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-glXT Y-T II1RD YEAR, NO. 116.
Capital Officials Impatient
at Failure of Carranza
to Report Details.
MacNaughton of Calumet
and Hecla, Before Inves
tigating Committee, r'
V - ' "V I
r L
fifty Thousand Men at
Digging New York
Out of Snow. .
Many Theatres Dark Because j
cf Failure of Companies to j
Arrive for Dates. !
.Vew York. March 3 Fifty thousand
Ben including employes of railroads
tuy began to dit New oru ana u-i
cialtv out of the snow and ice left by ! shown by judicial records and other
.hr tvn the last of which contin- J wise to be so absolutely fa:se as to be
sed 36 hour:
The loss to business in
terest! acd ranroaas aim me msi iv
the city and pubiic and private cor
porations and companies for the snow
removal will run into millions.
Twelve person are df-td as a direct
result of the last Ftorm. Four labor
er removing snow were UiU?tl by a
jxng Isiand railroad train and two
vere victims of 1-iilen wires at New
ark. Conditions are rapidly assuming
normal and the weather is fair and
the temperature is rising. With the
resumption of railroad tranic me i
threatened meat and milk famine pass-)
ti. Inability to make deliveries re- :
wlted in a shortage of beer and the :
prue aaTanceu. juis iuuuuwu .
expects to continue longer insa io- .
day. -Inbound i:ners waning m ouier .
harbor ventured into port yesterday j
tad today.
Wire Communication Improving.
Wire communication south and
west, while far from normal, was im
proved today, it is expected that the
Ukewood Atlantic express train,
stalled in a cut near Red Hank, N. J.,
will be released before night. Many
of the hundred passengers
are iaval- j
City o re-
ids on the way to Atlantic
Vice President Marshall, snowbound
war New Brunswick. N. J., from 11
Sunday night till 3:30 .Monday after
noon, arrived in Washington tcday. It
Ms the first time in 18 years lie was
ateent from Mrs. Marshall. Mayor
Mitcheil is suowbeund at Lake' Placid,
X. T.
Railroad demoralization will result
la heavy loss to theatrical interests.
Many touring companies were delay
ed yesterday and today. In Philadelphia-
four theatres closed last night
because of failure of companies to ar
rive. Conditions in that city are be
coming normal following the severe
The Atlantic express cf the Jersey
Central, among whose passengers-are j
a nair.ber of invalids, stalled at Red (
Back since Sunday night, started back '
to Jersey City today. ;
the business section is six feet deep.
Daughter Is Eorn to Mrs. Rich
rd Hargreaves Event De
lays Cabinet Meeting.
Waahinrton. D. C. March '3. A new
X7 kTirl at the home of Secretary .
lrran today, delayed a conference i
ita the Britibh ambassador, also a '
HMn ... i x . ' i. 1 I
h. . . . . . .
ouice ana tne w hite nouse ne
.... v . . "u,le U
w irl to his daughter. Mrs. Rich-;
Hargreaves of Lincoln. Neb. Bryan
saw k.. .i i. i. ,. i
Kraiiucunuren. I ,
"llnolg State Caiventlon Dates Set by
Advance Committee.
Peoria, in . March 3. The Illinois
state Photographers' association will
in peoria fca jy 14 13 j4 and
1 The meeting will bring 200 pho
fcsraphers to the city from all parts
the state. The four days' eeenions
fll be held In the gold room of the
"ffenoo hotel.
outlay of several thousand dol
f 111 be exhibited at the institute
"ich comes in connection with the
-N'ewport, R. I March 3. Mrs. Paul-
French today was granted a di
from Amos Tuck French, a New
'k banker, in the superior court
All the testimony was by depo
jon. Neglect to provide was al-
r -14 jr-
tj.i Mr-rilltrTi Jrem II i nimnffi iimiIiI
.' Judge Daniel T. Wright. ty
Washington, March 3. "None of
these alleged charges has a scintilla
0f foundation in fact, but will be
That's Judge Daniel T. Wright's
opinion of the serious and sensational
charges that have been filed against
him with the White House by Wade
H. Cooper, president of the Union Sav
ings and United Savings bankc of this
city. Cooper declares his ability, if
impeachment proceedings are brought,
to substantiate the charges, waicli he
itemizes carefully, giving names, dates
and other particulars in great detail.
Cooper asserts that Justice Wright
is unfitted for hia position and ought
to be impeached witnout ueiay. ne
asserts that hiB experiences with this
justice caused him to begin an inves-
tigation. the conclusions of which are
Ula presentation ui mauy iiogco ui-1
typewritten matter alleging mora,
nimtal and temperamental unntness
tc remain on t'.ie bench.
It was Justi. Wright who
sen !
teiiced Samuel (iompers. John Mitch
ell and other officials of the American
Federation of Labor to jail for con
tempt of court in conjunction with
the case of the Buck's Stove and
Range company. The final adjudica
tion of this case is now before the
Supreme court of tne United states.
Justice Wright was appointed to
the supreme beach of the District of
Columbia, November 17, 1913, and is
now serving his eleventh year. He
was named by President Roosevelt,
having been backed by influential
friends cf President McKinley.
Dodging: of the Issue to Bring
. Wrath at Poll3, Declares
Mr3. Crystal Benedict.
Washington, D. C, March 3 Argu-
,nentd for and against the proposed
i(:l(Un,, meiilinent civing wo-
men the vote was made Detore me
house Judiciary committee by promi
nent speakers from all parts of the
country today.
Mrs. Crystal Benedict told the con
gressmen that the women voters of
he country would visit tnelr wratn on
the democratic party at the polls if it
dodged the issue."
Columbus, Ind
March 3. "You are
a cent short in that pot" and I raise
that bet a nickel," were some of the
sounds w hich led the police to a "pen
ny ante" poker game last night. AH
members of the party were arrested
unH riinne those cauKht was t. I,
those caught was
- " ,
- rnniD. millionaire and president of
the First National bank or tni city
Tim raid wan made in one of the
buildines owned by the banker and
- . . that hn had
, lie JcJtpirtiucu iuc V . . -" "
been there only a few minutes to col
lect the rent, but this excuse was not
accepted. In court today Crump plead
ed guilty to the charge of gambling
and he was fined $10 and costs. He is
the father-in-law of the late Congress
man Overstreet.
Filipinos Ask Independence.
Washington. March 3. The Philip
pine assembly yesterday adopted reso
lutions urging the American congress
to provide at the present session for
the independence of the islands, ac
cording to a cablegram received yes
terday by Delegate Queuon.
"Kiss Wife Daily" Marshall.
New York. March 3. "My cure for
divorce Is to kiss your wife every day
as an act of Rood f.iith," said Vice
President Marshall, addressing the
Young Mens Christian association in
Threaten Judge Petit.
Chicago, 111., March 3. Judge Petit,
presiding at the trial of William Ellis,
charged with the murder of his wife,
today received a letter signed "jus
tice," threatening the judge with as
sassination in court if Ellis is found
England's Secretary Places Po
sition of His Country Before
House of Commons.
EI Paso, Texas, March. 3. Fifty fed-
I erals were killed and a number taicen
prisoners in a battle at Acuma, last
Saturday, according to rebel reports.
Washington, D. C, March 3. Secre
tary Grey's statement in the house of
commons, as received in news dis
patches, was read by President Wil
son to his cabinet, and was generally
regarded as lessening the tension
which has been felt over the possi
bility of extreme pressure being ex
erted upon the United States by Eng
land for a drastic course.
The killing of Bauch, an American,
reported from Chihuahua, did not,
however, remove the gravity of the
situation, as viewed by Washington.
There was no definite word from Car
ranza. Carranza's friends here had
telegrams saying the constitutionalist
j Cabinet was in session considering the
Eituaticn and mere was nope oi a mm.-
jsfactory outcome.
Cecil Spring-Rice. British ambassa
dor, and Sir Lionel Carden, Great
Britain's minister to Mexico, con
ferred briefly with Secretary Bryan
today, after which the American secre
tary went Into the cabinet meeting
with the latest Mexican despatches.
The killing of. Bauch, an American,
the Benton case, and the probable at
titude of Great Britain in the light of
latest developments were discussed.
Carden. will confer with -the PreBidejlUjp We8ley HIUf president. of the
tonight and sail for England tomor-j ' ft Re
EngUnd in No Hurry.
London, England, March 3. me
British government's view that no
mediate action could be taken in con
nection with the deadlock over the
investigation of the death at Juarez
of William Benton was made quite
plain today in the house of commons
by Foreign Secretary Grey. The sec
retary, however, was equally explicit
! In pointing out that if
Great Britain
failed to secure satisfaction turougn
the United States the British gavern
me:it reserved the right to secure
reparation whenever it would be able
to do so. The promised pronounce
ment was delivered before a keenly
interested gathering of members of
-1 . fftn,k AO t tn Qtlt Tl a
k j
over wnai is rtgarucu o u aucmi".
. ....t u u.j.
to sow discord between Engird and
tUt? l U1LCU J lto, aav
peated delays in the investigation of
the death of Benton.
In the house of commons Foreign
Secretary Grey, replying to a question
as to the Investigation of the death of
Benton, said:
"All efforts made hitherto have fail
ed to secure an investigation of the
fafts in th death of Benton. Persist-!
ent difficulties put in the way of such j
an investigation create the strongest
presumption of a desire and intention
to conceal the truth on" the part of
those in Mexico responsible for what
No Demand to Make.
"Communications with the United
States are still proceeding, but these j
do not imply that the United States
has any responsibility for what has
taken place, by which I mean the
death of Benton. While, therefore, we
will welcome any action the United
States is prepared to take to secure
justice, we have no title to demand as
a right that the United States should
itself resort to force.
"So far the United States has shown
at least as much Interest in the death in
Mexico of a British subject as it has
in outrages on American citi::ens, for I
understand several Americans have
been killed in Mexico. I. therefore,
sum up the situation by saying If the
United States thinks It Is proper to
take further steps either in behalf
of its own citizens or a British sub
ject, we gladly await the result.
Will Demand Reparation.
"But if the United States does not
think it desirable to take such steps,
we must reserve to ourselves the
right to secure reparation .whenever
there is opportunity to do so. Assum
ing that the United States does not
itself desire to take any responsibili
ty for intervention,' It has been urged
upon me that we should take Imme
diate action without, however, giving
me any suggestion or indication what
action we can take at this moment,
must repeat what I said last week:
There is nothing we cdn do under the
present conditions. We have no In
tention of engaging in .what on our
j part would be buch a fantastic at-
Rev. J. C. Hogan Declares Dr.
John Wesley Hill Attacks Him
in Ante-Room.
Hartford, Conn., March 3. After a
debate on "Socialism" in the Unity
hall last nifcht. the debaters, Rev. Dr.
J. C. Hogan of Monroe N. Y., engaged
i i a. nHKmAntn th a anra.
I rfllIHn, u.M.h Hnn claims Hill
struck him with his fist.
no arrests.
tempt as sending forces, which, to
be effective, would have to be very
large. Into any part of Mexico. But
we Jc"o not intend to let the matter
i rest, and as as soon as, by any change
in circumstances, it is in our power
to carry the matter further, we shall
take whatever steps that are practi
cable." Investigation Balked.
El Paso, Texas, March 3. A member
of the Benton commission today ex
opinion, unofficially that
the investigators would never be al-
- - .
lowed to go to Chlhauhau.
ibody must be in such a condition by
this time that the wound or wounds
in the flesh are obliterated."
Carranza Whole Show.
Chihauhau. Mcx., March 3. The
mystery surrounding the question who
halted the Benton investigation com
mission was cleared away today by
General Villa, who said orders came
from Carranza and were transmitted
Dy viiia io juuci jwuouu.
"The Benton case and all foreign re
lations are now in the bands of the
supreme chief, and will remain there,"
Villa said.
Patriarch of Methodism in
America Had Been in Ser
vice 61 Years.
Orange, Ni J., March 3. Bishop
Thomas Bowman is dead, aged 97. He
was the patriarch of Methodism In
America. No other bishop in the serV
ice of that church ever reached such
an advanced age. He had seen 61
years of 'active church service. He
1 never took a vacation. While serving
as chaplin of the United States senate
he became acquainted with Lincoln.
He had traveled as bishop 120.000
iriles. visiting . 1.100 Methodist
churches in the world.
Chicago. 111., March 3. Miss Aileen
Ifeppner, accused ,ot perjury in con
nection with the Henning-Funk aliena
tion suit, was found not guilty today
a Jury
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow, for
Rock Island, Davenport, Moline
and Vicinity.
Mostly cloudy tonight and Wednes
day, not much change In temperature
with the lowest tonight about 28 de
grees, moderate variable winds.
Temperature at 7 a. m. 25. Highest
yesterday 32, lowest-last night 25.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m? 4 miles
per hour.
Precipitation none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m. 59, at
7 a, m. 75.
Stage of water -5.4, a rise of .4 In
last 24 hours.
J. M. SHERIER, Local Forecaster.
Evening stars: Mars. Venus. Saturn.
Morning star: Jupiter. The star in
center of blank space, east of south,
lovr down about 9 p. m., is Cor Hy
drae, the Solitary One.
Thirty-two Convicted of Incit
ing Rebellion Against Austria-Hungary
Budapest, . Hungary, March 3.
Thirty-two Ruthenlans charged with
inciting a rebellion against Austro
Hungarian government were sentenc
ed to two and a half to four and a half
years' imprisonment. Twenty-three
were acquitted. Evidence given in
the course of the trial showed it was
Russia's intention eventually to ab
sorb a great part of Hungary. Father
Alexis, a Russian monk, said to be
the leader of the movement, was given
four and a half years. -
Wishlngton Stress and strain of
American life quickly develop latent
insanity among Immigrants, according
to medical officers from New York,
Pennsylvania and Maryland, who
urged radical amendment of the pend
ing immigration bilL
Walla Walla Seumas McManus,
author, suffered a nervous breakdown
after delivering a lecture here and is ,
confined to his bed. Physicians say
he will be able to resume his travels j
in-a lew aays n uj scnuua iiupm-a..
tions develop.
London A true bill against John
Love Elliott, formerly of New York,
was returned. The warrant was is
sued after the police learned of stories
told by Elliott's two daughters, with
whom he lived at Hammerwood
House, Sussex.
Atchison, Kan. The constltutional-
Itv of the Kansas "blue sky" law was
upheld by Judge W. A. Jackson in the
district court in the case -of A. C.
Lewis, cha-ged with violating the law
through land sales amounting to $20.-
Swedish Parliament Dissolved.
Stockholm. Sweden, . March 3. A
royal decree dissolving the Swedish
parliament was read in both chambers
Letter Written to Wile by
Mennerich Told of His Fear
of Baucom
Decatur, 111., March 3. John Bau
com. aged 18, was arrested in Sulli
van in connection with the death of ' 8tore. tn .e.B said and the
, - . , V inien-were free to trade where they
F. W. Mennerich, wno was killed on , j . .
Sunday by an infernal machine which I '
had been sent to him through the Editor Must Go to Jail,
mails. Baucom had assaulted Menne- j Cincinnati, Ohio, March 3. The fed
rich last week, following a quarrel. I eral circuit court of appeals today af
Baucom is accused in a note which ; firmed the decision of the federal dls
was found near the Mennerich resi-' trict court of Western Michigan in the
dence following the explosion. This , case of the United States against
letter, which was written by Menne-' Tyomies Publishing company, charged
rich to his wife, but -which was not j with sending obscene literature and
mailed, explained Mennerich's bus- j cartoons through the malls in behalf
picion that the package was an in-; of the striking copper miners. The
fernal machine, but told of his inten-, lower court found Business Manager
tion to try to open it. The letter con
eluded :
"To whom it may concern: This la
to state that should this package
prove to be an infernal machine. John
Baucom of Sullivan, 111., is to be held
A Decatur man who Is not yet under
arrest is .said to be implicated in the
affairs of Mennerich s wife, who has
Is being followed by inspectors, who
scout the suicide theory.
This man was brought into the case
by a letter which Mennerich wrote to
his, wife, in which he said :
"I hope you let your case drop, for I
do not believe in divorce, but of course
if it must be, then I can't help it, for
it's you that is doing it and not me.
I do hope you will be home in a few
weeks. If I just knew you was com
ing I would have everything fixed
nice, but to think of being here alone,
I have not the heart to do anything."
It was learned that a man in
Springfield had been writing unsigned
letters to Mennerich, and that a wom
an in Sullivan had been writing un
signed letters to Mrs. Mennerich
SDrinefield. I
While the theory that Mennerich
sent the bomb to himself to cover up
suicide is not given credence by offi
cials, it is causing some comment be
cause of the statement made by a
close friend of Mennerich.
"Mennerich told me much of the
trouDie ne nas Deen navmg wun ms ,
wife," this man said. "It was plain that ,
he thought the world of- her and
would do anything for her. He told me j
mauy times that there was a man in
I Wif-i t ii r thaf alio wflnlMl tn m a rrv onff
,Je a,so told me that ne to,d ner 8he
cou,d marry th,g man. lf sue waIted
lintiI nt .. .nA nnt th. hn
tA v . ,.!, . wln als epeak at Belleville March 10
He told me that ne was afraid or, , . . . . . ,
the man in Decatur, that some day be'" thCeeT . K0tb. annj.
would take his life. .versary of the establishment ot th
"1 believe the note placing the '
blame on Baucom was written to
shield another."
Baucom said there was no reason
why be should attempt to kill Menne
rich. Brakeman Killed in Wreck.
Chicago. I1L, March 3. The
Huron special on the Grand Trunk rail
road crashed into a freight train in
the city yards, killing a freight brake-'
man and seriously injuring two other '
men. Several paBsenicera on the all.
steel train were slightly injured.
Norman Hastings Dead.
Denver; Colo.. March 3. Norman
Hastings, a wealthy Des Moines, la.,
uoneer, died here last night. v
But Maintains That Employes
Are Treated Well and Their
Welfare Protected.
Houghton, Mich., March 3. James,
MacNaughton' today admitted that
strikers' witnesses complaints of
smoke and gas in mines were justified.
The gas came from blasting and the
smoke from explosions and miners'
lamps, he said. He denied the gas
generated from. rock. Investigators
questioned MacNaughton at length in
regard to aid and hospital funds, to
which he said the company contribut
ed more than the men.
He explained the system of the com-'
pany houses and the pension policy.
Houses are rented" to employes at Jl
per room, per month, including repairs,
water and garbage removal. The
houses are owned by the Calumet and
Hecla company and appraised at 9S.- .
000. The income in rents 1st year
was about $61,000 and the repairs
$61,000, he said.
Tells of Welfare Work. ;J
McNaughton denied that a "black
list" was kept by any companies with
J which he is connected. He outlined
i welfare work done by the Calumet and
Hecla for its employes and their de
pendents and told of a system of free
fueI distribution among the poor. He
of deaths and accidents was less than,
in the Montana or Arizona districts.
The company was not interested in
Nummivorui and Editor SalmJnen
guilty and fined each $100 and sen
tenced them to 60 days in jail. The
company was fined $1,000.
Discuss Big Loan.
Peoria, III., March 3. The question
of a loan of $150,000 to the Internatlon-
1, . . ' ,lw
j 8trik ,8 bej debated Dy the nlI.
! no,g eo&l miners'.COQVeDtioa, Many
delegates want the resolution put to
a referendum vote.
But Los Angeles Mayor Finds
It Does Not Pertain to Pout
try and Refuses Permit.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 3. "Plenty
of Chicken" was advertised in posters
j for a dance here, but because the
promise did not oertain to noultrv
Mayor Rose declined to issue a permit.
The dance was not held.
Boston, Mass., March 3. Modern
dances were denounced by a legisla
ture committee at a hearing on a bill
; introduced by Representative Sullivan
prohibiting specifically the Tango,
Lame Duck, Argentina, Chicken Flip,
Bunny Hug, Grizzly Glide,
: . r
Dunne to Speak in' Scranton.
Springfield, 111., March 3. Governor
Dunne has accepted an invitation to
speak before the Irish-American so
ta(iT of Gurantnn HI.Mih 1C YIA
I couuiy seat oi sr.. uiair county U
Chicago, 111.. March S. Hearing of
the Elgin board of trade- case befor.
Federal Judge Landls may never corn
up It was learned today. District At
torney WUkerson - left for New York
and Washington and it 1 understood
compromise of the government's mm
against alleged Improper ric-nxlaa
methods of the Elgin board la ta
principal object the joamx

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