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Exclusive Wire
Order Applying to Color
ado is Issued by Pres
ident Wilson.
Proclamation Includes Persons,
Firms and Corporations in
Several Counties.
Denver. Colo.. May 2. Three men
were bnrued to death early today In a
lire that destroyed Watts' saloon and
boarding bouse at Oak Creek mine,
Rontt county, according to reporU re
ceived at the governor's office. The
dead are:
The governor was unable to verify a
report that a woman and child also lost
their live. Watts place was a "hang
out for non-union men. n is saia. it
ii reported that oil was poured over
;he front and back doors before it i
if n: ted.
Washington. D. C, May 2. Under
authority of the president. Secretary
of War Garrison today issued a proc
lamation calling upon the people in
the strike district of Colorado to sur
render all arms and ammunition to
federal army officers In charge of the
troubled localities.
Garrison's proclamation addressed
to Major Holbrook. at Trinidad, is
rcoit sleeping. The demand is to dis
arm not only strikers, but mine
guards. It applies only to localities
wher the United States troops are
present. Receipts will be Issued for
all arms and ammunition delivered.
The proclamation applies to individu
als, firms, associations, and corpora
tions. In explanation of the proclamation.
Garrison said:
"I learn from the commander in
Colorado that the use of "rearms has
been widespread. In the district from
Walsenbnrg south, in the area of 400
miles, there are at least CO mines.
They are located mainly in canyons
difficult to reach. Strikers and sym
pathizers recently organized and arm
d themselves and the operators had
aundreds of mine guards also armed.
Stat troops in certain localities serv
ed to aggravate the troubles. Certain
'.ores in Walsenburg were broken into
by state troops and articles taken.
Conditions In the Canyon City district
are similar to those in the Walsenburg
Proclamation Pleases.
Denver, Col., May 2. Several offi
cials of coal companies and a number
of anion representatives expressed sal ;
isfaction at the proclamation of Secre
tary of War Garrison. District Secre
tary and Treasurer Doyle said: "If the
Proclarntion means that mine guards,
detectives, militia and strikers are to
be disarmed and federal troops are to
maintain peace, the trouble in the
strike zone is at an end."
Trinidad, Col.. May 2. United States
cavalry today took possession of Lud
low. The militia bas moved out.
Still Harass Rockefeller.
New fork. May 2. "Mourners" con
tinued marching today fn front of the
Standard Oil building in lower Broad
way as a protest against the strike in
Colorado, fn which the Rockefellers
interested. Young Rockefeller rev
named at home. Upton Sinclair v.
conspicuous amone the marchers. A
"load of detectives arrested Marie
Ganr, orator of the Industrial Workers
of the World, on a charge of making
tnreats against Rockefeller.
Iowa Defeat Missouri.
Columbia, Mo., May 2. In a dual
trick meet Iowa state college defeated
Ue University of Missouri. Score:
'. 63; Missouri, 62.
Haw Lia Shuck, In Immigration
Service, Dead in a St. Louis
St. Louis. Mo., May 2 The Chinese
quarter was excited today as a result
f the assassination last night of Haw
Un Shuck, a Chinese Immigration of
ficer of the United States. The police
re seeking Chinamen said to have
been sent here from New York or Chi-cago.
1.(03 (ILLS
"r,CI Till p m. Tomorrow, for
Rock Island, Davenport. Molin
and Vicinity.
Unsettled and warmer tonight and
Sunday, probably showers; moderate
winds, mostly southerly.
Temperature it7am, 48. Highest
yesterday. 64; lowest last night. 45
Veolcity ot wind at 7 a. m. 6 miles
per hour.
Precipitation, none.
Relative humidity at 7 p. m 52; at
t a. m., 65.
Stage of water. 5.2 a rise of .1 In last
. nours.
J. M. SHERIER, Local Forecaster.
Evening stars: Mars. Venus, Saturn
Morning stars: Mercury. Jupiter. Plan
et Mars, south of moon. 1 degree and
36 mfnutes; in conjunction with that
luminary In the morning.
Intimated That Fraternity In
tends to Build a Club House
There Soon.
Building Now on Lot Erected in 1840
and Is One of the Landmarks
of the City..
A deal was completed yesterday af
ternoon whereby Rock Island lodge
No. 908, B. P. O. K. come into posses
sion of the old Cobb homestead at'215
Fifteenth street. Connelly & Connel
ly, administrators of the estate, re
fused to make public the financial con.
sideration in the deal. Same Ryer
son, past exalted ruler of the Elks,
and member of the board of trustees,
when Interviewed today, stated that
the fraternity intended to build a new
home on the site though' not In the
near future. A final decision on the
matter is expected to be made at a
meeting Monday night. The present
home of the lodge is leased from UTe
Peter Fries estate.
The old homestead purchased was
built by Benjamin J. Cobb in 1S40 or
thereabouts. This city -was known as
Stephenson at that time, the name be
ing changed to Rock Island in 1841.
The structure was built in colonial
style, with nine spacious rooms and
was considered a mansion at that
time. When completed a celebration
dance was held and attended by many
of the well known early settlers in the
Until the death of Mrs. Cobb in 1S91
the building remained the Cobb resi
dence, and since then it has been in
control of Connelly & Connelly, ad
ministrators of the estate.
Remembered by Major Hawes.
xfatnr C W. Hawes, one of the old
est of native born Rock Islanders, to-
av told of having stood, a Doy ui ,
n th norch of the Cobb home and
witnessing preparations for the exe
cution of Colonel Davenport's murder
ers in 1S45. The county ja
where the execution took place, was
then situated on the alley on Fifteenth
street between Third and Fourth ave
nues. Major Hawes- lamer,
Hawes. was one of the guards and his
uncle. Lemuel Andrews, was sheriff
at the time, and occupied the south
ern half of the Cobb home. Benjamin
Cobb served as a deputy under Mr.
Andrews, who also operated a general
store in the two-story brick building
just north of the Cobb home. This
structure is reported to be the first
brick building in Rock Island.
Dr Patrick Gregg, the pioneer phy
sician, and J. W. Drury. Judg e of the
. . nrt In 1838. occupied bach
elor quarters on the second floor of
this building wnen mey ucBu
professional careers.
Important Meeting Place.
There were very few white settlers
In this county when the mansion was
built and not more than three stores
, ,v, town. Phil Mitchell remem
bers of several instances when city of
ficials met in a room of the southwest
corner of the Cobb home, and trans
acted Important business affecting
the welfare of Rock Island.
Planned to Kill Carnegie.
Kew York. May 2. Three men be
sides Mayor John Purroy Mltchel.
whom Michael P. Mahoney attempted
to kill on April 17, but instead wound
ed Corporation Counsel Polk, were on
the list of men Mahoney had marked
for death, and one of these was An
drew Carnegie, according to the testi
mony of Dr. Manas 8. Gregory of the
psychopathic ward at Bellevue hos
pital at the inquiry Into Mahoney
anlty yesterday.
Charge Dismissed.
The charge of Mrs. Frances Joseph.
1439i Sixteenth avenue, that Charles
Kicbols attacked her last night was
dismissed in police court todar.
i r.Q .
Retirement of Minister
Will Not Affect Peace
Official Word From Rebel Chief
as to Position on Armistice
Is Awaited.
Vera Cruz. Mexico, May 2. That
Mrs. Clara Beckmeyer, a German wo
man, who, according to the uncon
firmed rumor, was mistaken for an
American, was killed by a mob in the
streets of Mexico City April 27, is
news brought here today by refugees.
President Huerta yesterday ordered
the Immediate release of Dr. Edward
Ryan, an American Red Cross official,
who was threatened with execution as
a spy in Zacatecas. The release was
ordered after urgent, personal repre
sentations to President Huerta by Wil
liam W. Canada, the American consul
Huerta telegraphed to Mr. Canada
that he did not know that' Dr. Ryan
was to be put to death, but that he bad
ordered the federal commander at Za
catecas to release him at once and
give him transportation to Mexico City.
From the capital here Huerta prom
ised to send him to Vera Cruz.
Representations in behalf of Dr.
Ryan also were made by Sir Christo
pher Craddock. commander, of the Brit
ish naval squadron in Mexican waters.
through Sir Lionel Carden, Brit'nh min
ister and by the Brazilian minister act
ing for-lhft, United Slates. -
Washington. D. C, May 2. Licenti
ate Esteba Ruiz has been appointed
minister of foreign affairs in the Hu
erta cabinet to succeed Portillo Rojas,
retired. Ruiz was under Secretary
Rojas. He has assisted in the media
tion negotiations, and it is authorita
tively stated the change will not affect
continued progress of the mediation
plans. Ruiz has been referred to as a
probable Huerta commissioner in case
the mediators proposed a commission
representing all parties to the contro
versy. Spanish Ambassador Riano car
ried the announcement of Ruiz's ap
pointment to the Argentine legation.
The mediators were at once called to
gether and a conference began, with
the Spanish ambassador taking part.
The mediators stated that the retire
ment of Portillo Rojas would in no
way affect negotiations.
Awaiting Word from Carranza.
After a conference 'with Secretary
Bryan, Brazilian Ambassador DeGama
said he did not fear any interference
with mediation negotiations as the re
sult of the appointment of Ruiz. The
mediators, De Gama said, were still
awaiting a reply from Carranza to the
armistice proposal, but "No untoward
developments are expected in that di
rection." It was learned that the medi
ating envoys are expecting the arrival
in Washington of representatives of
both Huerta and constitutionalists'
governments. Whether the Mexican
factions would send representatives
was problematical, but the diplomats
hoped to have some one on the ground
with whom they could confer.
Sailors and marines killed at Vera
Cruz will be honored with funeral ser
vices of a national character on the
arrival of the bodies on the cruiser
Montana at New York, it is announced.
A. B. Emery, manager of the Eng
lish-owned mine, reported held for ran
som by federals at Zacatecas. is safe
in Mexico City.
Refugees Return to Homes.
Two hundred refugees who fled from
the mining districts of Sonora have
returned to their former homes there.
Reports tell of the safety of many ref
ugees for whom inquiries have been
made of the state department.
Admiral Howard, on the west coast
of Mexico, reported fighting between
federals and constitutionalists still
continues at Mazatlan, but that condi
tions at Manzanillo are improved.
Shipping along the west coast has
practically been suspended.
Admiral Badger reported today thai
the federal garrison at Tampico bad
been somewhat reinforced, but fighting
ceased yesterday, and had not been re
sumed at midnight last night.
German Army Flyer Killed.
Halberstadt. Germany. May 2.
Lieutenant Meyer of the German army
met his death In an aeroplane accident
oear Halberstadt yesterday. Accom
panied by Lieutenant Niemeler. he was
traveling in a biplane from Doeberiti.
ie machine was upset by a gust of
wind. Niemeier was dangerously injured.
Motion for a Rehearing on
Charge of Forgery Denied
Former Peoria Educator.
Peoria, I II, May 5. Newton C.
Dougherty is a prisoner in the bull
pen in the Peoria county Jail. Judge
T. N. Green yesterday denied Dough
erty's motion for a new trial on the
charge of forgery and sentenced him
to serve one to fourteen years in the
penitentiary at Joliet.
Dougherty asked Howard Tuttle
turnkey at the Jail, to give him a cell
on the second floor, but all were oc
cuoied. and the former president of
the National Educational association
was placed in the big cell where prts
oners of low degree are domiciled.
Dougherty kept his nerve and smiled
throughout his examination in the jail
His money, watch, and all personal
effects except his handkerchif were
removed from his clothing.
Joseph Weil, attorney for Dougherty,
is preparing an appeal to the supreme
court. He was allowed ten days to
prepare his bill of exceptions, but was
denied a stay of judgment by Judge
Green. Sheriff Minor said he would
give Weil time to get a supersedeas
and bond before he took Dougherty to
the penitentiary.
House Judiciary Committee Re
ports on Measure Restrict
ing Big Business.
Washington D. C, May 2. The
house judiciary committee today fav
orably reported the omnibus anti-trust
bill. Chairman Clayton plans to de
fer taking up his duties as federal
judge in Alabama until after the bill
Is disposed of by the house. The bill
includes provisions against interlock
ing directorates, holding companies
and restriction of the power of injunc
tions and restraining orders.
Rebel3 Declare an Important
Battle Will Occur Before
the City Is Taken.
Chihuahua, Mexico. May 1. via El
Paso, Tex. Reports of the evacuation
of Saltillo are premature it is officially
stated here. Rebels expect an import
ant battle before the city is taken and
for this purpose forces are now in ac
tion, for Monterey and Torreon.
Governor and Adjutant Declare
Troops Will Not Be As
sembled at Present.
Springfield, 111., May 2. There will
be no mobilization of the Illinois Na
tional Guard in anticipation of a call
from the federal government for
troops. This was settled today when
both Governor Dunne and Adjutant
General Dickson gave out statements
on the subject, both declaring them
selves opposed to such procedure.
"From present indications there will
be no war with Mexico," said Gover
nor Dunne. "If, unfortunately, war
should arise there will be ample time
to mobilize and season the National
Guard for active duty after the presi
dent has issued the call for troops.
"Mobilization before any call for
troops is made would have the appear
ance of forcing the hand of the presi
dent and would be playing into the
hands of those who want war. even
when war is unjustifiable and un
necessary. "Moreover, mobilization of state
troops at the present time without no
tice to the employers of the men in
the National Guard would occasion
them great loss and inconvenience.''
General Dickson does not look kind
ly upon the suggestion of mobilizing
state troops for the purpose of hard
ening the guardsmen.
"If the purpose of this proposed
state mobilization is tclely the idea
of 'hardening the men for field sei
vice, its purpose would be dereated by
the limitations of our law should
mobilization be ordered by the gover
nor in the absence of a federal call,"
said the adjutant general. "For in the
absence of such federal call for active
service the mobilization would ot
necessity be for instructional pur
poses. 'The impossibility of 'hardening' the
troops in the period of 12 days, which
is the limit possible under the state
law, is obvious. The legal impossi
bility of either paying or subsisting
beyond that limit would necessitate
the return of these organizations to
their home station at the expiration of
the 12 days period."
Three Workmen Are Asphyxiated.
Ottawa. Ill, May 2. John George,
Enrico Macchi and Peter Masama
ghetti, workmen employed by the Mar.
quette Cement company at Oglesby,
were found dead yesterday from as
phyxiation in a tunnel where they
had been dynamiting. George was
foreman of the blasting crew. The
men did .not return from work last
night and a searching party found
their bodies 200 feet from the mouth qj
he tunnel.
In preparation for the coming fire
season In California 110 miles of fire
lines have been built on the Sierra na
tional forest.
Release of James Byington,
Held by Rebels at Campas,
Sonora, Demanded.
Nogales, Aria., May 2. On informa
tion brought by refugees that James
Byington, an American, Imprisoned
nine months at Cumpas, Sonora, with
out trial, is slowly dying of neglect
another protest was sent to constitu
tionalists authorities at Cumpas for
his immediate release. The American
who arrived today said he found the
prisoner half naked, apparently slowly
starving to death and a mental wreclc.
"Byington was moving about a dark
cell like a dumb animal, said the
refugee. "There was a Mexican
charged with murder in the cell with
him. The smell was awful. Byington
could give no intelligent information
about himself as he looked at me with
glassy eyes. I attempted to send
wholesome food to Byington, but the
jefe would not permit him to re
ceive it. He explained 5 cents a day
was provided each prisoner and that
was sufficient."
The state department made demands
that Byington be released or givei a
trial. It is charged that he located a
mine claim near Cuppas, and on the
assumption that papers legalizing the
claim were on the way from Mexico
City, prepared to car ore for ship-
ment. He was arreste don a charge
that he had not established a claim.
The amount involved is said to be less
than $300.
Alarming Reports Concerning
Mail Steamer Due to Con
fusion in Signals.
Tokio. Japan, May 2. Great relief
was felt here at the news from Manila
that the steamer Siberia, reported yes
terday by wireless to have been in
great peril, is safe at Manila. There
has been no satisfactory explanation
of how the alarming reports yesterday
came to be disseminated. Japanese
authorities will investigate.
A despatch' from Manila last night
said Siberia steamed into that port at
11 a. m. yesterday after an Utieventful
voyage, from Nagasaki. Captain Zee
der believed reports that the Siberia
was in distress arose over confusion in
letters of the steamer Persia with
which he bad been in communication.
These letters are .M . S." and they
doubtless were mistaken for the S. O.
S." marine wireless appeal for aid.
The Imports of matches into China
greatly exceed in value any other wood
product. Most of the matches come in
rom Japan. '
Mfnnnriu uni n
Monster Demonstration of
the Day Claimed by Chi
cago Suffragists.
Nation-Wide Celebration
Give Support to Pending
Shafroth Amendment.
Chicago, 111, May 2. Thousands of
women in many oi me larger cmes ui
the country gave active expression ox
their desire for extension of the right
to vote by joining in parades, attend
ing mass meetings and by word and
mouth seeking to advance the cause
of votes for women.
Chicago suffragists, with a marching
column two miles long, claimed the
credit for the monster parade of the
day. ,
The parade, which Is to start at 5
this afternoon, is to be headed by a
squad of mounted police and a detail
of cavalry followed by Grand Marshal
Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout, president of
the Illinois Equal Suffrage association.
Then come the aids. Such of them as
represent political or other organiza
tions will carry banners of their clubs,
This array of triumphal banners U to
be the only demonstration of the kind
in the long line. Women riders will
bring up the rear. Every woman who
can side and who can get a horse has
been urged to come mounted and a
cavalry brigade of more than 100 is
expected to be reining in its steeds
,1 1 ,nIHi Cm.v
to wheel into line before 5 o'clock.
As in the other suffrage parades men
were urged to join the marchers and
many responded. No headgears were
provided for men marchers, but they
will carry flags.
The streets of Philadelphia were en
livened by a parade of suffragists.
New York, St. Louis, Detroit, Indian
apolis, Kansas City and hundreds oi
smaller cities joined in the natlon-V
wide celebration.
No Parade in New York.
New York, May 2. With hundreds
of workers in automobiles and on foot,
suffragists of Greater New York ob
served suffrage day in open air meet
ings in the place ot the annual parade. '
Rochester, Buffalo, Troy, and Syracuse
celebrated much on the order of New
York city. Sixty-five upstate towns
celebrated with parades or in other
Kansas City, Mo, May 2. A big
demonstration for woman suffrage is
taking place today. There will be a
moter car parade this afternoon. -
Pennsylvania Enthusiastic.
Pittsburg, Pa, May 2. A monster
parade of suffragists and a mass meet
ing will be held this afternoon in an ef
fort to arouse enthusiasm ot voters
over the Shafroth amendment to the
constitution, now pending in congress.
Sixty similar demonstrations will be
held in Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Mary A. Severn and Slater Hope
to Reach Century Mark.
Aurora, 111, May 2. Mrs. Mary A.
Severn s of this city and Mrs. Eliza
beth M. Krouskup of Oak avenue, said
to be the oldest twins in Illinois, ob
served their 82d birthday today. The
sisters, long Identified with the de
velopment of Grundy county, are in
the best of health, and friends believe
they will realize a wish to round out a
fui: century. They were born in Ger
many and when they were about 3
years old their parents, Mr. and Mr
George Ader, emigrated to the United
States. The voyage occupied 14 ,
Husband of Calmette Slayer
Challenges His Opponent in -Race
for Chamber.
Paris, France, May 2. Joseph Cail
laux. who was reelected to the cham
ber of deputies last week, hart chal
lenged Fernand D'Aillieres, liberal
candidate for the chamber against
him, to fight a duel, alleging D'AM-
ilerea Insulted voters by posting bills
saying clean electors would refuse to '.
become "accomplices In crime," refer ,
ring to the assassination of Editor j
Calmette by Madame Caillaux, ; 1
: . 1

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