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I Irgus Branch Offices II
for lb accommodation of Its patrons !
li various part or me city, i ue Argui
sts estabilsfced a system of bmntli of
om. wbere sjbscripi.ons and want ad
serttr.ng may b received and any in
formation ie.'t U.at may pertain tr any
ttparlnent of tr. paper, nevj or but!
Best. It is ajao planned to hive at ch
at tfcese braucO ofiwea every evening a
r-?ir of copies) or Tb Arfua u( t be
At 7. to teat any aubacrlber who muy
ai'a failed under any cinumjuucn iu
imn tba paper. ba aupiied live
a! ctarg.
Tte Argos chaJn of branch offlcea
bdjdes tr.e foiluir.g:
X J. irjpp a notion store. Aila Utb
H. & Rowa's pbartnacy. 4! IS rour
toftta traua
fcHEidr drug store. Twenty-ser-
Jl ilxet, ventn avenue.
CUrsiayera druic iore. Eleventh avc
t.X Flfteeatb atreeL
Tiiun srocery. (14 Fourth street.
Mrm. Land nation a to re. Seventii
RrtM. rojrteen'.h avenue
Helx5eca pnarmacj. tJ2 Third ave-
meat Ebarts' srocery, 923 eleventh
Cm f rreet drus store. Thirtieth stree
K4 Fif'b avenue.
Co:je(e pnarmacy. Seventa avenue
Hi Tcirty-eigntn atreet.
iAon 4rjcr, Thirieenth avenue and
Tiirtieh afreet.
iteiBer Jrua atore. eornT Fifth ava
and 7 wrr.tv-taird aireet.
Hicg 4c few fcioctry. 1T2S Tiren-o-j-..-i
E. Key 4c Son. srocery. 1S23
Jili street.
FC REXT Stri--:ly rr.odern houXI
ek.se In. In'rure 11.2 .e'..nd avenue.
Ft REXT Modern s!x-rcom double
will I.- vacant Ar'-il 1. i'i.oii
fclt Island 23;.
t'" RKXT Six room m'-dern houe
"1?h gas stove. 1 y ixt- ntn avenue.
F-m K. i. zt!,i.
F01 RtNT Six room hou'e.
M fruit: ll d'-!ars mrn'h.
2J12 Twelftn street.
If. quire
F'J RENT Modern elght-rovm house;
12i4 r'ourth avenue; tent, JJs. lu
VUr 1221 Firth avenue.
FCt RENT A :x-rooni modern house.
e in. inqiilre ;j2 S'Vr:l'ri,H
trt. Phone R - k 1-Und i,'."-!..
FCE REXT fvn-rwm modern house j
" -iwnr'n street. Inquire 12211 ern lioine. with housekeeping privi
Twelfth street. i bonc Inland l-im: walking distance, l'hone Rock
' I -la nd lil'2.
F" RENT Five-re
m eottaire. mod - I
rn improvements. j,t ;.vi Fifth-anl--klf
avenue. Call i;- k Ilt i-.-l
REXT Four room house at loi
'rteenth a-nue. Gas and water,
J.-50. Inquire 1413 Second avenue.
JTicne R. L 177 .
FOR RENT Eight-roo
Tr-Eiht-roorn house, partly
. 1H acres of ground. Inquire
ren-letf, avenue. l'hone Kwkl
Ji4 Twe
iu REXT Xew six-room dupl'x
Wse, strictlv modern, on car line.
'Ml 1710 Twentv-mth street- l'hone
xk Island 26G3.
F'.'R RENT Modern eight-room house,
at front corner or Twenty-eighth
Kret end Seventeenth avenue. J n -
"H Ktm Twenty-eigi.tii street.
REXT Four-room modern fiat,
U heat; (02 Forty-fourth strtet.
RENT Fire-room modern flat,
loiulre Taxman Bros, phone Rock
'-and Jos.
RENT Five-room modern flat.
rxre Taxman Bros. Phone Rock
RENT Five-room furnished apart
fall at 220 Seventeenth atreet,
"j RENT Five-roon
R";J J'iand pa-senger
flat, opposite
depot. l'hone
Jgianq jj
RENT Flve-rorm flat, opposite
fJtk Island passenger depot, l'hone
Is.ai.d Z-yj-U
'J RENT Modern fiat at C14 Tw.n-r-seventh
street. phone Oukey's
at market. Hock Island CI.
RENT Five-room fiat, all niod
rTJ; 122 per montii: first floor. Call
14 rifth-and-a-ha;f avenue.
'f'11 F.KXT Modern three-room fur
't.ed apartment and hath; refer
? required. xerineld aiart-
at, 1CU Third avenue.
"UJ, BOND TOU Siacutor, ad
taiatrators-, gur.rdlans . trustees", o
r siao r juoiclai bonds: lodges an
JJty officers, city, a tut, or U. &
at odlclals; contraetors. f
trust; la fact, any kind ol
want texc.pt bail bonds.
-ons .r ,
fa you 1
a reasonable. Hayes Cleawe-r1-
resident managers. Fidelity a
. '1 1 CuxMir alaryiand.
Bonn wAjrTaua.
y. a noaLal or telephone as aooei
t'jmr bouse Is vacant: we hatre
f-eds of appllesnls for esra'-t
-ti IDS will lena inric 1 v w
et eharge anything for this ser. 1
2 SummeVfleld-s. llf-llt fct -ec !
Mat,-, Imv.nport.
. Copyright, 1914, by R. U Goldberg.
f" RKNT Sfodern furnished room.
room kock inland 211.
FOR RENT Modern furnished front
room; laii Mxtu avenue.
FOR RRXT Modern furnlfhed
room at 1704 Fifth avenue.
FOR RKNT Modern furnlhed
rKm; 71S Seventeenth street.
Fort RKNT Furnished rooms for light
iiiMin'-KrpiriK ; au, i nirfl street.
FOR REXT Modern furnished Hunt
housekeeping rouoa; 271f Fifb ave
FOR RENT Modern furnished rooms
f'r liKht houaekeeplns. 1012 First
FR RENT Furnished rooms for liarht
nust keeping;. inquire 1S97 Sixiti
FOR RENT Modem rooms for llht
tioiiy.-k"efiiiir. Inquire 229-21 lx
tefntli street.
FOR RENT Fiirnlahed room with mod
ern conrnkni'i; Sl.su -week; lZi
trond avenue.
FOR REXT Furnished lia;t bouse
kerplnar rooms; sras, water, aewer; &27
Twentieth street.
FiiR RKXT Tno modern furnished
i ,..m r.r litrtit lirtis-k- pin;. Inquire
Uo Third avenue.
FR RENT Modern housekeeping
r.Mim. furni.lied or unfurnished, at
IJ','7 Furt:i avenue.
For? RENT Furnished rooms, strictly
modern, half hlo k from car. I'se of
ilm!if l"! Sixth avenue.
"OR RENT Modern furnished room;
r'ns.italle r-nt.il. to one or two la-cli-s;
617 Seventeenth street.
FOR REXT Two modern furnished
ro.-ms for light housekeeping; no
children: 1112 Second avenue.
FOR REXT Modern furnished room for
K'ntR-man: 2'16'5 Third avenue.
Flat 1. l'hone Rock Island 23i8.
FOR P. EXT Modern furnished light
housekeeping1 rKms; iihon. laundry:
tv reasonable rental; 712 Second
IDll REXT Three modern furnished
housekeeping roms. to adults: fell
Fort v-fcconl fstreCL Call Saturday to
FOR REXT Furnished rooms. In mod
Furnished light house
keeping rooms, with all modern con
veniences, at lldl Fourteenth-and-a-half
FOR RENT Two modern connecting
furnished front rooms for light house
keeping; furnace heat ,bath and
phone ,1134 Third avenue.
Rrvr Mod'-rn f
B J"?1":.,
lJ'l JT" 1206
housekeeping. 106
Phone Rock Island 1
furnished or un
suitable for light
Third avenue.
FOR REXT Three neatly furnished
housekeeping rooms .gas range .elec
tric light, bath .phone: reasonable
rental .SU3 Second avenue. Rock Is
land 1374-T.
KOlTRExf-largTWnT "vry ason
abie rental. Phone Rock, Island J8..;
2!'i3 Thirteenth avenue.
e-oR REXT Brick warehouse at Twen-ty-fourth
street and Third avenue;
steam heat elevator: low rental; sult
"bie for storsae or light manufactur
ing Inquire 2410 Third avenue. Rock
..on!c Temnle. Eighteenth street and
Fifth avenue.
THE FTATED MtKli-u "r m'"
jL Lodge No. 17. A. F. A. M-.
4TrwIlI be held on the first Thura
Aday of each month, at 7:30 p. m.
py order of John Pearson. W. M. ; W.
M. I'ettlt. secretary.
43. Am R-
nf-rnnn PORT. 143. O.
A. R .. meets
reafularly on the second and fourth
Biiurday evenings of each month at
? ao tn Memorial hall at the court
house W M. Johnston, commanuerj
K. H. nuek. adjutan
Aotlre riMl
Estate of Eva Keglna Jahn. deceased.
Public notice Is fcareby 1rii that th
which tim
Mriunl lnieresceu m 7 mv
pear and make objections thereto, and
no objections are tiled, said report
will be approved at that lime, and the
WnderVig..ed will k W rder of
distribution, and will aiao as a te oe
Rock Isl-nd. in. March .i.
r mm will a
Egecutors Las t vvr 11 1
Schrlver Bcnnver.
Will and Testament of
undersigned. Paul A. w - '
i; Jahn executors of the last will and
testament of Eva Reglna Jinn.
Id have this day filed tnelr final report
2nd Settlement as such In tne probate
?"urt of Hoc la.and c-otinty. and hear
tZZon Mld .report h be- for
b IS. ISIS. " " -- -
WANTED Reliable boy to- drive war-
on: apply with references. tludson
Collins at. Hammerick. 1127 Eleventh
nA.Mt.ii a salesman, a motor, not a
eoir, requirements, neat, younir. refer
encea .bond. If you fan meet these
and produce. It places you In a $10,000
class of men. Beaton-McCracken
Sles Co.. 224 Robinson Bids-. Rock
jaiana, jii.
A.vrtn Men; Increase your earn
ings; learn the barber trade, for which
tliere is always a demand; many jobs
wattlna-; tauprht in few weeks; tools
ariven; wanes while learning; write
tor ca-taioBTue. .Mo-ler Rarber colleife,
Chlcaaro. 111.
WANTED By younar woman. Position
as housekeeper on well kept farm.
Address "W. Q." care of The Argus.
WANTED Position by lady stenogra
pher and bookkeeper; seven years'
experience; good, reliable. "S. li.,"
tlii Fifth avenue.
WALL PAPER cleaning neatly done;
reasonable, l'hone Rock Island 16i9.
otlee of Pabllealloa,
Slate of Illinois, Rock Island Coun
ty ss:
In the Circuit Court of said county.
TO the May term, A. . 1914. In Chan
cery. Matthew P. Bucklev. complainant, vs.
Benjamin S hneider. et al., defendants.
Bill to quiet title.
Affidavit of 11011-residence of the de
fendants. Albert tiumber. Andrew Oum
bcr and Ida Buckley, and the unknown
residence of the defendants. Charles C
Black. Brettun C'rapsier and .'arolliie
liulsa Crapnter. and that there are
persons Interested in the subject matter
o itnis cause wnose names are unknown
but who are made defendants in this
cause, as the unknown whlirw, heirs,
legatees and dcvnees of-Hrettun Crap
stcr. deceased; the unknown widow,
heirs, legatees and devisees of Charles
Black, deceased; the unknown wid
ow, heir, legatees and devisees of K.
C Dlok. deceased; th unknown widow,
heirs. legatees and devisees of Samuel
.'. filck. deceased; the unknown widow,
heirs, legatees and devisees of W. T.
Price, deceased: the unknown widower,
heirs, leiratees and devisees of Xancv M.
Cook, deceased; the unknown widower.
heirs, legatees and devisees or jane
Price, deceased; the unknown widow,
nelrs. lesratees and devisees of Robert
Oarnett, deceased: the unknown widow.
heirs, legatees and devisees or bldney
W. Cook, deceased: the unknown wid
ow, heirs and devisees of Ebenezer
Blackraan. Jr., deceased: the unknown
widow, heirs, legatees and devisees of
Anson B. Cobb, deceased: the unknown
widow, heirs, legatees and devisees of
S. P. Black man. deceased; the unknown
widower, heirs. legatees and devisees of
Caroline Louisa Crapster. deceased; the
unknown widower, heirs, legatees and
devisees of Lydla T. Cobb, deceased;
the unknown widower, heirs, legatees
and devisees of I.ydia T. Cob. deceased;
the unknown widow, heirs, legatees and
devisees of Stephen . Blackman. de
ceased; the unknown widow, heirs, leg
atees and devisees of Cornelius Des
mond, deceased: the unknown widow,
h.ir. legatees and devisees of Bernard
Spurk. deceased: the unknown widow. J
heirs, legatees snd devisees of Bemhardj
bpurK. oeceaseu; tne un Known wiaow.
heirs, legatees and devisees of Bernard
Spark, deceased; the unknown widower,
heirs, legatees and devisees of Amelia
J. Oarnett, deceased; the unknown wid
ower, heirs, legatees and devisees of
Emeiia J. Oarnett, deceased: and the
unknown owners of the following de
scribed premises, to-wlt: The sonth
part of the southwest fractional quar
ter of section No. six OS), township eigh
teen M. north of range two ; east
of the fourth 4th principal meridian,
containing fortv-three and ninety-one
hundredths ) 43.91) acres, more or less;
also that part of the northwest quarter
of section seven 7 . township eighteen
18). north of range two U 1 east of tim
fourth Mlh) principal meridian, bound
ed and described aa follows, to-wit: Be
ginning at the northwest corner of the
northwest quarter of said section seven
7 . -thence running east forty-four 0)4 )
rods thence south twenty-two 22i rods,
thence west fortv-four 44 rods, them e
north twentv-two 22) rods to the place
of beginning, containing six acres,
more or less; also, the northeast quar
ter of the northeast quarter of section
twelve 12 1. township eighteen Ho.
north of range one fl), esst of the
fourth 4th 1 principal meridian: all in
Hixlc Island- countv, Illinois; having
been Slied In the office of the clerk of
the circuit court of said county, hot Ice
la hereby slven to each of said defend
ants that compainlant filed his bill of
complaint In said court, on the chancery
side tnereor, on tne nrst oay 01 upni.
A. D. 1914. and that thereupon a sum
mons Issued out of said rourt, wherein
said suit Is now pending, against said
defendants above named, returnable on
the tlrat Monday of May. 1914, aa Is by
law required.
Xow, unless you. the aald defendants
above named, and each of you. ahall
personally be and appear before said
circuit court, on the first day of the
next term thereof, to be hoiden at Rock
Island, In and for said county, on the
first Monday of May. 1914. neat, and
plead, answer or demur to said com
plainant's MM of complaint, the same
and the matters therein charged and
stated will be taken aa confessed, and
a decree entered against you according
to the prayer of said bill.
Iu testimony whereof. I have here
unto aet my hand and affixed the seal
of said court, at my office In Rock Is
land, this first dar of April. A. P 1914.
feal OEOROE W. ,3AMBcrk
Devore X. Blmonson. solicitor.
So Tffe D'RTMS
A Re
WANTED Girl to do general house
work, family of three ;good wages
no washing. Apply SS Twenty-second
street. Telephone 2fiS .
WANTED Dressmaking: Mrs. Freeze,
1221 Fourteenth atreet. Phone Rock
Island S10.
WANTED Lace curtains to launder at
1448 Fourteenth street. Mra. Luella
- Tltterington.
WANTED To buy furniture, stoves;
will nay beat price. Call Knlff. Mo-
line 731; 1620 Third avenue, Mollne.
WANTED To rent, six or seven-room
house, good condition, after April 2.
Address "B. II. ,W" care of The Ar
gus. WASTED Paper hanging; best work;
sample books; prices right. Phone,
mornings or evenings. Rock Island
WANTED Whitewashing, wsll paper
and carpet cleaning, spading, and
care of lawns. Carl Seoul's. 2022
Fourth avonue.
WANTED By working girl .two or
three unfurnished rooms on first
floor; references. Address "A. 90,"
care of The -Acgua. -
WANTED Couple without children
wants three modern housekeeping
rooms, close In; state price. Address
X. V. Z.," care of The Argus.
WANTED Stenographic work to do,
dictation or typewriting; neat work.
reasonable price: will call; aend pos
tal, -v. y. z... zizs firm avenue.
WANTED To rent, modern seven or
fight-room house; good location
south of Twelfth avenue, east of Fif
teenth street. Phone Rock Island
KRAR1.E MARSHALL Attorney s-at-
law. Office. 302-303 Safety building.
Rock island.
JACKSON, HURST STAFFORD At-torneys-at-law.
Office In Rock Island
National bank building.
torneya and counselors at law. Money
to loan on real estate, noomi 2U0-
303 People's National bank building.
general law business; corporation,
probate and real estate law; 311 Peo
ple's bank building. Phone Roclt Is
land 349.
Tax Purchase r'a Notice.
State of Illinois. County of Rock Is
land ss:
To George Hubbard, assessee; Mrs.
Asrnes Burns, and Mrs. Henry Jones,
formerly Mrs. McDowell, owner and
parties interested, ana iv sui wuom n
ma v concern:
Tab. notice, that at the tax sale of
Iota and lands, duly made on the 12th
day of June, 1912. at the court house
of Rock Island, by the treasurer and
collector and general officer of said
county of Rock Island, for the taxea for
the year 1911. J. P. Qulnn purchased
for the taxes. Interest ana costs, to
wlt North half of lot 5. block 4, of
rhii-Airn or Lower addition to Rock Is
land, 111, together with the bulldlng
thereon. situated and being In the said
countv of Rock Island, and said lot was
specially assessed In the name of George
Hubbard. ...
That said certificate of purchase has
been duly Issued to said J. P. Qulnn,
and by him assigned to A. N. Fryer,
and by A. N. Fryer assigned to me. and
that I am now the legal holder of said
certificate of purchase, and that the
time allowed by law for redemption of
said real estae will expire in two years
from the date of said sale, to-wit: the
12th day of June, 1914.
Dated this 17th dsy of February, A.
Holder of Certificate.
Adanlalatrator'a Xotlce.
Estate of Herman F. Lags, deceased.
The undersigned having been appoint
ed administratrix of the estate of Her
man F. Jjige late of the county of Rock
Island, state of Illinois, deceased, hereby
gives notice that she will appear before
the Hon. Benjamin Bell. Judge of the
probate court of Rock Isand county, at
the probate court room, in the city of
Rock Jsiana. at tne juiy imm, u m
first Mondav In July next, at which time
all persons having claims against said
estate are notified and requested to at
tend for the purpose of having the same
All persons Indebted to saM estate ars
requested to make Immediate payment
to tne unarrtmnru.
Dated 31it day of March A. T. 191.
O. C. Wenger. Attorney .
tlxeceter'a XotlcC
Estate of John Erbs. deceased.
The underslgueo. navlng been ap
pointed executrix of the lust will and
testament of John Erbs. late of the
countv of Rock Island, slate of Illinois,
deceased, hereby gives notice that ahe
will appear before the Hon. Benjamin
Bell. Judge of the probate court of Rock
Island .-uuntv, at the probate court
room. In the city of Rock Island. ,-''
May term, on the first Monday In May
next, at which time all persons having
claims against said estate are nutlrteu
and requested to attend for the purpose
of having the same adjusted. All per
sons Indebted to said estate are re
quested to make Immediate payment to
the undersigned. .
Dated 11 lb day of March, A I. 1918.
ROSIE KRB& Sxecutrlx.
OM U:S-- w - .
6 ' - -w J J- . 1 -v. S. Alar- a if
FOR SALE Three-cylinder 12 horse
power engine. Ed Schlndler. Milan,
j 11.
FOR SALE Good -work horses: 818
Twenty-second street. Phone Rock
Island 981.
FOR SALE Cheap, a good driving
horse, buggy and harness. Call 2211
fcixth avenue.
FOR SALE Barn and shed, rood eon
dltion; can be used for garage. Phone
rcocK lamtia 4463.
FOR SALE My J1.7S5 self-starting five
passenger Ames car, rc-r only S0.
A-none mock island Z985.
FOR 8 ALU Baled bar and straw of all
kinds, by the ton; 318 Twenty-seeond
street. A'none axock. island 981
FOR SALE Automobile, Chalmers,
3500; office outfit, large roll top desk,
chairs, table; 1720 Seventh avenue.
FOR SALE Brush runabout, good run
ning condition, run equipment; X50
cash. Inquire 4121 Seventh avenue.
FOR SALE Dining table, bed .mattress.
springs, porcn shade, cot with mat
tress .gas stove, 71& Fifteenth street.
FOR SALE A 30-foot trunk cabin
cruiser. Call J. Gooj company, Dav
enport, Iowa. Phone Davenport 221.
FOR SALE Gold glass sign letters for
winaows. Apply .aa. rt. igienart. 1314
Second avenue. Phone Rock island
FOR SALE Or rent, camp furnished or
unrurnisneo on watch "lower car line.
Address Mrs. Roach, Box 458, Rock
FOR SALE Lunch stand. Will trade
fur lot. Inquire evenings, 42t S. Sev
enteenth street .opposite Central Fire
FOR SALE First class Concord and
Warden grapevine plants. John Seig
mund. Box 206, Seventeenth street.
Rock Island.
FOR SALE Two hand elevators, two
.skylights, old window sash at the
'buildings being wrecked at the corner
of Nineteenth street and First avenue.
FOR SALE White and barred Ply
mouth Rock eggs for setting; splen
did stock: 19u2 Seventeenth street.
Rock Island.
Phone .Rock Island
FOR 8ALE One canoe-model duck
boat equipped with aail, sail pole,
rudder and paddle for $5; also one
flat-bottomed duck boat and paddle
for 32.60. Call at 626 H Sixteenth
FOR SAXiJC Gasoline launch IS feet
long, 6 feet beam; fitted with Adams
8 h. p. single cylinder engine, reverse
clutch. Call at 2426 Third avenue or
evenings at 2320 Ninth avenue. Phone
R. L 1309. W. E. JCeefer .
FOR SALE Gasoline launch 23 feet
long. 6 xeet Deam; nttea wnn, mowii
6 horse power single cylinder neglne,
reverse clutch. Call at 2428 Third
avenue, or evenlnga at 2320 Ninth av
enue. Phone Rock Island 1309. W.
E. Keefer.
FOR SALE Refrigerator, guaranteed
ice saver, iii; gooa wsaoiug uiumj
and boiler, 35; new brass beds and
springs, never been used; chairs, large
and small rugs, clocks, six-burner
range. Buck gas stove; 613 Thirtieth
street; phone Rock Island 3016.
BusnrEss opportunities.
WANTEL- Toung man would like to
. . Koamesa. Address "Busi
ness Man." care of The Argus.
WANTED Party with small amount of
capital to jom
patent article; handle own money;
large profits; no canvassing. Iu"iuire
1018 Sixth avenue,
FOR SALE Or trade, moving picture
ShOW, going gooa DUiinraa, xii
location; owner must sell on account
of other business Interests; sesting
cspacity 400; rent cheap. Phone Rock
Island 1451. 192.
cmcniKH MOVEMENT Miss A. Eln
arson, graduated Swedish masseuse,
gives treatment In private homes and
at ooce by appointment. Phone Rock
Island SlaS. Office. 616 Seventeenth
Tax rarrkaarr's Not lee.
State of Illinois, Rock Island Coun
ty To W. G. Turner or Wesley Grant
Turner or W. Q. T'irney, owner, and
Henry Rohwer and V. S. Fidelity Insur
ance company, parties Interested, and
to ail .whom It may concern:
Take notice: That at the tax sale of
lots and lands, duly made on the 11th
day of June, 1912. at the court house in
Rock Island, by the treasurer and col
lector and general officer of said county
of Rock Island, for the taxes, special
assessments. interest. penalties and
costs for the year 1911, W. H. H. Dow
purchased for special assessment for
Water main, warrant 24. to-wlt: Lot
25, block 161, town of East Mollne. 111.,
snd said lot was specially assessed In
the name of W. G. Turner. That said
certificate of purchase lias been duly
laaued to W. 11. 11. Dow. and by him
assigned to me. and that I am now the
legal bolder of said certificate of pur
chase, and that the time allowed by law
for redemption or said real estate will
expire In two years from the data of
said salt, to-wlt: the 1Mb day or June.
Holder of Certificate.
tvj trTe SPRN3 ,A YounG
i MTrva tor. rVGern.e-
FOR SALE Three-room all modern
house at 1817 Twenty-fourth street.
inquire on premises.
FOR SALE! Five-room cottage, nearly
modern, paving paid; 1230 Four
teenth-and-a-half street.
FOR SALE Two good lots; a bargain.
inquire ifsiu Thirty-second street.
Phone Rock Island 8S8-K.
FOR SALE Six-room house; modern;
bargain; party leaving town. Call or
address 1627 Twenty-ninth street.
FOR SALE Coxy five-room cottage
nice yard and barn; sacrilice if sold
oerore jiaay 1; ibzi j. wenty-iourm
FOR ALE One or two level -Jots, on
paved street; nice location. Inquire
1800 Fourth street. Phone Rock 13
land 2464.
FOR SALE Fire-room cottage, all
moaern, good location; xz,4uu, sauu
down; a bargain: act quickly. Phone
Rock Island 1029-X.
FOR SALE Five-room cottage, all
modern, located on Twelfth street;
price, X2.0OO, Sftoo down and tne bal
ance 011 monthly payments. Eckuart
ol Jtsunum.
FOR SALE Or trade, six-room house;
furnace; lot 7ax300, corner Twellth
atreet. Sears, for modern five or six
room house in Rock Island. Address
"E. S.," care of The Argus.
FOR SALE Nice houses and choice
building lots, in good neighborhood;
easy terms. Brien & Groom, barber
shop. Fourteenth avenue and Thir
tieth street. Phone Rock Island 777-7.
FOR SALE 31,000 buys a four-room
house and lot in new addition. South
Rock Island; 3250 down, balance 38
per month; no objection to colored
people. Address "F. 40," care of The
FOR SALE OR REXT A small house
on Twenty-filth street; sewer, water,
gas. paved street, fine lot, a bargain
at 11.050 .or rent 3S.00 per month, easy
terms. Inquire O. M. Randall, RocK
Island Woodworks, city.
FOR SALE Lots In J. G. Schuermann's
Sixth audition, from Fifth to Seventh
atreet aud Fourteenth avenue to
Eighteenth avenue; payments, 33
down, 35 per month. Inquire 1700
bixta street. Phone Rock island 1296.
FOR SALE Lots In South Heights,
soutn of Aiken street, between
Twelfth and Seventeenth streets, on
easy terms; 326 down, balance in five
years. E. W. Robinson, 1454 Rich
mond street. Phone Rock Lsiand
FOR SALE One-half acre, with nice
house, one diock irom street car;
price, 32.200. Eckhart & Buffum.
FOR SALE We have only two 10-acre
garden tracts left In Hall's second
addition, near Milan; fine for garden
ing, chickens, etc.; go out and see
what those that bought are doing;
these tracts can be had on easy terms.
For further particulars, see Kckhart
& Buffum.
ABSTRACTS of title prepared or con
tinued to date covering any real es
tate In the county. Prompt and ac
curate service at reasonable rates.
Rock Island Title & Abstract com
pany; J. J. Ingram, president; W. J.
riweeney, secretary; 200-203, second
floor. People's National bank build
ing. Rock Island.
SUPERFLUOUS hair, moles, warts, on
face and arms permanently removed
with electric needles. Address Miss
A. M. Kittredge, 1 Argyle nuts. Brady
street. Davenport. Phone 3138.
TIRCS (all makes), accessories, lamps,'
e'.c; cut prices; $3i Flying Merkle
'olcyeles at wholesale price, 82j .(or
ango and blue enameled); 125 East
Third street. Davenport.
Pinkertori & Company
Chicago, III., ever since 1883 .' V. , .
No connection wl'h or relation to the Plnkerton National PetectlT
Agency. Scientific detective work along modern lines. Our
Finds the criminal latent In criminal accounts and reduce It to a
prac'ical basis. A criminal account Is one that can pay but won't.
When the criminal feature is exposed It wants to pay. - -
Headquarters Sur t 600 Boycs Building, Chicago, K " ( '
VV. A. CHEAHN, special agent for Rock Island.
ATTY. V. Lv LITTICs. special district agent, Davenport,
15 -
Classified Rates
One cent per word for first Insertion,
under regular classifications.
One and one-half cents per word for
two insertions. "
Two cents per word for three Insert
ions. Three cents per word for six Inser
tions. Six cents per word for II Insertions.
Monthly rate, 10 cents per word for
26 insertion-. No ad less than 31. 1
No ad published for less than 15 1 -cents.
Agents, salesmen, canvassers, solid-'
tors, etc, wanted, one cent per word
each Insertion. No ad less than 2
Cards of thanks and special notlces-'
60 cents each Insertion.
Classified sua closes at 11 a. m. each
Notice of Publication. -y ',
State of Illinois. Rock Island Court;
ty ss :
Maureen Pecklo vs. Arthur F. Fecklo.
In Chancery.
Affidavit or non-residence of Arthur1
F. .Pocmo. the above defendant, having.''
been filed in the clerk's office of the cir-.,-cuit
court of said county, notice is"-'
therefore hereby given to the said non
resident defendant that the complainant
tiled her bill of complaint in said court.
on the chancery side thereof, on the -
21st day of December. J913, and that "
thereupon a summons issued out of said' r
court, wherein said suit is now pending,
returnable on the first Monday In the . '
month of May next, as is by law re-!''
quired. )
.now, unless you, tne said non-real- 1
dent defendant above named, Arthur F.
pecklo, shall personally be and appear
before said circuit court, on the first I
day of the next term thereof, to bet
holdcn at Rock Island In and for the 1
said county, on the first Monday in thi 51
month of May. next, and plead, answer r c
or demur to the said complainant's bill of V
complaint, the same and the matters '
and things therein charged and stated'
will be taken as confessed, and a decree
entered against you according to the
prayer of said bill. '
Rock Island. 111., March 21, 1914. --..
Schriver & Schriver, complainant's, '
. -. j .,"1
A Famous Cook's Lament on the Death. -of
His Royal Master.
The most successful book that was i
published by William Harrison. AJns-
-worth during. his first year of buslj
ness, says Mr. S. M. Ellis In his blotf
raphy of tna English author and pubfs
llsher, was a cookbook. It was "The;
French Cook," by louIs Euntacho TJdej I
"the Gil Bias of the kitchen." '
This unique study of the culinary?
art brought In a handsome sum to the:
astute youns publisher .who had pu(-
chased the copyright, and the book:
was in the hands of every gourmet in;
Ude had been chef of Louis XVI., of J
Mme. Letizla Bonaparte and then ti
the Earl of Sefton. at a snlary of 30(3
guineas a year. At another time hj i
presided over the culinary department I
of the Crockfords. but his f.ivorit i
master was Frederick, duke of York:
When the royal gormand died ' hli I
bereaved chef .'pathetically ejaculated; 1
"Ah, mon pauvre due, bow mueb; S
you will miss me, wherever you ara I
gone to'" It
t t
Atanuracturers or iiain, uoors. xtiinds;
t t
and Stairs. Interior nnish- vf all kinds.
Hardwood Veneer Vloorinir. jiml i ?tit-r. 5
l w
in Glass. 311 ana 223 Eighteenth stree
' i
t ;
c o

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