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. I-
Twenty-Sixth. Year.
Bock- Island, Illinois, Thursday, December 7t 1876.
Established Oct 18, 1851
aw had an Ovarian Tumor in the Ova-
2 riex and Bmoelt for Ten Years.
Ann Abu or, Dec. 87, 1875.
Da. Runway : That others may be benefitted, I
make this statement:
i have had an Ovarian Tamer in the ovaries and
towels (or tea years. I tried the beat physicians in
this place and others without any benefit. It was
erow in it at such rapidity that I could not have lived
much longer. A friend of mine induced me to try
Had way s Kemeales. 1 had not much laltn in them,
but finally, after much deliberation, I tried them.
I purchased six bottles of the Resolvent, two hos
es of the Pills, and two bottles of the Relief. I used
those without any apparent benefit. I determined
to nersevere. I used tw lve more bottles of the Re
solvent, two of the Relief, and two boxes of Pills.
Before they were eone I bad lost 95 pounds.
I continued to use the medicine until I was sure
- that I was entirely cured. I took the medicine about
4 Ave months, and during that time lost 45 pound.
In all I took three dozen bottles of the Resolvent,
six bottles Relief, snn six boxes of the Pills.
I feel perfectly well, and my heart is full of erat
Itude to God for this help in my great affliction. To
vou. Sir. and your wonderful medicine. I feel deep
Iy indebted, and my prayer is that it may bo as
ranch oi a Dieting to otners as it nas peen to me.
fsienedl Mrs. E. C. Bibbins.
Mrs. Bibbins, who makes the above certificate. Is
the oerson for whom I reauested yon to send medi
cine In June, 1875. The medicines above stated
Manufacturers of
We offer our Hixns -ornTiD Nails to the
trade knowing that they are far superior to any
"Cut Poihts". The "AU8ABLE" is THi
Haxkibzd Nan. Pointed in market. Quality
tally guaranteed.
85 Chambers Street,
lTblgraphd to the Sod Inland Argui.
were bought of me. with the exception of what was
seut to her by you. 1 may say that her statement
Is correct without a qualification.
Signed L. S. Lsrcb.
.Druggist and Chemist. Ann Arbor. Mich
This may certify that Mrs. Bibbins, who makes
the above certificate, is and bas been for many
rears well Known to ns, ana tne I acts tnereln stated
are undoubtedly and undeniably conect. Any one
who knows flirx.BiDoin win oeueve ner statement.
Binned nXNJ. D. Cocksr, Mart B. Pond,
MabtCocksb, E. B. Pond.
Sarsapari.lian Resolvent
The Great Blood Purifier.
For the Cure of all Chronic Diseases
Langs or Stomach, Skin or Bones, Flesh
or Nerves.
Corrupting the Solids and Vitiating the Fluids.
HCnronlc Rheumatism. Scrofula. Glandalur Swel
ling, Hacking Dry Congh, Cancerous Affections,
Syphilitic Complaint. Bleeding of the Lungs, Dys
pepsia, Water Brash, Tic Dolorenx, WhtU Swel
lings, Tumors, Ulcers, Skin and Ulp utKeam, Mer
curial Diseases. Female Complaints. Goat, Dropsy,
Rickets, Halt Rheum, Bronchitis, Consumption,
Kldnev.lBtadder. Liver Complaints, sc.
bold by Druggists.
Consumption cam bs cured,
sobsnck's puxjionic stbup,
Sohbncr's Ska Wkxd Tonic.
- Sohcnck'b Mandbakx Pi lis.
Are the only medicines that will cure Pu.'monary
Frequently medicines that will stop a cough will
occasion the death of the patient ; they lock up the
liver,stop the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage
follows, and in fact,they clog the action of the very
organs that caused the cough.
Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia are the causes
of two-thirds of the cases of Consumption. Many
persons complain of a dull pain in the Bide, con
stipation, coated tongao, pain in the shoulderblade
feelings of drowsiness and restlessness, the food,
lying heavily on the stomach, accompanied with
acidity and belching np of wind.
These symptoms usually orginated from a disor
dered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver.
Persons so affected. If they take one or two heavy
colds, and if the congh in these cases be suddenly
checked, will find the stomach and liver clogged,
remaining torpid, and inactive, and almost before
they are aware the lungs are a mass of sores, and
ulcerated, the ra-ult of which Is death. -Schenck's
Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which
does not contain opium or anything calculated to
check a cough suddenly.
Schenck's Sea Weed Tonic dissolves the food,
mixes with the gastric juices of the stomach, aids
digestion and creates a ravenous appetite.
when the bowels are costive, skin sallow, or the
symptom ot berwlse of a bilious tendency .Schenck's
Mandrake Pills are required.
These medicines are prepared only by
J. U. Schznck & Son
N.E . corner Sixth and Arch .Sta. Phlla.
And are for sale by all druggists and dealers.
Why let aches and pains your temper spoil T
A cure is sure by using
Renne's Magic Oil I
Prospect that the State Will
yet have Justice Done.
And Secure the Election of the Demo
cratic Candidates.
Tallahassee, Fla., Dec. 7. A quo
warranto was issued and served on the
Hayes electors, yesterday.before they cast
their votes, also a bill of injunction was
obtained, in behalf of Gov. Drew, against
members of the canvassing board and an
ordei granted restraining them from com
pleting the canvasses on the basis of tht
vote canvassed by the majority of the
board for electors.
Attorney General W. A. Coke, member
of the canyassiug board, protested against
the action ot the board in certifying to a
majority of the votes in favor ot the Hayes
electors. He denounced the same as a
criminal and gross falsifications of the re
turns on file in the office of the secretary
of state. He also gave a certificate of
election to the Tilden electors, stating
therein that the returns on file, canvassed
by the board, showed a clear majority for
the Tilden and Hendricks electors. The
Democratic electors, Wilk. Call, Robert
Bullock, Robt. B. Hilton and James E.
Younge, met at the capitol in the office of
the attorney general and cast the vote of
the state according to law; also signed a
petition to the senate and house of repre
sentatives of the United States stating
their election and praying that they might
be recognized as electors of state.
The visiting statesmen, Marble, Salton
stall, Biddle. Sellers. Hay. Read. Gibbon,
of Missouri. Gen. Young, and Gov. Brown
of Georgia: CoL Walev. and P. H. Smith,
of Ills,, and Gov. Noyes and Mr. Lisle, of
Ohio; Gen. Wallace and Barlow and Mr.
Chandler left to-day, Messrs. Coyle and
Parris remain to meet the congressional
The Republican electors met in the ex
ecutive chamber and organized, electing
b. C. Humphrey, president, and A. W.
Leonard, secretary, they cast their vote
for Hayes and Wheeler, and C. H.Pearce,
one of their electors, was selected as mes
senger to carry the returns to Washington
Price tl Per bottle.
82 Warren St., New York.
R. K. B.
Ready Relief
from One to Twenty Minutes.
after reading th.s advertisement need any one
It was the first and la
that Instantly stops the most excruciating pains
allay Inflammations, and cures Congestions
whether of the Lanes, Stomach, Bowels or other
.glands or organs, by one application
u. mattpr how violent or excruciating the pain, the
Rheumatic, Bed-Hidden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous
Neuralgic or prosiraiea wun ujew ui duucj,
Badway's Heady Belief j
Inflammation of the Kldne;
Bladder, Inflammation
tlon of the Lungs,
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Rheumatism,
KiiSNfc 8 MAGIC OIL cures Neuralgia,
kk ix ink s mauiu cures sprains,
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Bruises.
RENNE'S MAGIC OIL cures Colic.
Kh.NNK'S magic oib cures Cholera Morbus,
RENNE'S . AGIC OIL cures Coughs.
REN.NK'S MAGIC OIL cures Sore Throat.
"It Works likb a Caarm.
Dayton, Ohio. Aueust 87. 1875.
Missus. W. Rkxne A Sons,
Usnts Please send me at once by express one
dozzen bottles large size Magic Oil. The Magic Oil
a oca indeed wort nae a cnarm. six years ago
mother had a fall which came very near resulting
fatally. She recovered her health in some degree
during the year following, but she sustained such
severe injuries, especially in her spine and left arm
nd ehouldwr, that she waa almost helpless. Ho
ping a change of climate might be beneficial, the
spring of the second year after her fall she went to
I Ilea, N. Y., to visit some relatives. While there
she obtained and used some of your Magic Oil ; it
relieved her almost iinniediafel' , so much si to t
she came home very much improved in health and
strength, and by the free use of the Magic Oil she
la now enjoying better health than she has Known
lor ten years, sua has recovered entirely irom ner
injuries. Mother bas so much confidence in your
Magic Oil that she will not be without it.
respectfully yours, Joseph E. Dixsoh.
Some folks seem lo be prond ot telling bow "lame
their shoulders are" of "mv crick in the back" or
"I have got the Sciatica" and delight in bragging
that "nothing can cure mel" but when we such
,'ivlol folks" to use KttNKE'S FAIN KILLING
MAGIC OIL, faithfully, we not only cure their
lameness and charm away their pains, but we ac
tually take all teat kind of "brag out of them !" and
they frankly cwn up and sav, "it works like a
charm." Sold by ail Druggists, Merchants and
Grocers. Call for Renne's Magic Oil where you
usually trade.
Fifty-nine Only are Identi
s. Inflammation of the
the Bowels, Congee-
Sore Throat, Difficult
cr. J
Hvaterics. Croup, Diptnerla. Ca-
Van Schaack, Stevenson & Reid, Wholesale Agt's
Chicago ill. sold in kock isiana py jonn Cengs
ton ana f. tx. I nomas.
The Great American Institute
Fair (session of 1875) awarded to
the Triumph Truss Company the
.Premium Medal for the Best Elas
tic Truss on Exhibition.
Patronise the TRIU MPTI TRUSS
334 Bowrey, Kew York.
The Triumph Truss Comp'y
Ask no advance payment for curing ruptures, and
offer $1,000 reward for any case they
cannot cure.
They employ a first-class Lady Surgeon. Their
Chief Surgeon has bad SO years' unfailing a access !
Examinations and advice confidential and free.
Orders filled by mail. Send 10 cents for their New
uniet anrgeon.
If Manufacturer of
tarrh. Influenza.
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chilis.
The application of the Ready Keller to the part
ar narta where the PAID Or difficulty exisU Will of-
fnfcl wimfnrt.
Twenty drops in half a tt -abler of water will In a
ew minutes cure Cramps, Strains. Sour Stomach
Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery,
n,.ii. wind In the Howe la. and all Internal Pains.
Travniera should always carry a bottle of RAD-
arkvu HKAnY RELIKiT with them. Afew drops.
In water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of water, it is nener man ireucu di.huj ui
Mrs as a stimulant.
Fever and Ague cured for fifty eents. There is
otaregedial agent In the world that will cure
fever and ague, and all other malarious, bilious,
scarlet, typhoid, yellow and other fevOa (aided by
Kadway's Pill) so quick aa Radway's Ready Relief.
Fifty cents-per Dome.
Office for the Northwest of Dr. Bly's Celebrated
Patent Limbs, as the following will show:
Rochester. N. Y., Sept. 1, 1874. '
Robert Baty, Kso,., Milwaukee, Wis.
Dear Sir: You are the only party authorized to
make my Patent Legs in the Northwest, there be
ing no one in Chicago authorized to manufacture
any ot my patents. Yours &c.
Blv's Limbs manufactured on Government orders.
Apparatus for Shortened Limbs and all Dcformi
ties. For particulars address
105 Wisconsin Street,Milwankee Wis.
New York, Dec. 7. The dimensions
of the awful calamity which has befallen
the citv of Brooklyn in the destruction of
its principal theatre by fire, and conse
auent loss of life have not yet been real
ized. Enough is known however, to make
it certain that the catastrophy was among
the most fatal of the kind ever recorded.
Up to noon to-day 315 bodies had been re
moved. Of these, 59 are identified, some
by remnants of clothing remaining, others
by watches, chains and such articles, but
tew by features. Actors Claude Bur-
rough and Harry S. Murdock are among
the identified.
What are accepted as the bodies of the
two actors are simply two black cinders.
Around the truok of one was a sooted and
scorched buckskin undershirt, and beside
the other was a piece of braid apparently
a portion of a stage dress.
It is feared that a search in the auditor
mm will result in hading many more
It is estimated that 1050 people were iu
the building at the time the tire broke out.
(what gov. Bxarosxcxs SATS.
Ke Hopes Congress Will Xoj Justice Accord
inf to the Laws saA Constitution.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7. The Journal
publishes m interview with Gov. Hend
ricks on the situation. He thinks the action
of the returning board in Florida, South
Carolina, and Louisioa not in accordance
with the laws of those states or of the
federal constitution, but hopes congress
will do justice and assert the true cpirit of
the constitution. He does not believe the
vice president can declaro who is elected,
. .i . i t
or that tne two nouses oi congress are
simply witnesses as to the counting,
turnishiDg tellers to certily to a correct
reading ot the ballots. He relies upon the
twenty-second joint rule, which, he con-
tends,has been in operation since l858,and
declares it to be the legislative inter
pretation of the constitution especially in
tended for such a crisis as the present;
admits the possibility of the house de
daring Tilden president and (he senate
declaring Hayes president and that such a
crisis would be of a most serious character
and entail upon all the parties the gravest
responsibility. He declined any state-
1 - . . a -i
ment as to his recent meeting with Uov.
Tilden. . .
One Vote forJilden and Hen
dricks and two for Jteyes
and Wheeler.
Tilden and Eenericks now have 185
and Hayes and Wheeler 184.
Tilden'and Hendricks are
San Francisco, Dee. 6. The accounts
as yet received here coticeroing the elect
oral vote.of Oregon, are cooflictinsr. The
Daily Stock Exchange's extra this morning
prints the following:
PORTLAND. Deo. 6. Governor Grover
to-day issued certificates to Itwo Hayes
electors and one Tilden elector. Cronin.
The Hayes electors refused to meet with
Cronin, whereupon the latter.who held all
the certificates, appointed two Republicans
to act in their places. The two whom he
appointed, met with him, received their
certificates, and theD all voted for presi
dent, two for Hayes,and Cronin for Tilden.
The Bulletin has the following special
from Portland: A dispatch from Saleui
says the secretary of state has given Cro
nin, democratic ,elector. having the high
est number of votes, the certificates. The
two Republican electors refused to rt
with him, and assembled and supplied the
vacancy. The Repubicans voted for
Hayes. Cronin appointed two Democrats
to act with him, and cast the vote of the
state for Tildes.
A Post special from Salem savs. at noon
to-day, the secretary of state delivered to
Cronin, Democratic candidate for elector
contesting peat of Watts, postmaster, the
certificate of appointment of an elector.
which is evidence that Governor Grover
has ousted Watts. The six electoral candi
dates then assembled in the committee
room of the senate chamber. After half
an hour, one of the -Republican elector?,
W. II. Udell, came out and went to the
office of the secretary of state to demand a
certified copy of the certificate, for it
seems the certificate included the name of
K. A Cronin, Democrat, and W. IiO'Dell
and J. C. Cartwright, Republicans, andf as
the latter demanded to see and' hold the
certificate, and Cronin refused to let them
have it, nothing could be done. About
this time Cronin lett the room where the
electors were assembled, and took a stroll
down town.
Later. The story; further goes thatl
when the electors were met, Odell and
Cartwright refused to act with Cronin,
whereupon Cronin declared a vacancy and
elected J. N. F. Miller and H. Parker to
fill the places of the electors, and the vote
being taken, Cronin voted for Tilden and
Hendricks, and the two others tor Hayes
and Wheeler. Cartwright and Odell first
accepted the resignation of elector Watts,
and then elected him to fill the vacancy.
and cast the vote of the state for Hayes
ana w heeler. 1 here is great excitement.
The Republicans are indignant at the gov
ernors action. I Were they indignant
when the carpet-bag returning boards
falsely certified to the election of Hayes
electors in South Carolina, Florida and
The Republicans are mad, hut Don't
see how They can Help Themselves.
They try to Intimidate the Governor, bat
Conclude not to (ret tip Another war.
ti . T . T w a r
oa r RANCisco. uec. i. a sa em
Oregon despatch says the Republicans
held a meeting last night to consider the
action ot Uov. Grover. Resolutions were
passed denouncing him and calling upon
the u. S. senate to prevent him from
taking his seat on the ground that he has
wilfully violated his oath. Prominent
Republicans advised a calm exprcf sion
puouc opinion ana it is now thought no
outbreak will occur.
X""01d stoves repaired, lined and made
new at trifling cost. Apply to J. Donahue,
Phoenix House, - 6d5t
IgpDon't forget the festival at the Bap
tist church to night. Th object is a wor
thy one and should be well patronized.
Yesterday, Oliver Norris refused to
work on the streets in settlement of his
fine, and was sent to the calaboose on
lifeht diet, until he concludes to obey the
magisteral mandates of Esquire Swander.
KgFolIowiag are the officers of Swedish
Olive Lodge, No. 583, L O. O. F. for the
ensuing term: P. Nelson, N. G.; O. F.
Eklund, V. G.; L. N. Eklund, Recording
Secretary; August Lindgreen, Treasurer;
A, Swaoson, Permanent Secretary. In
stallation will occur sometime in January.
The lodge is in flourishing condition and
augumenting in membership steadily.
JgyNels Peterson is not expected to
liye. Dr. McKinnie who is in attendance
fears that effusion of the brain will set in.
This is the man who was injured on Tues
day night as mentioned in last evening's
Arg0s. Doctor Gordnn has been unre
mitting in his attentions and sincerely re
grets that he is the innosent cause of the
unfortunate accident, Nopossible blame
can attach to the doctor.
iWm. Young and a man named
Eaton got into a political dispute last night
at Calentzkey's saloon which soon became
animated and finally ended in an inter
change of blows. Officer Teller arrested
Eaton and put him in the calaboose until
this morning when be and Young were
brought before Magistrate Swander who
fined Eaton $5 and costs and Ytuig $5.
Paid and discharged.
JSFollowingU the statement of amount
of lumber And lath sawed by J. S. Keator
& son, of this city for the season ot 1876:
Running time from March 15th, to Nov.
28th 1876. 201 days, 7 hours.
Out-lumber 18.725.SO0
Shingles 1 machine 3.608.000
Lath 2 machines 4.4-2J.OUO
Average per day 68,285 feet.
Estimated with a gain on logs over 14,-
000,000 feet.
This is certainly a splendid showing and
had logs been plenty Keator &Son, would
a ve sawed 16,000,000 feet or very close
to it.
A. O. TJ. W. Banquet.
To-night the second anniversary of Har
mony Lodge, No. 2, A. O. U. W.. will
occur at Itetso s liall, 1 he ceremonies
will be inaugurated with an address by
Judge Benson, of Davenport, at Dunn's
lalL at 8 o clock to which all are invited.
After the address the members of the
iidgsj, with ladies, will adjourn to Reese
lall, where the grand banquet and ball
will be held. This will be one of the
fintit affairs of the season and will be un
der the management of Messrs. McDonald,
A. E, Morey, E. KUteson and others cf
equal prominence, which is a sufficient
guarantee that the arrangements will be.
complete m every detail. 1 he music is by
the Clinton orchestra, one of the finest
musical organizations in the upper Miss
issippi, l he supper will be served by
Charles Reese, whoso well-known reputa
tion as a caterer needs no commeut from
the writer. Those who have been present
on former occasions will need no urging to
attend this one which promises to be tne
best managed of any yet held.
Found Dead.
Yesterday about 1 o'clock the body of a
man apparently dead was found in the
ravine near Jonas Westburg's house by a
woman named Bjorklund, which pioved to
be V . A. Goss, a man 65 years old. In
stead of giving the alarm at once, in for
mation was sent to Rock Island and it was
not until last evening that an investigation
commenced. Coroner Vermillion empan
elled a jury with D. O. Reid as foreman
and after hearing the evidence a verdict
was rendered of death from exposure.
The supposition seemed to be that Goss
had been in an intoxicated condition and
had fallen or slipped down from the top
of the embankment to the ravine below,
where he died from exposure. The body
had been lying where it was found prob
ELY & CO.;
Wedding Garments a Special1-
Servants' Livery Made to Orde
Wabash Ave. Cor. Monroe,
CHICAGO, Established 1854. ILLINOIS
Will positively afford relief by external
application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia. Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
Toothache, Earache, and all nervous pains,
Sold by all Druggists at $1 per bottle.
For sale in Bock Island by John Bengston.
"Evidence TJnDarallelled in the hlstorr of Medi
cine" Over two thousand testimonials given for
iuc wuuuenui cures maae Dy
Horse Shoe Nails
All Kails are made of the bett
and Warranted pprfect and ready for driving.
Orders filled promptly and at the lowest
rates by
Beal Estate.
Hioan Agericv,
IOC. Acre Farm In McHenry Co. Ills. Good Im.
i aw
provements. Price $4,70O
199 1 9 Acre Farm In McHenry Co., Die.,
Ivv I T 9 miles from Woodstock .
S ARS A P ARI LLA, bo-1""""-"-ss.
Iiall , m.- aa ui auanu V aaucu.
WW Price $4,O0O
1 Oil Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
1 WW Price S3.5O0
I TK Acre Farm, Sumner Co., Kansas.
I I v Price 81.600
Q fl Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
WU Price $l,30O
At Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas
Anfl Acre Farm,
HJU Sterling. ,
107 1 O Acre Farm, Rock Island Co . Ill
lUI I L Price (4,1
01 R Acre Farm, Callaway Co., Mo. Stock Farm
O I vl Price $15,000
OGfl Acre Farm, Atch
00U Stock Fatm.
On Acre Farm, Kent Co.,
Or Matchless Liver
Three thousand bottles sold
each year by one stare in
uieveiana inow receiving or
ders oy man erery day from
an parts oi me country.
Herewith are a few of the
many certificates and letters
received hundreds of which
we could print, if necessary.
to show Fenton's Mutchlets
Liver, Blood and Kidney By
rap is appreciated at home.
and extending; over the whoto countrv. uDon its
"merit only." And we claim without fear or favor
It is the best family medicine in the world, and
guarantee it the best blood and liver and kidney
ymp ever produced. Seud for circulars, read and
judge for yourself. We will be pleased to send a
circular to any pen-on wno writes for one.
Extracts from letters received.
RHEUMAMIoM Some six mouths could not
walk without the help of a crutch: tried D
clans and many kinds of advertised cures without
benefit. Six bottles of Fenton's Match lew Syrup
cure a me. UAPT UEO hand
SALT RHEUM- Eighl bottles made a perfect and
permanent cute.
Caft Thomas Pennikqton
SCROFULA From infancy was treated by the
best physicians and took everybody's cure. Two
bottles Matchless Syrup cured me.
Mas Eliza Jokes.
SCROFULOUS NECK Eight years cured by
reniou e oarsapaniia, alter trying nearly every
outer auown remedy. JOHN MCUINITT,
Conductor S L M S R it, Cleveland, C
SALT RHEUM eleven years all over my body :
took all the . a .- emedies advertised, and in the
nonpital. New k, twenty weeks; could not gi t
cured; six ..ee of Fenton's Matchless Syrnp
curea me, uiobqb urowk, I'leveiana, u.
FEMALE WEAKNESS some six years; used ev
ery alterative known; tried the climato from Min
nesota to Texas ; could get no relief; after a few
month's ue of Fenton's Matchless Sareaparilla was
curea completely,
Mrs Att B , Ohio St, Cleveland. O.
RHEUMATISM Dr. Fenton : Having been laid
up five weeks with Rheumatism, and spent dollar
; aiter aoiiar, my pnysician tola me it
Price $1,000
Whiteside Co., Illinois, near
Price $14,000
Price tlO.80O
Michigan, adjoining
Price $5,000
LAUDS in all the Westibx Statm will sell for
Cash or part Cash, and time on the balance.
Hocrsas and Lots in Rock Island and a number
of other places for sale or exchange for lands.
,5F"Call and get prices and location of lauds.
Rock island. 111., Aug. 28, 1876.
sniRRELL & CO., Proprietors.
47 Pearl.Street,.
(Successors to J, R. ZKIGLKE.;
Manufacturers of
me it must wear
i rirT rr.t nn and nn rvntrhoa u vnnr.w iJnM iMakii
ably 12 hours when first discovered. Goss i was advised to get six bottles of Fenton's Sarsaca-
nra arldintorl tn !ntin,nir,nm Knt nnlw r!ritla. Five bottles cured me completely. I freely
n au vsv av. a, j a u a. fc v. & u u v r iw uuav waa, . - . , ,k -
r ! m iinil tha Ala Kl.una Uornn std anen anawk fn
Rheumatism. lours trul
Foolish Z.ad Kills, Skins and Cuts np a
Uttla Child.
Portland, Me.. Dec. 7. A. foolish lad,
resid'mg in the family of Jno. Moulton, a
butcher, at Gorh&tn, was left in charge of
an infant, and. imitating what he had seen,
he killed the child, skinned the body, and
cut and hung it up.
St. Louis, t)ec. 7th An ibiection was
made to Gen. Frost acting as an elector on
the ground that his disabilities under the
14th amendment had not been removed.
but as he was included in President John
son's amnesty, no notice was taken of the
Republican effort to prevent his vote
being counted.
intervals, but when he went on a spree
generally kept it up for a week. A few
days ago he wa. rolling around in a
drunken condition and was undoubtedly in
that condition when he met his death.
Leceased lost his wite about a .year ago,
(and since that timo has been verv uncer
tain in his habits. He was an uncle by
marriage of Everett Wheelock and, until
recently, boarded at his house. Goss was
well known.in this commuuity having liyed
here for Dearly 30 years. He has been a
constant employe at the paper mill from
the time it started, up to his death, (and
was well liked. Although ot somwnat
eccentric disposition he was at all times
generous hearted and was well liked by
ail who knew him. The funeral will occur
on Saturday either from the residence of
E. Wheelock, or Mr. A. Taylor, at what
hour has not yet been decided. Deceased
had no children.
Xr. Radway's
perfectly tasteless, elegantly cuated with sweet
gam, purge, regulate, purify, cleanse, and strenah
n. Radway's Pills, for the cure of all disorders of
the Stomach, Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder,
Nervoas Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costive
ness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Bilious
Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Files, and all
Derangement of the Internal Viscera. Warranted
to effect a positive cure. Purely Vegetable, cou
tatniog no mercury, minerals or deleterious drain.
IfTOtw nre the following symptoms resuhiug
from disorders of the bluest We Orgaus.
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood
in the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea,
lleartburn, Dlsgunt of Food, Fullnets of Weight
, oujiuacii, ouur eruptions, Bltiatug or Flutter
ing in th Pir n t. u. w .v..
.,? a,ar,led and Difficult Breathing. Fluttering
at me lleart, CtioMusr or Suff.iraima Henaation
Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dote
before the Bight, Fever and Dull Pain in
The Greatest BloodTurifier Known,
Curing Cancers, Scrofula, Humors, Weakness, Ac.
In fact all Blood, Liver, Bltin and Uterine diseases.
Price SI, or six bottles to. Exp. W Office ativieb
free. C.B.H0WE, M. D. -
timtca i alU, S. T.
Sold by John Bengston and T H Thomas, drug
gists, Rock Island.
It will cure permanently Chills. Agnes, Sciatica,
Keuralgia, Debility, all nervous and periodic diseases.
Every bottle warranted to give perieet saiiaiacuna.
Prioe $L,r Six bottles i xpr. ST Office edviee
C. B. HOWE, II D. rrv
Sold by John Bengston and T H Thomas, drug-1
gists. Rock- island.
It is laid on The Tabla.
Washington, D. C, Dec, 6. After;
the report of the Iierjublisan Jjouioiana
visiting com tuittee had been read in the
house. Fernando Wood denounced the
president for sending it to the house, and
moved that it be laid on tne table, instead
of being referred to a committee. This
was carried 153 to 0.
Mr. Wood expressed surprise at such
a; message from the president, it was
extraordinary and unprecedented. The
president in spite of bis eight years ex
periences had seen proper to send to the
house '.this (unauthorized communication
from persons with no official position.
The president s only motive must be to
suggest that the house bad authority to
institute a cireful inquiry into the presi
dential (election in advance of the regular
presentation of that, great subject. Mr.
Wood objected to the message as a par-
tizan affair.
York Market.
Niw Youk, December 7.
Gold 1 (fl.
Governments Active: stead v.
C. S. BondB ti cent 5-30's 1KS1
1865 old...
M u 18B5 m w..
" " -m i.i5Vi
laas i.ii
...... .1.11
Wheat Shade better: ungraded spring 1 301
No 2 Chicago ; 83: No 8 Milwaukee 1 85: win-
ter red western 1 35.
Corn Firm ; new western mixed 5560.
Oats Steady ; mixed westsrn and state 8449.
Pork 16 75.
Lard Quiet; 10 80.
Whisky-l 09.
U. 8. 10.40'a..
New B's ,
Currency 6's
Chicago Mariiet.
Chicago. December 7.
Wheat-Strong and higher; 1195, cash: 1 S0
Corn Shade firmer; 453 cash ; 45 Jan.
Oats Firmer; 83X34 cash; 34H Jan.
Barley 7a73.
Pork Firm and higher: 16 50 cash: 16 62U Jan.
Lard Firm anc higher; 10 10 cash; 10125-4 Jan.'
The reliable house of ALEX FROTHINQHAM
A CO., No 13 Wall St., New York, publish a hand
some eight-pare weekly paper, called the Weekly
Financial iteporc, wnicu uiey sena iree 10 any ad
dress. In addition to a Urge number ft editorials
on f nancial and other topics, i' contains very fall
and accurate resorts of the sales and standing of
every stock, bond and security dealt In at the Stock
i vufvumvniTiu a. m
e the 1 Bixcuanire. awn. buiuihuju m vv , rc
Price I extensive brokers of large experieuce and tried in
tegrity, in anoiiion to meirBiixa uru&rag uun
ness, they sell what is termed "Privileges" or "Puts
WS?n w, 1tter3t,niP to RADWAY A CO., No 8S gnimate speculation. Their advice Is valuable.and
aiida will hiit Information worth thou-1 by following It many kaye made fortunes. LNew
- - xorK jaetropous.1
or Webs
. .u"u' Hnc,eucy oi Perspiration, Yellowness of
Z7.!i ? Kvos' Paiu lu tne Bide, Chest, Limbs,
aud sadden Flushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh.
' wdoeeof RADWAY'S PILLS will free the
L. rZ,,. r I11 ttle aDOve n"ed disorders.
W cenU per box. Sold by druggists.
Read "FALSE swtj TRITlt.o
Wsatbsr ProlmblllUes.
Washington, Dec 7. The SienalSer-
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon mdioate the following weather
Drobabilities for this afternoon and to-
For the northwest, partly cloudy weath
er, and areas of light snow with northerly
to westerly winds, probably followed by
colder weather and rising barometer by
Friday morning.
Arrival of Cardinal Antonelli's Bacoesaor
in Bom.
Rome, Dec. 7.Cardinal Simeoni, the
successor ot the late Cardinal Autonelli,
baa arrived here from Madrid.
St. Louis Market.
Sr. Lons, December 7.
Wbeat-Hieher: Ho 8 fall 1 S3U bid cash : 1 82
Dec; 186Vi Jan; No 8, 127 cash; No 4. 1 801 21.
Oate Lower ;aaH oia.
Rye Better; 71 bid cash.
Whisky 106.
Pork Dull; 16 00105,
Lard Quiet; old 8 75; new S 6i.
Hoes Recii -is 11,000: common to medium 6 40
5 55; fair to good 6 655 75; choice to extra 5 90
Milwaukee Market.
: Mm.WaUKik. December 7
Wheat lMc higher t oloaln weak: 1W4 cash:
ISiXJan; jno,u.
corn , ,
Rye- 71.
Barlaj TT.
U Wagnn Stock and Mechanics' Tools, has re
moved to tne spacious rooms.
1703 Second Avenue,
where he Is prepared to erve his old friends and
the general puDi c with good goods at bottom pn
December 6, 1876. d&wlm
TheLargest Auction Sale
by one of the largest Pawnbrokers of Chicago, con
siaung oi
jewelry, fistois,- opera Glasses
And all such goods as are left generally with large
pawnDroaerg, 10 oe soia at rtX5U.u AUMlUfl, to
tne mu tiua r nutun-n, at
Lundy's Auction Booms
Three doors west of the Rock Island House.
Goods nn Exhibition every
Until the entire stock is closed oot.
W. II. Bates, Cleveland, O.
"Thousands Bear Testimony,"
SCROFULOUS SORE LEG twelve years, enred
by Fenton's Sanaparilla,after trying various noted
blood remedies.
Cpt. Hxnbt Palmer, Akron, O.
flnnnirnr.a em, ir..a ituAmu. i a
not turn in bed for weeks, cured by Fenton's 8ar-
Sarsiparilla: had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous to 06ing tne Acme oi jaeaicine, " en-
ion s siaicmess." u. riau.
Sodns Point, Ifew York.
SCROFULOUS NECK, a number of nlcers. ooen
lor nine monins; naa me oesi mealcai advice in
I leveland, O. A friend sent me Fenton's Sarsapa
rilla. Twelve bottleB made a perfect and perma
nent cure. W. H. Msass.
North Bloomfieid, O,
Cam Brown, Wyoming, Dec. 26. 1874.
RHEUMATISM Dr C K Fenton: The six not
ties fcaraparilla sent me in Jaly laf t, cured me of
Rheumatssm, and only need five, (one ot broken.)
I had it for lour years, and spent nearly one thoua
and dollars, wsth the best doctors In Montana Ter
ritory previous. I have eot two more customer.
Please express me eighteen more bottles to South
rasa, inclosed una the greenbacks. Write me to
uamp Brown, as before. x ours truly.
J. D. W oodruip.
CONSUMPTION. Dr. C F Fenton. Dear Sir:
My wife was sick two years with consumption, we
am on i over one inoueana ai.uant and received no
enefits; I sent for eix bottles of your Matchless
cyrup: sne too u up ana euppoeea nerseir cured
Uiie year from this time she felt it cominir oil.
sent to Capt. John Varner, of Cleveland, to send me
six more Dottles, wnicn completed the core, for
which we thank yon, and wish to say to all, we be
lieve it the best Konovator and Blood Purifier in
tne wono. Truly, your iriend.
Capt. Hkk bt Brock, Port Burwell, Ont(
FEMALE WEAKNESS, of seven vears standin?
cored by the ase of one and a half bottles Fenton's
jataicnieas barsaparuia. - Kas. Wa Sims,
Port Hope, Mich.
SALT RHEUM eighteen vears: used all then
Ud humor cures without effect ; eix bottles Fenton's
Matchless Sareaparilla cured me ; it is a dead sure
cure. r u uood, Buffalo. N Y.
Every" person should read this carefully.
Dr Fenton. Cleveland. O. Dear Sir: Five veara
ago, then in Brazil, feoQth America, I there contrac
ted a Qiseai-e tbat nearly cost me mv life. I waa
seven months in hospitals Mpanish Brazilian and
Buenos a yres Dut to no purpose. I then went to
Cienfuegos, Cuba, and spent sixty-four days in the
military noKpiiai. ine doctors tola me u l baa any
friends I had belter make my way to them. The
American Consul sent me to New York. Last
Spring it came on me egaiir, rest in the night was
out of the question. A friend in the St Charles
Hotel here (Detroit) advised Fenton's Matchless
Syrup; I sent for six bottles. I have only taken
four asd am perfectly well. I must say it surprised
me, acd all that knew the condition I was in for
five yesrs. I freely recommend Fenton's Matchless
Syruo above any blood purllsr in the catalogue of
medicines. lours respectfully,
Detroit, Mich. E. McKltterick.
We Intend to publish more wonderful evidences,
Sold in Rock Island by John Bengston, EBreu
nert, T H Thomas and E Kffihler.
Western Agents, Van Schaack, Stevenson Reid,
Fenton M'fg Co-, Pnrrtrietora. Cleveland. O
Goods can be Purchased
- Private Sale.
215 Hamilton Street, PLCPIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders promptly
filled. LCTKE A MEUAN.
FIELD BROS., Agent. Rock Island.
Office cor. Elk and Mississippi Sts. ROCK ISLAND
Thlsi'oa! is the Beet Illinois Coal ever need In
this market, and will give entire satisfaction to all
mouse it. juun ivaas.
B. J. PERR1N, Agent,
Dealer In
And all sizes of
Purchasers are invited to obtain fisnrea before or
daring elsewhere. Hard Coal thoroughly screened
(3BrOfflce on the Levee, foot of JCagle Street.
W. J. Pughe,
from Life or from Photo-
tiT"Portrai s painted
aassous giymg la raintlng and Drawing.
an evening Dcnooi in mawiag.
U. TOMfKlMS, Agent.
Rooms In Star Block, over EDstvin's Jewelrt
Store, opposite Harper House. , ll-20dtf
Clothinp: House !
under 43 years
oi aire aend
nw i or connaennai circular, oi great value.
Dr. ii. ti. f Attn, 9u Hubbard's
Is, Ind.
f gri
ock, Indianapo-
Sale to commence at 8 o'clock bathe afternoon,
and 7 o'clock in the evening, and continuing until
the entire stock is sold.
A. AKO&SWS, Prop.
W. a. LCNDY, AueUoneer. 6d
iteivS rig
' T. A. FBY, PtincipaL
thorough and complete conrae in
iRiTnakTin muugtmir. 1 1 v
2 and the preparatory English branches. ' r
5 Terms re isonable, Ivight school from Oc-O
KJtobertoMsy. ll-18dtt

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