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Wednesday. March 7, 1577.
Componnd Fluid Extract
The Centennial Style.
Bat no Electoral Commission Needed.
March, 1877.
Mayor. i
by both parties ;
Scattering ....
Mr. Geo. B. Harrington, formerly of Che
Tiskilwa schools, Kin town preparing for
the publication of Kctt & Co.'b history of
tho county and the tax payers' directory.
Mr. Harrington is a native of Williams
town. Vermont, and has many friends in
this county who will be pleased to aid him
in his work. From 10 to 15 men will prob
ably bo employed on tho work,
Hon. Austin Adams, of Dubuque, one
of tho supreme judges of Iowa, is at the
Harper House, Mr. Adams has, for
many years, been a distinguished lawyer
in Dubuque. He was formerly principal
of the academy at West Randolph, Vt.
Mr. Watts arrived from St. Louis, this
morning, and is at the Harper House, fix
ing up the papers for the transfer of the
gas works,
Hon. Charles Dunham, of Geneseo. was
at the Ilarcer House at dinner to-dav on Tot!l1 vote for Mavor 1590
. - i 1 J,,,l-" , .
his way to Cambridge to attend circuit Total VQte f0AYdeVme.'.'.V..V..'."'.V!'.1625
Michael 9. O Neil, Dem.
Geo. A. Solander, Kep. .
Peter Schlemmer, Dcin.
Jn. P. Taylor, Kep..,.
Philip Simmon, Dem...
Wm. H. Cropper, Kep..
Patrick Kennedy, l)em.
Wm.fi. Brooks Kep....
John A. King. Dem
Hugh Warnock, Kep
. ' . -
2 "O "O "O ;
a a e i a
& is I
g 73 ja
CO " "
i5 848 290 295
11 9 1 17,
lflfi i 48
221 ! 73
; nit i
i 129
! 178. I 56
i I 137
I 177; 40
Muscatine Democratic.
On Monday the Democrats of Muscatine,
Iowa, carried every man on the ticket ex
cept one alderman. The majorities.were
as follows:
Fitzgerald, Dem. mayor 337
.uotie, Dem. treasurer 29
Johnson, Dem. assessor 312
Funk, Dem. wharf master 296
lluck, Dem. alderman 4f
Knapp, Dem. alderman 20
Bitzon, Rep. alderman 64
Democratic vote oa Aldermen
Republican vote on Aldermen
This Preparation contains no narcotic or lnjurlose
d rujj. Nor Is it a jtiaek nostrum, recom
mended for every disease; hut for such
diseases as are here enumerated, viz: for Dis
eases of the Bladder, all Diseases of the Organs,
weakuuss, Ac., whether in male or female, no
matter of how lonn standing. It allays pain and
Inflammation, which other remedies Invariably
cause, and Is pleasant to the taste.
It Is gratifying to the proprietor of these medi
cines to bo able to state that It is now nearly 30
years ulnee they were first introduced; during
which time the? have been extensively used In
various parts of the United States, and have given
to patient and practitioner the highest degree of
satisfaction in the various cases in which they
have been employed : whether in town or country
hospital, or private practice, they have invariably
Klveu the most decided and unequivocal satisfac
tion, and produced the most salutary and beneficial
effects. Numerous letters have been received from
some of the most distinguished Physicians in the
country, anil from the Professors of several Med
leal Colleges, all recommending In tho highest
terms, tho value of these medicines, and their su
periorlty over other preparations for such com
plaints as the proprietor recommends.
These medicines require considerable, care in
the preparation, and the employment of different
menstrua In successive operations to take up the
extractive matters, and In consequence are most
frequently improperly made, and not uufrequently
much Impaired, if not rendered totally inert by
Injudicious and unskilful management of those
unacquainted with pharmaceutical preparations,
Numerous preparations of Sarsiparilla and of
Iluchu, and vario is modes of preparing them
have been given, all of which, of course, will differ
according to the mode of preparation which each
Individual may adopt. It l, therefore, of the
highest consideration and importance to the pub
lic ami to the faculty that there should be standard
preparations of uniform e'rentrth, and possessing
the most advantage. To effect this, and obviate
ltit inconveniences alluded to, i nave made a
number o' experiments to ivcer?aiu the mot
clTectintl means or extracting the virtues of Sr
sipnrlllii ami the Uucho, iind to discover the ni'wl
ellglhU form for their exhibition. The experi
ment" have resulted most favorably, and It Is with
much pleasure I now offer to the public and tin
faculty my Compound Fluid Extracts, which
contain all the virtues of the medicines, and are
the most active preparations of either which can be
Two tablrspoonsful of the Kxtract of Zarsapa
rilln. added to a pint of water. Is epual to the Lis
bon Diet Iliiuk, and one bottle is fully equal to a
gii! Ion of the Syrup of Sursaparllla, or the Decoc-
tt'iii. - usually mailc.
. 27
Democratic majority in the city
Total vote on Mayor 1855
Total vote on Aldermen 1858
Republican vote on-Aldermen 962
Democratic vote on Aldermen 896
Republican majority in the city C6
For the coming year the council, politi
This is the first "time the Democrats of caliy, will bo as follows:
Muscatine have been successful fcr years.
Carry the news to Returning Board Hayes.
Iowa City, Too.
The Iowa City Press of last evening is
crowded with Democratis roosters crowing
over a complete and sweeping victory there
on Monday from mayor down the first
Hon. Wm. I. Butler, candidate of both
1st Ward, M. S. O'Neil, Dem 2 years
" '' Henry Car se, Rep 1 year
2nd Ward, I'eter 8ohlemmer,Dem.2 years
" Wm. H. Lundy, Dem, . .1 year
D-iii L'iittic city government therein n 3rd Ward, Philip Simmon, Dem,. .2 years
year.-. Carry the news to "His Fraudu-
.icv :
Railroad Changes.
Jay Gould is endeavoring to get a
through line from the Atlantic to the Pa
cine, und he also has a littlo iinnloasant- and a mayor supported
neds with the C. B. & Q. Preparatory to
the war he has got possession of the C.
R. 1. & P. and C. & N. V. roads, by
electing himself and Sidney Dillou and Oli
ver Ames, directors of the C. R. I. & P.,
in place of P, L. Cable, of this city. Geo.
L. Davenport, of Davenport, and Mr.
Courtwright.of Erie Pa. These last named
gentlemen forwarded to Mr. Paws, some
Ignatz Uuber, Dem 1 year
4th Ward, Wm. K. Brooks, Rep. .2 years
" " 11. ft. Woods, Kep 1 year
5th Ward, Hugh arnock, Kep.. .2 years
John Davis, Rep 1 year
Five Democrats and five Republicans,
by both parties
and under no pledges to either. If that
don't make an even thing of it,what would
doit? But, really, politics had little or
nothing to do with the election. It was a
question of personal preference of men,
iiud there was very little chance for
choice, for none of the candidates for
aldermen were quite the kind of timber
to make aldermen out of. We hope that
A Nasty Water Advocate Keel-Hauled.
A gentleman from Moline, in an article
in this paper, overhauls Mr. "Plain Facts"
on the water question in fact keel-hauls
him. It is singular that the nasty water
advocates, after the Medical Association,
by a vote of 9 to 4, with 2 able physicians
present who were not members but who
fully agreed that the water was the cause
of the disease, thus making 11 to 4 against
the nasty water, it is singular, we say,
after this, and after the "expert" engaged
by the water works committee has re
ported thai sewage poison cannot be
detected either by a chemical analysis or a
microscope, and that "scrupulous care
should be used to prevent the fouling of
the sources of drinking water by sewage,
from which alone the subtle germs of
cholera and typhoid fever enter" the
human system; and also reported "the
absolute necessity of filtering the river wa-
ter;"and after the water works committee
reported that "the water works of a city
should always bo placed where there is
the least possibility of contamination from
its sewage," it is singular, after all tiis,
and after it is apparent that 9 out of every
10 persons in the city coincide with these
conclusions, that the Union and its nasty
water advocates should not have sense
enough to "shut their clam-shells," "dry
up," "vamoose," "git eout," instead of
exposing continually their ignorance and
mendacity in defense of disease-producing
water. Instead of doing this they should
join in some honest effort to prevent
recurrence of the suffering the people
have endured for the last two months, and
the dangers of death on a recurrence of
the calamity. Though the water is iui
proyiDg slowly, under the influence of air
and sun and the freeing of the shores from
ice,yet we are liable,especially io winter, to
a recurrence of the calamity, and The
Argus will continue to urge measures of
prevention until tho people are so awaken
ed to the subject that some efficient action
will be taken.
time ago, their resignation, to be used if tbc' wiU aet with aD e'e solelv to the g0(i
found desirable, Similar changes were
made on the C. it N. W.
Mr. Hugh Riddlo will probably con
tinue to manage the C. K. I. & P., as he
lias done for some time past. He and
Mr, Gould are old friends.
Whether the war will give us a compet
ing line to tJncago. via 1 rophetstown
and Mer.dota cannot yet be told. The
robability is that it wili result in a com-
prmni-0 in which the people will not be
the gainers by competition.
The result of the U. P, election will be
bund uui'tng our telegrams.
- - . - - .
Killed in a Coal Mine at Coal Valley.
By the accidental falling of some chunks
ot the city and that there will be no oc
casion for politics in the board.
- - -
Be sure and call for Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup if you are troubled with a bad
cough or cold. It will give you relief.
Price 25 cents.
Before Justice Kayden.
dnesday, March 7. Morty Sa.ieery
Wanted lmmediately.six blacksmiths
on light work. Apply at the office of the
Moline W agon Co., Moline, Ills. G-d3t.
Fluid Lightning cures Rheumatism.
Valuable and Reliable. "Brown's
Bronchial Troches" are invaluable to those
exposed to sudden changes, nttoromg
prompt relief in Coughs. Colds, etc.
Hagan'8 Magnolia Balm preserves
and restores the complexion; removes
freckles, tan and sallowuess; makes the
skin soft, white and delicate. Its applica
tion cannot be detected.
Lyon's Katuairon makes beautiful
glossy, luxuriant hair; prevents its falling
out or turning gray. It has stood the test
of 40 years. Is charmingly perfumed, ai.d
has no rival.
In Everybody's Mouth. Praise
and Sozodont. Greatest luxury of mod
ern times beautifies and preserves the
teeth. The repulsive breath is rendered
as fragrant as a rose and coldness by
friends, or in business will now be no
longer noticed.
Spalding's Glue mends broken toys, etc,
A lady writes us: 1 suffered intenfly
from an attack of pleurisy. Mv nurse
obtained a bottle of Renne's Pain Ki icg
Magic Uil, applied it as directed; in tlu
hours I was entirely cured. I would
recommend to ladies the use of Renne's
Magic Oil as invaluable to relieve paiu and
suffering, and as being neat and delicate
to use and worthy of your confidence,
Keep it in the house for use.
Oily Substances always Aggrevate Skin
Diseases. Ointments are therefore rather
hurtful than beneficial, Glenn's Sulphur
soap, which opens, instead ot clogging the
pores with grease, has, as might have
been expected, widely superseded
oleaginous compounds as a remedy for
scorbutic affections. Depot, Crittenton's,
Jo. i Sixth Avenue.
Hill's Instantaneous Hair Dye produces
no metallic lustre.
made pom plaint acainst George Zeigler,
of the Island saloon, charging him with
assault and battery, but he failed to ap
pear against him and George was dis
charged. Saheery was drunk, and Geo.
put liim out of his salor.n.
1 he examination ot Charles Coyne, the
rough who stabbed Ren Stetnpel on the
niKht ot the hremans election, has oeeu-
of coal against a prop iu the mines ot the pi;d Justice Hayden's court all day. The
Coal Valley Mining Co., this morning, facts in the case are about as published in
causing the fall of the prop and that prop lHE ARi:s- State s Attorney larmenter
f.. , , , , , , iiueed.n iui ii'c I'uuj'iv, turn u. i. unku,
ailing on another one and knocking that j- ,ir tj)e jefotifJ(..
out, a portion of the roof fell upon .nr. At 3:30 o'clock the examination closed
Win. Beadling, killing him almost instant- and Coyne was held in $200 boudu for his
His partner, Thomas Glendenning, appearand at the tnal-betore our circuit
court, ins lamer piuucu ins uuikj.
Compound Fluid Extrac
For purifying the blood and removing all dlscaes
arising from excess of Mercury, chronic consti
tutional diseases arising from an impure state
ol the Ulood, Ac, &c. ; and In especially recom
mended for Scrofula, Tetter and PlmplcB on the
Face, and all Scaly KruptUns of the Skin.
AH Druggists Everywhere.
Ask for Helmtold's.
Take No Other,
Prico $1 per Bottle.
or Six for $5.
Delivered to any address, securely packed irom
De.crlhe your symptoms In alljcommiinlca'tons
Cures guaranteed.
Advice gratis.
Medical depot. 104 Irtouth Tenth Street, below
ChcKtnut, Philadelphia.
liewiiie of counterfeits and unprincipled deal
ers, who endeavor to dispose of their own and
"o'her"' articles on tho reputation attuined by I "gcooped
Ilelmbold's Genuine Kxtract Uuchu, Kxtract
ly. ills
was nea; him and heard him groan as he
fell and say "O dear" but that was all.
He gasped a few times and died. Others
were also near, but no other person was
hurt. Mr. Beadling end his partner were
Stetnpel was then fined $15 and costs
for assaulting Coyno. No money. Sent
to jail.
Before Justice Pinkley.
Wednesday, March 7. Jack Quinlan
engaged in "drawing a pillar." Part of aD 1 A1- Tai-' da?tgernftun9
i -ii u " v ff I an unprovoked assault upon Peter fccnerer
tho pillar had been "squeezed" off and
settled down to the bottom. Beadling was
shovelling the loose coal back to his pu t
ner, wheu a large lump thrown by Bead
hug fell over against a prop and knocked
it out with the result above stated. Glcn-
and Fred Banker, two peaceable citizens.
about 8 o'clock last evening, in which all
i.iur received numerous scratches and
bruises and the row drew a large crowd.
Quinlan nv.d Tait wero drunk at the time
and were arrested by Marshal llawes.
Policeman Carnahan and
Religious services in the Central
Presbyterian church this evening at 7:30.
All aie invited.
Mr. B. F. Tillinghast, the new editor of
the Gazette for Rock Island, will have his
office in the American Express office, in
The Argcs building.
The Republican attempt to keep Mr.
Lamar out of his seat as U. S. senator for
Mississippi, was a dismal failure, receiv
ing only one vote. Mr. Lamar was
sworn in.
George N. Edwards has sued the C.
R. 1. & P. road for $25,000 damages ou
account of injuries sustained while he was
employed on the road. The suit has been
commenced in the citcuit court over the
A lrdy lost a silk handkerchief and
eold enameled pin on or near Fifth ave
nue, probably not far from 14th street,
this morning, lnc uauUKercuiet was a
greyish white tvith dirk border. Enquire
at this oflic-'.
L. Sweeney, Esq., has recently
purchased the line Walter Kimball resi
dence on Fifth avenue, between ISth and
10th streets, the price paid being $3,500.
lie is fitting it up, and will move his fam
ily there in a few days.
dlenry Severn, proprietor of Severn's
brewery, in East Dayeuport, has brought
suit against the city of Davenport and the
IX & N. W. railroad, elaimine lo,000
damages because the railroad track of the
latter was laid directlv in front of his brew
ery, datLiiguig his property to the amount
claim- '
Mr. Belden has sold his horses, hack
and interest in his Alcdo and Rock Island
mail contract, and transferred them to Eli
Brandenburg, a young man well known in
the lower part of the county, and residing
at Andalusia. Brandenbarg has takeu
possession. The contract expires on J uly
4th, 1S79. Belden will move upon his
farm near V lola.
Pozsoni's Chemical Hair Restorative, to
preserve and bcautity the human hair.
What it will do: Prevents tho hair falling
out, increases the growth and beauty of
the hair, retains the hair in any desired
form, prevents the hair from turning
crey, prevents and entirely eradicates
dandruff, heals pimples and keeps the
head delightfully coo!. The hair becomes
rich, soit and glossy. Perfectly clean and
will not soil the hat, posseses an exquisite
fragrance and as a dressing has no equal.
Price 50 cents and $1 per bottle, Sold by
all druggists.
Aeknowltdgcd to be the best there is made, fur
Economy, Durability and Genera! fiood Qualities.
It will Bake aid Cook with 1-3 less fuel tkao auy
other Cook Stove i a the market.
Call and Examine before buying, at
No. 51 Star Block, opp. Harper House,
Masonic. Regular meetinc of Rock
Island Council No. 20, R. & S. M- this
(Wednesday) evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Work on R. S. and S. E. M. degrees.
By order, J. W. Matthews, T.f I. G. M.
Anthracite Coal, all sizes, the bright
est and cleanest in the market, for sale by
E. G. Frazer. Call and examine it.
Blossburo Coal
at E. G. Frazev's
Hard Coal at Frazer's warehouse on
he levee.
Two car loads of St. Louis fire brick and
boiler tile just received.
3 d3t. Matthews & Co.
Nothing in the Quaker City has receiv
ed more unlimited or well merited praise
troni its guests than the Colonnade Hotel,
Philadelphia, lor liberal management and
excellent courtesy.
The Grand Central Hotel, New York,
maintains its iamous reputation as a
model first-class house. Its reduction
from $4.00 to $2.50 and $3.00 per day
makes it more popular than eyer.
Quinine can be taken without taste by
mixing in "Quinine Elixir." Cheap. Bet
ter ti.an pil.s. Druggists keep it. l or
sale ty the ounce. 3ianutactured bv
Ailario. Woodward & Co., Peoria, 111..
Popular i.iustratcd book (260 pages) on
Manhood! Womanhood! Marriage!
Impediments to Marriage; the cause and
cure. Sent securely sealed, post-paid, for
50 cents, by Da. C WlHTTIER, 617 St.
Charles street, St. Louis, Mo., the great
specialist, lvead his woru.
Nice Rcling done: at The Argcs
Bindery, Leave orcers at the counting
room. tf
The Weather To-Day.
The following shows the temperature
at The Argcs Office to day as in
dicated W thermometer:
7 a. . IS - above zero 14 v. 21' above zerc
9a. M, 170 " " Sr.!. 243 " "
Have it.oved, from the most
ample experience, an entire Buccess. Simple,
l'rompt. Efficient and lteiiulile. They are the only
medicines perfectly adapted to popular use bo
simple that mistakes cannot be mada in usinir
them ; bo harmless as to be free from danger ; and
fo efficient as to be always reliable. They have
the highest commendation from, all, and 'will
always reuder satisfaction.
Kos. Cures.. Cents.
Intermittent Fever is so commou in
the country as scarcely to need comment
i ne causes wnicn prouuee it are such as
cold, irregular living, over exertion, low
spirits, night air, exposure to miasmatic
exhalations, &c, In large cities where
edge tools and agricultural implements arc
manufactured, the grinder protects his
lungs from the injurious effect of the dust
tlying ou tne grip.astone ly wearn.g a
respirator. The coal miner ere he descends
Your Taxes are Due.
II. Heitahrends,collector of Rock Island
township, has opened an offiee iu Hillier's
block, over American Express office. The
taxes of 1S6 are now due and he asks
all to come and pay. tf.
Crimes and Criminals.
Wednesday, March 7. Georee Mor
daunt.a young man only 25 years of age,aud
-till i 1 1 1. i: 1
citizens, and oooicKceper ior tne sasn, aoor ana ounu
denning says he is not aware that any one taken to jail, after considerable trouble. .Khting house ot u. in. liouerta to., m
u n Mi 111 o They were atterward released tv Justice vi-upmi, was aurai jeoiuiuay wie-
... . uayucn, v u. iiougson Decomin? secu- ""'J uuuti ''"w """i au;j nt"1- i"
v, r tv fnr their armearance this mornine.
Robert Lee. He leaves a wife and one 'f his morning Justice Haydeu was busy
child. The accident occurred within a few and they were taken before Justice Pink
moments after he had entered the mine ley. They wanted a continuance, and
were held in $100 eacn tor their appearance
in the morning.
si i ait
laiup to guard aga
ust lire
with :
Now it
If you have any n;aguzines,or newspaper
files you want bound, or any old books you
want rebound, take them to illlE Argcs !
Bindery. dwtf. !
Howe's coucentrated syrup, the great
blood purifier, aud ague cure and tonic i
bitters, can be had of Bengston and j
Mineral Springs Aik., March 'J, :76.
Shallenberger's I 'ills are the most effect
ual Ague medicine we ever sold; we could
name several cures after all other remedies
failed. Miilner & Parker.
Shakespeare tlanders life wheu he
makes Macbeth stigmatize it as a tale
"Told by an idiot, full of souud auu fury.
Sicnifying Dothing.
Life is pleasant, used properly. But
i f careful to use B T. Babbiit's Toilet
Soap, for it is the pleasantest and purest
of things for the toilet and bath. If you
don't believe it, try it.
is equaiiy necessary for those who are
brought iu contact with any of the causes
leading to intermittent fever, to provide
themselves with that well known and
highly esteemed remedy against it, the
Home Stomach Bitters.
1. Fevers, Conc-estion, Inflfimmations. . ,
2. Worms, AVona Fever, Worm Colic, . ,
3. Oyinir-CoHCjOrTeethingof Infants, ,
4. IHarrlioen, t f Children or Adults, .
8. lysenter y, Griping, Uilious Colic, .
6. C'holera-?Iorbn, Vomiting-, . .
7. Cou;l, Colds, Uronchiti,- . .
8. Neuralgia Toothache, l-'aeenehp, .
9. Headaches, Pick Headache, Vertigo,
10. lirsneusla. Dilious Stomach, . . .
11. Suppressed,, or Painful Periods, . . 25
12. Whites, too Profuse Periods, .... 25
13. Croup, Coush, lHUieult Ureathinfr, . . 25
14. Salt ftheuin, l'.rysipelas, Eruptions, . 25
15. RheumatUm, Rheumatic Pains, . . 25
10. l-"ever ami Ague, Chill fever, Agnes, 50
17. Files, blind or bleedm?, 50
IS. OplillmlRiy, nnd bore or "Weak Eyes, . 50
19. 'a tar ill, acute or chronic. Influenza, . 5o
20. Whoopiug-Cough, violent coughs, . 50
21. Asthma, oppressed Breathintr, ... 50
22. liar discharges, impaired hearing', . 50
23. Xcrofula, enlarged glands, Fwellings, . 50
24. tieueral Debility, rhysictl Weakness, . 50
25. Itropsy nnd scanty (Secretiona, . ... 50
20. Nea-Sickness, sickness from riding, . 50
27. Kidney-lMsease, Gravel, 50
23. Nervous Webility, Seminal Weakness
or involuntary disehariTes, ..... 1 00
20. Sore Mouth, Canker, ... .50
30. I rlnary Weakness, wettinpthebed, . 50
31. Painful I'erioils, with Ppasma, . . 50
32. IMsc-ase of Ilenrt, palpitations, ete.,.10O
33. Epilepsey. bpnsms, St. itus' Dance, . 1 00
34. Diphtheria, ulcerated fore throat, . . 50
85. Chronic Congestions nnd Eruptions, 50
Vials, 50 cents, iexeept 2, 32 and 33;, . tl 00
Case (Motocco) with alxivc 35 largo vials aivl
Manual of directions, . . . flow
Case -Morocco) of 20 l;o-ie vials and Book, 6 00
hmcle Rox.es nnd Vials as aliove.
These remedies are sent toy the
ease or Ktngle box to any part of the
country, free of charge, oi receipt of
price. Address
HuPohmeyfpathic Medicine Co.,
Office nnd Pept, No. 502 Hboadwai, New Voax.
For ale toy all lruggisus.
Sold hi Rook Island bv Renger ,t Thomas. Ot1o
Orojan, C- Speidcl, and K. Breunert tnwf
ana commenced wors.
We are indebted to Mr,
jail for forgery. He had forced the name
of the firm upon drafts and had thus pro
cured $352 from the Citizens National
Bank, of Davennort, and, besides, he had
received money packages to the amount
of about $400 which he failed to account
W m. Moore for j auieg Johnston, the newly elected chief '"r. The cause of his crime is fast Hvinp,
most of the above facts. Mr. M. came in eogineer of the fire department, went
for the coroner, but as he is in poor health
he was not able to go, and an inquest will
be held by a magistrate at Coal Valley
this atternoou.
security for their appearance at the trial.
Real Estate Sales.
James Duffield and wife to David Fox.
37 acres in sec. 12, township 16, range 5
WDrury dated Feb. 6, 1877, for $468.
Philip Bladel to Andrew Bladel lots 5,
debt and being a "good fellow." Several
other complaints of a similar nature have
been made against him, aud he is in jail,
awaiting trial.
Renovation, not Prostration.
Did any enfeebled human being ever be
come strong under the operation of power
ful cathartics or salivants? It is some-
Very Quiet Election.
The saloons were closed in front and
election day in Ptock Island was very quiet 8 and 9. block 32, in Lower add. to R. 1.
1 ,! it' u . I iintnrl Mnoii. ISIii. fnrh7.r
auu uiuuny. u vuiy ujwu rcSi ci, uic " , V . ir t , I Ho, .,0o0n 1lf 1 1 V...
,inff r Aiao.n vr: i t.' ,i .. Alex. u. Ciart ana wne to vv ni. m. ana u"lIIMli " -6"-"
l'a"-, "lu " , MUU: J. B. Titterington, the N. i of the S. W. that cannot be done by active purgation,
couple of very good men, both enterprising of Bec. t0WDship io, range 4 W- which exhausts the vital forces, aud
. ,VR , "'"'--.-'.- 8erveBB0 Kood purpose whatever. The
ceivea votes more tuan were cast lor -i"ou. . , , . , .
,. Tl . a Heury aud Mary Reddig to John E. nly way to promote health and vigor,
the Democra .c candidate last year, and Readig,ythe N. 75 feet of bt 1 , block 36. which are essential to regularity of the
had he been elected he would haye made an ;n Lower add. to R. I. dated Jan. 2. 1877. ...,.,; ff;.a : a-.
- ' - - . , 1 wituuiv luuLkiuun. in lu iu ii.vi uiu, uin-
tor sh.uuu.
John E. Reddig
active.indepcndent and efficient alderman.
Philip Simmon had a walk-away, the
vote showing the high respect in which he
is held in the ward. He is a most sincere,
honest aud upright man.
In the Second Mr.Schleuimer.an honest
upright, intelligent and judicious man,
ind wife to Mary E-
cipline and purify the system at the same
time, lhe extraordinary efhcacv of
lHdd!f: ?eSCJPi(r 08 abVe' dated Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters in cases of de
teb 20,18. (, tor $4,500. bility or irregularity of the organs of
Chas. L. Case and wife to Sarah L. j5m,;t;n nua;m;i,lf;n cnnrat;nn A;.
townshin 17. range 1 W Moline
Feb. 21, 1877, for $1.
was elected ty a large majority over M. Morey, the W. i of sec. 12, township 17,
James P. Taylor, who has had the office range 1 VV Moline dated Feb. 17, 1877,
itch over Bince became to town. Jim for$l.
tn i. ,1 t t T.J.Robinson and wife to vvm. Don-
probably now learned that it isn't so very D ,7. raiTmBto Particularly serviceable
iunny, or popular eittier, to tollow Jim April 2, 17, tor $2,100.
Henry Daebellihu and wile to David
Soar, lot 15, block 1, in Daebellihu's add.
to Moline, dated Feb. 20, 1875, for $260.
good disgestion. a regular habit ot body,
active circulation of the blood, and purity
of all the animal fluids are induced by
this superb tonic and corrective. It has no
equals, moreover, as a preventive of chills
and fever, and other types of malarial
disease. To emigrants and travelers it is
as a medicinal safe
Bareiiparllla, aud Improved Koeu Wash.
Successor to and Manufacturer of
Genuine Preparations !
Parks's lead. The sooner he seta ud for
himself, shakes Jim Parks, and resumes
his honest political belief, in which his good
father (Scotch Taylor) raised him, the
better he will sleep o'nights.
Michael O'Neil. tho gallant Irishman, a
highly intelligent and
man and a property
em in tho first. Ho is s
a good man and no doubt will make a good
A Noteworthy Agency. The West
has long been in need of a purchasing
agency, one that has the confidence of the
A Good Hotel. Barnum's Hotel, St
Louis, is last becoming the favorite resort
for travelling aud commercial meu, and is
conceded by all, who nave been its guests,
to be among the best hotels in that city.
The table is at all times first-clasr,, and
the rooms clean and splendidly furnished.
I cnternrisine roam crcau.tl,e 0?'. whlf Wl11 !"abl? Courteous treatment is the rule and the
i.L!P- S th,e.m o tuake their -purchases without truye)ler who b t0
"TV" luuwaru- fKing a trip to tne r.asieru uianieu, tnus rest agsured o d treatment.
tho first. Ho is svii,g railroad fare, hotel bi Is loss of There u ia faot au air of comfort about
oubt will make a cood t,u,,:' &c- J l".3 can a'1 b? avo'ded and the hotel t, t n)akes one fee, t h d
.is opponent. George WmTt the r that
itleman in every par- ' ld Vhe Swing iKf ZgZhJ0 & word B"'
Important to Persons Visiting Mew
York. One of the best kept and most
convenient hotels for merchants and others
to stop at when in New York is the Grand
Union Hotel, nearly opposite the (Jrand
Central Depot, kept on the European plan
you therefore only pay for what you get.
Everything is first class, and prices moder
ate, adapted to the stringency of the
times. You save the expense of carriage
hire, and by leaving your baggage cheek
at the counter of the hotel, your baggage
will be delivered in your rooms, fifteen
I minutes after the arrival of the cars, free
n expense. e advise you to give the
Grand Union a trial.
IIelmbold's Brcnu. Helmbold's
3uchu has long been known as one of the
most valuable medicines attainable in cer
tain classes of diseases, such as dyspepsia,
chronic rheumatism, dropsy, cutaneous
affections, and especially affections of the
urinary organs. As a diuretic, it is supe
rior to almost any other medicine in use,
and the great care with which it is pre
pared, the absolute purity ot the prepara
tion, and the diligence used in the selection
of the crude material, have made it known
far and wide as a reliable aud effective
preparation, and one that can always be
used with safety and benefit. The great
success of Helmbold's Buehu has led to
the production ot many spurious prepara
tions, which are made cheaply aod placed
upon the market to be sold on the reputa
tiou acquired by Helmbold's original pre
paration. Parties who desire a really good
medicine should be careful and use Helm
bold's only.
Tlio "Iron Trail."
A spicy sketch descriptive of a trio over
the Atchison, fopeka and Santa Fe rail
road and of the beauties, scenery and plea
sure resorts of the Rocky mountains, by
iNyui Crinkle, the musical and dramatic
critic of the New York World, sent free on
application, together with the San Juan
Guide, maps and time tables of this new
and popular route from Kansas City and
Atchison to Pueblo, Denver and all points
in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona aud the
San Juan mines. The finest line of Pull
man Sleepers on the continent between the
Missouri river and the Rocky mountains
without change.
Address, T. J. Anderson,
Gen. Passenger Agent,
2 9dw6m Topeka, Kan.
alderman. And
Solander, is a eentlem
ticular and would have made a good alder- references as t his worth and soundness
man. The eontest tr.ia n warm nno Vint financially: 11 E. Lowe, Assistant Cashier
Merchants' Savings, Loan & Trust Co.,
first-class house.
Stands Alone. As an article in pre-
the various kinds ot food, Dr,
1 1 . iuere
weirusiiuainouuKinuness wa3 engendered ni ; ai., ,. a- paring
which wil remain. n Z i., ni,i., ,. tv rLA Price s Cream Baking Powder is whole
President Bank of North America, 44 80me' aa thf. Rdients that enter into
r- 1 . rn v vvi, . (I n ir., 8- n us composiuou are iree iroui an sut
jruunj; iii'juuo kjuiiiemuier ana wiieii ' -.-1 , . , " , " '
maUUiitui uieia ui piiuiuia lua., iuiuuu,
KaYU ,UUl , u.cujuv ,u Hume nearly T . (i p TTnf(m. nssnciaie editor 7V,W
cheers and general reicicing. We hope Chicago; G, D. Plumbe, associate editor
the lepres.ntatives of the rirst and Second Jnter Ocean, Chicago; B. Schermerhom.
will show that they deserye all the ast,itaut agent U. S. Express Co. Cor-
eutnusiastic support they received, and respondence solicited on any poiut per
we have no doubt they will be very credit- taining to the business. Dubuque limes
able aldermen. 2,
stances that would render them detrimen
tal to health. In these respect it stands
alone. Who cau tell how many invalids
and tender children have fallen victims
to the dangerous adulterations practised
upon food f lhe public should obtain ar
ticlej that are not only good, but healhf ul
as Dr, Price i Cream Baking Powder,
Mothers can secure health for their
children and rest for themselves by the
use of Castoria, a peafect substitute; lor
Castoria Oil. It is absolutely harmless,
and is as pleasant to take as honey. For
Wind Colic. Sour Stomach. Worms or
Constipation, for young or old, there is
nothing in existence like it. It is certain,
it is speedy.
Caked Breasts. Rheumatism, Sciatica,
Swellings, Sprains, Stiff Joints, Burns,
Scalds, Poisonous Bites, and all flesh, bone
and muscle ailments, can be absolutely
cured by the Centaur Liniments. What
the White Liniment is for the human
family, tha Yellow Liniment is for spavined,
galled, and lame horses and animals.
Among Dante's vision of horrible pun
ishment, recorded in the" "Inferno," is
that of a lake of unutterable filth and
stench, in which souls, whose habitations
ot clay had been stained with a certain
elass of sins, were kept eternally wallow
ing. Had Babbitt lived in those days the
poet would have rounded his description
with a still more subtle kind of torture. In
the distance he would have tantalized the
damned with the vision of a splendid bath
tub, and linen cleaned with B. T.Babbitfs
Best Soap.
A. depressed, irritable state of mind
a weak, nervous, exhausted feeling
no energy or animation ; g confused
bead, weak memory, often with de
bilitating, Involuntary discharges. Tho
consequence ot excesses, mental overwork or
indiscretions. This AJE11V&CS DEBILITY
finds a sovereign cure ia IirilFIIKKT.V
It tones up the system, arrests dvchOefi, dispels
the mental gloom and despondent, rntt rejuve
nates the entire Bj-stem. It is penectly harm
less and always efficient. Price $5, for a package
of live boxes and a large 2 vial of powder, which
ia important ia old, serious cases; or $1 per single
bos. Bold by ALL Pruggista, or sent by mail
oa receipt of price. Address HTJHPHEEY8
No. COS Bboadwat, ir. Y.
SSTSee large advartlaeueot.
Eeal Estate.
Loan Alsjeiicv,
Acre Farm in McHcnry Co. Ills.
Good Im
I U provementx. I'rice $4,70O
100 1 O Acre Farm in Mcllenry Co., Ills., 2
I 00 I "0 mllee Irom Woodctsck.
i'rice 94,000
On Acre Farm in Story Co., Iowa.
OU Prico $2,500
ICO Acre Farm, Franklin Co., Kanca.
ICU Price $4,000
1 Cfl Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kansas.
I0U Price 83,500
I 7R Acre Farm, Sumner Co., Kauen.
I I Q I'rice $1,GG0
Q n Acre Farm, Lyon Co., Kulh;p.
OU Price $l,30O
At Acre Farm, Douglas Co., Kanpas.
tU Price 81.00O
Afifi Acre Farm, Wliitefide Co., Illinois, niar
rUU 8terliHg. Price 914,000
1 f!7 1-0 Acre Farm, Rock Ielnnd Co . Illo.
IUI I L .Price 84,800
01 R Acre Farm, Callaway Co., Mo. Stock Farm
01 J Price 915,000
Thoroughly Ci res Diseases of the Skin-,
Beautifies the Complexion, Prevents
and Remedies Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Abrasions of the
Cuticle and Counteracts Contagion.
This Standard External Remedy for Erup
tions, Sores and Injuries of the Skin, not only
removes from the Complexion all Ulem
ishes arising from local impurities of the
blood and obtruction of the pores, but also
those produced by the sun and wind, such r.5
tan . and freckles. It renders the cuticle
and being a wholesome T.f.AUTIFIER is far
preferable to any cosmetic.
PHUR Uaths are insured BY THE use ok
lliiii,s. Sulphur Soap, which in addi
tion to its purifying effects, remedies and pre
vents Rheumatism and Gout.
It also DisiNrECTS clothing and linen
and PREVENTS DISEASES communicated by
contact with the person.
It dissolves Dandruff, prevents bald
ness, and retards grayness of the hair.
Physicians speak of it in high terms.
Prices 25 and 50 Cents per Cake; per
Box (3 Cakes), 60c. and $1.20.
N B- Sent by Mail, Prepaid, on receipt of price, and
5 cents extra for each Cake.
Bluck or Brown, 50 Cents.
C. 5. f RITTE, Prop'r, 7 Siith At.,IY.
OCfl Acre Farm. Atcbinson Co.. Mo. Snh-ndid
W UU Stuck Faim. Price $10,800
QH Acre Farm, Kent Co., Michigan, adjoining
OU Berlin. Price $5,000
LANDS in all tne Western States will sell lor
Cash or part Cash, and lime ou the balince.
Houses and Lots in Rock Inland aud a number
of other places for sale or exchange for lands.
3FCal and get prices and location of lauds.
Kock leUnd, 111., Aug. as, 187G.
Camplaorine !
Is the most effectual remedy sold, is a luxury to
use, gives the best gatigfaotioti, gives instant relief.
Will not greawj or stain the most delicate fabric,
bus a pleasant and refreehiue olor. It will lmmo
diately relieve and cure Hbeumatieai. Chronin and
Acute; JSeuralela and Catarrh, He2dache and
Swelled Face, Sore Throat, Sprains aud Bruises
Bunions and Chilblains, Eruptions of the Skin'
Paiw In rhu.i Tl ,1 ij 1 i 1... T - V . 1
in quantity by their perfect purity and great
strength;-the only kinds made by a prac
tical Chemist and Physician, vith'tsckntiue
care to insure uniformity, healthfulnet-3, deli
cacy and freedom from all injurious substan
ces. They are far superior to the common
adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ot
eerve our Trade Marks as above, "Cream'"
Baking Powder, "Hand and Cornucopia.'
Buy the Baking Powder only in, eans securely
labelled. Many have been deceived in loose
or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price'3.
Manufactured only by
1? N

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