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t: ' ' ' .
' - , .
.". .- '- Monday THE ROGK ISLAD -ARGUS November it. to: ; . " . '
Special Committee Appointed to
' Sect With City ud County Y
Officials This Afternoon. ,
:At 3 o'clock this afternoon the
entire executive board of tbe Rock
Iland Woman's club and a special
ly appointed committee from the
dab will meet with the city com
missioners and the state's attorney
to ask them to start proceedings
against the Rock Island News fol
lowing a unanimous rote to take
such steps Saturday at the regular
club meeting held at the Masonic
temple. Resolutions were, passed
, concerning the publication of the
Jffcper, and the plea is to be made
: verbally.
, s Following are the recommenda
tions presented to the members of
tbe club by the executive board
through the secretary, Mrs. C. A.
j. The executive board recom
mends to the Woman's club that
we petition the city council and
state's attorney to suppress the
publication and sale of the Rock
leland News, and that a committee
of 42 women be appointed by the
. presment, to present the petition."
s There are some thousand mem
bers of the club this year, approxi
mately half of whom were at the
meeting Saturday, and the plea is
expected to near weight. A fight is
being waged in Davenport, in Mo-
, line and East Moline against the
Members of .the committee who
will present the plea this afternoon
f President,' Mrs. Frank MIxter;
first vice president, Mrs. Frank W.
Bahnsen: second vice president,
Mrs. S. S. Davis; record secretary,
Map. C. A. Hoge; corresponding
secretary, Mrs. Adair Pleasants;
treasurer, Mrs. E. C. Fisher; reg
. tstrar, Mrs. A. W. Crampton;. di
rectors. Mrs. E. M. Sala, Mrs. Al
lan D. Welch, Miss Clara Whitman,
Hiss Mary L. Carter, Miss Georgia
T. First, Mrs. C. S. Silvis. Mrs. J.
B. Bassett and Mrs. W. J. Sweeney;
chairmen of the departments, Mrs.
Robert J. Rote, Miss Hilda C.
Browner, Mrs. A. Frank Sala,
Mrs. Devore N. Simonson, Mrs.
t- B. Davis, Mrs. H. H. Cleaveland,
Mrs.- Phil Mitchell, Mrs. S. C.
Says Arrests WJ1 Follow in Wake
ef Feneu Caaght Throwing .
Rubbish la Alleys la City.
by order of the state's attorney. Is
given freedom of the city with no
bail required. Tbe officers accepted
his word'hefwould sot leave Paebla
until court proceedings are cori-pleted.
Jenkins following Ms 'arrest, re
quested tci-be lodged in, Jail until
the matter was finally settled, bnt
the officials refused.; Jt is expected
a preliminary - hearing will t take
place Monday. - . ; '. : ' "X. -
Springfield, I1U Not. 17. John B.
Newman of Elgin, state superin
tendent of food and dairies, with
headquarters at Chicago, has ten
dered his resignation to Governor
Lowden, effective Dec 1. Mr.
Newman has been employed in the
department for almost a score of
years, and resigned to accept a po
sition with the wholesale grocers'
organization, according to word
which has been received here.
All the news all the time The
Ar'- .... :.. ..
Or. Philander P. Claxtom.
Dr. Philander P. Claxton would
like to see all American kiddies in
kindergarten. Dr. Claxton, who is
U. 8. commissioner of education,
has issued a statement pleading for
more kindergarten schools and
urging parents to send their chil
dren. In localities where this ad
vantage has not been provided he
suggests that parents acquaint the
school authorities with their de
sire to have this grade established
for their little ones.
Taylor, Mrs. H. S. Cable, Mrs. I. S.
White. Mrs. T. A. Murphy, Mrs. B.
A. Connelly, Miss Iva Pearce. Mis;
Dina Ramser, Mrs. J. H. Hauberg,
Mrs. Hugh Curtis, Mrs. J. H. Ste
venson, Mrs. Samuel Van Pelt, Mrs.
W. G. Oglevee, Mrs. F. W. Bender,
Mrs. C. H. Castetter, Mrs. George
Sheldon, Mrs. Fred Titterington,
Mrs. C. L. Thompson, Mrs. C. J.
! Searle. Mrs. H. A. Weld and Mrs.
I J. F. Robinson. .
Another warning was issued to
day by Commissioner Frank Wlch,
in charge of the department of
streets and public improvement!),
relative to persons caaght throwing
refuse in the alleys after they have
once been cleaned by the city.
Commissioner Wich announced that
continued violations of his warn
ings will bring arrests.
An alley clean-up campaign was
) started by the city a week ago to
day and about half of the work has
been completed. However, in
many, instances residents continue
to throw refuse In the alleys in dis
tricts that . have already been
Commissioner Wich's plan is to
clean the alleys and have them kept
clean throughout the winter
months, thus avoiding the unsight
ly looking alleys of past winters.
The plan includes the posting of
1,000 signs in the alleys after the
clean-up campaign 'has been com
pleted. These will warn residents
that no tin cans, bottles, rubbish or
any other waste material with the
exception of ashes is to be placed
in the alleys.
In placing . ashes In the alleys
citizens are requested to refrain
from throwina tin can or bottles
on the ash piles as the city uses the
ashes in the spring to repair dirt
roads, and any foreign material in
them makes ashes useless for this
Place In Boxes.
All other waste material can be
placed in boxes, barrels or like
containers and will be removed by
the city at any time during the win
ter when notified. This proceedure
will make it unnecessary to carry
on regular collections, but at the
same time the alleys will be kept
clean, the comissioner stated.
I Licensed to Wed
o . r , : o
Qeorge A. Benson .......... Moline
Bernadlne K. Gerwen ......Moline
Gerald Dewey Howard .Moline
Rose Mae Richmond . .Rock Island
Yngve O. Carlson Moline
Iva Shannon ..Keokuk. Iowa
Roscoe C.McArdle ...... .Clinton
jMrs. Coral N. Furner ..... .Clinton
Arthur B. Clark ........ . . .Clinton
-Louise Holle .Clinton
Mexico City, Sunday, Nov. 16.
(By The Associated Press.) Dis
patches from Puebla today assert
that William O. Jenkins, American
consular-agent at Puebla, although
technically under arrest charged
with false statements in connection
with his recent abduction by the
bandit leader. Fredericko Cordova,
; m om
Secures One of These
O AY the small sum of $10 and we will reserve you one
of these beautiful special Player Piano Outfits.
Balance may be paid in easy weekly or monthly install
ments., Piano will be delivered at any time between
now and Christmas. We offer four special outfits for
this week. If you can not call during the day, phone
Davenport 921 for evening appointment. ;
Outfit No. 1 $475.
Well known make, in mahogany or
art finish Walnut Piano constructed
I of very fine materials throughout
f Metal tubing in. player, . with trans
poser. Duplex player bench to match.
Outfit No. 2-7395.
A reliable make In a medium sited
fumed oak case. This instrument has
I had slight usage, but pan not be told
I from new. ' Transposing player track
l ec Bass and treble accent buttons.
I flayer bench to match.
Outfit No. S $475.
' One of our standard makes, in a
beautiful quarter sawed golden oak
case, retails new for $650. This piano
' can easily pass for new but has had
some use. A handsome duplex player
. bench Is furnished free, s : ; ,
Outfit No. 4 $585.
: ' This splendid Instrument has a spe
' - cially fine quality of tone. 'Easy pedal
and sensitive accent arrangements.
Contains the very popular pkulele
Orchestral attachment Choice of new
instruments, with bench to match..
Old instruments taken in exchange at full value.
. f- ....... - . t .. ,
Liberty Bonds Treated as Cash
The sign of a
good' value.
Look tor the
lucky Four
Leaf Clover
sign through
out the store
'Clover Day ' ' crowds are taxing
the capacity of even this big store
This great store in which hundreds can shop in comfort has
nfdfd Awnr available inrri nfvirs flonr snarp tr arrnmnafp
the crowds attracted by this series of "Glover Day Sales" Each day the
crowa grows larger ana, in view 01 tne unusuaiiy aicracuve specials 01
fered for tomorrow we urge all who can, to shop in the morning.
Watch for more Clover Day specials tomorrow
27c comforter Challis
36 inches wide. A good serviceable grade of com
forter challies in light and dark patterns. Even
though you do not need comforter covering now,
it. wouut te well to buy enough
for one or two comforters nd
lay it away for future use.
Special for Clover Day, per
' - BiHnfit Salemra.
Winter suits reduced
These havesold so well that many new suits
have been added to the lot, and we again call
attention to this wonderful value at ' $35. We
have seen most of the suits be
ing offered about town, iut we
candidly believe none equal
these suite at the Clover Day
price for Tuesday .............
' "' -. .'.'X r Fleer.
Bleached cotton crash ! I : I Infants' soft sole shoes Men's $3 union suits
... V .
$3.90 crepe shirtings
Satin striped crepe shirtings in white with stripes
of green brown, blue, pink. Heliotrope or tan. If
bought on today's market this quality would cost
$4.50 a yard. 32 in. wide.
A splendid opportunity to
get material for shirts,
waists and dresses for
next summer. Yard
Sat TlMr
The kind that is especially good for tea towels, as
it is absolutely free from lint and launders nice
and i soft Many housewives who do
not need toweling just at the present
will be wise to lay in a supply at
this Clover Day price
8 yards
81 pairs of infants' soft sole shoes of pink or
blue poplin; tan kid; or pink, blue or white cloth
tops with patent leather bottoms. Sizes 1, 2
and 3., -Also a number or pairs
of bootees in corded silk and
kid with ribbon trimming.
Clover Day Special, at per
palr;..V.......... :
:-lr floor
Wool mixed union suits in the "Carter" brand;
ribbed cuffs and anklets, closed crotch. All sites.
Good . warm carmenta that are auite lisht in
r weight, yet- yielding
comiortaoie warmth that
la sufficient for the needs
of most men. A regular $3
garment Special Tuesday
that are quite light in
I $1.89
Stnet fleer.
Men's silk ties
Twenty-five snappy new patterns and a range of
six colors in each pattern; new flare-end Shapes,
satin slip bands won't stick in your collar. Buy
your Christmas gift neckwear
now, and -slip in a few for your
self, they are a wonderful lvalue
for Clover Day . . .' .". .........
' FaraliklBg, Stict floor.
Genuine Ivory soap
every customer who presents a sales d
ring that a purchase has been made in
tore durine Tueadav. wn vill ae!l S Hsr n fvor
$1 .95Tbars for. . Mfai
$2.50 silk hose
WoeSen's full. fashioned pure thread silk hose "akw To every customer who presents a sales check
with reinforced heels, soles and toes and deep mmm-v, J showing that a purchase has been made in the
garter hem that stretches extra wide. Cordovan
and black only. All sizes.
Packed in a fancy box.
they are fine for gifts. A
special hosiery value for
Tuesday only
-Stract floor.
"Mina Taylor" dresses
$1.50 lace brassieres
Limit ef 8 bars to a customer
' Stmt floor.
Bath robe blankets
Blue Cbambray with collar and, cuffs of white
pique. Cuffs are detachable, to make laundering
easier. They, open all the way down and can
Ironed ruHT The "Hoov
er" Mina Taylor dress is'
reversible, that is, should
fin aMA fiMAm atftrMonr.
ally soiled you can turn It . ; ajtpV
and wear tne reserve sioe
Heavy lace brassieres with ribbon shoulder
straw : both back and front fastening. One model
has a satin insert, and all are trimmed wun
ribbon bows. All sizes
in both styles 34 to 44,
A regular $1.50 value.
Special for Tuesday i Clo
Tr Day. - ..
11 are trimmed with
$j .29
Beautiful Jacquard and Indian designs in light
and dark shades. Host stores sell these qualities
at )7.48 and $7.98. If you are puzzled what to
get for a gift for husband
or brother, a robe made
from one of these blank
ets will bring him lots of
satisfaction and comfort.
Ita floor.'
are puzzled what to
Bam.at RalnrMau
59c correspondence cards
CamAric weave finest grade cards with gilt ini
tials. 24 cards and 24 envelopes to a box. A, B, j
C, D, E, F, 0, H, I, J, K, U M. N, O, P, R, T, V, W.
Ait gins nae corresponaence .
cards. : Buy several boxes for
-MM I CJ 1
BnI Shop. Stmt Floor,
$1.75 serving trays
$3.50 lace curtains
a Plain or figured center with fancy border. Good
wide curtains yarns tong. mese axe pmij
for bed rooms, dining rooms ana living rooms.
They launder nicely and
give good durable service.
Very unusually priced for
Clover Day, pair
- X 4tb floor
$3.50 Heather mixtures
' Batiste bloomers
Pink and white batiste bloomers trimmed with
narrow ruffle and blue etitching at the bottom.
and having elastic waist band. aHny women are
adopting 'bloomers for J ear1-around .
wear because, of their comfort and
good fitting qualities. A very special
Clover Day item
' 4th fleer
Toy machine guns
MahAnnv finished travsi with class bottoms, cailv - Solendid wool materials for coats, suits and sepa
flowered Ctetonnes or painted wood designs. 10x14 VXrate skirts. 56 inches wide. An ideal fabric for
inches lnwstse; and have little handles rMnforced VXTXJ M weather because of its warmth, non-creasing
with, brass. The woman . Sbv mm TUf oualiUes and good ap- .aaaa
who . likes, useful things Vv ll f f"l 31pearance. Blues, greens,
will thoroughly sppreci- 11 I ''"J. 11 iizJn&a and browns are the
ate one of these trays. sr I -naaTw ah staple colors. Clover Day
Clover Day special .. I I Special, yard
(tk ftoor.
"Long Tom" disappearing machine guns a re
peating cannon that shoots small wood pellets.
Absolutely harmleesr They are well made, and will
stand ' plenty of rough
usage. All boys like guns,
and this is a miniature of
what they have heard so
much about
re well made, and will
. nm Goods, Reraae floor.
$1.50 muslin night gowns v
Women's muslin night gowns In round neck slip-
. ... 1 U XTA. Ik.
Over BXJlQSt erouruiuci inauuw. . iwv w
row, skimped kind yon would probably expect to
find at this price but good full gowns
we have seen na.better. ones selling
11.60. Special for-i Tuesday, Clover
Genuine Creole Pralines
The delicious candy fresh from' the Sunny South'
made Of liOUNiaoa cane susr ana wnois racan
nut meats! Usually. 15c, two for a quarter, hut
you know Glover Specials must
be unusual, so for Tuesday
Clover : Specftl you . can buy
Pralines at.'....
4th fHtor , I . I
Cape skin gloves
Raruau- 11.75- and 12 Ganeskin gloves in white
nnlv with sekf and contrasting stitching. Warmer
than the'averare kid cloves, and dvinc good
durable service Just tbe
thing for practical wear
or dress-up occasions. A
Clover Day ; bargain, at
per pair
v ," "J ; . r.4. Stmt ftoar,
res, and giving good
"Protecto" petticoats
Taffeta, satin, all Jersey, and Jersey top with
silk flounce.' A large assortment of colors, in
cluding the two-toned effects. The "Protecto"
petticoat has a double sec
tion In the back where the
edge of the corset rubs the
material. Specially priced
for one Clover Day
Ir4 floor.
Festefflee Sab-statien
1 - Ton can mail your out-of-town '
gifts -right in the store. Post
office sab-station is-located in
the- balcony between first and
second floor.
Stmt flsor. . I I
; Glover Day notions
, ......
King's bastfng cotton In white only.. !
10c grades-spool
"Will Saapt fasteners In black or white; 1 QJ.1
10c cards. 2 for . . . lUv
Dressmakers' pins; J4 -pound boxes;
regular 45c boxes for
Stmt float.
$10 black kid shoe
I One lot of black kid shoes with high heels; the
1 same learner in a military heel, and brown Calf
with either military or English heels. Good re-
. liable shoes that fit well.
look well and will give
' splendid service. An ex
traordinary valu P'i
ver Day, pair ... 1 .
1:. no stow stop.? .aioSa
. Saata CUh- '
Is now In his headquarters In
our Big Toy Annex on the fifth
floor. Bring tit children to see
him. ":v .. :
-',J -',V u" ; :-.-.rT,.;7"p . .J

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