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: 1 v
Beet of Ita KM la
rUO West, Says Heat of
. . Ombf Cenpaay -
Thm the new Martin dear store.
7M. Seventeenth afreet sad Bee-
l.erenae, ISth of a chain eatab
1mA hr tha Martin company In
trl-dtlee, opens tomorrow,
m will sea what la undoubtedly
t finest cigar store in tha middle'
at, without exception. Through
ig experience In tha Held of
waging thla claaa of business
I operator! hare been able to ere
t.a atore perfect in ita kind, laid
wge- Martin, president of the
apaay, today.
taiahed throughout In ootid
nogany, glittering glass and mar
V tha fixtures of tha store' alone
I I wonderfully . attractive. On
aides of tha room an unbroken
etch of plate glaaa allow paas
hy to aea Into the entire store.
Jtfn the floor ia of mosaic tile
t the celling of patterned steel,
(So the wall above the casee and
ter fixtures is finished in ataate-
I tapestry effect, t
JTie impression gained upon
iking at the nnished establish- -nt
Is one of extreme neatness,
itefulness and color. There is
(apparent color scheme, but care
been taken to avoid harshness
I contrasts. Everything has the
Wance of grace and yet ntll
f The large amount of solid ma
,any used contributes to this ef-
t . v-' i
lesidea arrangements for vie
0 of all forms of tobacco and
idles quite an exceptional foun
a and luncheonette -take their;
o at the north end of the room, j
mo will be in use when the for-
opening takes place tomorrow.
doors will be thrown open in ,
morning at 9:30.-,
1 Souvenirs for Visitors. I
Wvenirs for ladies and others'
f men who visit the new ostab
Mnent will be a feature of the,
ming. A general invitation to
public has been issued by the
aagement to stop in and look
r the shop tomorrow and It is v
acted that crowds will take ad
tags of the opportunity. The
elty of creating such an artistic
eo of business for the sale 'of
cco And light eatables appeal
Jie taste of everybody.
Bock Islander this morning
uoented upon the changed ap
raaee of the corner where the
r store has been installed. For
'37 years back It was the site of
I old Thomas drug store, a land
Is of Rock Island, people see-
it then and returning now
;ld never recognize the corner,
I eoUloonixed. The drug store
d operation a year ago. Ita
ter room was completely reno
i within and without to make
lea for the Martin store.
and .Martha Hlndryck, part "lot 11,
Mrs. K. N. Warner's 1st addition,
East Mollne, $140, -
Warren L. Bastmsa and wife to
Henry J. Craadall,. lot 125, Emma
D. Valla's addition. Moline. Shoo.
Henry Kohl et al to Maurice
Goethals, lot U, block 1. Deebel-,
Ilehn'a addition. Mollne. W.600.
Edward J. . Brandmeyer to Lee
Pasderskt lots and 10. block 1,
South Pyk addition. Rock bland,
Blomdino Case to Paul Tearaon,
lot 1, block S, Daeks' addition
Rock Island. 1900.
Phil and EUa J. Mitchell J
Remolds Eng. Co- lot 15, block 4,
Columbia Park, Rock . Island,
- Archie Mclnnls et al to R. I.
Lumber Co lot , W. H. Redeck
er'a 12th Ac. addition. Rock Island,
IL00. il
Charlotte Bwanson to Josephine
Peard, lot IS, block F,tEdgewood
Park, Rook Island, IL
An rust Schmidt and wife to Em
llle Teachke. lot 6, block , B. Dav
enport's Srd addition, Rock Island,
Uridge M. Whtffen to Minnie
Campbell, lot 5, and part lot ,
Falrvlow addition and part lot 2;
block 1, Brooks' addition, Rock Is
land, $1)00.
James V. Oatton and wife to
James F. Delaaey. lot C block X,
Columbia Park. Rock Island, SI.
J. Petersson Co. to J. w. mc-
Kee, lots 14, IS and ltVMock 10.
Pitts, Gilbert Pitts' addition, Mo
line, II. - ;.-. ' ,
Albert F. Pettraberger- to H.
OchaTnart lot 10. block 2, Spencer
ft Caae addition, kock lsiana, -ax
Jacob Ramser and wife to Gue-
tav Tegeler, lota S and S, block 1.
W. B. Bailey's pan addition, mock
Island. SL -
Carl J. Nordqum to Isaac w.
Crane and Josephine Crane. lot
151, Glen Oaks addlUon. JJpllne. II.
Edward H. Guyer, et al. to Wes
ley L. Lnblk. lot 26, block 224, New
Shops Center addition, Eaat Mo
line. S400. , j-
Edward H. Guyer. et al, to Wes
ley L. Lublk, lot 25, block 224, New
Shops Center addition, East Mo
line. $400. .. . . - -
Camel Tlmmerman and wife Jo
Emil Johnson, lot 5. M. HorsU
kamp'a sub-division- to Ridgevtew
addition, Moline $2,526.
. -Henry W. Plambeck. and wife to
William E. Anderson and wife, part
lota 6 and 6, block lyPark Ridge,
Mollne, SL . f m '
Alexander B. Mclntyre and wife
to Frederick L. Sherman, lot 7,
block 6, Columbia Park, Mollne, $L
Frederick L. Sherman and wife
to Alexander B. Mclntyre, lot 2S,
block 7, Forest Hill second' addi
tion. Moline, SL - .
MoUne Trust Bavmga naac w
Meersman Broal lot 2S-30. West
Highland addition, Molina, $1.00. v
Peoples Savings Bank ft Trust
company to John 3. Normoyle,
south 6 geet.giot l-a- Kicniana.
South Mollne toVnship. $L
J. P. Romme and wife to James
V. Oetion, lot 10. block 10. Bnford
ft Gnyera addition. Rock Island, $1.
Joaanh Vers and wife to Basel
Karatena, tot 1. block "E," Prospect
parkvMoline, $200. ,
Haroline M. Frederieksen toJohn
L. Simmons, tot S, block 2, Forrest
HiU, Moline, $1.-
Benjamin C. Dunlap and wife to
Walter Dunlap, lot 1-10, Benjamin
C. Dnnlap's addition. Rock Island,
L ' y
Benjamin7 C. Dundap and -wife to
Grace May Dunlap, lot 2-0, Benja
min C. Dnnlap's addition. Rock Is
land, $L v N--
Benjamin C Dunlap and wife to
Raymond Leo'Dunlap,tot J-8, Ben
jamin C.Jtanlap's addition, JBock
Charles Grilk and wife to John
A. McClelland, lot 210 Garden ad
dttlon. Rock Island, $L
R. B. Shaw and wife to Oren
Byera, lot 14, block 4, Wallace
Grove addition. Rock Islandv (1.
Five Great iDiscourit Sales
Commtmcing Saturday at
' S07-200 West Second Street
5n County Records i
i 1 1 ; O
f ' 'Warrantr Deeds. ;
ank and Jennie Perkins lo
a Even, part lot 22, block 2,
lley's aub division. Rock Is
l SL ,
ttie. and FelU EtUnger to Al
( Dockterman, lot, Rosonfleld's
ad aub division. Rock Island,
van and Opel Terplles -to
ur F. Anderson, lot 27. Maker's
lan tract. $3,500.
wman and Anna J. Hansen to
leld P. Gross, lot 2, Hanson
oenlg's addition. Rock Island,
kn Scheuerman and wife to
I W. Bandera, lot 9, block 4.
wnt View addlUon, East Mo-
SL j
arles Andrles and wife to Al
iTerstraete. part lot 8, block 1,
oUehn's addition, Mollne, $1.
5aaa Hansen and wife to
both Hunn, lot 1, Koenlg'a ft
en's addition. Rock Island, $1.
lga and Nel J. Hanson to
o Peters, part lot 4, block 1,
; Ridge, Mollne, $1.
Island Brewing- company
( FJPetersberger, aouth 40 feet
UT80 feet of lot 10. block 2.
xt ft Case addition, Rock Is
SL a ,
ttles E. Roach and wife to
ind. .L.. Fuller, lot 1, block 24,
A addition, Silvia, SL
nk l. Yerbury and wife to
e oVorria, lots S and S, Doug-
lall's third sub-division of
tt 15, 17, 2w, $9,000.
raret L. and F."S. Budlow,
nerican Trust ft Savlnga
lot 1, block 3, Black Hawk
i addition, -Hock Island, $1.
i tChristiensen and wife -to
W M. Reeves, part outlot B,
i second addlUon, Moline. $1
tw M. Reeves and wife to
i-hjlstieaseu. lot 244, North
I od addlUon. -Mollne. SL .
ft 0, Nordqulat and wlfo to
it JVordqulst, loU 1 nd 2.
1, Acme addition, MoUne, $1.
' ir iW. Efflynd to Oliver P.
;:i0t IS, block 2. Chue ft
addlUon, South Mollne, SL
jo M. and Harry W. Leon-
Elomdino Case, undivldel
t tom, block 2, Deck's sec
ItCton, Rock Island. $206.26.
M F. Lambert and wife to
, oat. part lot 6, A. C. Dart'
I iMtt. Rock Island $1.00.
I k T. Porter and wife to B.
X) nan, trustee, N. E. U sec
i and part N. W. section
f G. Brltton to EmrnV V.
fan, lot 10, block 1. Smalley's
Ibaivislon, Rock Island. $860.
f To W. Regenberg to Manty
lovouloa. lot 80, block 123.
addlUon, saat moubo,
Discounts Range from 10
to 50 in These Sales
Just now, with winter setting in, when you most need these
warm garments, Newman's help to cut .dawn' the high costs
with a great sale in all departments . I v - :
Choice of Any Long .Cloth
voai in fjur tenure oiuck.
Starting Saturday at . . , . . ..
wo M
i mi
rnlT mi rkiiD FN.
Maasa a amsawnMn w O. asjaw
urr day
- x - v ... ..
All short Chappy Coata of Suede
Cloth, Chinchilla and Leatherette in
cluded at 10 Discount Y
Choice of Any Cloth or SUIe
Dress in Our Entire Stock
JSatin, TYicolette,
Sere, Velour, Trico
tine, Velvet and
Georgettes. CHOICE
: Every Suit in the Store in Five Lots
Your unrestricted choice'" any of our fine Suits, values to $150.00, at
$25 $35 $42.50. $50 .. $75
Tomorrow is the last day of BLOUSE WEEK
AU $10 to $30 Blouses 10Off MarkedyPrice
y Do your Christmas Chopping here
Tomorrow and Save v
and Manty Anaataaaopoatoa
ro w. Regenberg, lot 30,
iU, New Shopa addition,
ti iu ai an
; Yed' Asdoraoa and wife tcH
' Afldoa. tot 22. block us.
-30 addition, Eaat MoUne,
- t Lahdhufat ot' al' 'to
Utndouist, Wt 2L btock
-t. iLM.
t rmelia Cuala to'Raml
Buy Fur From a Reliable Fur
rier Only, who Sells Theiri
fojr What They
- Qualityns the main thing in slurs as in diamonds, find
as in diamonds, few are experts, therefore you must, place
your confidence in the integrity of a reliable ftirrier..
j A Mistake in buying at the wrong place will worry you
,) all through the winter.
There are three things you must know about your tur
ner unless you are yourself a fur expert -A . v
f .They are: ' -. : ' v v -
' V i (1) That the Styles are attired.
- . -1 (2) That the Varieties are comprehensiye.
(?) ,Thaf he U Thorougl)Iy.Reliable.j
You have to buy furs largelyon faith and confidence. '
. Our reputation safeguards your interest TheNRichte
label on a fur garment, however inexpensive the latter
may be, is an absolute guarantee of reliability.
I - . xnr- L
a m - m
Tomorrow is the BIG DA Y! 1
Santa amve to--
morrow morning at 10:55
(Milwaukee DepotFoot f Perry St.) r
We got it straight bom the jolly old fellow
himself-by wirelessi-and that every girl and boy
may know just what he sut; and how anxious he is' to
see you allt we are, reprbdtlcing his message word for
.word. V ' i-. ' x -': C':
I To ail good boys and girls
" uHU arrive in Davenport at 10:55 Satur
day morning at the Uihvaukee depot, foot of
Perry Street, I want all my little friends on
hand to meet me and to act as my bodyguard
Jna bigpprade to my Tri-Cify headquarters
( onthe 5th floor at HarnedjmdVon-Maur's. y
(8) Santa Clous, i
We will stnd aband to meet him!
and a - gaily decorated automobile, so that he may
ride in style as befits the children's -Saint9 to a
Store in full cHristntas readiness
-vv .4;
The coming of Santa data alwaysH
, marks the start of the Christmas season
' at Harned and Von Maur's. '
H Our Christmas stocks' are now at their
best-rthe four waAls ef this store are.
fairly bulging with gift articles. Dif
ferent ana distinctive, gifts, many of
which can not be found in any other
. store in the Tn-Ciues. : V y
Christmas decorations,
are now in their places; -The beaub
fal white, green and red of the Christ-
mas season are everywhere. ,
y C'eter Rabbit," duster Bear," "jBob, '
x by Broadtail" and other animal people,
' so dear to the hearts of children, peep
- from the ledges on the first floor. lit
y tie Red Riding Hood': and the wicked
wolf, too, Are here. 'Harmoniously dec
orated booths filled to overflowing,
with gift suggestions dot the broad
aisles. Each department is in gala at- -tire,
making the store a thing of life and
beauty. . ' . - ;'
The Christmas spirit
radiates from every nookrand corner
and is reflected in the smiles of the -salespeople,
who are eager to help you -
'solve the problems of your gift let by
helpful suggestions, c ' iA
' Come tomorrow and enjoy atrip'
through this modern fairy land. You'll
notice the moment you step through
the door that this store has, indeed,
that indefinable something-calledsjlie
"Christmas spirit" ( ,
$40,000 worth of Joys, dolls and game's in the
. SF ''-. ..LA. S . w
vfloor, JL U tUllCA flocr
That mammoth display of toysvof last year, which you marveled at has been
practically doubled this year. The Tri-Cities have here, 'an assortment of toys
to select from such as is usually found only w a much larger city.
v A mnnir tha hunHroH ri tiw nro
a . ' , s t t
Sko Flia ; Moxteakia Iron toya , Piajm
v SISOte $10 . ; trans 90e to H2S $2.76 to fILSO '
Books Drams
Coaster .
OMOto $M0
' . Gamos
; ioe to IS j
Wood toys
SOe to $1
2000 dolls
to choose from- I
A alcht ttaK vdl ataka rnnrr UtO
Bothertf" heart aaaoe vita Joy sad eyes
grow bright with onthwalaom DoUa of v
orety descrlptton from doth sad cello
lMd ones np to the Torr finest with kid-a-Hne
body, aatarally early hair aad hot
AMo oyaa. -: . .
i5c to $45
80c to S4
Airplanes ' Toy cannons Blackboards
25ete $S. x SOo is $JN .
$UBh4J0 BO to t TSete SUO
no s Tats ,a ranm

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