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Monfiay. March 6, 1877.
Compound Fluid Extract
This Preparation contains no narcotic or Injurious
druj;. Nor Is It a quack nostrum, rocom
mended for every dltoase; but for such
diseases as are here enumerated, viz: for DIh-
ranee of the Bladder, all Diseases of the Organs,
weakness, Ac, whether In male or female, no
matter of bow long standing. It allays pain and
Inflammation, which other remedies Invariably
cttiise, and Is pleasant to the ta?te.
It 1h yrutlfylng to the proprietor of these medi
cines to be able to state that It is now nearly 30
years since they were first Introduced; during
which time thej have been extensively used m
various parts of the United States, and have given
to patient and practitioner the highest degree of
satisfaction in the various cases in which they
have besn employed; whether iu town or country
hospital, or private practice, they have invariably
given the most decided and unequivocal satlsfuc
Hon, and produced the most salutary and benefit i)
effects. Numerous letters have been received from
some of the most dl-tlu;utBlied Physicians in th
country, and from the Professors of several Med
leal College, an recommending In the highest
terms, the value of these medicines, and their su
periorlty over other preparations for such com
plaints as the proprietor recommends
These medicines require considerable care in
the preparation, and the employment of different
menstrua iu successive operations to take up th
extractive mutters, and in consequence are ruoe
frequently improperly made, and not unfrequwiitly
much Impaired, if not rendered totally Inert by
Injudicious and unskilful management of thor
unnoinulnted with pharmaceutical preparations.
Numerous preparation of Sarsaparilla and of
Bachu, and various modes of preparing them
have been given, all of which, of course, will differ
according to the mode of preparation which each
individual may adopt. It is, therefore, of the
Llghext consideration and importance to the pub
Election Tueidav, March 6th.
First Ward MU HAEL S. O'NEIL.
Fifth Ward-JOUN A. KINO.
Democratic City Committee.
B. D. Butord, Chairman.
Firrt WardYr. C. Blacibnm. Charles Schlem
mer, Philip Slemon.
Second Ward Gna Miller. Alex. Calhonn. Dan
Third Ward B. D. Bnford. Daniel Dalv. Gna
Fourth Ward John Huirhe. Joscnh H. Kerr.
oiose nowen.
Fi fth Ward-Gea. Lamont. JoseDh Hillier. Wm
II. Pierce.
Mavor Butler, who is president of our
glass works company, left this morning
for Pittsburg, to be absent about a week,
in attendance on a convention or glass
Dr. Bull's Couch Syrup is fast taking
tbe plase ot all the old tasbioned cough
remedies. It Dever fails to relieve the
most violent cold, and for throat diseases
it is invaluable. Price 25 cents-
Unanimous on Mayor.
It is a fact that, last year, when Mayor
Butler was announced by the Union as a
Republican party candidate, he went to
that office and denounced the actas against
his wishes and. consent, denying. that he
ever agreed to be a party candidate and
should not hold himself as a party mayor
if elected. Knowing this fact, and know
ing also that he had'not acted the partizan
in his appointments, and that he had no
desire, this year, to be the candidate of
either party, as a party, the Democrats
paid him the compliment of a nomination
which Le has gracefully accepted, as wil
be seen by his letter in this paper. He
therefore as much the Democratic candi
date as the Republican candidate, and his
past course shows that party politics wi
lis M 1 fn
not control his oniciai acts, in is is jus
the man we want for mayor.
"Turn About," is Tair Play.
The Democrats having nominated the
Republican candidate for mayor Republi
cans ought now to drop their candidates
for aldermen and vote for those nominated
by the Democrats. "Turn about" is fair
pUy. Mayor Butler will recive a hearty
support from all the Democratic aldermen
in everything tendintr to the welfare of the
city. The men preseuted by the Demo
crats are, in no case, the inferior of those
ruminated by the Republicans, and are
generally superior. Of course neither
party has presented the highest class of
talent but when our leading business men
and property holders absent themselves
from the primaries, nothine better need
lie and to the faculty that there should be standard I ever "be expected. But the Democrats
have nothing to be ashamed of on a com
parison of tickets. Let every Democrat,
therefore, do his whole duty.and especially
appeal to Republicans to show fair play by-
voting for our men, iuasmuch as we vote
for .theirs for mayor, and inasmuch as our
candidates are heartily iu accord with
faculty my Compound Fluid Extracts, which I tayr Butler in every effort lor the good
cmmiuiu in me vmucn oi uic medicines, anu are
preparations of uniform strength, and possessing
the most advantage. To effect this, and ubviute
ins inconvenience alluded to, I tiave made a
number of experiments to ascertain the most
effectual rtieaus of extracting the virtues of Sur-
laparllla aud the Ducbu, und to discover the most
eligible form for their exhibition. Tbe experi
ments have resulted most favorably, aud it is with
much pleasure I now offer to the public and the I
The Pop Maker and Glass Blower on
Sanitary Conditions.
In this paper will be found a report of
the water works committee, appended to
which is a report from Dr. Farquharson,
of Davenport, and p man Darned Morgan,
on our water works water, ordered pub-
ished by the city council Who is Morgan ?
Why, he is the man from whom the water
works committee bought the new pump.
Of course he would give his customer "a
character." Carse got him to write his
little piece, and then brought him up and
introduced him to us, and he offered this
very letter to us for publication then on
the 26th of last January. We read it and
handed it back to Morgan, with the remark
that the people of Rock Island wouldn't
be likely to be influenced much by his opin
ion on the subject; that we didn't think
his opinion more valuable than the average
of men who went around canvassing for
business. But now his little letter is
shoved in with the report, as though it
was of some importance. Of course it
proves nothing.
The water works committee deny that
they have been trying to whitewash or de
lay investigation, but the facts don't war
rant their denial. They were appointed
on the 22nd of January, and ordered to
procure an analysis of the water. Did
they proceed to do what they were ordered
to do? No. They dilly-dallied and Bhilly
shallied until the river began to rise, aud
until the shore ice had melted away, and
until air and sun could operate on the
water, and until the earth along the shore
could absorb portions of the sewage, and
then, when the water had become com
caratively pure, they proceed to execute
their order, and publish the result on the
2nd of March more than a month after
they were ordered to do it, and after the
water had greatly improved. Having de
layed long enough to prepare'a big bucket
of whitewash they proceed, more than a
month afterwards, to daub it on the people
but it is too thin.
Ihe water works committee allude to
two physicians who say positively that the
water was the cause of the disease, and
then the water works committee say
"All the other physicians say their ob
smation does not lead to such a conclusion
that the dianha-a exists xoithyut reference
to the water, and it is not caused by it."
Is it possible that Messrs. Butler, Carse
and Davis are ignorant of the facts, and
thus led to state a deliberate uutruth
Have they read the proceedings of th
Iowa and Illinois Central Medical Associa
Uon, held iu this city last week? If so
they ought to make haste and retract th
positive untruth they have signed and offi
cially promulgated.
The only really good thing in their re
port is the following:
'"The v:ater worTis of a city should al
ways be placed where there is the least pos
sibility of contam ination from its sewage."
W. P. Butler.
Henry Carse.
John Davis.
Democratic City Convention.
The delegates to the Democratij city
convention met in the court house Satur
day evening. Joseph H. Kerr called the
meeting to order, and nominated II. C.
Blackburn, Esq., tor chairman, who. on
Valuable and Reliable. "Brown's
Bronchial Troches" are iuvaluable to those
taking the chair, made a short speech de- exposed to sudden changes, anr.ung
nouncing the infamies of the Republican Prompt relief in Coughs. Colds, etc.
Fluid Lightning cures Rheumatism.
party and especially the fraud in counting
in Hayes as president as detrimental to
the interests of the country, and said that
every fair-minded man knew that his in
auguration was due to monstrous and
bare-faced frauds.
M. M. Oorbett was appointed secre
The call for the meeting was then read.
B. D. Buford, Joseph II. Kerr and M.
rr ai..-,...., . i
ii. iMcuarinv were appoinieu a commttiee i v.0, :i
i j i "o uu mat.
vu ereueuuais, auu reporieu lue luuuwiug
as baying been chosen in the various
iiasT ward. v
H. C. Blackburn, P. Zoeckler,
Peter Scherer, H. E. West,
Peter Farrell, Wm. Young.
John Keeley.
Wm. II. Lundy, M. R McCarthy,
James Kinney, John Scherer,
uan 1 Corcoran. A. Hottman,
John Aster, Gus Miller,
Gustav Stengel, Philip Lynch,
Kugene Boynton, B. D. Buford,
John Flanigan, Frank Welch,
t O'Mara, M. M. Corbett.
Daniel Daly.
Moses Bowen, Joseph II. Kerr,
Charles W, Wilcox.
John Clark, Joseph Hillier,
Geo. Wittick, George Lamont,
Wm. II. Pierce, Philip Bladell.
There were several absentees and ap
pointments were made in tneir placeB as
In the First ward George Buchman in
place ot Peter rarrell; in the second, A.
Calhoun and SI. F. Wiggins, in place of
vv m. n. ijunay and uus Miller; in
Haoan's Magnolia Balm preserves
and restores the complexion: removes
freckles, tan aud sallowness; makes ihe
skin sott. white and delicate. Its applica
tion cannot be detected.
Lyon's Kathairon makes beautiful
glossy, luxuriant hair; prevents its falliug
out or turning gray. It has stood the test
of 40 years. Is charmingly perfumed, ai.d
In Everybody's Mouth. Praise
and Sozodont. Greatest luxury. of mod
ern times beautifies and preserves the
teeth. The renulsive breath is rendered
as fragrant as a rose and coldness by
friends, or in business will now be no
longer noticed.
Spalding's Glue mends broken toys, etc,
A lady writes us: 1 suffered intenplv
from an attack of pleurisy. My nurse
obtained a bottle of Renne's Pain-Ki ing
Diagic Uil, applied it as directed: in thr e
hours 1 was entirely cured. I would
recommend to ladies the use of Renne'a
Magic Oil as invaluable to relieve nain and
suffering, and as being neat and delicate
to use aud worthv of vour confidence
Keep it in the house for use.
Oily Substances alwavs Astrrevate Skin
Diseases. Ointments are therefore rather
hurtful than beneficial, Glenn's Sulphur
soap, wnicn opens, instead of clogging the
pores with grease, has, as might have
been expected, widelv superseded
oleaginous compounds as a remedy for
scorbutic affections. Depot, Crittenton's,
iNo. i sixth Avenue.
Hill b Instantaneous Hair Dve produces
no metallic.lustre.
Third, Geo. Copp and Charles Larkin in
place of P. O Mara and Daniel Daly, and
in the Fifth John Bladell, C. Richter and
and D. Bysinger in place of John Ctark,
W m. li. Pierce and Ueorge Lamont.
Frank Welch and Chas. W. Wilcox
were appointed tellers.
Pozsoni's Chemical Hair Restorative, to
the preserve and beautify the human hair,
What it will do: Prevents the hair falling
out. increases the growth and beauty of
the hair, retains the hair in any desired
form, prevents the hair from turning
grey, prevents and entirely eradicates
dandruff, heals pimples and keeps the
head delightfully cool. The hair becomes
An informal ballot was then ordered rien, sou ana glossy, rertectiy clean and
tor mayor, which resulted as follows: wii ot soil the hat, possesee an exquisite
L. B. Iiutord 24 fragrance and as a dressing has no tqual,
W. P, Butler 2 Price 50 cents and $1 per bottle, Sold by
C. Truesdale 4 all druggists.
.t; .n'Jl''A'l' l' V 'It'"'' Nothing in the Quaker City has receiv
in.iUnfM, Tinf. m.,. w u. ed more unlimited or well merited praise
fore the vote could be taken Mr. Buford rmu its guests than the Colonnade Hotel
arose and withdrew his name, thanking 1 hiladolpuia, for liberal management and
th.- convention for the honor it had done excel!eIlt courtesy.
Acknowledged to be the best there is made, for
Economy. Darability and General Good Qualities.
It will Babe and Cook with -1-3 less fuel than any
other Cook Stove h the market.
Call and Examine before buying:, at
No. 51 Star Block, opp. Harper House.
tbe most active preparation of either which can be
Two tttblcapoonKful of the Extract of Zareapa-
rilla, add. (1 to a pint of water, lit epual to the Lis
bon Dli't Drink, aud one hot'le m fully equal to a
trillion of the Syrup of iunsaparilla, or the Decoc
tion, ax usuully made.
Componnd Fluid Extract
1 of the city.
For purifying the blood aud removing all disease
ariitiuy; from exce of Mercury, chronic consti
tutional diseases arislug from an impure date
of the Mood, Ac, &c. ; aud 1h especially recom
$5,00 Reward
Will be paid for the return to this ofhee
of a gold bracelet, lost -it Tom Tumb's late
entertainment in this city. 2d3t
The Correspondence. .
Hon. Wm. P. Butler,
Dear Sir, Understanding that,
year, you objected being a party candidate
for tre office of mayor, knowing that you
have manifested a nonpartisan spirit in
your appointments and in the discharge of
your official duties, pleased that you have
shown good executive ability and an ear
nest desire to promote the welfare ot the
city, the Democratic city convention, held
on Saturday evening, nominated and
indorsed you for re-eleclion, and appointed
the undersigued a committee to notify you
of the same and request your acceptance
of it
It gives us pleasure to say that the
mended for Scrofula, Tetter and Pimples on the general feeling of the meeting was in favor
ot a subsidence ot party spine in our
local affairs and a more general union o
the people to promote the prosperity o
the city. W e have the honor to be yours
Eugene Boynton, Committee.
Frank Welch, )
Rock Island, March 5. 1877.
Gentlemen. As both the Republican
and Democratic parties have endorsed my
official action as Mayor, during the past
year, I accept the nomination and than
you cordially for your courtesy. I believe
my action has always been tree from any
partisan spirit and only for the best inter
ests of the city.
As at the election in 187C, I am entirely
tree from any pledges or promises what
ever. V ery respectfully.
W. P. Butler.
To Messrs. M. M. Corbett. Eugen
Boynton, frank Welch, committee, etc
Rock Island, March 5. 1877.
Puce, and all Scaly Eruptions of the Skin.
Ala Druggists Elver) where.
Ask for Helmtold's.
Take No Other,
Price $1 per Bottle.
or Six for $5.
Very good. That is about as positive a
condemnation of the location of our pump-
ng works as we could expect from that
Next comes Dr. Farquharson's table, in
which our pecple will be astonished to
perceive that it he analyzed the water
taken from under the draw bridge he
failed to give us the results! lie only
tells us about the stdiment in the water
absolutely nothing else. This
ooks suspicious- Why is an analysis of
the water from the main channel sup
pressed? Was he ordered not to analyze
it? Was it necessary to the proper com
position of the whitewash to suppress any
analysis of the water at the main bridge?
There's something about this that needs
Dr. Farquharson takes a great deal of
space to tell us that according to his test
the water .is about alike, all around here
and then he proceeds to "kick the stuffing
out of" a chemical analysis in the follow
ing words, viz:
"Though the question of the production
of disease from drinking water was not
directly submitted to me, i may be al
lowed to state that the causes ot disease,
such as the subtle germs of cholera and
typhoid fever, may undoubtedly exist in
water, and yet be entirely inappreciable
to the senses of man, no matter how well
aided by such instruments as the micros-
him but said his private business would
not permit him to attend to the duties if
A formal ballot was then ordered, but.
before the vote could be taken, Mr. Buford
arse and said that it was apparent to him
that no man could be nominated who
would take the office and who would be
satislactory to the
he sueRested that the convention nominate
Mai. Butler
A motion to that effect was made by one
f the delegates, amid considerable excite-
uieut, and some opposition
A uioiion was then made to reconsider
the vote ordering a formal ballot but it
was defeated, and the vote was taken and
resulted as follows:
W. 1 Butler 15
Porter Skiauer 9
II. E. West 3
C. Truesdale 1
lietore the vote could l.e announced a
motion to adjourn was made.and overruled
by the chair.
Ihe vote was announced, aud then,
on motion, Ma. liutler s nomination was
declared unaniuous
M. M. Corbett, Eugene Boynton
The Grand Central Hotel, New York,
maintains its famous reputation as a
model first-class house. Its reduction
from $4.00 to $2.50 and $3.00 per day
makes it more popular than eycr.
- - .
Quinine can be taken without taste bv
whole convention, and ' VE amine r.nxir. neap. nei-
ici iuiu inn!?, j'rujigifis Keep it. ror
sale by the ounce. Manufactured bv
Allai ie. Woodward & Co., I'eoria, III..
6 t7mwf&wly
l'opular illustrated book (260 pages) on
Manhood! Womanhood! Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure, bent securely sealed, post-paid, for
50 cents, by Dit. (I WniTTlER, 617 St.
ar!es street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist. Read his work.
Intermittent Fever is so common in
the country as scarcely' to need comment.
The causes which produce it are such as
cold, irrecrular living, over exertion, low
spirits, night air, exposure to miasmatic
exhalations, &c, In large cities where
and edge tools aud agricultural implements arc
Frauk Welch, were appointed a committee manufactured, the grinder protects his
to inform Maj. Butler ot his nomination. lungs from the miunous effect of the uust
1. I. Iiutord was chosen chairman of nying on the grindstone Dy weant.g a
the city committee.
The meeting then adjourned.
Dry eoods cheap for cash at II.C. Wivill
& Co s. 5d2t
Vote for King.
Vote for Butler,
Vote for O'Neil.
Vote for Simmon.
Vote for Kennedy.
Vote for Schlemmer.
Vote the whole Democratic ticket,
The river is full of floating ice.
The stove foundry started up attain to
A good many people indulged in sleigh
rides Sunday.
Martino's troupe at Dart's Hall this
eveuing and also to-morrow evening.
Weyerhauser & Denkman's saw mill
will start up on the 19th two weeks from
Henry Ward Beecher lectures in the
Burtis Opera House this evening. There
cope, and also to the most delicate chenii-J don't seem to be a great rush as the
cal tests. The most we can do in regard 1 Gazette of this morning says tbere are 600
to these poisons is to keer them out of the seats in the house not yet sold.
water, by the most scrupulous care in Thomas Caffrey, an engineer on the
preventing the fouling of the sources of peor;a road, lost a fine diamond shirt stud
the drinkingwater by sewage, from which m tv.e SDPW rjear be hvdrant at the corner
respirator. 1 he coal miner ere he descends
the snalt provides himself with a sa'cty
lamp to guard against fire damp. Now it
is equally necessary for those who are
brought in contact with any of the causes
leading to intermittent fever, to provide
themselves with that well known and
highly esteemed remedy against it, the
Home Stomach Ihtters.
Before Justice Hayden.
Monday, March 5. Saturday afternoon
a couple of drunken rowdies got on Frank
Wright's train, at Albany, on the Western
Union R. R. they were drunk and noisy,
and when the conductor asked for their
tickets they said they had no tickets and
refused to pay, but when they found that
they were about to be pitched off the traiu
at the next station they delivered their
tickets to this city. They went to the
Harper House and registered as II. L.
Stone, Providence, and F. Wright,
of New Yor"k. They had no bag
gage, except valises. They behaved
rudely at the supper table and went out
soon alter supper, coming in about 1
o'clock or l:3o Sunday morning dazed
drunk, aud wanted to go to bed. The
house was pretty full and the best that
could be done for them was rooms on ahe
third floor just as good as any rooms in
tho house, but up 3 flights of stairs.
When they got up two flights they made
so much noise and so disturbed the house
that Mr. Harper ordered their bills col
lected aud ihe fellows put in charge of the
police. After some difficulty they were
locked up in jail. Sunday morning Justice
Hayden admitted them to liberty for their
appearance at 9 o'clock this morning, ou
putting up $25 each as security, Stone
borrowed the money.for his part, of Stew
art & Montgomery, he being an agent of
the Nicholson File Company, Providence,
and selling them goods. They went t
the Rock Island House, but kept full of
This forenoou they appeared in the
police court and plead guilty to drunk and
isorderly, and were fined $5 each and
costs, lhey were sleeuv urunk ther.i
Stone went to sleep in court. He !
wai-- at the Harper House, a crazv lut k-1
head, noisy and destitute of decent man
ners. They went back to the Rock
sland House as druuk as ever.
Stone went to his room pulled the mat-
ress on the floor and vomited all around
is room and this afternoon the landlord,
Mr. Guild, found him with the mattress
on the floor, a pair of blankets around his
head and lying iu his filth. Mr. Uuild
eet for the police and gave Stone his
hoice 'pay your bill and get out or po
ojail. lie paid and sloped. Wright
was to be served in the same way as soon
as he made ins appearance, he having
gone out to ride. According to cards in
lis possession he represents the "Peerless
'aper t'attern (Jo., ot New xork, 8s Last
10th street." His name "Frank Wright"
being printed ou their cards.
Ihe Nicholson iile Co,, and the Peer
ess Pattern Co.. must be high-toned con
cerns to send two 6uch bloats, rowdies and
ruffians out as their representatives- No
decent hotel in Rock Island will permit
them inside its doors.
HAVE trovld, from; the most
amnle exjerit;uce, an entire success. Simple,
1 rumpt, lifficient and Reliable. They are the only
medicines perfectly adapted to popular nse-so
simple that mistakes cannot be made in nsin?
them ; bo harmless as to be free from danger ; and
so efficient as to be always reliable. They nave
the kighest commendation from all, and 'will
always render sati&ftiction.
Kos. . - Cures.. Cents.
alone these destructive agents enter.
In conclusion, it may not be altogether
superfluous to suggest, what indeed must
be apparent to every one, the propriety,
nay, the absolute necessity, of filtering
the river water.
This agrees precisely with what Drs.
of Second avenue and 15th street yester
day afternoon, and will pay $10 reward to
any one who will return it to him,
Andy Shields, a fireman on the C. R.
I. & P. road, while switching at Moline on
Saturday, had the fingers of bis left hand
badly mashed, requiring the amputation
Truesdale and Plummer have always Baid J of the second finger at the second joint
that. fiewBe Doisonwasof subtle a ne lives m tnis city
"Mr. C. H, Scamdrett. Rock Bridce.
Green Co. III.;" Miss Fanny J. McGnire,
Wilmington, Will Co. 111.: "Miss Cvnthia
r. iimery, liurnham, Waldo Co. Maine;
and "Miss Mary J. Sewall, Lowell, Mass."
were the names on the letters found in
The Argus box this morning. They are
now in the post office where they shourd
Delivered to any addrcsi, aucuruly packed from
DtijcrUic your symptoma iu all.communlcaioDi
Cured guaranteed.
Advice gratis.
Medical depot, 104 (.South Tenth Street, below
Chettnnt, Philadelphia.
liuwaie of counterfeits and unprincipled deal
ers, who endeavor to dlnpoee of their own aud
Renovation, not Prostration,
Did any enfeebled human being ever be
come strong under the operation of power
ful cathartics or Bali van ts? It is some
times nu essary to regulate the bowels.but
that cannot be done by active purgation,
which exhausts the vital forces, and
serves no good purposo whatever. The
ouly true way to promote health and vigor,
which are essential to regularity of the
organic tuuctious, is to lnyigoratc, dis
cipline and purify the system at the same
time. The extraordinary efficacy of
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters in cases of de
Special Meeting Official Report.
"o'uer" articles on tho reputation attained by I bility or irregularity of the organs of
Uelmbuld'B Genuine Extract Buchn. Extract digestion, assimilation, secretion and dis-
cuarge is universally aumuiea. Appetite,
good disgestiou. a regular habit ot body,
active circulation of the blood, and purity
of all the animal fluids are induced by
this superb tonic and corrective. It has no
equals, moreover, as a preventive of chills
and lever, and other types of malarial
disease. To emigrants and trayelers it is
particularly serviceable as a medicinal safe
guard. Michael Angelo, tho sublimest man in
art, was. wont to say that the bath was the
cradle which fostered his grandest conceD-
tions. Of course he knew nothine about
that elief d'oeuvre, B. T. Babbitt's Toilet
Soap, or else he would have had a word or
two to say about this ladupeuaable adjunct,
barsaparllla, and improved Roue Wash.
Successor to and Manufacturer of
Genuine Preparations !
nature that no microscopic examination or
chemical analysis could detect it, aud that
no medical faculty had eyer yet been able
to detect it or describe it, but its deleter
ous effects on whole committees were
well known the world over.
We have this Igood result, therefore, have been placed at first
from the apologists for the bad water, viz
Butler, Carse and Davis say the pumping
works should be placed where there is the
least nossibilitv of contamination from City Cocwcil Room, March 8, 1S77.
spwtti?e and Farauharson savs no micros- Council'met in special session. Present,
sewage, and rarqunarson says no micros- the M nd Alderiuerj Carse. Daly,
cope or chemical analysis can detect sew- Davis. Hube. Lund Woods and Yates.
age poison. WTe can therefore give the Absent, Aldermen Atkinson and Mosen-
whitewashine committee credit for vield- lelder.
: i, Ji M,ro ;a in nn.r. I The Clerk read the report of the Water
IUK L'lt'blJ UIUUU HU H V. 1 V. .U Willi J 1 I . , , , , 1
' , f ,,. Uommittee.as also tbe chemical and inicroj
cibv. iiiuuouu i" ' lc,,lus scopic report of Dr. Farquharson, of Dav-
wuat caused the disease, but content en port, Iowa.
themselves with saying '"taint so." None Alderman Wollenhaupt moved that the
r.v. n v,t ; : ..! report be received, placed on hie and or
.... . . m. ... . . dered printed. Carried.
taint so. l he piiysicians who have The Clerk read the report of the Super
Lad most experience tell us nostivelv that inteudent of W ater Works for the past
the oriirin of the disease was rh imnnre year, which was referred to the Water
water from the last of December to the Committee, on motion of Alderman Wol
. , -r . . lenhaupt.
miaaieor last ot January, lnats tne On motion of Alderman Daly the City
start of it. The public will prefer the Clerk was authorized to notify E. Patter
oninion of ibvsieians who sav thev know son to put a lamp upon the post at the
nnd inv inimlA rfinnns f.,r t hir f.Wr, t corner of Twentieth street and Third ave-
Important to Persons Visiting New
York. One of the best kept and most
convenient hotels for merchants and others
to stop at when in New York is the Grand
Union Hotel, nearly opposite the Grand
Central Depot, kept on the European plan
you therefore only pay for what you get.
Everything is nrst class, and prices moder
ate, adapted to the stringency of the
times. You save the expense of carriage
hire, and by leaving your baggage check
at the counter of the hotel, your baggage
will be delivered in your rooms, fifteen
minutes after the arrival of tho cars, free
of expense. WTe advise vou to eive the
vrrand union a trial.
Helmbold's Bucqu. Ilelmbold's
Buchu has long been known as one of the
most valuable medicines attainable in cer
tain classes of diseases, such as dyspepsia
chronic rheumatism, dropsy, cutaneous
affections, and especially affections of the
urinary organs. As a diuretic, it is supe
rior to almost any other medicine in use
and the great care with which it is rre
pared, the absolute purity ot the prepara
tion, and the diligence used in the selection
ot the crude material, have made it known
:ar and wide as a reliable aud effective
preparation, and one that can always be
used with safety and benefit. The great
success of Ilelmbold's Buehu has led to
the production ot many spurious prepara
tions, which are made cheaply and placed
upon the market to be sold on tbe reputa
tion acquired by Helmbold s original pre
paration. Parties who desire a really good
medicine should be careful and use Helm
hold's only.
The "Iron Trail."
A spicy sketch descriptive of a trip over
the Atchison, lopeka and ban ta re rail
road and of the beauties, scenery and plea
sure resorts of the Kocky mountains, bv
JNym (Jnnkle, the musical and dramatic
critic of the New York World, sent free on
application, togetner witn tne oan Juan
Guide, maps and time tables of this new
ana popular route irom iVansas Uity and
Atchison to Pueblo, Denver and all points
in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and the
San Juan mines. Ihe finest line of Pull
man Sleepers on the continent between the
Missouri river and the liocky mountains
without change.
Address, I. J. Anderson,
Gen. Passenger Agent,
2 9dw6m Topeka, Kan,
the opinion of those who say, "they don't
know, but taint the water. Eleven to
four, in the Medical Association give their
opiuion that the origin of the disease was
Commotion adjourned.
S. F. Cooke, City Clerk.
Helicons Notice.
mi : : i
..,...,....u.. . -u of the executive committee and pastors
j?ipea out or cnangea, closed with a crowded house last evening
The only meeting announced for this
Handsome spring prints at H. C. Wivill evenine was at the Baptist church, the
A. depressed, Irritable state of mind f
wea.Icf nervous, exhausted feeling
no energy or animation J f confused
Head, weak; memory, often -with de
bilitating, involuntary discharges. The
consequence of excesses, mental overwork or
Indiscretions. Tim KKBVOCS DEBILITY
finds a sovereign cure in UrMPIIItKVS'
It tones up the system, arrests dischv."V dispels
the mental gloom and despondem.. r nt rejuve
nates the entire system. It is penectljr harm
lees and always efficient. V Price $5, for a package
of five boxes and a large (2 vial of powder, which
is important in old, serious cases; or )1 per single
box. gold by ALL Druggists, or sent by matt
on receipt of price. Address HUMPHREYS'
Ko. G03 BuoADWAr, 17. Y.
pySeu Urge adverttaemefii.
1. Fevers Congestion. Inflammations.
2. Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic, . .
8. Cxy in g-Colic, or Teething of Infants, .
4. Diarrhoea, of Children or Adults, . .
6. Iysentery, Griping, BiliouB Colic, . .
6. rholrra-norbus, Vomiting, . . .
7. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, . . . .
8. JVeui-algia, Toothache, Facenche, . .
9. Headaches, Rick Headache, Vertigo, .
10. Iyspepsia, Bilious Stomach, ....
11. Suppressed, or Painful Periods, . .
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods, ....
13. Croup, Cousrh, Difficult BreRthinfr, .
14. Knit Kheiim, Erysipelas, Eruptions, .
15. ItheumntUm, liheumatic Pains, . .
1(5. Fever and Ague, Chill Fever, Agues,
17. IIlen, Kind or bleeding1,
18. Ophthatmy, ond fcoreor Weak Eyes, .
19. Catarrh, acute or chronic, Influenra, .
20. Whoopiug-Cougu, violent coughs, .
21. Asthma, oppressed Breathing, . . .
22. ICar lUscharges, impaired hearing; .
23. Scrofula, enlarged glands, r?wellingg, .
24. eneral Debility, Physical Weakness, .
25. Itropny and scanty Secretions, ....
2t. Kra-Sleliiiess, sickness from riding, .
27. Jtiduey-IMscnsc, Gravel,
23. Acrrous Debility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary discharges, .... .100
i'J. Sore Mouth, Canker, ... .50
30. Vrinary Weakness, vrettingthobed, . 40
SI. Painful Periods, with Spasms, . . 50
32. ltiaease of Heart, palpitations, etc.,. 100
S3. ICpilepsev, Spnsms. St. Vitus' Dance, . 1 00
34. Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat, . . SO
35. Chronic Congestions and Eruptions, 50
Vials, 50 cents, (except 24, 32 and 33), . $100
Case (Morocco) with above 35 largo vials and
Manual of directions, . . . 100
Case (Morocco) of 20 l:ir?e vials and Book, 6 00
Kiniri" Boxes and Vials as above.
JBB- These remedies are sent toy the
rase or ainele box to any part ot the
country, free of charge, on receipt of
price. Address
Humphreys ....
Homeopathic PJIeaicine Co.,
Office and Depot, No. 502 Bboadwai, New Yokx.
ror Sale toy all Zruggista.
Sold in Rock Island by Bonner & Thomas. Otlo
Grojan, C Speidel, and K. Breunert mwf
Anthracite Coal, all sizes, the bright
est ami cleanest in the market, for sale by
ti. U. irszer. (Jail and examine it.
Blossburq Coal
at E. G. Frazcr's
The Weather To-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at The Argus Office to-day as in
dicated bv thermometer :
7 a.. m. 10 2 above sero 13 m. 17 above zerc
9 a. ji, 13 " " j jp.. 3oo
Hard Coal at Frazer's warehou se on
he levee.
Two car loads of St. Louis fire brick and
boiler tile just received.
3-d3t. . Matthews & Co.
Nice Rclinq done at The Argus
Bindery, Leaye orsrs at the counting
room, tf
The Truth. In the whole United
States there is not a flavoring extract that
is so valuable, so positive, so eliectual in
producing the most delicious, desirable.
and delectte flavored cakes, pastry, ice
cream, etc., as Dr. Price's justly cele
brated Special Flavoring Extracts: Al
mond, Lemon, Vanilla, and aromatic
flavors. Try them, and you will be de
lighted with their true qualities, and find
that they are far superior to anything in
tbeir line.
"Merit secures the esteem of the right
thinking, fortune that of the public" says
a brilliant epigrammatist. All classes,
however, rejoice when good fortuno re
wards palpable merit, and the highest
medal of honor is the universal recogni
tion of the world. Such has been the well
earned reward of the maker of li. T. Bab
bitt's Best Soap, for his name is honor
ably known from palace to tenement
Howe's concentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, and ague cure and tonic
bitters, can be had of Bengston and
Mothers can secure health for their
children and rest for themselves by the
use of Castoria, a peafect substitute for
Castoria Oil. It is absolutely harmless,
and is as pleasant to take as honey. For
Wind Colic. Sour Stomach. Worms or
Constipation, for young or old, there is
nothiDg in existence like it. It is certain,
it is speedy.
Caked Breasts. Rheumatism, Sciatica,
Swellings, Sprains, Stiff Joints, Bums,
Scalds, Poisouous Bite., itnl all flesh, bone
and muscle ailments, can be absolutely
cured by the Centaur Liniments. What
the White Liniment ij lor tho human
family,th3 Yellow Liuiiuent is forspaviued,
galled, and lame horses and animals.
Thoroughly Cures Diseases of the Skin
Beautifies the Complexion, Prevents
and Remedies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Abrasions of the
Cuticle and Counteracts Contagion.
This Standard External Remedy for Erup
tions, Sores and Injuries of the Skin, not only
removes from the Complexion all Blem
ishes arising from local impurities of the
blood and obstruction of the pores, but also
those produced by the sun and wind, such as
tan and freckles. It renders the CUTICLE
marvelously clear, smooth and PLIANT,
and being a wholesome beautifier is far
preferable to any cosmetic.
All the remedial advantages'of Sll
thur Baths are insured BY THE use of
Glenn's Sulphur Soap, which in addi
tion to its puritying effects, remedies and pre
vents Rheumatism and Gout.
It also disinfects clothing and linen
and prevents diseases communicated by
contact with the person.
It dissolves Dandruff, prevents bald
ness, and retards grayness of the hair.
Thysicians speak of it in high terms.
Prices 25 and 50 Cents per Cake; ter
Box (3 Cakes), 60c. and$1.?0.
N B Sent by Mail, Prepaid, on receipt 0f price, and
5 cents extra for each Cake
Black or Brown, 50 Cents.
C S. CRITTEXM, Prop'r, 7 Sixth Af., M.
daughter of Johu kud CUrltlu l,ult. iniou vca
and 8 month.
Funeral from the retlduuce ut qerparmta to
morrow, at 8 o'clock. Iutermt-nt In tbt City Come.
kvrj, uavuupuri, low.
m quantity by their perfect purity aud great
trtict i; the only kind. made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific
care to insure uni
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ce, lhey are far Huierior to the common
adulterau.il 1 kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob
serve our Trade Marl n l
n.,.i:' t..i.! "i, rY "ii.
i I , , , VK fu?r only in cans securely
litlrt'lll'll. Mimv hitis a : 1 i J"
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price's.
Manufactured only by B v

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