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Corneal of High School Has Not
Definitely Decided on Coarse
He Will Pursue.
I coteh. Corneal of the Rock Island
school is Mill undecided as to
etier or not he will send men to
CssuBoal indoor track meet of North
Weten adversity in Evanfton on
ijjrt 7 and "Hie locals hare re
rejrvd " n Invitation to attend and
'fCfali doubtless carry off ce honors
jf tta bo?" 'r allowed to compete.
rt meet Is an annual affair held in
C gymnasium or the university.
, wnum Clan la the car-tain of the
jjeal track team and is a cinder path
ijjn, whi!e Earl Chalk at distance
rjaaing ana libuub rvpj u quntr
gZK are two men hard to beat. Last
wtr these three men made a name for
jjxt Island on the track.
Students here wish to hare the
jefiool represented at the indoor meet.
Tie members of the Rork Island high
a-hool track team have trained quite
b't at the padded track in the V. M.
f X, and are in pood condition should
Cosch Corneal decide to accept the
fcritition from Evans'.on.
Holine Men Say No Effort Has
Been or Will Be Made to
Join Three-I.
Vol n baseball fans and promoters
are amusec" over the s:ory n!th ap
ared in the last Sunday issue of a
Cfck-iro paper. Ftating that the-Plow-City
wa seeking a berth in the Three-
lyt league aftr having been turned !
don by the Central asoolation. '
No effort of any kind has ever been
ide to Join the Three-Eye league,
ind as near as can be learned the Red
y.r are not now actively engaged in
nitir.g subscriptions for a baseball
Colts Go to Aledo.
Cove'f Colts or the Island CJty
Bowling league leave tonight for
X'tio . where tbey meet the all star
bew!lcg quintet of that city in three
(UBt. The local boys have captured
t contest from Aledo and t'li is
the third f the season. After the
pnp'.ans for the 'ri-county bowling
toomey will be discussed.
Rockford Man Gets Road Job.
Rockford. III., March 4. A. B. Cater,
ututant city engineer, yesterday was
used county superintendent of hieh- i
for six years, at a salary cf
IIOOO. ' A mass meeting of farmers j
isd citizens here to advance the good
Ko movement has been railed. A.
actio, president of the Illinois high-
ay commission: S. E. Brandt of De-
wlb. B. F. Harris of Champaign and
0. Edea of Chicago 111 f-peak.
Tsi Proof Is in Rock Island, Almost at
Your Door.
Tie public statement of a Rock I
lu citizen is In itsejf strong proof
to Rock Island people, but con fir ma
tJoa strengthens the evidence.
Here ia a Rock Island citizen who
fcilled years ago that Doan's Kidney
PUis relieved weak Sidneys and now
the result was permanent. Can
ay inZerer from kidney ills ask bet-
proof? You can investigate. The
is right at home.
. Mrs. Mary Pracher. 214 Thirteenth
Kreet. Rock Island. 111. says: "I am
to confirm ths testimonial I gave
1M0 recommending Doan's Kidney
WSi. They are a safe and reliable
wndy for anyone to use. I had dizzy
nervous spells and my back and
4 ached. At night I was languid
in the morning I felt miserable.
after stooping I could hardly straight-
I kept getting worse until I be-
W using Doan's Kidney Pills. They
iie me feel better riht awav and
I CMtlntiAsf t.kl -1. v .....
ulu ' r. . (i jt iucui UI1LJ1 1 woo
For sale by all dealers. Price 60
talted States
-' ' m mjm m wirH . i'fll f . I 1 1 1 IUB
Remember the nnme Doan's and
. .
CrOJDS in aA
Western Canada
Att . - , .1 I. : ,
tAJkwrta. fcav produced roo
dcrful ld ol Wkni. Oau.
WUr and Flu. Wiku traded
Jrota Contract to No. 1 Hard.
l'i " ocirr ana ywwM rraai M
aWa ocr icre 22 buahrls raa
' ' ' iKm. ..-.- 1 ... ...
i rrajre. nuMrarav
'""t cooatdrrrd fuliv aa Drofit -
aa industry as (rain raising. 1 hm
.t pistt of nutrition, are
only food rratursd rrhn for bf
WdllTYburnn. I. I'.I'J ...
' tor haW mmmr. Cod arhoola.
, ? convenient, climate nceUraf.
ta boniest eader. ths man who
""Be to farm manivpli. tha b
I of. Canada offer the bicest oppor
( "O'yof acy place on tna continent.
Asply for dear rintiv lit eralure and
ced raijwar rates to
fanerinf endear of Immiarauoo,
"TOL ' or tn
GoaernmM a
- i jti. r-
er- lilPhfi
ii uiim. rvJ i"fj
!. -MM
1 Tf
I V . I aT A -t
James Thorpe a Diamond Star
eoSCfY cAj Aiml cCKiisl out nur 'V
' f '' !?
Manager McGraw of the New York Giant recently declared that Jim Thorpe, who made such a poor show
.lot last year, baa improved on the world tour, and ahould make a good shownig ia 1914. ,
When Muggsy. McGraw first signed
Jim Thorpe, the then ex-amateur w)i
ard. considerable speculation was had
on every side as to the Giant chief's
motive in such a mad venture. Many
pointed out that Thorpe as a ball
player was nil and that Muggsy had
merely signed him as a drawing card.
Others, more sanguine, declared that
there was really a chance that the
redman would develop and that If
anyone could make a presentable play
er of him it was M. McGraw.
Last season Thorpe did little. If not
iess. on the diamond. He was gener
ally to be seen loitering around in
uniform and maybe chasing flies in
practice, but scarcely ever did he fig
! Rock Island Brews Wallop Fast
Colts in Two Out of Three
W. 1.
Brews 49 ?5
Colts 4S 27
Hubers 32 43
2600 21 54".
The Brews secured a firmer hold on
Crst place in the Island City Bowling
league last evening when tbey trim'
med "Blondy" Klove s Colts two out
of three. All three of the games were
close and interesting. Kuehuer of
the Colts was high man with 517 for
the three gair.es and McNeil was close
second with 506.
The 2600 team dropped still farther
into the cellar when they forfeited
three games to the Hubers as they
were unable to get their players to
At Harms' Alleys.
Hildebrardt 136 112 ... 248
G. Abrahamson ...161 159 137 457
Schwecke 155 153 179 487
Tracey 213 121 157 491
Oberg 179 177 164 430
T. Abrahamson 165 165
844 722 802 2363
Klove 151 127
McNeil 208
Taylor 122
Kuehuer 164
Moose 174
819 768 744 2331
Juniors Trim Freshmen.
The junior and freshmen girls had
a lively set to in the Davenport high
school gym Monday afternoon. The
older girls clearly outclassed the
younger, but nevertheless the freshles
put up a lively contest and did not
give up until the final whistle for all
of the one-elded score of 13 to 1.
Marie Berg, captain of the freshles.
and Irma Braun, center, played the
best garnet for their teams, while all
One "Kid" Plunkett. birthplace and
residence. Sterling. 111., .would jneet
our local featherweight champion, Pe
nuts Schieberl. who claims the title of
the world. What claim has Plunkett
to go against Schieberl? He is with
out a reputation and an unheard-of
product His name ! Plunkett. but if
he ever fooght Peanuts be would have
to change it to "Plunked."
An Independent team bas been or
ganized over at Kewanee and games
will be played three time, a week.
Why not pull off something like that
here? It wouldn't cost very murh and
the ton could surely support that
many games of independent ball.
Oh. anyhow. The Argus will have a
baseball team this year, so we should
bibble. We may challenge the world,
that is, any place in Moline or Rock
Help! ' Help? ' The Cedar Rapids
ure In a regular game. On one or two
dismal ocasions he was put In the out
field and his antics at bat In an effort
to connect would have been scream
ingly funny had there not been some
thing of pathos in them. Thorpe, all
too keenly aware of the sorry figure
he had made, would walk to the bench
with dejection and distress shown -in
every line of his figure. And be it said
here, to the credit of the fans, few of
them hooted.
At this point, however, a happier
tone creeps into this disquisition.
Thorpe didn't get discouraged and
Muggsy McGraw didn't give him up.
The Indian kept hard at work and
proved himself a keen observer. He
the junior girls showed up to advant
age, though the basket throwing of
Margaret Croskey and Florence Beck
er gave them a pliade the advantage of
the others.
Kewanee, 111., March 4. Kewanee
is to have a strong independent base
ball team during the coming season.
This was decided at a special meeting;
of the board of directors of the K'
wanee Baseball association. R-' .ing
that the fans of the city would bupport j
an Independent team for one or two
games a week ana on nonaays, u was
decided to again engage Terminal
park. While there is little hope of
clearing much money during the sea
son, if there is a balance on hand after
expenses have been, paid it will be
put with the $515 received from the
league and will go into a fund to
finance league ball should it be de- j
cided to return 'to organised ball at j
some future date. Being backed by j
the baseball afcociation it is believed j
the fans win pntrouize the games if a
winnln? team is organized, and it is
stitttl a team tint will win is the only
kind with which the directors will be
Washington, D. C. March 4. Inquiry
today of Colonel George W. Goethals,
chairman of the Par. am a canal commis
sion, who Is now here, establishes the
fact that dispatches dated Panama os
or about Feb. 9 last, stating that W. F.
Shipley, chief clerk of the subsistence
department, had been suspended on
grounds of incompetence, were erro
neous. Colonel Goethals says Mr. Ship
ley was not suspended at that time
or at any time since. He.also speaks
of Mr. Shipley as an entirely compe
tent official and says he ia now satis
factorily discharging the important du
ties of chief clerk of the subsistence
department of the canal. It appears
that Mr. Shipley bad spoken of re
signing In order to accept a business
position, which had been offered him.
and this may have given rise to the
other Etatements in reference to him.
Colonel Goethals also entirely exon
erates Mr. Shipley from any connec
tion with the alleged transactions
which led to the suspension of John
baseball club has made so much mon
ey that It .roubt pay an income tax.
We'll wager that no Three-Eye league
team will ever have to pay Income tax.
In spite of Kd Randall's ravings.
If Klove's Colts trim Aledo tonight
you may expect to see the scores on
tomorrow's page. But, on the other
hand, if the locals lose well you'll
have to get a Kewanee paper then.
The Bull Durham bull Is to be re
moved from the Three-Eye league
tarks. B'jt that doesn't prohibit it
in The grand stand. - '
I I frzn I
Next Season
watched his own shortcomings and
studied the methods of his team mates.
Let It not be forgotten that he is a
wonderful athlete. Matters of throw
ing, running and general speed wor
ried him little. He 'had only to learn
the inside dope of the game. -Muggsy
McGraw declares that the
world's tour has worked wonders with
Thorpe. He has had chances to take
part in fast little games chances that
lie didn't get last year in the regular
season. He has Improved beyond be
lief, declares Muggsy.- 'And next sea
son when the Giants trot 'out on the
field to do battle among their number
will be Jim Thorpe, able to field and
hit with the best of them. '
Rtirke, manager or the
All the
news all the
time The
"Kid" .Phinkett of Sterling
Would Meet Peanuts Schie
berl of Rock Island.
According to a letter written on the
back of a pink page out of the Police
Gazette and addressed to the sport
ing editor of The Argus, "Kid" Plunk
ett of Sterling, 111., Is looking for a
good trimming, and in order to get
It he challenges Peanuts Schieberl to
a battle. The challenge Is issued by
the manager of Plunkett, Earl Wil
liamson of Rock Falls, ni. Punkett's
name cannot be found any place In
the ball of fame. He Is undoubtedly
a green product and Schieberl will
probably not take his challenge ser
iously because there would be no coin
in It for the local kid.
Manager Williamson says his lad
has fought three battles in six weeks
and has never been defeated. Schie
berl has fought 50 battles and has yet
to meet defeat. When Plunkett works
up a rep he can probably meet Pea
Jacjt CardifT, welterweight pugilist
from Reading, Pa., is in the city with
his manager, J. M. Fowler. Cardiff
thinks Rock Island would make an
ideal location for a new athletic club
and says he is going to organize such
a club here.
The Three Eye baseball fields may
be shy on the cattle range stuff this
season. . Announcement is made that
the big cut out bulls of the Bull Dur
ham company may be taken out of the
fields, but nothing has been said about
prohibiting it in the stands. .
The players may be shy consider
able real money and tons of smoking
tobacco . because or the pleasurable
and profitable pastime hitting the
bull and lofting homers over the
fences. Word has been received from
Lloyd Is Coming!
That forceful and magnetic platform orator
Rev. F. J. Lloyd,
Formerly associate rector of Grace church, Chi
cago, will speak at the
Illinois Theatre, R. I.
Subject: "The opposition to liquor is un
Christian, un-American and Immoral."
The question will be discussed with quiet
ness, restraint and good will towards all.
The Bock Island Maennerchor, under the di
rection of John Oswald, will sing.
Meeting Opens 7.30. Ladies Invited
Municipal League of Rock Island County.
the Sports Publishing company that
the tobacco company is contemplating
giving up this form of advertising and
putting the money into newspaper ad
vertising. The Sports Publishing company has
always taken care of the business for
the tobacco company, sending out the
blanks, Issuing checks and compiling
the figures on the subject. So far this
year the tobacco company has not
signed the contract arranging for the
privilege of giving away thousands of
pounds of tobacco and much money.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. March 4.
When the '.ncome tax collectors reach
Secretary U. C. Blake of the Cedar
Rapids Baseball association. Cedar
Rapids will jump into the limelight
and will be envied by all minor league
baseball club in the world. Think of
itl The Cedar Rapids Baseball asso
ciation must pay an income tax of
$61. That is because the association
made some money in baseball last
year. It Is a thing unheard of, a thing
to be proud 'of, for minor league base
ball associations, instead of paying an
income tax, are forced to beg . for a
$3,000 deficit each year. Secretary
Blake will pay that J61 -sometime be
fore June 30. '
Chicago, March 4.: Word ' was sent
to the presidents of the National and
American baseball leagues yesterday
that the Federal was prepared to fight
for fair treatment and would meet in
kind any. efforts -to lure'away players
under contract with the new league.
In a telegram addressed to John K.
Tener, president of - the - National
league, and to Ban B." Johnson, head
of the American league, President Gil
more of the Federals threw-down the
challenge which may result in another
baseball war.
The message read:
"John K. Tener,. Ban B. Johnson:
Indisputable evidence tells us that
some of your clubs are endeavoring to
sign Federal league contract players.
If you do not stop such methods im
mediately will withdraw our policy of
fair play and give you a battle at your
own game. , ...
"(Signed) James A. .Gilmore."
Locals Meet Davenport Over iii
Pretzel Town Next Friday
The Rock Island high school basketr,
ball team meets Davenport across the
river next Friday night In the final
contest of the season. Luck has play
ed against the boys throughout the
season. Chalk and Kipp have been
out of a number of games for various
reasons and most of the contests have
been played with a crippled aggrega-'
The locals expect, however, to give
Davenport a hard game.
jti . . t : -1 17 n n . a a a r A
Rinck will doubtless be in the local
lineup next Friday, and while tms
quintet forms a hard five to beat they
have not played enough togcither to de
velop strong team work and so the
students ' here are not looking . for . a
victory; they merely want the core'
kept down as low as possible. u '
The report comes from Davenport
that Coach Bornholdt will use a num-"'
ber of subs in the lineup and if ther;
Islanders do succeed in winnm,": me
game it .would doubtless be for th!s
reason. The locals do not claim to
have as fast a team this year as the
five across the river, w;hich has de
reated the best teams in Iowa.
Thursday evening the four basket
ball teams from the German Evan- j
gelicarchurch will meet the following
teams at the Turner hall:
First boys' team German Evangeli
cal church and first boys team from
the Swedish Lutheran church.
Second boys' team German Evangel
ical church and boys' team from
the Central Presbyterian church.
First girls' team German Evangel
ical church and first gins' team Mo
KInley Helping club of Moline.
Second girls' team German Evangel
ical church and second girls' team Ma-
Kinley Helping club of Moline. - il

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