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Exclusive wire
S10P00 PAY
MacNaughton Loses His
Temper When Pressed
for Answer at Inquiry.
Two of His Envoys on
Ground to Learn Atti-
tude of Washington.
Committee Expects to Get In
formation From Company
Houghton. Mich . March . 4. "It's
ot $100,000. and otherwise it's none
cf your affair." said James Mac
Xaughton, shaking his finger at Coun
sel Hilton, who, on crows-examination,
Diked the amount of MacNaughton's
jalary as general manager of th
faiumet and llecla Mining company.
There was an outburst of applause bj
the audience, w hich included the wit
ness' wife and daughter. Chairman
Taylor warned against further demon
stration. Hilton said he wanted to
learn if it was true MacNaughton was
retting $100,000 a year, while the men
men "working for him in the mines i
far as little as 20 cents a week." j
Congressman Casey asked if Mac- ,
Naoghton had any objection to telling '
fcis saiary. I
"Privately, no." he replied. j
Chairman Tavlor said he supposed '
... . . ol . 1
tt committes would be able to ascer
tain the amount received by Mac
Xaaghton from the company's books,
ud the question was not pressed
"Yoo said you were somewhat of a
socialist. Did you ever seek to join
tha party?" Hiiton aeked.
"I baTe noL" The witness was then
Moyer to Be Witness.
President Moyer of the Western
Federation of Miners will be wknesa
before the congressional committee in
(Tiicaro next week on the "Knbject
Us deportation from the copper coun
try. The names of Moyer and
other witnesses are on a list furnish
eJ by the miner's counsel as those of j
tfca federation desired to be heard in
McDonald Opposes Loan.
Peoria. I1L, March 4. There were
naay heated arguments today at the
annual conrention of the Twelfth dis
trict of the United Mine Workers over
a resolution to submit to a referendum
We the proposition loan to the inter
tatiotiaj committee I1S0.O00 for carry-
itf on the strike in Colorado.
tary-Treasurer McDonald of the
aoU miners opposed the loan.
Once Recalled, Then Defeated,
He Comes Back With a Tre
mendous Majority.
Seattle, Wash., March 4. Hiram C.
CM. elected mayor of Seattle in 1910.
"called in 1911, after the women tit
hlngton had been enfranchised,
nd defeated in 1&12, was elected may-
of Seattle yesterday by the great
jority of 14.000. He go: big majori
U in the resilience districts, where
always beaten before. Robert
Heaketh, president of the city council,
rtc president of the International
Cooka' and Waiters' union, was re
'rtd to the council by more votes
Gill received.
Washington. D. C. March 4. John
Btt Moore, counsellor of th state
fetwrtment, ranking as acting secre
t4T. resigned tosay and the resigna-
aa accepted by the president.
for the present Moore will continue
"ork here for th Carnerl In-
Wte and later will resume his con-!
"on with Columbia university.
Jfoore quit tie nute department in
rlioc "' n agreement with
President when lie took office last
Persons were seriously Injured i
J' Property worth f 100,000 destroyed I
J freirht wreck on the Ontario It. j
wtera railroad today. 1
5 .
Major General
Washington, March 4. MaJ. Gen. entire organization of the first di
Lecnard Wood, chief of staff, will lead I vis-Ion is ready to respond almost in
the American troops into Mexico in !
case of intervention.
Title ii-n u ilanLloH at a sarrot lnn.
. ,
ference at the war department. Gen.
: Wood Is slated to take command of
! the first division of the army next
spring. In case of trouble with Mex
ico In the meantime, he would be
given charge of this division at once.
It is now stationed all a'ong the At
lantic coast, ready to leave at a mo
ment's notice for the Mexican border.
It is known that -officers have been
notified to be within telephone call of
the headquarters of their posts and the
Former Chicago Grain Trader
Tells His Stcry to a Wash
ington Committee.
Washington, D. C, March 4. To
support his charge that the Chicago
boarl of trade is dominated by alleged
trust warehousemen, Samuel Greeley, j
j former member of the board, today !
'told the house rules committee that ; laration ' of the formal report made
' two members admitted participated in i public today by the three judges who
!the connection or a $4,000 "Jackpot" j passed on the accusations,
ifroni members last year to get lefeisla-l The report was issued through Ly
i Hon at Springfield to legalize "puts ; man B. Stowe, secretary of the joint
' and calls." He declared his belief that j Investigating committee. It was at
! the board w as forced to "throw open ' first intimated that the judges had
its doors to this $5 and 10 game, 1
'and seek its legalisation because ware-;
housemen so controlled and manipu-
lated future and cash markets by i
possession of stored grain that legiti
mate dealing was inhibited and floor
traders driven to "put and call" opera
tions "to make a living."
Driven From Mountains by the
Peavy Snows, They Devour
Hundreds of Sheep.
Rome, Italy, March 4. Hordes of
starving wolves driven from the
Apennine mountains ty heavy snows
'descended today in the valleys of
AbruazI province, in the vicinity or
Rome, devouring hundreds of sheep.
The wolves afterward took refuge in
caverns 25 miles north of Rome,
where, according to latest reports,
armed peasants killed a large number.
Muscatine. Iowa, March 4. The new
city administration will be democratic
the party haviag elected all except
one candidate Monday. The socialists
candidate for alderman In the Fourth
I ward pulled through. Harry Kern was
chosen mayor. The campaign was
one of the cleanest in the city's his
tory. Following are winners and their
pluralities: j
Kern, mayor 65 j
Unrfman. treasurer 722
Vannatta, assessor .
Rowan, police Judge
723 i
Kopp, wharf master 31 1
Sullivan, FIrat ward 108
Heerd, Second ward 5
Bowen, Third ward 60
Taylor, Fourth ward (Soc.) 4
Leonard Wood.
stantly, uenerai wooas pian ,oi cam
pt..gn in Mexico, too, has all been
maped out. The first division is com
posed of about 9,000 men.
What is known as the second di
vision, which is on the border, will if
trouble comes be loaded immediately
on transports which are waiting at
Galveston. Before the transports
reach Vera Crux the first division will
be on the border. But while the army
is prepared for a sudden declaration
of war. President Wilson has made it
plain that Intervention is the last pro
posal he would consider in connection
with the Mexican situation.
Head of Junior Republic Is Cen
sored in Written Report
-Given to- Public.
New York, March 4. That the ac
tions of William R. George, founder
and former head of the George Junior
Republic, toward girl citizens in his
charge, had been "deliberate and in
highest degree improper." Is the dec
renaerea a aecisjon acquuing ueorga
The report, however, after condemn-
ing the' actions of the junior republic
founder, states
"But we find that in each case this
conduct was without criminal intent
or any purpose or desire to injure or
abuse the parties mentioned."
According to Mr. Stowe the ver
dict is based on printed testimony en
tirely. No witnesses were examined.
Al. Swalm Allowed Claim.
Auburn, N. Y., March 4. The na
tional board of baseball arbitration to
day awarded riayer Fred Nye to Du-1
buquc, Iowa, and allowed the claim of
Al. Swalm against Clarence Rowland
of Dubuque.
Editor Long Dead.
Mason. Iowa, March 4. George A.
Long, editor of the Mason Journal, and
pioneer Iowa newspaperman, is dead
here of cancer.
Railroad Manager Dead.
Garden City. N. J., March 4. J. O.
Stuart, vice president and general
manager of the Erie railroad, is dead.
Tuscola, 111., March 4. A boy baby
about a month old, healthy and nicely
dressed, was found yesterday in a
closet on the Chlcago-St. Louis train.
The youngster had been carefu'iy
wrapped In a blanket and a bottle of
milk was left with him. The county
officials here r?ved to receive the
boy and he is being cared for by the
wife of a raliroaii mar..
St- Louis. Mo.. March 4. While Wil
llsm Knolter rlerlc In a. lewttlrv Ktnre.
was Dlaclnc a tray containing S15.000
u - nrth of diamonds In a window three
men armed with revolver, knife and
brass knuckles, attempted to rob the
place. Koetter put them to flight with
a bombardment of alarm clocks and
cut glass. On was arrested later.
Prosecutor's Words Cause
Defendant to Sway
From His Chair.
Cauldwell, Alleged Man in Case,
Attacked for Refusal to
Chicago, 111., March 4. A vile cow
ard who killed his wife and made his
children motherless, then attempted
to blacken her character to save his
worthless life, were the words uttered
by Prosecutor Malato In opening his
argument to the jury trying William
Ellis, charged with the murder of his
wife. Ellis swayed in his chair and
had to be supported.
"If he receives the death penalty,"
Malato continued, "he will have a
chice to make his peace with the
Almighty. He gave his wife none."
The prosecutor attacked unsparingly
both Ellis and Fred Cauldwell of
Brantford. Ontario, alleged by Ellis
to be the "man in the case."
There are two miserable cowards
in this case," Malato went on, "Ellis
and Cauldwell. Cauldwell lives out of
the Jurisdiction of this court and could
jiot be compelled to come and testify.
We begged him in the name of human
ity to come here and speak, but he re
fused. The defense will probably talk
about the fireside and picture a home
broken np through no fault of Ellis.
I want you to member that Ellis
brought nothing t that fireside but a
body that he himself pleads In ex
tenuation was unfit."
Life Sentence for Edward Crook.
Des Moines, March 4. Edward
Crook, charged with the killing of his
friend, Charles Priscoll. when the lat
ter was discovered in the company of
Mrs. DriScoll, was found guilty of mur
der In the first degree and given a life
sentence. .
350 Spectators Ar6 Searched
for Weapons Before Inquest
Opened at St. Louis.
St. Louis, Mo.. March 4. Henry
Zang. who Monday shot and killed
Wesley,' "Red" Simon, three hours
after the latter was put on trial for
the murder of another gangster, was
! bound over to the grand jury by the
coroner's jury which heard Zang's
story of the shooting.
Before the Inquest was opened, each
of the 350 spectators was searched
for weapons by a squad of 25 police
men on hand to prevent repetition of
the killing. Zang will be held with
out bail pending the action of the
grand jury.
As each witness left the stand In
the coroner's room he was summoned
to appear before the grand Jury. Zang
was the last witness. He was told he
could make a statement or not, at his
own discretion. He chose to make a
statement under oath and then told
m detail how he had been hounded
by the gang for a year, of the many
threats on his life and of Simon's
move towards the hip pocket which
led Zang to believe he was about to
be killed and therefore led to his fir
ing In self defense.
Break Ground for Fed Park.
Chicago, 111., March 4. Ground for
the Chicago Federal league baseball
club was broken today.
Forecast Till 7 p. m. Tomorrow, for
Rock Island, Davenport, Moline
and Vicinity.
Generally fair tonight and Thurs
day; warmer tonight, with the lowest
temperature about freezing; moderate
to brisk southwest to west windB.
Temperature at 7 a. m., 23. Highest
yesterday, 40. Lowest last night, 25.
Velocity of wind at 7 a. m.. 8 miles
per hour.
Precipitation, none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m., 64; at
7 a. m.. 9C.
Stage of water, 5.2; a fall of .2 in
last 21 hours.
J. M. SHERIER. Local Forecaster.
Evening stars: Mars. Venus. Saturn.
Morning star: Jupiter. The ringed
planet, Saturn, in conjunction with the
moon about 0 degrees - south thereof.
Seen In constellation Taurua. below
i toe Pleiades.
V-igr- . mi
Left to right: John Lynch, brother of Mrs. Becker; Mrs. Charles Becker;
Police Lieutenant Becker, brother of the former lieutenant, and
Charles Becker.
This picture was taken at Ossining, N. Y., a i'ew days ago, and shows
the former police lieutenant, Charle s Becker, and three of the persons
most Interested in his efforts to secure freedom. Although Becker is to
have another trial, he and his wife are apparently very happy and confident
of his securing his freedom in the near future.
Seven Thousand Miles to Sep
arate Young Couple When
Ceremony Is Performed.
Ottawa, 111., March 4. Seven thous
and miles will separate Angelo Fernon
dez of the village of Dupue, near here,
from his bride, Pilor Mallada, when
thev are made man and wife in
Aviles, Spain, Easter Monday.
nandez will celebrate the occasion at
his home-in Depue, while In Spain his
wedding march is to ' be played and
his blushing bride led to the altar by
Nicholas Mallada, who, by an informal
legal contract, has been made Fernan
dez proxy at the marriage ceremony.
! Nicholas will take the vows for Fer-
nandez and the bride will then start
on her Journey to meet her husband,
Marriage by proxy is a Spanish gov-
ernment requirement as a promise of
marriage is not considered sufficient
protection for young girls crossing
the ocean to meet prospective hus
Paris, France March 4. A delicate
operation, separating the "Siamese
Twins," Madeleine and Suzanne, who
were born united, was performed suc
cessfully here today. The twins, who
were born Nov. 23, 1913, at birth
weighed 10 pounds and appeared per
fectly healthy, and lively.
St. Louis, Mo., March 4. The third
Ul. 43a.A 0 anlrnnnt APlffin In O W) Hi lit? ,
. . vi i ,v, i, ,1-
of four blocks the last four days de-;
stroyed a five-story structure occupied ,
by three printing concerns and a liquor
store. The loss is iuu,uuu. .fireman
Charles Nestor fell through a skylight
in the rocf to the basement and was
internally injured. He will probably
Blaze Wrecks $500,000 Mill.
Lynchburg. Va.. Marcu 4. Fire de-
stroyed the Bedford Paper and Pulp J
company's mill at Bis Island. The j
damage was estimated at $500,000,
mill at Bi- Island. The
covered by insurance. The company
will rebuild immediately.
St- Petersburg. March 4. Captain
von Stahl. chief at the Shrapnel fac- j
tory at the Putiloff Ornament works, I
was brutally murdered by one of tlie !
foremen, who then threw himself into '
the electrical machinery and was
crushed to death. The captain's attl -
tude toward the striking workmen
tude toward tne Biniuus wurxiuen au-
ipeared to be tt cause ft the tragedy. i
Postoffice Inspectors Admit
They Are Unable to Find In
fernal Machine Culprit.
Decatur, 111., March - 4. Postoffice
inspectors today admitted they are
baffled by the "infernal machine" mys
tery of Sullivan. Mrs. : Mennerich,
widow of the man killed last Sunday
by the explosion, stated yesterday to a
i nostoffice Jnsoector that she aid be-
neve ner nusoauu cuiuuiilicu oui-juc.
'Another theory was advanced yes
terday that Mennerich was preparing
the deadly machine to send to his wife
because she would not return and live
with him, when it exploded. No De
catur man has been found who knew
either Mr. or Mrs. Mennerich. One
man was mentioned but when ques
tioned yesterday proved his inno
cence. Postoffice inspectors will re
main here some time continuing on
clues they have and hope to locate the
man who made the machine.
Utilities Board Decides Against
Permitting New Concerns to
- Compete with Old.
Springfield,. HI.. March 4. Declar
ing itself ag-inst the establishment ot
mere, than one telephone system in
any city, the state utilities commission
yesterday announced the most import
ant decision made since its organiz
ation. The announcement was made
following a hearing in the case of the
Macon County .Telephone company
against the Bethany Mutual Telephone
Before giving out tho formal de
cision. ' members of the commission
told the attorneys in the case that
they would have to show that the es
tablishment of a new telephone sys-
tem would benefit the community be-
The Macon ounty company wanted
an injunction to prevent the Bethany
company, from - establishing an ex
change at Bethany.
The Bethany company finally
agreed to a strictly mutual business.
It can serve only its members and
cannot do a public business
wary baraeni bonamon Nine.
New York, March 4. Tho condition i
of Mary Garden, the opera prima ;
donna, 'who has been suffering with!
grippe and laryngitis since Friday, Is
unchanged. She is confined to her
bed ' with a slight fever.
Mrs. Wilson Shocked In Fall.
Washington, I. C, March 4. Mrs.
Wilson is recovering from the shock
of a fall on the White House floor
Sunday. There were no injuries and
i she pxnwU tr he 1111 In a Hav nr trn
Congress Thanks for Goethals.
U asnlngton, li. C. March 4. A bill '
for the thanks of congretss to Colonel .
Goethals and to authorize the presi-
' dent to appoint hint a major general of j
ap-jthe army was Introduced by Senator!
me ari
Garden, British Ambassador,
Leaving to Report at Home, -Commends
Dallas, Tex., March 4 Governor Col.
quitt here today announced' he had
wired the Mexican federal authorities
at Neuvo Leon, Mexico, for the requisi
tion of Apolonio Roderiguez and five
Mexicans charged Jointly with kidnap
ing Clemente Vergara,. an American,
who was killed. The requisition is
based on a charge of horse theft.
"I have just begun to fight to up
hold the rights of the citizens of Tex
as," Governor Colquitt said.
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, March 4.
It Is expected a naval battle, the first
in the history of Mexican civil war
fare, between the rebel gunboat. Tam
pico, and the federal warships Moreloa
and Guerrero, began today at Tipolo
tampo. ";
Washington, D. C, March 4. Pedro
Del Vilar and Gacelio Ocoo, who said
they represented Felix Diaz, today
talked in private with the senate for
eign relations committee on the Mexi
can situation. It was learned after
ward that they told the senators that
Felix Diaz was thinking of some mili
tary activity in Mexico and they want
ed to know what would be the posi
tion of the United States toward rec
ognizing Diaz should he start a rev
lutlon. The . senators told them the
United States could give no assure
ances whatever to a prospective revo-"
! lution. .The Mexicans were taken be
fore the committee by Senator Fall.
The house foreign affairs committee
will hear Seer" ary Bryan on the Mex
ican situaiir omorrow.
F ;tient Observer.
There is every reason to believe that
Great Britain has closed the Benton
case for the present, though she has
reserved the right to exact reparation
in future. England's withdrawal at
this time and Carranza's determina
tion to investigate the Benton killing
on his own accord has put the United
States, it is believed, In the position of
a patient observer of developments,
with no present necessity for further
inquiry In the Benton episode.
Good Words From Garden.
New York, March 4. Lionel Garden,
British minister to Mexico, Bailed for
London today to report in person on
the Mexican situation to Foreign Sec
retary Grey.
Garden commended the administra
tion on its attitude toward Mexico and
expressed the belief that Huerta would
retire soon and that the country would
be restored to seme semblance of
- Intervention of any sort, he thought,
would "be a dreadfully serious mover'
Paper Suppressed . . ':
Vera Cruz, Mex., March 4. Govern
ment authorities suppressed a new lo
cal paper, El Moniteur, and arrested
the staff of six editors, who were con
signed to the fortress. They are
charged with circulating false news
calculated to excite popular ani
mosity against the United States..
O'Shaughnessy'a Father Passes.
New York, March 4. Colonel Jam est
O'Shaughnessy, father of Nelson
O'Shaughnessy, charge d' affaires at
Mexico City, died today of pneumonia,
aged 71. :
Grants Decree to Mrs. Bald.
London, March 4. Mrs. Goldia Bald,
formerly Miss Routt of Chicago, was
granted a decree of restoration of
conjugal right in the divorce court
here yesterday. The date fixed for
the compliance with the order wan
postponed until Mrs. Bald, who is la
New York, makes personal applica
tion. Harvard Children's School.
Cambridge, Mass.. March 4. Har
vard university will start a model
school for children next falL It wilt
establish a kindergarten class the first
of the year and add other classes la
subsequent years.
North Adams, ' Mass., March 4.
corset steel deflected a bullet and sav
ed tht life of Grace Reagan, a 1
year-old school girl, shot at in' front of
her home last night. James Deery,
19. was arrested charged with tUs
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