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Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.) 1893-1920, June 14, 1915, Image 7

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t. It- llturtaftmm 4 It. L. Bfcf
nm4 tU,t t Lir
ViitUW Wtv
rrt l 4ttrMa.
T f'ntv :vl If. L. P.-kr
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: i u f of r. sofjt. sr:tifT or.
rps. 5 ta Artsirr Si-
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Tft 'i:cs f eScrff
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. : ; o.a t.. :tj L-
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. a :::.ra Or.tsua Cll-
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r.-.' f.f t V. 9. V. W.
-r-. --.. ' w .'.1"'t bT TTJ
! f' I. t.L6
r . :'1 Ti- r wr
trv.r'lf.. cr-
. . :.-;-! f N II v
t : -m,::;- iif-T; . !i3if
.- - r.f t.- f i-r r t
w-r triii."'t. Tli" wrf
, -.."i-i". lU rS4f
:: :..r i i i-f pb. pxii:r j
! C:. ' ?i . l"" f w ;'. I t f
rr..".e Cofj Bi:i tr.a i( I 2
I Baltimore Cake
' i
' - -y
HQ? v 1
l i
Gauze Vet
Here's a ! f Women's
Gauze "eits the fact
that they are seconds is
overshadowed by this
4 for
Young & McCombs
Shop Tuesday and Save
Odd Sizes Union Suits
A display of odd sized
Union Suits for women
sizes 4 to 6 only, all
are lace trimmed and
gauze 50c kind 2Q
to clear away at .
Tuesday's Card of
Looms Large on Savings
X ' ".' A.
Wash Fabrics In
t.:.;:i Id r.i:y is to mc( kit
ef oSr low rr.;; si rl t;r
a r . C ! I r4-.
-..,, .,r is' r.'r'r U'-'h !'
Specials for
tf.se tN:r.e
-.:... .r. ty-f.ft. tarwm i:5.
I ;. e. ... -vl fr-m'irt. ,11 1
rVJ,.Ti" , ,VCL
I lif.fS tr.l
l!t P-'ir:! Oa Irrn.
I crn;!cte wr.h 2 STH
j'.vcrv woman .mk-um
r.Mj t4v
It itri4&1 fc rcr fur ri.isi Ntl'-W 'IT pltH-itirC "!
ii- t.;;s jftaa:. t- U:-1 ironing with an I-.U ctric
jr? tiftizf.ns. tt iir t-p- Lack arid forth a ht
r..i! ti. i(sl i:f t i.i'.fo: n ,,,lVr r,, l,.1.JJrr
i ratoft. hat t:i b j-jc to ! niriitcai anl
: ? t:Mi ve(-.t :t f it, ; i c. Tin f.i::iu H-t
1 "r Xrtmn: t'll tier at! . Ir'n
tlr XS.-f TT r. H A. Kir.t. )
:'rtAt: i . n::. c-fi ti.
J S. t'Io. rrl !!.
14 JV llrl W'tis.
prvl ottf. lt reoatn-Jrr of i
."'f of H ;itl aut.S.Ary wrr
!t-f. al ja:: J by !r. I.arfua f.
v..i,-s r' ILvkforl Mr. Otitic K-;.l.
n n..iK7.yM c-. Us. fterl prr. lctJ of the d-
;pftn-e!. r:r 13 ti ily. j? ih
.lnrtrl fr lb" par !. :!
llr. It" :rt:-3 of t-ff ci!T.i-rr liter.
Printed Batistes in color combina
tions now priced at
40 in. Xoveltic?. including ti??ue filet, printed or
srandics. printed voile?, all exceptionally pretty.
They are shown in natural color grounds with
dots, also tinted grounds with EZf
flowers the yard for these rJv
Seeded Voiles, tissue filet, a handsome dress fab
ric in pretty color
Imported chiffon Lisse. 40 in. wide in A Qo
colored stripes and checks, the yard. . .
.75 in. Beach Suiting in plain and
fancy stripes, the yard
White Goods
These few suggestions should interest every wom
an who is going to make summery things at this
40 in. plain and fancy Voiles in a wonderful
variety of, attractive designs, the yard
Fine striped voiles in the latest effects for summer,
just the thing for waists or
dresses, the yard
Novelties in fancy checks, stripes
and figures at 48c and
40 in. colored Embroidered Voiles
in wide range of colors
Here's fresh, crisp new shipment of fine white em
broidered Voiles and Lace Cloths in the "OTCbf
newest patterns two lots, 1.00 and " Jr
Special Tuesday sale of Long Cloths, 10 3Cfrr
yard pieces in three grades, at 1.35, 1.15 and
. f f unfit nl wlrr eil lt
!!'.: ur.'.l ti fup rS
trn.-.: ir.'-v t:r,iah:. CeattJf
o-i' i ttur fnoirfio U eri!; aUl
1.'. t t :vt rrt erT l- eie.
1 N -
r.-.;:wst u is. cta6Ute tut o:
prt2utl f.rcM:
r.- : . v : 1 io r.-int 1 -a:
Ill I Mr HllliriX J1"' a"Sc" i'' Sir trowncl evenly and ic
11 II1L. lLlLllLi I J .-to., I..C.3
.-r(inr Mf. Earfcaia
...... -t-a frlf--rv
TaV.r a Tab!es-nfu! of
if Back Hurts or
Bladder Bothers.
V SU)c.f ro C'4rt-Mf l'Xr XV rater. rvrur.
mi s WMtai so - - . r-.ii
; W JV -
! Iicioutlv
Ja Ovens. Lady Elgin.
1 burner 1 jz
styles 1
Lady Elin. 1 lurner
stvlc with 1 OZ
glas do.r 10J
I VrfrrtiiMi Oil Crr- cr?
Mr. Lu!a S!irt. Cis- j an j.lcal
summer stove
Uor.,1 t,u fi u HMtMi: iw ' u uifa. ! burner size is onlx 7.0
tHW t, - I .V
5.95 Women's WaisU,
These Crepe de Chine
Waists in stunning floral
designs, radium taffeta
shadow lace and candy
striped mescaline are ex
ceptionally good 5 05 val
ues, xvc want to reduce our
stock thercfore fh!
the price is ... 9
Slip-Over Gowns, 45c
Slip-Over Gowns in cross
barred dimity. Scalloped
edged neck and sleeves
riblvn trimmed,
for Tucsdav onlv
Silks Always Popular
30 in. plain Canton Silks, in black, white, blue, pink,
Nile. Copenhagen : all specially adapted for summer
use, and of a quality to stand "f
laundering, the yard Jr JKs
32 in. Tub Silks in colored stripes, now in Clf
use for waists and dresses, the yard
27 in. Fancy Silks in pretty colored effects, navv. Co
penhagen, wistaria, brown and crreen.
This is a line wearing grade
36 in. Crepe de Chine in black, white, blue, pink. Co
penhagen, apricot and green. 5?Qp
Rich, soft and excellent quality at Ui3H
40 in. Silk and Wool Poplins in complete
showing of summer shades
o in. Black Taffeta Chiffon
finish, the vard
Superior quality black chiffon taffeta,
inches wide
Men's all linen Handker
chiefs, large size, Ap
15c kind, at 'v
Women's linen
Handkerchiefs, 5c
at 2 for ,
5 in. Moire hair bow Taf
feta Ribbons, in all 1 fn
shades, the yard . . 57 1
Windsor Ties, silk and sat
in Messaline, Qp
plain and plaids.." 7v
27 in. Swiss and Batiste
Flouncings, 49c
quality at
22 in. all-over Embroidery
for Tucsdav II EZ
only at
Get Your Refrigerator Here
The Bohn Syphon and Bohn Sanitor lines are
xvithout doubt one of the most reliable and satisfac
tory lines on the market.
Our displavs of these fine makes are now complete
come in and note our low prices for
these Refrigerators up from
Challenge Refrigerators, for a medium priced line,
arc xvithout equal anywhere. They are well made,
economical in the use of ice and have sanitary lin
ings, they are priced 55 Ofe
up from 3mJJ
One Day Sale ot Shoes
For Tuesdav we've decided to group into three lots
certain odd sizes of broken lots of shoes and pumps.
All are wanted styles at this time. If your size is
here you can purchase from this array of the season's
demanded color combination effects in Pumps
4.00, 4.50 and 5.00 T?Cb
values at, the pair m Jr
Same style of Pump? in grades from
2.50 and 3.50 are priced at
Lot three is made up of dress Shoes which sold from
4.50 to S6 the pair some side lace
stvles in lot vour choice v07
Mr. Mrrt Hrsry. 1'roru.
Xtia jor IMmt met 4 I. A
I burner size is.
Women's Silk Lisle Hose which have
sold at 50c, Onyx brand "Tsf"
to go noxv at
Women's Boot and 3-4 length Silk
Hose, black onlv. no guarantee on
any of them good bar
gains though at 3 pair for. .
Children's Hose in blue, tan, black
mostly seconds, sizes 4, 43-2
and 6 only, the pair
Wfcite Cottoa Tape.
3 bolts
White Bias Lawn Tape, 1
bolts. lfc regular, now ..
All styles of Collar Stays.
now 2 for
All sizes Cable Cord,
12 yards
Absorbent Dress Shields,
sizes 2 to 4, the pair . . .
3-Day Notion Sale
10c White Llnea
5c Hooks and Eyes,
the card
Safety Pins, large
size, 3 tor
6 spools of Coat's or Clark Threatf.'jany num
bers, -will be sold with any 50c f
Notion Purchase, at
W.rt C Hist. 1 I
u tmt.91. tt j tT .-r ... la.,oa.'J I
M 'a r7":l Z,2 Xal. Coarr. I r. Mr. Mr-
...... r.rrZ. ct . v.-. A. Ur-(
yu? saro-te mni fj :- i," . , .,,- uk.
The Store that lias Everything Newest and Best Prices Always Lowest
-U f Rm T faa V. T- mm. r4r. Je
! uul. fr: ea .! Tr' tn,a v.- L: ' tto ik it '-. to b a t
- . . . ...... a ruMO. - -
. i;.TJU..JU Wtff XVtT ;- " "
troj ta vM f r.a - . .fc.
dent cf Aucutn collepe.
"M:t llelaland" StreIia National
Ti. rrtrrtoc for IS cew Loth-1 woro" " c Vv
" lrif Attornrr Jinn XI. Johnston. t-
"a bftt! In Molia will J'" , b th, ,5,.,.
M l-r Bo,t I.!ir.dMvor William
t nMn ffii.n and rryr Tn
;c f. ftAfteqaut of S4o8--5tr
ft!4 D6r S4uh
ta.-n.. m . ,i?4ffJ ff-. rr,,!! n.. I. O. .No.t.tia.
mi I ra C.
Attorney G. A. Shallberg.
Song Audience.
From Creater Moliae rotnsilttec
The Original
VtUmum yarn say 'HORLiCK'S-
All that part of the city of Rock Is
land north of Eighteenth avenue and
between Twelfth and ThlrUeth streets
will be district No. 2, the polling place
for which will be at No. 325 Nine
teenth street.
All that part of the city of Rock Is-
Notice is hereby given that an elec
tion will be held on Tuesday, the 29th
day of June. A. D. 1915. in the city of
Rock Island. 111., for the purpose of '.I" north of Eighteenth avenue and
electing one member of the board of J" of Thirtieth street will be dis
education of Rock Island school dis-itrict Xo- 3- the polling place for which
ifirv ! will ba at No. 631 Thirty-eighth street.
For this election the city of Rock All that part of the city of Rock Is
Islaal will b divided into four dis-jland south of Eighteenth avenue will
trlcts. a follow: be district No. 4. the polling place for
All that part of the city of Rock Is- which will be at 1101 Twenty-fint
land north of Eighteenth avenue and'avenue (formerly Aiken street).
wet of Twelfth street will be district! The polls for said election will be!
No, 1. the polUng place for which mill 1 open from 7 o'clock a. m. to 5 o'clock i
be at No. 1014 Third avenue. J p. m. 1
Dated at Rock Island, 111.. June 8.
(Adv.) Mayor.
t. J. O'Donnell
Proprietor of boarding and
feeding stable at 1611
Fourth ave., wishes your
patronage. Best of care
given horses. Telephone
R. I. 252.

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