but Magnates Refuse to Give
Out Dope.
Chicago. 111., March 2. After a final
session of the Federal league here
Saturday the magnates announced they
were all set for the season. All the
club owners and managers, with one
exception, 'met at the Chicago Ath
letic association and, while much was
accomplished. President Gilmore as
serted another meeting would be nec
essary to complete all the details.
At the morning session the manag
ers were admitted along -with the club
owners, and there was a division of all
the ball players under contract. The
lists were not announced at the close
of the meeting, but will be given out in
a few days. Nearly 200 players were
distributed to the various clubs. PreB
Idenp Gilmore said that, while there
were some strong arguments made by
managers and owners, everything
finally was settled to tho satisfaction
of every member of the league.
It was learned that every Federal
league team has closed for training
grounds, as follows: Chicsgo, at
Shreveport. La.; Baltimore, at South
era Pines. N. C; Pittsburgh, at Lynch
burg, Va.; Kansas City and Indian
apolis, at 'Wichita Falls, Tex.; Brook
lyn, at Columbia, S. C; St. Louis, at
Monroe, La.; Buffalo, at Danville, Va.
Chicago, March S. The Chicago na
tional motor boat show, the first na
tional show to fe held In Chicago,
opened here Saturday at the Coliseum,
and the big auditorium, was crowded
;Ul exliJLiHti from all sections ut pie,
country. The success of the show
from all standpoints is assured, and
means that it will become an annual
It was planned as a feature to ex
hibit motion pictures of all of the
important regattas held in the west
during the past few years, but after
the films were gathered, it was found
that a city ordinance forbids motion
pictures in the Coliseum under ex
isting conditions.
"Peanuts" Schieberl is slated for a
ten round battle with Jimmy Whalen
of St. Paul, to take place in Hudson,
Wis., March 10. He is also billed for
the main go of a card at Ottumwa,
March 24, with either Maurice Flynn
of San Francisco or. Freddie Enck
i of Aurora as his opponent. This is
a ten round bout. Earl Henderson
of Rock Island will take part in the
semi-windup of the same card.
Paso Robles, Cal., March 2. The Sox
regulars Inaugurated campaign yester
day with a hollow and costly victory
over the Paso Robles Merchants' team
by a score of 11 to 5.
San Jose, Cal., March 2. Santa
Clara university took advantages of
the un preparedness of the Sox Yanni
gans yesterday and shut the big
leaguers out, 7 to 0. The Sox, tired
after their all night ride and with only
two days of practice, found the colleg
ians in midseason form.
The inter-class basbetball tourna
ment, which has been arranged at the
Moline high school, starts tonight at
the manual arts gymnasium. The cap
tains of the class teams will draw lots
just before the game, to decide which
teams meet.
The contests will continue through
until Wednesday, and the final winners
of the tourney will be decided Wed
nesday night.
The Missing Window Pane.
"Every kitcheu has a window wltb
one pane out in the Brazilian town of
Rio Grande do Sui." said a cook. "That
town is a servants' paradise. Servants
live in their own homes there, as they
should everywhere. They come to
work at 7 in tbe morning, and they
quit at 7 at night, a twelve hour day.
Quite long enough. The paneless win
dow is for the milkman, the baker, the
butcher, so that these traders cau
leave their supplies they usilally come
early in a safe place. The Rio Grande
servant is. of course, not there to re
ceive them. She is in bed at her own
Sizing Him Up.
An eminent Scotch astronomer tells
this, excellent story against himself.
He once explained in a lecture that a
certain star looked- no bigger than a
threepenny bit u hundred miles away.
After the discourse one of the audi
ence said to him: "
"You must be a Scotsmun, for no one
but a Scotsman would trouble about
a threepenny bit a hundred mites off'
Sign ef tha Times.
"Business Is pretty slow here JusJ
now." confessed tbe Squam Corners
"I judd FO." replied the baking
powder drummer, "when 1 observed
they had laid off one of the hands of
tuu luwa pltfik.J, Jjhiaeliiliia Ledger.
Report Has It That Effort Is
Being Made to Raise Money
- Among Business Men.
Are Moline , baseball fans and pro
moters after a berth in the 1914 cir
cuit of the Three-T league? A dis
patch in Sunday's Chicago Examiner
says that they are, but the report can
not be. verified.
' Here is the story: "Although de
nied membership in. the Three-I or
Central association baseball circuits,
Moline baseball promoters have de
cided to secure grounds for an inde
pendent team and will then be in a
position to entertain a proposition for
league membership at some future
date. Subscription blanks are being
circulated, it being estimated, that
$1,600 will purchase a desirable tract.
In case that any Three-I franchise is
forfeited Moline will be in readiness
to arrange for an immediate transfer,
with the establishment of a proposed
Augustana Basketball Quintet
Wallops Visitors by Score
of 36 to 22.
The Augustana basketball quintet,
contenders for the state collegiate title
this year, easily defeated Hedding
college last night on the local floor
by the score of 36 to 22.
This is the final conference contest
for the local team until the annual di
vision tourney at Peoria next Friday
and Saturday, and the final state tour
nament at Bloomington a week later.
Augustana goes into the tourney
next week leading all conference
teams for the title with a percentage
of .867, having won six out of seven
A large crowd of fans attended the
game. The score at the end of the
first half stood 28 to 7.
As a curtain raiser to the main
event of the evening the Seminary
quintet won from the New Era five of
Muscatine by a score of 20 to 12.
Following the lineup and score of
Saturday night's contest:
Hedding ( 22 ; Augustana (36)
Case .L.F Sten
Shively R.F Aderson
Coleman .... C. Swedberg
Vcung L.G Hultgren
Claire R.G Berg
Field baskets Swedberg, 7; Sten,
6; Coleman, 4; Anc'erson, 4; Y'oung,
Berg. Free throws Case, 6; Sten.
Referee Adams. Scorer Kempe.
Timekeeper Ben2on. Time of halves
20 minutes.
Chicago, 111., March 2. It is not
with the intention of trying to popular
ize Graeco-Roman wrestling in this city
that officials of the Globe A. C. are
staging two heavyweight bouts at this
style at the Globe theatre tomorrow
night. The officials claim that the
bouts are staged merely as a novelty
and to give the fans a chance to see
four of the best wrestlers from Europe
in their favorite method of grappling.
In the main event Stanislaus
Zbyszko, the Polish star, will make
his first appearance of the season here
with Gustave Fristensky, the Bohemian
gladiator, as an opponent.
"Young" Frankie Sinnet of this city,
the bantamweight, announces that he
may change his original plans and not
go to Vernon, Cal., to take part in bat
ties which might be arranged there
for him by his manager, Larry Licht
enstein. Sinnet says that the Pacific
Excursions to
These spring Colonist excursions
offer very low railroad and sleeper
fares, with the excellent service
provided by Santa Fe trains.
Tourist sleepers personally con
ducted three days a week furnish
sleeping-car comfcrts for one-half j
the usual Pullman charge.
The time en route only three
days, if you take the Fast Mail.
Why not go and buy that California at
Arizona farm ? Write to C. L. Seacraves,
General Colonization Agent. 2501 Railway
Exchange. Chicago, for Ari
zona and San Joaquin
. Valley booklets they
I are tree.
210 18th St.'. '
Bock Uland. ill.
coast does not offer exceptionally good
bouts or purses to the fighters, and be
lieves that he can make better money
by going for a trip through Wisconsin.
It is therefore his plan, if possible, to
arrange such a trip.
Lichtenstein is now In Vernon with
JImmv Clabby and Steve Ketcliel, and
is anxious to have Sinnet join him
there. lie expects to secure a number
of good matches for his proteges, but
Frankie thinks he can grab more coin
right in this vicinity.
Augustana Will Take Part in
District Collegiate Tourney
at Peoria.
Bloomington, March 2. Two district
tournaments, one at Peoria and the
other at Decatur, to be played March 6
and 7, by basketball teams of the Illi
nois Intercollegiate association, will be
preliminary to the finals in Blooming-
i ton, March 13 and 14. The winning
teams in the two district meets, will
clasn in the finals. Entries in -the
Peoria meet are Augustana, Eureka,
Williams and Vashtl, Hedding, Lom
bard, Bradley, State normal and Carth
age, while those for the Decatur tour
nament, are Charleston State normal,
Illinois college, McKendree, Shurtleff,
Wesleyan and Millikin. Two Chicago
ans will officiate as officials during the
concluding tournament in Bloomington,
H. G. Reynolds of the South Park play
grounds, and Walter Nichols, Univers
ity of Chicago.
Special Taxation Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
Interested that the city council or the
city of Rock Island, county of Rock
Island, state of Illinois, having order
ed that a local improvement be made
by paving Forty-sixth street, from the
north line of Railroad avenue to the
north line of Seventh avenue, except
ing the right of way of the Tri-City
Railway company, the ordinance for the
same being on file In the office of the city
clerk, having applied to the county
court of Rock Island county for an as
sessment of the costs of said improve
ment, according to frontage, and an
assessment therefor having been made
and returned to said court, the final
hearing thereof will be on the ISth
day of March, A. D. 1914, or as soon
thereafter as the business of the court
will permit. All persons desiring may
file objections in said court before the
said day, may appear on the hearing
and make their defense. Said assess
ment is payable in ten (101 install
ments, and all installments except the-i
first bear Interest from and after the
date of confirmation until paid at the
rate of 5 per cent per annum.
Official Appointed to Make Assess
ment. Dated March 2, A. D. 1914.
Special Taxation Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons
interested tr at the city council of the
city of Rock Island, county of Rock
Island, state of Illinois, having order
ed that a local Improvement be made
by laying sidewalks In Glenwood ad
dition. The ordinance for the same
being on file in the office of the city
clerk, having applied to the county
court of Rock Island county for an as
sessment of the costs of said improve
ment, according to frontage, and an
assessment therefor having been made
and returned to said court, the final
hearing thereof will be on the ISth
day of March. A. D. 1914, or as soon
thereafter as the business of the court
will permit. All persons desiring may
file objections In said court before the
said day, and may appear on the hear
ing and make their defense. Said assess
ment is payable in five (5) install
ments, and all installments except the
first bear interest from and after the
date of confirmation until paid at the
rate of 5 per cent per annum.
Official Appointed to vMake Assess
ment. ' Dated March 2, A. D. 1914.
Special Taxation Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons interested that the., city council
of the city of Rock Island,
county of Rock Island and state of
Illinois, having ordered that a local
Improvement be made by construction
of a six-inch watermain on Webb street
from Fifth to Ninth streets, and an
eight-inch watermain on Fifth' street
from Webb street to Michigan avenue,
and a 10-inch waterman on Ninth
street from Webb street
to Aiken)
street. The ordinance for the same
being on file in the office of the city
clerk, having applied to the county
court of Rock Island county for an
assessment of the costs of said im
provement, according to frontage, and
an assessment therefor having been
made and returned to said court, the
final hearing thereof will be on the !
ISth day of March, A. D. 1914. or aj
soon thereafter as the business of the
court will permit. All persons desir
ing may file objections in said court I
before the said day, and may appear !
on the hearing and make their defence.
Said assessment is payable in six (C)
installments, and all installments ex
cept the first shall bear Interest from
and after date of confirmation until
paid for, at the rate of 5 per cent per
annum. ORA C. HICKMAN,
Official Appointed to Make Assess-!
Dated March 2, A. D. 1914.
For the Saka of Peace.
"That's whr.t I cull hush money;" rv
marked n father a he put down t)
casli for a bottle 'f puri-Korle for tho
infantile mejnbcrii.Of his family.
7 v-cV
Jesse TannehilL
There must be romance and senti
n'ent in the soul of Jesse Tannehill,
the old left hander. Twenty years aso
he was pitching in the Virginia
league, and it was from the Virginia
league that he went to the fast com
pany where he remained so many sum
mers. Now, in the twilight of his ca
rer, Tannehill has written his old Vir
ginia club for a position. He states,
and it is true, that he has good offers
to go out as a scout, or to manage
and play on various minor clubs; but
that his heart yearns for Virginia, and
that he would like to finish his base
ball story where it began. Still able
to pitch good ball, keen . of thought,
seasoned and sharpened by 20 years
of diamond work, Tannehill, like most
wanderers, wants to go back to the
scenes of his youth at the last and
the old pitcher will very likely get
his wish. If so, Tannehill, this sum
mer, will be the only vestige of the
ancient clul) owners president, man
ager and players have all gone, and
of the whole array he alone will re
main as a factor in the game'. - '
Quarrel With TurgenefT and the
Reconciliation That Followed.
Raymond Recouly in the Paris Fi
garo gives the following account of
an early encounter between Tolstoy
and Turgeneff, which shows the Rus
sian sage in a different frame of mind
from the one in which the world has
since come to know him:
It was on the estate of his friend,
the poet Fet, near Yasnaya. Turgeneff
was among' the invited guests. The
hostess inquired after his daughter,
who was being reared in France.
Turgeneff spoke highly of his Eng
lish governess. "With a truly British
exactitude," he said, . "she requested
me to fix-the sum which my daughter
might spend for charity. And now
she teaches her pupil to mend the
ragged clothes of the poor." .
"And you consider that a good
thing?" nsVed Tolstoy.
"Certainly," replied the other. "It
brings the benefactor into direct con
tact with the persons whom be Is
"On my part, I think that a well
dressed child who handles dirty and
ill smelling rags is playing a hypo
critical and theatrical farce."
"I must ask you not to speak in
this way," exclaimed Turgeneff, with
menacing looks.
"Why should I not say what I am
convinced is the truth?" remarked
. "You think, then, that I am educat
ing my daughter badly," and, while
Fet was Interceding. "If you will talk
In that way I shall box your ears."
Then he left the room, begging his
hosts lo pardon his abrupt departure.
Tolstoy also went. At the neighbor
ing station he wrote to Turgeneff de
manding an apology. He ordered pis
tols and tried to provoke his rival to a
duel. Turgeneff's answer, very digni
fied, brought the apology demanded
by Tolstoy. He closed by saying that
he thought it best that two men with
such opposite tempers should hence
forth break off all relations. Tolstoy,
carried away by his auger (it was in
1SC1). declined to be satisfied with
R-jeh an answer. He felt that he had
been gravely offended. He demanded
reparation by arms. He therefore re
peated his provocations. His friend
Fet. who attempted to pacify him
succeeded only in drawing from him
this vigorous reply: I be of you
henceforth not to write to me any
more. I shall return your letters un
opened, the Knuie as I do with Turge
neff's." A fter these occurrences Turge
nelT returned to France, where he
passed the greater part of his time.
Some mantlis later, ou reflection. lo(
stoy regretted his violence. Seized
with remorse, he sent Turgeneff a let
teT asking his pardon. "I find it ex
ceedingly painful," . he wrote, "to
... v
Pinker ton & Company
Chicago, 111., ever since 1363
No connection wi b or relation to the Plakerton National Detective
Agency. Scientific detective work along modern lines. Our
Finds the criminal intent in criminal accounts and reduces it to a
prac:ical basis. A criminal account is one that can pay but wont. '
Whea the criminal feature is exposed it wants to pay. 1
Headquarters Suir 600 Ooyce Building, Chicago, Ml ;
W. A. SHEAHN, tpecial snt for Rock Island.
ATTY. V. I LITTIG, special diatrlr. egent, Davenport.
Thomas Kennedy of Pretzel
Town to Appear in Ottumwa
Uniform .This Season. ,
Tom Kennedy of Davenport, vholast
season made a great record in amateur
baseball circles, has been broken In
with the regulars, and has signed at
contract with Ned Kgan, manager of
tho Ottumwa club ot the Central a-''
sociation. Kennedy, who is a son of'
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kennedy, 903
Perry street, is a catcher, and it is be
lieved that he has an excellent chance
of landing a berth with Ottumwa.
Kennedy last season was the star
man of the Bettendorf team, whicW
defeated Dan O'Leary.'s Rovers last
fall. He has played with a number of
semi-pro teams in this vicinity. While-'
with the St. Ambrose college team','
Dan O'Leary gave Kennedy the once
over, and the work o the local boy;
made such a hit with the Blue Sox.-.-that
Kgan was tipped off to the good-thing.
think tbat T have made an enemy of '
you." r
Turgeneff forgave, as one rony im
agine, but the complete and definitive
reconciliation took place much later.
Not Catching.
Jane's sister was coming. home from
normal school.
"Why is she coming home?" asked:
the neighbor. "Is she sick?" 2
"Yes, she is very, very sick," said
Jane. J1
"What ails her?" asked the neighbor."
"Well, I don't know exactly. Mammi
had a letter from the principal, ami
he said it was lack of mental ability
I don't know whether it is catching or:
not" Philadelphia Ledger. . :'
Little Elizabeth was telling her first
dream to her grandma and her auntie.
Her mother, who was listening, asked
her a question about it. whereupon
Elizabeth looked up wonderingly and
"Why, you were there, mamma!
Don't you 'member?" Llppincotfs.
Admirer Where did you get thai
heartrending description of a sick
child? Great Author It's the way my
boy says he feels when he wants to
get out of going to school. Life.
All the
news all the time The
to any part of the
$3.75 for single ton.
$3.50 per ton in two ton lots
or over.
Phone R. I. 1198.
Is your child doing
as well at school as
it should. Some
times a so-called
stupid child is han
dicapped by defect
ive eyes.
We examine the .
eyes free oi charge.
Ramser Sons

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