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Illinois Board of Health Will
Furnish Typhoid Preventive
to All Free ot Cost.
Augustana College Club Enter
tains 1,300 at Joliet Armory
for Church Benefit.
Y'f r
" v" r-"
i (
I i
Distribution Is Ordered Made Through
Antitoxen Agent of the State
in Every County.
SprinjsflelJ. 111.. April 6. Vaccina
tion against typhoid fever has been in
dorsed by the state board of health,
which will furnsh the vaccine free of
The distribution Is being made
through the antitoxin agent of the
board In every county eat and the
ten agents in Took county. It can be
obtained by anv physician upon the
delivery to the ant of a recetpt stat
in to whom it is to be administered.
Kast treatment consists of three dowes
at Intervals of t-n days, the firt dose
containing 5uO.0DO.ttOO killed bacteria
and the ther l.ooo.ooo each. Each
dose is put up in a glass syringe with
a sterilised needle.
Its efficiency in illustrated by the
manner in which It has exterminated
typhoid fever from the I'nited States
army. There was not a single typhoid
case either in the United States army
or the insular forces in 1913.
In 1&09 thre were 173 case In the
army, with sixteen dt-aths: In 1910. US
'cares with ten deaths; in 1911 sixty
nine cases with nine deaths; In 1912,
twenty-seven cases with four deaths.
The successful use of vaccine has
: been demonstrated also by the French
military authorities.
In 1911 there were $33 and in 1912
. 774 deaths from typhoid fever In 1111
. nois. There Is no reason to believe
' that, with the same general use of
vaccine, and the observance of essen-
tial sanitary measures, the ratio of de
crease of cases in the state will not be
the same as reported In the I'nited
States and French armies.
"While Impure water Is often the
-ause of an outbreak of typhoid fever,
contaminated foods are also a cause."
says a statement issued by the board
of health.
Finds Stab Wound in Heart.
Kewanee. 111.. April 6. The body of
an unidentified man. believed to have
been a traveling union plumber, was
found beside the Burlington tracks
yesterday. The body was mangled by
a train that passed during the fore
iiocn. At a coroner's inquest It was
discovered the victim had been stab
bed in the heart, and police believe It
is a case of murder. The coroner's
jury adjourned to let the police make
n investigation. The man was well
dressed. Willi clean-cut features, and
the address of E. C. McCoy. 414 No.
Fourth street. Quincy. III., was found
in a plumber's notebook. The coro
ner Is unable to find any witnesses.
Miss Rosebud English.
Nashville. Ga.. April 6. Miss Hose
bud English, who was first the wife of
A. D. 'Oliver and then married Clar
ence James without getting a divorce,
believing Oliver to have another wife.
says that she won't go back to Oliver
even if it is true, as the Mississippi
courts have held, that Oliver wan
never married to anyone but her.
The case is rather tangled and
Miss English would be glad to know
for sure whether she Is married or
uoi. i ue uegrsm couns nave neia me Eastern Stars had their regu
mat sue isnt; the Mississippi courts for meeting at the Masonic hall last
have handed down a decision by i Tuesday evening when four new mem-!
w hich it would appear that she is. I hers were initiated. The new mom
Hut anyway. Miss English says that j bers are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartline
Joliet. April 6. Greeted everywhere
by large and enthusiastic audiences,
the YVennerbcrg chorus of Augustana
college is having one of the most suc
cessful tours in Its history. At Rock-
ford Wednesday night an audience of
1200 people heard the concert In the
First Swedish church, among them
many alumni of Augustana. It was
the first concert by outside talent
given In the main auditorium of the
church In 18 years.
In commenting on this fact. Rev. J.
F. Seedoff praised the work of the
chorus highly, and stated that if the
Wenuerberg chorus ever desires a re
turn engagement, it may sing in his
church any time.
The largest audience that has as
sembled in the Armory hall of PeKalb
In many years welcomed the chorus at
that place Friday night. The concert
was held under the auspices of the
Swedish Lutheran church for the bene
fit of tiie building fund. The members
of Itev. Fahlund's church are working
for a new church edilice. and $27,000
has already been subscribed by the con
gregation for the undertaking. It was
estimated that more than 1300 people
heard the concert, and the chorus was
given an enthusiastic ovation.
"Den Store Hvide Flok" by Grieg
was rendered in response to a special
request by members of the Northern
Illinois state normal faculty, who de
sired to hear the composition sung in
the original Norwegian. Musical crit
ics give the work of the c'.iorus under
Prof. Hergqulst's direction the warm
est praise .and declare that the Wen-
nerberg Is far above the average col
lege glee club.
"Where is the money coming from to pay the
increase in taxes in the event of Rock Island going
dry?" is a question which is being daily asked.
Joseph Hawkins, former resident of
Campbell's Island, arrested at Bloom
fngton charged with wife and child
abandonment, and returned to this
city, was arraigned in county court
before Judge B. S. Bell and later re
leased on 9500 bond on his promise to
support his family.
Hawkins told the court he would
pay $3.50 weekly toward the mainten
ance of the family.
she won t go back to Oliver, no mat
ter what his matrimonial status mav
"Some years ago Oliver came to
Climax. Ga.. and held himself out as
la 'business giant.'" declared Miss
English in a recent newspaper state-
I ment. "He told n:e at that time that
he was worth five million dollars
and represented to me many other
flattering statements of himself and
his business ability. He told me of
his love for me and how- he would
always care for me if I would marry
him. I was only fifteen years old
and was In Young's Female college,
at Thomasville. I left school to get
married to this man, not realizing
just what I was doing.
"In about two months after we
were married It developed that this
man was a failure in business, as It
was then stated. He was Immediate
ly arrested and placed in jail at
Bainbridge. Ga. Later it developed i
and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neill, the
former of Silvis and tli9 latter of Wa
tertown. A large number attended
the services of installation.
There was- a very interesting meet
ing of the W. C. T. V. at the home of
Mrs. A. C. Hanson last Monday aft-!
ernoon. The ladies will next meet
with Mrs. Loyal M. Thompson.
Mrs. Harry Hill visited relatives at
Perry. Iowa, last week.
The members and friends of the
Memorial "Methodist church met at the
home of Mrs. Bert Beerbower last
Thursday afternoon. It was a pleas
ant and profitable meeting.
Mrs. George McKinley has recover
ed from a recent illness.
Miss Florence O'Melia was married
to Olin P. Beals last Monday in Chi
cago. They will return to Silvis to
make their home.
Mrs. H. W. Hill has been sick the
past week.
The Memorial Methodist Ladies'
Vote the Saloons Out of Business
IF you want higher taxes.
IF you want to Imperil public improve
ments. IF you want empty houses and store
IF you want your money to go to Dav
enport, East Moline, and Moline.
IF j-ou want skilled labor to seek freer
IF you want to frighten away capital,
contemplating investment and de
pendent upon liberty-loving labor.
IF you want a dead town.
IF you want Rock Island to fall be
hind in the procession.
IF you want "speak-easies"without the
license revenue.
IF you want "searches and seizures"
to locate "blind pigs" and "holes in
the wall."
IF you want your townsmen to be-'
come educated liars to dodge the
"speak-easy" prosecutions.
IF you want to encourage hypocrisy.
IF you want to favor moral dishonesty.
IF you want to prove that prohibition
does not prohibit.
IF you want to lessen respect for the
IF you want to be deluded as to the
value of the law in temperance re
form work.
IF you want sumptuary legislation
and are willing that the other fellow
may regulate your food and cloth
ing. IF you want to stigmatise the worthy
men of prosperity and of good
standing in the liquor business.
Can any moral uplift ever be really accomplished that does not embrace a doing away with the root of
the evil? There can be no question but that this must be answered in the negative. The individual must be
educated to realize that abstinence from the evil is for his own personal good, in order that the moral uplift
be genuine. This the local option law does not do. Government statistics show that in spite of the nation
wide support of local option, there is more wine, liquor and beer consumed'than ever before.
So long as a person can acquire the appetite, just so long'will he satisfy that craving and if he can't do it
lawfully, the chances are largely in favor of his finding a way to circumvent the law. Then is the moment
that that person's moral self begins to go downward. He soon makes himself believe that the laws are not
for him to obey and as a consequence his whole aspect of right living has been changed.
When we allow such a state of mind to grow in Rock Island we are starting backward, for disregard for
one law means disregard for all laws, if they do not please us. In order that this great county of ours shall
prosper, we must feel that our laws were made for us personally and that it is our duty to obey them.
that he was w anted in Mississippi as j Aid society w ill give an Easter bazaar
an ex-convict." (Thursday. April 2. Supper will be
Miss English says that when the i served after the sale of fancv wnrw
Georgia courts
83 j A. F. Otto has sold out his drug store
Where Disease Lurks.
X antenna
hae long, feathery i
used In gather .
ing minute particle of
food. In th and th stiff
hair on th body lurk th dis- j
eaae gtrmi that th nous fly 2
praad avarywhar h goe. -j
a Digamist, sue thought It unneces-! nn.i mmH p0ri.
sary to go through the form of get-i Mr. and Mrs Jnhn'k'vto .r r,.
j ents of a daughter who arrived,
i Wednesday.
F. Shannon returned home from Chl-
tlng a divorce and married James.
j She also says that she was divorced
irom james Deiore uie Mississippi
courts found that Oliver was not a
bigamist. As to whether she Is now
a single or a married lady she does
not. in her statement, venture decld
ed opinion.
cago last week.
Municipal League of Hock Island County
Do Your Duty and Vote "NO
-! ..UW
Ulysses Bell very delightfully enter-
Meeker From Missouri.
Hear Meeker expose some of the
local prohibitionists tonight at the
Illinois theatre. 7:45. Metropolitan
quartet will sing. (Adv.)
Don't Forget
To vote for the old soldier, the Inde
pendent candidate for township col
lector. W. II. Carpenter. (Adv.)
Mrs. Kinsley of Whining U visiting tained the members and friends of the
relatives In Silvis. Kensington Embroidery club. One
Miss Finch of Seattle. Wash., is new member was admitted to the club
visiting friends here this week. after some time spent in chatting and
A Taste
Of Health
Is Sweet
And some folks use it toward mone yand fame.
Are you eating right for health?
is delicious with cream; easy to dgest in fact, part
ially pre-digested ; and perfect in nourishment.
It contains all the nutrtion of wheat an dbarley in.
eluding the vital mineral salts (phosphate of potash,
etc, )in just the right proportion as grown in the grans.
A regular ration of Grape-Nuts in place of rich,
greasy ,indigestble food generally shows a definite
Doubt it? Have a try!
"There's a Reason" for Grape-Nuts
sold by Grocers everywhere.
School will close next week for the
Bprlng vacation.
Dr. K. X. Johnson Is In Chicago at
tending the dentists' convention.
Mrs. Mary Phelps Is 111.
Arlino Thorp is quite 111 as the re
sult of falling against the stairs.
While playing she became dizzy and
cut and bruised her head quite badly.
Rudolph Watklns Is ill with the
small pox.
James GIbblns Is expected home
from a visit at Cedar Itapids, Iowa,
Wednesday. -
Willie Peterson and sister, Ada, re
turned home from a visit at Denver,
Colo., with their uncle, James McGin-
Mrs. Andrew Tubba Is quite HI.
C. Clark Is visiting relatives In In
diana. Mrs. C. Watklns Is 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Purnell were
visiting relatives in Joslin and vicin
ity last week.-
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Cowles have ar
rived home from a brief visit at Fair
bury. HI.
Xext Tuesday afternoon the mem
ber of the Crescent Reading and Em
broidery club will be entertained at
the home of Mrs. James Shannon
when Mrs. Harry Hockmaa will give a
Mrs. Ulysses Bell entertained the
Pioneer Birthday club at her home
on Fourteenth street last Monday afternoon.
j. i. cariey or .waicoim. Iowa, was
looking after his property Interests
here last week.
Mrs. A. Huut Is ill, threatened with
Miss Edna Ranson and brother and
sister of Sherrard visited relatives
here last Tuesday.
Joe Jones and brother of East Mo
line have purchased the Pottigcr res-
.Mr. Heed and family have departed
for their new home In Oregon.
Mrs. Jess!e Brown and son, Hollie,
of Osborne, 111., vi.slted relatives nnd
friends here last Friday.
O. Kline is sick.
Henry Johnson Is 111 and unable to
attend to his duties in his grocery
embroidering a delightful repast was
served. The club will next meet with
Mrs. Charles Schmidt.
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman are the par
ents of a little daughter who arrived
Wednesday morning.
Last Wednesday afternoon the home
of Mrs. Charles Frew was the scene of
a very pleasant social gathering when
a number of her lady friends were in
vited to a farewell party in honor of
Mrs. A. F. Otto who departed for her
future home at Peoria.
H. S. Silvis Is very ill at his home
on Fourteenth street. His son. Sharp
Silvis, and wife or Wagner, South Da
kota, are with hint.
Wednesday afternoon Mrs.
William Miller returned home Sat
urday from Peoria where he went as a
de'egate to the subdistrlct convention
of the United Workers. He returned
to Peoria Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Haddlck went
to Rock Island Tuesday, where Mrs.
Haddlck submitted to an operation.
Mr. and Mrs. E. IL Haddlck and son
who have been residents of Montana
the last 7 years, visited with Mr. Had
dick's father in Cable last week. They
Intend to make their home In Rock
Island hereafter.
Fred Simpson was badly bruised by
a falling rock at the mines.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McWhorter of
Peoria came Tuesday to visit Mrs. Mc
Whorter's mother Mrs. James Dodd,
and Mr. Wliorter's sister. Mrs. Jthn
H. H. Worthington went to Colfax
last week.
James Gibson returned to Marshal
town, Iowa. Saturday after a few days'
visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs.
William Gibson.
Mrs. Ray McFadyen and child ren i
are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs.!
Di liate In Minnesota.
Lester Bloom of LnSalle visited his
p.'.rents. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bloom
last weel:.
Miss Delia Andersou of Rock Inland
visited her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Lnnham last week.
MIa Aguos Rhode haa returned to
school at Macomb after a week's va
cation with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Rhode.
Mr. and Mrs. Camblin of South
Rock Island visited at the home of
Mrs. Mary Wilson last week.
Mr. Hobart has returned to the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Elmer
Laity, after a five months stay in
Rock Island.
Albert Davison of Danville came
Wednesday for a visit with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davison.
Mrs. Gurney Farrow of East Moline
visited her daughter Mrs. Sam Langs-
ton last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Amil Mueller have re
turned to Sherrard. Mr. Mueller has
gone into the restaurant business hav
ing bought out Stephen Frego.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee, Mr. and
Mrs. George Lee and Glenn Ouain-
jtance attended the funeral of Frank
Lee at East Moline last week.
Mr. and Mrs. David Engholm of Mo
line visited Mrs. Engholm s parents
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Greer Inst week.
Mrs. Vance Sherrard returned home
Friday from Osco where she had been
visiting her sister Mrs. William Stev
enson. Olin P. Beal of Silvis and Miss Flor
ence O'Mealia of Silvis. oldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Mealia of:
bherrard. who has been assistant post
mistress at Silvis the last six months,
were married In Chicago March 23.
The bride wore a blue serge travling
suit. From Chicago Mr. and Mrs.
Beal went to Iowa City and visited till
Wednesday with Mr. Beal's parents.
They returned to Rock Island Wed
nesday, came to Sherrard Thursday
and visited the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John O'Melia. They returned
to Silvis Friday where they will make
their home. The groom is a brakeman
on the Iowa division.
Bids will be received at the mayor's
office 9 a. m. April 15, 1914. for paving
of Forty-sixth street with brick from
Railroad avenue to Seventh avenue.
Hear Meeker Tonight.
Rock Island never heard Meeker. He
is at tha Illinois theatre tonight at
7:45. If you want a seat be there oa
time. (Adv.)
By having your carpets cleaned on
the floor, with our MODEL POWER
TEM the finest carpets cleaned
without injury; also garages, base
ments and outbuildings whitewash
ed with our compressed air spray
ing system.
Phone R. I. 2146 1136 Second Ave.
Cross Buns
Thursday, Friday
OrJer them from Yonf
H. Korn Baking Co.
(Advertisement )
To Be Voted Tuesday, April 7
Shall this Township become YES
Anti-Saloon Territory? jq
Be Sure and Mark Cross Opposite "NO"
By voting: "NO" you preserve the business interests of Rock Island County and as
sist in making: this city a greater industrial community.
Municipal League of Rock Island County

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