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Saturday- March 3, IS77.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
after reading th. advertisement need any one
It was the first and ia
that instantly stops ttie most excruciating pain
allay lutlammationM, and cures Conception
whether of the Lungs, Stomach, Bowels or other
gland or organs, oy one application
no matter how violent or excruciating the pain, the
Rheumatic, Hed-Rldden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous
Neuralitlc or prostrated with disease may suffer.
New Youk, Jan. 4, 1877
DsivhSir: Having for several years used your
medicines, douhtinirly at first.but after experienc
ing their etllcacy with full cunlldenee, it is no lens
a pleasure than a duty tothunsfully acknowledge
the advantage we hare derived from them. The
bills ara reported to an ofter as occasion require.
and always with the desired effect. The Heady
Relief ennuot he better described than it is by its
name. We apply the liniment frequently and free
ly, almost Invariably finding the promised Reliel'
Truly yours, (signed; TUL'RLOW WEED.
Dr. Kadway.
Radway's Beady Relief
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the
hladder, In II animation or the Howels, conges
tion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, Difficult
Breathing, Palpitation of the Heart,
Uystertcs, Croup, Diptheria. Ca
tarrh. Influenza, Headache,
Toothache, Neuralgia,
Rheumatism, Cold Chills
Ague Chills.
The application ol the Ready Relief to the part
or parts where the pain or dltllculty exists will or
fonl ease and comfort.
Twenty drops In half a tumbler of water will in a
f..-w minutes cure Cramps, Sprains, Sour Stomach
Heartburn, Sick Headache, Diarrhiea, Dysentery,
Colic. Wind in the Bowels, and all Internal rains.
Travelers should always carry a bottle of RAD
WAY 8 READY RELIEF with them. A few drops.
in water will prevent sickness or pains from change
of wafer. It is better than French llrandy or I'll
t rs as a stimulant.
Fever find Ague cured for fifty cents. There iB
not a remedial agent in the world that will cure
fever and ague, and all other malarious, bilious,
scarlet, typhoid, yellow and other fevers (aided by
Railway's I'ill)so quick as Radway's Ready Relief.
Fifty cents per bottle.
Strong and Pure, Rich Blood Increase of
Flesh and Weight Clear Skin sdJ
lieautiful Complexion Secured to all.
Sarsapar.Mmn HesoWeat
Has made the most astonishing Cures; so quick,
so rapid are the changes of the bod undergoes
under th,) influence of thus truly wonderful med
icine that
Every Iay an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is Seen and Felt.
The Great Blood Purifier.
Election Tuesday, March 6th.
Fifth Ward JOHN A. KING.
Democratic City
First WardW. C. Blactbnrn,
mer, Philip Siemon.
Second Ward Gus Miller. Alex.
Third Wardn. D. Bnford. Daniel
Fourth Ward John Hughes. Joseph H
Moses Bowen.
Fifth Ward-Qeo. Lamont. Joseph Hlllier. Wm
II. Pierce.
Charles Schlem
Calhoun, Dan
Daly, Gus
Howe s concentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had of Bentrston and
One of the pleasantest recollections of
the Centennial trip to Philadelphia thous
ands ot people will connect with their
pleasant quarters and agreeable treat
ment at the Colonnade Hotel.
Your Taxes are Due.
II. Ileitahrends.collector of Rock Island
township, has opened an offiee in Hillier's
block, over American Express office. The
taxes of 1876 are now due and he asks
all to come and pay. tf.
The Weath.erTo-Da.y.
1 he following shows the temperature
at The A rocs Office to-day as in-
dicafi'd hv thermometer:
7 a. a. 8a s above rero 12 M 19 above zerc
A. , 85 o 8p.. 1UO
California Sur.day Train.
The train from California going East, via
Chicago, leaves this city, to-morrow morn
ing at 8:20.
Also, the train from the East for Omaha,
San Francisco and all intermediate points,
leaves this city to-morrow evening at 6:00.
Quinine can be taken without taste by
mixing in Uuinine lUixir. Cheap. Het
ter than pills. Druggists keep it. For
sale by the ounce. Manufactured by
Allane. Woodward & Co., feona, 111..
Popular illustrated book (260 pages) on
Manhood! .Womanhood! Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, post-paid, for
50 cents, by Dr. C. hither, 617 St.
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist. Kcad his work.
Intermittent Fever is so common in
the country as scarcely to need comment.
The causes which produce it are such as
cold, irregular living, over exertion, low
spirits, night air, exposure to miasmatic
exhalations, &c, In large cities where
edge tools and agricultural implements are
manufactured, the grinder protects his
lungs from the injurious effect of the dust
flying off the grindstone by wearing a
respirator. The coal miner ere he descends
the shaft provides himself with a safety
lamp to guard against fire damp. Now it
is equally necessary for those who are
brought in contact with any of the causes
leading to intermittent fever, to provide
themselves with that well known and
highly Ofteemed remedy against it, the
Home Stomach Bitters.
VENT communicates through the Blood, Sweat,
Urine, and other fluids and juices of the system the
S'k'or ol Life, for it repair the wa-tec of ihe body
with m-w and sound material. Scrofula, Syphilis,
Consumption, (tlttndular Diseases, Ulcers in the
'J'hroBi. Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in ttie lilaurts and
other parts of the system. Sore Eyes, Strumorous
Discharges from the Earn, and the worst forms of
Skin Diseases. Eruptions, fever Sores, Scald Head,
Ring Worm, Salt Ktieuiu. Erysipelas. Acne, Black
Spots, Worms In the Elesh, Tumors. Cuiners in the
Womb, ami all Weakening and Painful Discharges.
Night sweats, Loss of Sperm and all Wastes of the
Life Principle, are wuhln the curative range of this
wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a few davs use
will prove to any person using it forelther of these
forms ol disease its potent power to enre them.
If the patient, dailv becoming reduced by the
wastes and decomposition that are continually pro
gressing succeeds in arresting these wastes, and
repairs thn same with new material ms.de from
healthy blood und this the SARSAPARILLIAN
will and does secure a cure is certain; for when
once this remedy commences Its work of pnritlca
tlon.nnd succeeds in diminishing the loss of wastes
its repairs will bo rapid, and every day the patient
will reel lilmselt growing netfer and stronger, tin
food dicstltig better, appetite improving, and llesh
and weight increasing.
Not only does the Saiisapmui man Resoi.vknt
excel all remedial agent in the Cure of (. hronic.
Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin Diseases, but
It is the only positive cure for
Kuhiey and Blad.tle.r Complaints,
urinary and Womh Diseases, u ravel. Diabetes
Dropsy, S op age of Water.Incoiitlniinnce of Urine
Bright s i i-iease. Aibnminnrn. and In all cases
where there are brick-dust deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed with subsMnce like the whit
of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there Is a
morbid, dark, bilious appear ince. and white none
dnst deposits, and when then1 i a pricking, bum
ing sensation when passing water, and Pain in the
Small of the Buck and aloir the Loins.
Tumor of '2 Yearn' Growth Cured
Rail way Rcsolven t.
BiiVKiti.Y, Mass ,July 18, W.t.
I)u. li.iDW AV: I have had Ovarian Tumor In th
ovaries a' d bowels. All the doctors said "then
was no help for it." I tried everything that wus
recommended, nut nothing helped lint. 1 saw you
Resolvent, and thought I wo'ilrt try it; hut had no
faith, In It, because I had suffered for twelve years
I took sIt bottles of the Resolvent and one box of
Radway's Pills, and two bottles of vour Ready Re
lief ; and there is not a sign of tumor to be seen or
felt, ami I feel better, smarter and happier than 1
have for twelve vear. The worst tumor was in th
left side of the howels, over the groin. I write till:
to yim for the benefit of others. You cun publish
it II you choose. 11AN.NAU I . K.NAPP.
Ann, Akhoii, 'Mich., April 30, 1H73.
lilt kaiib vY-Mnd sir: i nave heen taking you
Ki'piilveiit, K' guiHtiug rills, and also using th
Heii'lv Relief about one veur for ovarian tumors
thu al. (I. mien which the uiost eminent physicians ol
our .Meiiicai i oiieL'c pronounced mciiraiile
They were like knots on a tree. When I was sit
ting in a chiiir they hung almost to thu floor, and
niv weight was ,: pounds when I commenced with
your remedies, and now It is 810 pounds, but the
are not sll gone yet. I hnve taken twenty-four boi
lies oi iiesoiveni. nine oi uein i, aua twenty-ton
boxen of Pills. I get the medicine from G. (iren
VHl. I lease send me your book "Falsi; and True.
Another Letter from Mrs. C. Krapf.
AfBl'ST IS. 1875.
Dtt. Radway Kind Sir: I take the liberty to ad
dress you BL'ain. My health in greatlv imoroved
by the use of your medicines Three of the tumors
are entirely gone, und the fourth is nearly so,
Dropsy i.i gone, health still improving, and m
weigh' decreasing evry fast. 1 have had a great,
many calls this summer to lniite of the wonder
ful cure your medictue has done for me, one from
Ohio, one from Canada, three from Jackson, and
quite a number from this place. Yours with re
pert. MRS. C. KRAPF
We are well acquainted with Mrs. Krapf. She is
an estlma'ile lady, and very benevolent. She has
been the means of selling muny bottles of the Ki
solvent by the drugL'ists of Ann Arbor to nersoin
afflicted with internal tumors. We have heard of
some wonderful cures tUected by it. Y ours re
speclfiilly, EBERBACU & CO.
Ann Arbor. Mich., Aug. 18, 1S7&.
2r. Radway's
perfectly tastuless, elegantly coated with wi-
KUtu, purge, regulate, purify, cleanse, and strengh
oi. uuuwiiy s i-iiis, ir me cure oi all disorders o
the Stomach. Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, madder
Nervous Diseases, lieatlache.Consttpation, Costive
ness, indigestion. Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Bilious
vuvur, luiiuiuiuuiiuu oi me lioweis, riles, and a
Derangements of the Internal Viscera. Warranted
tucueti a positive cure, rurely Vegetable, con.
talning no mercury, minerals or deleterious drum.
iri unserve uie ioi lowing symptoms resaltiu
from disorders of the Digestive Orirans.
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood
in me ueuu, Aeiuiiy oi mo Bloniach. Nausea.
Heartburn, Disgust of Food, Fullness of Weicut
in luc oluuiuuu, onui jirupi.iuiii9,j3i!iKing or Flutter
Ings In the Pit of the Stomach. Swimmim nf th
llead, Hurried and Dilllcult Breathing, Fluttering
at the Heart, Choking or Sutfocatinir Sensation
when In a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots
or vtuos Dolore ttie Hlgut, Fever and Dull Pain i
the Uuad, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness oi
me sain and fcyes, ram in tuo Side, Chest, Limbs
iiu Bunnell it tushes of Heat Burning in the Fles
uumu IIAl'WAI H PILLS will free the
an me above named disorders. Price
.-r oox. Hold by druggists.
wlil,,0J,,U 1"ttcr;stP to RADWAY4& CO., No 83
Warren hi.. New YorH. Information worth' tho...
W JF v U
The "Iron Trail."
A spicy sketch descriptive of a trip over
the Atchison, JTopeka and Santa be rail
road and of the beauties, scenery and plea
ure resorts or the. Kocky mountains, by
Nytu Crinkle," the musical and dramatic
critic of the New York World, sent free on
pplication, together with the San Juan
Guide, maps and time tables of this new
nd popular route lnim Kansas City and
Atchison fo l'ueblo, Denver and all points
n Colorado, Xcw Mexico, Arizona and the
San Juan mines. The finest line of Pull
man Sleepers on the continent between the
Missouri river and the Rocky mountaius
without chance.
Address, T. J. Anderson,
Gen. l'assenger Agent,
2 9dwGm Topf.KA, KAN.
Mothers can secure health for their
children and rest for themselves by the
use of Castoria. a peafect substitute (r
Castoria Oil. It is absolutely harmless,
ind is as pleasant to take as honey. For
Wind Colic. Sour Stomach. Worms or
Constipation, for youne or old, there is
nothing in existence like it. It is certain,
it is speedy.
He Gets 20 Years in the Penitentiary.
The trial of Alexander Valentine, for
the murder of Nelson Stark, the Swede
shoemaker Hying near Orion, about the
8th of last April, which has been oc-
cupping the Henry county circuit court for
several days past was concluded last even
ing, and to-day a dispatch was received at
The Argus Office from Cambridge,
stating that Valentine had been found
guilty and given 20 years in the penitentiary
The particulars of this case are already
known to the readers of The Argus, as
the first account of the affair appeared in
this paper. Mark was an old bachelor; a
miser; was supposed to nave $voo or $ U0
concealed in the house; was found
murdered in his house on the 10th of
April, and. from appearances, had been
dead about two days. Everything con
nected with the affair was a mystery un
til after the arrest of the Westphal
burglars, when The Argus suggested
that the officers "pump" those parties
and see if something couhTnot be learned
in regard to the affair, etc., etc,. The
suggestion was followed, and the result
was Valentine's arrest and now his con
Valentine turned state's evidence against
the Westphals and Jack Currant in the
Westphal burglary case and they were
"sent up" for 20 years each. . In retalia
tion, the Westphals, Ed., the father, and
Ike, the son, turned state's evidence in
this murder case, and they were brought
from Joliet in charge of officers to testify
at the trial. They were kept separated
not even being allowed to talk in the cars
yet both told a very straight story. Ike
said that Valentine, Ed. Westphal, himself
and a fellow calling himself "Doc" Brown
formerly of Davenport, had done the kill
ing; that his father was posted on the
outside of the house to watch, while Valen
tin , Brown and himself went into the
house; that Brown held Stark while Val
entine killed him, while he (Ike) - stood by
and was too badly frighteued to do any
thing until after Stark was dead, when he
assisted in the search for the money; he
told where the money was found; how
much there was (about $800 in gold, silver
and greenbacks); how it was wrapped up
now divided, and also stated the position
of the body and some of the furniture o
ii v i .i i . r. .i ,i i i
me liuuse w neu uiey leu me nouse wnicri
was exactly .as they were. when the mur !
dered man was found.
Ben Stemple, of this city, testified that
Valentine had proposed tohim to rob an
old man near where Valentine lived and
that a short time afterward Stark was
murdered and robbed and that from
Valentine's conversation this was the
place he hadimeant.
A number of other witnesses from this
city were disc'. called and 'examined in re
gard to whaOhey had heard or knew of
the matter among them August llues
ing, late sheriff; August Ilerkert, late
deputy sheriff; City Marshal Ilawes,
State's Attorney Parmcnter, and Circuit
Clerk llarson.
1 be attorneys in the case were Mate s
AttorneyiThomasJE. Milchrist, of Galva,
and Hon. Charles Dunham, of Geneseo,
for the prosecution; fand Ira Marston,
Esq., of Cambridge, (of Shepherd &
Maiston) and Hon. W. W. C'Brien of
Chicago for the defense.
Mr. O'Brien was at the Harper House
last evening and when he told us
that the case had gone to jury we asked
his opinion ot it. He said,
nobody can tell what a iury
do. I thought I had a good
until 1 heard Mr. Dunham s three
hour speech at the close and that stagger
ed me. I consider Mr. Dunham one of
the ablest men in the state. He is one of
the closest and most forcible reasoners I
have met. His speech was a very power
ful one indeed. But I had.to be in Chicago
in the morning and could not wait tor the
Ruffianism in Edgington.
On Thursday night, the 1st inst. a
most dastardly outrage was perpetrated in
Edgington, which has created much ex
citement in that Quiet neighborhood.
Near the village resides the family of Mr.
Samuel Roose, one of the most respectable
families in the township, a family not
known to have an enemy in the world.
and all its members held in high esteem
by all good people. Mr. Smith, the
Methodist clergyman, and his wife and
child, were staying there. They had been
living at or near Taylor Ridge, and one of
their children had recently died from
accidentally taking concentrated lye. The
child had only been buried a day or two
previous to this outrage. It was near 9
o'clock and the family were about
retiring for the night. There
was a light in an upper room and in
two lower rooms, when suddenly the
household were startled by a crash of
windows, from rocks as large as turnips,
One lock barely missed the head of the
child of Mr. Smith. Fifteen lights ot
glass were broken and also some of the
sash, and from each of the three rooms.
The men in the houso ran out as soon as
possible and raised help, but did not find
the villains, though they traced tracks in
the snow to a house in which it is believed
they were secreted. An effort was made
to get a warrant for searching the house,
but without success. The cause ot this
most villianous proceeding is not known,
but we think the good people of the town
owe it to their good name and their future
peace and safety to unite in hunting down
the guilty parties and punishing them as
they deserve.
--Democratic city convention this even
Theatre at Turner Hall to-morrow
Gus Stengel has just finished painting,
papering and thoroughly renttiug nis
saloon, making it an attractive place.
The Mohne Review publishes a por
tion of Mr. James Taylor's speech before
the Old Settlers' society and credits it to
Mr. Negu3.
We advise all Democrats in and about
Davenport to subscribe for the daily Rock
Island Argus. It is the only truly Dem
ocratic daily paper published within sev
enty-five miles of Davenport. Davenport
Word has reached this city that John
II. Forsting, or "Satan," as he was com
monly called, who was sent to the reform
school last euuimer for one year, for lar
ceny, is very sick, and is not expected to
live. He has been pardoned by the gov
ernor, and he is now so abusive and in
sulting to the officers at the institution
that they are verv anxious to get rid of
Gus. Stengle, the popular proprietor
of the Atlantic Saloon, realizes that ap
pearances have much to do with the pros
perity ot a first-class place, and has recently
had his saloon handsomely painted and
frescoed, giving to the same a look of com
fort and cleanliness so essential in a resort
of this kind. Gus, ia a pleasant courteous
man. and thoroughly understands how to
please his customers, and he invites all to
drop in and look at the improvements.
A Right Decision.
The decision of the Medical Association
that the hydrant water is the probable
causo of the prevailing epidemic will be of
great advantage to the business of Ilock
Island, for the reason that people will now
not be afraid to come here for fear of tak
ing an atmospheric disease, or a disease
arising from something within the water
district of Rock Island which medical men
could not discover. People can avoid the
use of the water, which, within a year,
has been so fearfully impregnated with
the vastly increasing sewage. But if
was an atmospheric disease,confined to the
water district of Rock Island, or proceeded
from some hidden and mysterious cause
which the medical profession could no
discover it would deter people from com
ing here at all, and would cause those who
are here to sell out and get away as fast
possible, The business men and property
holders owe thanks to the Medical Associ
ation for its decision.
The other decision, too, in relation to
locating pumping works or procuring wa
ter supply for a city from a point contain"
inated with sewage also will command uni
versal respect. How any man could vote
against that is more than we can divine.
One hundred and fifty valuable presents
given away each night at the Martino
entertainment, commencing on Monday
evening March 5th,
Coal at E. G. Frazer's
Outrage by a Hackman.
The Gazette of this morning says:
xboutten o'clock Thursday night, a
hack driver attempted to outrage the
person oi a woman whom he was convey
ing to this city from Rick Island. Her
husband had not the money with which
to pay two fares, and so sent his wife for
ward in the hack. It was about the cen
tre of the bridge that the assault occurr
ed, x he woman managed to get out of
the door, which was open and fly to the
south end of the bridge, while the
driver came on to Davenport. She met
her husband at the south end, and both
hurried forward in hopes of overtaking
the hack, and having the north guard ar
rest him but they weren't quick
enouth. This is the story told the
guard at the Davenport end, by the wife
and husband. Both refused to give their
name, the husband saying it was bad
enough without the name, They didn't
know the number of the hack."
The law in regard to number, owner,
and driver of hacks7 and rates of fare has
never been enforced in this city, aud n
city officer seems to care whether it is oi
not. Have those whose duty it is to ea
torce the law any good reasons tor neg
lecting their duty? They are sworn to en
force all the laws. When people see a
city officer oblivious to the enforcement of
laws ha has taken an oath to enforce,
they don't always attribute the neglect to
an honorable reason.
Bixe Glass. Although the virtue ol
blue glass ns a curative agent is freely
acknowledged it is also well known that
successful treatment is in a great measure
due to the quality of the glass used.
Messers. Carse & Co., Chicago, make a
specialty of this article and solicit an ex
amination of goods and prices. See card
in this paper.
Ackaowhdged to be the best there is made, for
Economy. Darabilit) and General Good Qualities.
It will Bake n&ti fo&k with 1-3 leis fuel thaa any
other Cook Stove in the market.
Call and Examine before buying:, at
X?o. 51 Star Block, opp. Harper Houss,
Fluid Lightning cures Rheumatism.
Nick Ruling dou at The Argus
Bindery, Leave ore era at the counting
room, tf
Coughs and Colds. Those who are
suffering from Coughs, Colds, Hoarsness.
Sore 'lhroat. &c, fhould try "liroions
Bronchial, Troches."
CAKED Breasts. Rheumatism, Sciatica,
Swellings, Sprains, Stiff Joints, Burns,
Scalds, Poisonous Bites, aud all flesh, bone
and muscle ailments, can be absolutely
cured by the Centaur Liniments. What
the White Liniment is tor the human
family,th3 Yellow Liniment is forspayiued,
Bulled, and lame horses and animals.
Going' to Washington.
Twenty-five thousand western people
will go to Washington within the next
thirty days.
Buy your tickets by the Pittsbure, Fort
Wayue, and Pennsylvania railroad.
Because it is the shortest route.
Because it is the safest route.
Because it is the most comfortable
It has lately jut ou a new outfit of ele
gant palace coaches.
Its eating houses are unsurpassed.
lc takes you right into the heart of
ashincton Citv. and
It is the best organized line of cast and
west travel in America.
r. Jl. Myers, the General l'assenger
Agent at Chicago, spares no pains to sat
isfy every one ot his customers.
llfl . nr i .
iieiuer you go to v asnington or any
other eastern point, buy your tickets by
tins route, lou will travel in comfort;
ana come homo in safety. 3tt.
Piles-Itening Piles
ontivehj cured also Blind and Bleeding
f iles, r is tula, Salt Rheum, and all dis
eases ct the Skin, by the use of
Itchikq Piles is generally preceded bv
a moisture like perspiration producing a
very uisa.jrreea uie and distressing itching,
particularly at night, after getting warm
in bed. No humbue as a trial will nrnw.
For sale by all respectable druggists.
t KossMAN & McKivsTitr, Hudson,N,r.,
Sent by mail for 50 cents.
Cold, Asthma, raising of Blood or any af
fections of the Breast or Lungs, leading to
consumption, use
as prepared for over thirtv vearv .1. J
Davis(now deceased) and you vuJ be sure
to find relief. Address ROSS MAN &
McKLNSTRY, who have succeeded to the
Proprietorship, and sold by all druggists
auu ueaiers in iueaicines. H ot sale by ali
Druiruisti in Rock Island.
Sold by Avery & Tyler, Lafayettee, In
diana. Fuller & Fuller, and VanSchaack.
Stevenson & Reed, Chicago, wholesale
John F. Henry, Curran & Co., Whole
Mk Areata, 8 jollee Pkoe. N. X,
Rev. Wm. II. Chapman, Pastor of M.
E. Church, Georgetown, D. C, writes:
Having had an opportunity to test the
excellent qualities of Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup, I hesitate not to say, it is the best
remedy I have ever used in my family."
List of Delegates.
II. C. Blackburn, P. Zocckler,
Peter Seherer, H. E. West,
L'eter tarrell, Wm. loung.
John Keeley.
Wm. H. Lundy, M. H. McCarthy,
James Kinney, John Seherer,
Dan'l Corcoran, A. Hoffman,
John Aster, Gus Miller,
Gustav Stengel, Philip Lynch,
Eugene Boynton, B. D. Buford,
John Flanigan, Frank Welch,
P, O'Mara, M. M. Corbett.
Daniel Daly.
Moses Bowen, Joseph H. Kerr,
Charles W, Wilcox.
John Clark, Joseph Hillier,
Geo. Wittick, George Lamont,
Wm. II. Pierce, Philip Bladell.
Religious Notices.
At the rsinth fctreet 31. iu. church to
morrow, Rev. J. Hart, the pastor, will
preach: At 10:45 a. m.,on "Christ's Treat
ment of the Emotional in Relicion;" at
4.30 p. m., on 'lioney Religion, habbath
school at 2.30 p. in. Class meetiugs at 12
m. and 4 p. m,
At Hillier's Hall, Sunday afternoon, at
3.30 o clock, Mary II, Graves wiU preach
on the subject of "Hospitality and Truth
ami iiev. . Hunting will speak on
the "'Blood of Christ." in rerlv to the
evangelist, Mr. Graves. The Unitarian
babbath school, of Davenport, are expect
ed to sin. All Welcomed.
T -W It 1-1. 1 i -' 1
ivev. J. iv. rindley, pastor, will preaca
ati the Central Presbvterian church at
10.45 a. m- Subiect: Christ the Sinners'
Friend. All are welcome- The profane
and intemperate and friendless especially,
are invited; we have something cood to
tell vou. liring gospel hymns.
Hagan's Magnolia Balm preserves
and restores the complexion; removes
freckles, tan and sallowness; makes the
skin soft, white and delicate. Its applica
tion cannot be detected.
Lyon's Kathairon makes beautiful
glossy, luxuriant hair; prevents its falling
out or turning gray. It has stood the test
of 40 years. Is charmingly perfumed, ar.d
has no rival.
One who relieves pain and cures disease
is certainly a great benefactor. The man
ufacturers of Freligh's Remedy deserve
this title, for they have given this great
medicine to the public, and thousands of
former sufferers from Rheumatism, Neur
algia and kindred complaints have testified
their gratitude. Druggists generally sell
Acting through the pores upon the
sources of inflamation Glenu's Sulphur
Soap promptly relieves the burning
itching and other annoyances caused by
Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Impetigo, Ery
sipelas, and other skin diseases, and ulti
mately removes every vestige of them.
Depot, Crittenton's, No. 7, Sixth avenue.
Hall's Instantaneous Hair Dve is sate as
weil as speedy.
A lady writes us: 1 suffered intern lv
from an attack of pleurisy. Mr nure
obtained a bottle of Renne's Pain Ki ,inc
Magic Oil, applied it as directed; in thr e
hours 1 was entirely cured. I would
recommend to ladies the use of Renne's
Magic Oil as invaluable to relieve pain and
suffering, and as being neat and delicate
to use and worthy ot your confidence.
Keep it in the house for use.
Martino is nuiversally acknowledged the
prince of prestidigitators. He performs
on Monday night at Dart s Hall.
Salsbury's Troubaaours.
The entertainment last evening was one
of the most delightful ever witnessed in
Rock Island. Such rollicking fun. and
ludicrous scenes, and capital acting, and
charming singing, etc., etc., are not ex
hibited by any other combination. While
all desarved praise, Miss Mc Henry car
ricd the house in raptures of applause
and was greatly liked by all. Mr, Meader,
also, in "All that glitters is not gold" won
a tremenduous encore. The whole enter
taiment was delightful, and the company
may be sure of a crowded house when they
come again.
It is unfortunate that we have
not a stage adequate to good per
formances of the kind. The actors are 60
circumscribed in their movements that
good acting is almost impossible. Many
good thhgs have to be omitted for want
of room, and nothing can be as well done
as on a suitable stage. We know a party
who will build for Rock Island a fine
opera house if the citizens will take in
terest enough in it to buy Capt. Hender
son's lot. corner of J 9th street and 3d
avenue for that purpose. Our business
men and property holders would find it to
their interest aud greatly to the c redit of
the town to do so.
Eig Snow Storm.
We are in the midst of the biggest
enow storm of the season. It commenced
yesterday uud more snow ha9 fallen than
at any other time this winter. Street cars
are delayed and railroad trainH are behind
time. It is wet and heavy and the weath-
t 1 Cf . ft .
er growing coiuer. ooutn ot us it is re
ported to be raining heavily.
Resolved, That water supply sources should be
so located as to entirely avoid the poeibility of
coiitamiuaiion wuu sewage.
I voted yea upon the above resolution
and not nay as stated in The Argus of
this evening. G. Q. Craiq, M, D.
The vote was published as furnished our
reporter by the secretary.
Two car loads of St. Louis fire brick and
boiler tile just received.
3 d3t. Matthews & Co.
Crimes and Crimina s.
oaturaay iuarcn a. a man arrived in
this city on the western C, R. I. & P.
i .
passenger train last evening naving in
charge an insane mute a man apparently
about oo years ot age, who he put m the
Bellows House 'bus. Deputy Marshal
Miller and Policeman Metsch were at the
depot at the time, and they noticed that
me man resisted somewhat, and they ac
cordingly watched and followed his com
panion, who jumped iuto the Bellows
House baggage wagon and went to the
hotel. The officers followed, and upou
arriving there saw that the man who had
cooae in the bus was insane and a mute,
and they called on his companion to takp
care of him but he denied that he had
ever seen the man before. The officers
then related the scene at the depot, and
the fellow wiltec?. He said his name
was G. II. Goldsborough; that he is a
farmer and lives four miles from
Muscatine; that the supervisor there
had engaged him to bring tht
mute (whose name seems to be More
land) to this city and leave him here as
he was a pretty htavy expense to Musca
tine county. This is an old game, fre
quently played by Iowa officials to get rid
of their paupers. Goldsborouch aud the
mute were taken to jail. During tha Dight
the mute tore off all his clothes. The case
was compromised with Goldsboroueh
to-day by State's Attorney Parmenter aud
Supervisor Aster, by his paying all ex
penses and taking the pauper back to
Mascatice as he could not be prosecuted
criminally, and & civil suit would take too
long. Dep ity Marshal Miller and Police
man Metsch are entitled to credit for
following the rascal and blocking his game
ot throwing the man on this county for
support. Deputy Marshal Miller and
Supervisor Aster saw the parties over the
river and into the railroad depot to-day.
Danz and Kopping, the Drury town
ship bulldozers, quietly "skipped out'
yesterday without giving security tor the
costs in their case, and Constable Harris
was sent after them. He accidentally met
them at Black Hawk, on the new railroad,
late yesterday afternoon, and arrested
them, lie was alone, however, and as
they refused to come he corld not bring
them both but he walked Danz back to
Milau, and then brought him to this city
and lodged him in jail. Officers are look
ing for Kopping.
Martino, the celebrated illusionist, at
Dart' a 1111, comoiineacing Monday ae&u
Beal Estate.
Loan Agency,
lOrt Acre Farm in MoHenry Co. Ills. Good Irn
I L II provemcnr?: Price $4,700
lOQ 1 Q Acre Farm in McIIenry Co., Ills., 24
I JO I "O miles from Woodstock.
lrice $4,000
Of) Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
Price $2,SOO
ICfl Acre Farm, Franklin Co., Kansas.
lOU Price $4 OOO
ICn Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
wv Price 93,500
1 7R Acre Farm, Sumner Co., Kansas.
' Price $1,600
O fl Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kansas.
OCfl Acre Farm, Atchinson
00 U 8t;:ckFaim.
Price $1,300
Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
Price $1,000
Aflfl Acre Farm, Whiteside Co., Illinois, mar
TUU Sterling. Price $14,000
1 fl 7 1 9 Acre Farm, Rock Island Co . Ills.
U I t Price S4.800
Acre Farm, Callaway Co., Mo. Stock Farm
Price 815,000
Co.. Mo. Splendid
Price 10.800
OH Acre Farm, Kent Co., Michigan, adjoining
OU Berlin. Price f 5,000
LANDS in all the Western States will Hell lor
Cash or part Cash, and lime on the balance.
HorsEs and Lots in Rock Island and a number
of oilier places for cale or exchange for lands.
"""Call and pet prices and location of lands.
Rock L-laud, 111., Aug. 28, 18T6.
$5,00 Reward
Will be paid for the return to this office
of a trold bracelet, lost at Tom Tumb's late
entertainment in this city. 2d3t
Mercer County Items.
David Blue, living at the "Corners"
is spoken ot as a probable candidate for
justice of the peace in Perryton township
this spring,
The youne man who fell down a coal
shaft near Millersburg, a week or two ago,
is dead.
Mr, Albee, living near Hamlet, who
suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago,
has returned, but gives no account of
himself, or why he left.
About 50 witness in the vicinity of
Hamlet, who indulged their appetites at
Michael Davis's saloon in Reynolds, have
been summoned to this city as witnesses.
Matilda Fletcher will lecture in Aledo
on Thursday evening, the 8th.
This number of The Abgcs contains
the advertisement of tho Phoenix Manu
facturing Co., Taunton, Mass., an old and
reliable concern, sole proprietors of the
celebrated "Premium Stove Polish " This
brand is well known to the trade and is
warranted to give entire satisfaction. The
makers of the "Premium" claim for it
advantages in labor saving, durability aud
polish, not excelled by any other in the
market. This concern also deals largely
in crucibles of all sizes. Orders solicited
and promptly filled. See card.
Keal Estate Sales.
John N. Olsen and wife to Gustaf John
son, lot 6, block 7, in Pitts, Gilbert &
Pitts'e 1st add, to Moline, dated Feb. 27,
1877, for $800.
James 13. Temple to John Harmas, lot
7, block 8, in Leach's add. to Port Byron,
dated Feb. 23, 1877, for $10.
Henry Reddie and wife to Margaret
Donahoe, the'e. $ of the s. e. of the n. c.
i of sec, 19. township 17, range 2 w
Black Hawk and lots 12 and 13, block 4,
in Dickson & Young's add. to'Milan, dated
March 1, 1877, for $6,500.
Redwon Donahoe and wife to Henry
Reddig, ame description and date as
above, for $6,000.
The Teeth an Advertising Medium.
Every time a lady who uses fragrant
Sozodont opens her mouth she advertises
the article. I he state of her teeth is a !
certificate of its excellence. No spot dar
kens their surface, no impurity clings to
them, the cushions in which they are set
are rosy, and the breath that swells
through them is sweet as the breeze of
Spalding's Liquid Glue always ready to
Pozsoni's Chemical Hair Restorative, to
preserve and beautify the human hair.
What it will do: Prevents the hair falling
out, increases the growth and beauty of
the hair, retains the hair in any desired
form, prevents the hair from turning
erey, prevents and entirely eradicates
dandruff, heals pimples and keeps the
head delightfully cool. The hair becomes
rich, soft and glossy. Perfectly clean and
will not sou the hat, posseses an exquisite
fragrance and as a dressing has no equal.
Price 50 cents and $1 per bottle, Sold by
all druggists.
Important to Persons Visiting New
lORK. One of the best kept and most
convenient hotels for merchants and others
to stop at when in New York is the Grand
Union Hotel, nearly opposite the Grand
Central Depot, kept on the European plan
you therefore only nav for what vou cet.
Everything is first class, and prices moder
ate, adapted to the stringency of the
times, i ou save tne expense ol carriage
hire, and by leaving your baggage c'ueck
at the counter of the hotel, your baggage
will be delivered in your rooms, fifteen
minutes after the arrival of the ears, free
of expense. We advise you to give the
Grand L nion a trial.
A. depressed, Irritable state ot mind f
weak, nervous, exhausted feeling
no energy or animation g confuied
bead, -creak memory, often with de
bilitating, involuntary discharges. The
Consequence of excesses, mental overwork or
indiscretions. This IVEKVOCS DEBIilTT
finds a sovereign cure in IirSIPHUKTJS'
It tones np the system, arrests d:ch09 dispels
the mectol gloom and desponden r'ua rejuve.
nates the entire system. It is pertectly harm
less and always efficient. Price 5, for a package
of live boxes and a large 2 vial of powder, which
ia important in old, serious cases ; or Jl per single
box. Bold by ALL Druggists, or sect by mail
on receipt of price. Address HUMPHREYS'
Ko. G03 riBOABwr, N. V.
t15r"See large advertisement.
Children are subject to a thousand dis
comforts that it would be difficult for a
grown person to appreciate. One very
effectual way to obviate their troubles is
by using B. T. Babbitt's Toilet Soap,
which has no equal in all ingenious rival
riea of manufacturing. In other words,
the hygienic purity of its components, ex
haling without extrinsic aid a delicate per
fume, makes it the apex of excellence.
Anthracite Coal, alUizes, the bright
est and cleanest in the market, for sale by
E. G. Frar,er. Call and examine it.
The Grand Ceutral Hotel, New York, is
becoming more popular every day since
its reduction from $4,00 to $2.50 aud $3.00
per day.
Clothing House !
Office cor. Elk and Mississippi Stf. ROCK ISLAND
This Coa! is the Bert Illinois Coal ever used in
iiis market, and will give entire satisfaction to ail
tho use it. JOUN EVANS.
B. J. PERR1N, Agent,
Dealer in
And all sizes of
Tl.A.Kr& COAL !
Purchasers are invited to obtain figures before or
aannfr elsewhere. Hard th7.hi ,.,
ile Street.
Show Cases.
(Successors to J, R. ZEIGUsI)
Manufacturers of
and at reasonable terms.
Instructions given on all kinde of Iustrnmentif
Head-quartern at National Saloon, ou lsth utreet
between First and Second avenue. Orders niav
he alao gent to Post Office box 1.418. 12-Md3m
R E Gr A L I A
For Odd Fellows. Macone, Druids, Kniehtu
Pythias, Red Men, Temperance, and in
other Societiig,
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes
836 Main Street, WOSGJBSTSa, MASS
215 Hamilton Street, PfiOPIA ILL
Correspondence Bolicite'. and orders prompt;
fi!'1"- LUTKB & MEHAN.
FIELD BROS., Agen'.g. Rock Island
Vegetable Ccmpotmd.
Vegetable Compound
All Female Complaints !
Cure of all Penialo Weaknesses!
This Compound, which (a purely yetretable ha
ha S n""5. most M6boruTc22T tha hill
?nrf. dthe Pk,U of our bi5et Physician,, and ihous
w 8 OI Pereon8 ho were considered is incurable
before this remedy was discovered have been re
stoied 5o perfect health by its use.
Worth $1,000 in a Single Cass.
Mi. It, 'i10"' Vt , Dec. 15th, 1S76.
i . LlDIA h. PlNKdAM :--lt is with ,,4ure
hat we are able to aay that in every cle Snorted
to us jour Vkoktable Compound Iim ti7n u.
""''hsj oue hi w-l ? thousand dollars worth
"'ft'8 he "Dressed it. Our customers w.th
fan. n?8.1? f it in the fcighea
l J"1?1-. Yo,? art " llber,y to make JU of
L",,t?.rVertl,!i?e. ' -v,"u choose Yours verv re-
,pLy- M-KAHNS & CO., Drofct
w raiupuiei --uttiae to Wonieu" w.ll be
LYniA K SVn "amp to.
Lydia E. PinJchamt Vegetable Compound
Is sold by all Druggists at f 1 per bottle. Whole
sale Agenta-George C. Goodwin & Co., No. 8S
Hanover street, and Carter, Hai rig & Haw lev No

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