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! j
Argus Election Returns
Better Buy This Week
Your Spring
Returns of the election in Rock Island county and
throughout Illinois where local option is the chief issue
will be received by The Argus tonight. The Associated
Press will furnish the news from outside points.
The Argus has made elaborate preparations to secure
the results throughout Rock Island county at the earliest
possible moment, and the information will be available
to the public just as soon as it is had.
The returns will be bulletined at The Argus building as
obtained. If you prefer to receive the news at your home
you are invited to telephone The Argus and you will be
accommodated with all the news on hand.
Warranto Proceedings Be
Flames of Mysterious Origin
Start in Kitchen and Gas
Fills His Bedroom.
gun to Oust Him as Special
i : ;
State s Attorney.
CU.rred Appointment Was Illegal and
He Has Exceeded Authority in
Offering Immurity.
Position Indicates He Had Risen and
Was Trying to Dress When He
Was Overcome.
i f
TT relit ..f ;.Hri:. W. Woo.! of ' for ,hp appointment of Mr. Wood as
l" . , , , . i-pecial slate's attorney.
ytjUne ,o art a- p. .:! Mat- at- . t.cut1nujng Tnompson , fcu
tcrtiry a atuiked in a pet .Hon iu affidavit:
warranto r.ieu 111 i inun mun wn .Aiiiani juruier say that the said
C. K. Dietz ami W. A. ; Kobert W. Olmsted, prodding judge of
or Charles C. Heald ' "ill co"rt- in Passing upon said peti-
ponr.r.s 1
jierse. attorney
c' .1O1ii.f. a - . ...... pjj,,, that ,,e the ul iii)h(.n
teT Rrar..I jur. The ,icl:on. if sustain- olm8ted. in allowing the petition.
td mipht ir.vaiidale the action of the j wanted it expressly understood that
return-1 ,ne aul Koinrt vN . Olpisted. did
not leei mat tins ainani was interested
tion. said, anion; other things, in sub-
pre!it crand J irv. which has
of indictments
forth In said petition I. but that, since
the grand jurors expressed themselves l
as feeling that they should have other po
assistance, he, the said Kobert W. '
. 1 .-..-. J .1 : i i i . !
A a larte iuiiikht
t:nce Mr. Woi-d v. as employed to as
..it in i's work.
The petition is acconipati ed by af
. . ft l.l k. . I .1 nif
Sts'e Attorney noyu f.. i iiompson. j 0i,stead as the ,,rPsi,iiB judge of
An.lre Olson of Moline. and others. . aid court fplt that ne gnould grant
It declares that the special state's at- j their request, for a special state's at
toruev ' has unlawfully usurped ar.il in- i tornev."
truded into and unlawfully has iield I Say, mmunity , offered.
nd executed, and still does .oIrul- j AndW olson.B amdavit sets fortn
It n.urp. intrude :nto the unlaw fully
Dr. McCrory of Pittsburgh and
F. J. Bayliss of Jackson
ville Speakers.
rmer Deplores That Women Must
Help in Fight, Saying "Men
Ought to Do It Alone.''
The dry forces closed their eam-
time j V
Li V A
John Koepke, 64 years of age, resid
ing at -714 Eighth avenue, was smoth
ered to death last night in a fire which
partially destroyed his home. Keopke
was alone in the house at the
and had the firemen not been prom
uie Doay uiigiii nave ueen cremaieu. i
Tfee blaze was first noticed by Detlef j
Kickbusch. 2706 .Eighth avenue, who)
saw- smoke issuing from the kitchen j
window-, and the alarm was sent in at
11:3.1. Neighbors told the firemen
when they arrived that Koepke and his
wife were both in the burning struc
ture. Three of the firemen instantly
instituted a search for them. j
Entrance was gained into the bed- Declares Local Optionists Seek
I owl 11 ciuaaiiiug in n. vt union, uui
the searchers failed to locale them
there. By this time the smoke was
so dense they were forced to leave
to Interfere With Personal
for b few minutes. Then the .
j , . .. ... ' TTflP
covrrn u-n y-o-.ii iun npmir nmr.1011 rn 1 1 ul - r
paign for a saloonless city last night , the bedroo!n. Charles Miller was the i
with two addresses to a lame audi-I first firomnn to enter While jrrnniiitr!
, ' .,,,,,.. "h.i,w.vr ' 1 bomtson challenged grand jurors and ' ence at the rink bv Dr J T McCrorv i around in the smoke he stumbled over
he o-f ce of tate s attorney of j any ot? show ,hat uf W,a8i","iof ,,lttBU,1rgh and Frederick J. Bayliss.
i ',-.n " ' terested and corroborates the declara- ; the "cow boy preacher" of Jacksonville.
rvnm. j tion in Thompson s affidavit. Olson ! HI,
Ca,mot usurp uuties. , gayB further in bis affidavit
the body of Mr. Koepke.
A physician w as called, but by the !
time he arrived the unconscious form I
removed to the police sta-
As a forerunner to the speeches
I band enlivened the occasion, tiaradine ' had been r
State'!" Attorney Thompson, in his, "Affiant further says that between from the main business section of the tion. A second physician was celled,
affidavit, refers to the appointment of 4he J"th day of January. A. !.. 1314. city to the rink. and although there w as no sign of
Mr. Wood l Judj:e Olmsted January j and this 6th day of April. l!14.the said The women were urged to exercise' "'e- worked over tiie body with a pul
- last, and sets forth that his duties j -George W. Wood, acting and pretend- j their franchise by Dr. McCrory, w ho nioto . for an hour or more. Their ef
as acting state s attorney can not be ! ing to act as special state's attorney I nevertheless deplored the fact that the rrts w ere w ithout avail.
taken from hiir- uniess for one or four of Kock Island county, entered and m- : women had to help do the job. "We! Account for the
reasons: If he is absent, uname .to at-1 ed on tne salo Mtn day of January,
tend, ill or interested. The fact that j 114. has procured the giving of. and
be a in court shows that the only i has offered, promised and held out.
ann he niicht be supplanted, he tie- immunity from prosecution of certain
Says If Laws Are Not Enforced Liquor
Dealer Is Not to Blame It Is
Up to Officials.
The final guus of tlu wets were fired
last evening at the Illinois theatre,
when lion. James E. Meeker, former
member of the Missouri state legisla-
ed in the following words: ' "Why. did
Davenport Business Men Donate $5.0011
to Local Option?" Xo violation of an
election law is alleged, notwithstand
ing the sign at the court house was
painted within 100 feet of the polls.
Painting the signs is held to be an In
fraction of an ordinance relative to
disfiguring public property.
. The police made efforts today to
learn who had done the work. "We
have small chance of finding the guilty
parties, but Police Chief Brinn has
the case in charge," said Police Com
missioner Archie Hart.
Police News.
Frank Ordway. arrested by Officer
Ginnane, charged with disorderly con
duct, was discharged today in po'ice
court on a suspended fine of $200.
A taxicab belonging to o.ie of the
local companies ran away about 7
o'clock this morning at Third avenue,
between Fourteenth and Fifteenth
streets. The driver had stepped from
the machine to close a door of the
car. Evidently the gear had not beea
shifted correctly In stopping, because
as soon as he stepped to the pavement
the auto started up the street and ran
headlong into a tree before he ww
able to stop it. One of the springs and
the axle in frout were badly bent in
the collision. No one was in the car
at the time. . ,
clares. ronia le "il interested. At
tiie time the p-rition for Wood's ap
pninfmeiit presented to Judge
Olmsted. State? Attorney Thompson
wjfe j ture, addressed a capacity house, half:
In the meantime Mrs. John Enge- OI which were womeu. oopu ... ;
His argument was in etTect that the land. L'423 Firth and a half avenue, and t Haas, president of the Municipal
saloon was antagonistic to health, to Mrs. Johu Haalk. 251'9 Fiftn and a half ( league, acted as chairman of the meet-'
the industr'al interests and to the avenue. dauehters-in-law of Mr. ..i . u
persons against whom indictments for j maternal instinct. He censured the Koepke. arrived on the scene and in-; ' "d ' !'",, MunicjDal league would
felonies and informations for misde- man whose health was nmo at r.o he-! frn.ri n,. ramcn tht Airs Ivnetike : . . . '
cauie of drink, and said industrial was staving at the former's house that ...t. .. i. .,i,i ,i. n,at tim
nien ought to do it alone," be said. !
nr-anors. have been filed by the said
Floyd H. Thompson, as the regular ! trades
entered protest. Oa this point Thomp- , state s attorney or said kock isianu , cause many employes were addicted to
son a in h:s affidavit: i county, which said indictments and liquor.
"Aff.ant further sas that he then ; relonles wc-xe then and there penning
and there stated in open court that I and undisposed of. upon condition nd
l;e allegations of raid petition to the ' in consideration of such persons agree
effect that he. this affiiaut. as state's ( ing to appear, and appearing before
attorr-ev of Hock Island county, or said grand jury, and giving testimony
there before said grand Jury relative
to the matters and things for which
such persons' were Indicted and grow
ing out of which, said informations
were filed, and without the knowledge
were handicapped today be- night, so all fears concerning her safe
ty were quieted.
How the fire started will probably
"An employer docs not discharge a 'always remain a mystery. A theory
Mherwise. tas interested in 'certain
Monies and misdemeanors. alleged
to have b-en committed in said Kock
I!and rn-.tnty in that matter of official
rorrup'-icn. were and are absolutely
"Afiat-it further says that he the
drunken employe because of lack of
sentiment, but because he does not
want a handicapped man in his em
ploy." fiaid Dr. McCrory.
Once Mercer County Pastor.
Dr. McCrory ::i years ago was pas
tor of a small church at Norwood,
Mercer county. For 27 years, how-
kork in
i n) .rtnaenf rT Ihp saifl r lOVll K.. . J
, 'Thompson, as the regular state's at- M"1"0- ,old of tn cl0,8ln r,roof.
league was in any manner directly con
nected with any illegal voting, repeat
ing or stuffing of ballot boxes.
"The local optioni-i. often ask the
question, why do the ualoon interests
fight prohibition if as much liquor is
sold in dry territory as in wet? That
: not the question involved. It is a
fight of law against lawlessness," de
fljrorl Mr Haas, lie concluded bv in-
whicn the lamp stood was consumed . ..odlIcinK Mr. Meeker, speaker of the
and a hole in the floor about three feet I vninc, . j 7
square burned. The flames had also , We are now at lne cloge of one of
crept through the partition up into theth mos, aeuressive and bitter cam-
is advanced that It was caused by the
explosion of a kerosene lamp on the
kitchen table, as it was at this point
the blase started. The damage from
the flames was confined almost en
tirely to the kitchen. The table on
!WSQabe Sa. Go?
ROCK 15 LAN 1. ILL..
and there in open court chalienced ;
any menrier of said grand jury, or any I
other person to state to the court a j
t-lnc'e instance where he had refused
to rail witnesses which the grand jury j
hai asked for. or a single instance or
torney, as aforesaid.
Thompson Explains Part.'
Kxi laining his part In the case.
State's Attorney Thompson today is
sued the following statement:
"Where a citizen, as relator, pre-
thirj? sbnw-In? or tending to show, that . sent his petition to tiie state's attor
he was interested in any of the mat-! for signature, the only discretion
ters referred to in said petition." The i possessed by such officer is to deter
I't;tion here referred to by Mr. j njnp whether the petition Is in proper
Thompson was the one presented by : for!n and tne accompanying affidavit
the grand jury. January term of court. ; fnows a prima facie case; and. if tiie
. - - ' petition and affidavit are sufficient, the
state's attorney may be compelled, by
mandamus, to sign and present the pe
tition. This has been clearly decided
! by the supreme court of Illinois in
! the People vs. State's Attorney John J.
Hea'y. When this petnion was pre
sented to me it became my official
duty by statute to sign it and permit
it to be Hied, reearuiexn m .'
I nai inline in the matter. While I 1
Q! have denied and still do deny the
right of the court to appoint Mr. Wood
. special state's attorney under tiie
j showing made, as 1 said at the time
.. onr.nintment. I shall not inter-
ui iitr "ft'
fere and have not interfered with an
action or investication he may or has
CZri gJ 1 seen fit to undertake.
the Pittsburgh
It appears that Krepke was in i
j "When the city recovered $40,00
i fines in one year
calnons on 3unrlav ' 1 " . palgns 111 Hie llisiory Ol Uie CIIJ, emu
saloons on sunaay. , . . .,, flr s1artoA and in at-'..
In .Mr. iiieeKer. ;
1 ' lanintlni. In arko nnil HrpRq was over- ... . .. . . '
tpiilnRi th saloon 1 " . A socanea reiormers nave p-
. . . . stmi hr Tiie cmnuo Ann Tell III I f ..... . i
: i ..hi i. ' - nointeo tnemseives as careiauers 01
; !.--,.t.b w o.. ..no. .t . floor Tle Doav was lying in a crai
i tnem to ODey aunaay laws, ne saiu.
pH nnsition and nartlv dressed whe.ll
He urged that the people of Rock I . discoVered. The firemen are of the
land strike the death blow today. "Peo- j opln;on tnat the fire i,ad burned pos-
pie snouia not ue moveu to 8h,v lialf an hour uerore it was dis
through hysteria, but by facts, cios-
pointed themselves as
inp-'-i rft- tn encroach on our nersonal '
Native of Germany.
John Koepke was born near Kiel,
Germany. Sept. S. 1S4S. He grew to
ed the speaker.
Jacksonville. III., dry for six consec
utive years, was never more prosper-
: - - i. v. : . ii i.. i .1
Oeen , . t lm V'illioln?inn Ohml in
i...... ... i ,..J ' l" "
uillll, mutr i j i saiuvna ri .vicu
out. Bank deposits have increased.
Success depends largely on
the condition of your health.
If you are handicapped by
a poor appetite, imperfect di
gestion. Ia7y liver or clogged
bowels, just try
Two hundred new houses have
1878. and the couple came to this
tmintrv In 1ftQ Rottlfnir in R nrk I.-
Three iwlicemen were take,, from the j ,and w,jere he had ,jved sjnce For
over 20 years Mr. Koepke had been em-
force when the dry forces claimed the
city. Mr. Bayliss spoke for national
prohibition and predicted the doom of
the saloon through national legislation.
Assistant Head Clerk McNa
mara of Woodmen Predicts
Camp Complexion.
ployed at the Rock Island Lumber
company. Herman, the only son of
the couple, was killed two years ago in
a railway accident.
Five children survive by Mrs.
Koepke's first marriage. They are a
son. Carl Ohms of Milan, and four
daughters. Mrs. Henry Tinmi, Mrs.
John Haalk. Mrs.- John Kngeland of
Kock Island and Mrs. Olof Johanson
of Milan.
r - -
"Returns from county camp meetings
throughout the jurisdiction has been
received at the head clerk's office.
They are complete from the central
liberty. Xo fair minded man will let
these fanatics instruct him as to what:
his personal habits shall be. 1
Fighting for Liberty.
"We fought for liberty in '76 and we j
are in the midst of a similar battle to-
day. industrial, social, religious, edu-;
rational and intellectual liberty are:
all included in the declaration of in-'
dependence. Local option interferes j
with our social liberty and should be j
defeated. The prohibitionist says, you j
cannot take care of ourself, I will!
take care of you. The dry advocate at- j
tacks the man who sells the commod-
ity, and not the man who orer-indulg- j
es. When a hardware dealer sells a
revolver and a man kills himself, do j
they attack the man who sells it?'
When a man buys poison and does j
away w ith himself, do they attack the j
man who sold it? No the. local op-!
tionist uses the foolish argument that j
you may buy liquor and keep it and ,
drink it, but the retailer cannot sell it.!
There is not a man in business who is '
surrounded by as many laws as thp re-,
tail liquor dealer. If the laws are not;
enforced, w ho is to blame? Surely not :
the liquor dealer. If a saloon is law-:
less, close it. If you vote yes you
are voting out the wrong man." J
One sensation follows
another in such rapid succession
in this store, that one- is fairly bewild
ered. Just received nearly 1000 Women's New
White Waists and Blouses all the late models,
materials fine and sheer, embroidery and lace
trimmed, long, short, kimona and raglan sleeves,
Wednesday at 10 o'clock and again at 2 o'clock,
pick as you chcose for 75c and 95c.
Worth much more than double, bring
your mothers and sisters, only one to a buyer,
and you'll not see their like again.
Kock Island lode No. !.m. B. P. O.
Klks, installed otlicers in a meeting
last evening al the hall. Over l.'.U
ineinlwrs attended the ceremonies, and
Grand Kxalted Ruler Sam Ryerson. j
Grand Esquire Artnur uuetiug. with a violation of Section 10 of the
Ksteemcd Leaning rwmgni j. I revised citv code today in reports to
Some wet sympathiser was charged t
and larger states of the jurisdiction.
I but not entirely compute from the
outlying and smaller states. The re-
. i....A v.. .an tattiilfitarf nnri fiiev
I ui iir 1 1 a . i". i ii! j - :,,,. i , - . --- ' -
how bevond shadow of a doubt that der. Grand Ksteeinea ixivai ki-mii i the police that sidewalks at the east
the friends of the administration bre
in the majority. I see no reason at
tliis tune lo modify or change in any the installing officers.
r.rlt.tlnn I made . iust fol-t After the business session a
lowing the meetings of the local camps
in the month, of February. At that
time. I stated that the insurgents
would not have to exceed one hundred
votes in the head camp. The returns
fro:n county camps fully justify -he
r-lterttion of this state-nent. Trior to
the county camp mee
ents claimed "1 s
shrunk their claim now to four states,
f- I-amuhere and Grand Ksteemcd lec- ; ... , i,nn nnri at tlio
; Hiring Knight Harry Cozad acted as ; federal building corner had been paint-
social i -- - - .
hour and banquet w as ohserveu. i ue j
committee in charge of the delegation ;
to the state convention
The Union Stamp
Peaceful, Uplifting,
Educational, Economic
Emblem of the
Organized Shoe Workers
It aims to secure bigger, better, and happier
working- and living coniitions for Union Shoe Work
ers by progressive means; never by destructive
Buy Union Stamp Shoes
Boot and Shoe Workers' Union
246 Summer St., Boston, Mass.
Write for list of union shoe factories and other interesting
literature, telllug what we b'd". e accomplished for our fellow
Affiliated with American Federation of j?nbor.
;it I'eoria. .May
2T. 2S and 2!, reiorted that 1"U uiem- 3
bers have expressed a desire to at- j
ttud. ,
and there will be a further shrinkage) Ir anj Mrs. H. S. Cable have re-j
neetings. the nisurg- v j
Mates. They have ! j, PERSONAL POINTS UlJ
At The
Climax Wall Paper Cleaner
remove, dirt and germ from the wall paper and saveyhc expense
and muof re-paperin. It makes old paper look like new.
u :.k - f Climax in A 10c. can of Climax is amplo
ww mAM y
our hand, just wipe the wall
paper or window shade with "
a light easy stroke and the
dirt disappearsasii by magic.
turned from several weeks vu-it at
Atlantic City.
Misses Nellie and Claire
s t ree
Pink cy.
to clean an average sizo
room. Three cans for
25c. at Grocers, Drug, I Iard
ware and Paint stores.
w hen they ret at the actual tacts."
The above statement was made by
Assistant Head Clerk McNamara at
I I ..I 1 " . . W ... . M j.il... n
Woodmen of. America thl i.iorniuit. 721 eventeen.n - ..-. -
(Mr. McNamara declined to go into de-! Sioux City. Iowa, ca.lea t-.ere u ;
jlail. but It Is known that the situation ' illness vf taeir father. I
' in Illinois i doubtful. Illinois lias j p. it. rreston. assistant advertising
I .. r. M tkn l. .j ........ .,..11 . .1... U.v.-L- lluiicl Plow colli. ! V
though the insurgents shouid carry , pany. departed this morning for t oun-1
this utate and one or two additional : Cn Muff to attend the funeral of E-1
slates, even large ones, air. .-ic.-a-. i. ShepartJ, lieia mere ini inn
mara'p piediction uc.uln still prtbanlyj .
be close on the final result in the Nw York-Venezuelan . exiles who
head camp I ve been operating in ( uracoa and
Triniday Tor several months have
Match-- (abandoned tbeir revolutionary pro-
-u ii 1 .. j il, u time lieir.c UU a"COUnt .f
JVlilCher l uf) irriu m 11-11 ill itru i "
pair. ftockt-r oh. yes, botanically.
i-'he ia a socVty bud. and he is
bU.rmint Idiot. Town Topics.
Stork Jlslahi iSousr (Hctfr
Special Cabaret Features
Phone R. I. 141. for Table.Reservations
lack of capital, according lo tleneral !
K. I.. Alcantara, on of the revolu-, AAAA. VVA??J2mJm
j tiouary chiefs cow here. 9yyyfMyufyyH
! ;
4 i.
i i i-
i 1
J ! 'i
V t

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