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Reputation of Notorious Place
oa Twenty-Fourth Street
Responsible for Action.
Attorney MeEniry Speak in Behalf of
Petitioner and Brewery Agent
Mayor Favor Permit.
and Sure
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Says City Is in the Grasp of
Monopoly Whose Terms
Must Be Accepted.
Provided That Police Protection
Given Property of Peoples
Power Company.
Wk vmv.r TV - y
Tie city commissioners at their reg
l meeting at the council rooms
tft-Jy afternoon a pain refused to
Ljrt a ticense to Robert Welch for
te Ba2l0 saloon at 31S Twenty-
f'i&urta street. An en on wa3 maae oy
itortey William MeEniry. represent-
Mr. Welch and J- J. Taxman, the j
icent for a brewery, to prevail J
p-rt the council to reconsider the
tatter an chanpe the decision made
K m Informal session last week, when
Ewu decided to refuse a permit to the
'e reputation of the Buffalo stood
jiaisst it. according to the opinion
cwessed by the majority of the com
cisslonert and the proposition of
ptntiag license did not come, to a
Attorney McEn'-ry discussed the mat
ter from a legal standpoint. He stated
ttu riace ,h council had refused to
pant tie license on account of the
pablic sentiment against the place, the
tottmissloners. as fr iuau im m,
were interpreting the law as the
tiisk it should be, rather than what
Mr. MeEniry went on to explain that
Mr. Welsh's father owned the building
fa which the saloon was located. He
said there cou'.d be no objection to
i Mr. Welch personally, ana mat we ap
I pUcaat tad complied with every legal
I requirement.
Wiat is tne reason ims license js
Eis Mother Says She Gives
Eim Father John's Medi
cine to Build Eim Up
KMdBU Starr
During a recent interview, Mr. Jo-
seph Jlercier, of 253 Walker street.
lell. Mass.4j5aid to the writer: "My
little boy, Clifford, now seven years
old has taken Father John's Medicine
"henever be had a cold or cough, ever
rcce he was two years old, and it
535 never failed to give good results.
TV Cnd that the medicine stops the
Theezlng, and he used to cough badly
t night and he does not do it when
e give him Father John's Medicine.
TTe believe that Father John's Medi
cite gives him increased weight and
ftrength, and we know that while tak
fcflt he always gains in weight. We
o:ld not be without it In the house,
tLd strongly recommend Father
Join's Medicine to mothers of chil
firen who are weak and run down.
S ''H1IIMH vJ""" 'i ,.''.iH''"iiii ' 1 if r
This "Fireless Cooker" Oven
What It Means to the Cook
First, aM'rAw.aloneenouRh torecom
ttetdit. The method of insulation keeP
tot bet in the m en cd ont of t he 1: itel ben. J bo
edes Mv1Eg iueU With the THERMOS, oven
n bcrcer does the work of two.
Too caa hv otelc. lutes fceat or
J b1 tr!y, Jut a toi reed it. Or
"caa be seated. o t!it heat U retained
thoat any lire, making lh mot p r
ectSreie, cooker ever invented n toe
Be tr.at U ctt.rx to bm.
Otivr dvimitta are. a eab!ne top
a apacioua waririo? abelf. pace
"ck of the burner to keep I"o1 hot. a
fecial brotVr. anl an extra capacity oil
ervoir vrua gea gauge.
la a:j a range that cannot eoined
eonvenietKe. rotnl'.rf atxi economy.
Out lini away tha oread of working IS
tot kachea. .
1oi nwet PERFECTION can he
e at your deaier'. who "i'-i srlaniy
eaoatia-e. Von will know tt by In
J'"'tir Trm4 Mart. Ha h tnr
U-Kt k.CTl,K range, alao.aacb r't"
s. baainc. brolhcc. boilir.B or toatilns?
l!noot hearing P the kitcjien. .
5-cett to cover poataare ana w
Mail yoa a
ValaaMe. 7t-Pas Cook Book
Taa Stmmimri Oil Cepaar. Oiicaso. CL
Laa WblASA. ooiivataI ltJ
General and Mrs. Hugh L. Scott.
This picture of the army's new assistant chief of staff and his wife
was taken in Washington a few days ago, and shows the old warrior In citl
sen's clothes. General Scott will become army chief of staff on the retire
ment of General Wotherspoon this falL
not granted," demanded Mr.. MeEniry.
"M$. Welch is entirely within the lav
In regard to his petition. The thing
for the commission to do is to issue
the license and then revoke it if the
saloon is not properly conducted."
Mayor Favors Permit.
Mayor Schriver stated he was in
favor of granting the license on two
conditions. "When this matter was up
at Informal session several days ago
I voted for it," he explained. "I have
not in the past and in the present in
stance, am not guided by public opin
ion solely. If Mr. Welch will cut off
all connection between the bar and the
upstairs of the place, and if he will not
conduct a hotel or rooming house, but
leave vacant all of the building with
the exception of the saloon, I will con
sider the license.
"I see no reason why the place
should be confiscated on account of its
past reputation, but I feel that I would
not consider any applicant but Mr.
Welch, as his father owns the place.
I know Mr. Welch and his character is
exce'lent. '
Mr. MeEniry, following the stand ex
pressed by the mayor, conferred with
Mr. Welch, and the latter agreed to
comply with the restrictions made by
the mayor.
The mayor further stated: "I see no
reason why the p ace, even though it
for years map have been breaking the
crdinances, could not be conducted in
an orderly manner."
Commissioner Archie Hart asked to
1 hear from City Attorney Witter on the
matter. The city attorney explameu
to the council that he has always
held the commissioners had a right to
refuse a license where the past repu
tation of the place had been bad.
Commissioner Jonas Bear expressed
his opinion on the matter. He stated
that he knew both Mr. Taxman and
Mr. Welch, and was friendly to both.
He aid that he knew the applicant to
be a man of clean character, and that
there is no one he would rather see In
the Place than Mr. Welch. He said.
that as Jong as ne was
by law he wouia u
Bt.t Coot-I T Et Jjf
?. ai'
r " -iff.' " -i
I - . ' '- - i
- ft "
T,rT, vf W FFRrr.CTIO I Kr
2T.h.. work .1 '"'
coa.enl.nt '' h
I! :Ti.w TiKl tc-rio or
0 For Best Reu!U
against the license on account of the
reputation of the place.
Not Put to Vote.
The matter was not put In the form
of a motion, and the question never
came to a vote. After a time Mr. Me
Eniry. Mr. Taxman and Mr. Welch
withdrew from the council chamber.
It will be recalled that the Buffalo
was c rosed last fall following a reform
wave. The license was revoked, and
since that time it has been unoccupied.
The council at an informal session last
week refused to grant the permit to
Mr. Welch.
To Extend Sewer.
C. M. Gannon appeared before the
council and asked that the commis
sioners extend the Thirty-fifth street
sewer to his home on Fifteenth ave
nue. He stated that he recently pur
chased the property and was paying
assessments on the improvvement.
The sewer, however, ended In an alley
between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth
streets, 120 feet from his property. He
asked that something be done about
the matter. It was voted to extend
the sewer to a point in front of his
John Donley, Released, Nabbed,
Is Tried, Released Again and
Pinched Second Time.
John Donley, who yesterday was re
leased from the county jail. arreBted
again two hours iter, tried early in
the afternoon, released on payment of
a fine of 13 and costs on a charge of
drunkenness, was arrested a second
time during the 'afternoon on a com
plaint of having been intoxicated.
Donley was nabbed by Officer
Charles Ginnane on both instances.
His first arrest occurred at 8 o'clock
in the morning, on Fourth avenue. At
1:30 o'clock In the afternoon he was
tried in police court. At 4 o'clock ti
the afternoon he was arrested la front
of the New Harper house and placed
in the city jail.
This morning when arraigned be
fore Police Magistrate Smith he plead
guilty to the charge.
He was fined $5 and costs on a city
complaint, and In default of the as
sessment was given employment in
the city hall, aiding In spring clean
ing. ORION
Henry O'Leary. who recenuy com
pleted a course of pharmacy In Chi
cago, has taken position in a drug
store in Aledo.
The Jessie Colton Theatrical com
pany gave two very interesting plays
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to
crowded bouses. They left Thursday
morning for Maquon, 111.
A. E. Trask of Galesburg mad
visit in Orion Friday.
The Btreed family gave a concert in
Nekoma Friday evening to a crowded
Miss Sylvester has returned to her
home dn Woodhull after a few days'
visit with Miss Merle Larson.
Misses Peterson and Mondon and
Professor Nolan attended tha Hen
ry county high school meet whlcn
was he'd in Kewanee Friday.
They were accompanied by the
following pupils: Mlsse Gail South.
Lola Swanson. Glen Sheesley. Oeorge
Richardson. Elmer Peterson, Fred LI
bee. Forrest Wayne, Reuben Bowman
and Chester Gustafson.
Miss Dlxey Laughlin of Chicago has
joined the Jessie Colton Theatrical
company for tb summer season.
Vigorous opposition to the terms of
the proposed electric light contract
with the Peoples Power company de
veloped at the meeting of the city com
mission yesterday afternoon. Com
missioner R. R- Reynolds declared the
city had long been in the grasp of a
monopoly and that the city in the last
analysis was forced to accept what
ever terms the company cared to of
fer. Commissioner Reynolds was espe
cially displeased with a provision re
ferring to police protection for the
company s property, "wny snouid tnis
concern specifically ask for 'protec
tion' any more than a private party."
he demanded. "It is the duty of the
city to give this concern the same de
gree of protection that is accorded the
individual, and no more or no less. I
am Inclined to think this clause con
tains a 'Joker.'"
"The city of Rock Island has the
best street lighting contract of any
town in the state," declared F. W.
Reimers. general superintendent of
the power company, who was present
in the hope the contract would be form
ally closed in order that the innova
tions, planned under the new agree
ment, can be inaugurated at once.
"Don't you think this is a good con
tract," asked Mr. Reimers of Commis
sioner Reynolds.
"I'll answer no." replied the offi
cial. "If I thought It was. do you sup
pose I would be fighting it? Just what
does this provision mean, requiring the
city to give police protection to the
light company's property? What
property is meant?"
"Why, it merely means the lights.
replied Mr. Reimers. "This clause has
been in all of the former contracts
with the city and is In the new agree
ment with the city of Moline. In the
past, the police have been required to
guard against the destruction of our
lights by boys. However, if this feat
ure of the contract is to prevent its
being signed. I suggest that it be
His suggestion was followed a'id It
was taken from the contract.
Might Want Change. r
Commissioner Reynolds also object
ed to a clause providing that no tax
be imposed on poles of the company
and also a proviso that the present
equipment cannot be changed during
the life of the present contract which is
five years. He referred especially to
placing the wires of the company un
derground and declared he did not pro
pose to tie up his successors in office
to any such kind of agreement.
Suppose within the next few years, j
the city decided to eliminate all over
head wiring," argued Commissioner
Reynolds. "Do you think It wise to
take an action now which will prevent
this highly desirable plan to be car
ried out in the future? As it is now the
PeoDles Power company tells you if
you don't like its electricity, use its
gas and if you don't like its as, use
a candle.
So much objection developed to the
contract and the hour being late
an adjournment of the commission was
taken until 3 o'clock this afternoon
Shipwrecked Sailors Marry.
San Francisco. May 12. News of the
French bark La Tour de Vergune,
which was wrecked last year on Lord
Palmerston's island in the South Seas,
was brought here by the British bark
Antlope. Several of the shipwrecked
men had married native women and
were content to remain.
All tne
news all the time The
'Pecan Caramels
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has made an instant hit.
You know how goodje4
caramels always are.
These are enriched by
choice pecan nut-meats.
The combination is irre
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Bonbons Chocolates
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Conduct Business With
Free Hand.
General Funrton Closes All Gambling
Houses In City Held by
His Force.
Vera Cruz, May 12. Emilio Rabassa,
Augustin Rodriquez and Louis Elguero,
the three peace commissioners appoint
ed ly President "Huerta to represent
him at the Niagara Falls conference,
sailed today for Havana, en route to
Key West. They are clothed with full
powers, nominally at least, to sign any
agreement or convention.
The Mexican senate, in a resolution
approving President Huerta's nomina
tions of the three commissioners, con
ferred "full power and ample authority
to judge, counsel, carry on business,
and sign any agreement or treaty
Many prominent Mexicans here, how
ever, are not inclined to regard this
broad authority as real. Others believe
that Huerta has instructed the com
missioners to place no insurmountable
objections to an amicable adjustment
tne aimcuuies witn tne Lnnea
States, believing that the failure of
the negotiations might result in push
ing American intervention, which they
feel would not unite factions but force
Huerta to fight alone. , ,
Fear No American Advance.
It Is the general opinion here that
Huerta entertains no fears of an ad
vance of the American forces until af
ter the South American diplomats have
concluded their workT This theory is
supported by reports brought by Amer
icans arriving from Mexico City, who
say that General Mass is evidently
only holding outposts for observation,
and that he is not concentrating or in
trenching his force to resist an ad
vance. Those skeptical of the good faith of
Huerta's participation in mediation de
clared that he clothed his commission
ers In the broadest powers to make
show of a record before the world of
having done all in his power to reach
a settlement.
Mexico City newspapers continue to
make bitter attacks on the United
States. Alleged copies of the Ameri
can articles of war are being publish
ed in the capital to inflame the public.
They - represent American military
practices as most cruel. The news
papers of the capital also are still in
sisting that the United States is vio
lating (the armistice.
Vera Cruz Schools Opened.
Four schools opened here yesterday
with native instructors and the same
machinery as before the occupation by
the American troops. If the experi
ment of opening these four schools is
successful. General Funston plans to
of the city. This plan is in line with
his policy to gradually restore all local
Institutions under Mexican law.
Natives awoke to the realization to
day that American occupation had add
ed a new holiday to the long list pre
vailing in Mexico. Many Americans
appeared yesterday wearing white
boutonnleres, and today natives learned
that they had been observing "Moth
er's day" under edict cf General Fun
ston following President Wilson's proc
lamation. Vera Cruz Is free of gambling today,
probably for the first time In centur
ies. This vice was wiped out by Gen
eral Funston's orders, which became
operative today.
Kills Himself on a Train.
Minto. N. D.. May 12. The body of
James MacLlealand s.t Glasgow. Scot
land, was found In the toilet room of
a sleeper of a Great Northern train
when it arrived at the station here
yesterday. He had cut his throat with
a razor. MacLlealand was engaged in
making an Investigation of the rapid
transit conditions of the United
States and Canada, as compared with
those of England and Scotland.
Dr. W. D. Chapman and family are
visiting relatives at Whitehall, 111.,
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Klebe and little
daughter arrived home from a visit
with Mrs. Klebe'B parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Gust Krapp, Sr., and other rela
tives and friends at Coal Valley, last
The recently elected school board
of SilviB met in regular session Tues
day evening. This was the first meet
ing since election.
Mrs. Eugene Lund has arrived home
from a several days' visit at the home
of her sister, Mrs. Stuart, and her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Coon, of
Coal Valley. V
Little Matilda Schmidt and mother,
Mrs. Charles Schmidt, have rurned
home from a visit at Iowa City.
Mrs. Loyal M. Thompson is visiting
her parents' at Capron, 111.
Mrs. A. C. Hansen has as a guest
her brother of Fairdale.
There will be a literary program
at the McKinley school next Friday
afternoon given by the seventh grade
Miss Margaret Shaughnessy has ar
rived home from a visit with rela
tives at Chicago.
The parent teachers meeting given
at the McKinley school last Friday
evening was well attended and it
was a very pleasant and profitable
Miss Mary Shepherd wilt, be the
next hostess to the Kensington Em
broidery club.
Word nas been received here by
friends that Mr. and Mrs. David Stout,
now of Marshalltown, Iowa, and for
merly of Silvis, are the parents of
triplets, two boys and a girl, who ar
rived last week. They were welcom
ed by three sisters and two brothers.
Mr. Stout was formerly employed as
a boilermaker here.
One of the more generally used
types of incandescent electric lamps
bears ' the name of Mazda, an early
Aryan spirit of all eood glorified as
the god of light.
t 11
Everybody Wants Fresh, Hot
It's real pop-corn "at last! The best you
ever tasted. Nothing but the big, fluffy, white
flakes of the best corn grown;
crisp, crackling, clean.
Popped in a wonderful machine that
automatically removes all burnt grains
or 'bachelors," and that butters every
kernel iust rieht. AH without a toucn
of the hand. Come in and see it work."
Only best quality creamery butter used.
You'll like "Butter-Kiita big,
generous bag for 5c. u -
The Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Opposite Harper House, Rock Island.
the World"
At AO Druggists, 10c, 2Sc.
O. E. tfocum, Galva Banker,
Who Expired Suddenly, Le
nient With Debtors.
Orrin E. Tocum, reputed to be tha
wealthiest man in the vicinity, died
suddenly at nis Dang at utu. ouuuj.
It appears that he had gone to the
bank about 10 o'clock and was engaged
in reading his mail, when the fatal ill
ness, evidently heart failure, attacked
Mr.. Yocum had for practically a lift
time been identified with Galva, for
the family came to the city in an early
day. ' The bank of which Mr. Yocum
was owner was originated by his fath
er in 1865 and has since been main
tained as one of the solid financial in.
stltutions of that section of the state.
By. prudent and careful investments
Mr. Yocum lhad obtained large wealth.
As a banker it la id of him that he
never pushed a debtor to the wall, and
that In his long experience there was
but a single instance where a mort
gage was foreclosed.
The Investments of Mr. Yocum were
largely In lands in Illinois, Iowa and
California. He was, moreover, a large -stockholder
in the Hayes factory, and
th owner of the Mulford Heuter com
pany. In addition to the bank in Galva
he maintained one in Eurila, Iowa.
The funeral services will be held i
the home on - Northwest and Fifth
streets at 2 o'clock Wednesday after
noon. n n n nTTTI
Nature is calling for assist
ance and it is needed quickly,
but it must be the right kind.
has for over 60 years been rec
ognized as a specific remedy for
Stomach, Liver and Bowel His.
Pop-Corn !

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