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. , Way a 8ace.
4 A success from tbe standpoint of
fctb, the dealer and the public,
from the standpoint of gales,' at
tendance and benefit to the com
Bnsnltr, the motor show will come
to a close at 10:30 o'clock this
morning. Qate " receipts, accord
ing to a rough estimate will
amount to flO.OOO, it is said.
- Although directors had consid
ered prolonging tbe show for an
other week, particularly as the
condition of the roads during the
Iaat week bad prevented many
from outlying rural districts at
tending, it was decided today to
make this the closing night.
"We feel that another week of
operation could not make the show
surpass the stupendous success it
has already been." Major C. O. Van
, Vllot said, "and we do not want the
public to say that we are operat
ing the exhibit for gain. We have
therefore decidd to doss the doors
Big Attendance Iowa " Ipli t.
Last night. Iowa and Hock Island
arsenal night at tho show, drew
one of the largest crowds which
had yet attended the exhibit. Dav
enport citizens came out in full
force, and a Hprinkling'of uniforms
testified that arsenal officers had i
accepted tne invitation to ne pres- riiej a petition for continuance un
ont on the evening spec iiled as til May. The hearing could not be
"If there were any more people
here we would have to bulge the
walls." was the remark of one of i
the exhibitors.
Tonight is Illinois night, and it
Is predicted that the crowd, with
citizens of Rock Island. Moline and
Kast Moline in attendance, will
more than double any former day's
record. In anticipation for this
evening. Manager Van Vliet has
had the desk behind the ticket win
dow inclosed, in order that the
money can be received without be
ing stacked, and the greatest ef
ficiency can be employed in pass
ing out tickets to the stream of vis
itors t the box office.
C. K. Johnson, assistant sales
manager, and W. (!. McConnell,
factory representative with the
All-American truck, Trevor and
Gottlieb, local representatives, are
visitors at the show today. The
firm is showing the larger models
of the truck, which arrived and
were first placed on exhibit Thurs
day. This is the .first time that
these large trucks have been shown
in the tri-cities.
This has been, according to the
managers of the exhibit, a great
car Belling show. All exhibitors.
it is stated, have sold one or more
of their products. The attendance
- and interest shown by the public
nas amo ueen uu mat coum oe ue
eircd. Credit In Maniicers.
Too much credit for the success
of the exhibit cannot be given to
Mr. VanVliet, the officers of the
Trr-City Automobile Trades associ
ation and dealers themselves, who
put forth every effort possible to
give the tri-cities the best show
ever held here. In this they easily
succeeded as the thousands of peo
ple who visited the tabernacle dur
ing the past week were quick to
At 10 o'clock this evening the
band will come down from the
nand and parade the building, and
the final hour of the show will be
made one of jollity and pood feel
ing. Immediately after the closing
of the doors, the taking down of
the decorations will be begun. Ex
hibitors will remove their showings
find decorations will be taken
down, All traces of the event will
be gone by Sunday evening.
Damage of about $23 was caused
by a fire in the rear of the Union
Clothing company store In the In
rlnstrial home building on the cor
ner of Third avenue and Twenty
first street at S:2o o'clock last
' Th? fire is said to have been
raused by an over-heated electric
iron. The blaze was extinguished
by the use of chemicals.
At 7:07 o'clock last evening the
firemen received a still alarm to
the residence of J. Morrison, 1712
Twenty-first street. Asbestos cov
ering of a furnace was said to have
caught on fire.
Broadway Presbyterian Church
A cordial welcome it extended to those not regularly worshiping elsewhere
In order to afford an opportunity
for alt who have not done so, to
file their income tax reports, the
revenue offices on the second floor
of tbe postoffice building will be
open tonight and Monday ni&ht, un
til 9 o'clock. To accommodate tbe
situation, . Postmaster Harry P.
Simpson has arranged to have tbe
money order division open both this
evening and Monday evening until
the same hour. -
Illness of Authorities Concerned
lias Postponed Trial Ask for
Continuance Till May. '
Whether or not a continuance
until May willbe granted 15 of the
17 liquor cases, actiwn on which is
pending before tho county judici
aries, is the issue to be determined
Monday morning. A hearing before
Judge Frank J. Landee of the pro
bate court starts at 9 o'clock, to
grant or refuse the continuance.
The defendants in these 15 cases
are members of the group which
was indicted by the grand Jury last
fall, the charge against them all j
being illegal handling of intoxicat-
ine lienors. Some time atro. thrnnirh
their attorney Pvnis V. Diet H,v
held until the present time.
Only the lo cases in Attorney
Dietz's hands have asked continti-
ance, the other two of the 17 await-
Ing any date which may be set for
their trial.
Frequent Tostponements.
Delay in prosecuting these cases
has been frequent from time to
time since the indictment early in
January. No less than six contin
uances have been granted, either
upon the motion of the prosecu
tion or uncontested by the prose
cution. All of them have been due
to the same cause illness. At one
time the illness of State's Attorney
Benjamin S. Bell, at another time
the illness of a principal witness,
and at another the indisposition of
Assistant State's Attorney E. L.
Eagle, prevented the reckoning.
County Superintendent Lon 3T. Har
ris Has Placed JIatfor Before
l!ie Supervisors.
Supervisors of the county board
in session Monday afternoon will
vote upon the resignation of Lou
M. Harris, county superintendent
of schools.
The formal statement of resigna
tion was entered today by Miss
Harris. It has been understood for
some time that she contemplated
giving up her post as head of the
county schools.
No well-founded assurance of tbe
action of the board favorably or
unfavorably upon the resignation
is current. The outcome of the
action was not commented upon.
The recent scandal involving the
county superintendent's name with
missing school funds supposedly in
her hands, is credited for Miss Har
ris' move in placing her resigna
Stereopticon slides taken from
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progess, will be
shown at the Sunday afternoon
meeting at the Y. M. C. A. to
morrow. O. J. Stirratt, general
secretary, will give a talk on the
story, as the pictures are thrown
on the screen. E. R. Hostetler will
Only two more meetings of the
series will be held. Next Sunday
the special feature will be music by
the Oriole club, girls' chorus of
Augustana college. The last meet
ing in two weeks will be in observa
tion of Palm Sunday. Slides will
be shown at the Passion Play at
Oberammergau. Orchestra music
will be provided by the Hammel or
chestra. Sunday School at 9 :30 a. m.
Or the Alternative of Obnoxious
One San Vehicle Is Rumored
Alleged contemplated action of
the Tri-City Railway company to
seek permission to place into effect
the so-called "one man" street car
service, or to be allowed an addi
tional increase in fare is causing
considerable comment This is be
ing heightened by rumors, that the
employes of the company are con
templating reopening their con
tract, which was signed Aug. 6,
1919, after a 5-day strike.
John G. Huntoon, general man
ager of the company, said today
that no official action had been tak
en by the company, but he said
that the situation relative to the
"one man" system or an increase in
fares had been discussed by com
pany officials.
Rumors relative to the employes'
contemplated action of reopening
their contract, could not be sub
stantiated today as officials of the
union refused to discuss the mat
ter. However, it is understood that
the executive boards of Division
No. 313, of Rock Island and Moline,
and Division No. 312 of Davenport,
street railway employes, have dis
cussed the matter of giving notice
to the company that the unions de
sire to again negotiate for higher
Among the union men various
opinions are expressed. Some of the
men hold that they should receive
an additional increase in wages.
Others say that the contract should
be reopened in order to protect the
present scale of wages, which the
men claim is in jeopardy io cas
the company should come forward
with an announcement that wages
must be reduced or the company
must receive a higher rate o' tare.
Still others of the conductors and
motormen claim tlu-t 'he contract
should be reopened in order to
avert any possible chance that the
company might succeed in inaug
urating a "one man" street car ser
vice. Those favoring an increase in
vages above tho 4, 57 and 0 cents
an hour schedule cite the increases
in the cost of living since the con
tract was signed, which has load
other unions to put in requests for
wage increases that in various in
stances call for scales from Jl to
$1.50 an hour.
The union is strong in its sup
port of 2-man operation oi cars.
It is claimed that thj "out man"
system is not a success. The union
has always held that one man can
not properly handle a street car.
It is claimed that one man can not
operate the car and collect fares at
the same time and keep up to tlie
schedule time on the runs.
The contract signed by the men
and the company latt August was
dated from Aug. 6, 191? to Jun3 1,
1920, with the stipulation that the
contract was to run an additional
year in care neither side took ad
vantage of the 30-day clause, which
stipulated that either Hide, could re
open the contract upon giving the
other side 30 days' notice.
While it is known that the re
opening of the contract by the
union has never been taken up' in
union meetings, it is rumored that
the matter is scheduled lo come up
in a formal way soon
No information could be learned
as to what the officials of the union
would recommend in case the con
tract is reopened. However, the
situation from the union's point of
view seems to be a figm to retain
the present wage, or possibly ob
tain a .substantial increase- and to
ngnt any move the company might
make to inaugurate, the "one man"
street car service.
Mollner Who Drank Ticloas Con
coction Tells Police ame of
Man Said lo Hare Made It.
L. E. Benner, alleged owner of a
shanty boat in which a portion of
a whisky still was said to have
been found late yesterday evening
by Patrolmen William Epperson
and Orie Bowman, "was fined $50
on a charge of disorderly conduct
by Magistrate D. J. Cleland in po
lice court this morning.
Herbert Rogers, 1S14 Twenty
third avenue, Moline, alleged to
have become intoxicated upon home
made liquor said to have been ob
tained by him in a roundabout way
Dr. John McGoVn
10:45 a. m. Subject: "The
Challenge of the Honr,"
"Who then i3 willing to
consecrate his service this
day unto the Lord?" First
Chronicles 29:5.
7:30 p. m. "Jephthah's
A massive production of
this scriptural story tn mov
ing pictures; three reels.
from Benncr, was fined $5 on a
charge of drunkenness..
Rogers was arrested on the
streets yesterday afternoon while
in an intoxicated condition. A pint
bottle of home made liquor was
found in his possession. " .
The concoction was said by the
police to have been the most vicious
liquid that they had ever inspect
ed. It was almost black in color
and some discussion was held as to
whether the largest percentage was
wood alcohol or ether. At any rate
it served to put Rogers out, the po
lice said.
After being questioned the man is
said to bave told the police that
he obtained the liquor from a man
who told him that it bad been pur
chased froqi Benner.
Fail to Prove Case.
Benner was located and placed
under arrest. However, as the pos
lice failed to prove that he was
manufacturing the liquor he was
released after paying a fine of $50
on a charge of disorderly conduct.
Stage of Hirer Is Rapidly Rising
and This Is Causing Cover,
ii'.g to Snap.
Banking on the forecast of mild
weather and higher temperatures
this -week end. weather office offi
cials today stated they expect the
ice break in the Mississippi in a
short time. The ice started to
move today near the rapids above
Bettendorf and experts noticed
signs of a similar nature near the
upper bridge today.
The ice has remained in unusual
ly long this year. Last year a mild
winter, the channel was clear on
Jan. 21. In 1918 the ice went out
March 2, in 1917 on March 12, and
the nearest competitor for 1920 was
1916. when the freeze lasted until
March 13.
Below Credit island the breaking
up seems imminent, reports had it
today. The warmth of the weather
has started the stage of the water
to rising and has softened the ice.
The water pushing up on the weak
ened ice is cracking the surface,
and it is only a matter of hours
until it will begin breaking up and
starting downstream.
The river has been practically
clear in the lower end of Rock
George Johnson, negro, living in
Milan, was found badly beaten and
in an unconscious condition in an
alley near Seventh avenue and
Tenth street by Detective Herman
Sehnert and Patrolman Charles
Miner at 9:80 o'clock last night.
Johnson was beaten about the
face and head, and his condition
was deemed so serious that he was
taken to the St. Antrony's hospital
for treatment.
Shortly after Johnson was found
the two police officers arrested
William ' Jackson, negro, 712
Seventh avenue, who is under sus
picion as being Johnson's assailant.
Jackson is being held pending a
further investigation of the case.
What the motive fas in beating
Johnson is not known. That it was
not one of robbery is shown by the
fact that money was found in
Johnson's pockets when he was
Dr. C. S. Davis attended Johnson
and announced today that the man's
right jaw was crushed, and that he
is in a serious condition.
Paris. March 13. Hope has been
abandoned for a steamer chartered
by the American Red Cross which
left Novorossisk for Constantinople
with 500 red wounded and sick ref
EE Thursday, March 18
EE S:li t
EE Better Than Ever, The
Salem Tntt Whitney
J. Homer Tntt
In Their Sensational Musical
EE "The Children of the
H Sun"
EE Unexcelled in. Magni5oence,
Mirth and Melody
EE rriee s 5)c. $1,1)0, $1.50,
Pins Tax
Dr. Ed wards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Ohve Tablets, the
substitute lor calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work-.
i People afflicted with bad breath tad
Quick relief through taking them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
vegetable compound mixed with olive
! oiL They act gently but firmly on the
; bowels and liver, stimulating them to
natural action, clearing the blood, and
I purifying the entire system. They do
i that which calomel does, without any of
j the bad after effects. Take one or two
every night for a week and note the
"leasing died. 10c aad 2jc a box.
Furnish Electrical Supply to Til
lage and Community; -Stock
$2000. .
(Special to The Argus).
Springfield, 111., March 13. The
Cordova Light and Power company
incorporated today to operate an
electric light and heating plant at
Cordova. They will furnish light
to the village of Cordova and the
surrounding farm community. The
capital stock is $25,000.
The directors ana incorporators
are C. C. Opdyke, J. C. Mackey, C.
E. Reynolds, George Shumate and
Frank Zimmerman, all of Cordova.
Officials of the corporation are not
set forth.
It is understood that the new
company will connect with the plant
of the people's Light and Power
company, which has a powerhouse
two miles from the village. The op
erations of the company will be be
gun as soon as the permit is grant
ed. Papers of incorporation were
filed with Marshall and Mar it ail,
Rock Island attorneys.
Panl Richard Leeds.
Paul Richard Leeds, the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C.
Leeds, 536 Twenty-first street, died
at the home at 8 o'clock this morn
ing. He was born at 10 o'clock last
night. The funeral was held at the
home at 4 o'clock this afternoon di
rect to Chippiannock cemetery
where interment was made. The
parents; one sister, Louise; one
brother, Cecil LeRoy, and the
grandmother, Mrs. Clara Leeds, are
the survivors. i
Funeral of James . Brongh. j
Funeral services for James E.
Brough, whose death occurred 1
Thursday evening, will be conduct- j
ed at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow after-
noon at St. Joseph's Catholic !
church. Dean P. H. Durkin officiat- j
ing Interment will be in Calvary ;
Electric Phonograph
Motor Driosn
No Crankna fi
motor driven the motor
is a part of the mechan
ism thus assuring "silent opera
tion and perfect reproduction
qualities. ,
Plays All Records
The FEDERAL plars otf records with
wonderful tcmaf bdelirr. The wood
tonal chamber reproduces the origi
nal pure rich tones of the record
Yoo wn admire the superb t-eaurf
of the FEDERAL. Come in and see
it or write.
1 Commonwealth Edison aT
Ulectric shop
Ford Cars &
Truck Bodies
Genuine Ford
420 W. 3rd
T Personal Points i
o o
Vlrian Thomas, formerly of this
city, who is a student at Hobart
college, Geneva, N. Y. is spending
a few days in Rock' Island on his
way to bis home in Minnesota to
visit his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lenser of
Bowling are the parents of a son
born yesterday. ' This is their first
child. Mrs. Lenser was before her
marriage Miss Lillian Beck, daugh
ter of John Beck of Rock Island.
Mrs. W. H. Sullivan of New York
cfty arrived in Milan Wednesday to
spend three weeks visiting with
her father, Jonas Bowman. This
is the first time that Mrs. Sullivan
has been home for five years.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Bowman of
608 Third street, announce the birth
of a seven-pound son, Thursday,
March 11. "
Mrs. AM. Klove and her sister,'
Mrs. Mary Gulbrandsen of North
ville, Minn., who has been visiting
here, left yesterday for Leland,
where they will attend the observ
ance given in honor of the 90th
birthday anniversary of their moth
er, Mrs. T. T. Masey.
Mrs. Loyen W. Loy of Ryegate,
Mont., is visiting her sister, Mrs.
John T. Davis, 1606 Fourteenth
Dr. J. II. Gibson, pastor of the
First United Presbyterian church,
returned yesterday from Chicago,
where he attended the inter-church
movement conference and also vis
ited with relatives.
Edward De Silva is home for
the week-end from the University
of Iowa, which he is attending. -
Mrs. Glenn DeLeon and son
Harry leave this evening for Ft.
Collins, Col., to visit Mrs. DeLeon's
sister, Mrs. H. Knapp. They will
be away for about six weeks.
Miss Louis Wendt of 2556 Nine
teenth avenue, and Miss Lillie Ger
nant of Geneseo have returned
from a visit in Iowa City with Miss
Miss Laura Kock.
Pure Maple Svrup
Swift's Premium Ham
Quick Lunch
Don't Forget Your
VE allow you discount of
10c per M. Cu. Ft. on
your invoice for ras. and
He per K. W, T. lor elec
tricity, it paid within 10
days from the date on your
invoice. ATail yourself of
this opportunity to save.
Sock Island
Mo'.lne - - East Moline
Attention Members Allouez Council,
No. 658, K. of C.
All members are requested to meet at the home of the late
James Brough, 212 Thirteenth street, tomorrow afternon at 1:30
to attend the funeral in a body.
W. H. LEITHXER, Grand Knight
Ford Owners
We just received another shipment of complete
FORD Starters from the Ford Motor Company.
Those of you who have a late model FORD car with
out a FORD starter can now have this wonderfully effi
cient Starter installed, just the same as if it had been
done at the factory.
And it doesn't cost as much as you thought it would.
If you want a Ford Starter see us right away. Every
body wants a starter and they won't last long.
Horst & Strieter Co.
2f7 E. 3rd
Fordson Tractors &
Allied Implements
'' Reliable Accessories
Rock Island Moline
1417 2 Ave. 1610 6 Ave.
Improvement Installment Book U
. be Closed and Delinquent List
Turned Over to County.
The 1919 improvement install
ment books will be closed by the
city clerk at 5 o'clock Monday night
and all persons who bave not yet
paid their installments on paving,
water mains, sewers and sidewalks
will have to do so Monday or make
payment to the county treasurer
after that date. Commissioner Mar
tin T. Rudgren announced today.
V The clerical force in the city
clerk's office will begin Tuesday
morning making out the delinquent
list, which will be turned over to
the county treasurer to make col
lections. The 5 per cent current interest
wa3 put on the Installments as
penalty Jan. 15. The installments
were first dalinquent Jan. 2, but
an additional two weeks' grace was
added before the penalty was at
tached. However, all collections at the
city clerk's office will stop Monday
night and all persons delinquent
will have to either pay up at the
county treasurer's office or have
their accounts sold at'auction either
the first or second week in June.
Aggregate About $'3t.0l.
Tha 1919 improvement install
ments aggregate about $200,000. A
Hasn't had a sign of trouble
now for over 9 months.
"A year ago I Vad asthma so bad
my friends thought 1 would never (ret
over it. I had doctored for a long
time without results. I had not been
in bed for 3 weeks, could not even sit
up straight in a chair. Then I heard
of Milks Emulsion aud started using
it. it was only two days later that
I could po to bed and sleep soundly.
After takinjf eight bottles ($4 worth)
I found myself completely cured. It
is over ft "months now since I quit
taking Milks Emulsion, and I haven't
had a svmpton of asthma since."
Geo. W. Baker, R. F. D. 1. Latrobe. Pa.
Why shouldn't Milks Emulsion help
rouJ It has worked wonders for
others. It costs nothing to try.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nu
tritive food and a corrective medi
cine. It restores healthy, natural
bowel fiction, doing away with all
need of pills and physics. It pro
motes appetite and quickly puts the
dipestive orpins in shape to assimi
late food. As a builder of flesh and
strenpth, Milks Emulsion is strongly
recommended to those whom sickness
has weakened, and is a powerful aid
in resisting snd repairing the effects
of wasting diseases. Chronic stom
ach trouble and constipation are
promptly relieved usuallv in one day.
This Is . the only solid emulsion
made, and so palatable that it it
eaten with a spoon like ice cream.
No matter how severe your case,
you are urged to try Milks Emulsion
under this guarantee Take six bot
tles home with you, use it according
to directions and if rot satisfied with
the results, your money will be
promptlv refunded. Price 60c and
$1.20 per bottle. The Milks Emul
sion Co., Terre Haute, Ini. Sold ty
druggists everywhere.
big majority of this bat
ieciea oy me city clerk, htu2
will be a comparative! u!l
left for rnlWtlrm ..i.v. H
treasurer on the delinQUJ5J
Commissioner Rurt
Persons who have not LL
are urged to do so MonH.iT 1
der to avoid having their a
ucaouiu UllUUaO IftA ii.it. j
In contradiction to a false wpon
that seems to have gained cred,.
lence, the income tax official, jj
the federal building this morna,
asked that former service men v,
were mustered out list year bm
make a return if their salary ft
celved in civilian pursuits atnomn
ed to $1,000 for single men or t!M
for married men. it seema "ik..
the impression has been gaian
that ex-servtca men are
from filing a return because
misunderstanding of Instruction!
given at the income tax office.
Any money which the ex-serttt,
man may have received last year
while still a soldier is exemption
the taxation but must be shown ot
the return.
The income tax office win it
uprn luuiKui aim iunaay mgjjt bj.
til 9 o'clock in order to afford
eryone an opportunity to file their
Whether you think they
need it or not. There it
nothing like Knowing
about such things. Occa
- sionally we run across a
normal pair of eyes, and
we somehow always ad
mire that person's intelli
gence in deciding to lrara
the condition of the eye.
There is so much to gaia
by doing so that every.
one should Rain that
knowledge. Ct the
facts here.
Optical Parlors
"The Gateway to Perfect
Slf-15.lt liobiiison Ttldg.
Rock Island, 111.
rhone 11. I. m
Honrs 9 a. m. to 5 p. tn.
Saturday lo h p. m. Alto
by special appointment
Turc Maple Svrup
. Swift's Ilrnnk field
Quick Lunch
Cor. 7th Ave. 12th St.
Men's 20c hose 2QC
2 pairs f"r . . .
Ladies' 20c hose, 2
pairs 29c
Two 25c cans of to-
matoes JJfJC

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