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Wild Bob Barman in His Racing Machine
Great Automobile Race Meet
World's Greatest Drivers and Fastest Cars
Exposition Park Rock Island
Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16 and 17
"The Speed King" and Dirt Track Champion. .
Winner of the Vanderbilt and Holder of 200 Mile Record.
;shcp Edmund M. Dunne Puts
in a Busy Day in
Cuet cf Fatner C. P. O'Neill at Sacred
Hea-t Rectory During Hi
: .... 1
Stay in City.
7." ronfrr.-.ej an mom-
.:in Catholic church by
i M. Pi:nr.t on hi. vis!;
r-l.r J.iv. Two y-ar3
nee f.'.s last vi-:f
the- s.nramotit o.'
yvr -p were
yr of i f !i'
w tti f i: :v
Sit ir.:-' er.
Tie arrived in the city Sat
ordav Ter.:.:,: ftoppol at l:
5acrl H-.irt rr.!..ry. po!ns to Dr. J
B. CuIeaiS"' cl-urcli in Moline to con-
Sj-.:ay mprr.:r.g. litre a
irm t "
c'.ij cf 213
him. Tr.e ris
frrred the -'-
part in the c-ri
Heart rr.arcn.
1 lci a i repared fo:
; said V.o mass, con- j
n: r.Tnrne.! To f.V.el
n!es at the Sacred
I'r.-niptly at lOrCO the
"Wild Bob" Burraan. who will ap
pear with Ralph K. Mulford, Tom Al
ley, Kddie O'Donnell and a field of
seven or eipht of the best auto driv
ers in the United States at the Exposi
tion park in Hock Island next Friday
land Saturday, is universally known as
-.-osiin of c.i'.tiTi-a moved from th
rectory, followed clergy and t:ie
b hop". Sole mi :.'-ch mas -was sunt:
tr rat-r-r Canr.c:.. a.-isti-J t.y fathers
O Ccr-aell. Hoivu.-t. A"a.Ti ln V.' in
fier. Geyer and Kt '.:y ar,J the rector.
rVj("T After the rr.asi the
whcp oonfirai'ed a :a-s of 115. cf-The Speed KinK." lie is the only
j -r ai converts. n:an llvinS wno has v'r ridden faster
. . c. ;than 140 miles per hour. Barman re-
t5 at St. Jcepn a. j ctnllr lowcred the 100 mile dirt track
After dmnt-r. the t.sh.p was driven record by poinR the distance at Kala
to ?: Johep'.. s tlr.irc'u w :;-t. Dear. . niazoo six minutes fater than the best
Quicn had a c!a- i f 0 a-va::ia? !::m J previous mark. He made he distance
and -here cor.nrr.ia.icn wa.- a.pain aa-Mn his Teugeot in 94 minutes and 29
mia-stered. The b:hop tatn proceed- seconds.
e to St. Paul's and here confirmed a
cla-s of ?0 prepared by Father Hol
Tcet. The last stop was at St. Mary's
wh?re the new pu.-tor. Father Kluck,
had another c'.ss-- of 4' After the
ceremoLy. the fct.-hop returned to thr?
Sacred Heart rectory and departed
this morr.ing for Chuaco.
i he I'eufteot is the trench car
which has been the wonder of Europe
for the past two years. It won the
Indianapolis race in 1913 with Jules
Goux as pilot. This year on Decora
tion day it finished second to the lie
lape driven by Kene Thomas. Driving
his Peugeot at Hock Island. Burm:.n
ill attempt to. break track records
and he will also be seen- in a spirited
drive apain.st Uilpli Mulford in one of
the most interesting races ever staged
in or around the tri-cties.
ISurman holds the world's record on
dirt tracks for one, 10, 15, 25 and 100
Buram nah driven the fastest mile
ever seen in the tri-clties. A few years
ago in his Blitzen Benz, he circled the
Davenport mile track in 52 2-5 seconds.
Oldfield and Disbrow in his celebrated
:;00 horsepower Jay-Eye-See attempted
to break that mark but both of them
Burman will bring with him to the
tricities his own Burman car, which
will be driven in the several match
races by Jack Cable, who has ridden
and driven many races throughout the
country. It is to be a great field of
race-track notables, and the Exposi
tion park management promises the
best meet of it3 kind ever offered
around here.
Secret Writing.
The ordinarv solver of a letter or
doenmeet in secret writing should re-J
metnber that success in this direction,
as regards aimost every kind of cxypto
pram. depends to a grat extent upon
tte knowierlse of how otfn each indi
vidual letter cf th alphabet is b?H in
ordinary speech or correspondence.
P. h. o. c and ti ar in third place as
regards ordinary use: t, s, a, 1 and r
are in second place, being used a very
little oftener; and I and m are in fourth
place, w ith f. g, y, v, p and b close aft
erward; j and k are not common as
compared with the rest, while z, q and
x are used least of all.
The letter e is in first place, being
used far oftener than any other letter
in the English language, and once the
"e" is found and the letters that hold
second place discovered in their pro
per order, the solution is certain.
London Answers.
All the
news an the time The
A Medicine of Merit.
A proprietary medicine, like every
thirs else that comes before :h pub
lic, has to prove its merits. The law
of the survival of the fittest applies in
this field as in others. The reason
for the tremendous success of l.ydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is
because it has been fulfilling a real
human neei for 4' years, so that to
day thousands of American women
owe tneir health and happiness to the
m.irve'.cns power cf this famous med
icine, niade from roots and herbs
nature's remedy for woman's ills.
Commissioner Introduces Reso
lution to Council Provid
ing for Sanitation.
Formerly Mechanic for Ralph De Palma and a Great Driver.
Rickenbacher's Assistant and Winner of Second Place at Kalamazoo.
These are only four of the field of eight or nine starters who will be seen in action
Friday and Saturday.
Races open to the world. Meeting under sanction of American Automobile Asso
OCTOBER 16 and 17
nlMl SSSJ ) Jail
U&WS0 Samuel
The installation of the sanitary toilet
places in certain sections of the city
and the recommendations of Wallace
Triechler. city engineer, and B. V.
Sharp, superintendent of the water
works, as to the equipment to be pur
chased for the pumping station, were
considered by the city council at its
regular meeting held at 3 o'clock this
Commissioner Hart introduced a res
olution, which provide.? that certain
parts of the residence section of the
city install modern toilet conveniences.
The commissioner claimed that he
has personally visited these parts of
town and has ordered that the resi
dents take steps toward making the
places more sanitary. He stated that
the people made promise after promise
but thus far had taken no definite
steps to fulfill them.
The pump matter was scheduled for
more consideration of the council. Mr.
Budd. salesman for the Cameron com
pany, which was recommended to the
council by the consulting engineer, was
present and the recommendation of the
two local officials read to council.
Chester Kent Solved It. Can You? Who Was the
Dead Woman on the Beach? Why Was She
Handcuffed? Who Lost the Silver Star? ::: ::: :::
1 Read Our New Serial and You Will Learn
The opening chapters will appear in next
Saturday's issue of The Argus.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Baker of Avon vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Godding.
Mrs. Codding accompanied them
home, remaining until Wednesday.
Born. Tuesday, Oct. C, a girl, to Mr.
and Mrs. A. ?C. Barrio.
l-'red Dixon and daughter and Fred
Koetlor and sister. Miss Kate, went
to Woodhull Wednesday.
FiTt Crear of Seaton was here the
first of this week calling cu friends.
Wilbur Whitcomh visited relatives
in Moline the past week.
Oia Kind.dspcrger and sons Elmer
and Leonard left Thursday for Co
lumbus Junction for a visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Kindels
perger. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cahrielson of
Princeton, lewa. arrived here Satur
day in their automobile and visited
ever Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Johnson. William Gabriel
son of Orion was also a guest over
Sunday at the Johnson home.
A box car loaded with sewer pipes
burned Tuesday afternoon on the
tracks at Hopewell switch. The car
and contents were a complete loet.
The first football game of the sea
son was played at Russell's field Sat
urday, Oct. Toulon defeated the
home team, 47 to (5. The Toulon team
were strong, fas players.
A company of young folks, includ
ing the high school football team, en
joyed a w ienie roast in the park Sat
urday evening.
.Miss I-ina Terry spent the day Wed
nesday in New Windsor.
Thursday, Sept. 24, at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Harris, ai Boden, took place the mar
riag? of their daughter Dora to Frank
W1 Freeberg of Moine. The ceremony
was at high noon and was performed
by Itev. F. J. Giddings of Preemption.
John Harris, brother of the bride, act
ed as best man and Miss Edith Pritch
of Sherrard was maid of honor. The
wedding march was played by Mrs.
Gust K. Anderson of Mathervilo. The
rnom is employed by the Moline Plow
company and has a home prepared for
his bride at the corner of Eighteenth
street and Twenty fifth avenue, Moline.
Jfhn B. Morfrrd left Saturday for
Miineiiota, whtre he will visit with
h!s son Mark and family.
Mr. and Mra. J. A. Ileflin delight-1
fully entertained the first "42" cub
party of the season Tuesday evening
at their home. Five tables were sur
rounded by the members and a very
enjoyable evening was passed. At the
cose of the game the hostess, assisted
by her daughter Marion, served delic
ious refreshments. iMiss Virginia White
will entertain the club Oct. 20.
Mr. and Mra. Ben Cooper of Sheri
dan, Mo., arrived Friday for a visit
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William
Mrs. Mary Frazier returned home
Monday from Kewanee, Where sha
visited for two weeks at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Addie Stewart.
A. G. Frakes and Fred Frazier were
in Rock Isand Monday on business,
Sherman Park arrived home Wed
nesday from Denver, Col., where he
visited with friends.
Frank A. Gibson and Ij. Church of
Aledo were in Viola Thursday.
James Hayburn prrived home Fri
day from a (trip to northern iscon
sin, where he went with b party of
James Plunkett was in oodhul
Wednesday attending the New jWind
sor and Woodhull ball game.
Miss Margaret Stoner spent Sunday
wdth home folks, returning to Aledo
Monday evening, where she will re
main for the week wdth Miss Edna
Harley Walker visited near Mon
mouth Sunday.
Mrs. H. L. Littrell and daughter,
Mrs. A. F. Norman, and children of
Keithsburg spent Monday with Mrs.
Littrell's sister, Mrs. William Sauth
ern. Mrs. Norman expects to leave
in a .short time for Wolf Poin't, Mont.,
where her husband has taken a claim.
The Misses Margaret Thomas ana
I. aura Stewart spent Sunday with
Miss Jewel Walters at Macomb. Em
met Green took the ladies over in his
auto. Miss Sarah Stocking, who went
to Macomb Saturday, accompanied
them home.
Miss Bel Weiner of Rock Island is
a house guest of her aunt, Mrs. A.
Harvey Jones of Delmont, S. D., ar
rived Tuesday for a visit with rela
tives in this community. j
Count Haesslcr (left) in consultation with Count Zeppelin.
Count Zeppelin, the inventor and builder of Germany's fleet of dirigi
bles named after him, is now at Wilhelmshaven on the North sea. It is
from here that the contemplated air raid cn Great Britain is to start.
The Zeppelin staff, one of the most important members of which i3 Count
Haessler, are working day and night in preparation for the great raid.
pulpit at the I". P. church Sunday in
the absence of the pastor. Rev. J. A.
! Barnes.
William langford, son cf Mr. and
Mrs. William langford, living east of
(Bert Morris has returned to Chi
cago to resume his studies in the Chi
cago Dantal college.
on1 Mrc V A McCla naha n left
Wednesday for Chicago. The doctor VloIa- arrived hone trom Lenver.Mon-
w-ill attend the board of directors' . . . : - ; r : :
meeting of the IJncoln chautannua. of ! ,L -, , , ,
w hich he is a member. Mrs. McClan
ahan will be a guest of her sister, Mrs.
M. R. McKinnon, and family while in
the city.
O. E. Grinffin arrived home the first
or 'the week from Riverton, Wyo.,
where he went last spring. While
there he purchased land.
Mr. and Mrs. John McKinnon left
Thursday for Montezuma. Iowa, to
visit a few days at the home of their
son, Fred McKinnon.
,Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Cash left Sat
urday for Kansas City, Mo., where
thy will visit with relatives.
Rev. C. C. Harper was a visitor in
Galesburg Monday.
Miss Ruth Stewart of Kewanee, who
is attending Knox college this year,
came from Galesburg Thursday and
remained until Sunday, the guest of
her aunt. Mrs. Sarah McClanahan,
and family.
Miss Bertha Forsythe was a pas
senger to Galesburg Tuesday.
Mrs. Emma Jordan and little daugh
ter Marie returned to their home in j
Caesburg Monday after a week's visit i
with relatives here. j
Mrs. K. Guthrie arrived home Thurs-J
day from Iowa, where she has been j
for several months.
Mrs. Ella llan'la was the guest of I
relatives in Rock Island Sunday.
Rev. H. Stem an of Chicago filled the
day. He has been in the west a num
ber of years.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fitch and son
cf Mattoon, 111., arrived Thursday for
a "lo days' visit with Mr. Fitch's par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. James Fitch.
fare Bargains-
IMPROVED Good 7-room house and one acre of ground wdth
good place for second house; good location and a bargain. J600 will
handle this property.
VACANT Five elegant building lots, each having two fronts
and large enough for two hous2s to each lot. See these as they are
priced very low.
FARM acTe stock and grain farm, lSf acres tillable, bal
ance pasture. Improvements good; easy terms. Price only 580 per
acre. See this quick.
603 Putnam Building. Phone, Davenport 5235.
Hot Stuff That's what you're looking fop in the winter. We've
got it. Our hifih grade Springfield coal will drive Jack Frost from
your home. Give us a trial and be convinced.
Our specialties Quick Service, Honest Weights.
Single Tons, $3.50; Three Tons or More, $3.40.
Phone, R. I. 1992. 1508 Flrat Avenue.

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