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A Western Illinois Paper for Western Illinois People
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( Deny Monarchic Aims or Intent to Hinder Treaty,
tint. Minist.rv Scnut.a niRrilAimpr stirt f!n113
General Strike to
Paris, March 13. (German) (Havas)-;The
Ebert government in Germany has ' established' its
seat in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, according to
advices this afternoon.
Berlin, March 13. According to reports reaching
here this afternoon, the revolutionary movement un
der the direction of the extreme conservatives has al
ready spread far into the provinces, not only among
the regular army forces but
ity guards.
Berlin, March 13. (Noon) A new imperial
ministry has been formed. It is provisionally com
posed as follows :
Imperial chancellor Dr. Kapp.
.; Minister of defense General Baron von Luett
witz. ." Minister of finance The Oberfinanzrat bank.
Minister of public worship Dr. Traub.
The other ministers have not as yet been appointed.
Early JfnTe PeacefnI.
Berlin, March 13. The over
ttrow of the Ebert government was
Mungnced In a proclamation 1s-
hm at 10 oclock this tnornin
ifttr reti
mbnrbs had entered Berlin and oc
cupied Wilhelmstrasse. Up to that
hour the movement had proved a
peaceful one, no disorder develop
ing. The proclamation declared that
the entire authority of the state
las passed into the hands of Gen
Mai Provincial Director Kapp, as
imperial chancellor and premier of
Promises Election.
The proclamation, issued over
the signature of Imperial Chancel
lor Kapp, says that the mandate of
the national assembly to create a
constitution and conclude peace has
. eipired and it declares the nation
al assembly dissolved. It adds:
"As soon as internal order has
Wn restored we shall return to
constitutional conditions and pre
cribe new elections."
It is announced that German
Baron von Luettwitz had been ap
pointed commander-in-chief of the
military by the chancellor and that
a new government "of order, free
dom and action" was being form
at Appears Xornial.
At 10 o'clock the city was still
preserving for the moment its
nsual aspect. Carriages, taxicabs
and street cars were in movement
theugh nothing had happened.
There was nn change in the ap
pearance of Unter den Linden ex
cept for the presence of a consid
erable hodv of trnnns at thn Rran-
the corner of Unter den Lnden and
we Wilhelmstrasse.
The proclamation appeared at
"ill corner at 10 o'clock In the
morning. A mounted soldier, fully
nnea and helmeted, rode up and
Mnded the proclamation to a small
trOUD of nwinlo Thov flnclrpit
ground him while the document
read. The proclamation later
as read on street corners in var
tou Pans of the city.
President Ebert, meanwhile, had
ft the city.
In Session Late.
The meeting of the old cabinet
Wended far into the night with an
JMioua deliberation on means of
ease. Nothing came of the ne
gotiations and at 5 o'clock this
ornlng. word came that the muti
ers had reached the outskirts of
No resistance was offered to the
"Preaching forces and they were
if' in Possession of the city.
"Mident Ebert was one of the'first
k' ' Dr- KaPP proclaimed
oseif Imperial Chancellor and
J" minister of Prussia, and im
W'Mely appointed -General Luett-
comrnanaer In chief.
kti hiffer- minister of justice'
" the Bauer cabinet, is said to
e been one of the few to remain,
? tta Dr. Albert, under-secre-
rM state, received the newly
"""Bed tl.ram.. r t..-
last of tne old ministry to
j"Ve the governmpnt tmilriin?
;r Censor T epigrams.
aWftHrfrShipa on t?leSrms Boing
ma Deen Placed in tne
teas of Ignatius Tribiteh Lincoln,
f member of, the British par-
t, who was deported from
gl and in August. 1919, after his
"ncate 0f naturalization had
ff8 revokivt
r proclamation issued bv the
p Sinie, in dissolving the na
Save Republic.
among the public secur
tional assembly, states that the as
sembly's mission, which was to
establish the constitution and con
clude peace, bad been fulfilled. .
e on .theirpart issued an
appeal to the people, claiming their
support against the elements of
reaction, and calling upon them to
organize a general strike.
On nt Frankfort.
Frankfort, Germany. March .13.
A general strike has been declared
here. A great procession of work
men is parading the streets.
Hunted Ton H indenture.
Copenhagen, March 13. A Ber
lin telegram to the Berlingske Ti
dende, dispatched on Friday even
ing. sa-3 that Minister of Defense
Noske had ordered the arrest of
Field Marshal von Hindenburg and
General Ludendorff, but that neith
er of them could be found.
London Is Concerned.
London, March 13. The foreign
office told a representative of the
Evening" News that while scant of
ficial advices were at hand, suffi
cient was known to show that the
outbreak at Berlin had taken on
large dimensions.
Delays and interruptions of the
telegraphic and telephonic com
munication from the German cap
ital are considered in official quar
ters as significant of the serious
revolutionary character of the
Kesome ws Service.
Copenhagen,- March 13. (12:45
p. m.) Telephone messages re
ceived here from the German semi
official news agency in Berlin
which has resumed Its service,
state that the most important pub
lic buildings in Berlin were occu
pied by the public security police
this morning. The newspaper
Vorwaerts and Freiheit have been
Threatened Poring Sight.
. Berlin, March 14. (6 a, m.)
Berlin has been threatened during
the night by the immediate danger
of a violent revolution. It became
known at midnight that revolution
ary bodies of troops had begun to
move on Berlin from Doeberitz.
Generals von Oldershausen and
von Ovan and Lieutenant Colonel
Wetzel went to meet these troops
and warn them of the consequences
of their actions. Troops from the
Baltic have joined in the revolt.
The troops which were concen
trated at Doeberitz,' including the
Erhard and Loewenfeld naval bri
gades, nevertheless continued their
advance on Berlin and at 5 o'clock
this morning were at the Tier
garten railway station.
Show Reactionary Character.
The names associated with the
new revolutionary movement in
Germany indicate Us reactionary
character. It appears that Ger
many is In the throes of the fre
quently predicted counter revolu
tionary monarchists struggle.
Dr. Von Capp, reported as having
assumed the chancellorship, prob
ably is Dr. Wolfgang Kapp, a for
mer Christian member of the reich-
stag and general director of the
German Agricultural society. . iie
was one of the deputies who early
in 1918 urged the government to
speed up U-boat building. He be
came president of the' fatherland
party, the notorious pan-German
organization which urged that Ger
many carry on the war to the bitter
end. After the abdication of Em-
Berlin, March IX The un
cial. democratic party this
morning issued the following
Workmen, comrades: The
military reTolt has come. Kr
hardt's naval division is march
ing on Berlin to enforce the
recognition of the imperial gov
ernmeat. The mercennary
troops who were afraid of the
disbandnient which had been
ordered desire to put the re
actionaries into the ministerial
"We" refuse to bow to this
military constraint. We did not
make the revolution in order
to recognize again today the
bloody government of mercen
aries. We enter into no cove
nant with the Baltic criminals.
Workers, comrades, we should
be ashamed to look yon in the
face If we were capable of act
,ing otherwise.
"We say no and again, no!'
You must endorse what we have
done. We carried out your
views. Sow use every means to
destroy tin's return of bloody
"Strike! Cease to work!
Throttle this military dictator
ship! Fight with all your
means for the preservation of
the republic! Put aside all
division. There is only one
means against the return of
Wilhelm 11. Paralyze all ecu
nomic life. Sot a hand must
move. So proletariat shall help
the military dictatorship."
peror William and the signing of
the armistice Dr. Kapp was one of
the men for whose arrest the inde
pendent socialists clamored on the
ground that he and his associates
had been responsible for the con
tinuation of the war and the hin
dering of peace.
Governor of Belgium.
Major General Baron von Luett
witz, who, according to the dis
patches, has been yarned command
er in chief, was military governor
of Belgium in the early days of the
war.' Ho laTer was a commander
on the Verdun front. When the
German treaty came up for action
by the government last June he
was one of the leaders of the mili
tary party prominent in opposition
to the peace terms.' He has an
American wife, who was a Miss
Carey of Cleveland. He always has
been classed as thoroughly Prus
sian. Before the war General von
Luettwi-z held the posts of mili
tary attache of the German em
bassy at London and later at Pet
rograd. He was born on April 9,
1865. His father. Max Freiherr von
Luettwitz, died in 1887. His moth
er, Irma von Gaal-Gyula, is still
The new commander in chief's
marriage to Miss Cary, whose
maiden name "was Mary Curtis
Cary, took place on July 14, 1S92.
She was born on Jan. 6, 1S69. The
couple have two children, Irma and
Bided Their Time.
There has been a strongly held
belief both inside and outside Ger
many that the pan-German mon
archist party was merely biding
its time and awaiting an opportune
moment to seize control of affairs.
It was this belief, for one thing,
that caused the allies worriment
(Continued on Page Five.)
Washington, March 13. Approv
al of a proposal that if consist
ent with the general interests of
the United States, American steam
ship companies take over the
trade routes and business of the
Hamburg-American line was voted
today by the senate commerce
committee, 10 to 4.
. Chicago, March 13. American
Railway Express company barns
today were under heavy guard of
city police as a result of a fight be
tween company police and pickets
on strike duty, in which a police
man was severely beaten and sev
eral others injured. The company
asked for city police aid. -
A captain of company police re
ported the fight started when pick
ets attacked 17 clerks in a terminal
station. Strike leaders asserted
company police ordered pickets to
leave and a fist fight began. The
pickets remained.
Is This Coming Back?
txt, f ou - &3-M&&
Berlin, March 13. -The proclamation issued by
the old regime, calling on
strike, declared that it is
return of William II.
Cologne, March 13.
lished in Berlin is not intended to promote the aims
of the monarchists or the reactionaries, it is declared
in a dispatch to the Cologne Gazette from Berlin
The message reads :
"The new government under Chancellor Kapp
says in its program to be made public that it will hon
orably fulfill the treaty of Versailles. It gives em
phatic assurance that the government has no reac
tionary or monarchial aims."
Edwards' Name Taken
Off the Illinois Ballots
Springfield, 111., March
response to a request from Gov
ernor Edward I. Edwards of New
Jersey that his name Tie left off the
Democratic ballots at the presi
dential preferential primaries in
Illinois Tuesday, April 13. the
secretary of state today sent the
Xew Jersey executive a message
that his request would be granted.
Following receipt of a telegram I
from Governor Edwards this morn-
ing the secretary of state's office
obtained an informal opinion from
the attorney general's office that
the name of the New Jersey candi
date could not be withdrawn. A
telegram was sent to Governor
Edwards to this effect. Later offi
cials of the attorney general's
office consulted by telephone with
Attorney General Bnindage in
Germans Peturbed for
Fear Americans Will
Get It.
, Berlin, March 13. There is much
perturbation in Berlin over a ru
mor that speculators are negotiat
ing for the purchase from the gov
ernment of the colossal wooden
statue of Field Marshal von Hin
denburg, into which nails were
driven by the people during the
war at so much per nail. The gov
ernment is to be asked to take
steps to prevent the sal. It is
said that the would-be purchasers
are Americans who desire to ex
hibit the statue in the United
the people for a general
the only means against the
The new government estab
13. InChicago and a new opinion was
prepared holding that Governor
Edwards should be allowed to
Following the preparation of the
new opinion another telegram was
sent to the New Jersey governor
telling him of the attorney gen
eral's decision and informing "him
that Ins name would not be pre
sent el to the voters at the April
I Attornev
General Brundatre is
said to take the position that the
primary law contains no provision
for the withdrawal of candidates
from the preferential primary ballot
and that it is therefore permissable
to receive a withdrawal. The law
does fix a time for withdrawal of
candidates for delegates to the na
tional convention, which expired at
midnight March 9.
Paris, March 13. The opinion i
expressed in official circles at the!
moment js that the allied govern- j
ments will take an attitude ofj
aloofness and detachment toward
the civil strife in Germany aad per- j
tnit the German people themselves
to determine the form of their gov
ernment. The armed disorders in
Germany are looked upon as most j
unfortunate, both for that country)
and the remainder of Europe at the :
time when reconstructioa had been
Turk Nationalists Are
Gathering Alarming
Strength There.
Constantinople, March 11
Greek, Italian and French forces
of occupation in Smyrna and
Adana, Asia Minor, are holdine!
their own with difficulty apainst i
Turkish nationalist troops, it is in
dicated in reports received here.
The strength of Mustapha Kemal,
nationalist leader, is rapidly grow-
inc in Jho intnrifr nnfl mlvio
state th An..i.e WnrH n,i o.hor !
tribes are carrying on guerilla'
warfare. Failure of the French to
reach Dierbekr is pointed out by
the nationalists as being typical of j ssador has not yet taken up ms
the experience any occupying army d"1'"3 here.
may encounter. ' But Ambassador Jusserand has
Constantinople Safe. I the diplomatic privilege of dis-
Fifty thousand allied troops arelcussin8 matters with the head of
in Constantinople and vicinitv, it is!tne Cnited States government and
estimated this frrc lipine-' Rnffi- not necessarily the secretary of
cient to protect the city, the
straits and the Sea of Marmora,
with the cooperation of naval
units here. Search of houses and
shops here is constantly uncover
ing stores of arms and ammuni
Wilson's Reference to 'Im
perialism' Gets No
Taris, March 13. The French
government has not and will not
send any instructions to Ambassa-
i dor Jusserand in Washington re
garding President Wilson's charge
of militarism apainst France, it
was said at the foreign office this
morning. A report received from
the ambassador stated that on his
own initiative he called upon Un
der Secretary of State l'olk and
told him of the surprise and emo
tion caused in France by the pres
ident's letter.
The ambassador added that .he
had made no representations.
Ijook for Amends.
No comment was obtainable in of
ficial circles with the exception of
expressions of curiosity as . to
whether President Wilson would
take the opportunity afforded by
M. Jusserand's call on Secretary
Polk to correct the disagreeable
impression his assertions have
made here.
Faris. March 13. (French Wire
less Service.) The pumping dry of
a section of the Bruges-Zeebrugge
canal has revealed some interesting
war secrets. It appears that a
bomb proof shelter had been con
structed to safeguard the entrance
of German submarines. Fifty or
sixty live shells and six mines
were discovered in the canal be
sides quantities of debris. No
bodies, however, were found.
To see the Tri-City
Motor Show at the
Billy Sunday taber
You'll be sorry if you
miss the finest exhibit
of the motor industry
ever seen in the tri-cities.
International Affairs
Standstill for Time
(Special To The Argus).
Washington, D. C, March 13. An
extraordinary situation in world
diplomacy has risen which demon
strates to some extent why more
progress is not being made in get
ting the nations of the world back
to the real and not a fictitious basis
of peace.
The British, French and Italian
embassies here have been instruct
ed to consult the government of
-'"Tf "
the United States with reference to
. ,lurtilSQ "y- l"e 'e,'
which, being unsettled, arc keping
the near east in political turmoil. !
Jules Jusserand, the French em
bassador, and dean of the diplo
matic corps, must take the lead in
approaching the American govern
nient lor lne credentials oi me iiai-
lau amoassauor nave never oeen
Pented and the new British am-
state. In the present situation, Mr.
Wilson being ill of at least' unwill
ing to receive foreign ambassadors
and the office of secretary of state
being unfilled because the senate
has not confirmed the nomination
of Bainbridge Colby, the plight of
Mr. Jusserand is an unenviable
one. In two or three days there
may not even be a secretary of
state ad interim for the period dur
ing which Frank L. Polk can hold
that position is subject to legal
doubts, now being threshed over in
the office of the attorney general.
Will President Receive Hint!
The question is therefore,
whether Mr. Wilson will receive
the French ambassador and per-
I haps the charge d'affaires of the
British embassy and the new Ital
ian ambassador. The excuse hith
erto given was the president's ill
ness but the present situation is
further complicated by the sur
prising statement with reference to
the alleged imperialism of France
made by the president in his letter
to Senator Hitchcock. The presi
dent said then:
"Throughout the sessions of the
peace conference in Paris, it was
evident that a militaristic party,
under the most influential leader
ship, was seeking to gain ascend
ency in the counsels of France.
They were defeated then, but they
are in control now."
This accusation has
forth a storm of protests from the
French press all the way from
veiled references to the regrettable
ill health of the president to the
inexcusably savage outbursts to
the effect that "America is being
ruled by a lunatic."
Ordered to Express Surprise.
The French government is re
ported moreover, to have instruct
ed Ambassador Jusserand to ex
press to the American government
its surprise and amazement at the
president's reference to trance,
but in Washington this does not
awaken much excitement because
not so long ago Viscount Grey
wrote a letter to the Ixindon Times
expressing views ireeiy auoui
American political anairs ana me
French press supported whole
heartedly that communication and
defended it as immune from diplo
matic impropriety because it was a
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Paris, March 13. The League of
Nations council today adopted a
resolution for the appointment of
a commission of 10 members for
the investigation of conditions in
l"he Weather
Fair tonight and probably Sun
day. Rising temperature with the
lowest tonight near freezing
I Highest yesterday, 32; lowest
Hast night. 22.
Wind velocity, 6 miles per hour.
j Precipitation, none.
12 m. 7 p. m. 7 a. m.
yester. yester. today
!Dry bulb temp. . 31 32 23
;Wet bulb temp. .29 29 21
! Relative humid. 78 70 79
i River stage. 6.2; a rise of 1.1 in
:the last 24 hours.
' J. M. SHERIER. Meteorologist
Washington. March 13 Weather
predictions for the week beginning
i Monday are:
Region of Great Lakes: Some
prospects of rain Tuesday and by the military.
Wednesday, otherwise generally! "Such a revolution was inevita
fair; nearly normal temperature. ble," was the comment of White
Upper Mississippi and lower Mis- house officials, but officers at the
souri valleys: Some prospect of state department would make no .
rain by Tuesday: generally fair statement, preferring to wait lor
second half of week. Nearly nor- official advices and additional de- J
1 mal temperature. ' tails.
V 1
Second Zone in Schleswig
Beady to Vote on Union
With Denmark.
Copenhagen, March 13. Excite
ment prevails throughout the sec
ond plebiscite zone of Schleswig,
where the people will tomorrow de
termine whether their country shall
remain under German control or
again shall become a part of Den
mark, from which it was divorced
in 1S64 by the treaty of Vienna.
Dispatches from Flensburg tell of
the enthusiastic welcome given ar
riving Danish voters and every
ship that leaves here for Flens
burg is loaded with Danes.
Claims Discrimination.
The German government has
made emphatic protests to the
peace conference and the inter
allied commission in Schleswig
against decrees of the commission
which are held to be discriminatory
in favor of Denmark. Herr Muel
ler, German foreign minister. Is
said to have declared his govern
ment will not accept a decision in
the Schleswig matter "against the
spirit of words of the peace treaty."
South of First Zone.
The district where the people of
Schleswig will vote tomorrow is
south of the first plebiscite zone,
which voted on Feb. 10. It Is tri
angular in size, with the apex of
the triangle on the coast east of
Flensburg and the base on the
shore of the North sea. Several is
lands off the west coast will join
in the voting.
Washington, March 13. In an ef
fort to reunite the Republican sen-
'ate forces Senator Ixidge of Massa
chusetts, the party leader, today
introduced an amendment to the
substitute article X reservation of
fered yesterday.
The change proposed at the sug
gestion of Senator liorah, Republi
can, Idaho, leader of the irreeon
cilables, would insert the words
"including all controversies relat
ing to territorial integrity or po
litical independence," in describing
the international controversies In
which the United States would not
Washington, March 13. "In the
interest of economy" the three
naval construction programs rec
ommended by Secretary Daniels de
pending on disposition of the peace
treaty were disapproved today by
a house naval sub-committee.
An appropriation of $72,000,001
for contipuing the unfinished 1916
program, was decided upon by the
sub-committee as the only ship
construction funds to be provided
for the next fiscal year.
mu is Mississippi.
Greenville, Miss., March 13. Five
negroes were killed and between
25 and 36 injured in a tornado in
Washington county, near Percy.
W'ashigton, March 13. Press dis
patches brought to official Wash
ington its first news of the over- 1
(throw of the German government

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