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Hew Beard Bestocta AsTtsor mI
Calls Meeting ef Association,
la Initial Session.
palmer It Wgerton, county farm
advisor and "agricultural expert
lor mock island, county wma re-'
electei late Saturday by the re
cently chosen Rock Island. county
farm bureau board of director!, to
Begin a three-year term on Dec. 1.
A raias In salary stipulated as a
requirement to his. acceptance of
the office was granted, and he will
rOeire $8,000 per year during the
coming term. ;
"I do not feel that I can leave
now," aatd nr. Edgertoa today.
wiia justice to the members of
the bureau. They hare worked
splendidly together and the organi
sation Is growing rapidly. Its fu-
. tors Is assured, with a roster of
l.ioo farmers." Hk bad practi
cally decided to returnto his home
in Indiana and conduct his own
farm, at the expiration of this term.
However, with the favorable ac
tion of the directors Saturday be
has announced his intention to re
main in active service here.
The decision as to the farm ad
visor was the chief business at the
meeting of ' the ' new directors, at
which 8. L. Woodburn,1 president
of the farm, bureau association.
presided. Officers for the next year
are to be elected at a business
meeting of the farm bureau asso
ciation in the court house Dec. l,
when annual reports are also to be
made; , ':..-.t,-i; ; - i.-:
; First Meeting- of Beard.
Directors elected last Saturday
by, the several townships in Rock
Island county ,and who meet In ses
sion for the first time Saturday,
Cordova Henry Nelson.
Coe 8. L. Woodburn, C. J. Gold
en and William Groh.
Hampton Albert Bowles; Ed
ward J. McCann.
- Amth Moline Charles King.
Black Hawk Lb E. . Wilson,
Charles Blaeer.
Rural Ben Bollman, P. L. Met
ler. '' r ' '' ' -
Bowling fern Curtis, 'R. W. Wil
: Andalusia D. L. Parm enter.
: Edgington George T. Harris,
Charles Schriver. . ..
Canoe Creek John Woodburn.'
Drury William Fwitscb, PhU
Nussbaom. . ,
Zuma Leslie ,Hanna, .Homer
Dailey. ; . .. .
.Coal Valley Harry 'Long.
Port Byron Ora Johnson. V
The assistant farm bureau agent
la Mare Koenig. ' Wis Basel Painter
is the secretary to Mr. Edgerton.
r ' m i J aU Kgm w er iwai
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' !
T!rgtatoa Cneeen la Electlea
Which Wat Part ef Mam Bust
- nes's ef Dbtriet Bar Meet.
The home talent minstrel show
given Friday evening at Wayne
nan Dy tne pupil of the Reynolds
public school was a great success,
more than $150 being realised by
the entertainment The hall was
crowded to capacity and the pro-
uocuon was enthusiastically re
ceived and. thoroughly enjoyed.
The proceeds will go towards im
provements on the Reynolds
school. An Informal party, was
given after 'the entertainment.
A western Illinois paper tor west
ern Illinois people The Ami. 7
Judge Charles A. Martin of Vir
ginia, II L, was elected president of
the federation of local bar. associa
tions In the fourth supreme Judi
cal district, in the election of offi
cers for the year at the district bar
association convention ' Saturday
afternoon.- The other officers for
the ensuing, year; as elected, are:
Vice ..president-)! A. Jarman,
Rushvnie. si . , 5
Secretary Jesse Heylen, Can
ton. -. ; .
Treasurer J. B. Brown, Mon
mouth, .: ' i .
Judge MaYtln succeeds JB. R.
Kenworthy of Rock Island, as head
of the federation. S. R. KenworthjrJ
was chosen as delegate from the1
district association to the state bar
association . meeting, the date for
which is to be set later. . ""
; ReselntfoM Adepted. '
The other busihesS ot the meet
iitg Saturday, as given in detail in
Saturday's Argus, ..was the adop
tion of four resolutions directed
against the interference of trust
companies and other laymen in .the
practice of law as well ss taucsi
by local and visiting members. The
interest in the discussions and ad
dresses centered on . the v coming
constitutional convention, and its
relation to a constitution - for the
state of Illinois 'revised to provide
lot home rule in Chicago and a
shorter ballot
The "morning meeting took place
in the Rock ' Island court house,
the members adjourning to lunch
at the Rock Island club at noon.
where the main business 'was held
in the afternoon. ' ,
. . - i. . -
; . ' 1 . .
ExeeuHTS Committee la Meeting la
MeUne Decides te Bring LMO
te 1190 CoiTMtioB. '
Rock Island will be the meetlna
place of 1,200 or 1,600 teachers next
tall when the Illinois Valley Teach
ers' association convenes for - its
1920 annual session. This was the
decision arrived at when the ex
ecutive committee of the associa
tion met in Mollne Saturday. "
When x this committee twas ap
pointed In Kewanee, Oct 17. at the
191meeting, it was thought that
Rock Island was practically as
sured the next meeting, because of
the predominance of local influ
ence On the committee. This body,
whpse chief business it was to se
lect a place for the convention,
consists of U A. Mahoney of Mo
llne, W. A. Robb of Spring Valley
and N. R. Mason of Bureau county.
From 11 Counties.
The delegates to the annual con
vention collect from the counties of
Rock Island, Grundy, La Calls pat- '
nam. Bureau, Stark, Henry, vKer-'
cer, Marshall, Whiteside and -Lee,
The 1020 meeting will UH aeC
here In the second or third week of
October. ' ?
OR. 17. 0. COFFEE
. - .. -4.-vi, .:.
' Practice United, to eye, car, aeaa sad
thromt eianaM, strmightmr riwat ej .
mnoTe admoida at ooa vtalt. ae cfclara. -
form. Treau dealnaaa, Mas ol
bead mine, catarrh. fcnuUa ai
ere dianaaa by a aoa-earttcel aaMbaC
la ia hie Dawn port oSVoaa in Uw I
NaUoaal Bank Bldf .. comer el aetata aw ,. '
Main-etreeta. on Satnrdar. Xondaj aa
Ttmaday. rroai 8 a. m. la JS p. av i
Pnooa Dannport 7S14. l , '
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' f ' . FORD OWNERS ,
e "'Mil
Pineapple Juke
ing , Offer
One Dessert
. AReal-FraitDeMertForSizPeopla
t . - ; . -.''.!. -
Tlua is an offer to boy jrou this week a JiffyJedldeK
ert for six people.
Many housewives don't know what Jiffy-Jell means to
them. They know the old-style quick desserts, but net !
the new.
Jiffy-Jell brings you real-fruit flavors not the artificial. ,
Each package contains a bottle oi fruit juice condensed
We crush the real fruit, and much of it, to flavor a Jiffy- "
Tell dessert. A Jiffy-Jell dainty seems filled with fraat
Here you get tresn-fruit delights. And you get its beanh-
iui a u as, neeaea every aay. . '
1 in a betda ia PiaeappM
Jiffy JelL We aae tbe juke of kalf a
1 m Haver a, peat deaasrt
Try One Fruit Free
Present the coupon to your grocer this week. Bay two pachv
ages of any flavor and he will five yen a full-eise packaf ef
Jiffy-Jell in Loganberry or Pineapple flavor roe. We wil pay
him (or the free package. This will give you three packages for
the price of two. , ''..r
Jiffy-Jell comes in many fruit flavorav but the choicest are
Loganberry and Pineapple. You will find ia each package a
bottle of the fruit-juice flavor in liquid form, condensed. '
The Jiffy-Jell mixture is ready-sweetened, acidulated sad ia
proper color.- Simply add a pint of -water as directed oa the
package, then the flavor from the vial, and let cooL
See what yon get a real-fruit dessert for six people. It w&
have a wealth of fruit It will change your whole concoptioa ef
quick gelatine desserts. .
1 Note that this offer is made oa two flavors oa T ngsakatif
and Pineapple only. Your grocer baa no right to offer saathir.
, We want you to know jiffy-Jell at its best.
Then always remember that this real-fruit dainty is ever at
your command. It erill bring you the joys of real fruit. And it
will cost yon, when yon buy it, only a few cents per dinner. It
will cost yon less tnan tne trait aione wrncn we use to
the flavor.
TUs oHar hrortais w aay. Ciriewt tke
. grecer lacks the flavors msatieasa, go to
Lofanberry Juice
V. .... --v,
Ii your Ford starts hard these cold days, the chances are that it needs a
"Special Tune-up." :v-r;. vv.
' ' If there is anything that makes a" motor snappy and give that quick response
so desirable, it is a "Special Tuh&up." ' '
For the benefit of those Ford Owners who may not know what constitutes
a "Special Turieip," we give below the operations we consider necessary in or
der to turn out a first class job, t !
First An spark plugs are removed from the motor, taken
: apart, thoroughly Inspected and cleaned. Proven defective
parts and porcelains are replaced. Pluga are then assem
bled, spark gaps properly spaced and plugs put back in
the motor. Wires leading from dash to ping are then tested
and, if broken or defective, are' replaced. ' ' . .
Second The commutator shell commonly j known as the
timer case la removed, thoroughly cleaned and then in-
spected. If contact points show rough spots or are worn,
a new case is provided.' If the commutator brush ia rongh
or ahowa signs of vwear it la replaced. Commutator wires
are gone over and If found to be oil soaked, insulation worn
off or generally In poor shape, they are replaced by new
ones. The spark advance and retard rod is adjusted. The
second phase of the work is completed when commutator
caae and brush Is oiled and ready for use. '
Third Wiring on switch is examined for loose connections
: and possible defects. The four eoila in the coil box are
tested In a coll unit tester and vibrator points are exam
V ined for worn or pitted contacts, which are removed If nec
essary and replaced with new ones.
Fourth The magneto contact on transmission case is re
moved, cleaned and inspected. Foreign matter that may
. have collected at point of contact with magneto la removed
, and contact, put back in place.
Fifth Sediment bulb under gasoline tank and float chamber
ot carburetor are drained to dispose of foreign matter and
water that may have collected. Cartuessv k then adjust
ed to meet the new conditions of thrf motor.
. An this work will be done for a labor charge of $1.75, any
necessary parts extra. '
; Of course we use OCNUINE Ford Parts exclusively.
Judge for yourself what effect a "house cleaning like this would have on your tar 4hen bring it
The pleasure will be airyours.
Ford Cars efc Tnacka
Fordaom Tractors '
Davenport dV Mnscattno, Iowa
, Bock Island 4 Moline, Illinois
' - V II
, Reliable Accessories - '
GeaufaM Ford Pta
JiflyOefl. ' Yew get ft jaace ef
' Cat ThmPmekmgm
Makaa a Piat Daeesrt l&m TUa
E $
fc 3
Farh jwrlrage has a lealed glase
botd e fratt Jvice, iaj
Full Size Package Free
Pmttd TKa to Ymr Grecer '
JiffysMl, Waafasha, Wiicenaia
I have bought today two packages of JS3j
JeH of my grocer and he has given me, without
charge, one package ha Loganberry or Piae
apple flavor. 1
TatfcaCraean Wa aHU ear reah taelhj 1 retail trail
lor each aftneeeceapenewMcBFaaraaaeB. aeaa
ae et tne eaa at tna week, wn year mh.
itajmai.ia -tietenatiteveaMaeemaeeaesw
tatee !l
Itheaato S,
deliver ar aeeest anr re4et but JlSv-JeU ea thie t
vbea we pa Uia gteceff far tt.
Para Peed Ce,Wa
Wis. l
lean Use Tradlag at spsaesn
Too Late r-
; f After the moths have eaten two or three holes in
'' two or three expensive garments it is too lateio use
a Cedp Chest - . e -
. Locking the barn door, etc However, there are
other horses in the barn, so don't be caught a second
. time. Pack your summer clothes in a Cedar Chest.
1 . We have some good ones, and they are not expensive Moth proof.
- Also nice to use for your spare linens,-etc. There will be no yellow
ish tinge no moth holes and no disagreeable odor when you take them
. out . Also, they help furnish a room nicely.
. 4
Credit if you wish credit
We Accept
220-222-224 West Third Street
. . a
Davesport, Iowa

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