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wis mzAJiTU Tvjcvvi
Dear Mrs. Thompson: We are 16
years old.
U A met a M'.ow at a party.
He wanted to call at her home. Ph.?
would not let him. 1-ator i-he con
seated. ITd j-he d. what was ripht.
for she thinks a lot of him?
(2) n met a fellow at a dance. lie ;
teemed to take to h-r: he took her j w hite
night. What won
dearly loves him?
(3) C mot a fellow three years aizn
when fhe was thirteen. She loves
this fellow. P!ie never goes out at
night or to dances. ' has never been
oat with this U Mow. hut they talk
when they meet. How can she mil e
him love her. or tha'I she try to fcr-
mamm aa
y .... .' oy73L
-is-.-. -'V 1
IK'"',;'!!,?,-; . .V.i."' " V
Then twist Into Micks, or
. i . . . , .
He wante.l to kiss her poo.l- break up wnen coia.
1 jcu do. for s-no uI hasnionen .huuijsi-s nm..
Two cups New- Orleaus molasses, one
F-he never w i'.l U r-
get him.
get him.
(1) If he is a respectable lad. it wn
correct for her to permit him to vi.-it
at hpr home.
(2) She should w ait with her lov-j w j, rernoVe freckles w ithout Injury
Ing until he shows that he deserves a to the fin? I have freckles and
pood girl's love, i'hv is too young to , jU5,t n:itp them.
decide that she is really in love with , (j, w hat will make the hands soft
anvbody; but she is oIJ cnoucn 10 i? : aI.,t a hit. ?
eft? brown susar. one
vinegar : one small teaspoon of
soda- Holly fast' for 20 min
utes, stirring all the time. Add
soda just before taUing off fire and fctir
rapidly a moment. Tour into shallow
r.::s p:M when cool enouph to
It sliot'ld net stick to the
r-.ic.-i if cool enough, but if-ncces'aty
put a Mm, flour or butter on th
hands, if you double the quantity.
ho;l five minutes lonser.
Pear Mrs. Thompson: (1) What
mcdest and dipnilied and not permit: (3l
everv loy who asks her to kiss hfr.
B should tell this boy that her lips
are not for anybody but the man she
is going to marry.
13) C just thinks she is In love.
ATI girls g. through that sort of
thing .and often are heartily ashamed
cf their early loves when they get
older and ii'-vet a real man. Just look
upon him as an ordinary friend, be
pleased and courteous when you pee
him. but don't put yourself out orrr
him. He probably doesn't care a snap
for you.
Dear Mrs Thompson: I would like
a good recipe for cream randy: also
one for molasses candy, the old-fashioned
kind. THANK YOl
Cream Candy To three pounds of
white sugar add one-half pint of water.
et over slow fire for half an hour,
then add one t-aspoonful gum arabic.
V."hn this is dissolved, add a table
tpoonr.il of vinegar, boil until brittle
Mry a little dropped in cold water) ;
then a!;e it off fire and flavor with
arfTla or ?r flavor you like. Rub
I amis v. it!, b. liter and pull until
Wht do you think of a fellow
v hen he is out w ith a certain girl
who ln.gs and kisses her and Is al
wavs fupssing around her? He tells
I her she is the only one he care for.
(1) Lemon Juice is the only safe
thing for freckles. It will not re
move very stubborn freckles. You
must remove the skin to get rid of
freckles, anil then you will freckle
quicker than ever. I'se the lemon
ju-'ce. lathe the face often with but
termilk and let it dry on. Put a lit
tle o!d cream and powder on the face
before goirg outdoors, wear wide
trimmed hats and a green veil to keep
from, getting more freckles.
(2) Soak the hands in warm oat
meal water, then rub in cold cream,
every night. During the day. nib In
a mixture of glycerine, rosewater
and lemon juice each time after hav
ing the hands in water.
(3) I prsume he is fond of her. but
it is possible he does the same thing
to other girls who will let him. I
haven't much faith in a fellow who
hugs and kisses and talks love unless
he talks marriage ar. the same time.
gram was given by MIhs Tlranigan.
piano, Mrs. Clarenco Cocliran, so
prano, and Mrs. M. H. Towers, con
tralto. Miss Hranlgans numbers
were "Theme Varle" by I'aderewskl,
Tavane" by Ravel. Prelude and Noc
turne by Aubert and Ktude by Joun.
Mrs. Cochran's numbers were "Ar
cade" by Margaret Lang. "Awaken
ing" by Mrs. Alex. Mason and Mrs.
Powers sang "If Thou Were Wind." by
Johnson and ,'lio Thou the Madrigal"
by Chaminade and "Eastern Song" by
Cutsan. The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Adolph Priester ir. Davenport in
two weeks.
Rock Ijland chapter 26'J Order of the
Eastern Star will hold its regular April
meeting at Masonic temple tomorrow
evening at 7:30 o'clock, when arrange
ments will be completed for the cele
bration of the 20th anniversary, w h'
will be held April 13. This Is the ex
act date on which the local chapter
was instituted 20 years aso. Daven
port and Moline chapters have been
invited together with Milan. Coal Val
ley and Port Byron chapters which
the Rock Island chipter instituted will
also be guests. An Interesting program
will be given and refreshments will bo
A largely attended meeting of the
'Mens society ui -n" .
j was held last evening at the home of
, Jtev. IN. J- rorsucisi - -
rnue. Rev. Carl Kraft gave a splendid
(talk on what ocenrted on each day
during rasslon week. Refreshments
I w ere served by Mrs. Forsberg during
a social hour. The club members to
gether with their wives will hold a
banquet at the Y. M. C. A. some time
: during the first of May. the affair to be
I purely socisl.
i At a meeting of St. Cecelia guild of
( Sacred Heart church, held last evening
' at the church hall, plans were made
j for a card party to be held at the hall
I April 14. Plans were also discussed
for a dancing party to be given at the
Watch Tower inn the first week in
May. The meeting oX last evening
was largely attended and much Inter
est is manifest in the guild's endeav
An informal meeting of the Young
People's society of South Park Presby
terian church was held last evering at
(ho cliurih wit'i Miss Willis in charge.
At the business session a cortribuiton
was voted towards the purchase of nn
organ for a mission station. A literary
program was given followed by a so
cial time.
At the meeting of the civic depart
ment of the Woman's club to be held
Friday afternoon at library hall, offi
cers for the year will be chosen and
reports of the past year's work wjll be
submitted. The nominating commit
tee has prepared the following slate to
be voted upon at this session:
Chairman Mrs. G. H. Sherwood.
Vice Chairman Mrs. F. O. VanGal
der. Secretary Mrs. W. M. Walker.
Treasurer Mrs. C. J. Searle.
Doorkeeper Mrs. Charles Esplln.
Registrar Miss Belle Carpenter.
Directors Mrs. G. H. Sheldon. Mrs.
C. C. Carter. Mrs. C. K. Mixter. Mrs.
Daniel Hayes, Sr., Mrs. E. D. Sweeney,
Mrs. J. S. White.
The Young People's society of the
German Evangelical church held a
business and social meeting last even
ing at the church. The routine ofc bus
iness was transacted and a social
time enjoyed when refreshments wore
Rock Island camp No. 85 Woodmen
of the World will give a privatedanc
ing party at Elks hall Thursday even
ing, April 9. Bleuer's orchestra will
give the dance program.
The card party to have been given
this evening by Woodmen circle and
Walnut Grove No. 27 at Math's hall
will be held instead April 11 at the
same place.
The ladles' auxiliary to the Eagles
will give a card party tomorrow after
noon a't the home of Mrs. John Farner,
Second avenue and Seventeenth street.
Cinch will be the game and the play
will begin at 2:30 o'clock.
E. S. Draper Stricken.
Greenville. S. C, April 7. E. S.
Draper, former governor of Massa
chusetts, was stricken with paralysis
today. His condition is serious.
Philadelphia Mrs. Ida F. Brinton,
for many years prominent in the soc
ial and musical life of this city, was
burned to death when her clothing
became ignited from an alcohol lamp
with which she was heating coffee.
1 iety Jg
By-laws of Civic Department of
the Rock Island Woman's Club
rrn m sto of QyaUo ETTTT
11M13 West Second Sf.
. Unusually Large and Magnificent
Collection of
Tailleur Suits
For Easter
Smart and exclusive models of serge,
gaberdine, crepe eponge, shepherd
checks, wool poplin, silk moire, chiffon
taffeta and silk poplin in prevailing
525, $29.50, $35, $45
Special and unusual values in
Tailored Suits at $19.75
Copies of latest French fashions in dressy and
tailored models, of Serge, Gaberdine, Wool
Crepe and Shepherd Checks.
Your Easter Coat Can Be Selected to Best Advantage From This
Sale of Manufacturers' Surplus and Sample
Coats at $10, $15, $18.50 and $22.50
Broadtail Moire
Crepe Faille
Fancy Eponge
Worumbo Chinchilla
Ripple Cloth
Brocaded Faille
Waffle Checks
Crepe Cloth
Plaid Eponge
Imported Checks
Basket Weave
Faille Silk
French Plaids
Rough Serges
Every Coat in this sale is a carefully made, finely finished garment,
with all the good style, excellent quality and distinctive individual
ity that is so characteristic of Style Shop apparel. Many of them are
exact duplicates, even as to fabrics and trimmings, of imported
models. Others represent the combination and adaptation of the
very prettiest French coat style ideas. The remainder represent
the very best American conceptions.
Coats which should sell regularly for $15
to $45 At $10, $15, $18.50 and $22
NAME MEMBERSHIP TICKET. f Second Vice President Mrs. Gus:
A membership ti ket for officers or j First Vice President Mrs. A. E.
the Woman's ilub cf Hock Island has I Wllliams
v i j i,. t . . i tav Andreen.
been preiafT;J. and will be submitted ,
v 1 I Corresponding Secretary Mrs. C. L.
at the annual meeting of the club i g;jvj:
Apri: 18. The efhrers nominated are: . KePOrdinK Secretary Mrs. E.
President Mrs. T. H. Davis. j Majoney
first Vk President-MIfs Carrie W. j ' ' ... ... , aw4.np,
Directors Mrs. T. E. Newland. Mrs.
George Roth. Mrs. Ralph Dart and
Cree?. I
First Vice President Mrs. Ceorpe '
jrv Mrs. Edward ' ": " " - . . .
i ue annual iiiet-uiiK ur me lino w 111
be held Saturday. April IS at Masonic
t temple, when reports for the year's
I work will also be submitted by the
various officers.
may t!ect from both
officers, for whom they wie:i to cast a'
For Easter
Rectrd:ug Secreta
Ii. Kreis.
Correpondir.K S-cr-';iry Mrs
lard A. Scbaf fier.
Treasurer Mis Josephine Peetz.
Registrar Mrs. E. G. Frazer.
Directors Mr.. C. C. Carter. Mr3.
U. E. Casteel. .Mrs. Hugh E. Curtis CECIL FANNING. BARITONE,
and Mrs. Ceorge Warner. I Cecil Fanning, baritone, who ap-
ActorJins to tbe onxtitution t!i " pears in recital at the Villa de Chantal
club t ie noininaMnr; committee must April Tl. has recently returned from a
prepare one tl' ket to be voted iirn 13 onths' tour during which time he
and any 23 member, cf the club may ave concerts in the principal cities of
preoare oth-r ticket, to be submitted ; e old world, and wherever he ap
at the same time. Member, may vote ! P-arod critics spoke in the highest
, ,..ir Hi ker or theV : terms of his work. Mr. Fanning is ae-
ti'kets tnoss "j - "I'l". '
, corupanist who lias also been tne sing
er's sole teacher. Mr. Tumln adds !
J , . . . mueh to the pleasure or the recital
The ticket prepared bv the nominal- , . . .
. . jwith his explanatory remarks and
he committee i?: , i faultless accompaniments. In speaking
President-Mr. T. R Davis. ; fjf Mf. KanninK 8 work tje Ix)ndonf
- ! Encland. Theatreland says:
'Cecil Fanning, the distinguished
r , - j baritone, has Just returned from an
extensive tour In most of the European i
cities, where lie scored tremendous '
, triumphs on his merits as a concert
! sinper. He Rave his first vocal recital
i of ih:s season at f te htein hall, sing-
li.ir m.'Ii well known sonsn as "Der '
; Wanderer." "Der Krlkonir." and
"Vi:!iir." in German with t-treiisth and
rreal dramatic clinrm. In the air '
f-or i "Orfto" and "Richard Cor ur de ;
I. ion," vibrant music-til voice had
fuil play. He' sang equally well all !
ll rouirli the afternoon, no matter what )
style of son? It was for instance, j
"Dame Durden" and the "Devil's j
Sons" of Reinhard Volker, which is i
most original."
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tayior of South
Rock Inland entertained the Progress
ive r.on c lub. Games wc-re played at
three tables, first prizes facing to Mr.
and Mrs. Carl WIede of Moline. Mrs.
Fred Nussbauni and George lirown,
also of Moll ne. receiving t'le consola
tion favorB. After the games a three-
course dinner was served. The decor-
at lens consisted of nests holding Ilt
t!e chickens and the table centerpiece
was a sri'ia!! basket fll'ed with Easfer
vKX. Mr. aid Mrs. George lownsenu
J of Sears were invited gileats. Mr. and
J Mrs. .Vusihatilii wiil eliterluln the club
in Ihu ueeks.
Bonbons Chocolates !'
When it' a gift you're making,
only the Urst i good enough, l int
it why "44 &nbon nd Choco
lates seem a tittle nicer thn ny
thing else you cn give. 1 liey oie
. alwavs appropriate end alwat
Our supply is always fresh.
Look for thm Red $es Sign
4br Sole Agent
Orra Shipped by Parcel Post
Asfc 'or Baking and Cooking
'Iwiliii. mi rair tirocer's
The civic department of the Wo
man's club of Rock Island has recently
revised its by-laws to conform with
the revised constitution and by-laws
of the Woman's club. Members cf the
department are requested to clip the
appended by-laws and retain the copy.
thereby eliminating the necessity of
having the by-laws published in book
form. The by-laws:
Article 1.
Name The name of this depart
ment shall be the civic department of
the Woman's club of Rock Island.
Article 2.
Object It shall be the object of this
department to arouse general interest
in the welfare of the citizens of Rock
Island, to enJlBt their interest and aid
in bettering general living conditions,
to work for a clean, healthful, and
beautiful city, and to co-operate with
the city government and all organiza
tions interested in the advancement
and betterment of chic conditions in
Rock Island.
Article 3.
Membership Any member of the
Woman's club of Rock Island may be
come a member of this department by
registering her name with the regis
trar, and. a doorkeeper, chosen by bal
sum of fifty- (50) cents for the current
Article 4.
Dues The dues shall be fifty cents
per year payable on or before the an
nual meeting.
Article 5.
Officers The officers of this depart
ment shall be a chairman, a vice-chairman,
a secretary, a treasurer, a regis
trar, and a doorkeeper, chosen t.v bal
lot at each annual meeting, except the
chairman, who shall be nominated by
ballot by the department, and elected
by the Woifian's club at its annual
Article 6.
Term of Ofliee The officers Khali
serve for a period of one year or until
their successors are qualified, the ex
ecutive board to have appointive pow
er to All vacancied in ollice or on com
mittees. Article 7.
Duties of Officers The officers of
tills department shall discharge the
duties tenerally appertaining to their
respective offices.
Article 8.
Executive board and committees-
The executive board shall consist of
the officers and six directors, chosen
by ballot at the annual meeting, and
shall have general management of the
business of this department.
For the furtherance of the work cf
this department there Ehall be the fol
lowing stanading committees, appoint
ed by the executive board: Program,
membership, publicity ' and printing,
and nominating.
The program committee shall con
sist of three members, and shall pro
vide and oversee such entertainments
as are deemed necessary.
The membership committee shall
consist of three members and shall en
deavor to interest all members of the
Woman's club in the work of this de
The publicity and printing commit
tee shall consist of three members,
and shall secure the co-operation of
the public press, and shall prepare and
submit for publication such matters
as will advance the work of. this de
The nominating conip;Ht?e shall
shall consist of five members and
shall place in nomination at the an
nual meeting one or mora available
candidates for each office, including
six directors.
Additional standing committes may
be created as the work undertaken
may require.
Article 9.
Meetings The annual meeting of
this department shall be held on the
second Friday in April of each year, at
which meeting reports from all officers
and standing committees will be re
ceived. Reguar meetings shall be held on
the second Friday of each month, at
3 o'clock p. m., in library hall, or such
place as may be provided by the ex
ecutive board.
Special meetings may be called at
the discretion of the chairman of the
executive board.
Article 10.
Quorum A quorum shall consist of
not less than twenty-five members.
Article 11.
Amendments These by-laws may
be amended at any regular meeting
of the department by a three-fourths
vote, notice of proposed amendment
having been given at the preceding
regular meeting.
New Skirts, Unusual, at $5.00
Serges, French Plaids, Checks, Mistral Cloth, Crepe
Cloth, Granite Cloth, Plaid, Eponge
The hansomest and newest models of the season. Tiers,
tunics and ruffles in their most charming conceptions
ere included. Some are trimmed with taffeta. Eighteen
different new models are included in this sale, and ev
ery prevailing new Spring shade is to be found among
Crepe de Chene
Blouses, $3.98
Value $5
One hundred handsome
crepe de chene blouses in
two very pretty styles'
and in all favored new
shades. Special at $3.98.
3 Where Fashion liefgns
Try cleaning light kid gloves that
will not stand gasoline with French
Eggs to be beaten or cream to be
whipped will fcam more readily if a
pinch cf salt is added.
Black stockings w-ill keep a good
color if always rinsed in blueing
Ouroe o flour, four level table
epoonfuls. Ounce of Butter, two
level tcaspooaful:-:.
Bread Calf's Drains Soak the brains
in cold water until well bleached. Put
in u Etewpan v 1th a tablespoonful of
viuc;?ar. a small sliced onion, a blade
of mace, two or three cloves, salt and
pepper, one-half glass of white wine,
and sufficient water to cover. Let
them simmer for half an hour, and
then take them out to cool and drain.
When cold, slice the brain in thin
slices, dip in egg and seasoned bread
crumbs, and saute in butter or nice
Mushrooms with Bacon Fry a few
slices of bacon. When almost done
turn upon them one dozen or more
gcod sized mushrooms that have been
cleaned in the usual wgy. Fry very
slowly until tender.
Drop Cakes One cup of butter, one
half cup of sugar, two eggs, one small
teaspoonful of baking powder, one pint
of flour, one cupful of washed and
picked currants, one . teaspoonful of
each of extract nutmeg and. lemon, one
half cupful of milk. Rub the butter
and the sugar to a white light cream,
add the eggs and beat ten minutes, add
the flour and baking-powder sifted to
gether, the milk and the extracts. Mix
into a rather firm batter, and drop with
a spoon on a greased baking-tin, bake
in a quick oven ten minutes.
Beet Salad Boil and peel six good
siaed beets; cut off the ends and scoop
out the center, leaving a wall about
one-third of an inch thick. Soak in
vinegar for two hours, then drain and
fill with the following, mixture: one
cucumber, one tomato, one bunch of
celery. one-half cupful of finely
chopped beets, salt, and a dish of cay
enne. Pour over a French dressing
and serve at once.
Rosettes Four eggs, two table
spoonfuls of sugar, a little salt; beat
these together; then add one pint of
milk and flour enough to make a
batter. Dip hot rosette iron in thd
batter and fry in hot fat. Serve with
garnish of currant jelly and top each
with whipped cream.
Fried Corn Cut the corn careful!
from six ears of nice sweet corn. Do
not score, and be careful not to cnt
any of the cob with the corn, but
have each grain separate. Put one
tablespoonful of butter in a frying
pan: put in the corn and fry until
a nice brown, stirring often. Re
move the pan from the Are, &&
half a cupful of hot cream, and silt
and pepper to taste. Serve at once.
Frizzled Beef and Eggs To every
half pound of chipped beef allow half
a pint of milk, one tablespoonful of
flour. Put the butter Into fryini
pan; when hot add the beef and itir
for about two minutes, or until tie
butter begins to brown, then dredji
in the flour. Stir well, add the ml
and a little pepper, and just before
taking from the fire whip in two
well-beaten eggs.
Buy a home of Reidy Bros.
For express, call William TretL
Tri-CIty lowel Supply company
Independent Express Store
R. L 951.
All the
the tlme-rTM
t)u lin
tandard (kin remedy M J
externally instant relief from
e?An the mildest of
SOap keept tender md d
tkia always clean sod healthy
Tlit -MuhIc Students mjrtyed .t i
lUlitful program yesterday at tl.e
n.me of MIkh tjertrude Urantean on
Kaet High street, Davenport. The pro-
Jzjm W 3iissH3 1
p&sjp -ilS T
LjMiMiillri i T - I
r3 i
1 .1 rsm n yt r"3 it TT
UiJJIWI D inl Lid S3
Blade Tan White 1 Oc
- iwiuki uin.

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