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; Henry County Republican Makes
Announcement With Chal
b lenge to Lorimer.
PreBM've May Have Two Candi-
date for Le8'Jatup In Ech
District In State.
f The latest addition to the ranks of
candidates for the United States sen
ate Is Carl C. Countryman of Buda,
llenry county. He announces his can
didacy as a republican and accom
panies his declaration with a challenge
to William Lorimer to join vita him
1n a Joint debate over the state, wheth
icr or not Mr. Lorimer may be a candi
date himself for the senatorshlp.
Mr. Countryman affirms that he was
"defeated for congress In the Sixteenth
or Peoria district "by the grace of the
gang and the power of gold." He says
he will open his active campaign for
.the senatorship on June 5.
' Sherman in Clay County.
N Senator I-awrence Y. Sherman 13 ex
pected In Illinois In two weeks to be
fa active campaigning. His first
Speech Is to be made in Clay county
Jn the last week In May.
National Committeeman Roy O. West
expressed the Judgment yesterday that
ithe republican party in Illinois is get
Hing ready for a victory In November.
"We have been getting most excel
lent reports from all over the state
"Since the spring elections." Mr. West
:ald. "I have not the slightest hesi
tancy In predicting that the republi
cans will carry the state by between
J5.000 and 100,00-V
The report was around yesterday
that the progressive state organization
would urge the nomination of two pro
gressive candidates in ach legislative
district, following the lead or the dem
ocratic state committee, as expressed
in Its resolution adopted Friday. The
progressive state committee la ex
pected to meet within the coming fort
sight to make plans for the campaign
and to adopt a definite legislative pol
icy. Want Special Committee.
The course of the republicans as to
he legislative contest has not been
determined. A strong element, partic
ularly among the members of the last
legislature, urges that a special com
mittee be named to take steps to have
two house members nominated in each
Legislative candidates began to ap
pear yesterday. John F. Tansey, for
mer secretary of the democratic coun
ty committee, was announced as a can
didate for the democratic nomination
for senator in the Twenty-third dis
trict. Senator Nets Juul, the present
republican incumbent and dean of the
enate, expects to be a candidate for
the republican nomination for con
gress. Williams Seeks Own Office,
r. Washington. D. C, May 5. William
Elza Williams, democratic representa
tive at large from Illinois, has announc
ed his candidacy for reelection. He
Bald he made this announcement In
order to put an end to the efforts to
Induce him to become a candidate for
United States senator.
. Hinebaugh to Run Again,
d Rockford. III.. May 5. William H.
Hinebaugh. congressman from the
Twelfth district, announced to the
Winnebago county central committee
that he would be a candidate for re
nomination on the progressive ticket.
X v -v.? -JJ. 4 v VI
Starr J. Murphy.
Starr J. Murphy is the personal
counsel for the Rockefellers and it is
he, with John D. Rockefeller. Jr., who
prepared the statement that the Colo
rado Fuel & Iron company had volun
tarily met all the points covered in the
demands of the striking miners long
before the strike was called or even
thought of, with the exception of un
ionizing the mines., Mr. Murphy was
the personal attorney for the elder
Rockefeller long before the you'.gcr
entered the business world and prob
ably knows more about the oil king's
business than any other man.
Raymond Richard spent Saturday
with his parents '.a Ka3t Moline.
Mrs. George Griffin of Moline Is vis
iting her sister. Mrs. W. L Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bruner have op
ened an Ice cream parlor in the east
end of town.
Norman Tarrants has returned to
his home in Moline after a three
weeks' visit with his grandparents
Mr. and Mrs. George Tew.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Hull and chil
dren have moved their household
goods to Colchester, 111., where they
will locate.
Miss Neva Asklew of Tort Byron
visited . Sunday with Miss Christina
A son arrived at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Forney Sunday, April
Lewis Reeves, John Reynolds, Ralph
Cooper and James Grimm motored to
the tri-cities Thursday.
Clarence OberstaHer, Bock Isl
and Boy, Writes Prom
U. S. Warship.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Oberstaller. 1323
Twenty-fifth street, have received a
letter from their son. Clarence, who Is
a seaman on the U. S. battleship
Georgia. It was written April 26,
when the boat waa on the way to the
Mexican coast and waa mailed at Key
West, where the Georgia waa due
Thursday. The letter says:
"When we left Boston the whole
navy yard was packed with people to
see ua off. They say It was the big
gest crowd of people ever In the navy
yard. They had the police keeping
them back so they would not fall over
ths dock In the water.
"We have two chaplains on the ship.
We are taking them to Mexico with
us. Yesterday noon one of our ships
went to New York to get a bunch of
marines to take down to Mexico. That
ship was 85 miles behind us. She la
making 15 knots an hour and we are
making 124 knots an hour. She Is
suposed to catch up with us before
we reach Key West, We are down
where It is starting to fcet good and
warm. We are still wearing our blue
suits, but I guess by tomorrow we will
have our white suite on.
"I am in the landing party. All the
landing party will go on land and
fight. They will only let a few stay
on the ship, because all the fighting
will be cn land. If I get killed, which
I hope I won't, I will die for my coun
try anyway, bo don't worry about me,
I will be all right. I don't think I will
hardly have the heart to kill a Mexi
can, but if I don't shoot him first he
will thoot me, that is the way I look,
at it. I'll have the heart all right1
when I get down to it.
"One of the officers had the whole
bunch of us lined up and asked us
who did not want to go on land and
fight. There were only three of our
bunch who did not want to go. Of
course, they have to go anyway. He
t-.-s Just trying us out to see who of us
were cowards. I won't be able to write
to you very often, but I will write
whenever I get the chanco. If I ever
come back home I will have some very
interesting things to tell you. We have
about six days before we reach Mex
ico, and it may he all settled I-y that
Imaginary Heart Trouble.
'- Do you have pains in the region of
the heart? Does your heart thump?
Its terrible pounding alarms you? What
1st wrong? Do you believe these symp
toms mean heart trouble? Organic dis
eases of the heart very seldom occa
sion much pain. Nearly all of these
pains are caused by some derangement
of the stomach. Meritol Tonic Digest
ire Is especially recommended for in
digestion and dyspepsia, and for re
storing the stomach to its normal func
tions and no more "heart disease.
H. O. Rolfs, Rock Island, 111., exclusive
agent (Adv..)
w tM;i i blunt
If yon have
bY c k a c h e,
h e a d a c h e,
toiiach dis
orders and.'
other annoy-
lng Ills, knew
t right glasses
might mean
to you In
better health,
you wouldn't
waste a min
ute is coming 'here for ku ex
Three In ten persons wear
glasses seven in ten need
But the need Isn't apparent
because the neglect of our eyes
has grown Into a habit.
If you have the slightest
suspicion that glasses mTght
help you, let our scientific ex
amination make sure.
J. Ramser's Sons
We fit and recommend Torle
Mayor Mueller Assumes Stand "I
will refuse to vote for any prohibition
ist, no matter if he is on the republi
can ticket More than that I will not
work for anybody of prohibition prin
ciples," said Mayor Alfred Mueller in
addressing a crowd of 000 people at
the May festival of the German-American
alliance held at Northwest Daven
port Turner hall. The mayor's state
ment came as a big .trprise to many
of his listeners, for although he had
been supposed to be on the wet side
in sympathy he has never been known
to take such a decided stand in op
position to the dry element, which is
known to compose a large part of the
local republican strength Mayor Muel
ler gave his address in German. Mayor
Mueller's address followed a gymnas
tic program by the actives of the
Northwest Davenport Turner society
and several vocal numbers by the
Ladles' Singing section of the Daven
port Turnegeinde. the Davenport
Maennerchor and the St. Joseph Maen-nerchor.
Dismisses Suit vs. Pullman Co.
Mary B. Kulp. plaintiff in the case
of Mary K. Kulp versus the Pullman
com-pany, in which 330 damages are
asked for the loss of a suit case, filed
a motion for dismissal of the euit, set
tlement having been made out of
Woman's Club Incorporated Arti
cles of Incorporation of the Davenport
Woman's club were filed with County
Recorder Frank Holm, incorporating
the club for a period of 50 years. Ac
cording to the articles the object of
the club is "to promote social and
mental culture, to further education
anil to make itself a power for good in
the community? The annual election
of the club will be held in second Mon
day in each year, the first meeting to
fall next Monday. The incorporators
are Mary Harrison.Snlder, Emily R.
Coleman. Helen II. "Watzek. Mabel
Martin Hall, Ida Barnes Hutchens.
Bessie Day Kerker. Ida K. Priester
and Adah Elizabeth Wright
Groom Speaker at Ad Banquet j
"Some Waste In Advertising ana now
to Prevent It" will be the subject of
the address by J. K. Groom, advertis
ing manager of the Aurora, 111., Beacon
News, who will deliver the principal
talk at a meeting of the Daenport
! Ad Men's club Thursday night at the
Commercial club. Mr. Groom Is a
veteran of 32 years' experience in the
advertising field, having entered the
business on the old Gazette in Dav
enport. From here he went to the
Rock Island Union, and in 1885, to
gether with P. S. MeGlynn, bought out
the Moline Dispatch. Since severing
bis connection with that paper he has
been connected with the Portland Ore
goniar and the Aurora Beacon News.
An offlrlal of the Canadian Grand
Trunk railm-ay is also expected to be
a speaker at the meeting to talk-on the
national convention of the Associated
Advertising Clnbs of America, of
wbirb the local club Is a member.
Army of Tramps Slumber In Jail
The cells of the Davenport police sta-
tion bartered 175 hoboes during the
t month of April, according to the report J
made by Chief Schramm. This is an
exceptionally large number for spring
time, but the wild rush for accommo
dations in the Hotel De Schramm may
be accounted for by the fact that April
was decidedly chilly and that park
benches were not set out until a late
date. The police made 203 arrests in
April, of which 90 were state offenses
and 113 city
Eight Smallpox Victims Freed The
house at 1104 Harrison street, in
which eight smallpox victims were
found several weeks ago, was ordered
released from ' rantlne by Health
Officer John Mullen. It was feared for
a time that Davenport would be swept
by a smallpox epidemic, but Mr. Mul
len announced that the situation was
well under control. That this city's
method of dealing with smallpox is an
excellent one was evidenced when
Health Officer Mullen received a let
ter from the health authorities at Nia
gara Falls. N. Y., in which they stated
that work in Davenport had been call
ed to their attention. Particulars were
asked as to the method of handling the
disease in this city, together with
statistics .as to number of cases and
Woman Demanda Damages of City
Mrs. Margaret Pillion filed claim for
$425 damages against the city. Mrs.
Pillion 6tates that on Feb. 14 she
slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk on
the north side of Park Lane, as a re
sult of which she was confined to her
home for eight weeks. During this
entire time she was under the care of
h physician.
Offers $10,000; $20,000 Raised-
Very Rev. J. T. A. Flannagan, pastor
of the Sacred Heart cathedral, an
nounced that a friend of the pariah
had offered a donation of $10,000 pro
vided the parish had paid in $20,000 by
Jan. 1, 1915. towards the erection of
the new parochial school on East
Eleventh street, north of the church
property. Already $20,000 has been
subscribed by 40 or 50 members of the
parish, so that the prospects of re
ceiving the donation the first of next
year are most encouraging.
Notable Singer la Coming Here
Building Materia!
America's Best .Pudges
IBuy of
Gordon-Van Tine's real success has come from
having values so good that they have been approved
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county and township in this nation. We believe that
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the reason must be that no one has such qualities and
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at $209
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Quality Doors, 2-8x
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SX. Panel. 2-8x6-8. IK
"A" Quality Doom.
at M
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Composition Rubber Roof-Ina-.
108 sq. ft. (one roll).
UK : two ply. 95c.
ROOFING. Guaranteed to
trear 7 to 12 years; used on
6H.0OO building now. Per
roll (in. q. ft.. ll ply.
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necessary nails and ce
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clean, briarht stock. 4 feet in
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Pr eaa
single strength . $1-24.
2-Liffht. 40xM and 16. H
check, top leaded..... 3.90
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On?l Srrwwi
r hinmm, ptjtl sitriny book
and r and asxewa. Ja
aanaoH Hnih , . tO.tfi
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broan ioor Taal
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6 tana Saab llaaaara.
r trt 10
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lndow . . c artd up
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4owm . . 51.47andwp
A Screened
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"Quality" Wall Board, per 100
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Come and see samples of all kinds
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Remember the Proof of Quality
Time is the real test of quality. So that we point
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For 49 years the U. N. Roberts Co. has stood for the best in its
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Gordon-Van Tine Co.
The coming of Leon Rice, the eminent
New York tenor, to Davenport for two
free song recitals to be given at St.
John's M. E. church on Tuesday and
Wednesday are events in musical cir
cles not to be. duplicated In import
ance. It is seldom an artist of inter
national repute, such as Mr. Rice, is
heard in concert program in a church.
The public is Invited to hear this dis
tinguished artist
Priester Hurt on Steamboat Adolph
Priester. state manager of the Ger-
mania Life Insurance company, Is
confined to his home as the result of a
painful accident which befell him Sat
urday evening. While on the steamer
Helen Blair, about to leave the Daven
port levee for Keokuk, Mr. Priester
slipped and fell in such a manner that
he sustained a severe fracture of the
left shoulder joint. Something over
a year ago, Mr. Priester met with a
similar accident in which the right
arm was severely fractured.
Motorcycle Struck By Auto While
riding his motorcycle Ross George, 322
East Second street, was run down by
a speeding automobile driven by Si
mon Ziffera, at the corner of Third
street and Western avenue. George
was thrown to the pavement with ter
rific force under the motorcycle. Zif
fera was placed under arrest, but was
l.:tei released. Some Ume ago he was
arrested for speeding, according to
the police, and it is likely that prose
cution will follow the episode of yes
terday. Another accident occurred at the
corner of Fourth and Brady, when Ben
Reidenbacker. C01 Clark street, was
run down by an auto driven by W. E.
Alberton, residing at 118 Eighteenth
street, Rock Island. The victim was
slightly bruised about the body but
his injuries are not considered serious.
Licensed to Wed Frank Grunsky
and Juliana, Yantschi, both of Daven
port, and' John H. Hilscrick of Prov
idence, R. I., and Isabella F. Bryant of
Salo, Me.
Obituary Record George W. Mc
Meekan, 4 years old, died of appendi
citis at Mercy hospital. He was the
son of Mr. and Mrs. J. McMeekan of
Matherville, 111. The boy was born
in Matherville on July 11, 1910.
Jack Potter, 43 years old, a student
at the Palmer school of chiropractic
died at his home, S21 Brady street.
Mr. Potter came to Davenport last De
cember from York, Neb. . He is sur
vived by his wife, Mrs. Delia Potter.
Mrs. Louis Fromme, for many years
!a resident of Walcott, died at thj
home of her daughter, Mrs. Lnan
Uimm in sunDury. mo ;(
taken to Walcott.
All the news all the time The Ar.ni
Bingo Takes
Off Calluses
Wear your sfcofj
rial; n: way. ,0,l!7
pain or burolo
Onlr . "OT'.JS
ixiin and quick 17
mores wor eoret
dilltites, no
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euttlng wlta "75
tt blood poison. A
a3s . u!'""u-7r-. am
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Store, 167 Swood Ai. fAJ A.aa
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ll llllilM
JheXbmJ) T75&Wmft?n ' Black Tan White 10r
y TigDAixnr Hamilton. Cot"'

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