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Twenty-Sixth- Year.
Kock Island, Illinois, Tuesday, March 6, 1877-
EstaHished Oct. 18, 1351
Railroad Time Table.
Leave Hoik Island at 9:00 a.m.. and 4:00 p. ra. Ar
riviug at Cable at 11 :10 a. m., and 6:00 p. m.
Leave Cable at 6:30 a. m., and 12:45 p. m. Arriving
at Kock Island at 8:20 a. in., and 3:00 p. m.
K. R. OABLU, General Manager.
Eastern Ex. 5 50 a.m. Mail A Ex. 1:02 p,m
Hail & Hi. l-40p.ni. Western Kx. 5:55 p. nu
Way Freight. ;) a. m. Way Freight S:i p. m.
The 6:00 a. in, train makes close connection at
O alva with C B & y, for Aledo and iKeithshnrg,
also at Peoria with Pl'iJ, for Jacksonville, Spring
field, St Lonis and all points sonth and southwest,
arriving in St Lnni at 7:'0 d in
The l :"SO train makes clone connection at Galva
with C It & O H R. for the west : arriving at Ouincy
at :4:s D m.. also at Peoria with 1 B A W, and T
P& W., for points east and southeast,
J. H. Hilmaki), Kecelver,
J. V. Mahon.t, Qeu'l. Tk't. Ag'tj
Cai3A3C. S0C2 ISLAND & PAtlTXC E. S.
At S. 35 a. m.: 4:30 v. m.:and 10:00 p.
arrive from west as above.
At 6:93 a m.; :V a. ra., and 6:00 f. m.
arrive from the east as above.
At 8 05 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. dally, I
At 9:20 a. m. dally, and 9:30 p. m.
At 5:10 p. m. !
At 9:00 a. m.
a. m.
p.':00 m.
1U:!W A.
8:80 P. M
Day Etpress and MaV...
Night Kxpress
. ..K-.S5 A M
. .1(1:05 r M
6:0) pm
5:55 am
J''i:itiiir-nrn Aim r-i n i m i r rl A.
9 v?
9 10
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Fiiiishinf and Point in tj
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English and French Cassimeres,
Diagonals, Worsted Suiting, Beavers,
Doeskins, etc., etc.
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Merchant Tailor!
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IWWa - 1
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nd shouldr, that she was almost helplei-s. Ho-
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awful folks" to use Kh.N.Nt h I'AO-mluau
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usually trade.
Washington, March C Senate.
?.Ir. Wallace moved that the credentials of
Mr, Lamar be taken from the table and he
be sworn aa senator from Mississippi.
Mr.'Anthony moved that the senate ad
journ rejected, 38 to 15.
Mr. Blaine said Mr. Lamar's creden
tials were entirely regular and he was as
much entitled to be sworn as himself or
any other senator sworn yesterday.
A long debate eusued and Mr. Spencer
wanted lioutwell's committee's report last
session on Mississippi affairs read, but
the senate refused.
Mr.Klaine argued that the report rnitrht
show that the legislature which elected Mr,
Lamar was illegal, but that was a matter
tor subsequent inriui'y. It was a danger
ous thing to stop a senator from taking the
oath who bore the proper credentials.
Mr. lhurman said there was nothing in
Mr. Boutwell's rep irt affecting Mr. La
mar's prima facie ritht to a sat, rmt one
word in the report which touched this
question, and it was out ot order tor the
senate to listen to the reading of the re
Mr, Morton begged to remind the senate
that one year ago Mr. Thurman stood on
the other side of this prirtvi facie business
in the case of L inchback. According to
Mr. Thurman there could be no iuvestiga
tion as to the legislature which elected Mr,
Lamar, but there could be as to which
elected Pinchback. He (Morton)
held the same doctiine now as be
did in the Pinchback case.
hut there had been a sudden revolution on
the part of the Democrats; he believed
the senators objected to should be called
in tne regular oruer in wmcn tney are j
named. Kellogg was bore with a legal
ertificate. but objection was made to
swearing nun in yesterday on tne veiy
around upon which he was stopped from (
taking his seat to day. Mr. bpencer
had a risht to interpose objection to the
case of Mr. Lamar. It seemed to him,
Morton, that this was an attempt to have
one doctrine in one case ana anotner
doi-trine in another case.
'1 he motion to refer the credentials of
hen it r Lamar to the committee on priv
ileges and elections was rejected yeas 1,
navs f8.
Mr. Davis advocited receiving Mr.
Mr. Spencer opposed, because the legis
lature electing him was a fraud he had
read as part ol his remarks a part of Bout-
weil's report.
Mr. llamlim, from the committee to
notify the president that the senate was
organized, reported tint the presiacnt
would communicate to-morrow regarding
executive business.
I A Young- Man Silled while Firing- for a
Galesburc, March 6. About 5 P. M.
yesterday, while tiring a salute at Altona,
111., in honor of the inauguration of Presi
dent Hayes, the cannon exploded, terribly
mangling Chhrles Burnison. aged 16, who
was loading the cannon at the time. Two
pieces of the cannon entered Burnison's
bowels and both hands were taken off. He
died at 9 P. m.
Weather Probabilities.
Washington, Mar. C The Signal Ser
vice observations taken at 10 o'clock this
forenoon indicate the following weather
probabilities for this afternoon and to
night: Indications for the northwest: Falling
barometer, warmer southerly winds,
cloudy and light rain or snow, followed by
rising barometer, colder, brisk or high
uortherly. wiuds.
Cleveland, March G. Leonard's Op
ra House wa9 totally and Bobbins'a Block
partly destroyed by tire early this morning
at Fostoria, Ohio. Loss on Opera House
$10,0(X, iosured $7,000; loss on block
$",000, insured $3.uo.
Tlie Crazy Man Who Assaulted. Packard
Philadelphia, March 6. Win. Ileory
Welton, who attempted the lite of (Jov.
Pac kard at New Orleans, arrived here yes
terday iccompaiii.-d by his father. He is
at large on $5,000 bail, but it is intimated
that he will tvt bn. prosecuted, owing to the
interposition id fVi- iids id (us father.
To Coburu goes
to l.tate Prison for
New York, March 0. Joe Coburn,
pugilist, is convicted of shooting with it
tent to kill a policeman, and lias been
sentenced to ten years in the stave's prison
ITew Arrangements tor West Toint The
Returning- Board Bobbers Call on heir
Washington, March G. The Military
Academy and post of West Point has
been constituted a separate military de
partment aud the commander wiii report
directly to the general in-chief of the army
who, u;:der the war department, shall
have supervision and charge of the
academy. He will watch over its ad
ministraV.on and discipline and the in
struction of cadets and will make reports
thereof to the secretary of war. By order
W5tr.Five tramps we cared for by the
police last night; they were of a better
class than the average tramp.
teg- Dr's. Piper and Morey say ;ha
Auuerson the injured man will be too low
:'or cross examination this alternoon.
anted Immediately, six blacksmiths
on light work. Apply at the oilice ot the
Moiitie Wagon Co., Moliue, Ills. G d3t
fiSTd-'unock, UouIU Ov Jo s. planing
mill, which has been running all winter,
was shut down yesterday tor the purpose
of clearing out and repairing the b'nlsrs
la a tew days it v. ill be started and run
full force again.
j&aPThirti en tramps were gathered into
tb.e "told uuring baturday aud bunday
nights. This beiug the first ot the week
when all well regulated usrsous wish
present a dear appearance externally, the
ooys turned their shirts, took atiotln
bitch at that solitary suspender, tucke
their pants in their shoe top. and waded
out into the snow, meditating Upon the
uueharitabieness of this cold, cruel world
fegAndrew Shields a fireman working
on the J. K. 1. cv I . switch engine, got
the lingers ot his let t hand badly mangled
on Saturday alternoon while switching
here. Dr. McKinuie was called, and
it necessary to amputate the fore
at the iirst ioiut, at: ! the second
at the second joint. The littl
was c r.iderab!y mashed but the
engiu e
thought it eould
A. P. Fisk
i.itise, was
s stahie, opposite the
the scene of consider-
the president. Major General Scuheld is ceedwd in getting two
nigbt,at Haller's butcher shop; he did not!
ride home with me; my brother drove and
lay in the wagon and slept.
Cross examined. Nothing new, except
lively tilt between opposing counsel as to
ights of witness.
Marshal Weils was next sworn and tes
tified as to having heard of the affair on
uesday night about 10,30; did nothing
that night but advised the man who
brought word to go and get Dr. Piper to
go out and see b.im; went next day and
arrested the Grahams: did not tell them
what they were arretted for.
I he examination of this witness elicited
nothing new, and at its close the court ad
journed until yesterday at 1 o'clock to
nord the detense time to get witnesses.
1 esterday at 1.30 p. m., the case was
resumed. H. T. McNeal. Eso . of Counellv
& McNeal, Rock Island, appearing as
associate counsel with W. J. Eutrikiu, for
A number cf witnesses were examined
for the prosecution and some new points
brought out. The most important witness
was John Allison, who said that he beard
John Graham say, "Didn't I give that
fellow h 1 when 1 struck him;" and then
afterwards David Graham said, "Why, I
lidn't see you strike anyone, John."
lis witness was rigidlv cross-examined
nd an effort made to have him contradict
his testimony, but without avail.
Alfred Shaw, James bchottfeldt, H,
Margrat, and David Hal'er testified to
having seen the three men together on the
night in question.
John Graham was then recalled ami
cross-examined by Attorney Jackson, and
luring the same a spirited cr.iss fire was
kept up by the opposing counsel.
At one, 11. 1. McNeal, of counsel for
etense, took Jackson severely to task for
tttemptmg to impeach his own witness
itid stated that the trial had been conduct
ed in the principle of a street scatid i!;
that if everybody who had heard this or
hat statement was to tie allowed to testify.
or had heard of somebody else who had
heard of it. he wanted to kuow it; that
the c urt was bound by the same rules t
evidence that govern in the higher courts.
fter a spirited and brilliant exchange
of repartee, the court sustained Mr. Mc
Neal and the prosecution rested the case
intil to dav, after which the court ad
journed until 1 o'clock this aftern; o i.
Anderson is still very low and his death
would not bo a surprise at anv time, lie
eats little, is very weak and suffers intense
pain in his head. During the trial the
outline of the defense was shown by At
torney Entriken, who endeavored to estab
lish the theory that Anderson hid fallen in
the road drunk and was run over hr a
buggy or wagon, which caused the wounds
liiverv enort was made to get its. riper
and Morey to testify as to the possibility
f such being the result, but without suc
cess. J bus tar th11 case lxks ug.v t- r t tie
Grahams, and, unle-s there isunlooked for
evidence, they are likely to go to Juliet.
To-day, at one o clock, upon the re open
ing of cour', i ursuant to adjournment, the
lunsel for Jonu and David tiraham, in
consequence of the inability of Andcrsoa
to testity, submitted the case for bail, and
the prisoners were committed until Satur
day id this week without bail, when, if
Anderson's condition indicates that he will
recover, the amount of bail will be
fixed. The Grahams were taken to the
Hock Island jail this afternoon.
If Hi
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application. It cures on the instant Neu
ralgia. Nervous Headache, Rheumatism,
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For sale In Rock Island by John Bengston .
For Odd Fellows. Masons, Druids. Knights of
Pythias, Red Men. Temperance, ami all
other Societiis.
Gold and Silver Laces, Fringes,
as Main Street, WORCESTER, MASS.
Show Cases.
jn its support of superincumbent weight, closing up
ou sitting against a chairhack, and its varieties
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be awaided it ecli year by American lustiliite and
pales greater than all others combined. Beware
of infringments.
A. W. THOMAS. 91 White street, New York; 881
Itace street, Philadelphia.
B. J. PERR1N, Agent,
Dealer in
And all sizes of
Purchasers are invited to obtain fignres before or
daring elsewhere. Kurd Coal thoroughly screened
(Tr Office on the Levee, foot of Eale Street.
w . .
Trnutilva. Kcho r
1--?. -K I ta ntnit. Htrpn'- .ml I.uiiK
IJI-?Vim 2 I, -.. . ...I ih. 1 i.m tit Mi', iv-ociuxtrec." J. K.
t4'jiS'J I K. Vouitmn. Lone I'. O. III. "II rewl mr ' ft
SM-r!S3 1 S olt-rrllie J w hen rrry thiiit vr full- i
fc il t BMI I MA" K K. Mui.rt.of?. A li-v-l.ur, v CUv. l'. l'T.Cf Xk
able excitement yesterday alternoon
I hree young men. George an auibeck
!oIu I 'iinsiv :md a ninn named l-.:irl. siie
loss. Oouee's bu
log and A. J. Bournes yellow dog, int
the haiu, iiua set them to tigluing. Ih
br.il dog was torn in a terrible manner and
almost killed, stjl! the bovs let tlietu tig!
until some one outside, hearing the tioi
railed the police, and Marshal ells
threatened to arrest them before tney
would open ihe barn aud let him in. Such
brutality should be punishment to the full
extent of the law.
jaF" Considerable excitement was occa
sioned last night at Mr. Grandee's board
ing house, opposite the Swedish Baptist
church, by a report that a young man
named G. C. Mathews, step-sou of Mr.
tirandce s. and boarding with him, was
drunk or crazy, and trying to shout him
self or some one else. The police were
uotitied and at once went to the house for
the purpose of arresting Mathews, but did
nut hnd turn. Un the second visit to tne
house they found and took him in charge.
lhis mornmg the case came before hs-
quire .Ma pes and the prisoner was dis
charged ; H being provaa that although
Mathews bad a revolver, and was hand-
appointed commander ot the new military
department and will make his reports
direot to the adjutant genera', the same as
division commanders. In matters of in
struction un 1 financial administration he
will address the secretary of war through
the ndi'itaut general.
President Hayesreceived a greatnumbcr
if people at the executive mansion to-day
mc u'iu.g v elis ana ;vnaers(n n me
the Ln'oiHi:a returning board ana aele
gati -us tr. to different states. The east
room w.i thronged. A floral eagle was
niesetitL-.J So president .laves and was
placed i-n a pedestal in the centre of the
There was a dVsultorv interchange of
views air tut actvm on trie .uississippi
and Loui.siati.i contests but nothing de
Tho pre si lent has received a letter from
bsti.-.tor i'.ivis, ii iuinois, resigning lrciu
the supreme court.
William K. llodgcrs, private secretary
to President Haves, took possession of his
office this morning.
Consultation between the presidentnnd Kntr it ftarclesplv there was no vlinrW in
.. . -, , . , r . -
a lew irienus as to tne iormation oi lue Jf an,i ,.mw(.mienttv it was harmless- that
(Successors to J, K. ZEIGLHIi.)
Manufacturers of
Horse Shoe Nails
All Nails are made ol the best
215 namilton Street, PLOPIA, ILL
Correspondence solicited and orders prompt",
Blled. Ll-'TKK MEHAN.
FIELD BROS., Agents. Rock Island.
hoisis kemedy;
"Evidence XJnparallelled in the history of Medi
cine" Over two tnonana testimonials given lor
the wouderf ul cures made by
Or Matchless Liver
and Warranted perfect and ready for driving.
t2f Orders filled promptly and ut the lowe
rates by
Mannfactuierand Dealer in
Tin, Ccpper & Sheet Iron Ware
Roofing and Sponting a Speciality.
Shop cor. R -ck River and Dock Sts., Rock Island.
Phoenix Manuf 'ing Co.,
Manufacturers of tha Celebrated
ir,rs(,T, 'fiWV!
S25,S5QSiOO,S2QQ, S500.
The reliable honse of ALEX FROTHIXGHAM
& CO.. No VI Wall St.. New York, imblish a hand
some eight-page weekly paper, called the Weekly
Financial Kcnort. which thev send fre to anv ad
dress. In nuiliiion to a large number i if editorials
on financial aud other tomes, l contains very full
and accurate reports of the sales and standing of
every stock, bond and security dealt in at the Stock
Exchange. Messrs. FKOmi.NUH.AM B eu . are
extensive brokers of large experience and tried in-
tei-ritv. In addition to their steck brokerage rmsi-
cabinet had not, up to 1 o'clock, resulted
, t j . . i
in any conclusion, irjtormation ai me
executive mansion is that Wm. M. Evarts
has been designated for secretary of state
and Senator Sherman for secretary of the
treasury. Hevond these nothing is abso
lutely certain.
About noon n. embers of the old cabinet
. .. i- ,1 11C
anneared. this Peing ine usual uay oi
Dueling, and a regular session was held
All the members were present, including
the story originated in the timidirv of
Mathews's sister, and the malice or fool
ishness of his brother James, who was the
person that informed the police. There
is no doubt Dut Mathews was drunk aud
trying to scare some one, and it is to be
hoped this will teach him a lesson.
Ths Outrags on C. J. Anderson
The preliminary examination of John
and David tjiraham lor the brutul assauit
Sec'y Morrill, who was cordially greeted on C. J. Anderson, on Tuesday of last
by President 1 laves.
It is made np cf Common Place Platitudes
whicli Look BotiiWays.
New York, March 6. The World says
ness,ihevsell what is termed "Pnvilgs" or "Futs 0f the luatlgural: "The tone throughout
and Calls." now one of the favorite methods f le-. .... ,.i ,v ...,i;,:i
gitlmate speculation.
The Greatest Blood Purifier known, everywhere
Cancers. Scrofula, Humors, Weakness, etc. In fact
all Wood, Liver, Skin and Uterine diseases. Sold
by druggists everywhere. Price $1, or sU bottles
lor 50. J. b. HOW 1, Jtt. D , beneca Falls, N. Y.
by following it many
York Metropolis.!
Their advice is valnatle,nnd
kaye made fortunes. New
is that ot a sermon or 01 ine political
summary in a monthly magazine, rather
than the statesmanlike expression ot polit
ical principles and purposes. In regard
to the question of policy to be pursued
towards the southern states not one word
week, took place at the engiue house on
Saturday before Magistrates Mapes and
S wander, the latter acting as advisory
The case excited considerable interest and
there was a large crowd in attendance
W. J. Entriken, Esq. appeared for the
defendants, and Sweeney & Jackson for
the prosecution.
The testimony of Anderson was taken
at his room, he being unable to attend the
trial- His story did not differ very
materially from that already given in Tu
Drs. Morey and Pipr wers sworn, and
testified to examining the wounds of the
is said whici cannot be twisted as ecsiiy ininred man. The testimony of these
to countenance the actions ot rresident 1 vitnpiPR ws
Dart'S Hall, HOCk Is'and. GraDVward Louisiana two years ago as
to eudor3e the words of I resident Grant
I about Louisiana two days ago.
Two Nights Only I
Monday & Tuesday Eve's,!
KtAECH 5th and 6th.
AND TONIC BiTTEl S. It will cure permanent
ly Chills. Agne, Sciatica, Neuralgia. Debility, all
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ranted to give perfect satisfaction. Pric f 1, or eix
bottles f 5. Send stamp lor chromo free. C. B
HOWE. M. D , Proprietor, 8nneca Falls, N. T.
Sold by John Bengstonand T II Tliouias, droe.
gists, Rock Island.
Peof. Martino,
Tha Great California Ilhsiosist
and VENTRILOQUIST, who is acknowledged to be
the C hampion ot the world, auu whose penorman
ces have never failed to elicit the highest encomi
ums of the press and public, assisted by
The celebrated Second eight Reader, Pantominiet
and Character Actress;
Baby Florence,
The Child ActresB only seven years old;
Louis E. .Perry.
The great Demouiac Impersonator & Pautominist;
Prof. St. Clair.
The Celebrated Organist and Vocalist.
A Largs Ivnralser of Valuable Presents
wi'.l be given awav to the audiance at each enttr
tainmeut. For particulars of Entertainment and
list or i"re6cnt see street Dine
HT-frices of Admission 25, 35 and 50 cents.
ad3t a. 8. CRAINE, Uen'l Agent.
He Takes the Oath of Office in Secret and
Becomes Grant's Successor.
Washington, March 4. Last night at
i i i . : ri i j.i
l o ciock iveiurumg ixiaru naves naa ad
ministered to him the oath of office by
Chief Justice Waite. It was done iu a
very secret manner, and there has since
been bo much cast-iron lying upon the
subject that the town has ben fairly up
side down over the many conflicting stones
that have been circilaUd upoD the subject.
The act of stealing the presidency, fitly
completed by Hayes's sneaking surrepti
tiously into office uuder cover ot night, al
most unattended, ami then enjoining secre
cy upon everyone who was connected with
this culminating act of the tneft makes a
most fitting beginning of his fraud ulency's
official career.
Death of Chief Jnstlce Mases of South
Columbia. March 6. Chief Justice
Moses, of the South Carolina supreme
court, died at 1 o'clock to-day.
witnesses was substantially tue same as
already published aud did not throw any
new light on the case. During the exami
nation ot Ur, 1 iper, a lively cross nre was
maintained between opposing counsel
which, however, did not change the testi
rnony of witness.
Thos. Fort, J. Mangold, J, Stoddard, D.
Ilaller, W. L. Nichols and John Graham.
were swore but with the exception of diauapolis, lnd
1 1 a 1 1 C I BU'i ui.imui luvii. nou u'Jiuiu new
Ilaller testiuea to having seen tne de
fcDdent in company with Anderson on the
night cf the occurrence; both were drunk.
or seemed so: was positive they were the
persons: didn't remember having seen
ADde-son that night; knew the Grahams
by sight: recognized thera as the persons.
Cross-examined by Jotnken; Was
certain Anderson and Graham were at Ids
shop on Tuesday uigbt; they seemed
drunk; A ndc-rsoD was pretty full.
John Graham, sworn: (was shown the
whip.) Had seen the whip; gave it to Mr.
Wells: found it on Tuesday last about 6
o'clock in the evening, between the Moliue
Plow Co's and Deere's; it was lying in the
road; picked it up and put it in the wagon.
Witness was shown a vest, but did not
identify it; never saw it before to-day;
saw the Swede (Anderson) ou Tuesday
A Wonderful Institution.
Ati-iut twenty year ago a surgeon, ou
r.-alizieg the great army ot over 1200. 000
detornied people in the United States, de
barred from so much enjoyment and u
fulness, aud realizing the inadequate mean
ottered tur tneir reuet, and tiie tact th
every day was adding to this host ot su!
terera, he determined to revolutionize.
tar as possible, the oid mode ol treatment
of such cases bv casting aside the cruel
torture of the blisters, setons, cauteries
red-hot irons, bleeding, salivation, and
heroic medication, and inaugurate a more
rational, humane, aud certain method ot
I'he twenty years, with nearly a million
of dollars, have been expended in invent
ing apparatus, machinery, and appliances.
md founding institutions lor their cure.
Over 40.000 greatful hearts rejoice to-
ay in the cures made ny tne National
Surg cal institute, with its four great di
visions at Philadelphia, Indianapolis. At-
inta. and San Francisco, Surgeon-gen-
erais vd other nations, and the toreicn
c.onimis-ions at the centennial. paid it hom
age, and gave it the most eulogistic cercti.
cates aud commendations.
It exhibited there five times as many
instruments and appliances for the cure, of
diseased joints and deformities of the hu
man body, as the United States and all
the other nations combined. and,of course,
received the highest premium, diploma,
aud medal.
All its methods of cure are rational,
cientiuc. ana iree irom tne old torturing
and usages and failures of tiie past. Those
who have never visited the institution can
form no conception of the great advan
tages it possesses over all others who ma?
propose to attempt a cure without these
facilities. To relieve ran nni disease
eive motion to stiff joints, correct deform
ities of all kinds, restore paralyzed limbs
and cure piles and fistula. diseases peculiar
to women, and also diseases peculiar to
men, is its mission.
we have learned that on account ot the
hard times preventing so many sufferers
visiting the National Surgical institute for
relief, two or more of the surgeons have
coustnted to visit our city, and will be at
the Harper IloUse. Ilock Island. Ills.,
March 14 and loth, 1877, where we would
advise all neeeding their attention to be
sure to call and see them. They will have
with theui a large stock of machinery, ap
pliances, supporters, apparatus, and rem
edies for treating the afflicted-
fee ior examniJtion. and all who can
not be nenentted will be trantly tola so.
while those cured will be charged moder
ately. Caution Do not be deceived by im
postors who tmvel over the country, imi
tating the National Surgical institute.
Thev are impostors, and have no institu
tion at all. Be suro you employ none but
surgeons from this institute. Send to the
National Surgical institute for circulars,
Address either Philadelphia, Penn., or In-
Three thousand bottles sold
each year by oue store in
Cleveland Now receiving or
ders by mail every day from
all tKirts oi the country.
Herewith are a Kw of the
many o-rtifi a es and letter
reci ited mitidreds of whii h
we could print, if necessary,
to show Kenton's Matchless
Liver, Blood and Kidney Sy
rup is appreciated at home.
and extending over the who'e country, upon its
"merit only." And we claim without fear or favor
it is the best family medicine in the world, and
guarantee it the best blond and liver and kidney
syrup ever produced. Semi for circulars, read and
judge for yourself. We will be plvased to send a
circular to any person who writes ior oue.
Extracts from letters received.
RHEUM AMISM Some six months conld not
walk without the help of a cruti-h ; tried physi
cians and many kinds of advertif-cd imes without
benefit. Six bottles of Fenton's Matchless Syrup
cured me. Cavt Geo Hand.
SALT RHEUM- Eighf bottles made a perfect and
permanent cure.
SCROt L LA From infancy was treated bv the
st phvsirtans ai d took evi rvbodv's cure. Two
bottUs ilatchiess Syrup cured me.
.Mas Jt-LiZA Junes,
SCROFULOUS NECK-Eight years cured bv
Fenton's Sursaiiarilla, after trying nearly every
other known remedy. John Mci.imty.
Conductor S L if- M S R ji, Cleveland, C-
SALT RHEUM eleven vears a:i over my body;
took all t!ie ). i t-uiediea advertised, aim in the
liofpu il. Njw o k, twenty v.-i eks; could not iret
cured; six ..es of Kent i 's Mai, hless Sjrnp
cured me. Ukoroe 1 own. Cleveland, O.
FEMALE WEAKNESS sunt . Mx vears: used ev-
erv alterative known; trieii the Ciitnat'.- from Min
nesota to Texas; could get no relief; utter a lew
month's ue of teuton's Matchless Sar.-aparilla w as
cured completely.
Mas Aty 15 , OhlOjSt, I leveland. O.
RHEUMATISM Dr. Kenton: Having Is-en laid
up live weeks with Rheumatism, and spent dollar
after dollar, my physician told me it mnst wear
oil; got up and on crutches as many more weeks:
was advised to get six bottles of Fenton's Sarsapa-
rilia. Five bottles cured me completely. 1 freely
recommend the Matchless Syruo as a sure cure for
Rhcumatiu. Yours truly,
V. II Batks, . leveland, O.
An article excelling in Labor Saving and Dura
bility for use on Stoves, Ranges, Grates, &c.
Crucibles of all Sizes!
Millwrights 1
Contractors & Builders
Of all descriptious.of
Dif-Aots and Specifications for Flooring M'lls
Saw Mills, Dit-tiiieries aud Grain Elevators n ade
out on short notice. Are prepared to lake con
tracts for building aud marhim y. and give p Ton
al attention to a., be details of construction. Re
pairs of ail kinds .oinptly atteudr.i to wheth. r or
tiered by mat! or in person.
At the old stand of U Brooks, (new No..) No
1 Washington street .. I'KOKIA. ILL
l".ir.'.f Jjr fc-Kf-r.a.'U
Memorable American Duels, from the
Ilamilton-Burr to the Bennett-May affairs
are described and illustrated in Frank
Leslie's Popular Monthly for March, just
issued. This Monthly is certainly a mar
vel of excellence and cheapness. There
are a'so interesting papers on "The
Lord Mayor of London," 15 iliusuatious;
"The Stcry of Valliere," 5 illustrations;
"Sketches of Siberia," 12 illuMraM ms;
fisu Culture 24 illustration; and a
number of Ktortes, short articles, etc.
Within a year this Popular Monthly has
gained a circulation exceeding that of any
other American magazine. Ii must be
prononoced the favorite family monthly
of America. Our readers will do well to
send $2.50 to Frank Leslie, 537 Pearl
street. New York, and receive the Monthly
for one year, or 20 cents tor sample copy,
postage free.
"Thousands Bear Testimony,"
SCROFULOUS SORE LEG twelve years, cured
by Fenton's Sarsapariila.after trying various noted
blood remedies.
Capt. Uenuy Palmeh, Akron, O.
SCROFULA, five largo abscesses on body, could
not turn in bed for weeks, cuied by Feuton's Sar
Sursiparilla; had expended over one hundred dol
lars previous to using the Acme of Medicine, "Feu
ton's Matchless." C Fisld.
Sodus Point. New York.
SCitOFUI-OUS NECK, a nnmber of nlci-rs, open
for iiino months; had the tK-st medical advice in
Clevel.tml.it. A friend sent uie Fetiton's Sarsapa-
riila. Twelve bottles made a perfect and perma
nent c-ire. . H. Meabs.
North Bloomfiuld, O,
Caup Brown, Wyoming, Dec. SK, 1874.
RHEUMATISM DrC F Fenton: The six hot
tlvs Sarsapanlia sent me in July )t t, cured me of
Rheamatssm, aud only used five, (one got broken.)
I had it for lour years, and spent nearly one thong
and doilars. wath tiie best doctors in Montana Ter
ritory pruviouii I utive got two more cuptoment.
Please express me eighteen more bottles to South
Pass. Enclosed find the greenbacks.- Write me to
Camp Brown, as before. Yonrs truly.
CONSUMPTION.-Dr. C F Fenton, Dear Sir;
Mv wife was sick two years with c n.suuiuiion. we
paid out over one thousand dollars and received no
benefits; I sent for six bottles of vour Matchless
syrop: she took it np and supposed herself cured.
0.ie year from this time eh- fe't It coming oi.. I
sent t" Capt. J.;hu Varner, of Clei eland, to send me
bix mure iiuinee, wuicn coiupieieu me cure, ior
which we thank vou, ana wish to ray to all, we be
lieve It the best Renovator aud Blood Purifier in
the world. Truly, your friend,
Capt. Ukmby Bbock, Port Burwell, Ont.
FEMALE WEAKNESS, of seven years standing
cured by the use of one aud a half bottles Fenton's
Matchless narsaparuia. aiks. w m Sims,
Port Hope, Mich.
SALT RI1EUM eighteen years; used all the no
Ud humor cares without effect ; six bottles Feuton's
Matchless Sarsaparilla cured me; it in a dead sure
cure. F C Good, Buffalo, N Y.
JEvery person should read this carefnlly.
Dr Fenton. Cleveland, O. Dear Sir: Five years
ago, then in Brazil, Sonth America, I there compac
ted a olseae that nearly cost me mv life. 1 was
seven months iu te spitais Spanish Brazilian and
Buenos Ay res but to no purpose. then went to
Clenfuegos. Cuba, and spent sixty -four days in the
military hospital. The doctors told me if 1 had any
friends I had beiier make my way to them. '1 lie
AnivKii. Cou.-ui sert me to New York. Last
Spring u came on tac again, rest iu the uirht uas
oat of the question, a friend iu the St i barU-a
Hotel here (DetroU) advised Kenton's Maublees
Syrup; I sent for six bottles I ha. w only Ukea
tour ai-d am perfectly well. I must s5y it surprised
me, ar.o a Uiat kuew the condition I was in for
five yetra. I freely recommend Febkin's Matchless
Syruo above ny blood purfier in the catalogue of
medicines. Yours r-.-suectf ally.
Detroit, Mich. E. McKiiterick.
We intend to pnbl-.sh more wonderful evidences.
Sold in Rock Island by John BengMon, 8 Brea.
Bert, T 11 Thomas and E Kcehler. "
Western Agents, Van Schaack, Stevenson Beid,
Fsaton M'fg Co-, Pmpyietoos Cleveland, O
Poundrvm en .
Mill Builders & Fnmishei:
Manufacturers of Superior
Steam Engines,
French Bun Iiltoiies
SAW MILL i O;i' . SVZl.U
t0 LverythU'e In onr iitio m?('s an-i so'-!
rated Catalogue of M-'-it n' K ", '- 5
no rpltrat1nr. " '
Dooley's Patent Combination
Pat np in boxes containing 25 lbs, each.
These Toe-Calks are made from Steel converted
from carelully selected brands of Norway and
Swedes Irju by a special process which ensures the
utmost ease In welding, together with tht greatest
durability in wear. m
For sale by all iron, steel and hardware dealers
throughout New England Manufactured oL:lj
by C. F. DEWICK A CO.,
860 Dorchester Ave., South Boston, Mass.

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